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Hidden Italy: The Forbidden Cyclopean Ruins (Of Giants From Atlantis?)

By Richard Cassaro | May 1st, 2013 | Category: Featured Articles | Comment Was the ancient land of Italy once inhabited by giants? Miles of prehistoric polygonal stone walls still survive scattered across Italy―ancient ruins so stunningly unique, bizarre, and … Continue reading

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Massive Explosion On Mars As It Is Hit By Comet

Comet/Asteroid? If this had been earth nobody would have left the light on for us at the Eight Day Inn. The earth has already began entry into the Oort Cloud and it contains billions of unknown planets and other objects … Continue reading

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With The Ebola Meme The Theme Is Green

          Updated: Obama EO To Send National Guard To Fight Ebola In Africa-Oh Wait Where They Will Come Into Contact With Ebola-Texas And Ohio Close Some Schools Due To Psyop Yes green is the ebola theme. It … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Formaldeyde in Water Allegedly Causing Ebola-like Symptoms-Liberian Man Arrested Putting Formaldehyde In Wells

            Don’t take your eye off the man behind the curtain! By: Observer Staff A man in Schieffelin, a community located in Margibi County on the Robertsfield Highway, has been arrested for attempting to … Continue reading

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Jim Stone Receiving Information Ebola is not real and the only people who have gotten sick are those who have received treatments and injections from the Red Cross

  You know I don’t have enough information on this to say if ebola is like what has been described. I must say in the Jim Stone Article, there are some things that make sense such as large diamond deposits … Continue reading

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