Enduring Historical Myths And The Power Of Propaganda

3d16d-imagescakru9ovToday the alternative media has done wonders when it comes to helping people become aware of some of the erroneous thinking of the past. Sometimes however the not so alternative, alternative media proves that once those neuronal pathways have been developed, it is very hard to change course. One thing we know is absolute, truth is in the eye of the beholder and always will be.

All things are subject to interpretation whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth…….Nietzsche

The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance…..Socrates

He who cannot obey himself will be commanded…..Nietzsche

In the age of information ignorance is a choice

Below are a few of my favorites.

Einstein the fraud and his theory of relativity

Newton the father of calculus stole it from India and patented it

Washington is trying to take over the world

The pope is catholic-No many times they happen to be Jewish

Peyton Randolf was the first president of the United States not George Washington

Robert the Bruce was actually referred to as Braveheart and not William Wallace

The Swastika belonged to Hitler

Hitler built roads and all doncha know, saved the world from communism, put a chicken in every pot and built some great roads, yes he did!

The bible was written by representatives of God

The Neflim were angels and upon the earth at creation according to the bible

Walter Raleigh did not introduce potatoes to England they came from from Italy.

The ancient Gaels of Ireland developed Sanskrit language the prototype of Hebrew

Hindus worship cows

Mother Teresa was a saint

Abell Tasman discovered Australia and not Captain Cook

America gained her independence on sept 3, 1783 not July 1776.

Columbus was not the first European to set foot in North America

Abraham Lincoln was not assassinated

Sharon Tate was not gutted by Charles Manson but living a California beach house under her sister’s name-For all we know, Charlie may be down the beach aways

Mary Antoinette was falsely atrributed by Rousseau to have said, “let them eat cake.” She never said it.

The Bay of Tonkin never happened.

The moon landing

Gasoline melts steel beams

Rasputin was not a devil monk he was the enemy of the crown

Lucifer is wearing red pajamas and has horns

There is nothing going on with the climate change-we will be just fine

America had no prophets

Vaccines additives are not only dangerous but there has never been any proof offered they are even effective

Alexander the Great was a blood thirsty homosexual warlord-you be the judge

There is no big planet out there known as Hercolubus-The rest of the planet says you are wrong!

This list will be updated from time to time

Ghandi the peace maker


Super naive , Gandhi was brainwashed with a SATYAGRAHA NON-VIOLENT CONCEPT by crypto Jew Leo Tolstoy first, and then by a handpicked German Jew Hermann Kallenback in the direct employment of Rothschild,  who stayed with him  as a bed room mate. In short the British wanted to exit without bloodshed.

Capt Ajit superbly conveys the current state of India when he describes the accolades received on Indian TV on behalf of Nina Paley the American actress who starred in a movie about Ramayana called “Sita Sings The Blues”. 🙂 Everyone with their ear to the ground understands what it means when Sita sings the blues.

Sita Sings The Blues


Einstein the fraud and his theory of relativity

Most of Einstein’s root ideas like ENERGY AND MATTER IS INTER CONVERTIBLE ,  SPACE TIME DILATION etc  were known to other Europeans as these were written down in the Vedas 7000 years ago. There is absolute written proof that Olinto De Pretto, an industrialist from Vicenza, published the equation E=mc^2 in a scientific magazine, Atte, in 1903.   Einstein allegedly used De Pretto’s insight in a major paper published in 1905,  but De Pretto was never acclaimed– as R monopolised the media and peer reviewed magazines . Einstein married a Serbian mathematicain to handle his math theories and later divorced her. He was not considered knowledgeable enough to work on the Manhattan project. There is a great book on the subject. “The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein -by Christopher Jon Bjerknes”.



Alice No Matter

Newton the father of calculus

It was John Wallis , while he was the keeper of Oxford Univeristy archives who first started pondering over translated Mathematics stolen from India.  

John Wallis patented Vedic Math infinity and infinitesimal ( Vishnu reclining in horizontal 8 position ) in his own name.  Rest he could NOT understand .  What ever he could make head or tail of, he included in his Arithmatica Infinitorum and Treatise on Algebra.

His baton was taken over by Isaac Barrow, who tutored Isaac Newton in Kerala Calculus. Calculus in Sanskrit was written 4800 years ago



Also see God’s war

52 AD- Favourite disciple of Jesus St Thomas landed at Calicut-he died in Kerala, India

The Pope knew that this is the holy Grail. He said that the patriarch of Jerusalem had seen it. This was originally a Shiva temple holding a powerful black meteorite stone constructed during the reign of Indian Aryan Vedic Emperor Vikramaditya in 7000 BC. It was said to have a powerful effect on the Chakras and energy system of the body.

