Monkey Blood, RH Negative Blood Types, Presidents And Royalty


Updated: Sept 30th, 2014

Before reading this however you should still be aware, the battle is within!

Updated 2-22-2014-The link below concerns the fairly recently discovered Haplogroup X

This is an update and very important dealing with copper deficiency of the blood. Healthy cells cannot be formed when one is copper deficient. Researcher Boutillier  of the Unveiling, maintains that all blood was once AB and has been reduced to O which has a shorter lifespan due to copper depletion. This is done through vaccine, GMO and other factors. The theory is copper depleted blood can allow pathogens in vaccine to eventually go live. There is a reason the royals drink from silver, it is 15% copper.

We have all seen various discussions concerning RH negative blood types. It seems to be the dominant blood group of European royalty who feel they have the right to rule through DNA and a relationship they claim through the Merovingian blood line. The shroud of Turin is supposed to verify this showing Jesus as RH negative but many insist it is a fake. There is no denying we have many former presidents with this blood type as well as fairly well publicized people. We read glowing reports that such people are sensitive and caring but I am not seeing this outside of possibly John Kennedy.

Possibly you have seen articles concerning the ability of royals to shape shift. It does seem a bit bizarre to me, but not something I could prove either way. We do know the human embryo does have a tail at about 3 months. It is called in Sanskrit the caudo draconis, in latin the dragon’s tail. Now the interesting part is we are told many RH negatives are born with the tail intact to varying degrees! They go through life with a small tail. I have never run into this but it is interesting.

I have left various links here concerning this topic, some of the propositions I don’t agree with.  Nevertheless it adds to the discussion.

The CAUDA EQUINA is the bundle of spinal nerve roots arising from the end of the spinal cord and filling the lower part of the spinal canal(from approximately the thoraco-lumbar junction down). Embryology : Caudally the tail region projects over the cloacal membrane.

The Basque are known as a maritime group and are the largest known RH negative group.  They do not seem to enjoy any special favors when it comes to the European movers and shakers. In fact at times they seem persecuted as do Palestinians, American indians,  Japanese Ainu, the white tribe which was pushed to almost extinction in Japan and have large percentages of RH negative blood.  They also have one of the highest percentages of rare AB blood type. Why would this be the case? RH negatives do seem to experience a high rate of disappearance. Is there a DNA or blood type needed for something we know little about?

Monkey Blood

Here is another theory.

“The Reptilians are tracking those with Rh-Negative Factor Blood. Going back into time…. the Rh-Neg Hybrids came from the DRACO Caverns in the Carpathian Mountains. They were mostly RED Haired, with Green Eyes and Black haired, with Brown Eyes. They tried to infiltrate themselves into the Blond/Brown Haired, with Blue Eyes, Civilization. They wanted to Mate with those who were not Rh-Negatives. Most Rh-Negs have a Lower Body temperature and Blood pressure than Rh-Positives. Many Rh-Negs are born with a CAUDA(tail) or an Extra Vertebra (Tail Bone). Rh-Negs are Hybrids. They are Part Reptilian/part human. If two Rh-Negs try to have a baby it will usually die or be born a “BLUE Baby”, because it is Not processing oxygen properly. Thus “Blue-Bloods”, if they survive. 5% of the Earth’s population are currently Rh-Negatives. But, they are 15% of the population of the England and the USA.”

“Dr. Luigi Cavalli-Sforza from Stanford University wrote an article entitled “Genes, Peoples and Languages” (Scientific American, Nov.’91). He pointed out the high Rh-negative concentrations among the people of Morocco, the Basque country of Euskadi, Ireland, Scotland and the Norwegian islands.”

The only people among these still to speak their original neolithic language were the Basques…”


Those who originated in Samaria have a high percentage of RH negative blood, as do some American Indian groups. We have to wonder about the American Indian trait of  becoming blood brothers. Were they mixing antigens or what was going on? Were some of the native American hostilities based on blood type? The totem poles were carefully designed records of genealogy. We know that native Americans referred to some as “evil spirits”? The Greeks considered the blood of the Gods to be poisonous to mortals. The Chinese and Africans have almost no RH negative blood types.

Sumerian tablets, Vedas, the Atrahasis explicitly say the Nefilim were different from the subjects they created on earth. They were surprised when the initial humans had foreskins as they did not. We might assume this lead to the practice of circumcision as the earthlings wished to be as the Gods. There is a quote in Genesis where the Lord of the Universe says something to other Nefilim along the lines of, the earthlings wish to be like us. What is up with the story of Michael slaying the “reptilian” dragon?


Former U.S Presidents

Former President Eisenhower Type O-Neg
Former President John F. Kennedy Type AB-Neg
Former President Richard Nixon Type O-Neg
Former President Bill Clinton AB-Neg
Former President George W. Bush Sr. Type A-Neg


Pharaoh Ramses II Type B-Neg
Shroud Of Turin was AB-Neg is this correct?
Prince Charles Type O-Neg and his late Grandmother
Queen Elizabeth Type O-Neg
Prince William is also negative

Interesting Authors

Zacharia Sitchin Type Neg
Brad Steiger O-Neg
Erik Von Daniken Type O-Neg
Robert Anton Wilson Type Neg


Mick Jagger Type AB-Neg (Of running with the devil fame)
Fox Mulder “X-files” Type O-Neg
Marilyn Monroe was Type AB-Neg
Dan Aykroyd Type O-Neg

High Profile Murders

O.J. Simpson is Type A-Neg “who killed”
Ron Goldman Type O-Neg
Laci Peterson Type O-Neg  (remember she was kidnapped and killed)

“The researches of R. Frank, a scholar at the University of Iowa, suggest that the Basques were far-advanced in navigational skills and other aspects of technology long before the rise of the Roman Empire. The Basques, she believes, are the last remnants of the megalith builders, who left behind dolmens, standing stones, and other rock structures all across Europe and perhaps even in eastern North America.”

“Two facts set the Basque peoples apart from the other Europeans who have dominated the continent the past 3,000 years: (1) The Basque language is distinctly different; and (2) The Basques have the highest recorded level of Rh-negative blood (roughly twice that of most Europeans), as well as substantially lower levels of Type B blood and a higher incidence of Type O blood.”

Southern France and Northern Spain is where you can find most of the RH-negative factor in the Basque people. Another group is the Eastern/Oriental Jews. In general, about 40 – 45% of Europeans have the RH-negative group. Only about 3% of African descendents and about 1% of Asian or Native Americans have the RH-negative group although in some groups it appears to be relatively high. Due to the larger European numbers, it is a safe bet that was where it was introduced into the human genetic code. Could this also be where the Caucasian was introduced? Is the introduction of the Caucasian related to the RH-blood factor? The caucasian is generally associated with Cromagnon man.  Is it a factor in bio specific weapon production?

It has been proven that the majority of mankind (85%) has a blood factor seen in the rhesus monkey. It is called rhesus positive blood. Usually shortened to Rh positive. This factor  is not related to the AB, A, B, O blood types. RH negative factor has to be a mutation or points out descendants from a different family tree. Negative blood types cannot be cloned. You can breed a horse and a donkey but the mule will be sterile.


Here’s a sciencey perspective on Rh- blood.   “(The interesting bit is that no solid scientific explanation exists as to how or why Rh- blood came about. It is presumed to be the result of a random mutation.) What we know is somehow a mother will build up antibodies to reject an alien factor and this does not happen anywhere else in nature. This is the mother’s body rejecting her own offspring. It suggest cross breeding between different species. This does not lend credence to all of us being from the Noah family tree and suggests a control system whether through ignorance or by design.”

“Only 5 percent of the entire world were said to be Rh negative, when I first started researching it. Now, it is stated that the Rh negative factor is 15 percent of the world’s blood types. I think this may have come about due to more research that has been done in third world countries, and in areas of the world where scientists had no communications with data. The theories of the origins on the phenomena of the Rh negative blood types have been vast, strange and controversial. Some of these theories of which mostly, I truly don’t believe, but it is fodder for some bizarre coincidences, and hopefully enlightening into this mystery.”

“The Rh negative blood type is said to be of unknown origin. There is no one scientist that can give a single reason for its existence other than a mutation that occurred tens of thousands of years ago. I gathered a lot of pseudo, and actual details over the years of which are amusing, and contradictory to what I really think was the cause of this negative blood type factor.”

There are of  course theories of genes brought to earth by the Annunaki.  One was the Enki. The Enuma Elish indicates they came from heaven to earth in flying machines. It seems on further review this is where tales in the bible were first plagarized.

The royal families of Europe claim to be descendants of the Gods and blue bloods as a result of their RH negative blood type. What if they are wrong and RH negative is not even the key factor in blood types? I don’t take it as a given they even know what they are talking about.

Peter whom Jesus had given the keys to heaven was quoted as saying that “we will be judging angels.”  Bear in mind however there is no evidence Peter or Jesus were RH negative.

The rarest of blood groups is AB. Individuals with the blood group AB contain both antigen A and antigen B. Thus, they can receive blood from individuals of all blood groups. Nevertheless, people with AB blood group can donate blood only to people who have the AB blood group. One researcher believes all groups were at one time AB and copper deficiency causes deterioration down to type O and reduces life span. So we really don’t know do we? It could be that AB is the original blood group. I tend to believe that might be the case, but what of the RH negative factor? I hardly think it is a mutation. Some say O is the strongest blood and others like Boutillier disagree and say AB is the original blood type. AB positive is almost as rare as AB negative. So there is much disagreement. Most all say never take a blood transfusion as there are over 5000 varying blood factors.
Rh-negative women and men have several “Unusual Traits” that Rh-positives don’t. Some call them “Reptilian Traits”. I tend to think they may well be neanderthal traits. This may indeed trace back to the fall of Atlantis when some escaped to Egypt and other places. They may have come into direct contact with a separate species with different blood groupings. This group may just have been the one that stretched from the western caucasus to Spain and could account for the various forms of rejection we see in various blood groups. 

An EXTRA-Vertebra (a “Tail Bone”)….some are born with a tail(called a “Cauda”).
Lower than normal Body Temperature
Lower than normal Blood Pressure
Higher mental analytical abilities.
Higher Negative-ion shielding (from positive “charged” virus/bacteria)around the body.
High Sensitivity to EM and ELF Fields.

“Most do not know that as RHO-Neg individuals, they are tracked throughout their whole lives by world-wide governmental agencies interested in understanding the genesis of this group, and for other more complex societal purposes. (follow this line of thought in the new material to be posted as a continuation of Journey to the Absolute Elsewhere)

“Here are a few tidbits about this blood thing. In ALL blood groups there exists a common microbe that in essence is THE LIFE FORCE ITSELF. During experiments that our team conducted we heated the blood to 700 degrees F and also put it in Liquid Nitrogen. This microbe which is visible only with a highly modified dark field microscope that was custom built for us was STILL ALIVE. We have also tested this on ´mummy dust´. This microbe is STILL alive after 5000 years plus when the mummy dust is placed in a ph perfect solution the same as the “live blood”, it returns back to ´life´.”

And then we have the satanic vampire cult blood drinkers who seem to be convinced the “life is in the blood.”

Rare AB blood types are highest in the Japan’s Ainu white tribe, gypsies, Mongols, Thai, Kalmuks and Peking Chinese.

Updated 1-21-2014


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193 Responses to Monkey Blood, RH Negative Blood Types, Presidents And Royalty

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  2. anadianant says:

    Nice Dub. Also very interesting to see the “Red Cross” owns all the blood banks and blood exchange activities globally. Talk about power eh? All the blue bloods want to control the red blood.

    i’ve also felt long and strongly that blood transfusions lead to bad consequences, because blood carries all the auric imprint of whence it came from.



    • dublinmick says:

      Yes Vivek that was mentioned, the blood contains a consciousness. A microbe as mentioned above that doesn’t seem to want to die. The red cross does seem busy busy gathering blood. I had an uncle who was perfectly healthy and went in for a check up. He was 88 years old. They said he had low blood and need a transfusion which he agreed to. A few months later they said he had cancer and he died shortly afterwards. They don’t screen the blood to well either as we always see where some is recalled for hepatitus, sickle cell or other abnormalities. Blood transfusions can be a great vector for depopulation. My mother was 100 years old and the nursing home told me she needed a transfusion. I said great take it out of my arm and give it to her, we are the same blood type. They said no we can’t do that and I said well maybe she doesn’t need one all that bad.

      Liked by 1 person

    • You might have a point, but people don’t get blood transfusions willy nilly. They get them because they will die if they don’t. So if you consider the alternative, the “bad consequences” of blood transfusions are not as bad as dying. The medical community does not take it lightly either. You just get it to save your life. I was anemic and had lost half the blood in my body due to inflammation problems, so I got one. I am AB (don’t know whether pos or neg.) I actually felt much better for the 3 months afterward than I have ever felt in my life. 3 months/ 90 days is the amount of time that blood lives before it is replaced with new blood. I wish I could get blood transfusions all the time. I didn’t have all the inflammation that I usually have and felt great both physically and mentally. There is something wrong with my AB blood. If I was rich I would have a blood transfusion every 3 months.


      • john says:

        sad you can’t be happy with your own. you could be positive experiencing the joys of being negative for a short term via blood transfusion. i highly doubt positive blood would make you want to keep getting it….just kidding…or am i?


    • Robin Conkel-hAnnan says:

      The Irish and Basques should have the same blood type since they are of the same ancestry..


    • m. says:

      I wish I knew more people like you who understood things like this and can openly talk about it!


  3. Avops says:

    Dub, great collection of info in this post! I have studied this Rh factor myself… still no real confirmation of the source of the change in blood types though… I suppose all we can do is speculate as the real knowledge is probably locked up tight by one the “secret societies”!

    Good job nonetheless..



  4. dublinmick says:

    Yes there seems to be quite a bit we don’t know. I kind of side with Boutillier that it is AB where the interest lies. I appreciate the comments from you guys.


