Lucifer Or The All Seeing Eye Is Inside Your Head

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For many of us who have been introduced to eastern religions or spent any time around Indian Mahatmas or Native American Indians, we are quite familiar with this truth. Yes the pineal gland of the brain is inside your head. The life force or what some would term the sexual energy of the lower chakra travels up the spinal chord into the brain. Of course the amount that is able to reach the destination is up to each individual. There are many factors in play. How willing are you to practice, is your spinal chord composed of real minerals, copper, silver etc, or do you find more aluminum, teflon, mercury, lead etc? You get the idea, pure diet is also a factor. Native Americans knew this, silver, feathers and copper were sacred and kept near the the body to draw the the sacred fire to the pineal gland, what we call electromagnetism or the fire of life.

There are various forms of what we term  tantrayana which are used in well just about everywhere except the western world which seems to have traded reason for various belief systems. It is all about the life force, the creative energy of the universe, you know the stuff that makes the grass grow and keeps the heart beating. In the east it is called prana. Choose life! Sex is not the original sin, nothing to atone for, no need for money in the plate nor attendants to visit your home to see if you are back sliding. The entire world of nature including flowers attempting pollination, would laugh at such an explanation. It is not just about procreation, it is about positive and negative, ying and yang. It is also not about the degrading displays of Femen and pussy riot either.

When young I joined an East Indian organization called Divine Light Mission in the United States represented by a 15 year old guru called Guru Maharaji Ji whose father was a well know master in India with 6 million followers. The young guru was said to have experienced an awakening of his pineal gland at the early age of about five if I remember right.  My parents thought I was crazy at the time. I was there when Divine Light Mission rented the Houston Astrodome and 50,000 people came, including the controversial Renne Davis of Chicago seven fame. Billy Graham was beginning to send in spies to see what all of the fuss was about. There were practicing medical doctors there treating people for free who were also followers of the 15 year old Satguru. Those were fun days, the local Texans were all over the parking lot with signs urging all to free ourselves from Satan. I had some dear friends come to my home one day. They said you need to come with us and check this out. We have found someone we think well he is divine! My life was never quite the same after that day.

You see the entire theory of ying and yang, positive and negative are what the Caduceus is all about. It is the medical symbol of healing, the positive and negative energies that flow up the human spine in the in the two spinal canals (Ida-Pingala) to the human brain. It is the staff of Hermes in Greek “mythology.” It was Constantine’s serpent in the garden of Eden where we are told that Eve sinned by discovering knowledge. (Perhaps Enlightenment)! I have a good idea why the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas disappeared. He said unless thine eye be single, you cannot see heaven. Jesus made reference using the term “be wise as serpents!” Well how do you be wise as serpents? Serpents coil together lying motionless. The energy both positive and negative begins to swirl in a circle. Such simple concepts have been lost in series of long debates leading nowhere. Be wise like the serpent!

Yes it was a divine light mission, a mission to see light through the pineal gland that resides inside the human brain. Anyone can do this if taught properly. Of course not everyone is going to become a prominent seer on the level of many of the Mahatmas I observed, who knew everything about you, nor for instance an Edgar Cayce. Many of the Mahatmas when speaking clearly exhibited a white aura around their head. They all recommended reading Edgar Cayce also and I did, dozens of his books.

“Jesus did not preach Christianity. Krishna did not preach Hinduism. Rama did not preach Hinduism. They preached the True Knowledge of Self, they gave self-realisation to their devotees.” When the Gnostic Thomas explained, when you know yourself, then you will be known! Jesus was not the Christos, his name was Jesus Barabbas, nor was Krishna, Mohammed, Tecumseh, Buddha and many others. They were human bodies who brought the divine manifestation of the Christos to man or the Christos using a vehicle of human form. Can we be so naive only to think the divine would grant this favor once and only one time? Really sit down and think about it. And yes none of them advocate turning both cheeks, they were divine warriors of truth and took up the sword along with the meek. It is very convenient to forget the admonition of Jesus to sell your cloak and buy a sword when it came to the struggle against Rome. The message is defend the weak against the strong, not the modern day message of roll over and die like a maggot.

I myself am not the least bit psychic. That is the case with many and the Mahatmas told me that many including some in Tibetan monasteries are not. All are not great seers, but you can see the light, everyone can who truly wants this. All I can say is I have an inner knowing when someone is trying to lead me away from the truth. I can spot it immediately. Some of us are earth spirits, and some few emanate from the 12 heavens of Buddhism and one and only one is beyond the twelfth. There was a great book on this by Lobsang Rampa called doctor from Lhasa, beyond the tenth, his level of being.

