Edgar Cayce’s Prophecy Comes True: Hall of Records Discovered



The Naked Ape

Secret of secrets found in Romanian mountains of Bucegi, virtual hall of records.

Now We Know What Happened To The Mayans-Tunnels Under Tikal Pyramid Extend 800 Kilometers To The Other Side Of The Country-Secrets Of The Bucegi Mountains

Ground penetrating radar noticed some anomalies many years ago, Zahi Hawass tried to immediately dismiss them. There are caves which run under two of the large pyramids of Egypt and very close to the paw of the Sphinx, exactly where Edgar Cayce predicted they would be found. Unconfirmed sources are now saying it has been possible to drill through a layer of rock into the chamber which houses the Hall of Records.

It was Cayce’s contention these records record the history before the destruction of Atlantis and a record also of fleeing survivors who established a civilization in Egypt and Mexico as well as much much more. This is thought to be around 11000 BC.

“The records are one… [They contain] “…a record of Atlantis from the beginnings of those periods when the spirit took form or began the encasements in that land.” — Cayce

There are a reportedly 3 chambers. We have always known that Hawass answers to someone. Speculation centers around possibly evidence the pyramids were not created by Egyptians but another very advanced group, most likely the Nefilim in 11000 BC. Egyptian authorities understandably would not be very happy concerning this knowledge coming into public view. So we have denial on the Nile! Hawass has retired so hopefully we have leeway for a break through.  Edgar Cayce

Collins believes Cygnus emits both cosmic and gamma rays which penetrate inside the caves and cause flashes in total darkness seen by many including by astronauts in space. His contention is that miners have even experienced this. They can alter genetic material in subtle ways and could speed evolution. I have to wonder if they could also effect the sun in ways unknown. Cygnus

British explorer Andrew Collins discovered the tunnels in 2008, this information received very little fanfare in the press. The tunnels were discovered by aerial viewing of the pyramid complex and comparing to views of the Cygnus star system! It is a blue super giant which is believed to emit super waves of X-rays strong enough to fry anything within millions of miles of it. Here is the clincher, some say at times inside the pyramid you can see flickers of these X-rays.

Flickers of Light

The fact that Egyptians did not build the pyramids has been touched on here before. The amazing truth of the matter is that mankind has known about the existence of an Earth encompassing energy grid for at least thousands of years. The Earth grid has simply been rediscovered in the 21st century. We now have irrefutable proof that the ‘primitive cultures’ of the past, the ancient cultures that had such a ‘limited understanding of physics’ knew about the subtle energies of the Earth and its grid pattern! Tests were also conducted with radioactive waste from nuclear power plants, tests showed a reduction in the level of radioactivity after being exposed to the pyramid power inside the pyramid. dublinsmick previous link

In another article discussed at one time Terrence Aym also speaks of a strange new particle from an angry sun that changes matter. Now evidence has surfaced that something potentially more dangerous is happening deep within the hidden core of our sun: never-before-seen particles—or some mysterious force—is being shot out from the sun and it’s hitting Earth. Scientists are amazed this new particle is changing radioactive decay rates! The sun also remember, can effect mutations. Once again we find ourselves the playthings of the Gods with a new discovery concerning neutrinos, an new particle as yet unknown and moving toward solar maxium. Could it be influenced by Cygnus?

Terrence Aym, Here Comes The Sun!

I almost neglected to mention many feel the ancient Atlanteans tried to prevent earthquakes caused by tectonic movement using the energy of the pyramids, however they were helpless to prevent it in the face of a magnetic reversal of the polar axis.

Update: 3-13-2014

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Ever heard of a guy named Noah?

And yes it all tracks back, you can’t get around it, to those wild and crazy Nefilim, the antics of Enki with his gene experimentation

Humming Noises Around the world and the sliding antarctic ice cap

Erebus one of the largest volcanos in the world is under the antarctic ice cap

Antarctic ice cap is sliding sideways


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12 Responses to Edgar Cayce’s Prophecy Comes True: Hall of Records Discovered

  1. Great stuff here, Mick – this is why I love your blog!

    You write: “We now have irrefutable proof that the ‘primitive cultures’ of the past, the ancient cultures that had such a ‘limited understanding of physics’ knew about the subtle energies of the Earth and its grid pattern!”

    Did not Tesla work on ‘free energy’ that appears to be made available also thru the grid pattern? (I don’t know much about this stuff so forgive me if I’m entirely incorrect).

