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Professor James Tracy Of Florida Atlantic University Censured Concerning Sandy Hook Shooting Views

 Higher Ed Outlets Address Reprimand of Professor for Blog 36 Home • Tags: academe, public education, Sandy Hook Elementary “Two notable professional academic publications examine disciplinary measures taken against James Tracy for media attention given to articles appearing on memoryholeblog that questioned the official Newtown … Continue reading

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Jonas E. Alexis: Jewish Slavery In Western Culture (Part II)

        “Live not by lies!”—Alexander Solzhenitsyn[1] Editors Note: Dear readers, this is another fabulous article from a new VT staff writer Jonas Alexis. It is packed full of well researched and confirmed information from a variety of sources … Continue reading

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Boston Marathon Bombing Ushering In New Era Of Feudalism We are slowly reaching a point most of us with a room temperature I.Q. could see coming shortly after 911, when we were told men in caves wanted to take our freedom. Some in Washington now like … Continue reading

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Kahlil Gibran (My Countryman)

Sometimes for me when the events around me become so disgusting,  I read Kahlil Gibran. He is one of the most incredible humans to ever arrive on the planet. He is a reminder of what the spirit can be like … Continue reading

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Accused Chechen Bombers Uncle Ruslan Zaindi Tsarni Worked for USAID, Big Sky Corporation, Had Connections to Kazakh Oligarchs (updated)

As many know by now uncle Ruslan immediately denounced his nephews as guilty in the Boston bombing plot. I like many found this a bit unusual. It seems Mr. Tsarni is a Duke 1998 law graduate and had quite a … Continue reading

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