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The Naked Ape And His Killing Spree-Time For A Synthesis

Back in 2012 I wrote a tongue in cheek analysis concerning the Naked Ape. In view of current events it might be timely to expand on this. Over the centuries we have watched the naked ape progress in such areas … Continue reading

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More On The Bucegi Mountains And The Hall Of Records-Holographic Projections Of Man’s Time Upon The Earth

We have touched on this briefly here. This is absolutely astounding information, so lighten up and be yourself! 🙂 Notice the diagrams, monotomic gold plays a role in the holographs. Cuneiform tablets of Babylon indicate gold was the quest of … Continue reading

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Now We Know What Happened To The Mayans-Tunnels Under Tikal Pyramid Extend 800 Kilometers To The Other Side Of The Country-Secrets Of The Bucegi Mountains

The Secret of Secrets: Tunnels in Bucegi Mountains — Displaying our true history discovered in 2003 Before we get started here it might not hurt to take a look here Edgar Cayce’s Prophecy Comes True: Hall of Records Discovered Updated: … Continue reading

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Sao Paulo Out Of Water In 100 Days-South East Louisana Losing 16 Miles Of Land A Year-Warm Water Flowing Into The Arctic

Reblogged from Desdemona Despair 100 days until São Paulo runs out of water – Worst drought in state’s history triggers water rationing for 3.6 million people in 29 cities By Marianna Musset 15 September 2014 ( – The ongoing drought … Continue reading

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Dark Snow And The Glacial Ice Tea

    From the Himalayas to the Arctic circle, glaciers and snow packs continue to darken. Of course they are being studied, it can be caused by soot from the immense forest fires taking place, residue from one of the … Continue reading

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