  5. Travis Broes says:

    Here is a theory for you: If the theory about reptilians is true I am not saying that it is but by abilities are beyond both my parents & I was the only child born in my family with AB + from to RH – parents. If I inherited ant special traits & they track all o – people then it is because type O – is the type that produces offspring with RH + blood & inherited reptilian traits. Now if I have children with RH – mate the children will be all RH – blood types & the traits will be inherited & increase RH – numbers. If I have children with Rh + type then my offspring will be born RH- & I will have passed those traits back over into pure human bloodline & increase the full human abilities. I had a brother who my mother said was aborted a year before I was born. Her story has holes in it as to why. My father never said anything & may not even have known. I mated with a RH positive mate & had two children, both RH + type & both were given vaccinations at the hospital without permission & both are intellectually impaired & probably will never have children. Going on this my children were damaged on purpose to stop them passing on those traits back into the full human gene pool. I am already & have already been on the war path anyway over it & will prevail to some degree in compensation & not for money.


    • dublinmick says:

      Travis I am sorry to hear that and I certainly do not doubt it. Vaccinations are very destructive in my opinion and cause many many problems.


    • Barbata Daca says:

      I am soory about your children. Most vaccinations carry Mercury, Formaldahyde, Aluminum and other heavy metals and posions (see NaturalNews for more info). Detoxing heavy metal posions is difficult, but can help. Cilantro is a great help in this area. Please note most states have a paper you can sign that states you will not give your childern vacinnations for personal reasons (thx 7dAdventists). Make sure you don’t even allow a flu shot, as those to carry the same agents. Definately make your voice known anyway you can! Many blessings to you and yours!


      • Just to let you know, vaccines also carry animal and blood proteins, as well as dna and proteins of whatever body part the vaccine substrates were grown on – including cloned human aborted fetus. So, squalene as an adjuvant for instance, derived from shark cartilage, attacks your own body’s production of the natural squalene in your body. Porcine Zona Pellucida (pig ovaries) are used in vaccines to sterilize humans and animals, as the human body’s reaction to foreign body parts is to create anti-bodies against your own body’s sexual function. It will prevent spermatogenisis or destroy the connection between sperm and egg. Finally, the transference of “prions” as immortal proteins that are malformed (folded) and infect other proteins that protect the body are the cause of many cancers, BSE and other prion diseases, and likely most modern dementia disease states such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. In short, this is the mixing of “blood-types” through vaccination of foreign blood and proteins, causing so many disease states. Also, these prions may be the blood cells mentioned earlier that are alive after thousands of years.


    • heather says:

      I think your a little bit nut…

      Editor’s note

      I am crazier than you could imagine in your wildest dreams. 🙂


    • Amanda says:

      Travis- I am sorry to tell you that if you are rh+ and your parents are both rh-, that you were not born to those parents. It is impossible for two rh- people to have a rh+ child. In order to be rh- you must inherit 1 – from both parents. When the factors pair up you can only get 1 – from mother, and 1 – from father, making you –, there are no + factors in this pairing. If you received 1 – and 1 + you would automatically be rh+ because the + factor is dominant and the – is recessive. You can also get 1 + from parent if they are -+, and a + from other parent if they are -+, or ++. However, if a parent is – then they have no + factor to pass down, as all – people carry — factors. No rh- person can pass down a + factor because we have no + factor to pass down, therefore either one or both of your parents are not your parents.


      • Sally May says:

        My father and mother were “said” to both be RH Neg. But when my brother was tested as RH Positive, we found out that the US Army had mis-typed my father. He, too, was positive (not negative as he’d always believed).

        The testing happened because my mother was that oh-so-desired AB Neg and the blood siphoners wanted some… so they came to our house and took blood from everyone. Of course, all of the blood was tested and my Bro was deemed Pos… also my Dad. Thank God my Dad didn’t need any blood while in the Army, or he might be dead because of giving incorrect blood.


      • Victor says:

        Sorry Travis , but this for Amanda if so what do you say to me being – and my kids being + how did that come about I am light brown skin with brown eyes with African hair and wife white skin with hazel eyes with Caucasian genes o+ and me o- our kids boy and girl o+.


      • Evelyne says:

        sorry you ARE wrong. I have 3 O+ children and my husband and I are A-


    • So Many People Here Need Paternity Tests!!! says:

      You need a Paternity Test. As Amanda pointed out, Rh- is a recessive trait. A person MUST be homozygous for Rh- to express that blood type (they have to carry 2 Rh- genes). Someone who is Rh- has ONLY Rh- genes. If both parents are Rh-… they will produce ALL Rh- CHILDREN, as they have no Rh+ genes to pass onto their offspring. On the other hand, Rh+ is dominant, and a person will be of Rh+ blood type even if they are heterozygous (carry 1 Rh- and 1 Rh+ gene). An Rh- mother who passes on an Rh- gene to her child, can produce an Rh+ child if the child receives an Rh+ gene from their biological father. If you are not mistaken about your parents’ blood types, you need a paternity test.


    • john says:

      no way to get a positive from two negatives. if you’re positive, one of your parents was positive. that’s like two whites producing black. one of your parents was likely weak d or your father isn’t who you think it is.


    • dimitris says:

      im o neg…have five children….one autism the other was adhd then schizophrenia at 18….i waz told the RhoGam is suppose to protect me and the baby..but lies..they never check to see what blood type my babys were to see if i needed the shot or not… mom o neg had five …my oldest sister have schizophrenia ……im the baby with the same blood type….i would really like to get a class action lawsuit going….they know whats going on here..i will say i heard a voice loud as day with both children tell me to get a abortion… but i could not bring myself to do so…..


  6. dublinmick says:

    Thank you Janet


  7. dublinmick says:



  8. maria says:

    recently had strange dreams i haven’t had since i was 8, am 36, am O – and adopted, guess it’s labelled “astral projection”, not sure, yet it makes sense of what you post, why are O- considered “reptilians” or “aliens”,”nephilium” and “evil” by others?, never understood that, what race are we then?


    • Barbara Daca says:

      O negative are Atlanteans NOT Reptilians. The Nephilum are a separate race. The Reptilians will do anything to win this Earth. They are very manipulative. You can be assured that when they do something, they will automatically turn it around and blame it on an Atlantean to manipulate their progress and move forward with their plan. They will, lie, steal, cheat, etc. with no remorse whatsoever. They truly believe they are superior, while in actuality, besides their great abilities at manipulation, their intelligence is severely lacking, for they have no vision, or just enjoy the destroying of, in the process.


    • xola12 says:

      hi maria. i found your post when i googled negative blood type and strange dreams. i am looking for other negative blood people who have been having very intense dream states for the last six months or so. all of mine have in one form or another been about the ¨end of the world¨. now that is a broad description, as the dream comes in different forms such as a town being wiped out by vampires, or a huge explosion that destroys everything i see on earth, etc. and yes i know it sounds very disturbing, but maybe even more strangely, i am always unharmed in the dream, and instead part of a group that is trying to stop the destruction. i always wake up before a final solution is found. so i haven´t had a series of dreams like these (that frankly do not seem like regular dreams to me) probably ever in my life. anyways, i would love to hear from you more about your dreams, and anyone else who has been having similar experiences since late last year. thanks!! (btw i am AB- if that is important.)


      • Hayley says:

        I’m A+ and I’ve had a series of apocalyptic dreams also. But in mine I can rewind and redo if my strategies for saving everyone dont work out and I can keep trying until I save everyone. When I was a kid (about 5)I had demonic dreams that couldn’t possibly have been influenced by my surroundings as my parents were super overprotective. Stuff like being eaten alive by a swarm of ants, and having my souls sucked out by a specific demon creature. Those dreams have all since stoped, but now I have ptsd from the military and seizures brought on by anxiety and lack of good fats in my diet to aid the myelination in my brain in connecting neurons. My son is also A +. He is extremely smart and we’ve both seen and senced thing that most people would say aren’t there. It seems we can both communicate with people and animals on a soul to soul level. Im at the very least an empath and feel others thoughts and feelings(no words involved) very intensely to the point where it sometimes puts me in physical pain… It’s been a struggle to understand these things throughout my life as no one has been around to help me. I’m still trying to figure it out.


  9. dublinmick says:

    Why not?


  10. Doesn't Matter says:

    I am O Negative with blond hair and blue eyes, My dad is AB negative, and my mom is A Positive. I’m not sure if I believe everything i just read, but it was very intersting.


    • So Many People Here Need Paternity Tests!!! says:

      You better get a paternity test. An O blood type person can NEVER be born to an AB parent. O is recessive, meaning you have to get O blood gene from each parent… so, your parents could be of A (a/o gene carrier – remember o is recessive so SOME A blood type people are heterozygous and carry an o blood type gene) B (b/o – heterozygous and an o blood type gene carrier) or O (o/o homozygous o blood type gene carrier – O is recessive, so to express blood type O you must carry 2 copies of the gene)…. an O blood type person CANNOT have a parent of blood type AB (never!!! the person is heterozygous a/b genes – neither a nor b is dominant over each other so BOTH express… but an AB blood type person carries NO O GENE. They cannot biologically produce an O blood type child!!!) A (a/a – where the person is homozygous for a blood type gene – carrying 2 a genes) or B (b/b – where the person is homozygous for b blood type gene – carrying 2 b genes).

      Your mother is probably heterozygous A (a/o gene carrier) and passed you the O blood type gene. It is CERTAIN that if you are correct that your father is AB, he had NO O GENE TO PASS TO YOU. Either you have his blood type wrong, or you need a paternity test.


      • You are totally wrong, O is not a blood type gene, O is the lack of A or B, Both of my Parents are AB rh-‘s and I am O rh- My family has a 2,000 yr recorded History of inheritance going to the one(s) (sometimes co-heirs) with recessive traits, my generation was 2 out of 27 (grandparent, kids and grandkids) that were O rh-, the rest are A, B, or AB. it is the rh factor one cannot get back unless you marry a pos. My kids will turn out A, B, AB, or O, a third factor H-antigen determines ABO type after conception. How the genes are paired determines the person’s blood type. The H antigen is a precursor to the A and B antigens. For instance, the B allele must be present to produce the B enzyme that modifies the H antigen to become the B antigen. As well, the A allele must be present to produce the A enzyme that modifies the H antigen to become the A antigen.

        However, when only recessive alleles for the H antigen are inherited (hh), the H antigen will not be produced and thus, the A and B antigens will not be produced either . The result is an O phenotype, by default since a lack of A and B antigens is the O type. This seemingly impossible phenotype result has been referred to as a Bombay phenotype.

        The ABO blood system is further complicated by the fact that there are two subtypes of type A and two subtypes of type AB. These are A1, A2, A1B, and A2B.

        When my blood was first taken by the Doctor he said it was impossible for me to be there kid and maybe I was switched at birth, not so and we have come a long way since then, can’t believe someone still thinks that old fashioned way.


    • Not entirely your parents. whilst you could be negative because your mom could carry a recessive for RH- even if your mom carried a recessive O your dad could only contribute a gene for A or B.


  11. dublinmick says:

    It seems to.


  12. Micke says:

    I am AB neg and work as a Manual Therapist. I fix and heal people on a daily basis. My profession comes natural to me because I feel humans instantly, almost on a molecular level. I never ever had a viral infection and have great visions of space and time all the time.
    Im clean living and otherwise just a normal guy. Since I found out what my bloodgroup was I have been searching the web for info and it seems that these traits are not unusual for AB negs. There are even claims that AB negs are virtually immune against most viruses, including HIV/AIDS. Apparently the only person that has ever kicked AIDS is a guy from Oakland that got a liver transplant from a AB neg person.I wonder if anybody else have the same sort of experiences and have looked in to the matter for more info.


  13. dublinmick says:

    Along these same lines, no pun intended!


  14. dublinmick says:

    Barbata Daca,… ordained priest …. Barbata I don’t want to seem to harsh but frankly I think you are full of bull. Are you are ordained by man or by the creator? There is a difference.


  15. I have B negative and I am indeed smart (I had a heart-rate of 65 when I was 8) But I am against the Illuminati and authority.


  16. davidelijah777 says:

    if this hybrid negative blood stuff is based I would be concerned for all those who they think their stock is superior and royal. Check the Book of Enoch and see how the stories in Genesis 6 are seen on negative perspective and how the genetic/sexual interference of fallen angel leads to a painful destiny for both parents and offspring. Likewise it doesn’t appear true that Jesus was AB negative while what is sure is that the Logos has come to the world to save the “vulgar” human humanity and by His Blood upgrade them to a Divine Bride.This is why it is written that the true Christians will judge the angels likely I would say this is not welcome by those spiritual entities who are used to use and abuse the “inferior” humanity. I would suggest all blood types to make sure to have as individual accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour as in nobody else there is eternal salvation. If they can say yes to the Gospel then the Word of God declares that salvation is confirmed by God himself. 1John 5:13. All human royalties will surrender to the King of kings and Lord of lords – therefore it is wise for the kings of the earth be wise and “kiss the King”.


  17. dublinmick says:

    I wish I understood Gaelic Brendain but unfortunately do not.


  18. dublinmick says:

    Clint thanks for the information. Yes vaccines carry many neurotoxins these days.


  19. Lisa McKenna says:

    .Wow! Thx for the info. Total TRIP! JESUS IS LORD OF ALL!


  20. Getit says:

    It’s so funny how some people are misreading this. I seen many Afrocentric sites, and even topics claiming the opposite of what was proven in the case of rh positive and negative blood types. They claim that Africans have all negative blood and that whites have positive blood therefor they are monkeys. I acnt believe that people follow such stupid things.


  21. dublinmick says:

    The things people will buy are amazing.


