Very Clear Photography Of Bubbles Emanating From Corne Bayou

Very clear photography of bubbles randomly showing up in the bayou near Corne Bayou. Naturally this woman is very concerned. The bubbles are not only taking place in the sinkhole. A local woman sheds light on what is taking place. After thousands of small earthquakes in the area they seemed to have let up once the sinkhole appeared. Many of the locals are complaining of eye problems in the area as not only gas is emanating from the sinkhole but a 2000 gallon tank of divinylbenzene has caused the evacuation of hundreds more people. It appears that hundreds more people are being evacuated in Louisiana and they are some 88 miles from the sink hole site. Apparently  2,000 gallons of divinylbenzene became unstable inside a tank and there were foul odors and smoke in the air. The evacuation was late as they were relying on government agencies. People were effected outside the evacuation area. You couldn’t make this up if you were trying to write a science fiction novel as now hurricane Isaac stands a high probability of landing in the area. Has the devil gone down to Louisiana? Tiny Bubbles

A meeting by Locals 

As long as we are on the subject of the bizarre, a few things I have stumbled upon lately.

There were many reports awhile back on this phenomena from around the world. Now it seems residents in California are reporting the same type events that happened everywhere from Russia to Wisconsin. Residents in El Dorado County California are describing much the same type scenarios. Booms

This is a phenomenon that went on for sometime in Wisconsin awhile back for sometime with resulting small earth quakes. wisconsin

As long as we are on the subject of bizarre happenings, I have stumbled into a few lately. There seems to have been a giant fireball over Russia

In Butler County Pennsylvania it seems and 8 foot 4 inch fella with wings turned up. Now this is near West Virginia where we are told the mothman shows up once in awhile. From 8 foot wing span

Not far from me a man claims to have been hit in the thigh by a rock thrown at him by a big foot in the Ocala National Forest. It had a baby big foot in tow. There have always been reports around here that big foots do live in the Florida area. This one is said to have been carrying a baby

The Department of Homeland Security and Janus Napolitano is moving into a revamped insane asylum known as St. Elizabeth, overlooking the Potomac where Ezra Pound was illegally incarcerated. Are you smiling yet?

DHS moves into insane asylum


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One Response to Very Clear Photography Of Bubbles Emanating From Corne Bayou

  1. dublinmick says:

    I will take a look at it, I haven’t looked at much lately other trying to keep up with this sinkhole episode and the hurricane. Thanks.

    I have got to say if I were that woman in the film and thought there was a possibility I was perched on top of a 3 mile salt dome that could collapse, I wouldn’t be hanging around.


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