When you know yourselves, then you will be known, and you will know that you are the sons of the living Father. But if you do not know yourselves, then you are in poverty, and you are poverty – (Gospel of Thomas) It is better to know (gnosis) than to believe.

Our future is within our hearts, it is with the Perfect Master who can guide us into the most beautiful place in the world.

The time for famine, thunder, death and bombs is getting very near. Every time you see a watch, see the second hand, how smoothly it is going on, and so fast. The time is coming nearer and nearer. For the bombs will explode, and there will be great famine and thunder; many of these terrible events will happen. Many people will die, only those people who’ll be in the ark, which is Light, will be left, otherwise everybody will be finished. Everybody will just finish.” “The Satguru in the 1970’s. 

So how are you going to recognise God if He comes on earth? Are you going to ask to see His identity card or passport? See if it says, ‘Name … God; Occupation … Generator, Operator, Destroyer? That’s foolish! Or are you going to recognise Him only if He fits your mental picture of Him — what you have picked up from scriptures and other impressions, what you imagine Jesus or Krishna looked like? But even two Christians will have different impressions of what Jesus will look like. So what will be recognised by one will not be recognised by the other. But the test of the Perfect Master is that which is undeniable to everybody and that is the experience of Himself, which He can give, and that is the True Knowledge.”

I have added on here so I will stop now. I could go on forever about this little kid I met over 40 years ago. All I can say is, there is really a sun inside you that is brighter than the rising sun you see in the morning. When you are in your twenties you have to swallow a little ego to think a 15 year old can explain some things to you. I found they can. I still love my little guru greatly and the Mahatmas who came with him. One of my fondest memories was the night a Mahatma came to my house for the night to to deliver a presentation along with about 40 followers who also stayed the night. The whole place smelled like curry the next day after all of the cooking. Some of them brought white rice and I asked the Mahatma, are you going to eat that crap, have some of my brown rice. He just laughed like hell and told me it would be alright before he embraced Maharaji he used to be a bar fly and chase women in Delhi. After he arrived in a limo along with 40 others and paraded into my home for the night, the neighbors were always convinced we could bare watching! So in this lifetime, whenever it ends, for whatever reason I will gravitate to that inner sun and I know it is there because I have seen it. It is what the Native Americans called the Great White Spirit.



The Satguru!

Majaraji Ji never claimed to be anything other than a teacher of perfection. However I will say in India, a Satguru is considered an Avatara (Sorry another broken link) or a case of the divine creator who is always in spirit form but descends into matter such as Jesus, who they also consider an Avatara. This is why India honors so many divine personages, so many in fact it can be confusing to a westerner and result in serious doubt. Never doubt when an Avatara appears in the west however, they are immediately killed. Cayce was more fortunate than Tecumseh, Rasputin and others. Picture in your mind’s eye what would transpire if Jesus appeared tomorrow in Peoria Illinois turning fishes into loaves. We see many today who will try and tell you there was no Jesus,   (Apologies as 007 keeps breaking short links)  it was simply Roman Mithracism. What he was about has however been greatly distorted. See Link. Seek the light and be the light or what some refer to as the Christos. Christos in Greek is sometimes described as those anointed with light. Self realization is the only goal on this planet worth pursuing. Of course the Lord of the universe is only capable of sending only one Avatara in several billion years right? You get this one time shot to put money in the plate or you are done! Is that the way it really is? Come on people! They are many and they are abundant and some of them may indeed be the same heroic figure.

John Dominic Crossan, professor emeritus at De Paul University Chicago, is an Irish-American religious scholar. (John Dominic Crossan Web Site)

Crossan “believes that less than 20 percent of what we read in the Gospels are original sayings of Jesus.” The chaos all in all provides scholars and barkers alike, all the time in the world needed to keep their jaws flopping in the wind and the key board hot.

What moved me to write this however was not my days at Divine Light Mission. I some how stumbled upon an article written by one “Prince Vega” a hip hop singer who it seems is on a mission to explain how the illuminati have confused the ancient teachings of Egypt and convinced everyone that Lucifer is wearing red pajamas and carrying a pitchfork. I have never quite heard it described this way but he calls the pineal gland the real light bringer or “Lucifer” and it is inside your head, as I have always known. There is a very good rendering of the pineal gland in this article detailing how it does resemble the all seeing eye we hear so much about. There is quite a bit of “smoke and mirrors” going around as to what this is all about! I believe there is an old Chinese saying, “It is the fool who thinks himself wise, and the wise man who thinks himself a fool is wise indeed!” There is much truth here, as I myself have found, the more you know, the more you realize you do not know.

pineal gland

Pic from Prince Vega!