This black stone ( Shiva Lingam ) of Jerusalem was more powerful than the broken up black stone inset at the SE corner of the Kaaba Mecca. A piece of it is still in the Dome of the rock at Jerusalem , concealed—to prevent theft.



Washington is trying to take over the world



The pope is catholic-No many times they happen to be Jewish


The families of Machir, Gershom and Bertha were to replace the old Merovingian Dynasty-and they took to themselves the Merovingian names and titles. As a result the genealogies became confused and later generations obscured the fact of this powerful Jewish Dynasty in Europe. Later genealogists hid the origin of the mother of Charlemagne with a false genealogy linking her to the Merovingians. They did the same for all the Exilarch family. You must remember that The Carolingians were replacing the Merovingians and they had a need for legitimatizing themselves by appearing to be a continuation of the Merovingian line. Fortunately in many cases they have only thinly disguised the genealogies so that it is possible to reconstruct them.”-Athol Bloomer

The Vatican also passed strict laws that allowed Jews to become money lenders while denying Gentiles from the same. Allowing for a direct situation for their fellow Jews to corner the wealth in Europe and become the rich banker houses. Many banker Jews openly funded the Vatican. To this day the Rothschild’s are bankers for the Vatican.

“Machir’s sister known as Bertha Bigfoot married the son of Charles Martel, Pepin, and became the mother of Charlemagne. Bertha (also called Bertrada) gave birth to Charlemagne in 742. Bertha’s mother was said to be called ‘White Flower’ (Blanche Fleur) or Lilly-which is the origin of the name of the House of Lily for the French Kings. Lily is also a title acquainted with the Davidic House and the future Messiah as the ‘Lilly of the Valley’. Charlemagne was referred to as “David” by his followers.

Immorality was rampant in the Papacy and the Church. John XXIII [a Jew (1410-1415)], called by some the most depraved criminal who ever sat on the Papal Throne, guilty of almost every crime

Pope Gregory VII [a Jew] decided it was no murder to kill excommunicated persons.

Charlemagnes Jewish mother Bertha Bigfoot launched crusades into the Saxon homeland.


Now quite frankly we have some “alternative bloggers” who go on incessantly about the Jews but on the other hand refuse to climb the rope so to speak. Not only that they get spiffy when you point this out. It brings the question of limited hangout you might say. Yeah some of them try and put over the idea that the largest financial entity right now on the planet and that would be the vatican is not too involved in world affairs. Say what?

We are talking about an entity here very long ago that put Jewish banking families in power to control all of Europe, the organizer of the Jesuits, Loyola was Jewish. Many popes and hundreds of Jesuits were Jews. So what are we to make of this? Somebody is trying to pull your leg! Not only that but fireworks seem to go off when it is mentioned that Hitler who professed to be catholic was the recipient of the magic crystal in his mother’s blood, E1B1B. (sometimes known as the cohan link) It might be time to have an adult conversation about this. Our boy (Der Fuhrer) called by notorious satanist Aleister Crowley, his magic child, Time Magazine’s Man of the year just might not be that Aryan savior. He managed to get Germany bombed to the stone age, partitioned and paying reparations until …………………. well we don’t know when do we? Possibly until Germans get tired of this. Unfortunately the CPU is catholic and in power now so? So even a dullard has figured out Khazars are fairly pronounced among world affairs. Do you think possibly there is an understanding to keep it at that level, do one liners and cartoons on blogs to keep it at that level and not mention the top of the pyramid?


The Swastika belonged to Hitler

Max Mueller did propaganda that blue eyed and blonde Aryans ( Boris Becker types, with blonde eyebrows and short curlies too! ) invaded India. While in reality Aryans from India migrated outwards in 4000 BC, when the holy river Saraswati dried up. DNA tests have proved this beyond doubt. Max Mueller could never imagine that one fine day, Indians will master DNA tests, and istotope/ carbon dating. DNA tests pinged the white mark on Monica Lewinski’s dress , at an accuracy of one in a trillion, when there are only 6 billion people on earth. Vedic civilization flourished on the banks of the river Saraswati from 9000 BC to 4000 BC. The Vedas were written on its banks in Sanskrit. Emperor Vikramadiya , the great Indian Aryan ruled from Jerusalem to Urals to Vietnam in 7000 BC. He gave the world the Swastika symbol.

Hitler built roads and all doncha know, saved the world from communism, put a chicken in every pot and built some great roads, yes he did!




