Noticed Anything Unusual Lately, Biblical Floods, Volcanic Eruption, Earthquakes? There Is More To This Than Ha Ha Al Gore Was Wrong


These days it is a given everytime FOX or John Daily comes out with evidence that global warming is off, you will see a plethora of relating news indicating how foolish Al Gore was to push global warming and his carbon tax. Well we all like to prove Al Gore and the carbon tax is foolish but there is a little more to it. I am beginning to think this was the ultimate bait and switch. It is like the old conservative vs liberal mind lock, Hegelian ping pong match. It is getting warmer, no wait it is not everything is cooling.

There is still much discussion on whether the above comic Bill Hicks was murdered

APTOPIX Colorado Flooding












Climate Change not you




Flooding of biblical proportions in Colorado as some 1900 fracking wells are under water spreading petroleum far and wide!

On the other hand there is pretty solid evidence the sun is heating up and the entire universe has been effected and is warming, all of the planets. How is that you say? Well a more energetic sun does effect the magma inside the earth, the volcanos and faults. It ushers in a volcanic era. Erupting volcanos are proven to lower the earth’s temperature for years due to emissions thrown into the atmosphere. We are now in a period of unprecedented volcanic eruption. This could induce a mini ice age there is no doubt. You see with the earth and seas warmed from volcanic activity, the volcanic emissions can begin blocking the sun’s rays.

Another factor here the shifting magnetic field of the poles. The poles are moving out from under the ice packs. The north pole is no long in Canada but has moved almost to Siberia. The ice is receiving more sun light. Now there are reports that indicate more ice on the poles this year. Incidentally that is surface ice. There are also reports that ice under the ocean level is eroding due to higher sea temperatures. This can be noted as new sea lanes are opening up and Russia is making plans to use them. They have also had to shift an ice station away from melting ice. So this is not as simple an issue as “Al Gore was wrong.”

Yes we see references to magnetic migration of the poles as nonsense and a theory. This is no theory according NASA and Russian scientists, this is a fact. The sun’s magnetic field is about to flip also. I don’t get a call on these matters but Napolitano resigned at DHS and indicated a massive cyber event coming soon.

This has been covered extensively by Russian scientists, NASA, national geographic, Rueters and even U.K. newspapers. It is moving away from Canada’s Ellesmere Island toward Russia at a rate of 40 miles per year and speeding up (GEOMETRICALLY)  That is the fastest speed known since measurements were taken. It is something that has happened before according to the German scientist Velikovsky and his “World’s in Collision.”

If it is in a UK newspaper it must be true right?

Velikovskyis worlds in collision

Jumping ,Jack Flash

Scientists declare that the mysterious siberian blasts are due to pole reversal

Have we noticed any climate change? Why yes I believe we have, many people who are now missing in Colorado floods, 1900 fracking wells are under the flood waters polluting large swathes of land, over 1000 people are missing, torrential rain and flooding has killed two in the Ukraine, rain apocalypse slams Acapulco Mexico, 34 dead, Scotland suffering 100 mile per hour winds and catastrophic flooding, 4.5 magnitude earthquake rattles Greek parliament, Fukushima nuclear plants with cores already melted down into the earth and out of site is under flood water as the Pacific ocean is now becoming heavily radiated amid estimates it will not be safe to swim in Hawaii by 2015, whales washing up on Russian coasts, hot magma rising from deep inside the earth on the American continent, thousands flee Sumatra volcanic eruption, white tail deer die off in South Dakota, Ubinas Volcano erupting in Peru, massive star fish die off in British Colombia puzzles scientists, (it always does doesn’t it?) salamander die off in the Netherlands due to fungus, 3000 Saiga antelopes fall dead in Kazakhstan, 100 elk drop dead in New Mexico in 24 hours, mystery disease killing dogs in Ohio, Costa Rica’s Arenal volcano erupts, meteor blows up over Alabama with sonic boom, same in Tunisia, southern Australia rattled by hundreds of quakes, scientists not sure (no they never are) Indonesia’s Mount Lokon Volcano erupts.

Mount Sinabung erupts in Sumatra, 783,000 effected by wide spread flooding in Guatemala.