  22. Trini says:

    I believe you could be right. I am o negative and I have a very strong intuition and am interested in anything that is out of the ordinary. I research and research looking for answers to questions no one else would think to ask. I am also a deep thinker and I believe that I am here to save the earth, it sounds crazy but I think I might be a light worker or something along those lines. I am also a loner and people dont understand me. When I was a child I knew that I was different somehow, most of the kids avoided me like the plague. My life has been crazy some what like a roller coaster ride, but I’m still here and of all the stuff that has happened in my life, I’m truly grateful for. I am also a life path 11. Numerology, yup I’m into that too. I find all this stuff so darn interesting. lol


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  24. dublinmick says:

    There are many theories concerning this point.


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  26. neal says:

    Maybe when certain types appear suddenly in the timeline, it only seems like out of nowhere because evolution is recursive, and recombinant, and not linear, mostly, depending on the players involved. Maybe some entered into history to buy some more time, extending judgement, and the children messed with the parents. Maybe others got dragged into it, just damage control, and try to repair what can be. Maybe if one was there, and not playing around, there would be that whole trying to stay out of history, things are already way off course. You know, most of the tall ones, they stay away, once one starts to become involved, skills involving temporal dynamics seem to never do anything but make a mess, pride leadeth to weaponization, that is a hell of a thing.
    Maybe staying broken, and lost, is OK, there is always faith, I think.


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  28. dimitris says:

    everything you said here is truly right….


  29. dublinmick says:

    The research into the genome of cave man bones is still ongoing.
    Blood factors A, B, and Rh positive are utterly lacking in the Neanderthal. Neanderthal man had blood group O, exclusively. Basques have the highest percentage of Blood type O, they have neanderthal blood as opposed to Cromagnon. Australian researchers have concluded they are a separate species from modern man. They are high in Rh-negative blood and blood group E1Y-DNA haplogroup E1b1b. It seems to indicate Nefilim tampering. Basques have many food allergies possibly because neanderthal man ate only meat mostly.

    Simply some speculation centers on remnants of pre-ice age peoples, the neanderthal and cromagnon man being at war with each other for a very long time, emerging once again after earth calamities, possibly new DNA intercession by Nefilim and continuing on until the present day. There was obviously intermingling, females carried off to caves and so on. Today we see each group carrying genes of the other to a certain degree. However it appears that Native americans and Asians are very low in negative Rh factor blood or Y DNA E1b1b groups. It lends credence to wars between Ghengis Khan and the Khazar nation.


  30. LiveLight says:

    I want to say thank you all for the enlightening topics. I’m A- and a healer. I learned at a young age the power in manifesting thought into matter. I’ve always said I turn dreams into reality, not truly understanding how I’m able to do this nor questioning why. I’ve raised more in levels of consciousness in 3 years than most will in a lifetime. I found out my blood type a week ago, it couldn’t be more accurate on personality traits and habits in diet. Ironically I’ve been eating for my blood type for over 15 years, Intuitively. Im extremely conscious of the energy within our oxygen. Connecting my mind with my breath I’m able to harness and direct electromagnetic energy throughout my vessel and into others, as well as into my gods life projects.

    Thanks again, and many blessings on your journey through the stars ~


  31. dublinmick says:

    That is very kind of you.

    By the way I was looking at an article, it seems they are doing research on a vaccine made from alligator white blood cells! It supposedly kills many type viruses.


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  33. Dublinsmick says:

    I suspect the nefilim may have a gene like this when they were upgrading humans the last time around in Babylon.


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  35. Amanda says:

    I am A+ with an extremely strong intuition – I receive premonitions that have been proven to be correct when the event of the premonition comes to pass. I have visions and many spiritual experiences. I have unusually low blood pressure with it being just above normal (90 over 30). As described in the article, I also have higher mental analytical abilities, higher Negative-ion shielding (from positive “charged” virus/bacteria) around the body, and extreme sensitivity to EM and ELF Fields. As I said, I am A+, so I would argue that these “traits” have anything to do with blood type.


  36. Dublinsmick says:

    I am not sure they do either Amanda. Thanks for commenting.


    • Amanda says:

      I am interested in learning more about the things you have written in the article. All of this is a very new to me. How have you come to know this info? Are there sources that you could refer me to? Of course the content is debatable, but my impression is that there could be at least some truth to what you have written based on the seemingly never-ending info out there. My problem is that I can’t seem to find any documentation that would give me a reason to believe in it’s validity.


  37. Dublinsmick says:

    Jeg vil tro at noen bor i Norge ville finne varmen veldig attraktiv! 🙂


  38. Dublinsmick says:

    Amanda I don’t know much more about it than the links provided here. I do find the unveiling link interesting. It is his theory that:

    “The Rhesus Factor (D-protein) is a probable malformed or variant protein, resulting from insufficient copper levels. Moreover, we were not created with blood incompatibilities that would harm us and our unborn children, as known to occur with an rH negative mother and rH positive fetus, and with blood transfusions. The blood type AB is balanced and therefore does not carry the malformed Rhesus Factor protein as found in the other blood types, thus, only AB negative blood is possible.”

    He seems to be saying that all healthy blood at one time all was AB. The theory being that lack of copper and vaccinations lead to other types such as B which corresponds to more diabetes. Artificial sugars such as aspartame would certainly aid this effect. The Lakota indians appear to be the most decimated with high diabetes levels and a life span of about 52 years.



    Rh Negative blood is not the problem. People are wrongly classifying people with Rh Negative blood alien hybrids. The problem isn’t that these hybrids have Rh Negative blood the problem is that they carry COPPER BASED AQUATIC BLOOD. It is the COPPER BASED AQUATIC BLOOD that is the HYBRID BLOODLINE OF THE GODS. The Rh Negative blood anomalies come from our Mitochondria Mothers who were Scandinavians that we all share DNA with. Our Scandinavian Mitochondria ancestors were the original inhabitants of the earth millions of years ago and it was our ancestors DNA what was used by these gods (aliens) to create their human hybrid bloodlines with COPPER BASED AQUATIC BLOOD.

    The Sumerian hybrids were Turkish Semite archetypes or what we call the Solutrean Indian ADAMS. They carried the Copper Based Aquatic Anomalies also known as fish blood, reptilian or serpents blood because their alien progenitors reptilians and aliens (fish gods) that came from the sea. They had big gogglie eyes just like the aliens that created them.

    Those in charge of our world today (AshkeNAZIM, Sephardic Zionists (Serpents) and the Merovingian (Reptilian) bloodlines) both have COPPER BASED AQUATIC BLOOD. They are for the most part the descendents of the ancient Sumerians that also founded the later Egyptian culture after the original inhabitants disappeared.

    There are many names for these fish gods from the sea. They are associated with Dagon, Mithra the Sun God etc., who are all connected to the fish god legends. This is why we know today that the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian Church is a satanic institution, they secretly promote the FISH GOD and carry their satanic symbols like the crooked cross.

    Jesus Yashua was part of our original Scandinavian Mitochondria bloodline line, which was Rh Negative. DO YOUR HOMEWORK and quit listening to the Alien Agenda version of human origins that come from Sumeria, Atlantis, Lumeria and other hybrid cultures.


    YES THERE IS A PURE BLOODLINE FACTOR ALIVE TODAY BUT IT IS NOT THE HYBRID BLOODLINES BEING PROMOTED IN THE HOLY GRAIL BOOKS TODAY. These Holy Grail books are promoting the satanic Merovingian Serpent Bloodlines instead of the real bloodline of JESUS (YASHUA) and MARY MAGDALENE. These books promoting this misinformation, disinformation and lies include the “DaVinci Code”, “Holy Blood Holy Grail”, Sir Laurence Gardner’s books etc. The list of books and authors the promote the Merovingian bloodline go on and on. These authors have incredible information to share with readers and a great deal of it is true, the only problem is that the information they promote regarding the bloodline of Jesus (Yashua) is not accurate and they use falsified information to prove their theories. It is almost impossible to understand the maze these authors take you through unless you have DONE YOUR HOMEWORK.



    We have all been lied to regarding the identity and bloodline of Jesus (Yashua) and Mary Magdalene who were in fact members of the Scandinavian Shoshu tribes in Northern Israel known as the Nazarenes.

    We have also been lied to regarding the evil demonic entities worshipped by Jews, Hebrew Israelites, Ancient Sumerians, Egypt’s, Mayans, Aztecs, Greeks, Romans, Indian Adams, Black Eves etc. If you want to learn about the real identity of Jesus (Yashua), Mary Magdalene and these ancient ALIEN GODS OF EDEN I invite you to read my books, which you will find at Kindle Books.

    Here are the titles of my books at Kindle Books:


    Here is the link at Kindle Books where you can order my books of articles that I previously published online. All you need to do is go to the link below and type the titles of my books into their blue search engine at the top of the page:

    Angellica Goodson Lord aka (Buyers Beware)


    Rh Negative blood is not the problem. People are wrongly classifying people with Rh Negative blood alien hybrids. The problem isn’t that these hybrids have Rh Negative blood the problem is that they carry COPPER BASED AQUATIC BLOOD. It is the COPPER BASED AQUATIC BLOOD that is the HYBRID BLOODLINE OF THE GODS. The Rh Negative blood anomalies come from our Mitochondria Mothers who were Scandinavians that we all share DNA with. Our Scandinavian Mitochondria ancestors were the original inhabitants of the earth millions of years ago and it was our ancestors DNA what was used by these gods (aliens) to create their human hybrid bloodlines with COPPER BASED AQUATIC BLOOD.

    The Sumerian hybrids were Turkish Semite archetypes or what we call the Solutrean Indian ADAMS. They carried the Copper Based Aquatic Anomalies also known as fish blood, reptilian or serpents blood because their alien progenitors reptilians and aliens (fish gods) that came from the sea. They had big gogglie eyes just like the aliens that created them.

    Those in charge of our world today (AshkeNAZIM, Sephardic Zionists (Serpents) and the Merovingian (Reptilian) bloodlines) both have COPPER BASED AQUATIC BLOOD. They are for the most part the descendents of the ancient Sumerians that also founded the later Egyptian culture after the original inhabitants disappeared.

    There are many names for these fish gods from the sea. They are associated with Dagon, Mithra the Sun God etc., who are all connected to the fish god legends. This is why we know today that the Jewish and Roman Orthodox Catholic and Christian Church is a satanic institution, they secretly promote the FISH GOD and carry their satanic symbols like the crooked cross.

    Jesus Yashua was part of our original Scandinavian Mitochondria bloodline line, which was Rh Negative. DO YOUR HOMEWORK and quit listening to the Alien Agenda version of human origins that come from Sumeria, Atlantis, Lumeria and other hybrid cultures.


    YES THERE IS A PURE BLOODLINE FACTOR ALIVE TODAY BUT IT IS NOT THE HYBRID BLOODLINES BEING PROMOTED IN THE HOLY GRAIL BOOKS TODAY. These Holy Grail books are promoting the satanic Merovingian Serpent Bloodlines instead of the real bloodline of JESUS (YASHUA) and MARY MAGDALENE. These books promoting this misinformation, disinformation and lies include the “DaVinci Code”, “Holy Blood Holy Grail”, Sir Laurence Gardner’s books etc. The list of books and authors the promote the Merovingian bloodline go on and on. These authors have incredible information to share with readers and a great deal of it is true, the only problem is that the information they promote regarding the bloodline of Jesus (Yashua) is not accurate and they use falsified information to prove their theories. It is almost impossible to understand the maze these authors take you through unless you have DONE YOUR HOMEWORK.



    We have all been lied to regarding the identity and bloodline of Jesus (Yashua) and Mary Magdalene who were in fact members of the Scandinavian Shoshu tribes in Northern Israel known as the Nazarenes.

    We have also been lied to regarding the evil demonic entities worshipped by Jews, Hebrew Israelites, Ancient Sumerians, Egypt’s, Mayans, Aztecs, Greeks, Romans, Indian Adams, Black Eves etc. If you want to learn about the real identity of Jesus (Yashua), Mary Magdalene and these ancient ALIEN GODS OF EDEN I invite you to read my books, which you will find at Kindle Books.

    Here are the titles of my books at Kindle Books:


    Here is the link at Kindle Books where you can order my books of articles that I previously published online. All you need to do is go to the link below and type the titles of my books into their blue search engine at the top of the page:


  40. Dublinsmick says:

    Buyer Beware … most certainly, much of what you say typical David Icke which Gerry Zeitlin of the SETA program refers to as a very

    “People like David Icke come from an ordinary style of consciousness to paint a very spooky picture.”
    If the above is what you believe I would not be at all interested in your books and by way I have done my homework. I would refer you to Sitchin on this subject, he has done his homework. Do you by any chane speak Akkadian? I thought not.

    “In an interview without cliché, a retired American scientist/engineer from the University of California, Berkeley, SETI program, follower of Taoism, enthusiast of the amazing and mysterious behaviour of the most elemental particles in physics, Gerry Zeitlin talks about extraterrestrial life, the SETI, the Myths and the ancients Gods, about Reptilians and the Disclosure Project.

    The Shining Ones (Christian and Barbara Joy O’Brien), which I am reading now, extensively consults several little-known texts, including Kharsag Epics Nos. 1-9 (taken from Sumerian tablets), The Atrahasis Epic (a story from nineteenth century B.C.E. Mesopotamia that includes both a creation and a flood account), the Askew Codex (a collection of ancient Coptic documents), and the Bruce Codex (another Coptic collection).

    We do have DNA; it does have an incredible program in it; various other races have tinkered with it. I believe they too have DNA-based genetics. So what do we have here? Perhaps you can tell me.

    “People like David Icke come from an ordinary style of consciousness to paint a very spooky picture. On my own pages both in Open SETI and The End of Enchantment I try to handle this in my own way. Yes, we have a serious problem.”

    Zeitlin has also read Sitchin and he asks, “How did the “Anunnaki” happen to be living on this planet “Nibiru”? Did they “evolve” there (assuming humans and humanoids “evolve”, which is an assumption I do not make), or did they arrive from somewhere else?”

    Most anyone can have a copper based blood as long as they use silver and copper utensils.