    It surely appears as if, at some point in the history of Man on Earth, that knowledge, like the ‘subtle energies of the Earth and its grid pattern’ were successfully buried. That in and of itself would have required a great undertaking or else a cataclysmic event. Whatever brought it about, it also appears as if the knowlege has been actively camoflaged for a long time now. What are your thoughts? Is a select group of families/individuals holding this info back in order to use it for control and power over the rest of us?


    • dublinmick says:

      To answer you yes Tesla could have put the electric companies out of business as well as cut down on oil. Some of the Cayce readings indicate the atlanteans ran vehicles using pyramid energy. Sumerian literature shows Ninurta removed the crystal from Giza after the pyramid wars. The book by sitchin is called wars between Gods and men.


  2. dublinmick says:

    That is a solid compliment coming from you KP, and all along people thought the masons had a handle on all of this.

    Another reason I always ask, was crazy horse our most remarkable scientist?


    That particle that changes nuclear decay had best hurry up!



    Hanford Nuclear Cleanup May Be Too Dangerous, Future Of Storage Plant Uncertain

    The Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant here—has hit a major snag in the form of potential chain reactions, hydrogen explosions and leaks from metal corrosion. And the revelation last February that six more of the storage tanks are currently leaking has further ramped up the pressure for resolution.
    The waste feed through the system will be in the form of a “non-Newtonian slurry”—a mixture of fluids and solids of many different shapes, sizes and densities. If the solids stop moving, problems ensue.

    For one thing, there’s a chance that enough plutonium could congregate to trigger a nuclear chain reaction, or criticality—the self-sustaining cascade of atomic fission that releases massive amounts of energy.

    The Defense Nuclear Safety Board, which advises the White House, has called these problems “a show-stopper.”

    Scientist: Nuclear material “continuing to come from the reactor area” at Fukushima Daiichi — First researchers to test within 5 km of plant (VIDEO)
    01:08 PM EST on May 14th, 2013 | 24 comments

    Death Blow? “Complete rejection” of plan to restart ailing California nuclear reactor without public hearing — Plant corroding as it sits idle
    11:47 AM EST on May 14th, 2013 | 27 comments

    ‘Absurd’: Intentionally dumping Fukushima nuclear material into ocean from land “is not considered dumping” — Allowed under international law?
    10:59 AM EST on May 14th, 2013 | 3 comments

    ‘Nuclear waste wild card’ at burning St. Louis area landfill — “We’re looking for trends in that radioactive data” — Contamination migrating closer to area on fire? (VIDEO)10:12 AM EST on May 14th, 2013 | 8 comments

    Crack at U.S. nuclear plant caused radioactive leak — Workers searching for more breaches — Congressman ‘very concerned’ — Reactor shut down until further notice (VIDEO)01:06 PM EST on May 13th, 2013 | 44 comments

    TV: ‘Slow sinking’ contributed to breaches in containment at giant sinkhole — Trying to keep oil from escaping — Concern over ‘future risk’ in area (VIDEO)
    11:15 AM EST on May 13th, 2013 | 63 comments

    CNBC: Nuclear power has taken a beating — Engulfed by ‘cauldron of events’ — Staggering change from just a few years ago — Not many had forecast it would “all go wrong at once”
    10:27 AM EST on May 13th, 2013 | 6 comments

    Emergency declared due to fire at U.S. nuclear plant — ‘Unusual Event’ lasted over 90 minutes
    09:39 AM EST on May 13th, 2013 | 48 comments

    Rolling Stone: “Mass release of floating radioactive particles in metro St. Louis” possible from inferno at landfill? Fire “smells like dead bodies” — 8,700 tons of nuclear waste nearby
    09:16 PM EST on May 12th, 2013 | 32 comments

    TV: Leaking Strontium-90 is “boiling the material around it” at U.S. nuclear site — Eating through tank liners (VIDEO)
    12:37 PM EST on May 11th, 2013 | 42 comments

    Kyodo: Terror drill at Fukushima nuclear plant — Fears about ‘highly fragile’ cooling systems
    08:25 AM EST on May 11th, 2013 | 29 comments

    ‘Vibrations’ cause shutdown of U.S. nuclear reactor — Crews forced to wait hours to get into area
    03:54 PM EST on May 10th, 2013 | 35 comments

    Footage of large breach at giant Louisiana sinkhole (VIDEO)
    01:14 PM EST on May 10th, 2013 | 17 comments

