German Chancellor Angela Merkel Praises “Visions For 2050” A Book Predicting The Extinction Of The German People: Germany With Natural Born Killers At The Helm

Germany Must Perish

Hats off to the Millenniumreport

And that is what these fiendish killers are all about now. The book Germany must perish was written in 1941. If not for a coming pole shift, Kaufman the author would probably go down as hebrew prophet in the third testament.

“The Harvard University professor’s proposal called for genetically transforming the German nation by encouraging mating of German women with non-German men, who would be brought into the country in large numbers, and of German men, forcibly held outside of Germany, with non-German women. Ten to twelve million German men would be assigned to forced labor under Allied supervision in countries outside of Germany to rebuild their economies. “The objects of this measure,” wrote Dr. Hooton, “include reduction of the birthrate of ‘pure’ Germans, neutralization of German aggressiveness by outbreeding and denationalization of indoctrinated individuals.”

“This plan, Hooton estimated, would require at least 20 years to be implemented. “During this period,” he went on, “encourage also the immigration and settlement in the German states of non-German nationals, especially males.”

“It is a war of peoples against peoples; of civilized peoples envisioning Light, against uncivilized barbarians who cherish Darkness.”

“A final solution: Let Germany be policed forever by an international armed force?”

All of these goals are now being attended to by the NWO. The Donmeh jews of the middle east, trained for centuries by the crown are being moved to Germany by Soros to rape German women and children, defecate in the pools, throw rocks through windows, destroy traffic signs and kill Germany. Yes thousands of ISIS shock troops are now entering Germany and this is confirmed recently by German intelligence for the final solution. Lets not forget that 662 women were recently raped in Cologne Germany in one night! Germany must now rise up or perish.


ABOVE: U.S. General Dwight David Eisenhower, known during his days at West Point as that ” terrible Swedish Jew”, appearing in the September 1989 issue of “Saturday Night”, a Canadian general interest magazine.(click to enlarge)

Yes Germany Must Perish

The REAL deliberate genocide committed circa WWII — aside from the 50+ million “gentiles” killed in a war fomented by the ruling international Jewish elite — was the mass slaughter and starvation of millions of German POWs and ethnic German civilians after the war by the Soviet Union, United States, and other Allies.

Yes it appears that Angela Merkel is a nazi in reverse. She has her own ethnic group she wishes to exterminate and that happens to be the Germans. Genocidal programs have been ongoing since the beginning of time. I must have been born under a bad moon as am Irish and partially Seminole, a branch of the Cherokee and Creek. Part of my family is German. It is ironic all branches seem to have withstood genocidal attacks such as Merkel is now launching toward the German people on behalf of her Jewish race.

In fact my own father was disabled in the war with Germany. He was returning in a ship which was caught in a hurricane and thrown into the wall with such force it ruptured several vertebrae and he became what is known as a disabled veteran. His brother was killed in the war with Germany. My father in law lost his arm with Rommel’s tank crew in North Africa and my mother in law died with schrapnel in her legs. My wife grew up in Germany after the war. She lived on powdered milk the first two years of her life after the war to “end all wars.” She now has alzheimers disease which may be related.

My grandmother had a slight bit of Seminole indian heritage that some in the family say went back to Chief Osceola. They cut his head off in St. Augustine Florida after he surrendered under a white flag to talk about their notion of peace. My cousin’s great great grandfather was a Cherokee warrior by the name of Mathias Goodman. Doc Holliday, the hard drinking (due to tuberculosis) dentist of the O.K. coral was our cousin.

So I am beginning to think I am quite qualified to discuss war. In fact about 4 days after the murderer Porter Goss resigned, I happened on a website about the masonic order and Leo Zagrami. Helicopters showed up and xrayed my house the first time I clicked on that site and a second time when I looked at it again.  It burned my leg and my wife went into depression. They said at the clinic I would be surprised at how many told a similar story. It seems my wife just cannot get away from them. Fascism was in full bloom after 911.

We are all under seige in one way or another. Lets take a look at the Wind River Reservation.  Imagine an entire continent Burning. Imagine the world’s most dangerous dams, here and here.

Black Elk





In fact Rothschild starved 5 million Bengalis. If you are not aware of who rules the world, you cannot possibly fathom current events.



The Lakota Sioux were no strangers to the world wide campaign of genetic engineering and death.

What is behind all of this? It is really fairly simple but it is not an area the western media focuses on nor even what we refer to as the alternative media these days. They lie also. Many attempt to portray Adolf Hitler as a man who wished to save Germany and the Germans. We are going to put that to rest here. We are going to take a look at how history is repeating itself. We are going to take a look at why the Tsars were murdered, Germany was divided and bombed to the stone age. I am going to make clear why I would love a ring side ticket when Hitler fanboys such as Kaminski, Spingola, Darkloon, TomatoBubble, Carolyn Yeager and many of that same ilk meet the creator. They know Hitler was a Rothschild and he and Stalin were British agents, played chess together outside the Tavistock Institute and their mission was war between Germany and Russia leaving Britain and the United States virtually unscathed. They were financed by Wall Street and the vatican.

You see the blue print of the planned world government is too obtain Russia resources and make sure Russia has no lasting alliance with Germany. Why is that? Russia is rich in mine ores, gold, fisheries, forest, and many precious metals. It is has all it needs internally to keep a strong military force for protection. If the technology of Germany were allied with this, it would almost spell curtains for any type new world order.

So we had the world wars involving both Germany and Russia. In world war II both Hitler and Stalin were jews, trained by the Tavistock Institute outside London for their mission. Gold was furnished to Hitler by Pacelli who later became pope, and also Wall Street business men. The objective was for Germany and Russia to destroy themselves leaving America and Britain virtually unscathed. It worked very well, Jews were sent to Palestine and Manchuria to help the Japanese genocide 20,000 Chinese people. Israel was formed and Germany was partitioned and placed under international control from which they still suffer under planted leaders like Angela Merkel, a psychotic woman that mounting evidence indicates is Hitler’s daughter. She also is as crazy as a church mouse.





Merkel The Red Footsoldier


Merkel will run to South America like her father did in 1945




Germany now suffers from a historical guilt complex which has been instilled in them by incessant propaganda which was very carefully planned. It is time for the final solution, Germany must perish under a wave of mass immigration from everywhere and anywhere. Remember, no Germans, no technology and no alliance with Russia, no Germans no problem. Presto will have the amalgamation of world citizens, one with no consciousness of ethnic origin or national identity to be ruled by zion when they place their pope in Jerusalem. The world will follow orders in a manner similar to Orwell’s animal farm.

