Abraham Lincoln And The Crisis Actors (It Seems Lincoln Knew He Was Dying Before The Election)


John Wilkes Booth (supposed murderer of Abraham Lincoln) and brothers star in Julius Ceasar

Once again a short sketch of the PDF file. Some of this is direct quotes and some my own interjection. Miles Mathis is surely the Sherlock Holmes of our time.

Once again it might serve us to remember Shakespeare. “The world is but a stage and we are the players.”

See the PDF



Remember, John Wilkes Booth was an actor and the Lincoln assassination took place in a theatre! It took place in a theatre and once again they are laughing at us.

If you have caught on to 911, Aurora and Sandy Hook, some dots just might connect.

Booth supposedly jumped 15 feet from a balcony with a knife in his hand and twisted his ankle. No it was 18 feet precisely and he broke his fibula. You can read the pdf for more on this.

The United States appropriated Ford Theatre after this paying him $100,000 dollars. Ford wasn’t quite as lucky as Lucky Larry Silverstein. All of this prevented further analysis. Does that sound familiar?

Two hundred soldiers rush into the theatre after the attack …. check. (We know the military never stands down in a national emergency … right …. check. DC policeman John Frederick Parker who was supposedly guarding the box wandered out at intermission and never came back …. check. Ole John got a reprimand but was never fired. As Mathis says, Booth would have been mobbed even in a nunnery.

Mathis calls this the Glomar response, lead with a tidal wave of lies and then follow up with a complete embargo of information somewhat like Sandy Hook or the Boston Bombing.

“We could change all the other facts and it wouldn’t really matter. What I mean is, those who ran the event don’t really care whether you believe Booth did it, or whether Booth was killed later, or whether there was a high-level conspiracy including Andrew Johnson or the Knights of the Golden Circle or the Pope and Queen of England.”

In the midst of all this, the soldiers of the President’s guard, with others, suddenly drawn to the scene, burst in— (some two hundred altogether)—they storm the house, through all the tiers, especially the upper ones, inflamed with fury, literally charging the audience with fix’d bayonets, muskets and pistols, shouting Clear out! clear out! you sons of ——….. Such the wild scene, or a suggestion of it rather, inside the play-house that night.

So Mrs. Lincoln waits until after Booth has jumped down on-stage and delivered his little speech to cry “he has killed the President.” She doesn’t want to interrupt him, I guess. So polite. The “strong men” rush the stage, but only after Booth has gone limping off. So polite. And the President’s guard, “suddenly drawn to the scene” after Booth has fired shots, knifed Rathbone, jumped down, waved his knife, said his speech, tied his shoes, adjusted his belt, combed his hair, and checked his watch, come bursting in 200 strong. As if to make up in numbers what they lacked in being there to start with.

This whole story is ludicrously bad, but say we decided to accept it. We should then ask, “why were 200 guards waiting outside, ready to burst in all together?” That, by itself, would signal some kind of foreknowledge. It is like the current fake events, where the police arrive before the shots are fired, or when fire trucks are at the Pentagon before the alleged plane even crashes. Are we expected to believe. ”

O.K. why was Lincoln assassinated? Lincoln has been said to be Jewish as was John Wilkes Booth noted as the son of a kosher butcher. Lincoln never professed anything resembling his association with Christianity and told his wife before he died that he wished to visit the “Holyland.” There is evidence that he was also known to be dying from 4 mainstream sources. He was suffering from Marfan disease and was too sick to run for another term.


It is speculated they knew Andrew Johnson, a poorly spoken southerner from Tennessee could not be elected, but Lincoln could so they ran Lincoln and then Johnson was installed after the so called election. This was all some two months after the election and theatre performance. Pinkerton a British security outfit also handled Lincoln’s “security.” This is the same agency who also was pursuing Jesse James before he was “killed” under debatable circumstances. No government is going to admit history books have been faked for 150 years. Greater control over the civil war was a serious goal sought here.

Another handsome young actor, John Powell was said to have assassinated Secretary of State Sewell simultaneously with Booth’s killing of Lincoln. John Surratt also said to be a conspirator of Powell and confederate spy did not want to be part of any fake trials and conveniently left the country and became a papal zouave. (They guard the pope by the way).

Surratt is supposed to be on the run for being involved in the biggest US conspiracy of all time, but he allows himself to be professionally photographed? This is all just a continuance of the joke. It it also more proof Surratt was Union Intelligence, since only an Intelligence officer would be so bold. He knew he was protected. We see proof of that when an old friend, Henri Beaumont de Sainte-Marie, recognized Surratt and notified papal officials and Rufus King, U.S. minister in Rome. On November 7, 1866, John Surratt was arrested and sent to Velletri prison. He escaped and lived with the Garibaldians, who gave him safe passage.