    Officials: Five breaches overnight at giant Louisiana sinkhole — Water levels not stabilized — Continues to fill sinkhole and containment area
    11:14 AM EST on May 10th, 2013 | 32 comments

    ‘Emergency decontamination’ needed in places used by Fukushima kids — Highly radioactive material accumulating — City Official: Many times higher than previous record for urban areas
    10:29 AM EST on May 10th, 2013 | 15 comments

    Tepco to demolish makeshift cover at Fukushima Reactor No. 1 — Trying to remove “radioactive material” — Will take 4 years for new one (PHOTO)
    03:51 PM EST on May 9th, 2013 | 69 comments

    Report: U.S. nuclear site cleanup may be too dangerous — “Plutonium could congregate to trigger nuclear chain reaction” — Problems at Hanford ‘a show-stopper’
    02:12 PM EST on May 9th, 2013 | 3 comments

    Hot particle detected in leaking tank at U.S. nuclear plant — Significant radioactive contamination in the water (AUDIO)
    12:44 PM EST on May 9th, 2013 | 16 comments

    Worry about “wall of water heading towards the control room” at U.S. nuclear plant if leaking 300,000 gallon tank fails? — Flood control berm in place (AUDIO)
    10:53 AM EST on May 9th, 2013 | 29 comments

    Cover over Reactor No. 1 to be removed at Fukushima plant — Radiation levels expected to rise
    10:10 AM EST on May 9th, 2013 | 24 comments

    Report: Tepco now dumping contaminated water from Fukushima plant into ocean — 200 tons of radioactive groundwater “pumped out”
    04:44 PM EST on May 8th, 2013 | 30 comments

    Hospital Official in Fukushima: “Extremely scary data” — Stroke rate spiking in people ages 35 to 64 — 3.4 times higher than before (VIDEO)


  3. Tom White says:

    You offer no hard evidence that the Hall of Records have been discovered yet, and then go off on tangeants. A better title for your essay would be “Hall of Records MAY have been discovered.”

    Try this one



  4. Emily says:

    “Not since this New Millennium began has there been a convergence of so many astrological alignments and geopolitical circumstances which will compel massive global changes. With the numerous and extraordinary astrological events taking place in April, the oft-predicted destiny of HUGE Earth changes can no longer be denied. It is now a matter of when , not if. The simple physics that undergird the political, economic and social spheres of life now dictate that real planetary transformation is on the way.”
    — All Hell (And Heaven) Breaks Loose In 2014



  5. Dublinsmick says:

    Thanks again Emily for always reminding me when cosmic convergence puts up a new post. They nail it is such a manner that everyone can understand it. My favorite line in that post was about Kali Yuga, an age where “ignorance becomes bliss” priceless !


  6. Dublinsmick says:


    Now We Know What Happened To The Mayans-Tunnels Under Tikal Pyramid Extend 800 Kilometers To The Other Side Of The Country-Secrets Of The Bucegi Mountains

    The Secret of Secrets: Tunnels in Bucegi Mountains — Displaying our true history discovered in 2003



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  8. Rob Watson says:

    Please Read Nano- Blenders Thesis available on the web


  9. KDGaur says:

    No they haven’t. Edgar Cayce said there are only three records, One in the Yucatan, one in an Atlantean temple now submerged in the Atlantic, covered he says, “by the slime of ages”), and one under the Sphinx in Egypt. That makes three. None of them are in Romania.


  10. Nicky says:

    My gut feeling as to why the giza Pyramids ceased to function. Someone half inched a vital component or two from the Pyramids. One being the Super conductor commonly known as the Arc of the covenant, It has been demonstrated by others that it fits right in there snug as a bug. This would also explain why the natural disasters occured at the time tut Moses stole it. The earth quakes and release of gases which also lifted the red iron oxide from the depths causing the waters to turn red, The Fish dying off due to the toxicity, The Frogs abandoning the marshes due to the same and flooding over the land to escape the toxic gases. The heavy toxic gases slowly rising up and killing anyone lower down due to the lack of oxygen, (First born slept on the ground floor traditionally) etc etc. The prophecy stories being deceptions to cover up the truth of the theiving treacherous Moses whom turned on his benefactors and robbed them all blind. The spawney swines eventually happening on the reed sea at the same time the tsunami caused by the Pyramids shut down took the waters out, Crossing over the dry bed and then the watsers returning as Tsunami’s do. As for God giving them a hand, Well that is a complete crock in my opinion. Bullshit of the first and worst order. Chosen people my arse.


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