Pattie L. Brassard Former NASA And Bell Lab Specialist Warns Of Second Sun And Earthquakes

Updated: as of August 29th, 2013

I have been blogging about this subject for a long time. Lately we have seen U.S. personnel removed from various embassies, Russia and China engaging in joint military preparedness drills, FEMA ordering large quantities of emergency food etc. Russia seems keen to build some mini subs with Italy. Pattie L. Brassard is suffering from depleted uranium exposure and has serious health problems. She doesn’t think she will be here for very long.

“Pattie L. Brassard is a former US Army high tech specialist who worked for NASA, Bell Labs, Lockheed Martin, and others.  Listen to this urgent message about what she says will happen to Seattle and the whole US West Coast later this month.  And the true consequences of Fukushima, how HAARP, chemtrails, and SmartMeters are really being used, and the fast-approaching binary sun (with seven planets) that world governments have known about for 50 years, after which they started building deep underground bases in secret.  If she is correct, we are in big trouble.  Please listen with discernment, this is very serious if true.  Would like to hear from anyone who knows of evidence that she is lying.”

NASA expert warns of coming event in august 2013, possibly a megaquake

Pattie Brassard also has a blog with some very interesting Photographs. You be the judge. This one is infrared. It does look a bit like the dragon’s tail, stellar feature of Chinese culture. It is similar to the ones you see in gift shops holding a crystal symbolizing the sky dragon which holds the earth in it’s hand.


The Sky dragon is a very prominent feature of Chinese history and in fact is their national symbol. It is featured on the walls of the Forbidden City or Temple of Heaven.

Chinese Sky Dragon


Some final excerpts from Mother Shipton’s Poem (Not the complete poem)

The king shall false promise make;
And talk just for talking’s sake.
And nations plan horrific war;
The like as never seen before.
And taxes rise and lively down;
And nations wear perpetual frown

Not every soul on earth will die, As the dragon’s tail goes sweeping by, Not every land on earth will sink, But these will wallow in stench and stink, Of rotting bodies of beast and man, Of vegetation crisped on land.

But the land that rises from the sea Will be dry and clean and soft and free. Of mankind’s dirt and therefore be, The source of man’s new dynasty. And those that live will ever fear The dragon’s tail for many year But time erases memory You think it strange? But it will be!

And before the race is built anew, A silver serpent comes to view And spew out men of like unknown. To mingle with the earth now grown, Cold from its heat and these men can Enlighten the minds of future man. To intermingle and show them how To live and love and thus endow, The children with the second sight, A natural thing so that they might Grow graceful, humble and when they do The Golden Age will start anew.

The dragon’s tail is but a sign For mankind’s fall and man’s decline. And before this prophecy is done I shall be burned at the stake, at One. My body singed and my soul set free.
You think I utter blasphemy? You’re wrong! These things have come to me THIS PROPHECY WILL COME TO BE!

And when the dragon’s tail is gone Man forgets and smiles and carries on. To apply himself – too late, too late For mankind has earned deserved fate.

Russia’s Yamantau Mountain, perhaps a survival mecca

It is a subject I have mentioned before as most who read here are well aware I am very high on the Cayce readings. I will be keeping my eye on Vesuvius and Pelee!

Jack reeds missing tectonic plate

Hall of records discovered


The universe is undergoing major change

Massive Number Of Sink Holes Opening Around The World

The Black Swan Event

The Mayan Fifth World (In fact the Mayans indicate we enter the fifth world with the largest planet wide earthquake ever known on the planet)

Norway’s Doomsday Seed Vault

Pretty simple, you eat GMO corn during the earth changes and we emerge from the bunkers  with Orville Rickenbacker’s natural blend afterwards.

Object next to sun 

Benjamin Parravicini

He predicted the fall of “twin towers” and also the fall of Hitler and Mussolini,  storms caused by man’s incursion into the atmosphere and a light from the south, a cross. We do know the American indians referred to the second sun as the planet of the crossing and the symbol is a balanced cross. The Cherokee symbol is a balanced cross within a circle. Currently many nations have set up telescopes in the antarctic watching the skies. My own interpretation of a trimmed cross could be a balanced cross. Mr. Parravicini attributed the messages he received as coming from his guardian angel, José de Aragón.