“There has been lots of talk lately about Antarctica and whether or not the continent’s giant ice sheet is melting. One newspaper which states there’s less surface melting recently than in past years, has been cited as “proof” that there’s no global warming. Other evidence that the amount of sea ice around Antarctica seems to be increasing slightly  is being used in the same way. But both of these data points are misleading. Gravity data collected from space using NASA’s Grace satellite show that Antarctica has been losing more than a hundred cubic kilometers (24 cubic miles) of ice each year since 2002. The latest data reveal that Antarctica is losing ice at an accelerating rate, too. How is it possible for surface melting to decrease, but for the continent to lose mass anyway? The answer boils down to the fact that ice can flow without melting. “

“This dynamic process of ice flowing downhill to the sea is what enables Antarctica to continue losing mass even as surface melting declines.”

The Globe is warming however Ireland is getting set for an ice age. How is that you say, well because the gulf stream is changing that is how and it does effect weather.

Much attention is paid to melting sea ice in the Arctic. But less clear is the situation on the other side of the planet. Despite warmer air and oceans, there’s more sea ice in Antarctica now than in the 1970s – a fact often pounced on by global warming skeptics. The latest numbers suggest the Antarctic sea ice may be heading toward a record high this year.…nly-mutating-matter/

“Now evidence has surfaced that something potentially more dangerous is happening deep within the hidden core of our life-giving star: never-before-seen particles—or some mysterious force—is being shot out from the sun and it’s hitting Earth.

Whatever it is, the evidence suggests it’s affecting all matter.”

“It’s already been proven that the sun’s mass warps time, bends light waves and accounts for mutation of species on Earth. Now this new force may be directly interacting with matter in a way that could not only change Mankind’s understanding of physics, but change Mankind itself…and not necessarily in a beneficial way.”

There is speculation it may well be neutrinos. The decay rates seem to revolve around 33 day rotations of the sun’s inner core. Yes I know that magic number 33 once again that seems to have been a staple of the ancients. Neutrinos are released from the core of the sun. Want to know something scary, they really don’t know the make up of the sun.

Methane stored in ocean hydrates is huge. It is causing global warming, not the the so called burning of fossil fuels as we are lead to believe. This is only part of the problem. The implications of this are astounding when one looks into it. The eastern Siberian Shelf alone is enough to virtually kill off life on this planet. The sea floor here has thousands of gigatons of methane. BP has punctured the Gulf of Mexico methane bubble and now gas is penetrating rock strata at supersonic speed resulting in what is known as lake fubar in Louisiana. It is an ever expanding sinkhole. Discussed previously

There is speculation the Bermuda Triangle has for some time been releasing this hydrate in small amounts, enough to engulf ships who travel above such releases. These releases are acidifying the oceans very rapidly. It can kill off sea life. Isn’t there something about oceans turning to blood?

As more ice melts, more ocean is exposed to sunlight leading to hydrate release. We do know for a fact at present the polar axis has been moving for sometime. True north is now in Russian Siberia which also has large amounts of methane hydrate. Forests that used to absorb carbon are giving off carbon now days and it is very unhealthy.

The eastern Siberian shelf is very shallow allowing it to absorb great amounts of sunlight.  I am well aware there is a great debate ongoing as to whether the earth is heating or cooling. It is not as simple as some try and make it. Warming temperatures caused by melting ice can also induce volcanic eruption. When the sulfur and particle is released into the atmosphere it can cause a cooling effect in itself. We now have dozens of volcanoes active. One big release in this area can have a cooling effect on the weather for decades due to the particle release.

Sam Carana has some very interesting photos and graphs concerning this.

There has been a great debate concerning the year 2012 and the Mayan Calendar and what they speak of as the fifth world. Nothing spectacular happened December 2012 and many were prone to dismiss anything regarding these events. This type thinking could not be more miscalculated. Russian scientists are freely admitting the earth has moved into a position in the universe where there is substantially more energy. The sun is reacting and the planets are growing brighter.

The Solar System

“Then comes the information out of Russia last month, from the Russian National Academy of Science in Siberia, where scientists have come to the conclusion that we have moved into an area of space that is different and has a much higher energy level.

The Russians are reporting changes that are being recorded in space that have never been seen before. We cannot verify this information “for certain,” but we do know that the scientific body reporting it is real, and that a Dr. Dmitriev does head this body. Also, I have personally been before the Russian National Academy of Science, in Moscow. Speaking for the Academy in Siberia, Dr. Dmitriev says that the effects reported below have been observed (these are not quotes from Dr. Dmitriev, but extracts from his report).