Tortured some folksFrom Clipboard

The bible was written by representatives of God

200 years ago the west believed the earth to be flat. These are the same people who present you with their version of the bible hammered out about 2000 years ago at the council of Nicea.

In 321 A.D. Emperor Constantine decided sunday was a day of prayer as it was a day of sun worship among the pagans. (Editor’s note here, when they say pagans they are referring to Ancient Vedic civilization-the ones who produced Calculus, Algebra, Sanskrit and all!) Nothing like pagans who settled the planet. Nothing like that old testament where yahweeee was putting the heathen to the sword) He was a suspicious man as he put to death his own son and his wife due to suspicions, he massacred all of his rivals and was then canonized.

In the Council of Ephesus, which was held in 431 A.D., monks and bishops screamed: “Whoso speaks of two natures is a Nestorius, and let him be cut asunder”. A bishop was kicked to death by another bishop in course of their arguments, and 137 corpses were left in a church to attest the convincing reasons by which the most ruffian side proved its orthodoxy.


Actually the Essenes wrote the bible and there is a serious issues between their account and Constantine/Francis Bacon

The Essene Gospel of Peace


Hindus worship cows


No but many illnesses can be avoided such as autism, Diabetes-type 1, sudden death syndrome in infants, cardiac problems, schizophrenia, multiple sclerosis, parkinsons and others can be avoided with the milk of the indian humped back cow.

Man can live on A2 milk of the humped Indian cow alone. The west is now secretly engaged in smuggling our desi cows embryos from India . The West has found out several decades ago that the A2 milk of Indian humped cows is more beneficial, as it has micronutrients like cytokines and minerals which enhance the immune system (A2 beta-casein protein).


The Neflim were angels and upon the earth at creation according to the bible.

No they actually existed and there were indian giants found in the Americas and some swear still exist in the Solomon Islands.


They thought Tuscaloosa’s son was a giant until they saw Tuscaloosa!





Walter Raleigh did not introduce potatoes to England they came from from Italy.

Though Raleigh found them in the Americas but most believe a Spanish seaman first brought them to Ireland. You must remember the English keep the Sabbath and anything else which is not nailed down. The Incas ate potatoes in 500 B.C.

In the ancient ruins of Peru and Chile, archaeologists have found potato remains that date back to 500 B.C. The Incas grew and ate them and also worshipped them. They even buried potatoes with their dead, they stashed potatoes in concealed bins for use in case of war or famine, they dried them, and carried them on long journeys to eat on the way (dried or soaked in stew). Ancient Inca potatoes had dark purplish skins and yellow flesh. The Incas called the potato “papas,” as they do today. Following is the Inca prayer that historians say they used to worship them.

“O Creator! Thou who givest life to all things and hast made men that they may live, and multiply. Multiply also the fruits of the earth, the potatoes and other food that thou hast made, that men may not suffer from hunger and misery.”

Mother Teresa was a saint

There is another fraud out there called Mother Teresa a figure manufactured by the vatican propaganda machine. With millions being collected she forced burned out nuns to reuse syringes and use one bottle for 10 babies during the AIDs epidemic. Mother Teresa franchises in Europe had TV and air conditioning but in India it was a very different story. She never used donated computers, only pencils and notebooks so money could be hidden. So with millions in Swiss banks her clinics looked like concentration camps. Nuns were forced to shave their heads also because mother Teresa the dwarf was bald. She never flew abroad without stopping in to see the pope.


The fiddle was invented 1600 years after Nero.

The say Romans thought Caligula was bad news but they had not met Nero yet. He however did not fiddle while Rome burned as the fiddle had not yet been invented.


Abell Tasman discovered Australia and not Captain Cook

Abel Tasman

Abel Janszoon Tasman was the first European explorer to reach the islands of Van Diemen’s Land (now Tasmania) and New Zealand.


America gained her independence on sept 3, 1783 not July 1776.

Thirteen mainland colonies of British North America declared their independence on July 4, 1776, to form the United States of America. The American War of Independence, also called the American Revolution, or the American Revolutionary War, was fought from 1775 until 1783.

The ancient Gaels of Ireland developed Sanskrit language the prototype of Hebrew
Now let us go to the ancient Indian language SANSKRIT– which is the oldest language in the world , with the most immense vocabulary, clear speech, perfect pronunciation, accurate expression and politeness. Since Panini wrote the adaptable Sankrit grammar 7500 years ago, there has been NO changes, it is that perfect– the work of a genius!! Rig veda was written in 5000 BC in Sanskrit. 


