Could Crazy Horse Have Been Our Greatest Scientist, Unknown Solar Particle Is Still Out There?

Sometimes when I look around at all the mayhem and outright idiocy destroying this planet and making the earth almost uninhabitable by sane people, I have to wonder what would it take to change the course of planet earth. Can man alone decide to change course and suddenly change our headlong stampede towards the abyss? I am sorry to tell you I haven’t seen much of an indication this could even be a remote possibility.

Some decades ago there was a well known native American who fought at the little Big Horn called Crazy Horse. Most Americans know the story of Custer but not everyone is aware that Crazy Horse made some prophecies along with Sitting Bull. Crazy Horse had a vision that showed him going up to the clouds and he was shown a great light that would come from the heavens and heal even the waters. Sounds crazy to most huh? No pun intended. In fact there was another indian who said similar things, his name was Black Elk. He said something to the effect that someday the iron horse won’t move, the talking wires won’t talk and the engines won’t run. Could it be this simple, this Crazy Horse guy knows more than our scientists because God told him about it? You know the scientists that say there is no God.

How could this happen? Well I know it sometimes may sound trite to some but a sun going nova, spewing unknown as yet particles into the magnetosphere could do just that. There would be very few computer chips left, no electricity, no car engines running, no instruments of high tech war  …… nothing. We would be back to eating the leaves off trees and modern warfare would be reduced to stones and clubs. That is assuming the unknown energy fields did not effect what is left of the human brain to actually make it decide such things were unnecessary. That however might be asking too much.

The above picture is of crazy horse. Does he look like a savage that is ready to eat your heart out? I think not. I see a very dignified spirit with a knowing glance in his eye. Notice his power stick. They are usually made of almond wood. There is an interesting story attributed to Crazy Horse. The indians were tired of being killed and they told him we can win this war, we can fight just like the army, they are only men like us and we have guns. Crazy Horse told them yes we have guns but what is most ominous is we don’t know how to make guns.

There is also another thing I have been wondering about. When Sitting bull had his vision of when Custer would arrive he used something called the “Sun Ceremony” whereby he stared at the sun for two days. Did this man know something we don’t?

This is the only change which will make a difference. It won’t be a change in policy in Syria, the armies of east and west deciding to disarm and be friends, changes in banking polices etc, etc. I am sorry I just don’t see that happening anytime soon. I enjoy reading about the great game, who is behind what and where it is all leading but sometimes I just have to withdraw from it.

All my life I have heard people laugh about those crazy sun worshippers as if they were some kind of prehistoric idiots. Well I have news for you, it is looking more and more as if the ancient civilizations knew the sun was much more powerful and dynamic than we ever thought. Ancient mythology  is loaded with references to the sun from Tutankhamen’s sun disk to national flags flown by Japan and the Philippines.

The rate of radioactive decay is still speeding up. That is good news because when the microchips go there will be no way to cool the 400 nuclear power plants on the planet. The new decay rate might just neutralize some of the radiation set to destroy us all. They are all going to meltdown just like Fukushima where the butterflies are mutating as we speak. Some of these plants are on earthquake fault lines, the same ones that run under the dykes of the Mississippi and keep the river from overflowing it’s banks. Yea pretty smart huh? Maybe you think that everywhere in the world there are lines of Samarai warriors ready to wade into nuclear hell with space suits to save you but I think you will be in for a big surprise. They are running out of workers at Fukushima. If the sun can’t do it we are all going to be crispy critters. There is enough plutonium in Japan alone to kill us all. Think we don’t have a problem? Think solar flares, warming, rivers drying up.

If you believe these power plants can possibly remain stable I have bad news for you. As we have talked about here before, the oceans are loaded with methane hydrate. It is everywhere and is melting. There is a giant pocket of it in the Gulf of Mexico. The gases are looking for avenues of escape and the giant sinkhole in Louisiana just may be one of those. It is escaping in the polar ice caps and other places as the axis has changed. Some lakes around the globe have turned blood red. Yeah I know you have heard it “when the seas turn to blood.” A lake in Texas and France have recently turned blood red.

The sun seems to be influencing the decay of radioactive elements inside the earth. Yes I am sure that can apply to methane hydrate also. It is changing the laws of physics and everything our greatest scientists have always told us. The decay rate we were always told was supposed to remain constant. Well guess what it is changing. Nothing is the same any more and some scientists are flat out panicking. Guess what, the decays rates change more rapidly during solar flares. Do you think this was taken into consideration when all the computer chips were manufactured? If you do I want to talk to you about some swampland I can let you have real cheaply.

This just in:

“Peter Sturrock, Stanford emeritus professor of applied physics and an expert on the inner workings of the sun, told the researchers to look for evidence that the changes in radioactive decay vary with the rotation of the sun. The answer was yes, suggesting that neutrinos are responsible.

But how could the nebulous neutrino, which does not interact with normal matter, be affecting decay rates? No one knows. It might be a previously unknown particle instead.

As Jenkins puts it, “What we’re suggesting is that something that doesn’t really interact with anything is changing something that can’t be changed.”

Though disaster movies would have you believe otherwise, we should not yet worry about solar neutrinos warming the core of the Earth. But perhaps we should worry that our understanding of the sun — and perhaps our understanding of nuclear physics in general — is a lot weaker than we thought.”