We also have the Kolbrin_Bible which speaks of a celestial dragon. It was known to the ancient Greeks as the famed winged globe.

“celestial] dragon from outer heaven to come and encompass her about. The dragon was frightful to behold, it lashed its tail and breathed out fire and hot coals and a great catastrophe was inflicted upon mankind. The body of the dragon [Nibiru/Planet X] was wreathed in a cold bright light and beneath on the belly was a ruddy hued glow while behind it trailed a flowing tail of smoke.”

“The celestial event broke Tiamat apart, turning some of the pieces into the asteroid belt. However, a small portion of Tiamat remained intact and was hurled inward toward the sun, settling into a closer orbit. The unstable planetary mass of rock and water reestablished itself into a smaller ocean planet, becoming present day Earth.”

Besides The Kolbrin Bible and Sumerian tradition, what additional information is available hinting that a planet once existed in the region of the asteroid belt?”

Scallion and other maps


Cracks in Navajo Nation

Navajo Nation

Thanks to Kenny, a glimpse into the Cayce readings and the trance state

Updated: I keep stumbling into more information appearing on the web for public consumption that fits the narrative like a glove.

“Keep this in mind when reading this article.  Edgar Cayce stated, “(Earth) is slowly receding or gathering closer to the sun, from which it receives its impetus for the awakening of the elements from that which it receives from the sun. – elements that give life itself, by radiation of like elements.”

What does this mean?  It isn’t typical to see such a drastic change in these decay rates.  Scientists are seeing a change of 1/10th of 1% in these particles, which was previously unheard of and is unexplainable at this moment.  When a particle speeds up, it means it’s radiating more energy.   This includes the energy and particles within our own bodies.  Studies on DNA have indicated that even very weak changes in the energy field can cause profound changes in our DNA.”

There is a drastic climate change event happening on every planet in our solar system.  Planets are becoming more luminous, have higher energy fields and have thicker atmospheres.

What is causing these dramatic changes?”

The Nefilim and the second sun

Ever heard of a guy named Noah?

And yes it all tracks back, you can’t get around it, to those wild and crazy Nefilim, the antics of Enki with his gene experimentation

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41 Responses to Pattie L. Brassard Former NASA And Bell Lab Specialist Warns Of Second Sun And Earthquakes

  1. Sure feels like this ,month is as tight as a string at it’s limit.
    Not sure if I buy the dragon’s tail theory.
    All of what we have coming to us is from with-in. The only place to heal all this is from each person’s with-in.
    Else, head-long over the cliff it is.


  2. kenny says:

    I ran across an old copy of an ARE Journal from 1969. These seem to be hard to come by.

    Here’s the only other one I have.


  3. Dublinsmick says:

    Always appreciate you guys stopping in.

    Nice links Kenny and many great quotes from the Cayce readings for those who have never had the chance to read the books. Note he stresses following divine law to avoid chaos where as today the trend seems to be disregard divine law to create chaos and then offer the solution.

    Man by his compliance with Divine Law-brings order out of chaos, or, by his disregard of the association and the laws of Divine influence, brings chaos and destructive forces into his experience. 416-7 Cayce readings.

    Peace must begin within self before there can come action or self application in a way to bring peace-even in thy own household, in thine own vicinity, in thine own nation. 3976-28 Cayce readings.

    Of course you are right, we must heal ourselves but at this juncture, man may have waited a little late to bring the influence needed on the big picture. But yes it all begins with ourselves. As for the dragon the Chinese never “forgot!’ They have their celebrations in remembrance of when the dragon came by. The native Navajo paint a small dragon on their pottery and so on. The ancient Sumerian clay tablets and stele picture the dragon and very succinctly describe how it affects the polar axis of most planets in our solar system when it shows up. Very hard for me to dismiss this.