Before you write off Michael Tsarion however, there is a good chance the Gaels did come from that area of the east when they were known as the Scythians! 🙂


Columbus was not the first European to set foot in North America.


Most know at this point know there were Vikings in America long before Columbus and the Chinese left rock anchors off California long before them. Ancient floors of marble tile have been discovered buried deep in the earth in North America and their age is almost incalculable and nobody knows who crafted them. Then there are the indian tales of the white tribe along the Mississippi. Then there is the pickwick man.



The world is not flat

Although 200 years ago the vatican thought and insisted it was by power of death



Peyton Randolf was the first president of the United States not George Washington.

In politics, Randolph was Washington’s mentor backing his appointment as Colonel of the Virginia Militia in 1755 to his election as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army over John Hancock in June of 1775. Peyton Randolph, well before George Washington, was on the black list of patriots the British proposed to arrest and hang after being the first to preside over the Continental Congress in 1774.  Upon his return to Williamsburg, the volunteer company of militia of the city offered him its protection in an address that concluded:

His fortunes fell as he did not like the pistole fee (gun control).


Abraham Lincoln was not assassinated


John Wilkes Booth (supposed murderer of Abraham Lincoln) and brothers star in Julius Ceasar


Remember, John Wilkes Booth was an actor and the Lincoln assassination took place in a theatre! It took place in a theatre and once again they are laughing at us. If you have caught on to 911, Aurora and Sandy Hook, some dots just might connect. Lincoln knew he was going to die before he agreed to run for a second time but they knew Andrew Johnson of Tennessee could not be elected but as vice president he succeeded Lincoln after the comedy show.

Sharon Tate was not gutted by Charles Manson but living a California beach house under her sister’s name

“You will best benefit yourself by keeping an open mind and forgetting most of what you have learned in the past.”  Jay Sebring

SharonI don’t know how anybody can read story below and not realize we have been hoodwinked once again. I have left a slight sketch below of the PDF file. Read it all and you will never be the same. When operation Gladio moved to Hollywood. Let us not forget the famous Beatle Song Helter Skelter. Paul McCartney is now a knight and said to be M16. Sharon Tate’s father was a colonel in Army intelligence. Sandy Hook fell apart in weeks but the Tate murder lived for 43 years. For all we know Manson may be living on a California beach somewhere and brought out for a Geraldo interview every now and then.


Mary Antoinette was falsely atrributed by Rousseau to have said, “let them eat cake.” She never said it.

“It was said 100 years before her by Marie-Therese, the wife of Louis XIV,” Fraser explains. “It was a callous and ignorant statement and she [Marie Antoinette] was neither.”

The Bay of Tonkin never happened.


How many more times for absolutely no reason?

Some of you will be old enough to remember the premier  political controversy of the 1960’s and 1970’s, the Vietnam war. The ‘LBJ Presidential tapes’, declassified and released in 2001, prove that LBJ knew the Tonkin incident never happened.

It has also been proven that the NSA deliberately faked intelligence data to make it appear as if two US ships had been lost in the “attack”.

I was amazed to discover (from a student I was tutoring in Maths) that this truth is now, rightly and properly, taught as fact on ‘A level’ History courses in the UK.


Robert the Bruce was actually referred to as Braveheart and not William Wallace

The term “Braveheart” never referred to William Wallace, but rather to Robert the Bruce whose heart was carried on a crusade against the Moors by Sir James Douglas. Douglas was killed in an ambush whilst carrying the heart and is said to have thrown the casket containing Bruce’s heart ahead of him and shouted “Onward braveheart, Douglas shall follow thee or die.”


The moon landing

C. Fred Kleinknect, head of NASA at the time of the Apollo Space Program, is now the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Council of the 33rd Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of the Southern Jurisdiction. It was his reward for pulling it off. All of the first astronauts were Freemasons. There is a photograph in the House of the Temple in Washington DC of Neil Armstrong on the moon’s surface (supposedly) in his spacesuit holding his Masonic Apron in front of his groin.


Gasoline melts steel beams

Most with a room temp I.Q. have caught this one by now



The messenger of 9/11 “came like a thief in the night“.  It stole our comfort and security, our complacency and lack of compassion, our faulty belief systems and false patriotism.  The same event now stands poised to give the world a valid pretext to transform itself on the most profound and fundamental levels possible.  Therefore, the time is nigh for those who get it to help those who don’t yet get it.  When a critical mass of individuals has really gotten it, all heaven will break loose.