Yes the sun worshipping idea is all about the inner sun that reflects the outer sun or the morning star within your brain. It is the true “Rising Sun” or “Light Bearer” that has been so confused here.

So I will leave you an excerpt form Prince Vega the hip hop singer.

“I think the majority of what most freedom movements know is what the government wants them to know,” He admitted. “How could you possibly be a secret society if everyone knows your secret? I honestly believe the secret is far beyond what people think they know, because these organizations are still running to this very day. The first one that comes to my mind is these fake “light bearers” called the Illuminati. How do you take over Egypt, steal their symbols, and brainwash people into believing it represents some one-eyed red creature name “Satan” that wears underwear with horns on his head? I honestly felt the saddest thing is people started believing it.”

Prince Vega also wanted to breakdown the reason why he felt the Illuminati reversed the metaphysical meaning to deceptively mislead people into believing such a crazy theory.

“It’s all about fearing death. When people find out the metaphysical meaning behind the “all-seeing eye” they will no longer fear death. The reason is because the relationship between life and death makes up the balance between the physical and spiritual realm. You have night and day, hot and cold, bad and good, etc, etc. The whole ying and yang thing is basically common sense. The metaphysical symbols from Egypt just breaks down the connection within ourselves that spiritually connects us outside of the physical body. The all-seeing eye is the pineal gland. When you study the illustrated guide to every part of the human body and how it works, you will see the all-seeing eye is shaped exactly like the pineal gland when it’s upside down.”

This knowledge was considered so profound by the ancients they built pyramids in the hope it might live forever. Pyramids with stones so heavy the technology to lift them does not exist today!

Without further adieu you may read the rest of the story from “Prince Vega!”

mastaba 2

mastaba 1

So there it is, Here comes the sun! Please note the light shining inside the pyramid lights up the statues with the light of the sun. I have known hundreds of people who took up the  Satguru and actually began the meditations practices and have never found one who would say it was not the absolute truth. It is just as Jesus said, you are the temple and the way to light is inside you, not outside you. We at times gathered and debated about how bright the light was, but none could really describe it adequately. Words are insufficient.

And remember, we live our entire lives inside our head and of course our hearts! So many facts are there for anyone willing to dig.

If the first link does not work, this one will. It is not quite as aesthetic as we would prefer as I leave the entire link here many times as someone goes and breaks the links when this is not the case. One thing I suggest you take away from this by the Captain Ajit is, vibrations create matter. It is the sound in the sea shell, it is the “word” and has always been here and will always be here even if man disappears.

Raising Kundalini

Another good piece by the Captain concerning OM and Schumann Resonance. This is thousands of  years old and a target of many for thousands of years to obscure.

Schumann resonance per the captain. It is all in a sea shell.


Slight update as the all seeing eye is Vedic in nature and is seen in Russia.



Всевидящее Око Божье -- это манифестация Гаммадиона.

Всевидящее Око Божье — это манифестация Гаммадиона. ———- God’s All-Seeing Eye is the manifestation of the Gammadion.


OM The Cosmic Vibration-Have A Listen

It is not new age, it is old age, the Vedas are timeless

Voice Shakes

Who wrote the bible anyway

The King James bible was engineered by British elites John Dee and Francis Bacon

As noted it is becoming very difficult to leave a live link.

My father was a simple man, he always told me, always tell the truth no matter what.

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  1. russell olausen says:

    The word truth is in quite bad repute these days, almost like asking , witch of you is Spartacus?


  2. Dublinsmick says:

    Yes I don’t know which is more amusing, watching the expression on these two female expert doctorates or listening to their explanations of sex in ancient Egypt.


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    – Aangirfan


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    Aangirfan I am flattered that you enjoyed this, I have a great respect for you and the tremendous amount of information you provide people.


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  6. Can I simply say what a relief to find somebody who truly
    understands what they’re discussing on the net. You certainly realize how to bring an issue to light and make it important.
    A lot more people should look at this and understand this side of your story.
    It’s surprising you aren’t more popular since you certainly have the gift.


  7. Tony C says:

    Prem Rawat is still very much here. He has simplified his message into ‘find the peace within you’
    You can check him out on youtube.


  8. says:

    Wow last time I saw him he was just a kid!


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