    Obstacles cannot crush me. Every obstacle yields to a stern resolve. He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind ” – Leonardo daVinci

    On this one I will continue to be my obstinate self! 🙂


  4. Dublinsmick says:

    Largely due to this post, the blog went over 1000 hits today! I am quite amazed with this.


  5. Terrance says:

    Hello Mick…..what I appreciate about your blog is the relentless search for the truth! All the lies and hidden agendas does nothing but sow contempt for thoses who continue on this path of deceit! The future of humanity shall be exposed soon enough.


  6. Dublinsmick says:

    Thanks for the kind words Terrance. Funny I got a crank phone call this morning and the router went out at the same time. Hopefully that was just a coincidence.


  7. Terrance says:

    Hello Mick….just spent a short time with a former head of state, who had trouble with the spelling of the spud from Idaho, and either he is out of the loop or nothing is going to occur on the event horizon?


  8. Lucas says:

    this is a HOAX.
    If our Sun had a companion star it would take from several years to several decades for that star to swing around perigee (closest proximity to the Sun). We would definitely be seeing it for several years with our naked eyes.


  9. Dublinsmick says:

    Apparently you didn’t read the post before the usual hoax routine. This information is from the oldest “written” records, clay tablets concerning the history of the planet. And yes it does take somewhere around 26,000 years as the second sun and the accompanying planets have what is called an elliptical orbit. If you are unsure of what that is, it is egg shaped.You are going to find some flake sites around the net with dispersions concerning “Marduk” or what does it mean etc.

    “Portions deleted to allow for maximum distribution.”

    Try this one, I am not in the habit of displaying hoaxes.


  10. John t says:

    Jesus…the reason I hate the Internet is because everyone thinks they’re an expert in things they know nothing about. This “theory” is so ludicrous and unsound I don’t even know where to begin. Sigh. We need a better education system.


  11. Dublinsmick says:

    If you don’t like the internet maybe you should go back to Fox News or periodicals purchased at the seven eleven store. This “theory” is one of the oldest and far reaching into many cultures on the planet and the only one for which we have cuneiform tablets. For anyone to write if off with a one liner with no explanation causes me to question the depths of your intellect. (Yes lets just write off the Greek history of the winged globe John, that is the ticket) I would ask you to outline the discrepancy you see but I realize you can’t as that would be asking an awful lot of you. I agree we need a better educational system perhaps the more weighty questions of planetary history would not seem so perplexing to you. You may go now.

    You are the winner of a scholarship to Haifa, the announcement will be in the mail.


    • Bshelley says:

      You calling into question the intellect of others that are slapped in the face with scientific discrepancies in this theory makes me chuckle! Go ahead and call mine into question as well but I am very well educated–degrees ranging from Engineering to Anthropology. I also carry a degree in Planetary Science and follow Ms. Brassard for entertainment. Cuneiform or Sandskrit is the first written language. Myths and theories set in older cultures are likely to be spread to later civilizations–let’s not forget that people traveled and bartered regularly. It is of little consequence that several civilizations carry similar stories or myths. Go ahead and worship Ms. Brassard so educated and experienced in science and technology, yet she cannot tell the difference between UV and X-Rays. A star that only emits UVA, UVB, and UVC but will cook everything with Microwaves? Let’s also not forget her comment about the star’s gravitational pull slowing the Earth’s rotation but the oceans still yielding to the Moon and causing massive tidal waves. Ms. Brassard should be informed that the Moon asserts a gravitational pull on the water and that causes the tides. Very obviously a greater gravitational body would also mute any effects from the Moon. You have lovely picture of “cracks in Navajo Nation”…..there are also a lot of these old and naturally formed cracks in Southern Utah. That crack is nothing new–substantial erosion and lichen visible on the walls. I’m open to these sorts of “possibilities”, but you have to do better than theories with more holes than Swiss Cheese. Now bring on the insults Dublinsmick 🙂


      • Dublinsmick says:

        I can probably see where you think I might insult you, however my sarcasm is usually reserved for drive by one liners such as you got the wrong link dude.