However, in the meantime we all witness the current state of affairs in which:
All Hell Breaks Loose In 2014


Lord of the Rings


Rasputin was not a devil monk


I would also recommend

Rasputin The Saint Who Sinned

by Brian Moynahan

The right to be the confessor of an imperial family Grigory has received by Saint John of Kronshtadt’s blessing (which himself bore it in relation to a family of emperor Alexander III, father of Nikolay II).

Blessing Grigory, Saint John has told only: “By name to yours will be to you” – beginning to see clearly that the starets (aged man Grirory) will be slandered and accused of the same of what injustly accused him.

“… I feel that should die before the new year come. But I wish to open, nevertheless, to Russian people, the Father, the Mother Russian and to Children that it is necessary to them. If I will be killed by simple robbers, my brothers – Russian peasants then you, the Tsar Russian, be not afraid, remain on a throne both correct, and be not afraid for the children for they will reign as early as hundred years and moreover. If I will be killed by noblemen on their hands there will be a blood washing, and 25 years they cannot wash off it. They should leave Russia. Then brothers will kill brothers, and will kill each other. And 25 years will not be noblemen in the state. The tsar of the earth Russian if to you the ring of the bell announcing is hated that have killed Grigory you should know it. If your relatives lead to my death anybody from your family – neither children, nor native does not remain in live in two years. They all will be killed by Russian people… Pray, pray and be strong, remember your sacred family”.


Soon after arriving in Saint Petersburg in 1903, Rasputin met Hermogen, the Bishop of Saratov. He was impressed by Rasputin’s healing powers and introduced him to Nicholas II and his wife, Alexandra Fedorovna. The Tsar’s only son, Alexis, suffered from haemophilia (a disease whereby the blood does not clot if a wound occurs). When Alexis was taken seriously ill in 1908, Rasputin was called to the royal palace. He managed to stop the bleeding and from then on he became a member of the royal entourage.


I should have mentioned, Rasputin did not just show up at the gates of St. Petersburg and announce himself.

He was recommended to the Tsar by the Russian Orthodox Church leaders as one you might want to take note of.

He walked into a church and announced he had seen the holy mother and she talked to him. Naturally some laughed but when told to touch his forehead …. things changed. And you know the rest of the story.

Alexi had hemophilia and the first thing Rasputin did was bring it under control to the dismay of the Russian courtiers who hated him… and most of them had connections to London.

Rasputin predicted his own death and pronounced to the Tsar if the common people kill me, Russia will prosper, if I die at the hands of the nobility Russia will become enslaved for decades and you and all of the royals will be killed also.

This is exactly what happened and he was killed by Yusapov, one of the queen’s cousins.

The Tsar’s four small daughters raped!


Lucifer is not wearing red pajamas and sporting horns



There is nothing going on with the climate change-we will be just fine


APTOPIX Colorado Flooding

Climate Change not you


America had no prophets


There is always an army quick to enforce the status quo. I suppose that is why we refer to hidden history. (Has to be on the history channel to be real)

Quips such as “occult and the paranormal” spiritualists and purported clairvoyants” That compares favorably to the characterization Jesus was stuck with and he may well be the greatest “psychic” who ever lived. The platform always stays the same, demonize anything that is not pimping the status quo.

It is the kind of thing which got Joan of Arc burned at the stake. The fact that she insisted upon death, the Arch Angel Michael told her to save France. And she did by the way. When told her army could not enter the gates of Paris she told then to send word they would soon meet the army of God.

History is filled with bodies of “those who could not possibly commune with the creative consciousness.”

The Shawnee prophet Tecumseh predicted the New Madrid earthquake and told the indians to prepare for war upon the great shaking. The Mississippi ran backwards during the great 1817 New Madrid quake exactly as predicted. He went on to predict the deaths of of American presidents on the zero year. Guess what?

“Harrison will not win this year to be the great chief. But he may win next year. If he does, he will not finish his term. He will die in office.”

One of the prisoners argued, “But Chief Tecumseh, no president has ever died in office”.

“Harrison will die, I tell you,” Tecumseh said. “And when he dies you will remember the deaths of my people. You think that I have lost my powers: I who caused the sun to darken and red men to give up firewater. But I tell you Harrison will die. And after him, every great chief chosen every twenty years thereafter will die. And when each one dies, let everyone remember the death of our people.”
Our people shall not be the instrument to shorten their time. Either the Great Spirit shall shorten their days or their own people shall shoot them.

