A Step Closer To A Black Swan Event (Update)


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This was a close one. New situations are cropping up recently.

Judi Pope Koteen related from a Lakota pipe carrier.

“The Sacred Mother is screaming for life and the meteorites will hear her cries and answer her call for help. They will hit the earth from the heavens with such force that many internal things will happen as well as external. The earth will move as a result of the impact. This will cause the sacred fire that is the source of all life to the Mother to move through her body. She is like a Great Bird within the egg, trying to crack out… “

We Interrupt Your Favorite Program To Report The 5.4 Quake Near Augusta Is Near The Thurmond Dam-Holding Back A Lake With 1200 Miles Of Shoreline Flowing Toward The Savannah River Nuclear Plant-The Vogtle Nuclear Plant Was About Ground Zero But No Damage Reported-Whew

2-21-2014 Update

Yellowstone recording helium 4-known to appear before large eruptions

(Before It’s News)

Quake cluster: A map created by earthquaketrack.com shows the massive cluster of 20-plus quakes that have shaken central Oklahoma in recent days

Residents of Oklahoma were left feeling rattled over the weekend after a string of some 27 earthquakes as powerful as 3.5 magnitude rocked the central part of the state on Saturday alone.
Areas north of Oklahoma City felt the brunt of the temblors, which some say were accompanied by startling booms like the sound of an explosion.
The mystery earthquake wave now has residents fearing for their personal safety and the security of their property. Meanwhile, scientists have been left scratching their heads over the quakes, which are becoming more frequent each day.
6 of these Earthquakes were greater than a 2.5.  So now you have to wonder,what is all this about? Is the New Madrid fault waking up?  Yellowstone waking up?  Or maybe this has nothing to do with nature and everything to do with fracking? Maybe Mother Earth shudders at the pokes and prods of ‘Big Oil’ as they frack her to death.  Whatever it is, scientists agree, it is unusual.





(Before It’s News)

Around the same time as Chevron’s frack well exploded Tuesday near the West Virginia-Pennsylvania border, some 150 miles south, over 100,000 gallons of coal slurry poured onto West Virginia’s already crippled Kanawha County, into a stream, and some, into Kanawha River, a ”significant environmental impact,” some officials say.

Elk River Chemical Spill Very Serious, Could Pollute The Ohio and Mississippi, Charleston Cincinnati Louisville Evansville Memphis and New Orleans

Mountain Sinking South Of Lake Powell Dam

There is a mountain sinking in Page Arizona, 120 feet of road has collapsed. Page is just south of the lake Powell Dam a huge lake which would put 12 to 15 feet of water across the imperial valley and Yuma Arizona which lies near the San Andreas fault line. I used to tell those boys in Yuma to find a way out of there. When a mountain is sinking in front of a lake this wide it is never good. This was a controversial project to begin with and gave rise to the environmental movement.

(Before It’s News)

After six fossil fuel disasters left parts of the nation looking like a war zone over three days this week, an out-of-control Whiting Oil and Gas company frac well in North Dakota blew out Thursday, sending 15 workers running for their lives in fear of an explosion. A blow out preventer failed. Around 10,000 gallons of poisonous fluid has been leaking from the wild well per hour.


















From older Black Swan Post

As you have probably noticed it appears our world is hurtling toward a certain type of consolidation, a planetary regime if you will with a standing army under the United Nations to act as an enforcer. Armies of drones are being manufactured as we speak. There is talk of consolidation of the North American continent under the Amero, a new type of monetary system, global depopulation, control of water rights, control of the internet, food etc.

Europe is struggling under this same type scenario as attempts at consolidation of the EU are ongoing, with much difficulty for the policy makers. Jobs there as in the United States are disappearing. Restless throngs are taking to the streets in protest under polices of austerity, yet those who have crafted this vision seem almost unaffected. There is a general feeling they wish war to bring it all about. We can tell simply by viewing the internet and talking to people, that many are changing their thinking processes about the world they live in. We can denote from statements by former Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin,  Israelis are heavily invested in this process when he speaks of other nations licking their feet under the new world government. It seems the masonic order wishes to crown their prince in Jerusalem. We see many events around the globe at present designed to make people accept security in place of freedom.