        Forgive me as I must admit the first hint of a smile crossed my face when I saw you begin your response with the incredible amount of degrees you possess. I have a degree in business from a fairly well known business school and at no time did anyone bother to mention the federal reserve is not federal. With that in mind allow me a bit of skepticism when it comes to advanced degrees. All universities are shackled by peer review and tenure not far removed from witch burning and the blue nose. I am relieved you did not cite a degree in theology and other tales of Constantinian woe.

        So I am much more impressed with people who came to their conclusions through the s school of hard knocks and their own research. Even here the old maxim holds true, it is better to know nothing than to believe the wrong thing, it doesn’t matter how many books you have read if they are the wrong ones. Truth will remain in the eye of the beholder as always.

        I think you mean sanskrit by the way not sandskrit.

        A debate on what effect Nibiru would have on earth is something very complex and a waste of time. Of course the moon has a gravitational pull on the earth. If you think the Enuma Elish, Mahabharata, Vedas, Atrahasis, Cheyenne tribal history, Kolbrin, I-Ching, Kharsag Epic and other remnants of ancient literature are simply myths handed down by traders, I am afraid the chasm between us would be too wide to breach.

        This “myths handed down by traders” happen to be taught in the Potala in Tibet and Shaolin temples. They are key message in native American tradition. The winged globe or second sun is what the Greeks refer to as the winged globe. I am however not at all surprised you did not stumble into any of this in your vast studies.

        You will need to at least climb up on the stage in order for us to have a debate. What Pattie Brassard points toward is simply something well known to the ancients and serious researchers of today such as Zechariah Sitchin. Have you ever read any of his books? Incidentally they are selling like hotcakes all over the world, translated into 20 languages, Chinese and many European languages for people who do not feel ancient history is a myth handed down by traders. Thanks for the laugh however. In fact Sitchin’s translations mirror an event similar to what Pattie Brassard is pointing toward.

        Here is a start for you.

        Now to refute Sitchin, one would of course need to be proficient in Akkadian, Aramaic and Hebrew. Perhaps you mastered this as well in your numerous studies, I have no way of knowing.


  12. Dublinsmick says:


  13. greg bacon says:

    Time’s going fast, the end of August is here and no earthquake yet, maybe one will hit today?


  14. Dublinsmick says:

    Pattie is making me look bad 🙂
    Timing of quakes is pretty hard to estimate though. There was a 7.0 off Alaska in the Aleutians though. Alabama had a small 2.3 the other day which is somewhat unusual for that state. Probably fracking.

    Funny thing about Napolitano is she is leaving the east coast and moving to the west coast. That bubble down at lower left looks pretty convincing.


  15. GTOfrog says:

    There is no doubt that world-wide events are accelerating intensely, and reflect ALL the ancient prophecies from different cultures regarding these extreme times. Anyone who isn’t in severe denial can see that even the earth is showing severe signs of what I call the “domino effect”, where thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of birds, fish, bees and other sea creatures are frequently dying off en mass, which may lead to the death of all life on earth, and no one has a clear explanation of it. The intense tremendous “trumpet-like sounds” heard in many places on the planet are another unexplainable anomaly. Massive flooding and super storms occuring with greater frequency and intensity all over the planet and STILL people don’t want to acknowledge that MAN, and his actions, thoughts, words and deeds have played a central role in all this, as if man doesn’t have a soul, has no moral purpose, can rape all living things, and destroy the planet in the process? ALL these events that appear due to “natural factors” are, as any true seeker of the TRUTH knows, determined from on HIGH and directed by the hand of the HOLY ONE, who determines life or death, riches or poverty, wisdom or folly…..and no person, group or even planetary intelligence, can redirect the WILL of HIM/HER who is the MASTER of all the worlds above and below.


  16. Dublinsmick says:

    Thank you for the insightful comment, the collective consciousness has certainly been patient … up to this point. The bottle nosed porpoise and other fish are dying around the world in unprecedented numbers. It looks like the oceans are very close to being poisoned. Radiation off Japan at Fukushima and corexit in the gulf are certainly not helping.

