Experts Say The Worst Is Yet To Come With Fukushima

Red Elk one of 12 inner Heyoka speaks of a time when man will find himself trapped by a giant steel mouse trap from which there is no return. 

“He is a member of the Heyoka (hi–OH–kah), a contrarian group of Native American “lost boys”.  He is, furthermore, one of twelve Inner Heyoka.  Red Elk is one of the last nine members of the Red Web Society, who are working to bring true understanding to Earth.  He is Official Keeper of the Tunnels, Official Keeper of the Pyramids, the Temporary Caretaker of the Flying-Red-Dragon Drum—a very sacred symbol of the Hopi nation; he is likewise the Altar Carrier of the Native Nations.  Red Elk is regarded—by both Whites and Native Americans—as the bridge between the Native people and ALL other religions—including the atheists. ”

We don’t hear much talk on the lamestream media these days concerning Fukushima. Awareness of what is transpiring there could likely panic people especially the everything is alright crowd. Japan is holding consultations with Russia and China on evacuating 40 million Japanese from the nuclear hell which is unfolding in Japan. We will have to wait and see on this one as those two nations happen to be the very ones Japan has been prone to attack over the centuries and were repulsed. 

The number four spent fuel pool in Japan alone holds 10 times the destruction of Chernobyl which has now claimed one million victims and the count is still rising. Some of this apparently woke senator Ron Wyden of Oregon up. He is calling for international cooperation to help with it. Many of us tried to talk about nuclear power years ago but were pretty much ignored by Joe Six pack who thinks everyone is a tree hugger who doesn’t go with the thank you for your service party line.  Cheap talk and what you think won’t accomplish much in Fukushima. It is of little consolation that such morons will most likely die an agonizing death with the rest of us who still have brains not eaten out by Fluoride, vaccines and aspartame. 

This is a threat to the entire planet not just Japan. Japan also has approximately 50 more of these plants. This is a country by the way Edgar Cayce from the trance state says must go under the waves for the most part. (Picture that in your mind’s eye) The United States has dozens of the same type Tepco plants which are very risky, some on the New Madrid Fault! Just the thought that nobody wants to talk about this including the nuclear regulatory commission should scare the hell out of anybody who has a mind left to think with. The money power wants more profits and more nuclear power. In fact the NRC is being pretty flippant on new safety measures despite all of this. 

Unfortunately much of the world is still debating war and which country to attack and trying to justify it somehow with all of this playing in the background. 

Nuclear Experts Call Fukushima A Ticking Time Bomb

The natural world must prevail if we are to avoid unimaginable suffering by mankind. Unfortunately it does not take a rocket scientist right now to realize the natural world is facing great odds.

I don’t even want to discuss what the predicted coming solar max and the taking out of transformers could do when power to some 400 plants worldwide ended abruptly. This could be a real possibility.


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4 Responses to Experts Say The Worst Is Yet To Come With Fukushima

  1. BuelahMan says:

    I have had a feeling of devastation and doom lately. I feel like something big is about to happen (or may have already happened and we just don’t understand yet). I believe that the government preps are for this “something”. We should also be ready.

    Self sufficiency (at least as best as one can manage) and knowing how/where to barter are important and may save a life.

    (Thanks for coming back online)

    Editor’s note: Beulah is a shill and his her is


  2. dublinmick says:

    Yep I was just weeding my garden today. I expect Weimar type inflation pretty soon.

    Oh and mayor near Fukushima told in Tokyo he cannot have a test as he has nosebleeds and is losing his hair. Looks like when you are radiated you are on your own these days.’m-losing-my-hair-and-have-nosebleed-everyday-i-asked-for-blood-test-at-a-hospital-in-tokyo-because-i’m-exposed-but-they-refused-it-video


  3. Cap'n Spadgett says:

    Pretty important to make the most of each day.


  4. dublinmick says:

    That is very true.
    I noticed a piece indicating Alaskan flight attendants are losing their hair and developing sores. All sites report it is a chemical in the uniforms but …. aren’t sores and losing hair symptoms of radiation? If it is not it soon will be as air units in planes take in the atmosphere and anything there builds up.


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