“Theorists are starting to say, ‘What’s going on?’ But that’s what the evidence points to. It’s a challenge for the physicists and a challenge for the solar people too,” says Sturrock.

It may very well be that the interaction between the Sun and radioactive materials is caused by a new, yet-undiscovered particle, physicists say.”

And an update from one of my favorites, Terrance Aym on the Angry Sun

“Now evidence has surfaced that something potentially more dangerous is happening deep within the hidden core of our life-giving star: never-before-seen particles—or some mysterious force—is being shot out from the sun and it’s hitting Earth.

Whatever it is, the evidence suggests it’s affecting all matter.”

“It’s already been proven that the sun’s mass warps time, bends light waves and accounts for mutation of species on Earth. Now this new force may be directly interacting with matter in a way that could not only change Mankind’s understanding of physics, but change Mankind itself…and not necessarily in a beneficial way.”

There is speculation it may well be neutrinos. The decay rates seem to revolve around 33 day rotations of the sun’s inner core. Yes I know that magic number 33 once again that seems to have been a staple of the ancients. Neutrinos are released from the core of the sun. Want to know something scary, they really don’t know the make up of the sun.

I really hope Crazy Horse was right as I have very little faith in man. You know we have all read a lot of religious verses most likely from all directions. One that always stood out to me was attributed to Peter. He said one day the universe will melt and all in it will understand everything. Isn’t there something out there about reaching a point where all is known? I realize the bible was put together by Constantine the British warlord who was trying to hold a faltering roman empire together. There is a lot of hocus pocus in it but I don’t discount everything there nor do I make light of Jesus as he is very much misrepresented. I take what is seems useful and disregard the rest when it comes to any ancient manuscript. It is hard not to notice however that the words of Peter and Crazy Horse somehow coincide. When you consider that planet earth is going to align with the milky way galaxy in December and enter the ortcloud belt,  it is something that makes me do a double take.

I know I have mentioned some of this before and I find that I am sometimes repeating myself but when you have a certain view, it just doesn’t seem to change. That is one reason I quit blogging at one point.

“Obstacles cannot crush me. Every obstacle yields to a stern resolve. He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind ” – Leonardo daVinci


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7 Responses to Could Crazy Horse Have Been Our Greatest Scientist, Unknown Solar Particle Is Still Out There?

  1. izzy says:

    Well, if we take into consideration the above material, it might be more accurate to say “He who is fixed to a star has his mind changed for him” (and not necessarily in a beneficial way). Whatever it is, it’s happening.


  2. BuelahMan says:

    I read every post (but don’t always comment). In some instances, I have an opinion, but many times I just don’t know. Things look so bleak when considering the hands of the men who seem to control humanity. But the bigger picture is beyond any of them (and myself, for that matter).

    If it becomes as bad as Crazy Horse suggested, at least then I won’t have to worry about the thugs who are causing the most pain in the world (sadly, as a representative of this country).

    Editor’s note:
    Beulah is a big fan of Adolph Hitler (Rothschilds all) and Poroshenko the merciless


  3. dublinmick says:

    BuelahMan as you have probably noticed my main theme is, leveling effect won’t come from man or politics. That is why I have to step back from it once in awhile. I post this one from time to time and I don’t think anyone can make it more clear.

    Or here, I mean how much more clear can it be?


  4. tesla said that radioactive matter such as radium was due, not to internal instability, but to the fact that its structure was such that it interacted with energy flowing throughout the universe. maybe he was right.


  5. dublinmick says:

    It could very well be the case Fong. I certainly don’t claim to be an expert in this area.


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  7. hirundine608 says:

    Strangely, or not? Homo Sapiens seems to think it’s running the show? People have many advantages over the other life forms on this planet. Humility, is unfortunately not one of those advantages. Especially for the ego maniacs, running the show.

    Sun worship makes some sense. For the sun supplies every planet with its special qualities. Though it is still just an outward manifestation of the light within us. Without that sun, Sol, I would not have life. “Lift up your eyes to see God”, takes on so many entendres.

    How the sun works, in conjunction with the cosmic rays of the universe. Is starting to become better known. How sunspots are precursors, or cause, of earthquakes, tropical storms, etc.

    If a human stares at the sun they will become blind. I had an acquaintance, originally from Rhodesia, Zimbabwe, had done so when small and told me how it happened. Although he did have some sight left.

    It is hard to believe Crazy Horse was able to stare at it for 2 days? However, he does have that “look”, of someone at peace with this world.

    Stories of how this planet will do anything but continue to exist, until the sun is extinguished. Leave me feeling sceptical. This sun and it’s system came from the Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy [SagDEG] The Milky Way captured our star Sol and it’s system. Like other suns of SagDEG. This Galaxy, SagDEG, is still to be seen. There are images available to be seen on internet. History has a habit of showing how scientists or other seers can often be so wrong. As interesting as they may be. It behoves us to know these things, but until proven, stay centred on what really is so important. That is being true to ourselves. Follow the internal light/vibration and like a good boy scout, “be prepared”.

    Thanks Mick for another superb blog … Cheers!


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