    This is Pattie Brassard’s photo bucket. I can see anything on photobucket, somebody blocked me there.


  17. GTOfrog says:

    Certainly the FDA in the USA, or DEA or HHS or NIH (and other Countries’ equivalent organizations), should NOW require a strict labeling of radiation levels in ALL canned fish, and fresh fish, per a certain portion/weight. AND, educate the public as to what levels are minimally dangerous for carcinogenic activity. This should have been done yesterday. With experts at FUKUSHIMA saying that the situation is almost certain to get far worse, with the potential of even a massively HUGE nuclear reaction/explosion, I do not plan to be eating fish anymore, unless the fish were obtained far away from the fast-spreading-radiated ocean waters rapidly approaching the west coast of MEX and the USA. I believe the reason that the prophecies have thus far been postponed past the prophecied dates/times is to give mankind a bit longer window of time to reverse their paths of greed, destruction of life, and especially BUSH CIA inspired/controlled activities. If they don’t or won’t adopt a reverence for ALL life and reverse their ways, no technology or DUMB will protect the dark and corrupt ones from what is coming. Along with NIBIRU fast approaching, world-wide economic implosion, imminant (sp?) world-wide-war, intense KILL-SHOT solar activity (ED DAMES and other remote viewers), the death of many species already…..with many more endangered, the FUKUSHIMA disaster will bring all mankind to their knees, literally begging to die.


  18. Dublinsmick says:

    It certainly will. I was just told a they told my neighbor he had cancer. So they took him down for his first chemo injection and he went into shock and died. I had no idea and they say soursop or graviola is 10,000 more effective than chemo and it doesn’t weaken the heart muscle as chemo does. Trusting doctors can get you killed.

    There are 20 reactors on the New Madrid fault and it goes about every 200 years, it is overdue. Plus I am surrounded by them in Florida and Florida sits near the Caribe fault which took Atlantis down.


  19. GTOfrog says:

    Your story is an example of one of the central world-wide areas of massive manipulation and lies directed mainly by the ROCKEFELLERS-FOR-PROFIT to suppress other forms of medical practise and treatments, especially natural, low-cost and effective treatments for cancer and other common or degenerative diseaes. The lies that we’ve been taught for maybe millenia regarding religion, reality, government, education, history and NOW….the MILITARY/INDUSTRIAL/ TECHNOLOGICAL/MEDICAL-BIG PHARMA complex, that have been used to control and enslave the masses, are now becoming rapidly revealed and transparent. It’s possible that the rapidly approaching “critical mass” of numbers of people that have become “awake” and conscious of the TRUTH versus all the lies they’ve been told, will finally effect a mass transformation of the whole planet, that some would call the return of QUETZALCUATL or the MOSHIACH, or the arrival of the MAYAN 5th world.


  20. Dublinsmick says:

    I do believe the solar system approaching the meridian of the Milky way galaxy will produce more electromagnetic energy which will stimulate the thought processes and effect DNA. I however don’t believe very much life on earth can survive a pole shift which will totally wreck the nuclear reactors. There will be no way to cool them. It is like you say, people will be begging to die.


  21. GTOfrog says:

    Of course, THE HOLY ONE can and may do anything whatsoever. Also, certain extraterrestrials seem to desire to save us from ourselves and probably have technologies to deal with any of these problems. It’s going to be very interesting to see if there will be intervention regarding any or all of it.


  22. Dublinsmick says:

    I agree it will be interesting. I have long felt that billions of people are incarnated on earth at this particular point to witness something very spectacular, something they will never forget. It probably needs to hurry though.

    Blogger comment from –

    “The high pressure (800 PSI) and high temperature (400 F) crude from the BP deep well blowout has been seeping into and melting an enormous deposit of methane hydrate beneath the Gulf of Mexico. The methane hydrate expands by a factor of 160 to 1 and the liberated gas is migrating throughout the Gulf states. As the gas enters into existing underground cavities under high pressure it causes the movement of rocks and earth. Sparks from the rocks moving against each other, are no doubt igniting the volatile methane and causing the earth tremors and booms that people have been reporting in several Gulf States.”