    • Ana D'Mare Wesland says:

      Christian and Joy O’Brien have written some amazing books on the subject of the so called fallen angels. But what people everywhere fail to see is that the fallen angels were punished for attempting to raise mankinds consciousness. Shemjaza, Azazel and company, brought mankind the understanding of writing, climatology, solar and nuclear power, astronomy, understanding of tides, weaponry (which has lead to technological advancement) cosmetology, pharmacology etc. These fallen angels were punished for giving mankind the secrets of the Gods! So why should their bloodlines (if any do exist at all) now seek to destroy mankind?? The translations of the ancient Sumerian texts, have been translated by individuals with a religious and political agenda, as far as I am concerned. The ancient founders of the civilization of Sumer were not Semites therefore did not speak akkadian, which was a semitic language of one of their conquerors. The ancient civilizers of Sumer did not practice polgamy, their women were free to study, own land, could trade and could get divorced. After the conquest by the Semitic tribes, polygamy reared its head, which always does with Semites, men could have concubines, another Semitic trait and women lost all their rights. Now think on this, what translations have you read? There are two translations: one states that Enlil, Enki and Ninhshag created the animals, vegetation and manking, the blackheads, who were afterwards given a hoe by either Enki or Enlil. In some ancient history books, such as Hawkes, Jacquetta. The First Civilizations (and she leans heavily into the research done by Kramer. She ascribes all greatness of the Sumerians as coming from the blackheads??!! Yet in her book as with ; Brinton, Christopher and Wolf in their – A history of Civilization, Prehistory – 1300, they confirm her findings that Sumerians did not practise polgamy, women had rights etc. That these appeared after the Semitic conquests, yet ascribe all greatness to the Akkadians and Babylonians. This is also in line with other Historians. So where the ancient Sumerians actually that clever or are the historians ascribing incorrectly the genius of Sumer? Too much interference has taken place. Lexiline, also has shown that ancient Sumerian, the language is very similar to Latvian. Having studied anthropology and ancient history, I know that language is adopted and certain phrases and words are borrowed during times of conquest and collision between two seperate linguistic and cultural groups and somehow remain a part of the group who does so, but this does not imply a racial oneness. All of these factors have been muddled. However when one compares the language of the pre-Semitic conquest Sumerians and the Latvians the similarities are just to numerous to be mere borrowing. Every race, every nation and every relion has an agenda, to prove that they are superior to others. This whole O- issue is becoming tiresome and is on the same pathetic course to prove they are superior to positive blood groups. When someone has to prove they are superior then they are motivated by feelings of inferiority. As I mentioned before, please, please find a bloody map of Neanderthal distribution and all you have to do is take a good hard look at it to find out where O- blood comes from. The skeletal remains of Neanderthals have shown, the occipital buns, the stange conical shaped chest, the slightly bent knee gait, red hair, high bridged narrow nasal appertures, etc. If you cannot find one I will try and post one for you plus the skeletal remains of both Cro-Magnon man and Neanderthal. Ana


    • Hildie Hofmann says:

      Would you please contact me, i feel the same way about David Icke I just somehow ‘KNOW’ he is in no way like us. I am A- Rh neg and all my life i have KNOWN I do not belong here. I am not keen so far as to discuss ETs or other outer space people i am not one of those. Please would you contact me at . No one understands me, never have. I gush creativity far beyond that of today, and it all just ‘comes’ to me effortlessly, i do never have to struggle to come up with what is logical but this is more a curse than a blessing. I have had Hep C for nearly 30 yrs no problem all the others who were positives with NO STRESS cared for in loving homes did all the right things have been DEAD for at least 7 yrs me on the other hand has something far more supper stressful than super stress it is off thecharts still i am ok just tired very tired and friendless. i gave up a long time ago trying ot make myself understood. Very high IQ, feel only reason i am here is to do something good for the world NOT money driven EVER, generous, too open and highly intuitive and just FEEL when something is what it is or will be not just knowing the phone will ring, no i dont hold seances or do tarot readings but i am as empathic as anyone could be. NOT a saint by any means, but even those who have done me great wrongs i do never hold grudges and never seek vengence when there have been times i could have put a couple of businesses out of businesses for using me firing me and i had all the dope on them and could have passed it along to clients who were lied to by these two companies i just could NOT do this. Been betrayed, been used am presently a trapped target with i do not think any way out. No one will help me like the main charactoer of that wonderful book PERFUME who LACKED the ‘scent’ of all humans everyone picked up on this lack and he was shunned all his life. When i read that novel i felt as if it were me, i am attractive, slim, do not drink heavily do not drug do not behave other than a polite and friendly manner but somehow people the positives sense i am not like them and all my life i have never understood why i have been the butt of the crowd when i look at myself in the mirror and i give an honest look and i look normal but others sense i am not like them. I can feel it, not usually on first encounter then things go well by something happens by the second time we come together and it goes way down hill from there. Got to the point i fear attempting friendships dont think i ever had one not really just that i have been ‘useful’ a lot more than most because i go out of my way to give advice, anticipate the needs of others and do them and lend money let people stay for free as houseguests, if they dont have the money i pay if they want a co signer i do it if they need my car and i am out of town i practically insist, if i am somewhere and spot a book and i know that someone would die for it for this is something that is their passion i will buy it and often it is expensive and i will mail it to them. There is nothing i wont do for anyone. And i do not do this for any reason and i never learn the lesson i do not do this to buy friendships but because it makes me feel good but it has got to the point that it is a one way street and this last situation has practically destroyed me but i am over 50 and how to gain new coping skills i dont want to change my personality but i dont want any more of this. I am NOT suicidal never have been but i would welcome ‘going home’ if there is a ‘home’ to go to after this life, i FEEL there is something ‘beyond the stars’ cant explain it, but i know it. IF i am wrong then ok i am dead and dead is dead if i am right than my wishing to WILL myself to slip away would bring me much happiness either way it doesnt matter i dont think. would u contact me please. Thx.


  41. Holly says:

    Say what? I am A-, so what is that? LOL, really! I also can trace my family back to royalty these people
    Hamshire, England; died Nov 16, 1272 in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England; married Princess Eleanor Berenger Jan 14, 1234/35 in Canterbury, Kent County, England.
    ii. King of the Romans Ricard Plantagenant, born 1209.
    iii. Joan Plantagenant, born 1210 in Wales.
    iv. Isabelle Plantagenant, born 1214.
    v. Eleanor Plantagenant, born 1215.

    24772950. Count Raymond IV Berenger, born 1198. He married 24772951. Beatrice de Savoy.
    24772951. Beatrice de Savoy, born 1201.

    Child of Raymond Berenger and Beatrice de Savoy is:
    12386475 i. Princess Eleanor Berenger, born Abt. 1217 in Aiz-en-Provence, France; died Bet. Jun 24 – 25, 1291 in Amesbury, England (as a nun); married Henry III, King England Henry III Plantagenant Jan 14, 1234/35 in Canterbury, Kent County, England.

    I have always felt like a good soul, with a genuine love for God.

    So am I evil?

    Thank you! I have read it and really can’t make sense of it. I guess you would have to be more then a novice to understand this stuff. So research I shall! Thank you for your insight.
    What? LOL! That’s awful!
I have to say that I don’t think so!
    I was really asking questions about the blood type, I wasn’t expecting to be hanged like a witch.
I don’t understand the whole reptilian thing or the blood type thing at all, I just stumbled upon this website and wanted to know more, I don’t like the sun at all, I have high blood pressure, I don’t get cold, I sleep with two fans on me, I love the cold weather, I live in AZ and hate the heat, so,, how does all of this add up? Plus there is other blood mixed along the lines, 25 generations of blood and a whole other side of my family.
Now in reading this I was curious about what it all means and where it stemmed from, but I don’t see any definitive answers. I see things that relate to the blood of kings, the blood of angels, the blood of aliens and the blood of evil serpents, so I wanted some expert opinions on what all of this means as a whole or, who thinks what, and how you have come to the conclusions?
I was kind of excited to hear more, but being turned into a Jew hating war lord is not what I expected. And just so you know I am not, I am a live and let live kind of person with a deep faith in humanity and Jesus Christ and God one in spirit.
Is this some form of underground religion?
I ask not to criticize or condescend, but to relieve my curiosity.
Who is Dixigirl?
    Also, I really want to know about the medical traits of this blood type?
I don’t look reptilian, I am tall though, taller then average for a woman, 5’9″
    I can read people like a book, I feel things about people that others don’t feel and I am usually right in the long run.
    Thank you! I have read it and really can’t make sense of it. I guess you would have to be more then a novice to understand this stuff. So research I shall! Thank you for your insight.


    • Michelle says:

      Hello ..I just came across this site..I’am intrigued by our blood type ..I’am rh -A also.. forgive me if I’am 1 year and 1 month late .. NO your not evil!!! and either am I! I love god with a passion and pray to him and St. Michael the Arc angel.. – i’am 5’9 also howver my Mother’s family was slavic and came from Austria ( Czech I think ) and my father is Penna. German and Native american and my gram is German on my fathers side.. somewhere they say it is a recessive gene..don’t know my parents bloodtypes..I assume it must came from the Euopean side..but then again you never know. .. I know I’am different thou..and have had a rough confusing life..dn’t have a close knit family or friends ..I keep my distance for some reason I don’t know why?? a loner ..but a good soul that cherish God and love nature and have a somewhat healing gift..never used it on anyone except myself and my child.. I keep things to myself..people look at me weird enough the way it is… and when I mention my blood group to see if anyone else has the same??/ they give me this werid look..and ther goes my friendship.. out the door..or they think I’am pycho..which I’am not! I’am not close with my family and I’am very intutive and usually could read people very well… I live by my own set of rules..I’am a leader ..not a fpllower..never did drugs or drink..very sensitive to those things..however I need more painkiller dose than a usual person ..hmmmmm??? werid I know??? anyway ..thanks again..for letting me know I’am not alone and I think we are just the oldest of the ancient people and our gene keeps popping up through our blood.line… interesting ..and I feel somewhat connected more to the universe.. maybe I’am wrong ..but I go with my gut instinct..and you know what your teachers say about that….:) take care and god bless M.M.


  42. Dublinsmick says:

    Holly Plantagenet was also known as King Longshanks, you know the guy who butchered William Wallace. 42 US presidents spring from him, his cousins are Dick Cheney, the Bushes, Barack Obama. I wouldn’t off the cuff infer you were evil but I would suggest you maintain self control very carefully.

    You don’t think so?


  43. Dublinsmick says:

    Holly nobody is hanging you and I have no idea who dixigirl is. They are just commenters on the post.

    Holly maybe you should read the post, I never say much about reptilians, that is pretty much David Icke. There does seem to be more association with neanderthal man to negative blood types as opposed to positive types like the cro-magnon man. They are two different species with some mixing. The Y-DNA haplogroup E1b1b1 stretches from Japan to the basque area of Spain and carries a fairly high concentration of negative blood types.

    Now some people do refer to the cauda Equina, an extra tailbone that is noticeable and call it dragon blood line.


  44. Christopher says:

    I am O neg, and married an o neg and have an O neg son, so I’ve been studying the subject for many years. I was interested in your reference to indian ‘blood brothers’ because I have read that neg and pos blood types clot instead of mixing, so it would be a simple way of tribal matching.
    Many people seem to think red hair means ginger hair. There is a big difference. We are all auburn (golden brown) but were born with red baby hair which was quickly replaced by fair hair which turned auburn around 7 years old.
    A sugar spoon is not made of sugar, and a silver spoon is not necessarily made of silver lol. It refers to the fact that wealthy people could afford to take colloidal silver to ward off illness (it is antibiotic).
    We are a very ordinary family and whilst it is fascinating to read all these amazing assertions, it is difficult to relate these to our lives. We don’t feel different although my son gets a lot of traction out of telling his uni mates that he is annunaki lol.
    I don’t put much faith in these ‘blood type maps’ especially 40 year old and given that scientists are notorious for smudging data to fit their agendas. The Bradbury Foundation is a very good website for genetic origins and migrations, Hope this contributes to the discussion,


  45. Christopher says:

    No comment? Perhaps ‘boring’ is an O neg trait. My first wife was B pos and my eldest children were both B pos, taking after her with dark hair. Guess what- they were born with red hair which lasted until about age 3. The Bradbury Foundation uses dna to trace origins. I am from a group of O neg which became isolated by the ice age in the Pyrenees (Basque region) and later spread up the Atlantic coast to be part of the western celt. My birth family comes from Cork so I was impressed that they were spot on. I am very interested in auras and whether we can sense the aura of our own blood clan. Maps – not so much.


  46. Dublinsmick says:

    If we are to believe Boutillier, O type and B type have the shortest life spans and have experienced copper depletion for several generations.

    Is this the chart you say you do not believe in?
    I have never heard of the Bradbury Foundation


  47. Christopher says:

    Sorry, Take from it what you like but its a good read. Charts are only as good as the input. I just don’t put any reliance on the input. I have posted a few observations about my family to see if it struck a chord with anyone – obviously not lol. Thanks for your response, I am very pleased to have found your website


  48. Dublinsmick says:

    Thanks for the input Christopher, I will try and take a look at the link when I get time.


  49. Save the children says:

    Do you know why so many RH Negative families are having their children stolen by the state and what they are doing with them ?

    Many have tried to expose state child trafficking such as former senator Nancy Scaefer. (Youtube Innocence Destroyed)

    And a Rh negative lady and former UK councillor.

    Banned! Former Cllr Sheena Williams – WhatDoTheyKnow Org


  50. Dublinsmick says:

    Honestly I have no idea, a wild guess would be they have the same DNA characteristics of those who are responsible for stealing them.


  51. Dublinsmick says:

    Believe it or not, that is just something I threw together once and it is keeps being visited day in and day out more than anything ever discussed here. I am amazed by it really. By the way lunatic outpost doesn’t put spy things on your computer does it?

    (Comments closed on this thread)




  53. Pingback: Casondra Starseed And The Starseed Conspiracy | Dublinmick's Breaking News

  54. Dublinsmick says:

    Hi Casondra
    I haven’t read all of your blog but found this very refreshing.

