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Scallion Map Shows Palestine, Israel, Syria Vanish Due To African Rift, Large Cracks In Navajo Nation, Louisiana Salt Dome Continues To Swallow Acreage

Before After After looking into various scenarios over the years I have come to the conclusion the incessant wars spanning the globe may be brought to a screeching halt by mother earth herself. In fact I think it is highly … Continue reading

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Take A Break From The Snowdon/Trayvon Concocted Drama, Unreported Earthquakes And New Gas Leak In Gulf Of Mexico, Pandora’s Box Opened

A brief note on the Trayvon Martin affair that seems to be missing in many reports is the fact that Martin was seen walking between two houses, in the rain, at night in a black hoodie, in an area experiencing … Continue reading

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Strange Weather As Several Volcanoes Erupt Along With Massive Flooding In Toronto And Western China, July Hail Storm In New Mexico

Some of this I would say is a bit unusual! I suppose many of us do not notice this type  thing unless you happen to live in these areas. Major flooding  has produced a landslide in China that trapped 30 … Continue reading

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