A world dictatorship is planned of such brutal conditions, the average person could probably not sleep if they understood the full dimension of it.


Angela Hitler



Lawrence Of Arabia The Gay Sex Maniac


Why was Hitler allied with the  Donmeh in the mideast? They were established there by the crown of England to perform their present mission. They are now called ISIS. Who are these pesky Donmeh? As you can see the crown and assorted minions such as Saudi Arabia are still financing ISIS. Nothing much has changed.

Now let us have a look at Russia and what is happening in this part of the world. The goal is still the same and history is once again repeating itself. The maidan was was staged in order for NATO to take over Crimea the home of the Russian Black Sea fleet. It went horribly wrong. The Ukraine at present is under the control of various khazar oligarchs who fancy themselves as nazis just as the Hitler regime was organized. Tymoshenko, Poroshenko, Yats and Kolomoisky are not Ukrainians. Who knows the impoverished people of the Ukraine may even have to pay reparations to Israel before it is all over.

The masonic country of Turkey (The Nostradamus Prediction) and Saudi Arabia are helping to clear out millions of people in the middle east to make way for greater Israel. It is a two edged sword as they are funneled to Germany to aid in the genocide of the German people, a dual goal. In fact arrangements are now being made by jewish businessmen to rent out luxury hotels in Berlin to house migrants, all at top dollar of course. There is money to made when you hire others to do your killing for you. The average German has no idea why he finds himself in such a rape storm, urge on by mad Salafists who encourage it by brain washing the illiterate masses in the their brand of Islam. All of this has very little to do with Mohamed.


These demons have little to do with Islam and no doubt the prophet Mohamed would turn his back on them and their hordes of rapist killers.

Yes indeed modern day Germans are under the power of propaganda and Rothschild’s papal and royal knights. Be in the know!

Always remember the only safe place is in your heart.

Be wise like the serpent.

In conclusion, I will return you to the most compelling treatise I have ever encountered on this thing called the internet. What will be the finale?

All Hell (And Heaven) Breaks Loose In 2014 (The Kali Yuga Where Ignorance Becomes Bliss)

For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, please know that the current pandemic of ignorance and arrogance is quite purposeful. It is induced — by the Universe itself — for the protection of the masses so that their ignorance has become bliss. The bliss that comes with not knowing the grim realities which abound everywhere one looks.

Lord Vishnu is one of three aspects of the Hindu Trinity who is responsible for maintaining the Universe.


From Tapestry

“When the parasites control a political leader puppet-style, the only effect they are determined to secure is war. Blair. Cameron. Corbyn in all likelihood another more subtle version, yet to come. Trump too. Hitler was put into place to get WW2 stated. His controller was Martin Bormann, just as Churchill was controlled by Victor Rothschild. The war was run by a higher cabal as Churchill admitted. Not by Hitler or Stalin, who was controlled by Averell Harriman, a near cousin of Churchill’s mother, Jenny Jerome, and the US Ambassador to Moscow.

If it wasn’t for Churchill i.e. Rothschild there would have been no war. Hitler was the puppet selected to play his part in the saga. He could well have been an illegitimate Rothschild, as his father Alois born Maria Schicklgruber, was well funded so long as Maria kept silent as to his true parentage.

Check out this lady who’s marital and extra-marital affairs covered the whole list of names!”

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Vladimir Putin Escaped Her Majesty’s Secret Service After Being Used As A Breeder Due To Genius I.Q. (Why They Hate Him)

This is one of those older posts that I believe should see more circulation. It is very crucial to understand the world around us.

First posted here and Putin is no longer a Royal Arch Freemason after learning their secrets. From the link apparently Putin was so brilliant the bred his semen to female M-16 agents and then killed them. Putin backed out of going to the UK after the fall of the USSR where they planned to eliminate his services. Then amazingly the oligarchs of Russia thought he would be their puppet and placed him into power. He then turned on them and took back the vital resources of Russia, placing many of them like Khordokovsky in Siberia. They hate him and would surely kill him at the first opportunity.

What Does the Royal Arch Freemason Vladimir Putin Have to Do with Her Majesty’s Secret Service?

Editor’s note: Putin is no longer a Royal Arch Freemason. Did they use him or did he use them?

Putin: The Last Man Standing


Putin Is Winning the War Against Satan Worshipers and New World Order Agents


In 2007 I wrote and published “New Zealand – A Blackmailer’s Guide”.

It was nominated for “Book of the year” and then, within about ten days, the article was removed, the book was no longer nominated, and concerted government attacks began, because I got the sexual secrets of New Zealand politicians and judges – the same sexual secrets that were sold to foreign countries to control New Zealand.

The person who collected the sexual secrets on New Zealand is the same person who became the Prime Minister – Helen Clark. She collected the sexual secrets from the seventies and sold them to a Russian intelligence agent called Valenti Putin. He had two body doubles, also living in Wellington between 1980 and 82, and they were called Alexander Putin, Valenti Putin and Alexia Putin.
Valenti Putin is Vladimir Putin.

Helen Clark collected the sexual secrets of New Zealand’s politicians, lawyers, judges, mayors, gave them Valentin Putin, and he used them to create and govern New Zealand as a communist mafia dictatorship, that would do absolutely anything that it could to cover up its sexual shame.

So along with publishing the sexual secrets of New Zealand’s notoriety I also published the names of the security intelligence services and their addresses.

Two weeks before I published, the same agency changed the law, so that it was legal to do so, so I was getting help from the inside.

One of the things I discovered about New Zealand is, that it is a ‘Paedophile Movement Fronting as a Country’, and New Zealand’s main import and export, apart from dairy, maybe, is heroin. More recently that has been taken over with methamphetamine.
I also found that the heroin deals were being done during and just after the royal visits, and that the principle heroin trafficker is ‘The Black Prince’ – Prince Philip – along with his wife Queen Elizabeth and the now deceased Queen Juliana of Holland and her husband Prince Bernhard.

Queen Elizabeth II and The Black Prince

Queen Elizabeth II and The Black Prince


Those who supplied children for paedophilia to Prince Philip were invited into the heroin trafficking ring. The heroin was then sent from South America in Phillips light tubes to Waihi, where they were taken out of the boxes, broken open and the heroin was taken out of the fluorescent light tubes, and the boxes were sent back to Holland, as a stocktake of the amount of heroin that had gotten through.

On the 27th of June 1979, two lawyers, Peter Williams, who became Peter Williams QC, and his business partner Eb Leary, later convicted twice, sold the house to the heroin trafficker Terry Clark.