Changes to the Leading Edge of the Heliosphere

The Sun itself has a magnetic field, and that magnetic field creates an “egg” around the Solar System that is known as the “heliosphere.” The heliosphere is shaped like a teardrop, with the long, thin end of the drop pointing away from the direction in which we’re traveling. The Russians have looked at the leading edge of this heliosphere, and they have observed glowing, excited plasma energy there. The Sun’s heliosphere used to be 10 astronomical units deep (an astronomical unit is the distance from the Earth to the Sun, approximately 93 million miles) — 10 astronomical units was the “normal” thickness of this glowing energy that we used to see at the front end of the Solar System.

Today, Dr. Dmitriev says that this glowing energy is now 100 astronomical units deep.”

Russia’s Ice Pole-40 Station Hurriedly Moved As Arctic Ice Melts Underneath It

Posted on June 12, 2013 by 



Above symbols are found on native American pottery. They were mapping the universe and changes moving from one world into the next, not watching american idol.

The ice under Russian Pole-40 station has broken into 6 pieces and is melting rapidly.

Evacuation is underway.

“This is particularly alarming, explained Charles Miller, one of the research scientists involved in CARVE, as the permafrost there is estimated to contain close to half of the carbon stored in Earth’s soil, a news release states. (For perspective, that’s about five times more carbon than has been emitted by human activities since 1850.)

“As heat from Earth’s surface penetrates into permafrost,” Miller added in a media release, “it threatens to mobilize these organic carbon reservoirs and release them into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide and methane, upsetting the Arctic’s carbon balance and greatly exacerbating global warming.” The Huff

Of course if you were on your toes you saw some indications of this about 8 years ago.

“Climate change over the next 20 years could result in a global catastrophe costing millions of lives in wars and natural disasters..

A secret report, suppressed by US defense chiefs and obtained by The Observer, warns that major European cities will be sunk beneath rising seas as Britain is plunged into a ‘Siberian’ climate by 2020. Nuclear conflict, mega-droughts, famine and widespread rioting will erupt across the world.

The document predicts that abrupt climate change could bring the planet to the edge of anarchy as countries develop a nuclear threat to defend and secure dwindling food (fighting over GMO?), water and energy supplies. The threat to global stability vastly eclipses that of terrorism, say the few experts privy to its contents.” Nothing 2 billion rounds of 40 cal can’t handle!

Pentagon Tells Bush: Climate change will Destroy Us

 Now the Pentagon Tells Bush:

Climate Change Will Destroy Us

This opening of the Arctic is hailed by Russia as great for shipping, you can cut 3900 nautical miles off a trip from Rotterdam to Japan by going through the coming open water in the Arctic. Unfortunately as sea routes are opened, that is exactly where Edgar Cayce predicts world war III will break out due to a misunderstanding in the Davis Straits.


“Over hundreds of millennia, Arctic permafrost soils have accumulated vast stores of organic carbon – an estimated 1,400 to 1,850 petagrams of it (a petagram is 2.2 trillion pounds, or 1 billion metric tons). That’s about half of all the estimated organic carbon stored in Earth’s soils. In comparison, about 350 petagrams of carbon have been emitted from all fossil-fuel combustion and human activities since 1850. Most of this carbon is located in thaw-vulnerable topsoils within 10 feet (3 meters) of the surface.”

It does seem that enough carbon could be released into the atmosphere to eventually cause global cooling and another ice age? What will we ever do with the over 400 nuclear plants world wide. When you have doubts about the way things are going perhaps it is time to complain to the management.

It is double toil and trouble  if that baby down south gets too slippery! Should volcanic activity block the sun and cause more ice build up at the top with erosion at the bottom of the ice caps, the added weight can weaken the base, cause it to become slippery and slide off the foundation. It has happened before! In fact about 4 times as the indians are now speaking of what is the fifth world.


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7 Responses to Noticed Anything Unusual Lately, Biblical Floods, Volcanic Eruption, Earthquakes? There Is More To This Than Ha Ha Al Gore Was Wrong

  1. kenny says:

    A really good analysis. Much to think about.

    Perhaps the “much higher energy level” is going to usher in the higher consciousness period we have all heard about. Trying to stay positive here.


  2. Dublinsmick says:

    It is always good to hear from you Kenny. I just deleted another batch of CIA software correspondence from the same ten people using the same account and IP. They mentioned you also as a “good ole southern boy” who likes to censor. I am enjoying blogging more now since I fixed it where their comments do not show up. I am flattered such a small insignificant blog such as this would get so much attention.