  23. wow..i am overwhelmed and trying not to be dismayed, as the Bible says these things must come to was one of pattie brassard’s videos on youtube that enhanced my ‘wakeup call’..however, i have ‘felt’ this coming for some time..


  24. Dublinsmick says:

    Well there is not much you can do about some of this. Much of it is described in the Kolbrin bible which they tried to hide away. Some of the information plagiarized by the Roman emperor Constantine and King James were taken from this, some simply made up to hold the roman empire together under a new doctrine.

    I feel pretty confident this is what Jesus had to say.


  25. i’m confused..what pattie brassard says is scary, but what ‘before it’s news’ website put the following out: Pattie Brassard is a false front, and not as claimed. A real name with a false résumé, never a NASA subcontractor. Has the extreme silence over the years from NASA employees not indicated the strictures they are under? National security rules, on issues related to Planet X, on issues related to the alien presence, and all who break their contract are severely punished. Whomever is selected to work for NASA has likewise been stringently controlled, with only those inclined to be obsessive rule followers selected. Pattie does not qualify in personality, nor would an ex-NASA associated individual be allowed to blather about what they have learned. Is Snowden allowed to have his own Internet show and FaceBook page?

    Pattie is an opportunist who has sensed via trends and news releases that the announcement is close, and is trying to grab the stage and make some money. With $56 per subscriber, at 10,000 subscribers she would pull in half a million dollars, and if the announcement happens soon as she senses it will, she could be fabulously wealthy, or so goes the logic. We warned in 2012 that the circus is about to begin, with old and new false prophets trying to compete with or plagiarize ZetaTalk in their desire to grab the stage.

    Pattie is trying to gain acceptability by siding with the ZetaTalk message, or mentioning the Pole Shift ning, but this does not mean what she says is legitimate. Pattie is familiar with the Marshall Masters message, but not the fact that he claims a spec of volcanic dust on a webcam glass enclosure is an object in space. Since this is on the ning, and within ZetaTalk, she has not bothered to get acquainted with the facts. Lazy and money hungry, Pattie will find herself lost in the dust, yet another claimant after money and fame, yet another disinformation artist caught tangled in lies. She is not the first, and won’t be the last.
    what to believe???!!


  26. Dublinsmick says:

    I wouldn’t get too caught up in Zeta talk, it is a circus show in itself. Beforeitsnews site I read some, but bear in mind anyone can post on it. Some of the information resonates and some of it it is obviously someone who just likes pounding a key board. Same goes for godlikeproductions, Jason lucas used to manage it. It is a spyware company and just going there will usually cause you a lot of problems. It was pinpointed as an intel site on Wight Island at one time. It used to be lopcom,

    From what I read Patty Brassard is living in Australia and can pretty much say what she wants and doesn’t expect to be around due to DU poisoning from her army days. At any rate that is neither here nor there. Theories on the deluge are in every major culture, from the Greek winged globe to the Cheyenne balanced cross in a circle, tales of Noah, the Enuma Elish etc etc.

    If you are not familiar with it I would suggest Sitchin’s writings over Zeta, ning, bin or Pattie Brassard. He has about 20 books on it and I have personally read about 15 of them.

    Bear in mind the clay tablets say what they say, regardless. Sitchin interpreted them, he speaks Aramaic and Akkadian. The zeta talkers do not, it is all just a weak imitation of Sitchin and clown show.

    As for the Carrington effect we have already had one in the 1800s which fried the telegraph lines. If the same thing happened today most of the computer chips would go. This happened without any solar bodies coming into our vicinity. Today it would be a bit like the Black Elk prophecy when he saw a time when the iron horse would not move and the motors would not run. If it is a subject that interest you, like I say it is my opinion, that Sitchin is the best place to start but in the final analysis, we all have to be our own judge of what resonates with us.

    I will say the idea of someone “cashing” in on this is bit strange. How do you cash in on planetary destruction?