On the 3rd of October 1979 the heroin trafficker Terry Clark sold that house to two Detective Inspectors of the New Zealand Police – they were Detective Inspector John Rex Hughes and Detective Inspector Ian Hastings, who was known as “Hastio”, and is now, well, he took over from Terry Clark’s heroin trafficking in 1980, and Detective Inspector Ian Hastings then ran casinos, and he used that to launder methamphetamine money. He is known as “Hastio” on the street.

Helen Clark had been a Tavistock St. Petersburg gang-bang prostitute.

She came back to New Zealand wanting to become an MP, but everybody knew that she was a lesbian. She was in a relationship with Judith Tizard. So Judith Tizard’s mother became the wedding celebrant, and Helen Clark married Peter Davis.Peter Davis is a known homosexual and child sex abuser. He was on the police list of those who needed cover.

KGB Prostitute and New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark
Former New Zealand Prime Minister
Helen Clark, KGB Agent,
St. Petersburg Gang Bang Prostitute

So Helen Clark, lesbian and paedophile of a ten-year-old Vietnamese girl in Vietnam in late 2002, she married Peter Davis for cover, and became an MP. And because she had supplied the sexual secrets of New Zealand’s notoriety to Vladimir Putin, they both became the leaders of their country at the same time.

Helen Clark became the Prime Minister of New Zealand on the 6th of December 1999 and Vladimir Putin became the President of Russia on the 31st of December 1999.

It is an interesting story how Vladimir Putin became President of Russia.


In other news

Adolph Hitler And His Half Sister Angela And The Thule Society

There is another one of those out of publication books that are very inconvenient as far as the current narrative on the German dictator Adolph Hitler and his membership in the Thule Society and his half sister Angela whom some authors speculate Angela Merkel was named after.

Angela Hitler

Final Thule


Unlike you scum who would have your women raped and boy girls parade in the streetsl proclaiming rights! God your lifeless animals disgust me.


Muslim ‘Refugees’ Molest Women in Russian Nightclub… Russian Men Put Them in the Hospital


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Blockbuster Breaking News: Wallace Black Elk Shows Up Unannounced At The Home Of Barry’s kaumatua In Christchurch To Receive The Six Red Stones And The Fire Stone (Pounamu)

When the elders begin exchanging the stones, something big is on the horizon

Waitaha — New Zealand’s people of peace


Kimberley Paterson
Generation Spirit

Barry-BrailsfordOut over the bridge of time, pulling free from the mist which has enshrouded it, comes a mighty waka.

It comes to us from the past, down through the oceans of time, riding the mighty currents from its homeland in the Pacific, down to the nation of Aotearoa.
It is a waka of dreams.

This waka is a book of ancient, sacred knowledge to be released in New Zealand for the first time this September. It contains the histories of this land, stories kept hidden for hundreds of years to protect traditions considered too sacred to be shared … up until now.

The signal to share the information came after Waitaha elders saw stars aligned in a special way in the sky and knew that, at last, the time had come to speak.

Christchurch author, historian and archaeologist Barry Brailsford was chosen by the elders to weave and craft this extraordinary story.

Initially, Barry expected this to be a normal writing assignment. Today the book, called Song of Waitaha, has changed the very fabric of his life.

The peaceful people

The Waitaha were the first people of Aotearoa, a peaceful, loving people. For hundreds of years, since the decimation of their nation, the story of their very existence has been hidden.

“This is a book that adds a thousand years of documented history to our past and puts in place the story of people who came from 200 different iwi, who joined together, in peace, to form a nation,” says Barry.

“It is an amazing story – that anywhere on this planet a gathering of over 200 iwi or tribes managed to live in peace without weapons for over a thousand years. It is a story of healing, because the Waitaha were gardeners who believed that everyone of us had to be tended and nurtured and brought into fullness.

“The Waitaha gardened the children, they gardened the sea, the land, the lakes and rivers, knowing that whatever you garden increases. That is Waitaha, that mutual trust and understanding of people and that wonderful relationship with the land.

“This is an old story,” says Barry, “but a story that we need today, perhaps more than anything else in the world. It sees the soul of things again.”

‘If we are not gentle with life the garden within us dies’

When the Waitaha nation was broken by warriors who came from the Pacific, the elders decided to protect their ancestors from the violence and warfare. They did that the only way they knew how. Whole generations of their genealogy were erased so that no one might link directly back into their lineage.

Their knowledge and learning was hidden; the very fact of their existence was shrouded in secrecy to protect their sacred truths.

Says Barry: “It was like taking stepping stones out from across a stream, so no one could step back across the rivers of time and touch into the ancestors or the truths.”

For centuries afterwards the Waitaha passed their knowledge on secretly in song; a tiny number of people each generation were given the responsibility of learning the history and passing them on to the next generation.

As a result of the editing of the lineage, the history of this land has been foreshortened.

Says Barry: “At present we can go back to Kupe in some 40 generations. But if we slide the blocks of seven generations back in their rightful place that were removed by the Waitaha elders, we go back 76 generations and still come back to Kupe. So there is a whole thousand years going back into the history of our nation which takes us to around the time of Christ.”

In the beginning the Waitaha came from their homelands elsewhere in the Pacific. The location of that place is being kept secret until the Waitaha elders lift the tapu. These people made regular forays to Aotearoa for over 200 years, leaving small groups of people behind on each journey to settle the land.

Equal numbers of men and women were aboard each waka, there were no children and no passengers. Everyone was crew. There was one commander, who could have been either a man or woman.

Incredible ocean voyages

“There are enormous ocean currents, great rivers in the sea that carry you across the ocean and if you know where to get on and off these you can go wondrous distances.

“They were incredible voyages and are described in Song of Waitaha.

“When the Waitaha were ready, they sent the founding waka from their homelands, carrying 175 people who had the mana and the whakapapa and the wairua, the spirit, to make a nation – to create this nation of the Waitaha. And it was a nation of many people.”

There were three peoples aboard the founding waka. “One was called the Urukehu, the people whose skin was so white it was freckled. They had blonde hair and red hair and their eyes were blue or hazel. They were a small people. They were the Starwalkers, the navigators, and they had amazing skills in understanding the geometry of the stars. They could read the patterns in the stars to lead them to this land.

“Alongside them were the tall, dark people who were giants. They were over six foot and we know they existed because their bones are still here in special places. They were supreme gardeners. In this land they harvested the kumara 1000 kilometres further south than it was grown, even in its homeland in South America. They had developed sophisticated gardening skills. These were the Moriori.

“And the third people were called the Stone People, the Kirita. They were the stonewalkers, or stonecarriers, or stoneshapers. They were the people of the snows. People ask how they carried the pounamu over the mountains passes, how they coped with the snow and cold. They revelled in it, because that was their home. They came from the land of snow and cold.”

