Unbelievable Underwater Photos Of Atlantis Off Cuba, Pyramids Are 3 Times The Size of Cheops, Cayce Was Right! There Was A Polar Shift

Pyramids under the waters of Cuba were discovered by two scientists Paul Weinzweig and Pauline Zalitzki.  They found the ruins of ancient buildings for about a mile below the sea and considered them to be Atlantis.

The two scientists used submarines to found tremendous pyramid structures built of stones weighing hundreds of tons.  They found sphinxes, stones that arranged like Stonehenge, and a written language engraved on the stones.

Updated: 9-30-2014


Interestingly It Seems Cuba’s Underwater Pyramids Were Discovered First By The U.S. Government Nuclear Submarines During The Cuban Missile Crisis


More Pyramids around the world

More Amazing Cyclopean Monoliths Discovered At Kabardino-Balkeria Of Russia The Size Of Giza And Others Around The Globe-This Is Deliberately Unreported

Scientists have processed all of the data and concluded that the surface is perfectly smooth for it to look like glass or ice.   The size of the pyramids are nearly three times the size of the pyramids of Cheops.

Underwater Pyramid Structures Found Near Western Cuba

These strange underwater pyramid structures at a depth of two thousand meters were identified with the help of a sonar according to oceanographer Dr. Verlag Meyer.

Studies of other structures like Yonaguni in modern day Japan have allowed scientists to determine that the two giant pyramids, apparently made of something like a thick glass, are really impressive – each of them is larger than the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt.

De pyramids van Giza

Rough sketch of were Atlantis and Mu (Lemuria) were situated

Rough sketch of were Atlantis and Mu (Lemuria) were situated on an old map

On top of the pyramid there are two very large holes, sea water at high speed move through the second hole,

therefore the raging waves roll by forming a giant vortex that makes the waters around this cause a massive surge  of waves and mist on the sea surface.

This new discovery makes scientists wonder if this is having an affect on passing boats and planes and could be the reason for all the mystery surrounding the area.


This work of art was once part of the old Maya city of Tikal, in Guatemala. It probably illustrates the demise of Atlantis. Since this does not fit the prevailing picture, a German archaeologist took it to Germany, where it was

This work of art was once part of the old Maya city of Tikal, in Guatemala. It probably illustrates the demise of Atlantis. Since this does not fit the prevailing picture, a German archaeologist took it to Germany, where it was “accidentally” destroyed in the Second World War

An American saucer flies into a secret underground base

Photo source: http://thegreaterpicture.com/the-orion-conspiracy.html  dDoes that look like a ufo to you or photoshop? 

Ancient Pyramid 14,000 Feet Underwater – Amazing Golden Hands Holding a Crystal Globe Found

Gordon Scallion Future Maps – CODE 3 Louisiana Suffering ~ Navajo Earth Cracks HUGE~ Kenya Earth Cracks in DAYS

vimana ancient ufo

Lighted Orbs Caught Creating Crop Circles

Read More:


Now you can find some very good information at beforeitsnews as most everyone is allowed to post there. Then again you will run into people with a keyboard, just having fun, so buyer beware.

Updated: Underwater forest uncovered in the Gulf of Mexico believed to be 80,000 years old.


Updated 3-17-2015

https://dublinsmickdotcom.wordpress.com/2015/03/18/65-million-year-old-pyramids-found-in-crimea/Update 9-35-2014

Now We Know What Happened To The Mayans-Tunnels Under Tikal Pyramid Extend 800 Kilometers To The Other Side Of The Country-Secrets Of The Bucegi Mountains

Carefully read above where some of this information was destroyed in WWII. Dresden was fire bombed where people were actually cooked into the pavement. Presently Iraq has been looted where once again much of our connection to the ancient world has been destroyed. Yes I think it is deliberate. Along the Grand canyon we have stories of a cave with Egyptian artifacts and once again stories of the Smithsonian and British museum loading things up secretly. There is the same with the pyramids in Egypt of film where unknown people are loading artifacts into planes near the Giza pyramid. These artifacts should be for everyone on the planet, not just the chosen few or one percent where they are hidden in museums or the basement at the vatican.