• William Harrison (1841, pneumonia)
• Abraham Lincoln (1865, assassinated)
• James Garfield (1881)
• William McKinley (1901)
• Warren Harding (1923)
• Franklin Roosevelt (1945)
• John F. Kennedy (1963, assassinated)
• Only two presidents elected at 20-year intervals before 1840 did not die in office: Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe (30, 31)

The 20-year cycle has been analyzed by the Fisher Exact Probability test and yields a statistical significance level of 0.00004, which is to say that there is only a very low possibility that the 20-year cycle is due to chance.




Edgar Cayce predicted Atlantis to be found and Hall of Records


Ground penetrating radar noticed some anomalies many years ago, Zahi Hawass tried to immediately dismiss them. There are caves which run under two of the large pyramids of Egypt and very close to the paw of the Sphinx, exactly where Edgar Cayce predicted they would be found. Unconfirmed sources are now saying it has been possible to drill through a layer of rock into the chamber which houses the Hall of Records.


Vaccines additives are not only dangerous but there has never been any proof offered they are even effective

In essence, too many vaccines are being given to children during the brain’s most rapid growth period. Known toxic metals are beings used in the vaccines that interfere with brain metabolism, antioxidant enzymes, damage DNA and DNA repair enzymes and trigger excitotoxicity. Removing the mercury will help but will not solve the problem because overactivation of the brain’s immune system will cause varying degrees of neurological damage to the highly-vulnerable developing brain.



And they can be especially dangerous


The question before the human race is, whether the God of nature shall govern the world by his own laws, or whether priests and kings shall rule it by fictitious miracles? ~John Adams, letter to Thomas Jefferson, 20 June 1815

Alexander The Great was a blood thirsty homo warlord


Live your life with courage so that even your death will become an everlasting flame

I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep, I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion


There is no big planet out there known as Hercolubus-the rest of the planet says you are wrong!

It is western man due to his elite that is suffering from a big hole in his intellect and spirit



If one is familiar with esoteric/ancient literature the term red is continually referred to, red destroyer, Chinese Red Dragon (their national symbol) the red destroyer of the Kolbrin Bible, Hopi Red Kachina, Japan’s Red Sun, Grandfather’s Red Sky Prophecy, the Nibarans and their giant planet emitting red dust, and so on.

Many of the ancient civilizations acknowledged the existence of a celestial body which was not of our immediate Solar System. Their stone carvings and writings on papyrus give testimony to something extraordinary and unanticipated.

Whether Hercolubus was a rogue comet-planet or periodic planet-comet, only time will tell. In the meantime we can seek greater understanding from the different names by which it has become associated:

HERCOLUBUS is the hyperdimensional heavenly body.
The PHOENIX is the galactic messenger of Greek mythology.
BENNU is the “phoenix” of ancient Egyptian lore.
NIBIRU is the experience of the Sumerians.
QUETZALCOATL is the feathered serpent of the Aztecs.
KUKULCAN is the Mayan deity who causes earthquakes across the earth.
RED STAR KACHINA is the Hopi prophecy.
PLANET X is the question of modern doubt?
NEMESIS labels the cultural fear!
WORMWOOD names the biblical prophecy.
MARDUK is the misunderstood Comet-Planet of Babylon.
The DESTROYER is the historical reality.
The RED PLANET is the appearance in the heavens.
TYCHE is the giant stealth planet.
The RAJA SUN is the King Star.

Many different names for the same cosmic meme … for a universal archetype … for the quintessential omen.

Why has the meme been disseminated – so far and wide – over so many millennia?
Perhaps the time is nigh for us to seek an answer this question.



Is this where the Elohim (the many) giants originated?

It is all there on some dusty old clay tablets in the Berlin Museum

Jesuit Trained Movers And Shakers



The False Flag Review! (To Be Updated Periodically)

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts … Shakespeare

Slight update on all of this

Enduring Historical Myths And The Power Of Propaganda


The Matrix Unraveling As Helter Skelter The Manson Gang And So Called Tate Murder Was A Worse Psyop Than Sandy Hook All Designed To Save America From Those Commies And Doped Up Protestors


Abraham Lincoln And The Crisis Actors (It Seems Lincoln Knew He Was Dying Before The Election)


Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch Was Faked (Crisis Actors From The Prussian Royal Theatre)

Lucky Lindy Lindbergh Wasn’t So Lucky-He Was A 33* Mason And Didn’t Fly Across The Atlantic-It Was A Prop For Early Passenger Air Travel But Also A Big Ruse To Promote Hitler

The Patty Hearst Kidnapping was Faked


Welcome My Friends To The Show That Never Ends-McGeorge Bundy’s Brother CIA-Mass Murderer Ted Bundy Possibly His Son-Tsarnaev Uncle Ruslan USAID Heavily CIA Fortified-Tsarnaev Married To Russell Skull And Bones-Ruslan Daughter Married To Graham Fuller CIA-Then The Bundy Circus Rancher In Nevada!