Depicted in marae carvings

“They had dark hair and a double fold over the eyelid at the top and that was a special mark. Sometimes you see them depicted in the carvings in the marae where all the ancestors are being shown. They had a mid-coloured skin, not exceedingly dark and not exceedingly pale.

“They all brought their diverse skills and were bound by one thing; the reverence for life. They revered the spirit of all things, be it a rock or tree, water or the stars or rain, whatever had spirit in it.

“That was their anchor; their whole spiritual journey was bound within themselves, because you can only carry the tool of peace within your heart. They believed that you must live your belief. You must live in peace and reverence. That is the Waitaha way, that was the foundation of this nation. A freedom to walk with gentleness with each other and with the land.

“Everything came together here with such elegance initially,” says Barry. “Even some 400 years ago, when the nation was being broken, the elders spoke that the time would come when the stars would form a very special pattern in the sky and the sacred knowledge would be shared with all. The people of peace, gentle and caring, giving and nurturing, would stand and walk tall again.”

Significant star alignment

“The stars came into that particular conjunction in 1990. The elders saw it coming in 1988 and the words given to me then were `We have taken the taonga from the past, the greatest inspiration we have left to give to our young people that they might find the courage and the understanding and the wairua to step forward into the future’. This is Song of Waitaha.”

This knowledge is for all the people of today.

“For you see, we are all tangata whenua,” says Barry, “the white ones with their freckles and blue eyes and blonde hair, the dark ones who go to the garden, the snow people from the Asian lands. We are all part of this land. This is our story.”

Barry’s journey to bring this book to the public had been an incredible one. One of his first tasks was to lead a sacred journey over the old greenstone trails of the South Island’s southern alps. These trails were once walked annually by the Waitaha people, but were closed long ago when blood was spilled in anger on them by the gold seekers.

Barry’s journey with Song of Waitaha has also taken him to North America. The first journey involved his lighting a trail fire in the desert and offering up prayers. He travelled with six sacred red stones given into his care by the elders and performed rituals that link people together.

Wallace Black Elk

Eight months later, Wallace Black Elk of the Lakota (Sioux) people turned up unannounced at the house of Barry’s kaumatua in Christchurch. He said he had come for the six red stones and the fire stone (pounamu). “So that once again we may have the pipe of peace we had over 2000 years ago.”

He stayed for two days. There had been no phone calls, no letters, no conversations of any kind prior to his arrival. He simply came to the right man at the right place. He said he had heard the prayer Barry had made in the desert of North America and responded to the call as his sacred duty.

Greenstone was taken to make two pipes of peace; one for the Lakota people and the other for Waitaha.

Journey to America

A year later Barry made a return journey to North America – this time to take pounamu to the 12 Indian nations and put in place a sacred circle of stone some 8000 miles in circumference. “So the old trails are being rewalked in these times,” he says. “It is an ongoing story, much of it bound in tapu until the release of the book.”

The crux of this book and story, besides relating the wonder of those times, is to tell how this proud nation came to end.

“This is something that the old ones feel we are now strong enough to walk through,” says Barry.

“People from the Pacific came and the Waitaha nation was broken from the outside, as we see in microcosm in the end of the Moriori people in the Chathams. They were Waitaha, one of the 200 iwi. When the warriors came in the sailing ship in 1830s (the Waitaha) didn’t take up weapons because they had never used weapons. For them, to take another’s life was the ultimate destruction of oneself.

“When there were only a certain number of the thousands left they met and decided it was far more important how you lived than how you died. We know what happened to them.

“What happened in the Chathams is a picture of what happened in the mainland, over several hundred years prior to this. The nation was broken.”

Time of healing

“So now Song of Waitaha will bring a time of healing for all of us,” says Barry.

At times, Barry says, he has become lost in the journey. The author has become the trailmaker, the storyteller and many other things.

“I am the author, but this is not my story,” he says. “It has been my task to write the histories for this time, to take things that have never been written down ever before and put them there for everyone to read. So that has been opening a huge trail – an immense thing to be part of that.

“I think if I sat and thought about what it was when I was doing the writing, I would have frozen. The old ones said to me `Walk with fun and laughter because you have to carry the heavy thing lightly’.” He was told, too, that the only thing to guide him was his heart. And it has been a task for a strong heart.

Writing the book

The information for the book was only given to Barry in response to his questions. “So that is one of the most humbling things about the book, it can only reach as far as my mind was capable of stretching, as my heart is capable of reaching or my spirit.

“I believe there has been a lot of guidance. I have been purposefully subjected to a lot of pain and a lot of joy; the whole kaleidoscope of human experience so that I can be open to whatever is needed to be able to go with the story, to be able to reach out to people.”

This is not the end of his journey. He knows there are still other journeys that will take him further back. “There is still a wonderful story waiting to be told and I believe that is going to take us into Europe, into North America, into Egypt, South America and all kinds of places.

“In a way I feel I may have written the second book first. But we need the Waitaha wisdom in our lives now. The rest will come in its own time.”

Later this year a copy of the book will be sent to every high school in New Zealand. It probably will not appear in bookshops until next year; instead sales have been made directly to people. Information flyers on Song of Waitaha have been passed hand-to-hand among people in New Zealand over the past year; sales have been immense.

Within weeks of the flyers being printed, orders were coming in from Canada, the US, England and Australia. Barry says the book will go directly from the storehouse and be couriered out to people’s homes. The Waitaha people do not want their ancestors waiting in bookshop bookshelves for people to come to them.

Slate wiped clean

1988 was a crucial year for Barry, whose previous works include Greenstone Trails and The Tattooed Land. His mother had recently died; he questioned many of his own philosophies and felt the slate of his life was being wiped clean.

Then he was approached by the kaumatua to do the book.

Barry, awarded an MBE for his services to Maori scholarship and education, has spent 20 years lecturing at teacher’s college. Work on his book The Tattooed Land involved over 23,000 hours mapping and putting in place all the Maori earthworks of the South Island. “Basically it was following the warrior people because they left deep marks on the land, they really tattooed it.

“The Waitaha were so gentle on the land that there was very little evidence of them and that is where the confusion comes in. In some parts of the North Island you can find 300 pas in a matter of travelling 50 miles, but you just can’t see the Waitaha like that.”

Later Barry wrote Greenstone Trails, which took him further back in time. And now Song of Waitaha goes back to the beginnings.

He is one of a team of five who have worked on the book. A council of elders “people who walk tall in this land” were also involved at each stage to ensure authenticity.