Surratt’s mother was also supposedly the first women hanged. LOL, see the PDF on this one.

Booth’s body was not taken to Washington but place on board a “ship”. It was not dumped at sea ala Bin Laden but it was later sent to an Army arsenal. That is the story anyway and everybody is sticking to it. Andrew and Luther Potter who were National Directive Police Agents were told not to pursue Booth when they had made a negative identification on the body.

“But back to these others, who were said to be buried with Booth at the Arsenal. As you see in the above photo, the condemned were hooded, so they couldn’t be identified. Also curious is that Mary Surratt’s noose “was put in place by a Secret Service officer.” Why would the Secret Service need to be involved in this execution? Even more curious is that the white hoods were not removed when the bodies were cut down and put into coffins. That is completely contrary to policy, since the hoods are for the prisoners, not for the audience. It keeps them calmer and aids in the execution. Once the prisoners are dead, the hoods should be removed. And then, the coffins were buried against the prison wall in shallow graves, just a few feet from the gallows. What? Do you think that is standard procedure? Well, it gets weirder:”

Mary Todd Lincoln did not show up at the funeral. She had to pack up at the White House and knew honest Abe was not coming out of hiding to help her. He was sick with Marfan anyway.

Things would be a whole lot simpler if say you wanted Ford to succeed Nixon, but knew Ford could not be elected. What to do? What if you wanted Johnson to succeed Kennedy?

Back to homosexual Walt Whitman who supposedly was “enlightened” take a look at what you see here in the PDF and take a closer look at the “beat poets.” William Sloane Kennedy speculated that people one day will be celebrating Whitman’s birthday as they are now the birth of Christ. Sure buddy!


Thoreau actually did some hard time for his political beliefs but Walt Whitman did not.

the same. Thoreau saw problems he wanted to solve. For him, America wasn’t just a big colorful parade. But Whitman sees everything through the eyes of the salesman.
Leaves of Grass looks like it was written from the Chamber of Commerce offices, not from the shore of some lonely lake. Leaves of Grass doesn’t trumpet individualism, it reeks of town-hall boosterism.

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3 Responses to Abraham Lincoln And The Crisis Actors (It Seems Lincoln Knew He Was Dying Before The Election)

  1. Dublinsmick says:

    I think we are starting to see a pattern here sports fans.




    Things to avoid
    Parties where you wake up with a hangover and all you can remember is strobe lights, handlers, electric shock and drugs.

    Never ever over indulge while visiting the magic kingdom or hang around people singing thanks for the memories

    Sporting events where strangers ask you to hold their back pack while they get a soft drink

    Invitations to be part of emergency drills with more than 12 agencies involved, plastic caskets and lots of wheel chairs in the background.
    Men with tan pants and caps with red eye skull emblems, carrying geiger counters

    Craig list bargains that offer 5 pressure cookers for the price of one

    Halloween parties where people look like batman

    Hair salons that specialize in orange hair

    Strangers who hand you booklets on Jihad and then disappear from your life shortly afterwards

    Sporting events of any kind or stripe where bomb sniffing dogs appear. This goes double for marathons where little old ladies tell you if you participate you will die

    Never run out of duck tape and saran wrap, you just never know
    People who read books upside down

    Airplane flights with unruly passengers, especially if NORAD has stood down

    Physicians or Dentists who insist that lead, vaccine, aluminum, radiation, fluoride, GMO and formaldehyde are good for you, time to go down that approved doctor list

    People who think jet fuel melts steel, they will eventually drive you nuts also

    If your uncle is from Chechnya and worked for USAID, try not to get on his bad side

    If you are from Chechnya and your uncle works for USAID, you are on the Jamestown Foundation payroll setup by William Casey, to help former soviet defectors earn money, don’t hang out where they are having terror drills.
    Looks like a link here but 007 makes it disappear. Anyone able to catch this one?


  2. Terrance says:

    Hello Dubs…. That link is some sort of expose’ on a Russian Richard Branson type horse whisperer?… Anyways, after reading Miles Mathis take on life, civilization is just layers and layers of lies!….it’s very depressing…… Just more validation of what some of us figure out as we age!
    We are in for much more mayhem, and I for one, will stay calm and carry on the best I can……


  3. Dublinsmick says:

    That is about all anyone can do Terrance.


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