    “I’m a complete hermit. It is incredibly important to me my kids eat GMO free food, I get them Toms fluoride free toothpaste, we have a private, unfluoridated well, I refuse to vaccinate them, as I discuss here. They are not allowed to have soda, sugar free anything or aspartame, and I stopped getting seafood after this whole Fukushima thing. I am a vegetarian but my kids are allowed to eat meat when it’s served to them. I cook primarily vegetarian. I like to grow my own food and garden, and one of my dreams is to have a completely off grid house. I homeschool my kids and ONLY buy Oakhurst milk because I really refuse to support Monsanto OR growth hormones and Oakhurst is a Maine dairy who was sued by those EVIL fucks. Take it from a girl who ate GMO food all her life and got boobs at age eight, they WANT to make puberty happen as EARLY as possible and that is why DISNEY is completely sexualized. Find your prince charming, get married, reproduce. Dont think about anything else. Eat. Sleep. Obey.”

    There is a post on breaking news and good luck with the book.

    I had pretty much closed comments on this thread as I get dozens of gibberish comments from those who apparently have no idea what is contained in the post or simply want to take up space.

    (Angela Aloisa, come back after you have read the article and at least show some understanding of what is presented, this is not a place for rambling from the twilight zone)

    Save the comments, I will leave a link to your blog you left but bear in mind I feel it is another one of those “it is all about the jews and the bible rants and hardly worth a read. Angela I am not interested in beginning a debating society. I didn’t get much further in your blog past “the jews and their special blood, thanks for the laugh). What I post here is on a take it or leave it basis and what for the most part know to be true, not what I think is true.

    I will leave this for you.
    And this is why I monitor comments here fairly carefully. GiuseppeBeppe is such an evil little bastard.


    “If we shouldn’t think about “anything else”, and just “eat, sleep, obey” —> why the fuck does she even bother blogging for? Why exactly should I read her blog if she herself says we shouldn’t think about anything, just “eat, sleep, obey”. Stoopid broad. And what EXACTLY did U find so “refreshing” about her airhead chick bullshit, dubby-boi?”


  55. Dublinsmick says:

    Thanks for the link. Pingbacks don’t seem to work very well these days either.


  56. Ana D'Mare Wesland says:

    Your research is interesting but incomplete. There are a few tribes in Africa who have a rheseus negative blood factor, frequency of 42%! This information is available in AE Mourants Book publised in 1954 and subsequent reprints. Also if you look at a distribution map of Neanderthals, every area where the had large concentrations of them the negative rhesus factor is high. There is no proof of Alien blood! These are theories and remain such until proven 100% fact. Ireland had a sub-group that foraged on the west coast and lived in caves. The Tuatha de Danaan and the Celts tried to eradicate them but did not succeed. There is evidence for these lower human types throughout Europe and Ireland has a museum as proof of this sub race, whose descendants still live today! All the people you cite as having O- blood on this page are mostly mediocre people with no exceptional mental attributes. If there was genetic manipulation to create humans, monkey genes may have been extracted, just as reptillian genes could have been. There is proof of this as all humans carry reptillians genes, maybe the O- negative Neanderthals just got a bit more! Dogs, Cats, Sheep, horses and many other animals also have the equivallent of neg and positive blood types and a negative dog cannot receive blood from a positive dog. Ask any vetrinarian. Does a dog which has an equivallent of the human negative blood type, also have Alien genes? This whole Alien theory has reached ludicrous proportions. Negative blood types are not more sensitive, spiritual that rh positive types, they are more selfish and self absorbed, there’s the big difference. O type negatives are the most selfish people on the planet, and the most belligerent. Atlantis apparently had a stratified society, king, nobles, priestly class, warrior class and serfs. Maybe it is the serfs, who evolved from Neaderthals that the worlds raving about: as the so called Aliens. No self respecting noble believes that ALL men are Noble! Its only serfs once freed who do. Kind regards Ana.


  57. Dublinsmick says:

    Ana I will try to respond when I have more time as there are many things going on right now. Thanks for responding.


    • Ana D'Mare Wesland says:

      Thanks for responding. I apologize for the jumbled comment. If Aliens did create humans through genetic manipulation, they must have started off making a lot of mistakes, could these mistakes be the long skulled (humanoid) skulls found now? How many of their creations did not wander off, to die loney and isolated deaths in caves because they could not compete in the food chain? The rh monkey is just one animal that is rh positive, horses are but also have negative blood types, so do rabbits, sheep, dogs, cats etc. Do the rh positive ones also have monkey genes? Do the negative blood types have Alien or retile genes. If this is so then we could be looking at genetic manipulation of animals as well. The rhesus monkey is an enormously versatile animal which can survive extreme conditions both ecologically and weather extremes. Could a gene from this animal have been placed in human creations by aliens so that they could withstand extremes and survive? There are so many questions and no real answers, as yet? The whole O- negative fantasy started with the Goth (youth) movement and their fascination with vampirism and it has grown into a sub cult. I am A+, my husband O+ and my son is A-????!!!! He was born A+ but after a few exchange transfusions after a very traumatic birth, became A- and this has also happened to others who have received bone marrow transplants. One woman (who is O-), I have had contact with, was married twice, her first husband was A+ and she had 2 children without any haemolytic disease problems. Her second husband is O+ and she lost her first child because of rh imcompatiability, and the second was born ok, after receiving the corrective medical treatment, for this problem whilst pregnant? Once again it seems their are rogue elements, not mentioned by those who push the monkey blood – alien blood theory. New research indicates that Neanderthals did not become extinct as previously stated but intermarried or interbred with Cro-Magnon and are responsible for the red hair, prominant nose and receeding chin. I am an anthroplogist, not trained in genetic but have read and done extensive research into genes, especially after purchasing and studying Dr.AE mourants, Distribution of human blood groups and other books on the subject. I live in Africa and know that Africans have within certain tribes fluctuating frequencies of negative blood types and rh + types. A very close friend of mine who is a trauma sister at a hospital and who husband is a paramedic have both said that negative blood types amongst African patients is the same as amongst whites. Some tribes have a frequency of negative blood types between 26 – 40+% which is equivalent to the Basques, Irish and other European areas where it is found. Neanderthals were not dumb brutes as first “found”. Science is a precise discipline not one based on popular misconceptions. There are many scientists, artists, muscicians, etc (and great ones) who are and were not O-


    • There’s a site that has some decent research regarding Rh- blood type (, the article touched upon a few common issues including origins & they make some decent very plausible assumptions.

      See; there’s plenty of references & notes available but I think a map representing “Distribution of the Rh neg type blood allele in native populations of Europe” has the numbers backwards.


  58. Dublinsmick says:

    Hi Ana
    Thanks for the comments. We have many unanswered questions don’t we? I am certainly no expert on it and have only tried to throw out a few facts in a very mysterious area. You brought out something I have never heard before, the fact that blood types can change from positive to negative after a transfusion. There are many people who warn against transfusions unless absolutely necessary as they have discovered a few unknown blood types. So they are working with something that is not exactly a known science.

    I had an 88 year old uncle in perfect health until he went down for a routine check up. They told him he needed a blood transfusion due to low blood. He agreed and soon after was diagnosed with cancer and died.


  59. NorineDolo says:

    Hi for all people in this amazing area!
    Let me give you a few observations.

    With Twenty-five years I had difficulty with high blood pressure. It began to increase sharply from time to time. I became dependent on natural phenomena.

    Clinical doctors given me a lots of several medications.
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    I just began to search for an alternate. Soon after lengthy treatments with health professionals and also through trial, I produced a list of [url=] foods that lower blood pressure [/url].

    Here is my very own collection.

    1. Celery, mushrooms, lettuce, raisins, dried apricots. These food types have potassium.
    2. Beans, spinach, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seed, soybeans, sesame seed. There are lots of vitamin E.
    3. Extra virgin olive oil, salmon, mackerel, walnuts, halibut, herring. Do not forget about omega-3 essential fatty acids.
    4. Parsley, rosehips, raspberry, mint, lettuce, eggs, cottage cheese, fish. List of foods that have folic acid.

    I really hope this data is good.
    If you have number of foods that additionally lower high blood pressure, please publish here.
    Will speak about.


  60. Jill says:

    I just wanted to say about the part concerning the blood group rhesus negative having signs of a tail, I can confirm that I am the as said mentioned blood group and have exactley what is described in the first couple of paragraphs of the article on my body,resembling a tail.
    I always thought as female gender I’d discovered it after the birth of my child, I’d thought that as I’d had piles threw my pregnancy that when I was sewn up by the surgeon as I’d been cut, that this had been left out, by a butcher of a surgeon. Now I am a bit shocked with what I’m reading of what it all means.
    I’m not of any importance as a person just a humble now middle aged woman, lol.


  61. Dublinsmick says:

    Jill it does seem to be a fairly well documented phenomenon.

    I noted that some people used Michael’s Blood factor and others use gingko bilboa in trying to limit high blood pressure. I know I take ginko from time to time.


  62. Jill says:

    I see I didn’t really make myself clear in my first post, but I have a piece of skin about a inch long which could resemble a tail, that is why I thought it had happened when I was sewn up after my first child, as I’d not noticed it up till that point in my life.


  63. 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

    You are wrong about the races and blood type. Asians have more rh negative after causian. The people who come from Africa have0.14 %. Native Americans are 1%. Also the fact about pregnancy is wrong too. I miscarriaged two fetuses from Rh positive males. The only live birth I have had was from a Rh negative male. And why do you think Rh negative would kill another Rh negative? When I carried a positive fetus, my body recognised it as alien and destroy it. I do have an above average I.Q., Am I special? You bet cha’. I do Not carry a monkey factor in my blood I am called racist a lot because I bring up scientist and medical evidence that blacks are a seperate species. Why are they the only ones with sickle cell? And their hair is completely different fron any other race. Go to any zoo and look both inside and outside the monkey cages. See any similarity? What I am is Rh negative, proud owner of reddish hair and green eyes. Oh and no tail.


    • ” And why do you think Rh negative would kill another Rh negative? When I carried a positive fetus, my body recognised it as alien and destroy it.”

      Yeah I thought that section of the article was poorly written.
      I’m O-, my wife is A-; she had no problems during pregnancies & we managed to produce 2 healthy Rh- children.
      I suspected the article was flawed & glad that you raised the issue.


    • adamspiritualwarrior says:

      Editor’s note: Adam what does this have to do with RH negative blood types?

      Hi Dublinmick. Im O+ I wonder if off the top of your head, you have any thoughts the implications of it please? I read somewhere I need more meat, and I do feel bad being vegetarian for sure. Does O+ have a shorter life or any other interesting facts?
      However judging by our world, today, there are other things to think about. Heres an email to Dr Lawrence Wilson I sent tonight (I posted some of his articles to you a few months ago)

      Hello Dr Wilson, I hope youre well.

      I really think its important, if you can make time, to read this womans account of her OBEs, it is a comment from Paul laViolettes website article from dec 2015. I think you will find it very interesting

      Also Dr Wilson, what she says about Fukushima has upset me. Please can you double check that the kelp you recommend is still safe to consume? I am worried. And I am upset and distressed at the extreme criminality taking place on our planet now DrWilson, including mainstream media silence on important issues, and political silence, and distraction agendas.

      Best wishes Adam


  64. hirundine608 says:

    This blog has generated a lot of replies and comments. Quite astounding! Quite outstanding!

    I’m not sure I buy all the reptilian stuff? My mind is open and seeing is believing. I was married to an RH Neg, blood type, She had blonde-red hair and green eyes. We did not have children which was a big source of pain for her and for myself. She did have an IUD fitted when previously married. She was told the scarring on her fallopian tubes, was enough to prevent pregnancy.

    I have been interested in DNA and how homo sapiens has tracked around this globe. What I have learned is that Europeans generally carry about 10% of Neanderthal DNA. In Basque people it runs as high as 30%. It is said this, inter-breeding allows H. Sapiens to be more disease resilient?

    Edgar Cayce, is supposed to have visioned, that after the flood, the inhabitants of Atlantis fled to six different parts of the globe? The Basque region being one? The other places being – hard to remember- N.America, Steppes of Mongolia, The other three I cannot recall. I expect it would be on internet somewhere?

    The Neanderthals were cannibals. As too, Celts. The Basques are said to have practised cannibalism as late as 18th century. It was a ritual one involving a leading family of their society and witnessed by a Catholic priest? I found the account on Internet, but did not bookmark. Now i cannot find it. Neanderthals died out, during last ice age. One of the 12 tribes of Israel were the “Dan”. It’s not by accident the country around Dead Sea is called “Jor-dan”. The Dan, it is said moved to the coast where they killed one of the smaller tribes of the twelve. The Dan worshipped Baal. They moved to the coast and lived on ships. Becoming the “sea-people”. The remainder of Dan moved inland and north. Anyone who is interested should read up on them? The sea-people were distinctive with helmets having two horns mounted on them. They raided Egypt among other places. They eventually moved to islands in Mediterranean. Middle earth? Sardinia may be viewed as Sar-Dan-ia. The island from which, they long practised piracy. They moved up through Europe, taking Switzerland as their mountain fastness. From which they held and moved ever further north. Dominating the rivers of Europe. Into Ireland as the Tuatha de Danaan the tribe of Dan.

    Our sun Sol, is not born of Milky Way. It was captured by MW from another Galaxy. Known as the Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy or SatDEG. Estimated to have occurred about 2 billion years ago? How this was estimated, I’m not sure? Maybe the capture was later? Which might explain a lot?


    • aloisi2 says:

      Cannibalism is not tied to Neanderthal, or at least I have never heard a scientist or archaeologist say they were. . .the later tradition of bread and wine were simply a sign of culture to the Jewish bloodline. Those who did not eat bread and wine with their meal, had not eaten, or were heathen gentiles. Whatever the case, Neanderthal has been completely misunderstood I believe. Here’s my take on them.