Song of Waitaha can be read on many levels – as an amazing myth, or as a journey of the spirit, that will “be telling you things about yourself”.

Barry says the Waitaha people have no desire to push a particular point of view or political position. “They are not in the business of proselytising or promoting, they are in the business of moving with gentleness”.

School of learning

UNTIL Barry was commissioned to write down the histories, these songs were passed on in the School of Learning. These were patterns and systems of learning, a sophisticated way of remembering that has origins in the traditions of North and South America and Tibet.

“Only very special people over all the centuries had what was needed to hold that knowledge. They had to be people who had not just this very special mind for remembering and coping with systems of learning, but also people who walked with gentleness, people who walked without being overcome with the tides of anger and people who walked in trust without ever using the knowledge for their own advantage, for this was incredible knowledge. These were servants of the people.

“One of our very greatest moments came earlier this year when Dame Whina Cooper of the Waitaha, (for everything she said was Waitaha) wished that she could hold this book before she died,” says Barry.

It was presented to her on the final morning of her life and the last prayer in the book was laid down around the time of her death on that very same day.

Story: Kimberley Paterson



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The Practical Power of the Shaman

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A Special Report on the SoCalGas Natural Gas Leak at Aliso Canyon


California Faces Its Greatest Manmade Environmental Catastrophe of the
Third Millennium

Slow-motion methane disaster at Aliso Canyon, California

Slow-motion methane leak disaster at Aliso Canyon, California

Remarkable Parallels to the BP Gulf Oil Spill

GreenMedInfo Research Group

The ongoing natural gas leak at Aliso Canyon, California is no ordinary leak.

The Aliso Canyon gas leak (also called Porter Ranch gas leak) is a massive, uncontrolled, ongoing leak from a natural gas well connected to the Aliso Canyon underground storage facility near Porter Ranch, Los Angeles, California since October 23, 2015. The second largest gas storage facility of its kind in the United States belongs to the Southern California Gas Company, a subsidiary of Sempra Energy. On January 6, 2016, Governor Jerry Brown issued a state of emergency.[1]

Just like the BP Gulf oil spill, this disaster has made the nation aware that gas leaks are far more common than otherwise known.

In fact, natural gas leakage is expected for a high percentage of fracking and other drilling sites. It’s actually unavoidable in some circumstances because of the various technologies and techniques which are used to extract natural gas around the USA.

Each natural gas drilling or fracking context presents its own unique set of challenges.  Some are very difficult, some are quite easy and there are a lot in between.  The more challenging the drilling or fracking operation the greater the likelihood that things will go wrong.  Things going wrong in the drilling business is an accepted fact of life and not really considered problematic.  This is why gas leakage is simply considered a part of the process, as well as an environmental cost of doing business.

This predicament is quite similar to what the BP Gulf oil spill was responsible for making the public grimly aware of — that oil leaks in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) are actually quite common and occurring all the time.  Undersea oil wells can be breached in a number of ways, even after they have been capped.  Once they spring a leak, they can release hydrocarbon effluent for years on end without being noticed.  They are rarely, if ever, reported by drillers since they are out of sight, out of mind.  Who, after all, is going to happen upon a leaking well that is say 3500 feet under water in the GOM?

Now consider how easy it is for the Oil & Gas Industry to accidentally fail or purposely neglect to report natural gas leaks from their active and inactive operations.  They can come and go without so much as an iota of evidence left behind.  When attempting to determine whether any given well has been leaking methane, the only thing that can be done is to monitor it in real time.  The volume of gas leaked can then be ascertained through a variety of methods.

In reality, massive methane emissions are now a highly tolerated “cost of doing business” industrywide.  Despite the fact that methane is considered the most powerful greenhouse gas (GHG), there is very little regulation or enforcement in this regard.  Corporate oversight is even more lax as the inordinate push to make the USA completely energy independent has consistently overridden safety concerns and environmental damage.

The following chart clearly illustrates by company the methane emissions due to industrial  operations during 2014.  It should be noted that since the well blowout at Aliso Canyon, the methane output has made that site the largest methane producer in the country.  The leak has also put the state of California on the global methane map in a major way ………….

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 4.05.03 PM

Graph: Jonathan Thompson. Data: California Air Resources Board, EPA, LT Environmental.

Aliso Canyon: What’s the back story?

With all this background information it must be stated that the SoCalGas leak at Aliso Canyon had nothing to do with recent fracking or drilling operations.  Rather, this leak is coming from an old gas well that is over 8500 feet deep. The other relevant details are as follows:

The source of the leak is a metal pipe in a breached 7-inch casing of injection well SS 25 that is 8,750 feet deep.  The field can hold 86 billion cubic feet of natural gas and is the second largest storage facility of its kind in the United States.  Well SS 25 had been drilled in 1953 and was initially provided with a safety valve.  The safety valve was removed in 1979 as it was old and leaking. Because the well was not considered “critical, that is, one within 100 feet of a road or a park, or within 300 feet of a home”, the valve was only removed and not replaced.  The atmospheric scientist Steve Conley said the wellhead in Aliso Canyon was 61 years old and implied it was no “shock that it failed”.[1]

What is crucial to understand about the currently out-of-control leak under management by the Southern California Gas Company (aka SoCalGas) is that it is directly connected to “field that can hold 86 billion cubic feet of natural gas”.  Various researchers, including the GreenMedInfo Research Group, have been attempting to verify the vulnerability of the 2nd largest storage facility of its kind to this intractable leak. Heretofore, we have been unsuccessful in confirming this critical issue.

So, the real question is how did this leak develop into the worst of its kind in American history?  The facts of this case have literally been leaking out into the public since the blown well first began releasing natural gas on Oct. 23rd.  The initial response from SoCalGas was predictably defensive and dissembling at first as they had every reason to know exactly where the leaking gas was coming from.  Instead of full disclosure on the matter, SoCalGas led the residents of upscale Porter Ranch to believe that everything was okay, even going so far as to go “from home to home to home, giving everybody the A-OK and […] didn’t admit to having a gas leak until … probably around the 28th of October”.[1]

The company knew all along that they had a major gas leak on their hands and that, once the news got out, there would be only one alternative for those living near ground zero—EVACUATION.  This is exactly what thousands of families have been forced to do, over 2800 households to date.  There are another 6500 plus families still in process.  When is the last time that 10,000 households were relocated for any type of manmade disaster?!  That’s how bad a single natural gas leak can be.

That it took almost two and a half months to officially declare an emergency is also quite suspect in the eyes of many.  Governor Jerry Brown’s sister sits on the board of Sempra Energy, the parent company of SoCalGas  There is much speculation throughout the LA area that the catastrophe was deliberately hushed up because of the sheer enormity and severity of the problem.  SoCalGas has known about this well gone bad for many years and deliberately chose to take the path of least resistance at every juncture.