It has always been my contention that one world government will not succeed. In order to have a world government you must have a world bank. The banking families of Europe, mainly London, Frankfurt and Paris have not yet established control over large countries such as Russia and China. This must be accomplished in order to have a world government. It most likely can only be done through world war III,  which I would never rule out. The central force of this concept seems to be electronic banking and the elimination of cash.

There are however certain scenarios which I see as having a probability of negating much of the planning underway at present. One of these could well be what many call theCarrington Event. It seems much more likely because it has happened before. On September the 2nd 1859,  just before dawn the skies began flashing in  purple, green and red auras. It was so bright you could read a newspaper at night. Auroras could be seen over the tropics. Telegraph systems over the world began emitting sparks and setting the paper on fire. One flare had emitted enough light to rival the sun itself. It was the biggest we know of in 160 years.

Bare in mind at this particular time there were no telephone lines strung out over the planet, no satelites, no computer chips, only telegraph lines which were fried. Should it happen again there would be no cars,  no radios, televisions,  airline flight, drones, tanks, satelites,  oil pipelines, no way to fix the ruptured ones,  no way to cool over 400 nuclear power plants around the planet which are teeming with nuclear fuel rods. It is said by experts there exist enough plutonium in rods near Fukushima to kill everyone on earth and the sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce who has a stellar record, predicts most of Japan will go under the waves. Nuclear power is the greatest threat to life planet earth has ever faced.

There would be no space station which brings me to another observation, the Hopi predict when the white man’s platform falls from the sky, it is the beginning of the great purification! Could this happen you say, well it already has happened once that we know of, it can certainly happen again. One thing always stood out with me in the Cayce readings. From the trance state he indicated that planet earth was a living spirit with a consciousness and as such detects the combined spiritual intent of those who live in each area of her surface and will one day react accordingly in various areas of the planet in a process of cleansing. Up until now mother earth has seemed very patient from my perspective anyway.

I am pretty convinced this is what the Heyoka,  Red_Elk was speaking of when he spoke of a red sky and man being caught in a giant steel mouse trap from which there was no return, a red sky of red, blue and green produced by a solar flare. I think he was referring to the vast array of nuclear plants around the globe, man would have no way to cool.

Magnetic migration or the earth’s changing magnetic field is also something I would refer to as a black swan event. It could change everything. At present the magnetic field is changing and has already moved from under Canada to Siberia. This factor has exposed the arctic ice cap to more sunlight and it is melting down, opening up sea lanes in the north, sea lanes the great powers are coveting. This process is releasing vast amounts of  arctic methane.

Ancient history tells us that once the southern antarctic ice pack slipped off it’s base and caused a giant tidal wave that swept the lands. It was known as the deluge. There is virtually no culture that does not speak of this time. At present the poles are migrating slowly, there is no guarantee this process cannot speed up drastically however and once again the greatest threat from such a scenario would be tidal waves reaching the coastal nuclear power plants as happened at Fukushima. Ever heard of a guy named Noah?

Further down the scale of world changing events would be the eruption of the New Madrid Fault. It could cause the Great Lakes to flow down the Mississippi River and destroy at least 20 nuclear power plants. Many others would lose the power to cool. The gas and oil lines, power lines stretching across it would cause an explosion that would be seen from outer space according to some scientists. There would be no fuel, bridges, or rail lines to deliver America’s three day food supply and it would soon be radioactive at any rate.

