The Matrix Unraveling As Helter Skelter The Manson Gang And So Called Tate Murder Was A Worse Psyop Than Sandy Hook All Designed To Save America From Those Commies And Doped Up Protestors

Helter Skelter


“You will best benefit yourself by keeping an open mind and forgetting most of what you have learned in the past.”  Jay Sebring

I don’t know how anybody can read story below and not realize we have been hoodwinked once again. I have left a slight sketch below of the PDF file. Read it all and you will never be the same. When operation Gladio moved to Hollywood. Let us not forget the famous Beatle Song Helter Skelter. Paul McCartney is now a knight and said to be M16. Sharon Tate’s father was a colonel in Army intelligence. Sandy Hook fell apart in weeks but the Tate murder lived for 43 years. This was sent to me by a friend.

Remember this was a time when the “actor” Ronny Raygun was screaming about paving Vietnam and if we are going to have a bloodbath, lets get it over with.

Reagan showed no remorse at defending his actions, and he even passed off the killing of the student on that Bloody Thursday as necessary. On the anniversary of the event in May, 1970, he said, “If it takes a bloodbath, let’s get it over with. No more appeasement.”

He was also talking about events the week before, since Bloody Thursday was just a precursor to the May 4, 1970, Massacre at Kent State University, where 4 unarmed students were killed and 9 wounded by the Ohio National Guard. Four days later eleven people were bayoneted at the University of New Mexico by the National Guard. And seven days after that 2 students were killed and 12 injured by police at Jackson State College in Mississippi. These deaths and injuries led to a nationwide strike of over 4 million college students, with more than 900 colleges closing.

Reagan wasn’t the only one crying “no appeasement.” In a televised speech that month, Nixon blamed the deaths and woundings on the students. In private he said the students were pawns of foreign communists, and he set into motion an accelerated infiltration of college campuses, via the Huston Plan. Wikipedia will tell you Hoover vetoed the Huston Plan, but no one believes that. Now declassified documents prove the FBI and CIA were busy countering all anti-war groups, on campus and off, and they still are. Wikipedia even admits that on the Huston Plan page, where it says that although the Plan was “revoked,” many of its provisions were implemented anyway. In hindsight, it looks like the only provision not implemented was the creation of concentration camps for protesters.

As you study the alleged bloodbath that was the Tate murders, remember that quote of Reagan above. Also remember that the alleged murders took place in Los Angeles, California, not only the home of Hollywood and Reagan, but also one of the hippie capitals of the nation and a center for anti-war sentiment. Also remember that Reagan was an actor.

They make little movies about Manson every few years, and release some pictures, but as we have seen, those things can be faked as easily as a 15-second commercial for Rice-a-roni. They took Manson out of jail and supposedly put him back in but Manson could be living in Big Sur in a house on the beach, for all we know. This was all done to keep America safe from commies and those doped up anti-war protesters. Many clues are given in the Manson interviews because America, they are laughing at you. Nixon declared Manson guilty while the trial was ongoing.

Even so, the major players here weren’t real hippies or druggies, they were actors. They weren’t brainwashed and they weren’t taking LSD. Lynette Fromme won awards in high school for DRAMA, poetry, and dancing. Angela Lansbury’s daughter was traveling with the Manson crew and carrying a note saying it was O.K.

There are not many pictures of Patti Tate on the internet and the implications are that Patti is actually Sharon Tate. Patti Tate has an even bigger problem. Although she has a gravestone claiming she died in 2000, there is no government record of it. We are told she was born October 30, 1957 and died June 3, 2000. Sharon also had a very distinctive left ear, which was sort of elfish. It is flat across the top and has a little nick just below that, on the outside. Strangely enough pictures of Patti show this same unique feature! (Sandy Hooked once again) The good part of this I guess you could say is Sharon is still alive and living in California. Nobody was killed. Patti wasn’t at the funeral.


However it looks like Jamaica may have been the first stop for Sharon after leaving LA. Why? Well, we know that Polanski and John Phillips went to Jamaica less than two weeks after the murders, ostensibly to “continue their investigation into drugs and voodoo.” But since Sharon and Roman had stopped over in Jamaica in April, we may assume that Polanski was not there to investigate voodoo. He was most likely there to check on Sharon. If the LA police had been serious about unlocking the “murders,” they would have followed Polanski to Jamaica. Since they didn’t, we can assume they were just following orders from the FBI or CIA.

This is what happened to many many stars, more than you think. Not only Elvis and Jim Morrison and John Lennon, but a large percentage of all the other deaths you know of. Very few Hollywood deaths actually occurred,and realizing what happened here may help you unwind any other death you may have questions about.

What was initially limited to Laurel Canyon has since spread across all of LA. Military intelligence has engulfed the whole city, and the fake Tate event was the big final bite. A large portion of mainstream movies since 1970 have been propaganda films of one sort or another, and even the ones that are made mostly for money are filled with propaganda as well. There is no longer any split between CIA and Hollywood. Hollywood is
basically a subdivision of the CIA and military intelligence. The entire entertainment industry is a vast subdivision of military intelligence, including music, TV, art, film, and a majority of the internet.
More from Miles Mathis

More on Laurel Canyon by Dave McGowan. It is the place where Tex Watson of the Manson family ended up with a home among the elite and was set up with a business by simply being picked up hitch hiking.

