New Underwater Pyramid In The Azores, New Pyramids in Sahara



Researchers have discovered an underwater pyramid 60 meters high and 8000 meters square base near the Bank De João de Castro, between the islands of Terceira and São Miguel. I truly hope someday that researchers will discover underwater nuclear power plants after the pole shift when they have stopped emitting life killing radioactivity and the planet has recovered enough for the Nefilim to once again come back and seed life here. It will take a long time for planet earth to recover from the ravages of the talking monkeys here who have ravaged it and humorously call themselves human.

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The structure was identified by the sailor Diocleciano Smith based on bathymetry readings. The author does not believe that the pyramid is of natural origin.

The Government says that the matter is already being investigated with the support of the Portuguese Navy.

The Regional Secretary of Education  Luiz Fagundes Duarte believes that, taking into account the location one should not treat it as human work. Terceira, also referred to as the “Ilha Lilás” (the “lilac” or “violet” island), is an island in the Azores archipelago, in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the larger islands of the archipelago, with a population of 56,000 inhabitants in an area of approximately 396.75 km². It is the location of the historical capital of the archipelago, the Azores’ oldest city and UNESCO Heritage Site (Angra do Heroísmo), the seat of the judicial system (Supreme Court), main base of the Azores Air Zone Command (Commando da Zona Aérea dos Açores) Base Aérea nº 4 and to a United States Air Force detachment.

Historically, there has been uncertainty in the date and the discoverer associated with the islands of the Azores. Nautical charts before the “official” discovery identified islands in the Atlantic Ocean as far back as 1325, when a chart by Angelino Dalorto identified “Bracile” west of Ireland, and later one by Angelino Dulcert which identifies the Canaries, and Madeira, along with mysterious islands denominated as “Capraria” (whom some historians suggest were São Miguel and Santa Maria).

Legends also persisted of Atlantis, Sete Cidades (Kingdoms of the Seven Cities), the Terras of São Brandão, the Ilhas Aofortunadas (The Fortunate Islands), the Ilha da Brasil (the Island of Brasil), Antília, the Ilhas Azuis (Blue Islands), the Terra dos Bacalhaus (Land of Codfish), and charts appeared between 1351 and 1439 of several groupings of islands with various names. The first association between the modern island of Terceira and these stories, was that of the island of Brasil; it first appears as Insula de Brasil in the Venetian map of Andrea Bianco (1436), attached to one of the larger islands of a group of islands in the Atlantic.

Satellite images reveal intriguing and mysterious structures in the Sahara desert. The constructions are either damaged pyramids or antediluvian remains.

The Great Flood is a controversial topic among scientists but there are those who are convinced once in the distant past our planet was submerged and the waters wiped out entire civilizations. Some would say it was the day when Earth nearly died.

Many people associate the story of the Great Flood with the Bible. However, the story of Noah’s ark is not just a Biblical story. Noah was known under a different name in India, among ancient Egyptians and Native Americans, just to mention a few cultures.

Some of the details of the Noah story seem mythical, so many biblical scholars believe the story of Noah and the Ark was inspired by the legendary flood stories of nearby Mesopotamia, in particular “The Epic of Gilgamesh.”

According to a controversial theory once in the distant past there really was a mother of all floods. Fascinated by the idea that the story of the great Flood might be true, Robert Ballard, one of the world’s best-known underwater archaeologists decided to look for traces of an ancient lost civilization that could reveal more information about the Deluge.

Hopefully one day scientists will be able to provide solid evidence supporting the ancient story of the Great Flood and provide more information about a period in our history when the Earth nearly died.

Meanwhile, we can admire and puzzling ancient structures like those discovered by Angela Micol, founder of The Satellite Archaeology Foundation, Inc.★-☆-newly-discovered-underground-pyramids-in-egypt-2-2443648.html

China’s White Pyramid. They are bigger than Giza and have mummies with blonde and red hair as well as six fingers. They are said to be around 7 to 8 feet tall.

Updated 9-24-2014

Now We Know What Happened To The Mayans-Tunnels Under Tikal Pyramid Extend 800 Kilometers To The Other Side Of The Country-Secrets Of The Bucegi Mountains

3/2014 newly discovered pyramids in Crimea,-china.html

The Bosnian Pyramids

Pyramids off Cuba

Ever heard of a guy named Noah?

And yes it all tracks back, you can’t get around it, to those wild and crazy Nefilim, the antics of Enki with his gene experimentation

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7 Responses to New Underwater Pyramid In The Azores, New Pyramids in Sahara

  1. Dublinsmick says:

    Spam deleted


  2. Atlantis Empire says:

    The trace of Atlantis civilization has finally been found by snail-speed/mind Modern “scientists”.

    Atlantis was a continent alongside the Europe, including Azores. (once the mountaintops of Atlantis)


  3. Terrance says:

    Hello Dubs…fascinating information and in line with Edgar Cayce’s memories of the crystal age of Atlantis….as you are well aware , we are in the denouement of our planet and there is not much time to educate the masses about ancient history……the last of the rose petals are dropping and many moons from now, new life will develop….we must have really wanted to test ourselves to have been born into this time period! Thanks for all the great info!


  4. Dublinsmick says:

    Terrance I am afraid that for far too many people these days, everything is a “conspiracy”. They are not kidding when the refer to this era as the dark age.


  5. Mr. Black says:

    Hello folks: The Azores’ underwater pyramid is more fantastic than you can imagine. Thanks to the discovery of a comet that exploded over Egypt it is now possible to date this pyramid as over 28 million years old! For details see my blog: Mr. Black


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