    Kenny I had a mahatma once decades ago tell me the increased energy and changes in gravity were not far off from what Michelangelo paintings described as a type of final judgement where some souls floated up and some were sucked down into the nether world! Just a thought. I do not have much to support my views but no matter we all have a voice.

    There are many conflicting philosophical bents in our world, it seems so complicated at times, but it really is not. Common sense is usually the best route. So yes Algore is faking a handoff and selling a book and attempting new tax for the master. One statement in the above jumps out, the eastern Siberian permafrost there is estimated to contain close to half of the carbon stored in Earth’s soil, a news release states. (For perspective, that’s about five times more carbon than has been emitted by human activities since 1850.) And Algore wants to tax a smoke stack somewhere.

    I have seen some sites refer to polar shift theories as nonsense ….. sorry what about the forest now being uncovered in Alaska under a melting glacier?

    Stay positive, like Hicks said, it is just a ride!


  3. Dublinsmick says:

    Well what do you know!

    “The 127-page United Nations report, and a shorter summary for policymakers due for release in Stockholm on September 27, suggests a slowdown in Earth’s rising temperature can be explained by volcanic ash and a cyclical dip in energy emitted from the sun.”

    The scientist cited the appearance of malaria and tick-borne encephalitis in the Russian north as examples of the health consequences of warmer temperatures.”

    Climate Change Creating New Hybrid Animals

    “While Heartland continues politicizing science, demonizing credible scientists and using tobacco industry tactics to forge doubt over global warming, Americans are feeling the real toll climate change is already taking on society, by increasing the severity of storms like hurricane Sandy or pushing droughts, wildfires and heatwaves to new extremes.

    Heartland doesn’t care, or even recognize, that global warming is already costing the global economy $1.2 trillion dollars and contributing to 400,000 deaths each year. They don’t care that billion-dollar weathers disasters, intensified by climate change, are on the rise and impacting the U.S. economy and our infrastructure. Nor do they accept repeated research indicating the overwhelming consensus among credential climate scientists that human fossil fuel use is the primary driver of unnatural global warming–in fact Heartland’s staff have repeatedly lied to cast doubt upon that research.”

    New island forms off the coast near Balochistan after 7.7 quake.

    In another piece suggesting a warming climate it is pointed out one of the best measurements is heat contained in the oceans and more heat is in the oceans. Another is melting ice at the poles which is documented. This debate is mostly framed by scientists who agree the solar system is heating up and media people who are insisting nothing has changed.


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  5. Hanover Fist says:

    I am not sure which will arrive first, WWIII or a massive Geological Event, we are standing on the cusp of both and the world is asleep at the wheel.

    Geopolitically we have what is transpiring in the Middle East which could take me a month to explain, but lets just say Biblical Predictions are coming true. President Obama has betrayed Israel and Saudi to allow Iran to continue their Nuclear Enrichment after 3 years of supplying millions of metric tons of weapons form Libya to the Al Qaeda Jihadists that are slaughtering Christians, Kurds, and Alawatis in Syria. He did this using the CIA and funneled them to Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi.
    Now President Obama has announced his agenda for Israel despite what he has told them and the US in the past. Next year is being called “A Year of Solidarity” with the Palestinian people as the UN announced on Thursday their plans for 2014. They plan to force Israel to return the Golan Heights to Syria, Turn over Gaza and the West Bank to the UN by force, and force Israel to share Jerusalem as a capital with Palestine.

    Then you have China opening a new Oil Exchange in Yuan for the region instead of selling oil and LPG in Dollars and with the Sanctions for Iran being lifted between Iran and China they are providing the oil and LPG for them. What this mean is that OPEC has lost control of the price of oil and Iran announced this past week that they are going to flood the market and drive down the price of oil to $20 per barrel. That action will drive Saudi Arabia and possibly Russia into Financial ruin while making Iran and China extremely wealthy.

    China is growing ever aggressive with their neighbors and claiming territory that is not rightfully their own. Now that they are opening an Energy Commodity Exchange with Iran providing the resources you are never going to get China to agree to sanctions against them again, which will lead to incredible disputes in the UN since China holds veto power over any new sanctions against Iran for their Nuclear Program.