      • Dublinsmick says:

        Interesting list of Rh- negative from your blog.
        So, is there anyone else with this line of blood? Or is it just the royals with RH-? You will be surprised to know, that there are a lot of famous people who publicly tell their blood type. These are some famous people I’ve found:

        Angelina Jolie when young used to cut herself and drink blood because she liked the taste of it and she and Tommy Lee wore amulets with blood in them.

        Actors and Actresses:
        Dan Aykroyd (AB-)
        Charlie Chaplin
        Tom Cruise
        Johnny Depp (B-)
        Leonardo Di Caprio (B-)
        Clint Eastwood
        Mia Farrow (B-)
        Morgan Freeman
        Jennifer Garner
        Steve Guttenberg
        Angelina Jolie
        Brad Pitt

        Sondra Locke
        Marilyn Monroe (AB-)
        Fox Mulder “X-files” (O-)
        Paul Newman (0-)
        Jack Nicholson (B-)
        Robert Pattinson
        Kristen Stewart

        Marc Bolan
        Kurt Cobain
        Phil Collins
        Jimmi Hendrix (0-)
        Mick Jagger (AB-)
        Janis Joplin
        Lenny Kravitz
        John Lennon (0-)

        Other Famous people

        James Dean
        O. J. Simpson
        Freddie Mercury


        • aloisi2 says:

          The truth is, O- is the origin of O blood, and RH- blood, so all those who have O blood have recessive RH-, and all who have the RH- have O recessively or dominantly too. As the Neanderthal was the one who seemed to first have O- (that we know for sure) we could conclude that if you have Neanderthal in you, you will be partially or recessively RH-. In other words, there is nothing very special about RH-, other then if you are O- you have two Neanderthal related relatives who give you double RH- and thus you are more pure.


      • hirundine608 says:

        There is plenty of evidence, to support my statement. As well, evidence of cannibalism among homo sapiens is well documented. Chimpanzees do so, also.

        I’m a vegetarian. To me, eating any warm-blooded mammal is akin to cannibalism. It is demonic. There is not much separating one species of warm-blooded mammal, from another. All mammals are sentient creatures. Mammals are a higher life form.

        The notion of “heathen gentiles” was something introduced by Sadducees. Both Pharisees and Sadducees in their Judaic writings. Display both racism and bigotry against anyone outside their control of faith. It also contradicts what, supposedly, Jesus of Nazareth preached?

        I hardly see the relevance, anyway? For the whole ceremony of wine for blood and bread for flesh, is abhorrent. Any notion that it gives an understanding of god, is ridiculous. My suspicion is that it was introduced by Constantine to make Christianity more palatable, to people in his realm? As he sought to make religion controlled by State.

        BTW. Jews in and around Palestine, became Moslems in 6th – 7th century AD. The Sephardic people moved to Babylon and protection of Cyrus, after he freed them from slavery. Later they settled around Mediterranean, in various communities. The Ashkenazi were later converts. The tribe of Dan worshipped Baal. Descendants of Daniel. There is far too much relevance, accorded to Judaic people. The writings of Zarathustra and Zoroastrian religion far predate Judaic belief of just one god, by some centuries.


        • Dublinsmick says:

          Not much I cannot agree with there. I have some thoughts in this direction.

          There used to be an east indian (Hindu) near where I worked. A very likeable guy and we had many conversations. Once in a joking way I said you know being Hindu, why are you selling all of these hotdogs. He said I don’t eat that shit, I just sell it. He said those who eat flesh become beasts themselves. I jokingly said you are really just trying to fool us, you are really an undercover muslim aren’t you. He would get all excited. I really hated to see him sell his place and move, he was a lot of fun.


          • hirundine608 says:

            Good for him! I worked for Wal-Mart for eleven years. I hated compromising my beliefs but they were one of the few employers in town. Where you could get a job, without knowing the secret handshake. Even in Canada, with our slightly better labour laws, they are poor corporate citizens.


    • hirundine608 says:

      Thanks for the links. I’ve been convinced of this for some time now. Look at what is supposed to happen in Bohemian Grove? How many leading politicians develop dementia? Seems abnormally high? Jacob Creutzfeltd anyone? One thing that has always intrigued me. Is why Christian church uses the bread and wine in place of body and blood. Is this some sort of code for cannibalism? If I had time, right now, I would expand musing. Thanks for links, I’ll read them better another time. Are you okay with being called Mick? Cheers, Jamie.


  65. Dublinsmick says:

    Yes that is fine. I do think there is a link.

    When you have time, this is also one of my favorites. I was fairly shocked when I first read this.


    • hirundine608 says:

      Yes, I can follow the notion of giants on this planet more. Than the idea of reptilian ancestors. After all, dinosaurs were huge. If we had reptilian ancestors? How would they deal with cold weather? Living in the southern part of B.C. Canada. There very few reptiles, because their metabolism slows and they become vulnerable to predators. There have been many reports of giants found in grave sites eastern U.S.. A large body of whatever species, requires a lot of energy consumption.

      About 17 years ago, I happened to see a group of sasquatch. When squatting they took up very little space. When standing they were obviously over 6 feet tall. Big barrel-shaped chests and slim long hips and legs. Until I saw them, I imagined they were folklore? Like trolls, etc. Seeing is believing. It came out of left field. It changed my whole view of the world. I was left with a feeling of awe. They were climbing trees. Well 2 of them were. A third climbed a cedar tree and I imagine was acting as a look out. The other 2 stayed on ground and I could see them watching. peeping over the thimbleberry which grows profusely here. The whole incident was surreal. We had moved from another property about a year earlier. The previous land adjoined crown land. Land on which I used to walk all the time, on snowshoes in winter and boots in summer. When into the forest, I frequently felt I was being watched. But I had dogs [border collies] that were around, so did not know why and shrugged the feelings off.

      I believe the sasquatch to be North America’s Great Ape. I understand they or relative are found in Florida? Called “Skunk Apes”?


  66. Dublinsmick says:

    Aloisi2 would you mind taking that nonsense somewhere else?


  67. Illyje Xichelliatan Ollenia says:

    Hmmm…, It sounds like racism to me, but what do I know right? I’ve just studied Theology and the Occult 20+ years. What Jews teach is very Racist, but this forum is about blood and blood types. This is not the place to stand on your soapbox and preach dogmatic ideals and beliefs. So if you have a point that has to do with Rh neg or Rh pos blood please make it. Otherwise, keep your ridiculous notions to yourself or post them elsewhere, this is not the place, thank you.


  68. Dublinsmick says:

    I am going to let a couple of these through for entertainment purposes but my hypocrisy only goes so far. …. don’t come back.


  69. I would like to add…since it hasn’t been addressed in the comments or otherwise. A- here and no tail. Also, I understand the confusion of some with the positive parents and negative offspring or vice versa. My mother is A+ with a recessive – allele. My father is O -. One of my sisters and I are A- the other is A+. This is because my mother passed the recessive allele along with my dad’s recessive to create negs. You can have positive parents having negative children because of this seemingly hidden recessive trait. So, of someone is positive yet seems to identify with some negative traits, maybe you are half and half?
    I do have an average body temp of 96 and low blood pressure. Even during pregnancy my pressure stays at about 107/60.
    Also, interestingly my oxygen content is always 100, even when I was a smoker. Not sure if this means anything, but odd to me.
    To those who talk about schizoprenia…maybe they are just shamans stuck in a world who deems them as lunatics instead. Just a theory, but I would definitely want to know what is going on in their world.


  70. Tony Ryals says:

    Organic-Inorganic Coevolution

    Before life made a cell it must have occurred,

    Carbon and minerals wrote their first word,

    It was the basis of the biospheric revolution,

    Organic-inorganic co-evolution,

    From the simplest life-form viral,

    To the most complex evolutionary spiral,

    Dances within a watery solution,

    Using the elements of organic-inorganic co-evolution

    Even the genetic strand has the phosphorous mineral in its carbon configuration

    Phosphorous holds not only the key to energy transformation,

    And life’s respiration

    But is also essential to store life’s genetic information,

    And eventually human intellectualization,

    And what would be chlorophyll,

    Without magnesium its carbon bonds to fill?,

    Without the magnesium impetus,

    There’d be no photosynthesis,

    And what would be the enzyme nitrogenase,

    Without molybdenum to fill its carbonaceous space,

    Nitrogenase alone would lack the inspiration,

    To perform prokaryotic nitrogen fixation,

    Without molybdenum fertilization,

    And long before hemoglobin came along,

    Other iron-containing heme groups sang their song,

    Before these iron-carbon molecules evolved for respiration,

    They protected oxygen-sensitive molecules from oxidation,

    After photosynthesis led to oxygen’s liberation,

    There’d be no vitamin B-12 or cobalamine,

    If cobalt hadn’t co-evolved with carbon

    To make this vitamin,

    And what to the biosphere would it have meant,

    If selenium hadn’t evolved with carbon

    to form an anti-oxidant,

    Molybdenum calcium iron and sulfur,

    Chromium magnesium potassium copper,

    Liebig’s law of the minimum,

    And law of the maximum,

    You can’t have too much and you can’t have too little,

    You must be somewhere in the middle,

    Copper in feed lots makes pigs grow fast,

    But then their copper-loaded excrement poisons the grass,

    Can’t survive the future without respecting the biosphere’s past,

    The traces of life are in your head,

    Bacteria will use them when you’re dead.

    Tony Ryals


  71. Dublinsmick says:

    hirundine I always think of divine light mission when I hear from you.
    We had a guitarist in Gainesville that used to pick that old song on a guitar called “I saw the light!”


    • hirundine608 says:

      Thanks Mick!

      While i enjoyed those times, I can’t say I miss them. I miss being young but I have few regrets over my life. What’s more important to me is I can still see the light. It is as much a thrill as the very first time. In the past I used to tell every one I could about how wonderful it seemed. Nowadays, I’m a bit more grizzled and wiser. …. do not cast pearls before swine, instantly pops to mind. Or you can lead a horse to water, etc. Each person is on their own path. All I can do is represent that path as best as I’m able. Is my path “the way”? For me, it is. That’s about as far, as I’m able.

      I read your posts and in general like what’s posted. I’m glad you don’t take any crap from the trolls. I may not entirely agree with your posts, but that’s for me to evaluate and absorb. Once I thought that the sasquatch were first nation folk tales. Then one day I saw them, the sasquatch, …. blew my mind. Taught me, to appreciate “seeing is believing”. They are much closer than people think. It seems they’ve figured out, we’re [homo sapiens] bad news. One friend suggested that maybe they travel across dimensions? Hmmm, interesting but unlikely? …. Cheers Jamie!


  72. Dublinsmick says:

    “do not cast pearls before swine,”
    For sure Jamie, I have taken the same approach on a take it or leave it basis. As for trolls, you would not believe some of the spam around here I delete. Akismet has blocked over 163,000. As for comments, if it doesn’t pertain to the post or is too ridiculous and is something I don’t think readers should be bored with reading, I just delete it.

    By the way I have no doubt the sasquatch is out there although I have never seen one. Native Americans are not in the habit of lying. If they insist on something for several thousand years, it is out there.

    If there is somebody around here that would understand this one, it is probably you.

    The spam crew, salvator, guiseppe bo beppe, whitesnakeaglehunter, foghornleghorn that use an IP from the Berkeley campus between the bike path and administrative building, I have to admit, they did make me laugh once. They came over with the schtick “where is everybody?” I have to admit I laughed.


  73. Robin Conkel-hAnnan says:

    What kind of silver is 15% copper.?


  74. Dublinsmick says:

    Robin all sterling is about 15 percent copper. That is what causes the grey streaks of oxidation. Japan silver 950 contains less copper, 5 to 10 percent.


  75. Stanley Royal Blood says:

    I really hope you do not delete this post because even though it’s very long, it does pertain to the thread and has it’s merits. My paternal grandfather was AB- and my grandmother was O-. Of their three children, my father is A-, his sister who passed was O- and his living sister is AB-. My maternal grandparents, grandfather was O- and grandmother was O+. So, we now come to my parents. My father age 80] is A- like I already stated and my mother [age 74] is O+ but was told many years ago that she is a universal donor. Either way, the point is this: of their 6 children, my oldest brother is A+, next two siblings are O+, I am O-, next two siblings are O+. I am the only one of the 6 who is RH Neg. DNA testing says they are BOTH my biological parents. This testing was done being that I was told that there was no way either was my parent and, after hearing it so many times, I needed to know for sure, just for my own peace of mind. Now we come to my only child and my 4 grandchildren. My daughter is O- like me, as her father was also O-. That would make perfect sense to those posting here but my being the only Negative of my parents 6 children wouldn’t to those who think they know about genetics and don’t. I am not trying to be condescending here, just stating that there is a lot more to blood genetics than what many of you know. Back on track, my 4 grandchildren. 3 have the same father, as per DNA testing, and the last is by her second husband. As stated, my daughter is for sure O-. She has been tested several times for blood donation and surgeries and each time shows the same, O-. Her first husband was O-, as per several tests for donation and surgeries. Now we get to the tricky part that caused the DNA testing of my grandchildren in the first place.Hubby’s grandmother told him there was no way the two girls [born at the point she this] were his kids as their blood types were ‘wrong’. She insisted they were not his kids and convinced him that a DNA test was needed. So, just to keep the peace, my daughter agreed to the tests. The oldest is A+, the next is O+, then she had baby number three and he was blood tested for oral surgery and found to be O-. Baby number 4 was tested at birth and found to be blood type B+. Yes, he is half Black. His father has been tested as A+ definitely, as per blood donation testing shows. Now, you may ask how she had positive children, both A & O, being that both she and hubby number one are both O-. You may also ask how baby number 4 is B+, being his blood type doesn’t seem to match either hers or his father’s. Now we come to the point of this long-winded post. The point is that you carry genes of many generation within your blood. Yes, you get half from mom and half from dad, but they get half from both parents as well. Remember that AB- I mentioned coming from my paternal grandfather? AB blood came about due to A&B blood types mixing. So, a person who has AB blood, whether neg or pos, has genes for both blood types. Those genes are passed down generation upon generation. Even if a gene is consider to be recessive, it can still show itself even to many generations down the line. I, however, think scientists have a few things wrong concerning genes and blood types etc. That is for another post, though–after I see if this post is allowed. BTW, the username I chose was meant to be a bit facetious for various reasons that I think those who actually know about bloodlines will catch.