The Bundy Bloodline-Mormons-Illuminism and Ordinary Madness in Bunkerville, Nevada


The Hidden King: Camelot ruled from the Cave of Merlin (What Happened To John Kennedy)


Crisis Actor On The Scene, Carolina Masonic Codes Used In Kenya

John Lennon, let him be


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6 Responses to Enduring Historical Myths And The Power Of Propaganda

  1. Jamie says:

    ” One thing we know is absolute, truth is in the eye of the beholder and always will be.”

    Being a student of Astrology I have found that one’s stage of evolution correlates to their inner “truth” or understanding. If one has only made it to the 3rd grade by the close of an incarnation then this is their level of awareness at their next incarnation. There are many tell tale signs that speak of this reality within the Birth Chart.
    What these ‘high priests’ are in the business of is simply thwarting the process of emotional, mental and spiritual evolution; It is their ‘job’, so to speak.
    Notice how text books and mainstream media outlets continue to direct the readers/consumers focus upon PHYSICAL evolution, as if that matters in the least.

    Speaking of Sharon Tate, I just noticed her on the cover of a lamestream publication last night while exiting a local store ——-> http://www.people.com/article/sharon-tate-45-years-after-manson-murders. I suppose they must set the record straight and all……when no one really is thinking about or is concerned with Charles Manson or Sharon Tate….except when you personally scrutinized the ‘official’ story line in one of your recent posts.
    Keep up he good works, DublinsMick. Someone obviously feels threatened by alternative influence. 😉


  2. Dublinsmick says:

    It is funny you would mention that Jamie, I was checking out of the grocery store the other day and noticed probably that same magazine on the shelf concerning Sharon Tate. I did chuckle a bit as I had already posted on her. I was wondering if she had read the magazine herself!

    This is so true.

    “If one has only made it to the 3rd grade by the close of an incarnation then this is their level of awareness at their next incarnation. There are many tell tale signs that speak of this reality within the Birth Chart.

    What these ‘high priests’ are in the business of is simply thwarting the process of emotional, mental and spiritual evolution; It is their ‘job’, so to speak.”

    I have always enjoyed astrology but too lazy to actually learn how to do the charts, but fortunate enough to have been around a few who were really good at it. I have several very good books on numerology and I can whip up one of those if need be however. I have not found one I did to be wrong yet. The bushes come out as a six.

    O.K. just read the link you provided, thanks, I notice they are interviewing Debra, the sister Miles Mathis pinpoints as actually being Sharon Tate. The allegation by Mathis was that something had happened to Debra long before the Manson gig and she was never at family get togethers so the option was there to insert Sharon as Debra in the coming play. I do get a kick out of Mathis as he is definitely a very high intellect. I may have to mirror his latest on the alpha male, it is really hilarious.


    • Jamie says:

      Hi, Dublin. Ya know, I thought the very same thing! Sharon MUST have read your post herself, haha. At this point, I know that there are NO coincidences. 😉

      Astrology is a powerful tool for understanding the self and the condition/environment we find ourselves in at any given moment. It can also be used against those without the knowledge of this tool. I thank my mother for opening the door to this ancient science, although, I am sure that this was not her intention.
      When someone you trust tells you that you are going to be a prostitute ( I don’t suppose it helps to have a pedophilic father who enjoys taking lewd pictures of his daughters and fondling their crotches, no? ) when you grow up you need to see what they are seeing and know what they know. That pronouncement alone compelled me to find out what it means to be a prostitute, and, furthermore, to study such a tool of divination.
      Strange that my mother never mentioned her complicity in creating an environment for her “prostitute” to flourish.
      This one little ‘predication’ led me down that rabbit hole more than 3 decades ago. I have found that hose who sell their bodies for coin and paper are not the true prostitutes but merely a scapegoat for the real, serial prostitutes who bring to market their souls. I have also found a great deal of information while digging for the roots of social dis ease ( with the aid of that useful and profound tool ) that has led me to some of your very same conclusions.
      I know why this ancient science is NOT taught in schools. It speaks to who and what we truly are and when one knows this reality they cannot be manipulated. Such a shame.

      I don’t know much about Numerology. I am supposing that numbers are akin to frequencies? Not sure about this. I do find the science fascinating though.
      The Bush family are a tragic group of souls who are probably on their way to the great recycle vat in the sky. To intentionally influence my children in the deconstruction of their energy being is a crime I could not bear. I have no idea how these people live with themselves. I really don’t.