    The Middle East has been seriously effected by the failed Arab Spring that was launched by Political Islam and backed by Barack Obama, the Egypt Revolution, the killing of Qaddafi, the ousting of Ben Ali of Tunisia, the revolt in Yemen, and the civil war in Syria. President Obama betrayed the Saudi King enough times, the last one being the secretive deals with Iran, but also his failure to keep his word on Syria, that the king has openly said they are looking for new business partners and because of that they are looking to create their own army, not to mention they have begun to deport undocumented workers by the hundreds of thousands. Not only have they been betrayed by the US President, but their financial future is at stake because of Barack Obama’s dealing with Iran which gave Iran everything they wanted all so he could stick a feather in his cap and claim he made a deal with Iran for his ever so precious “Legacy”.

    So while the planet stands on the edge of WWIII or Thermonuclear War, whichever you want to call it, the planet also sits on the edge of disaster in a way which only Edgar Cayce understood, a pole shift, but not just a magnetic pole shift, an actual correction of the earth rotation or spin.

    I always took his books as an idea, or theory, but something he said makes more sense now than before, “Warning signs would be Volcanic Activity in the Nether Regions.” Ok, so the Volcanos he mentioned have become active, but the new finding of a Volcano under the Antarctic Ice Sheet is massive, if it erupts and either melts the ice sheet or allows it to slide from being heated underneath it will not only cause rising of the seas but could also change the weight distribution of the entire planet causing it to rotate to correct for it. Such a shift would cause world wide plate fractures to allow the earth to adjust to it’s new rotation. New land would form, old land would be plunged possibly miles deep under the sea, it would literally change the face of the planet in the blink of an eye which is also another of his prophecies.

    Edgar Cayce said that when he is reincarnated in the year 2100 that he would live on sea front property in Kansas, and if he is correct about the pole shift, I can see the Volcano under the Antarctic Ice sheet being the cause of it to happen.

    It’s strange to watch many different prophecies from different religions and cultures all coming together at the same time, but they are, so here is what I suspect is going to happen.

    President Obama is going to use the UN to force Israel back to the 1967 Borders coming this next year with an agreement that the UN provides Security in Gaza and the West Bank. There will be a period of time where this works but the Israelis will not be happy and Iran will continue to make the bomb, and a lot of them. Obama will then try to force new Sanctions on Iran and China will veto any sanctions against their new business partner, and this will create a rift in the UN. After all they already had the pipelines built, they were just frozen under the old sanctions but now they are flowing wide open. Since more than one nation is furious with the US over it’s spying, lying, and double dealing with Iran, not to mention betrayal of almost every ally somebody is going to carry out a grand attack on the United States. I suspect a Pakistani or Chinese Nuclear weapon will be smuggled into the US and detonated over a large US City. We will be able to determine whom made the weapon by it’s signature but won’t be able to determine whom delivered it. This will force us into a position for war and our oh so grandiose Narcissistic President Obama will do something that brings the world to war.

    President Obama is so Narcissistic I am afraid he may believe in his mind that he is the 12 Imam, being that he is a Muslim and son of Africa, or he might even believe he is Jesus Christ, even though I think his Christian beliefs are all just for physical appearance to get elected. He was smart enough to know he would have never had a chance to be president if he ran as a Muslim, but as he said in his book, “I will always stand on the side of Islam.”. Point being is he is a fraud, but he is so clinically insane with Narcissism that he might actually believe in his own mind that he is God, so at some point I do expect him to come forward and claim to be the Messiah or 12th Imam.

    We may have a national revolt here in the US, or even a civil war, but across the globe the leaders of other nations are going to be scared to death because the leader of the free world is not only insane, but he is sitting on the button controlling 3000 Nuclear Weapons. DHS has stockpiled enough ammo and weapons, not to mention armored vehicles that they can turn the US into a Police state if they want, and if their is a revolt that will probably happen.

    So does WWIII come first, or does WWIII come and then the planet undergoes a massive extinction event? I am not a very religious person but from what I can tell Obama is following a Biblical Script written for the Anti-Christ. He moves the masses with his tongue yet betrays everybody that supports him. He asks for peace but does everything in his power to bring war (Syria). He is now trying to force Israel to make it’s capital Jerusalem and share it with Palestine, he says he is doing this for peace but his actions so far have shown otherwise. He betrayed Israel and is allowing Iran to make the bomb for his precious “Legacy”. And of course he is the most Narcissistic world leader I have seen in my lifetime, his opinion is always what matters, he lacks the ability to understand what anybody else thinks.


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