The last time the New Madrid went was 1817 and predicted by Tecumseh, called Panther Across the Sky because at the time of birth a meteorite streaked across the Ohio skies as if announcing him. If you have never read the book, A Sorrow In Our Heart, by Allan Eckert, I strongly suggest it. No greater or more courageous spirit than Tecumseh ever appeared on planet earth to help the down trodden than he. And we killed him. The book is about the size of the bible however.  Unlike us, the indians seem to recognize when universe sends them a message. Tecumseh was what I would call an Olympian, what the Buddhist would refer to as one beyond the 12 heavens, a William Wallace, a Jesus, Gautama, Rasputin, Crazy Horse and so many more. The difference is the indians recognize there can be more than one and anyone who believes differently is not satanic as many religions seem to think.

Make no mistake, Rasputin told czar Nicholas to not involve Russia in the war against Germany. If he did, Russia would fall into slavery and they did. He stated if he were killed by members of the royal family, Russia would experience decades of slavery and the Royal family would all be murdered, and they were. He stated that if he were killed by a member of the common people, Russia would prosper. We all know what happened. He foresaw that he would be murdered.  Rasputin was from Siberia, an area where monasteries still existed from the Vedic era. When he was very young, he pointed out a man who had stolen a local horse, the man was beaten by villagers as they knew the young child could see past and future.

It seems to me an emissary sometimes appears at monumental times in history to effect change, but czar Nicholas was not a good listener. The reign of the Tsars would end in communist slavery. Tsar Ivan the terrible and Tsar Peter had protected Russia against the inroads of European nobility and the vatican for centuries but it all came to an end with a murderous bloody communist slavery. Rasputin was killed by a man named Usapov who was the queen’s cousin.

When the settlers were shooting indians for sport along the rivers, one party intercepted a raft and the indians began a series of torture. Tecumseh intervened and told them this must stop, the indian could not act like the white men who were savages. They must kill the the settlers in battle and leave them and anyone who did not do so could not be called his brother. There the practice ended. There were many instances where Tecumseh waded into a group of combatants wielding the war club, a rock covered in leather, with such an effect that several would be killed within seconds by blows to the head. They never killed the children either, but took them in as orphans.  In fact he taught the orphans his native dialect and they taught him English, so well in fact that Tecumseh could mingle among the forts dressed as an indian scout and be privy to strategy sessions. His command of the english language was said to be on the level of a diplomat. They never found Tecumseh’s body either, so there will not be any feast of the beast ceremonies at skull and bones using his his skull as a wine vessel as with Geronimo, Osceola  and others. A small excerpt of the book is presented by David Yarrow,Tecumseh. So the Madrid is not a scenario one should never entertain, in fact it happens just about every 200 years and we are due. greatdreams

There is more, it is  factual that Tenskwatawa was not a prophet as you will see many insist. He was the younger brother of Tecumseh and throughout his life had witnessed Tecumseh predict things that came to pass.  Tecumseh was preparing to leave Prophet Town in order to hand out bundles off cedar to the various indian nations, so they could count the days up until the eruption of the New Madrid fault which Tecumseh predicted and gave the sign of the great shaking as the day the indians should began their war of liberation against the settlers and foreign armies. He predicted things and told his brother to stand in a flat bed truck and announce them to many tribes who had gathered there.

Tenskwatawa announced to the throngs that he had been taken up to the clouds and he was the open door! The sister of Tecumseh, Tecumapese was standing by him and asked, do you think our little brother can pull this off? It is said that Tecumseh laughed and said oh yes just watch. All of things predicted came true and this is verified by many native Americans who knew Tecumseh personally, by research writers who held interviews with those who were there during those times. His brother was left in charge of Prophet Town while Tecumseh began his travels to alert Native Americans of the great shaking which was to come.

Another scenario which is similar involves the San Andreas fault. It receives much notoriety due the the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. It runs from the Yuma Arizona area to northern California up to some of the largest strato-volcanos on the planet. Many of the mountains around Yuma consist of cooled molten lava, a by product of one of the many eruptions of the San Andreas. Nuclear power plants in this area are not as numerous as those in the east but still exist. In fact problems at San Onofre and Hanford are being experienced presently. The Diablo Canyon plant is directly on the pacific. Los Angeles itself, a huge metropolis is said to have hot lava much closer to the to the top than had earlier been suspected. A large eruption here could open the Imperial Valley which is 50 foot below sea level to the Pacific ocean which incidentally is what Cayce predicts will happen as well and turn California into a series of islands. A mountain is said to be sinking south of the Lake Powell dam at present. A huge eruption could take out the dam and release Lake Powell.