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts … Shakespeare

Slight update on all of this

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The Matrix Unraveling As Helter Skelter The Manson Gang And So Called Tate Murder Was A Worse Psyop Than Sandy Hook All Designed To Save America From Those Commies And Doped Up Protestors


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20 Responses to The Matrix Unraveling As Helter Skelter The Manson Gang And So Called Tate Murder Was A Worse Psyop Than Sandy Hook All Designed To Save America From Those Commies And Doped Up Protestors

  1. kenny says:

    Thanks for the Mathis link. From what little I’ve looked at so far, he may be a little over the top at times but it’s all interesting. He’s a good artist too.


    • Lonnie says:

      Please describe with some detail what is “over the top”. Would you like an ecclectic nd neutral approach or would you like the gerneralized truth? If it’s the former then you shouldn’t be reading it.


  2. Dublinsmick says:

    You know Kenny it is just impossible for me not to believe this. Jay Sebring himself seemed to be laughing at people when he says.

    “You will best benefit yourself by keeping an open mind and forgetting most of what you have learned in the past.” Jay Sebring

    Exactly what outfit spawns most of our would be actors? As Shakespeare said, “The world is a stage and we are but the players.” !

    Sharon Tate, Reagan, one of the Manson girls as the daughter of Angela Lansbury the British ham actress, Knight Paul McCartney known as British intel doing a musical ode with Helter Skelter. It is all making too much sense to write off. Then we have Sharon Tate’s father as a colonel with army intel. Of course Jim Morrison’s father was an admiral. Sometimes the dots just keep connecting without even trying very hard.

    I am looking into the Lincoln assassination right now. I haven’t read it all yet. I have run across info before suggesting something fishy was going on here as well as in the Jesse James assassination.

    It did not take long to check this one out.
    Abraham Lincoln And The Crisis Actors (It Seems Lincoln Knew He Was Dying Before The Election)


  3. We have been conned since the “church” stole everything (history, sacred knowledge, wealth, etc.) from us. This really isn’t that difficult to believe. In fact, it makes more sense than the “official” version because the logic is more consistent.


    • Lauren says:

      It’s interesting that you say that. I was just thinking about the course I took on Mass Communications and the instructor telling us how it was the law that people had to attend church long ago. Only the wealthy and the clergy could read and not only did they read the Bible but they’d read the local rag to the congregation, basically fill their minds with whatever crap they chose. That was how they controlled the masses. Not much has changed, mass communication is not a vehicle to inform or educate but to lie to and confuse the public, keeping them in constant state of fear.


      • Hi Lauren and you know what else. The confessional was the spy service. There were no hidden cameras however you could pretty well keep tabs on what was going on in town due the knuckleheads who believed they were being absolved and saved from some unknown peril. Devil with a red suit and a pitch fork I guess.


  4. Dublinsmick says:

    Barbarian that has been the consensus of most I have encountered on this one. That includes the friend who sent it to me saying “This will blow your mind.”

    Most on the memory hole seem to be in agreement.


  5. Lonnie says:

    You are confusing ‘doped up protesters’ with the socially active anti-war movement. The beat genration and the flower power,, “counter-culture”, “Hippie” generation were engineered and incubated by the CIA. Most young antiwar protesters saw the Hippie generation as a detriment to the movement. LSD was produced by CIA and a Swiss pharmaceutical company and distributed by agents or their representatives to weaken the anti-war movement and turn them into self gratified, naval gazing lotus eaters.


  6. Dublinsmick says:

    Hi Lonnie
    Maybe you should read the article once again. Perhaps you do not understand tongue in cheek sarcasm. The article clearly implies this was an operation Gladio type situation. Upon a second reading you will probably see the idea was to brand anti-war protestors as out of control.


  7. This all makes perfect sense now that I’m extremely aware of how the military-industrial complex works and false-flags. As a former American historian, I’ve learned more since my college years. Had we not been so trusting of the mainstream media. I remember when anti-war protestors suddenly became out of control ‘hippies.’ Living up the road from the CIA FBI NSA & most military installation proving-grounds we use to hear a lot from various senator’s sons. On a train stopover thru DC, one told me there was more to this story that met the eye. This is sadly astounding. Might you have a good online story link to the Lennon conspiracy? Could this be Operation Mockingbird?


  8. dave justice says:

    Iincredible ive always suspected manson was psy ops but never saw anyone put it all together. Oh fid u notice the zodiac killer victim who lookef just like her sister? Remember fatal vision an army doctor kills a sharon tate look a like. Also charlie is a military term. Manson anagramed is masonn. Did u notice the date august 9 the same black moon day as mike brown psyops 8/9/2014?


  9. Dublinsmick says:

    I hadn’t noticed that but you make some good points.

    Try this one, you will like it. To my way of thinking, it is almost irrefutable.


  10. art says:

    Miles Mathis wrote a great JFK article.

    JFK assassination looks like theater, complete with Hollywood style production.
    The Zapruder is not just altered, its an example of motion picture photo manipulation.

    Check out the Zapruder Film, the frames prior to the limousine passing behind the freeway sign.
    The reflections on the side of the limo, beneath the President, do not show the crowd. Instead the reflections are of the motorcade itself. As if the motorcade was projected over itself.


  11. says:
  12. Gina Watkins says:

    I recently noticed there was no fetal death records on Sharon Tate’s baby on Ancestry. By law a person isn’t supposed to be put in the ground, cremated or put in a tomb without the death certificate being filed with the county that the burial is to take place. Sharon Tate’s fetus at that time was considered a person because it was past 20 weeks old. I sent to the Department of Vital Records, $18.00 to do a manual search for the document and what did I get for my money? A “Certificate of No Record Found”. There’s a lot missing that proves it really happened.


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