  76. Stanley Royal Blood says:

    I also meant to say that when one parent is positive and the other negative, with having 6 children together, the chances of even one of them being negative is about 6-12%, which can be looked up through various blood sites. Also, with both parents being negative, there is about a 2% chance that the child may be positive if both carry a positive gene, same as if both are positive there is about a 2% chance that they will have a negative child. Even with blood groups, they can have a child whose type seems ‘off’ such as my daughter having a B baby, while she is O and the father is A.



    • aloisi2 says:

      You would do well to get to the link. I did, and yet another person seems to be cluing into the links between mythology, blood, RH- and what it implies as to racial differences. The fact is, there is indisputable genetic proof that the races came out of 2 species, and one was part “god”, otherwise known as an alien, otherwise known as Denisovan. You would do well to look into my blog as well. . .but I forgot, you told me to take my junk theory elsewhere. A little open mindedness to facts would do you well. That and not destroying peer review by erasing everything that you disagree with.


  78. Dublinsmick says:

    Aloisi2 I don’t remember why now I said that. I get a lot of trolls here and sometimes get fed up. But yes I agree on the two distinct species and the neanderthal was not linked to the Annunaki. That I am sure of.

    This is what most term the Gods.

    I am taking a look at your blog now

    Meanwhile here are my thoughts on the matter

    Denisovans are not new to me and I have been meaning to post this.

    Let us make this clear from the beginning, neanderthals did not pave the way for modern man. They are a separate species, separate also from the newly discovered Denisovans.

    Denisovan DNA was discovered in a cave in Siberia. It resulted from a finger bone of a young girl who died about 8 years of age or so they say. It is said to be a newly discovered hominid species. The new DNA analysis suggests that humans bred with Denisovans. They were a small population with dark hair, dark eyes and tan skin. They did not interbreed with neanderthal or what we refer to as modern man. (After the upbraid). They were not around long. The last wave of genetic upgrades ventured north and then east marrying Asian Denisovans and migrating on to Australia.

    Years ago a Hobbit-size human called Homo floresiensis went extinct on the island of Flores in Indonesia just 17,000 years ago or so.

    Homo-erectus migrated out of Africa 1.8 million years ago into Asia and is not related to neanderthal. Denisovans migrated later into Asia. We now know they lived at least 50,000 years ago.

    What is as intriguing as the missing DNA is the now wild threads of stories we see as to how it all came about. We are told that most modern humans have one or two percent neanderthal DNA. Speculation begins on whether or not these genes allowed modern man to survive after he branched out of Africa, humans had sex with neanderthals, yada yada. It is even speculated that modern humans gave neanderthal a deadly virus that allowed them to defeat him, yeah sure buddyroo.

    Neanderthals lived in Europe 600,000 years ago but were almost replaced with Cro-Magnon or modern humans who got the jump on them so to speak with some small fragment of neanderthal genes left in modern man constituting of a small fragment of their DNA. There is also speculation that neanderthal man was almost obliterated by the ice age or some cataclysmic event. The largest area of neanderthal genes today is now in Khazaria and the mideast. It branches out to Japan and the Spanish Basque area. It is of the Y-DNA, haplogroup E1b1b1 series. This group shows a high degree of rhesus-negative characteristics and cannot be cloned.

    Neanderthals did not give rise to modern humans. Not much discussion given to the possibility that perhaps human female children were drug away from the campfire when nobody was looking. That could just about explain the small amount of DNA. Whether through war or better farming technique, neanderthals were almost wiped out. Then came fractional reserve banking. Over the aeons of time, there has been friction among the neanderthals and the local populations. Jesus called them Edomites, Alexander tried to surround them with many moving north to eastern Europe and many moving east along the silk road where they were met by Ghenghis Khan and being funneled into Japan where they established a royal family. The sword was their preserve, the peasant was left with the nanchaku.

    It is also interesting how wannabe scientists and fiction writers will employ every twist and turn to deny the obvious. There were two waves of upgraded DNA to come out of Africa, first denisovan and then modern humans. The theory most dear to the witch hunters is that man evolved higher in Africa about 80,000 years ago. None dare mention this could readily be explained by the clay tablets in Babylon which clearly details Annunaki/Nefilim gene experimentation.

    We are beginning to obtain a clear picture as to where Cain found a wife, she was probably a neanderthal and most likely the daughter of a banker living north of the Black Sea.

    I was looking at your site, now it is all coming back to me. You are interested in breaking down the bible and what it all meant and bless you for that. We all need to understand the bible and moving on to more truthful references to what Jesus was all about.

    This is also a start. This is also a good starter.

    “‘King James’ Bible in 1611, was a work of social engineering by the English Elite. This was undertaken to coral the masses into mental servitude to Luciferianism/Rosicrucianism. It was a step away from true spirituality, whose tenets presented a clear danger to the establishment then, and as it still does today.

    In the late 16th century, immediately prior to the KJV becoming the de facto standard bible, Sir John Dee, left, was an Enochian black magician. Dee and Francis Bacon, the author of ‘The New Atlantis’ were both instrumental in the production of the KJV. As the Bible itself exhorts us to stay away from occult and witchcraft practices, it is paradoxical that Christians should embrace a work mastered as it was by high-ranking members of the occult.

    As well as being Queen Elizabeth’s ‘spymaster’, Sir John Dee was a prominent member of The Worshipful Company of Mercers, which are Masonic Lodges by another name, led by a Worshipful Master.”

    Now getting around to the matter of what Jesus really said can be found in the Essene scrolls. How do I know this? Well because it is common sense. It fits the definition of reality and makes no money for any organization. It is in line with most other religions including native American stories. You will possibly not convince many westerners of this without it appearing in school texts, sunday school classes or Fox News and other venues. Many of the west simply do not except anything unless it threatens to cost them their employment or a certain level of comfort. Sometimes even that is not effective.,10971

    Meanwhile if you want to discuss this would you please move it over here. This particular thread though related I don’t think has as much to do with negative blood, not in way most will understand anyway.


    • aloisi2 says:

      I believe the Bible is only an evolved religion from the Sumerian, which sadly I don’t read. I can see what the science says, and I have linked science to religion in my theory, perfectly. You are off with the Neanderthal, and Denisovan. You know some, but the picture is a fragment. Check out this, as it very much is appropriate to the origin f RH-. . . and also, my connection with Denisovan and mythology is here.


      • Laura says:

        I find this all very interesting (as well as confusing), but I have 0- blood, but not my brother. I never thought to ask my parents what type were they, though I believe o- came from my grandmother’s side from reading these posts, as her mother was from France, father-Italy. I would like to find out the blood type of my mother but she’s deceased and her siblings. It was said my grandmother was psychic at times. Sometimes I myself just know things or have a feeling that something will or has happened. Its strange. I guess I need to find somehow my mother’s blood type.


  79. Dublinsmick says:

    You know first of all the above links I have left will vividly show you how our different views clash if you ever have an opportunity to read them.

    When you refer to yourself as an evolutionary atheist you will have to excuse the smile on my face. I will explain many call themselves atheists and have no idea or conception what God is. It is easy to call atheist if you are thinking of some man in the sky concept or an entanglement of theosophy, books and scriptures.

    Let me make this easy, most of the major religions around the world from Buddhists, Hindus, American Indians, Shamans of Russia, Yogis etc realize we live in an electrical universe, or if you will a sea of life force or light. That is what you get when you split the atom or learn to meditate and see light through the pineal gland.

    It is what the American indian called the great white spirit. In fact it is was the original words of Jesus found in the Essene gospel of truth talked about. The message was simply, throw away the dead books and dead words of dead men and choose life. Life flows from the clouds, sleeps in the valleys and bubbles in the brooks, those who do the will of the earthly mother live longer upon the earth.

    You see in the east this life force is called prana. It causes the grass to grow, the mother to stare in amazement at the new born in her arms, it keeps the heart beating through no conscious involvement of the living being. You see that is what God is, not twisted terminology and continuous jabber concerning theology. Choose life.

    Now you say you believe “Gods” chosen people are not the Israelites of today, but the lost tribes that took over Europe. This is almost laughable for 2000 years ago during the time of Jesus there was no such word as Jew. It is something invented by the khazars. Who incidentally migrated to Europe and began to live around cromagnon man.

    Maybe God’s chosen people are the ones who choose God, you think?

    Sumerian cuneiform tablets clearly indicate that man used a beast already upon the earth to fashion twelve tribes or races of people. There were of course some miscalculations resulting in what is called the Greek Centaur. Here is a pic of one if you not bother looking at the links.

    No and Adam was not a king, he was the first of the slave or helper race created by the Annunaki. You might want to read Sitchen, the Atrahasis, Mahabharata and other ancient manuscripts more closely. In fact Adam did not have a foreskin and the Nefilim did. They reasoned to separate themselves from the earthling on that basis. It is probably the reason Jews are so big on circumcision these days. They want to be more like the Gods.

    You actually believe this? This is nothing but more ashkenazi Uber Alles.

    “Furthermore, if you believe the blood of the gods is in the Neanderthal, and/or Adam is a Neanderthal (who is the father of the Europeans that run through most of the world to one degree or another), then you would have to say that only the Ashkenazi Jews, (who are genetically very distinct from the rest) are relatively pure children of God, along with many others who do not know to claim the title of Jew or Israelite even.”

    You see there again you are trying to make the neanderthal out to be chosen when in fact he was nothing more than a cave man. I have read most of Sitchen’s books and I can tell you I have never seen them butchered more than you have provided in your posts. You are obviously jewish are you not?

    I think I can help you but I not open to relentless debate. I don’t debate, I state so listen the first time around I don’t have time to repeat myself. I was very fortunate to be around some very gifted Mahatmas when young. They could tell me what I did in childhood, what I thought and what would happen to me in the future. They were very honest and never wrong, so I don’t have much room for debate.

    You see there are those who can contact this universal energy, rishis, prophets if you will, the creative energy that keeps the planets in precision around the sun flawlessly. Edgar Cayce was one of those and you may have noticed he is featured prominently on this blog. I suggest you look into his thousands of readings from the trance state. Some of them recorded medical treatments not yet discovered.

    Good luck in your journey.


    • aloisi2 says:

      None of your theories compute when looking at my evidence, which you obviously haven’t. Whereas, I have seen your quackery, and easily dismissed it. Sorry, but when you have evidence, not just guesses and whoo whoo, I might read more of your thoughts. The Neanderthal was not just a caveman, that is well debunked in my blog and with science. Ashkenazi Jews are the only ones tied back genetically to Noah’s family and are the only pure ones, not “grafted in” like the Khazar empire. The lost tribes are Europeans. The Hebrews/Jews/children of God, are those in his image. The image of all the ancient gods were blond, red haired, and white skinned. The story of creation was at the time of the first blue eyed woman, and the genetics points to a Y chromosome male ancestor of almost all humanity tested being at that place and time too. Except those few they tested in Africa where they are pure. Two species origin, from alien gods, who then mated directly, showing up as a third species. . .who interbred with man. If the myth is right, and we only have 3 species, who’s interbreeding made modern man. . .then Denisovan is God, who mated with Neanderthal/man, who was genetically manipulated with the mitochondria of the homo erectus, while retaining the cells nucleus of the mother who bore the child. Thus a child of god would look just like it’s parents, and gain only the mtDNA from the homo erectus, making it’s mother appear to come from African blood, while having not a drop of blood from the primate line. Europeans have a alien RH-, also pure O blood that comes from O-, and has no A or B alles in it. An illogical skin color for Africa and lack of hair, no gut parasites from Africa, no immunity to things in Africa, etc, etc. whites are alien hybrids, and the elite and royals are the closest to the pure bloodline of the gods. They can be traced from Jacob, and even have an artifact they have kept in the family from that time to this day! Blood tells it all. I am the bloodline. No, unfortunately I am not pure or elite. I would never call myself a Jew, lest someone associate me with those who claim being a Jew now. Nor would I want to say I’m Brazilian, even though the original ones were white. Nor would I want to say Spaniard, though the original ones were also white. . .Neanderthal might be more like it, as the more people they test, the more they say we have in us. Now the number is 20%, but they say it is likely at least 40%, but they would need another 1,000 people to test for that much. The evidence is still slow in proving Africans came directly from homo Erectus, because so few have been tested who are pure, but as it is 3% now, and that’s what they started with saying Neanderthal was in Europeans, it is likely going to be a similar amount and growing.

      Editor’s note


      • Dublinsmick says:

        Alois so it is your evidence and my theories gotcha. You are Jewish aren’t you. I have never seen the Enuma Elish butchered as it has been on your site.


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  81. Lee says:

    I won’t get into anything else other than that Jews are from the tribe of Judah…ethically…and those who are descended from Judah alone can truly call themselves Jews. I am white as well, descended from the southern Ui Neill of the Ard Ri of Ireland….the truest sense of being white, and my lineage is far older than that of the Jews and completely different. I must admit that if you go back far enough…we all connect somehow…but I guess that’s what matters right? To find out how we connect, with all the reasons behind them. Well, with all that said….rh neg has a lot to do with it, and from my research, the rh neg bloodlines have a tremendous amount of importance in how we live on this planet. Lastly, the true white people, like me, who are awake, as I am, do not want all this evil that’s been running amuck for the past couple of centuries….or longer?


    • Lee says:

      *ethnically…and I meant the past couple thousand years. Not pointing any fingers but it’s not hard to see who’s been corrupting the world for that long…along with others.