The inverted double pyramid or six pointed star is also an ancient symbol dating back to Krishna. It is two pyramids, one pointed upward and one downward, representing as above so below, or positive and negative. This photography above is priceless in my opinion if it is real and I believe it is. The inverted pyramids are called the Satkona. It was stolen just as the swastika was once used by the ancients including native american indians.  One blogger in India which I think does a great job and has many amazing insights is the captain. I had to remove and only link some of his post when admonished by him but here he gives us some information on the satkona.


There are many more predictions from Edgar Cayce known as the sleeping prophet that are yet to come. Some of the more pronounced such as most of Japan going under the sea, volcanic eruption near Costa Rico opening up a channel from the Pacific to the Caribbean sea and changing the gulf stream affecting the weather,, the New Madrid splitting America in half, coastline in South Carolina submerging, Pelee going off in Martinique and then 3 months later inundation of Nevada, Parts of California becoming islands and then a pole shift resulting in the rise of Atlantis once again. (hey they do call it the Atlantic ocean right?) He predicts palm trees in Alaska and icebergs in the tropics!

Sometimes prophets are not taken too seriously in their own house … see the story of Jesus. Edgar Cayce was a shoe salesman from Kentucky and had a hard time making ends meet. He would accept no money for offering cures to people, yeah hundreds of them. Tecumseh who predicted the New Madrid fault calling it the great shaking and time to attack the colonists, … well he was killed also. No greater man than Tecumseh ever walked in North America. Yes and we killed him too. If a modern day prophet arises, trust me he will come under NDAA and be killed! They are probably looking for him!

We see these same type structures purportedly on mars which many people and I myself connect to those wild and crazy Nefilim! If you have not figured out who built these monuments … I believe that I have!






3/2014 pyramids in Crimea newly discovered


I have several posts concerning the above information either overtly or indirectly.
















Ever heard of a guy named Noah?


And yes it all tracks back, you can’t get around it, to those wild and crazy Nefilim, the antics of Enki with his gene experimentation

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13 Responses to Unbelievable Underwater Photos Of Atlantis Off Cuba, Pyramids Are 3 Times The Size of Cheops, Cayce Was Right! There Was A Polar Shift

  1. melgibstein says:

    Interesting, but I dont like the names of the discoverers or that big Jew fish in the beginning of the second video.


  2. melgibstein says:

    I dont like all those Jew star crop circles either. Why are there always rows going through those crop circles where someone could easily get in and out with a lawn mower or weed whacker?


    • Mayan Revelations says:

      Lol if you think it is so easy go right ahead and show me. I use to think crop circles where stupid but there is research out there proving beyond reason they are either a hoax only possible by masons, illuminati or NSA. Ill provide some references. Yputube david flynns decoding crop circle. Also watch a show called “Thrive” movement or thrivemovement.com but search the youtube archive. This will show you some great examples of foresight in previous circles. Further it needa to be well understood that a encoded mayan calender date from the day of the crop circle to end of long count in 2012 was made. Wither the hoaxer cracked the mayan code but decided to choose a hoax with zero profit over a million dollars and world fame or the ones responsible had a vast understanding of the maya code. Who and why. Believe me the crop circles are a lot larger than we previously assumed. My research facebook is Mayan Revelations. I post a great dealnof research on this page.


  3. Dublinsmick says:

    If you read this it has little to do with them. Some of the crop circles are simply unexplainable.


  4. b,glover says:

    the most successful prophet was Cayce,,there comes a time of awakening,be it spiritual or actually a physical one ,being as to learn where we really originated,,,,its a very exciting time for humanity ,but it seems they’re so many attempts to keep this info secret,,,,idk why?


  5. Dublinsmick says:

    It conflicts with the canonical mind control program suggesting the world is only 6000 years old. It is the same in many fields as calculus theory was discussed in the Vedas 7000 years ago.


  6. The Rift says:

    This might help. Atlantis is the centre of the flat earth:


  7. I really like this information but how do the divers survive in regular scuba gear at depths of 5000 ft
    and are able to see.while viewing atlantis.


  8. Dublinsmick says:

    That youtube moves forward,to some some other type films. the original youtube was was a shot of pyramids, after which are some divers apparently in Dubai and then Angor Wat etc.


  9. Markita says:

    I really want to see what Alantis look like in 2015. But I wonder how did Alantis have 400ft of water? But just tell me in a understanding way!


  10. Keven Yoder says:

    F*ckin’ amazing things here. I’m very happy to peer your article. Thanks a lot and i am having a look forward to contact you. Will you please drop me a e-mail?


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