Accused Chechen Bombers Uncle Ruslan Zaindi Tsarni Worked for USAID, Big Sky Corporation, Had Connections to Kazakh Oligarchs (updated)

As many know by now uncle Ruslan immediately denounced his nephews as guilty in the Boston bombing plot. I like many found this a bit unusual.

It seems Mr. Tsarni is a Duke 1998 law graduate and had quite a career before this. Tsarni according to the London Times helped put together a consortium of oil executives which bought Prince Andrew’s home. It is claimed the money was laundered. It came from Big Sky Energy Corporation where he was a top executive.

“From 1994 to 1996, Mr. Tsarni served as a consultant contracted by USAID for projects aimed to develop securities markets in Central Asia, where he trained corporate governance and corporate finance principals in state and private companies.”

There seemss to be some connection to “Kazakh President-for-Life’s daughter-for-life Goga Ashkenazi” who celebrated her 30thbirthday with a lavish party before a London scandal hit.

Some of you may remember the Crystal studded dress, fire eaters, peacock stilt walkers and vodka ice sculptures at the big gala with Prince Andrew and Goga.

“but organized crime boss Aziz Batukaev, who is also an ethnic Chechen, lived next door to the Tsarnaevs. Batukaev grew up and lived in Tokmok, but is now in Chechnya.”



There are some indications that the younger Chechen is confessing and blaming most of it
on his brother by nodding his head, under heavy “sedation” , with 4 bullet holes in
him, a throat injury that inhibits speaking, partially deaf from flash grenades.

It will be interesting to see if the mysterious “Misha” who we are told converted the
Chechen brother to Jihad can be found. Where is he?

Many are curious to know where the actual mercedes the chechen brothers own is and was it the car they are accused of hijacking?

On another front Mayor Bloomberg is calling for a change in the constitution, he
indicates there are those that want to take our freedom. That is the ticket mayor we just
beat them to it and take it ourselves.

Andrew Coulter, yeah he is still on tv I suppose calls for arresting the older brother’s wife
for wearing a hijab. The fact that these two actually have access to a camera is terrorism.


It might possibly be that some of the more confusing things concerning the Boston Marathon are beginning to make sense. Dick Eastman has film which clearly show Dzhokhar with a white back pack. The bomb was in a black back pack. Photos we have seen show him with no back pack. This is Eastman’s theory of why not many photos have been released. There are many photos apparently that show him in a white back pack but they are not being released.

“If the second explosion was the black backpack than Suspect 2  Dzhokhar Tsarnaev should not be a suspect at all.  His backpack was white.”

There is also the last entry on facebook by Dzhokhar:

“This will be the last message before the police get me. I never done it. They set me up. Father please forgive me. I am sorry it come to this. ”

There have been discussions at such sites as

concerning why some of the pictures of the marathon looks so staged. It may well be a good possibility that one of the two blasts were just a flare and the other was deadly.  It does indeed now look like hospitals are treating some injured people. If this is the fact the situation, it sets up an excellent paradigm to simply say all of the film shown by civilians on the scene and some taken from cameras is invalid. It could simply be passed off as more loony talk and pics from the conspiracy people. In fact various officials have already cautioned the public to accept only the pictures they put the stamp of approval on. I know it was my initial reaction after Sandy Hook. I thought more of the same, no photos, no cameras, no interviews with parents or teachers and conflicting stories. Just believe whatever we say happened.

As for the dead policeman Eastman speculates that Dozhokhar could have gone to turn himself in and realized someone had already shot the policeman. I know speculation but that is all any of us are doing at this point with so little information available.

The police chief is now saying that he does not know if Dozhokhar fired any weapons or has any weapons. What we do know is he has been shot 4 times, is heavily sedated,  has a wound in the neck they say hinders speech, is partially deaf from flash grenades and is in serious condition at Beth Israel hospital. Speculation in the press that he is “confessing” does not coincide with the final message on his face book where he claims innocence.