In light of the fact that there was prior knowledge of faulty and inadequate equipment at the site, SoCalGas currently has legal exposure and financial liability that far exceed anything ever experienced by an American utility.  Depending on how long it takes for a durable repair to be made, that liability will only grow with each passing day.  Every week that families are kept out of their homes puts extraordinary pressure on both the utility and the government.  Hence, a permanent resolution must be found quickly lest the state be sued for negligent oversight and regulatory violations.  Both of these are clearly evident from the evidence that has been made available.


What was the exact cause of the leak?  

Last fall, a 7-inch injection well pipe ruptured 500 feet below the surface of Los Angeles, after ferrying natural gas for six decades.[2]

The preceding diagram clearly delineates the suspected cause of the leak.  Because the natural gas is escaping continuously at a point that is 990 feet underground, the best alternative was to drill a relief well beyond that depth.  That relief well is being drilled at a depth of almost 8500 feet in order to cut off the flow of natural gas just above the natural gas reservoir.  Because this reservoir is the largest of it type in the western U.S., it holds a volume of gas that will leak uninterruptedly for an inordinate period of time.

Again, just like the BP oil spill, the SoCalGas gas leak was caused by the Perfect Storm.  In both cases it was a series of human errors and corporate neglect together with aging infrastructure which conspired to trigger the leak.  SoCalGas clearly did what many energy companies do: they “operate to failure”.  BP was famous for this company policy whereby undersea oil drilling operations were conducted under extremely risky circumstances.

Similarly, the old well known as Standard Sesnon 25 in Aliso Canyon, which was drilled in 1953, also showed definite signs of leakage in 1992.  Rather than take all the necessary precautions SoCalGas did quite the opposite, even though “they could hear the leak through bore hole microphones”.  In other words a 25-year-old leak was treated as though it didn’t even exist.  Continuing to conduct the operations as usual in such a dangerous situation is what is referred to in the business as “operating to failure”.

Hence, it is the standard operating procedures themselves which give rise to these periodic oil spills and gas leaks.  The Oil & Gas Industry has been given cover by the U.S. Government over many decades.  All of the involved regulatory agencies are staffed with former industry officials just as federal bureaucrats often go to work for the energy companies.  The incestuous relationship has only gotten more so with each passing year as the checks and balances are inevitably eroded.

The SoCalGas leak also occurred as a result of technospheric breakdown.  It’s well known throughout the industry that the aging infrastructure which includes storage facilities and conduits are under constant stress.  The wear and tear eventually take a toll on the infrastructure much more quickly than the companies are willing to address the ever-worsening deficiencies.

The Oil & Gas Industry is also becoming much more aggressive in the application of their new techniques and technologies.  They are drilling deeper wells and pushing their machinery and equipment harder.  Some of the gas fields that are developed present highly speculative and precarious circumstances which ought to set off a large flashing red light.  Instead, the companies push ahead in the face of formidable obstacles like they did with Well SS-25.  The well should have been taken completely out of operation when it was determined it was  leaking 25 years ago.  The following document constitutes a record of the “Noise and Temperature Survey” in which the leaking was confirmed.


Gene Nelson, a professor of physical science at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo, California who has seen the document, said that he found it “appalling that SoCalGas did not identify this as a well to shut off,” after receiving this feedback.[2]

What this response indicates is that the state of affairs throughout the industry is quite apathetic toward these types of events.  First, gas leaks happen all the time and have become so commonplace that it takes a big one — a real BIG one — for the industry to take them seriously.  The core problem then is really systemic and a part of the very culture.  Only a truly catastrophic event like the SoCalGas leak will get enough attention to shift the status quo in the right direction.

Another reason for the SoCalGas perfect storm showing up in Aliso Canyon is that the company didn’t spend its allocated funds properly.  Any defective or non-working safety valves in Well SS-25 should have been replaced using the state-approved funds which are specifically appropriated for that purpose.  The funds were not used in that manner, which ought to have triggered a formal investigation.  As follows:

In 2013, SoCalGas applied for and received money to do upgrades on equipment like safety valves—money that the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) says should have been used to prevent a leak like this. The regulatory decision filing shows that SoCalGas was granted $898,000 per year (in addition to the regular fund of about $3 million per year for repairs) to replace 5 percent of its safety valves at Aliso Canyon. According to EDF, these extra funds weren’t used as they should have been—to prevent a leak of this magnitude.[2]

The technospheric breakdown component of this historic leak cannot be overestimated.  The nation’s natural gas pipelines and storage facilities are getting older by the day.  Various factors such as weather, wear and tear, overuse and misuse can all contribute to the speed at which the infrastructure is degrading.  Performing the necessary inspections does not always seem to catch some of the most serious problems.  In many cases those cost-prohibitive and labor-intensive problems are quite conveniently avoided.  In the worst case scenarios the necessary repairs are routinely postponed.

It’s commonly known throughout the industry that money is spent on new equipment and machinery only when absolutely necessary.  Particularly when the price of hydrocarbon fuel is dropping due to weak demand, are expenditures reluctantly made on upgrades and maintenance.  They are the first victims of the budget cuts when the energy markets are crashing like they have been for the past year.  Consequently, those necessary preventative upgrades are passed over oftentimes even when they’re urgently needed.

Another major factor which has contributed to the multiple complications at Aliso Canyon is that the state of the art of both equipment and technology has not kept apace with the aggressive natural gas development.  The rush to frack and drill at breakneck speed and in areas that present unique challenges has created predicaments in which the equipment has not been proportionately upgraded to meet the extraordinary demands.  Situations now arise regularly wherein the troubleshooters are using inadequate technology and substandard equipment to address dire emergencies.  Welcome to Aliso Canyon.

Southern California Gas Co. is the nation's largest natural gas distribution utility, providing safe and reliable energy to 20.9 million consumers through nearly 5.8 million meters in more than 500 communities. The company's service territory encompasses approximately 20,000 square miles throughout Central and Southern California, from Visalia to the Mexican border. Southern California Gas Co. is a regulated subsidiary of Sempra Energy. (PRNewsFoto/Southern California Gas Company)

Southern California Gas Co. is the nation’s largest natural gas distribution utility, providing safe and reliable energy to 20.9 million consumers through nearly 5.8 million meters in more than 500 communities. The company’s service territory encompasses approximately 20,000 square miles throughout Central and Southern California, from Visalia to the Mexican border. Southern California Gas Co. is a regulated subsidiary of Sempra Energy. (PRNewsFoto/Southern California Gas Company)

SoCalgas dropped the ball again and again

There’s no question that SoCalGas has been predictably negligent just like BP was in the GOM. Each day brings new stories which are verified whereby SoCalGas failed to heed one warning sign after another.  Instead of confronting those deficiencies forthrightly, the corporate response had been to ignore and justify, dissemble and defend.  Perhaps the prospect of such an epic failure was so great that they did not want to face the inevitable.  The following account represents this dynamic quite well.