Another scenario which could be characterized under black swan would be a granite wall weighing thousands of tons, called Cumbre Viejo in the canary islands. It could cause what some feel could be a 300 to 400 foot wall of water enveloping the east coast of America, the Caribbean and parts of Europe. There again in addition to the devastation we are looking at the vast array of nuclear power plants which dot the coast of America.  La_Palma

La Palma is considered to be one of most dangerous strato volcanos around the globe such as Mount Rainier, Baker and Shasta in the vicinity of the Hanford Nuclear grounds which are experiencing major problems at present, in fact Obama calls Hanford a show stopper. Mount Popo in Mexico is the worlds largest and is presently erupting. It could devastate Mexico City and there again open a channel to the pacific ocean which would flood many inland areas of Mexico. The  Arenal Volcano of Costa Rico lies on a very narrow strip of land. A major eruption could allow the Pacific ocean to join the Caribbean sea and change the gulf streams worldwide. We can only guess what changes this would provoke. Once again, yes you guessed it, that is exactly what Cayce predicts.

Then of course we have Yellowstone Caldera. The chamber is 3 times the size of Manhattan. It hasn’t blown for 700,000 years but if it does, most everything will die within 500 to 700 miles due to the ash, carbon monoxide and particle which will block out the sun, some feel all the way to Florida. It is big enough to swallow a city the size ofTokyo. Of course we have the same problem with many scenarios, what happens to the nuclear plants which cannot be cooled?

We see references to Red_Sky Prophecy in various places such as the grand father prophecy of the night of the red sky and among Hopi. The grand father prophecy could indeed be referring to what was mentioned earlier, the Carrington effect resulting from a massive solar flare. The Apache wise man however indicated that when the sky turned red it would be too late. My interpretation is it would be too late to disable the many nuclear power plants around the globe. Massive suffering would result.

Of course it wouldn’t be right if we failed to discuss Doomsday Dan Eden and the fact that we are entering a 250 million year alignment with the center of the Milky way. Our solar system is now aligned with it and entering what they call the Oort Cloud. It contains billions of planets meteors and unknown objects as well as unknown energy fields. I had a Mahatma from India tell me once when I was young the world was on the verge of something spectacular. You know I have to believe him at this point. Anything can happen. If you will look in the photos from Dan, it shows a plasma aurora encircling the earth and it is the same thing we see on native American pottery. The best words of encouragement I can leave you with is the words of crazy horse who said a great light will come from the heavens and purify everything, even the waters. He nailed some things right himself so here is hoping. Of course Peter also once said, one day the universe will melt and everyone in it will understand all.

Somehow they knew


I don’t believe the world is going to end but I do believe we could see the end of most of mankind. You will know when we are serious about survival when you see a herculean effort to shut down nuclear power plants the world over. I haven’t seen any sign of this yet. The Mayan Elder Carlos Barrios I believe stated it best.

They say Diogenes was once asked what is the difference between life and death and he stated there is no difference. Then he was asked why he was still among the living and he replied because there is no difference. He was said to be a friend of Alexander and below is an old master painting showing them having a conversation. Who knows many of us may solve the great mystery sooner than we think.















Ever heard of a guy named Noah?

And yes it all tracks back, you can’t get around it, to those wild and crazy Nefilim, the antics of Enki with his gene experimentation



Rothschild And Murdock Want to Drill Oil In A Syrian Volcano On Golan Heights-What could go wrong here?