The False Flag Review! (To Be Updated Periodically)


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5 Responses to Accused Chechen Bombers Uncle Ruslan Zaindi Tsarni Worked for USAID, Big Sky Corporation, Had Connections to Kazakh Oligarchs (updated)

  1. dublinmick says:

    Newtown father and pro second amendment proponent Bill Stevens, whose daughter was in the lock down at the Connecticut school where they say the shootings took place addressed a 2nd amendment crowd in Hartford indicating he is tired or the political propaganda that marks him as a bad guy.

    He asked his daughter where she felt safer at the school or with him and his guns and she very quickly said with her father to thunderous approval ov the crowd. Stevens said he is will to run for office, “If you’re looking for candidates, I have three words for you: I’m your huckleberry.”

    U.N. arms trade treaty passes by overwhelming vote.


  2. dublinmick says:

    In this very good article by Lisaleaks, we have the case of 11 mideastern types boarding a plane and cutting up raucous, refusing to put down the cellphone, taken off the plane and then being put back on. The pilot and attendants refused to fly. Most of the media did not report it. This is very unusual I would think for Muslims who should realize they are under the spotlight. Could it be the mideast types were actors and this goes on much more than we know? It drew the desired response from Mr. French and Mr. Petruna.

    Ben French
    Cancelled Flight- Please read entire story, we should be very, very scared about this! And to think that Fox News was the only channel that reported this. They may be “politically incorrect”, but at least they had the “balls” to report it.

    In my opinion, the Muslims are all getting very brave now. Read Tedd Petruna’s story below. Can you imagine, our own news media now are so politically correct that they are afraid to report that these were all Muslims?

    Unbelievable. Thank God for people like Tedd Petruna.
    Tedd Petruna is a diver at the NBL (Neutral Buoyancy Lab) facility at NASA Houston . Tedd happened to be on the AirTran Flight 297, from Atlanta to Houston . Here’s his report :
    “One week ago, I went to Ohio on business and to see my father. On Tuesday, the 17th, I returned home. If you read the papers the 18th you may have seen a blurb about where an Air Tran flight was canceled from Atlanta to Houston due to a man who refused to get off of his cell phone before take- off.. The story was only on Fox News. That was NOT what really happened.

    I was seated in 1st class coming home. Eleven Muslim men got on the plane in full Muslim attire. Two of them sat in 1st class and the rest seated themselves throughout the plane, in coach class, all the way to the back. As the plane taxied out to the runway, the stewardesses gave the safety spiel that we are all so familiar with.

    At that time, one of the men in 1st class, got on his cell and called one of his companions back in coach. He proceeded to talk on the phone in Arabic very loudly and very, very aggressively. This activity took the 1st stewardess out of action for she repeatedly told the man that cell phones were not permitted at that time. He ignored her as if she were not there. The man, who answered the phone back in the coach section, did the same and this took out the 2nd stewardess. Further back in the plane, at the same time, two younger Muslims, one in the back on the aisle, and one sitting in front of him by the window, began to show footage of a porno video they had taped the night before. They were very loud about it.

    The 3rd stewardess informed the two men that they were not to have any electronic devices on at this time. One of the men said “shut up infidel dog!

    The stewardess attempted to take the camcorder and the Muslim began to scream in her face in Arabic. At that exact moment, all eleven of the men got up and started to walk throughout the cabin. I guess that because of the noise, the flight crew must have decided that there was something amiss and changed the plane’s directions to head back to the terminal.

    The commotion and noise was reaching a feverish pitch, and at this point I had had enough! I got up and started towards the back of 1st class when I heard a voice behind me from another Texan twice my size, say, “I got your back.” Then I grabbed the man, who had been on the cell phone, by the arm and said, “You WILL sit down in your seat or you WILL be thrown from this plane!” As I “led” him around me to take his seat, the fellow Texan grabbed him by the back of his neck and his waist and headed him back to his seat. I then grabbed the 2nd man and said, “You WILL do the same!”