Other safety issues have been pointed out recently, too. Earlier this month, The LA Times reported that attorneys representing some of the 1,000 residents suing SoCalGas over the leak claim the company failed to replace an important safety valve that was removed in 1979—a valve that could have stopped the current leak in its tracks. The plaintiffs also allege that the company again identified leaks at the site five years ago, but never implemented plans to fix them.[2]

In view of several reports which have been issued about SoCalGas’s negligence in this matter, it is undeniable that the company failed more than a few times to respond in a responsible manner to previous emergencies.  The history regarding this particular well is both long and well-documented. As follows:

As public outrage grows over one of the worst environmental catastrophes since the BP oil spill, the southern California gas company responsible for the breach acknowledged over the weekend that it decided nearly 40 years ago against replacing an underground safety valve that could have cut off the gas leak when the storage tank first erupted in late October.

Executives of Southern California Gas apparently concluded it was too hard to find replacement parts for the valve and that the underground storage tank wasn’t close enough to homes to warrant the time and expense. Instead, they gambled that the cutoff valve would never be needed.

Lawyers representing some of the families in a class action suit charged that the Southern California Gas Company, which manages the storage tank, failed to replace a leaky and defective safety valve in 1979, and instead simply removed it. While a new safety valve may not have prevented the leak from occurring, attorney Brian Panish told The Los Angeles Times that it would have enabled a work crew to have stopped the continued release of the noxious gas.

“Had we had [the safety valve], this whole problem would have been prevented,” Panish said. “There would have been a small runoff of some gas and it would have been over. All these people wouldn’t have had to leave and they wouldn’t be sick. It’s critical to the whole case.”

A spokesperson for SoCalGas, Melissa Bailey, confirmed to the newspaper that the ruptured well did not have a “deep subsurface valve,” but she insisted it was not required by state law.
(Source: Did a Bad Decision 40 Years Ago Lead to the California Gas Leak Disaster?)

The critical point here is, similar to the BP oil spill, that a simple piece of equipment could have prevented what Erin Brockovich has labelled: “This is the equivalent of the BP oil spill on land, in a populated community.”  Only this time it is not oil leaking from an undersea well 5000 feet below the surface and 60 miles out at sea; rather, it is a massive gas leak in a high density residential area of Los Angeles County.  LA is literally a stone’s throw from the actual out-of-control well.

It is the government — both federal and state — which has provided the Oil & Gas Industry with so much leeway to conduct what is essentially an extremely risky and perilous business.  They aren’t called “wildcatters” for nothing.  Not only are the exploration and drilling side quite dangerous, the transport, refining and storage of oil and gas also have their attendant risks.  Nevertheless, the federal government has always given these companies a lot of slack, often to the great detriment of the local communities.


*Data visualization shows the methane plume from the Aliso Canyon gas leak (in red)

Health Impacts 

The health impacts associated with this gas leak are many and serious.  Whenever thousands of families are relocated to keep them out of harm’s way, the health implications are necessarily quite daunting.  There have been at least 2500 households relocated from Porter Ranch with thousands more in process.  The general area affected by the gas leak in Aliso Canyon has a population of 30,000 people.  This particular region of the San Fernando Valley is densely populated and therefore presents some formidable logistical challenges all the way around.

The health impacts and medical implications start with the natural gas.  Because this is a mammoth storage facility, which supplies processed natural gas to upwards of 20,000,000 people throughout the greater Los Angeles area, there are not the many other toxic chemicals to be concerned about that are normally found first-time extracted gas.  However, methane gas in the concentrations being reported certainly can pose serious health risks.  Benzene, a toxic VOC (volatile organic chemical) is also registering in significant amounts according to the readings taken thus far.  Toluene and other alkanes are present in lesser amounts.

Most of the medical ailments thus far, which have required some form of medical intervention have has to do with an additive known as mercaptan.  Mercaptan is quite deliberately added to natural gas so that gas leaks can be quickly identified and remedied. Also known as methanethiol, as well as methyl mercaptan, methanethiol “is an organosulfur compound with the chemical formula CH3SH”.[4]  It is the sulfur in mercaptan which confers a very strong odor on the natural gas by design.  The mercaptan is introduced into the natural gas so that the gas can be recognized when leaking by the foul-smelling odor.

It was because of the smell of rotten eggs wafting through Porter Ranch residential area that 2500 families were relocated.  When the concentration of mercaptan is sustained at a high level, there are telltale symptoms that will inevitably develop.  The primary symptoms from inhalation include “fever, cough, dyspnea, tightness and burning in the chest, dizziness, headache, loss of sense of smell, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.”[3]  These are precisely the symptoms which have triggered the medical alerts in the affected residential areas.  These have been serious enough that three schools have also been closed.

What is important to understand is that mercaptan, “at very high concentrations … is highly toxic and affects the central nervous system. Its penetrating odor provides warning at dangerous concentrations.”[3]  The scientific literature is clear about some very serious medical conditions which can result from exposure to increased levels of mercaptan.  Even lower but sustained levels of mercaptan can cause some of the following ailments.

Inhalation may cause CNS depression, respiratory irritation, respiratory paralysis, pulmonary edema, tremors and seizures. It may also cause liver and kidney damage, tachycardia and hypertension. Methemoglobinemia and severe hemolytic anemia with hematuria and protenuria have been reported in a patient with G-6-PD deficiency.[3]

The medical ailments and various health conditions associated with over-exposure to natural gas have already affected many residents in Porter Ranch.  Methane is frequently categorized as a non-toxic gas.  This classification is patently incorrect.  Above certain concentrations methane is in fact extremely toxic, and for a variety of reasons.  Because methane displaces oxygen at an exceedingly high rate, CH4 “can cause suffocation by lowering the oxygen content of the air in confined areas.”[5]

Other symptoms which demonstrate the toxicity of methane after prolonged exposure and/or high concentrations are as follows:

Signs of Methane Exposure

Long-term breathing of methane will deplete the oxygen levels from our organism. This will trigger breathing difficulties and various problems of this type, eventually resulting in suffocation. This lack of oxygen may result in the loss of consciousness as well. Since our body notices that it is losing air rapidly, it tries to compensate for the losses through creating air out of the water supplies we have in our system. Therefore, this can cause dehydration too.

