The Dogon Tribal Symbols, Same As The Cheyenne Or Planet Of The Crossing

The Dogon tribe of Africa know much about the Sirius star system and have known it for centuries. They indicate this knowledge was given to them by Nommos, ancestors from the stars who came in chariots of fire. Some of their ancient cave drawings appear to be men in space helmets. Many of the Dogon masks also sport a balanced cross, the symbol of Nibiru, the 12th planet. It was also the same symbols used by the Christian crusaders from Europe and shown on the sails of the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria. The balanced cross within a circle is also the symbol of Cheyenne and other plains Indians and it does indeed represent the sign of the crossing.

Updated 9-24-2014

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The Dogon had a  traditional belief of planets orbiting the sun,  elliptical orbits of astronomical phenomena; knowledge of satellites of Jupiter and rings of Saturn, among other things. Where did they get this knowledge, if not from extraterrestrial visitors? These objects are well represented on Dogon cave pictorials as well as the sign of the crossing.

Plantet Of The Crossing

Balanced cross in a circle can clearly be seen on Sitting Bull near the heart area.

Historians close to Sitting Bull tell us that he cut 49 small slivers in his arms for the Sun ceremony which represented the 49 sons and 49 daughters of the Lord of the Universe, the same 49 sons and daughters detailed in the Sumerian Epic as the sons of Antu. During this ceremony Sitting Bull stared at the sun for 2 days and was given a vision of exactly when Custer would arrive and which direction he would be coming from for the battle of Custer at the Rosebud. A vision that turned out to be highly correct.  This scenario incidentally is again seen with the king of Angkor Wat as there are indications he had the same amount of sons and daughters in some tales. This dates back to the 12th century in an ancient kingdom of temples in the remote jungle of Cambodia. It was rediscovered in 1860. So ancient history has some strikingly similar parallels.

According to the Dogon legends, the Nommo combined their DNA with the animals upon the earth to form intelligent life. It is said that when they died, they came back in new bodies and were thus immortals. The Enuma Elish translated in Sitchin’s writings say the exact same thing, the creation of 12 tribes as the Anunnaki used the wombs of primitives in a process of in-vitro fertilization.  Individual Nefilim were designated as the deity to lead each tribe. Is it just a coincidence that Zeus had 12 Olympians and Jesus had 12 disciples? This number seems to play a central part in ancient history as the ending of the Mayan calendar also occurs on the twelfth month of the year 2012!

The dogon also refer to the Nommos having green tinted skin. Now to most that is going to seem strange however the Chinese also have legends of immortals with green tinted skin, immortals that could hurl energy with their finger tips and defeat entire armies on the battlefield. The Temple of heaven is said to be a place when such immortals walked among men in the forbidden city. Although maybe a bit camp the movie “Big Trouble In Little China” starring Kurt Russell has such a theme,  although a bit camp. Legend of the 8 Samurai has a similar theme as do many eastern movies.

This is very similar to the Sumerian clay tablets and which were translated into a considerable amount of books by Zechariah Sitchin. It contains many of the story lines also contained in the Kobrin Bible concerning the origin of man and earth history. Adam’s rib is looking more shaky all the time. Darwin’s orgin of the species is a joke, and a very bad one. We have been exposed to some pretty comical analysis concerning who actually built the ziggurat pyramids. The Temple of Jupiter in Lebanon has columns that weight 1100 tons carved with the precision of a jeweler and the top of the granite mountain is sheared off to such a degree one can lay a level on it. We do not have the technology even now to lift one of them. Who carved the giant statues on Easter Island and moved them into place?

There is some discussion the strange looking heads on the the Easter Island statues are Lemurians and the small parcel of land known as Easter Island/Rapa Nui,  is the only remnant of it and it also has it’s very own cross and sun symbols and many of their Rongo Rongo script is similar to Pakistan’s Mohenjo-Dharo script. We know there are underwater evidence of a sunken civilization around Japan which unfortunately now is heavily radiated. These people are generally described as light skinned, very very tall with blonde hair. This certainly would explain the blonde mummies excavated in China, the Kenniwick man of Canada and the Ainu of Japan of whom there are a few remaining after losing the wars to the current Japanese people, many of whom came there from the collapsing Khazar nation. See photos in the link below.