    He protested loudly, but my adrenaline was flowing now and he was going to go also. Just as I escorted him forward, the plane stopped, the doors opened and three TSA agents and four police officers entered the cabin. Myself and my new Texas friend were told to cease and desist for they had the situation under control.

    I was quite happy to oblige, actually. There was still some sort of commotion in the back, but within moments, all eleven Muslim men were escorted off the plane. The TSA agents then had their luggage unloaded. We talked about the occurrence and were in disbelief that it had happened.

    Then suddenly, the door opened again and in walked all eleven Muslim men! Stone faced, eyes front and robotic, (the only way I can describe it) and they were reseated. The stewardess from the back had been in tears and when she saw the men, she was having NONE of it! Since I was up front, I heard and saw the whole ordeal. She told the TSA agents that there was NO WAY she was staying on the plane with the Muslim men. The agent told her that they had searched the men and were going through their luggage with a fine tooth comb. However, nothing had been found and that the men were allowed to proceed on to Houston .
    The captain and co-captain came out of the cockpit and told the agent, “We and our crew will not fly this plane!” After a word or two, the entire crew, luggage in tow, left the plane. Five minutes later, the cabin door opened again and a whole new crew walked on. Again, this was where I had had enough! I got up and asked the TSA agent,”What the hell is going on?
    I was told to take my seat. The airlines and TSA were sorry for the delay and we would be home shortly. I said, “I’m getting off this plane”. The stewardess sternly told me that she could not allow me to get off. Now I’m really mad! I said, “I am a grown man who bought this ticket, whose time is mine, with a family at home, and I am going through that door, or I’m going through that door with you under my arm, but I AM going through that door!”

    And then I heard a voice behind me say, “So am I!” Then everyone behind us started to get up and say the same thing. Within two minutes, I was walking off that plane where I was met by more TSA agents, who asked me to write a statement about the incident. I had five hours to kill at this point waiting for the next flight to Houston , so why the hell not give them my statement. Due to the amount of people who got off that flight, it was canceled. I was supposed to be in Houston at 6 PM, but I finally got there at 12:30 AM. If you don’t believe this, look up the date and then Flight 297 from Atlanta to Houston .

    If this wasn’t a terrorism dry run, I don’t know what is. The terrorists wanted to see how TSA would handle it, how the crew would handle it, and how the passengers would handle it. I’m telling this to you because I want you to know. The threat IS real. I saw it with my own eyes.”
    Tedd Petruna


  3. dublinmick says:

    Things you should try and avoid

    Parties where you wake up with a hangover and all you can remember is strobe lights, handlers, electric shock and drugs.

    Never ever over indulge while visiting the magic kingdom or hang around people singing thanks for the memories

    Sporting events where strangers ask you to hold their back pack while they get a soft drink

    Invitations to be part of emergency drills with more than 12 agencies involved, plastic caskets and lots of wheel chairs in the background.

    Men with tan pants and caps with red eye skull emblems, carrying geiger counters

    Craig list bargains that offer 5 pressure cookers for the price of one

    Halloween parties where people look like batman

    Hair salons that specialize in orange hair

    Strangers who hand you booklets on Jihad and then disappear from your life shortly afterwards

    Sporting events of any kind or stripe where bomb sniffing dogs appear. This goes double for marathons where little old ladies tell you if you participate you will die

    Never run out of duck tape and saran wrap, you just never know

    People who read books upside down

    Airplane flights with unruly passengers, especially if NORAD has stood down

    Physicians or Dentists who insist that lead, vaccine, aluminum, radiation, fluoride, GMO and formaldehyde are good for you, time to go down that approved doctor list

    People who think jet fuel melts steel, they will eventually drive you nuts also

    If your uncle is from Chechnya and worked for USAID, try not to get on his bad side


  4. dublinmick says:


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