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Jack Reed’s Missing Tectonic Plate Is Ground Zero For Bayou Corne Problems, Also Tail Of The New Madrid And Well Hurricane Isaac Is Projected To This Area

Former oil field geologist Jack Reed always pointed out what he felt was an as yet unknown tectonic plate in the Louisiana Bayou. Interestingly it seems to encompass the Bayou Corne area where problems are now being experienced with sink … Continue reading

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I Am Counting 93 Recent Earthquakes On The California-Mexican Border, Many Also In The Virgin Islands

We are witnessing an unprecedented number of quakes at present on the California-Mexico border. There are significant shakes also taking place in the Virgin Islands and Costa Rico. There are numerous swarms now around the volcanos of Costa Rica — includes Arenal, Irazú, … Continue reading

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Very Clear Photography Of Bubbles Emanating From Corne Bayou

Very clear photography of bubbles randomly showing up in the bayou near Corne Bayou. Naturally this woman is very concerned. The bubbles are not only taking place in the sinkhole. A local woman sheds light on what is taking place. … Continue reading

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Hurricane Possible In Bayou Corne Sinkhole Area, Radiation 15 Times Over Normal, Hanford Plant Also Possibly Leaking

One the eve of the 7th anniversary of katrina we find hurricane Isaac has a high probablility of entering the the louisiana oil field territory where we are now told Bayou Corne sinkhole is 15 times more radioactive than what … Continue reading

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The Atlanteans Built The Great Pyramid, Not The Egyptians

“A number of scientists have been working on the Earth grid model, but the first one was Ivan P. Sanderson. Sanderson found that the twelve ‘Devil’s Graveyards’ around the world were geometrically spaced from one another. The ‘Devil’s Graveyards’ are the … Continue reading

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