    • Jamie says:

      Hello, again! Yes, I did catch that it was her “sister” that was being interviewed and just thought the whole article and cover bizarre. I mean, it was only last week that I read your post on the Manson murders scam and here I am looking at Tate’s irrelevant image on the cover of a pop culture magazine…. in 2014….with Climate Change forcing us to change the way we live….wars and rumors of wars….Solar Flares……whores, pimps and prostitutes scurrying about the ‘official’ halls of government……False Flag events every other month….and other relevant and pressing issues that should have our attention, but, instead,,,,we have Sharon Tate. Wth?

      I have to say that being a survivor of child sex abuse I am easily able to detect shades of pedophilic attributes in a man. Perusing Miles Mathis’ site ( particularly his ‘gallery’ images of the little girl ) I had a very disgusted feeling wash over me. I will tell you that victims of abuse have ‘radar’ that can detect a pedo ‘MIles’ away…pun intended.
      I used to doubt my ability to discern human garbage but have historical proof that I can accurately spot debris…no matter how intelligently they articulate their inner knowledge.
      My father was a brilliant inventor with patents in several countries, Dublin, so, unfortunately, I am not easily impressed with what a person says but rather what they do.
      I don’t like what Miles Mathis ‘do’.
      I hope that what I say does not offend you. Just an observation from the observation tower. 😉


      • Dublinsmick says:

        No not at all, that is something I had not even considered, may have to go back and take a look at some of his paintings. I will say the piece on the alpha male is pretty funny at least to me.
        I had a mahatma once tell me I am not very psychic but a gift I have is summing up people by looking into their eyes. He said people turn away from you because they can sense you are looking inside them, so I don’t dismiss what you are saying at all. There have been times when I have felt a little strange because some people simply don’t want to look me in the eye 🙂

        And you are right, many things do not simply happen by chance.

        If you have a chance read this one also.


        The tenth and final incarnation of Lord Vishnu is Lord Kalki. His coming in the last century marks the end of the Kali Yuga and closing of the Iron Age. Hence, we see all types of end time prophecy abound. There is particular interest in Planet X, sometimes called the 10th Planet or Hercolubus. Such a planet-comet would be an apt representation of Lord Kalki since His mission, as represented by the Hindu scriptures is to bring about an end to the ignorance that prevails during the Kali Yuga. That’s exactly what He did.

        Lord Kalki: His Appearance Signifies the End of the Kali Yuga

        What all of these recent developments really say about the true status of the planetary civilization is that we are now a minute to midnight. No, we are closer to midnight than that, perhaps only seconds away from the ending of the expansive 6000 year era known as the Age of Quarrel. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, most do not even have a clue, since Maya always intensifies toward the end of every Kali Yuga. It has to be this way. Otherwise, very few would ever get out of bed in the morning to face the brutal realities. And so it is during the upcoming grand finale of the current age.

        The Kali Yuga Always Ends The Same Way

        For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, please know that the current pandemic of ignorance and arrogance is quite purposeful. It is induced — by the Universe itself — for the protection of the masses so that their ignorance has become bliss. The bliss that comes with not knowing the grim realities[2] which abound everywhere one looks. How else can so many face the rapidly devolving state of affairs manifesting worldwide?

        Likewise, it is only for the ultimate benefit of the controllers that their arrogance has become so unfathomable and intractable. Difficult though it may be to understand, they have an integral part to play in this cosmic drama. Someone always has to play the bad guy, you know. Perhaps the time has come to show our understanding, and maybe even some appreciation, to those crazies[3] who are running the insane asylum for putting on such a convincing show.

        These two by Mathis I thought were pretty strong. Like he says nobody has ever delved into the the Lincoln false flag bit that he knows of.




  3. Dublinsmick says:

    Wow Jamie that is powerful. That fact that you can now stand back from it all and view it analytically speaks volumes for you bravo and blessings. I know the undeveloped tend to write off astrology. They could not be more wrong. Same with numerology, there is the tendency to think name are haphazard, but they are predestined. I have had many friends seem spellbound over a chart when it fits them like a glove. I used to be pretty good at palmistry also, but I am slipping as I haven’t practiced looking at palms in years. If I did one now I would to go and look back at the Benham book for awhile.

    Much of our destiny is emblazoned in the lines of the right hand at birth and they change as life unfolds in the left and the lines are always different. Right down on the bottom left side of the palm for instance you can read just how many serious relationships a person has had.

    If you get a chance and get bored read this one, you are one I think might like it.



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