  27. thank you..i also have military background and have tendency to believe alot of what pattie says..and alot of the disturbing things and videos i’ve been viewing does line up with Biblical scripture…i helped set up the army’s nbc decon, was in op & intel before that, and mil police before that..and i know our government is capable and willing of atrocities against our own..not to mention the ‘elite’ new world order that started back in the 60s..and so much more..i’ve been on inactive reserve status since ’82, so have been ‘out of the loop’ a long time..


  28. Dublinsmick says:

    I might add, as for as veritas goes, I know little about them and what they charge. If Pattie thinks she knows something it is very doubtful she can be on the mainstream news. I posted this as a source of interest, not the gospels.

    For one source of information very related to all this I recommend reading this one, scroll down and look at the pingbacks they received. I reposted it myself.

    All we have here are directional clues, whether Brassard, Sitchin, the Enuma Elish (actual tablets in the Berlin Museum). If we are curious about the subject, I recommend Sitchin who does speak the languages involved and native Americans, not Nancy of the Zetas and her circus hat.

    I will say this, we know there have been abrupt polar shifts, this is a scientific fact and one book that points this out very well is Emmanuel Velokovsky’s worlds in collision. The Russians dug up mastadons in Siberia with frozen buttercups in their mouth which were still fresh indicating the were frozen almost instantly. It would take a polar shift to do this. It certainly lends credence to the idea that something happens every 36,000 years or so just as the Mayans discuss with the concept of 4 worlds.


  29. Super Solar Storm To Hit Earth; ‘Carrington Effect’; 400 Nuke Plants Will Melt Down/Explode; via @AGreenRoad


  30. Dublinsmick says:

    Hi green road, I have a post about the carrington effect somewhere around here. Yes it can definitely happen and it may well be what Brassard and Napolitano are referring to. In fact who knows, it may be bigger than we think. The was a vision that crazy horse saw abut a great light coming from the heavens.

    Nice blog you have there.


  31. Dublinsmick says:

    From Norway
    Yep I do

    Concentration camps in the USA ( FEMA camps ) are intended for people who are unable to fend for themselves when things go to hell and find to rebel. That is why the U.S. has this violent security apparatus of Homeland Security , NSA and various also stockpiling ammunition now, and this eagerness to introduce a European style weapons control there.

    We do not have that kind of concentration camps in Europe for the simple reason that people here are not able to rebel. Here is what little people have weapons registered , and that’s just for the authorities to confiscate it if they feel that the limited range of “dangerous” weapon that is out there is a threat. So forget the idea of ​​something outrageous here .

    United States is completely different, the average American is armed to the teeth with weapons outside the social services inspection , when the people there find that they have been cheated of banking and finance, plan their money etc disappears and it becomes hyperinflation because of America’s astronomical debt , there will be civil war because people are not going to have any choice . There was hyperinflation that drove Yugoslavia into civil war.

    See, for example these two links:

    I truly believe the future of the United States is not unlike movies like ” Book of Eli” , etc. , ie, total system collapse. How it gets in Norway I do not know , but I aim to be self-sufficient and prepared myself in a situation where the state can not afford to pay police etc anymore so I have to take responsibility for their own safety.

    This debt does not disappear , jobs that create revenue are soon no longer ( industry is shut down and moved to China ) , and soon all those Americans who still have a job to go to and pay in taxes only go to pay interest on debt but not even that will be enough and the debt will continue to increase :

    At the same time it flows into immigrants working illegally and runs down wages or go on welfare , and the number of elderly increases and increases . The costs go up words all the time, while revenues goes down while the debt is so high that it is totally out of control. The situation in Europe is similar.


  32. Frank Thomsen says:

    First of all: very interesting news here !

    Me, I am hell sure that we are living NOW in a time that the oldest prophecies talk about, the end of the 6th Millenium, the end of the 6th Day the Biblical Book of Genesis was talking about.
    What will follow next, I think noone knows. According to what is written in Apostle John’s Revelation, there awaits us the lifting of the final mystery.


  33. Pingback: I keep this open as a back up however I do keep of few of what I deem anyway more important posts (The Best Of Dublinmick) | Uneasy Rider

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