Now maybe I am seeing too much here but at times we see Chinese appear who are over 8 feet tall or more. To me there is some oddly familiar facial features between them and the Easter Island statutes. Could the lost genes of the giants simply reappear in part in the Chinese population from time to time?

Interestingly enough, native American indians relay a similar story we find in the Popol Vuh which is pretty much the Native American story of the creation. Most all Native American tribes will inform you they did not descend from monkeys but are the descendants of super natural beings who came from the stars. Star beings who came to earth in flying ships from other destinations in the cosmos.

Nibiru is referred to using many names since ancient times. It is called planetX, the destroyer and the second sun as there seems to some text indicating it shows in the sky as another sun. There some discussion of whether or not native American belief systems are not referring to the second sun in their pictorgraphs, as opposed to our known sun.

The mayan sun disc is not the only one in existance. Sun discs have been found around the world. They include the Egyptian winged sun disc, the Lemurian Sun-Disc found in Australia, the Peruvian Sun Disc.

Peruvian indians tell a tale of a 12 foot sun disc at Cuzco made of pure gold, which vanished along with much of the gold facing of the temple, with Pizzaro’s conquistadores.

There seems to be quite a bit our history books, academic institutions and media do not wish to talk about! In fact most of it has degenerated into kindergarten level fairy tales such as pilgrims being greeted by native Americans with turkey dinners.

Ever heard of a guy named Noah?

And yes it all tracks back, you can’t get around it, to those wild and crazy Nefilim, the antics of Enki with his gene experimentation

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  1. kenny says:

    Another good one Mick. I’ll be working through the links for a while.

    I especially like the photos. Easter Island has always been intriguing. We know so little about the past.


  2. dublinmick says:

    Kenny some of those statues are actually sporting a hat like the Chinese giant in the photo


  3. bholanath says:

    Dubs –
    Another great post, bro.
    If you haven’t read these, you should:
    “Conversations With Ogotemmeli” – better than the Temple book on Dogons. May be hard to find; I found it in a friends library in ’73. Very detailed Dogon consmology and history. Blew my mind back then. Never been the same since LOL.
    Also: “Daughters of Copper Woman” and “Dzelarhons” by Anne Cameron – Haida stories of creation and origin of their people.
    Theses all tie in nicely with what you’ve written.


    • dublinmick says:

      I spotted a few of those books on ebay, unfortunately they are all in the U.K. written by Oxford Press. They want 40 to 60 bucks for one of them.


  4. dublinmick says:

    I will look around some of those books are probably hard to find. Once in awhile some good ones do pop up on ebay however.


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  6. source says:

    This website has got lots of extremely helpful info on it. Cheers for helping me.



    White American people MUST understand that the ancient tribes of so-called Africa recognize you (white man) as their enemies, thus they will never tell you the full truth. Understand that your theories run you into inconsistencies. The circle of Wisdom, initiated by the ancients cannot and will not be taught to the western pseudo-scientific society.


    • that is hogwash. the jews are the race that pits all other races against each other… especially black and white peoples… africa may believe the white man starved them out and enslaved them but you and i know better dont we, Yawadah Ben Yisrael? we both know that the jews are actually a mixed asian race that likes infiltrating and taking over from within… and also twisted the knowledge of the other races… draco scum is what they are and what they do is evil, and you think your work is finished and you will win your second war with your god lucifer this time… not gonna happen, and stop spreading disinfo, i know you think you’re ok doing what you do, but its not ok and you will definitely find out how not ok that is


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  9. Excellent site you’ve got here.. It’s difficult to find good quality writing
    like yours nowadays. I really appreciate individuals like you!

    Take care!!


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