  82. CrissCross says:

    Big Banks Busted Massively Manipulating Foreign Exchange, Precious Metals…And Every Other Market! 😮


  83. lindsay says:

    i’m not black or African and i am rh neg. .I actually was born with my tailbone too long pinching nerves in my back. I’m very allergic to copper or any foreign object put in my body rejects it. I always fell and never felt pain from the nerve damage in my back . don’t know about what is being said . Ido know of the factors iI said about rh neg because I have all of them .I had surgery when I was four still have lower back pain but I don’t fall anymore


    • lindsay says:

      same as when I’m pregnant I have to take shots to counter react not having a miscarriage or coming out with disabilities or missing body parts still born back in the day called blue babies.


  84. ReBecca says:

    How Everything Changed When Nikola Tesla Met Swami Vivekananda



  85. Dublinsmick says:

    Comments are closed on this one.


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  87. Fortune Ringquist says:

    I am a 63yr old redhead female and almost every one in my family is rh negative. We all have problems with em and elf waves. We all have OB, O, and A negative. We are Scots, Irish, and. One English man. I cannot give a retinal scan.


  88. Dogman says:

    I have a lady friend that is RH Negative, has a slightly pronounced tailbone, slightly webbed feet (not obvious at a glance) and was unwittingly entered into some sort of monitoring programme by her parents, and would receive their (name of programme unknown) letters even after relocating to various addresses without sharing the new address!
    I have pointed out (and teased her) about her love of rock climbing and the fact that she has a lizard tattoo on her shoulder, which she hadn’t consciously considered the significance of, when she had it done.


  89. says:

    Hello Dogman
    There are stories of those having tails that are very pronounced, even to the point of having them surgically shortened! 🙂


  90. soldier4yeshua says:

    Talking about blood transfusion, If I was told I needed one, I would rather have an auto-transfusion. And as for tails, this must be true because my mum did mention this to me when I was young and she had also mentioned the existence of giants … how did she know? Perhaps information passed down through her ancestors. She left us in 2012 at age 87 since then I have learned tons about the Nephillim, the giants, and who the gods are of this earth, their blood type and their DNA. I thank God, I am not a RH negative.

    Btw, thank you so much for this very interesting article.


  91. Marina Tod says:

    Interestingly many Rh negatives are also left handed. Many of the RH negative US Presidents (and there have been lots of them – is this a co-incidence) were also left handed. Obama is left handed and an RH negative. Prince William, another RH negative, is also left handed. The Queen, another RH negative might have been born left handed, but forced to change hands as a child. We will never know for sure. I’m a RH A- and a leftie too. What organisation would bother tracking us is beyond me. It must be such a tedious and boring enterprise. Ireland is full of Rh negatives – being descendants of the Basques, who have the highest quota of RH negs in the world. I wonder who has the mundane job of tracking them individually. What exactly is there to track?


  92. This is all pretty interesting. I found this blog from researching RH negative blood and it’s origins.


  93. says:

    Welcome aboard


  94. RHNeg says:

    Fascinating Stuff, thanks DublinMick !
    I have AB – blood. I have been researching RH neg blood for many many years. It’s so interesting.
    I can often tell RH negatives just from talking to them. The differences between human ethnicities & the differences between Rhesus bloods types are very apparent to someone is really paying attention. Our traditionally high-trust societies are going to face a Muslim majority within 30 years. Freedom of speech, separation of church & state & women’s right are on course to become things of the past. The powers that be obviously have plans. Those plans do not have our best interests at heart.
    I am working on a self-reliant community with other concerned people. I will post here when ready. The most potent thing I can share right now to anyone who is interested is
    Much Love Rhesus Negatives 🙂 Be Pro-Active !


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  96. LBM says:

    I’m AB negative. Facts about me ? Hm I generally have low blood pressure am usually cold , had one child and can’t have no more for no perticular reasons just not happening .i have brown eyes and I’m fast at learning languages . Lol I don’t have any crazy superpowers as far as I know ,but aging I do slowly.


  97. izzy says:

    I realy do not know what to think about it…I was born in Poland,( southern Poland I am a higlander) Carpathia Mountain where from all my family come from. I have AB rh minus blod group so as my father. When I was pregnant they have checked my geens for down syndrome but they have found out something diferent… that I have a gen that they don’t know about or they do not know what is it they have never seen something like this before. I always knew I am diferent… very diferent better but humble . I always wonted to know more.. always had a srange dreams have seen life in diferent dimentions..since I was a little girl and remember everything even when I was a baby….so many strange things has happened to me….I am actualy shocked after what I have just red…I did not have an idea that all of this might be happening to me as I have a blood of Gods in me….:))))


  98. Jessica says:

    This is very interesting. I’m A- and carry every trait


  99. Nduduzo says:

    We are rh neg soon to be parents


  100. Shiva ram says:

    I have o neg blood group from other in my family pocesses this type of blood group.can you please say the details of that?


    • Jerome L Garvin Jr says:

      You have O Negative blood that is caused by protein deletion. I’m going to assume your parents are O Pos. O Neg deletion is not the same as a true O Neg…the true O Neg can’t receive blood from you, nor can you mate with them and produce viable offspring.


    • Found this under some of the Captain’s older writings.

      Aiswarya r
      January 14, 2016 at 8:14 PM

      Happy Makara Sankranti !!

      Please answer these Captainji. I can’t sleep without finding answers to these.

      From where did the Namboodiris came to kerala with Parashurama? what was their native place or actual Race( they have fair skin)?

      Why are Nairs Matrilineal?

      Is Ochira parabrahma temple myth true? Is there any other dieties like Muthappan in Kerala(ie. localy worshipped) . Are trance of velichappads of our tharavads/temples same as that of Theyyams ?

      Pls explain the origin of Negative Blood group and thus Erythroblastosis foetalis in relation to it. Is there a blood group by the name A1 -ve?

      Please Answer.

      Thank you.

      Capt. Ajit Vadakayil
      January 14, 2016 at 9:33 PM
      hi ar,

      namboodiris were THIRAYYARS of kerala ( prsent day thiyyas ) who were proficient in sanskrit ( granthi lipi ). they had a creamy layer named BHATTATHIRIPPADS who were professors in taxila/ nalanda/ bhojsala .

      aryabhatta is a BHATTA

      after sarswati river dried up in 4000 BC– lord parashrurama decided that 4 vedas and 108 upanishads must come to kerala .

      in 2000 BC , a namboodiri named adi shankaracrya mastered the vedas at a very young age– and he was famous and respected.

      he found that namboodiris had become decadent and the oral form was suffering.

      adi shankaracharya decided to distribute the 4 vedas to the 4 corners on india. the southern most vedas was in sringeri–those days part of chera kingdom.

      to punish adi shankaracharya the namboodiris boycotted his mothers cremation rites.

      negative blood group humans are evolved . they have taken more number of re-births as humans on planet earth.


      a rH negative woman must marry a rH negative man or her 2nd baby will suffer.

      a rH-negative woman who conceives a Rh-positive child with a rH-positive man will typically bear her first child without special problems.

      however, because of intermingling of fluids between mother and foetus, the first pregnancy builds up antibodies to rH positive blood in the woman which typically attack the blood of her subsequent rH positive children, causing them to miscarry, be stillborn, or die shortly after birth (infant haemolytic disease. injection of gamma globulin into the mother immediately after each birth prevents the possible rejection of the next baby .

      i am rH negative. rH negative people cannot be cloned.

      there are from the oldest shiva lingam DNA which rained from BINARY STAR MARTHANDA.

      Marthanda is a huge energised mass or rock which revolves round the sun every 12500 years, which at perigee creates lot of disturbances on planet earth.

      capt ajit vadakayil

      He does lay claim to certain speed reading abilities.


  101. I wouldn’t be much help there. It is very rare according to the chart only 2% of indians display this blood type.

    I know a guy you might ask though.

    Of course O negative is a rare blood type and they may just want your blood.

    O negative is a recessive gene some just turn up with it. The capacity to have 6 fingers is also recessive and some have it. Many of the old mummies had six fingers!

    And of course this man says all blood types who are copper deficient are trending toward O blood in future generations.


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  103. Lannah says:

    i am ab neg born and live in New Zealand have been trying to gain info on my blood for a while now and just coming up with the same stories nothing concrete. i also have always been and felt different as a child i rem trying to make potions like a witch and dreaming of being a vampire and flying always suffered anxiety my birth mother pretty much beat me from birth then abandoned me at 2 yrs old my disabled father raised me i was never content school was too easy i left school and home at 14yrs old to learn anout real things lol. ive always been drawn towards being a healer i feel people i see sickness have seen shadow people spirits shape shifters whatever you want to call them . At 14 yrs old i got pregnant they told me it was a hydadaform mole cancerous featus and imediatly proformed a d&c abortion procedure for unknowen reasons i died during this opperation but was brought back feeling like id been hit by a truck at 16 had my first child and continued to have 4 kids to 4 different fathers , Have had back problems failed back sugurey strange reactions to procedures if it sais theres a one in a millon chance this may happen ….its guna happen to me. Now they say i have cancerous tumor on kidney ive lost all faith in main stream medicine helping me so for 5 yrs ive treated my tumor myself yes its still there but i am fine kidney is full function no probs. I know i am here for a powerful reason i feel it inside forever grasping for the vortex to arrive me at me , feel lost forever running from systems in a world i do not fit into and forver chasing the unknowen where i belong and searching for the key thatl unlock me, but while they pollute our food water air ect close off the third eye and keep me shut down ….im stranded and its hard to breathe here in this cage.


  104. Sarah Avery says:


    Why is 0 negative blood the benevolent “universal donor” blood BUT (according to authorities) can kill your own child in the womb?

    The magnitude of this dichotomy makes can make an O- person feel all sorts of pride, with or without the necessary humility, or like a murderer of their own children which engenders neither pride nor humility, but horror.

    Please do not try to educate me regarding Rho(D) immune globulin (Rhogam) shots, this question predates this medical advance. Nor am I interested in textbook reasons of why the mother’s blood can attack the child’s blood unless it elucidates as expository information facts that are not easily attained and contributes to speculation, theory or source knowledge regarding why an O- person is a blessing to all peoples, but potentially lethal threat to their own children.

    THANK YOU for pondering, considering or proving with gross forethought in advance!!!!!



    PS HI LANNA! For what it’s worth regardless of the overpowering degree and multitude of adversity that can be heaped on a person, as has been heaped on you, I find, as trite as it may seem, that counting my blessings, even if it is composed of a list that includes tandem eye blinking, brings healing through what seems like the peace of gratitude.

    Also, although I’m a Christian I have found what I assume to be a more of a Buddhist ideology of whenever I find myself thinking of what I deem to be missing, say to myself “stop desiring” and that helps for a while. That does not mean to stop setting goals but helps when those blue thoughts get in the way of doing so.

    Please know you are not the only one suffering-The old misery loves company-as banal as that may be can help sometimes too:)

    That is why support groups can be helpful in a way, to find a group of people that understand the depths of pain fortunately not everyone understands. Or join a group to stop the STERILE SEED
    PLAGUE OF DISCRIMINATION/SLAVERY/DEATH or whatever rises in your soul to be of service with the like minded righteously super grumpy!

    It’s hard to take in the proliferation of evil exponentiated (word?:) in part by technological advances and natural for an aware and caring soul of this generation to struggle with the equally unnatural depths of sorrow.

    Sorry to be so wordy. I pray for your peace of mind and contentment. Love-me


  105. This is what Dr. Mercola says about it.

    Boutillier has a theory on this, and mind you it is a theory but I suspect as for myself personally it might have some truth to it. His theory is everyone was A at one time and blood disgresses from A down to O through copper deficiency. Looking at it in a simplified manner, O blood does lack A and B antigens. That may be why they use it as a universal donar. Other than that you would have to check with your doctor. It is for this reason, I cook in copper pots and drink from sterling which is 15% copper.


  106. Alan Alexander says:

    Whatever supposed powers or abilities one has as a result of there blood type, has one choice live like the rest and be part of the rest or seclude yourself. For some people this is not information they looking at as part of knowing self and perhaps improving how we live with this knowledge, but as some kind of advantage over others. 85% of the rh positives will not die if they woke up tomorrow and all the rh- people were gone. Point is its good we are becaming more aware of what and who we are and understanding more of our past present etc but what and how we deal with this has the potential both to divide and uneccessarily set people against each other. Having said that, i am all for more research and understanding of the subject. I have just come across a lot of comment and people who for them its all about feeling somehow special or more deserving. If thats the case why would anyone who is not rh- want to co-exist with a group of people who think that way? I wouldn’t. Especially that in the abscense of your supposed powers and contribution to life on earth life would still exist and continue to thrive, it did perfectly so before you got here.
    So this sort of research in my mind is either done for scientific and personal understanding or other lesser honourable reasons. Which frankly, seem to be more prevalent. Anyway, what will be will be. It seems we tend to act out what we are more so, than what we rationalise independent of what we are.


  107. Sofia ruha says:

    A-bloodtype Hungarian both parents were Hungarian don’t know their blood types but I have 2 half sisters we are all half sisters to one and other we have the same eye color natural reddish brown hair my eye color can not be defined 3 shades dark blue gray mud green none of us looks like our mother I got her buttocks my 2nd sister got her hair not color only the shape and texture and my 3rd of us was born full blown red head the maternal side of genetics is very strong.


  108. Pingback: Darah Rhesus (RH) Negatif? Anda Mungkin Keturunan Nephilim – Kitab Henokh

  109. flyingcuttlefish says:


  110. The sane one says:

    Oh for goodness sakes. RH negative blood comes from Neanderthals. That’s why there is none in the sub Saharan African community.


  111. sunaJAeon says:

    I have a book that talks about different blood types are designed to eat certain kinds of food, supposedly O are hunter gatherers that digest meat well, no corn, little wheat, some other types in Middle East are designed to digest the various kinds of milk in that region, etc.


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