Zubair Volcano Erupts In The Red Sea Forming Island
Volcanic Geyser Opens By Rome Airport

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12 Responses to A Step Closer To A Black Swan Event (Update)

  1. Terrance says:

    Hello Dubs…. Something’s got to give….Have you ever read any of William Branhams prophetic visions?….He was a devout Christian, and an early twentieth century gifted prophet,and predicted a devastating explosion over North America and saw sharks swimming under his feet in the central valley town of Fresno California…….thanks again for all your work!


  2. Dublinsmick says:

    No but I will look him up


  3. james says:

    Thank you, Mick, for introducing me to Tecumseh and for talking about the ‘other side’ of Rasputin. Rasputin also told people that if they want to find God they need to go out into the fields rather than go into the cathedrals. He made many pilgrimages on foot across Siberia and Russia. He encountered God and healed many people including the young prince.

    Rasputin advised the Tsar against accepting loan money from the French and died shortly afterwards. Nicholas accepted the loans and Russia died a few years later. Something’s don’t change!


  4. Dublinsmick says:

    Hi James, I always appreciate you coming over. I I laugh at the old days when we first met at the bough. You were convinced I was crazy as hell. (Who knows I might be! 🙂 There is a lot of hidden history when it comes to America, and well other countries also. Actually the most interesting part is hidden.

    James if you never read another book, read Tecumseh, A Sorrow In Our Heart, by Allan Eckert.




  5. james says:

    I guess I’m getting older, Mick 🙂
    I have Eckert’s book on my wishlist at Amazon. There’s no kindle edition so it’ll have to wait till I order a few books together to make the freight worth while. But I will be getting it for sure. Thanks. And thanks for the link, too. Amazing stuff!


  6. Dublinsmick says:

    A favorite tactic used against the Shawnee by the settlers was simply burning their villages to the ground. Many of the villages were on a waterway so the settlers would shoot them for sport while traveling in boats. And they wondered why ambushes were set up to attack barges coming down the river.

    You know James I have had several old friends lately tell me, the way things are going I am sort of glad to be nearing the end of the road!

    🙂 I get most of my books off ebay also. While on the subject there are several other rare ones I would recommend.



    IVAN THE TERRIBLE by Henri Troyat

    DOC HOLLIDAY THE LIFE AND THE LEGEND BY Gary Roberts. I am biased towards this one, as Doc was my cousin. There are many books regarding him but many are just fluff. They called him Aristocracy’s outlaw and the deadly dentist but he was no outlaw. He was actually deputized for many of the shootings outside those that resulted due to “poker games.” He did drink a lot because the TB was said to be very painful.


    • adamspiritualwarrior says:

      Thanks for all the insights, and pulling together all this research Dublinmick
      I can only hope that secret space programmes, or other civilisations with advanced mothership type crafts, that can use etheric technologies to safely manage and deactivate all these nuclear plants that start heating up. I hope
      If this doesn’t happen. And as you say most of mankind is about to be wiped out. If no positive solutions come through to more or less, shepherd us through reasonably safely thru these changes. If instead just a horrible, nightmarish end time world happens. Then im afraid dublinmick I will have to consider suicide as I don’t want to endure such horror. But ive read somewhere, there are penalties in the afterlife for suicide


  7. james says:

    Mick, it never ceases to amaze me the level of outrage expressed by perpetrators when victims retaliate. Thanks for the additional titles.


  8. Clyde Pointe says:

    Interesting quotes. Not sure what they are supposed to do or mean other than the obvious understanding by word usage. I believe that HAARP is in effect; as the sonic booms gives the type away. Oklahoma has been in the crosshairs for some time now; as to this type of outcome. As the Earth is Domed, and space is actually water(liquid), no planets no meteors. Plasma balls from the Dome’s surface. This would also be true for the very bright light described. Optical illusion is much better at programming and brain washing.Ask NASA; they are somewhat proficient in it. It’s the global results that’s important; for human control, by a few.


  9. “As the Earth is Domed, and space is actually water(liquid), no planets no meteors.”

    You need to find a flat earth site.


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