During the course of methane exposure, you are likely to vomit and feel nauseous. These, as well as collapsing can all be signs of methane poisoning and should be taken quite seriously. Headaches and heart palpitations are also possible signs of an ongoing methane intoxication. Additionally, one’s cognitive problems start occurring, due to the fact that there is not enough air in one’s brain.[6]


As a matter of fact, it is the plumes of methane gas which now pose the greatest health threats risks and medical risks.  Methane or CH4 is the most powerful greenhouse gas in, on and around the Earth.   Within the context of the ongoing natural gas leak, which is comprised mainly of methane gas, it should be noted that methane if highly flammable.  “Methane is extremely flammable and may form explosive mixtures with air. Methane is violently reactive with oxidizers, halogen, and some halogen-containing compounds.”[7]

Every oil and gas driller is quite familiar with the perils of methane burps which occur during deepwater drilling operations.  The burning and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico from April 20th through 22nd of 2010 resulted from at least two very powerful natural gas explosions that occurred on that mammoth oil rig.  Such is the power of rapidly uprising hydrocarbon effluent that has a large component of methane gas.

When methane gas does collect in small and/or confined spaces like a pipeline, the likelihood of explosions increases according to the risk factors that are present for an ignition.  Because of the ever-widening pervasiveness of natural gas throughout Aliso Canyon and beyond, the opportunities for a spontaneous ignition grow by the day.  Truly, this particular danger represents the greatest risk for the San Fernando area.  The out-of-control well is significantly connected to an extremely large natural gas storage facility which greatly increases the risk for an explosion and long-burning fire.

Likewise, because the population density of this region of the San Fernando Valley, there is also a likelihood that different population centers will encounter some form of methane toxicity.  There is no avoiding those areas which have shown a tendency to accumulate dangerous concentrations of natural gas.  Hence, the only safe response is to evacuate the household as the levels of methane and mercaptan become intolerable.

The following data clearly illustrates what happens when levels of methane gas reach various concentrations.  These physical symptoms and behavioral reactions are quite well-documented; therefore, anyone suspecting a buildup of natural gas in their residential area ought to leave immediately after informing the local police and fire department.  The different predicaments outlined below ought to be taken very seriously.

“Methane is not toxic below the lower explosive limit of 5% (50000 ppm). However, when methane is present at high concentrations, it acts as an asphyxiant. Asphyxiants displace oxygen in the air and can cause symptoms of oxygen deprivation (asphyxiation). The available oxygen should be a minimum of 18% or harmful effects will result. Methane displaces oxygen to 18% in air when present at 14% (140000 ppm). It is not expected to cause unconsciousness (narcosis) due to central nervous system depression until it reaches much higher concentrations (30% or 300000 ppm) – well above the lower explosive limit and asphyxiating concentrations.

Effects of oxygen deficiency are:

12-16% – breathing and pulse rate are increased, with slight muscular incoordination;

10-14% – emotional upsets, abnormal fatigue from exertion, disturbed respiration;

6-10% – nausea and vomiting, inability to move freely, collapse, possible lack of consciousness;

below 6% – convulsive movements, gasping, possible respiratory collapse and death.”
(Source: Environmental and Health Impacts of the BP Gulf Oil Spill)

*Data visualization shows the methane plume from the Aliso Canyon gas leak (in red)

*Data visualization shows the methane plume from the Aliso Canyon gas leak (in red)

Environmental Impacts

The environmental impacts of natural gas leaks are due primarily to the high concentrations of methane (CH4) and other VOCs that are associated with natural gas field development.  Whenever methane travels in plumes over land, it does not discriminate between populated and uninhabited areas.  The atmospheric behavior of methane is what makes it so dangerous … on the micro level that is.

The local weather patterns will dictate as much as any other factor exactly how much impact the natural gas will have on the local environment.  This is the greatest concern for the San Fernando Valley.  Wild life and plant life will certainly be affected by this well blowout because of the tremendous volume that it has been continuously pouring into the local environment.  Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done to alleviate this problem except wait for the gas to disperse to the point that safe levels again prevail.

On the macro level CH4 is understood to be the most powerful greenhouse gas.  Because of the size of this massive leak, Well SS 25 is responsible for continuously releasing natural gas into the atmosphere since October 23.  There have been many calculations put forth which have estimated the volume of natural gas and methane attributed to this sole leak. The following excerpt provides some alarming details about the methane emissions due to this leak.

At a calculated rate per hour of about 50,000 kilograms of methane emissions, this single leak is likely responsible for over 25% of the state’s daily total methane emissions from all sources, including landfills and agriculture. Depending on when it is fixed, this one leak is also likely to single-handedly double the methane emissions associated with natural gas use in California this year.

Also, based on the estimates of lost volume since October 23, it’s likely Aliso Canyon (the largest facility in the western United States) has lost nearly 2 percent of the gas stored. Considering the size of this leak, and with the understanding that it can be variable, here’s what it means in terms of climate impact:

Comparisons chart(Source: Data Reveals Climate Impacts of the Gigantic, Ongoing Gas Leak in California)

The headlines below provide an idea of just how serious the methane output has been for well over three months.  The impacts are many and varied and still not completely understood because of the unparalleled volume of gas that is leaking by the hour.

Aliso Canyon gas leak: Over 150 million pounds of methane poured into atmosphere in Los Angeles

A single gas well leak is California’s biggest contributor to climate change

Aliso Canyon methane leak emissions sky-high, pilot scientist found

One Broken Pipe Is Leaking A Huge Amount Of Methane

Greens release video of massive California methane leak

Methane ‘Volcano’ Now Imperils Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley Permeated With Natural Gas

Enormous Los Angeles methane leak is equivalent to 5 million cows farting


Methane Gas Emissions: CH4

The most significant and well-known quality about methane gas is that it is the most powerful greenhouse gas.  This particular feature — it’s capacity to trap heat — has distinguished CH4 as the primary target after CO2 where it concerns global climate change.  Even though it does persist for a shorter periods of time in the atmosphere than CO2, wherever it does exist in abnormally high concentrations it will perform its heat-trapping ways quite effectively.

As the chart above indicates, the GWP (Global Warming Potential) of atmospheric methane is exceptionally high, especially when compared to the other major greenhouse gases.  Were there to be other major or minor gas leaks in California due to the intensive fracking operations throughout the state, the aggregate output of natural gas into the atmosphere will most assuredly jeopardize its green reputation.

CH4 is released naturally from geological formations particularly where natural gas reserves have been found.  The more conduits, both natural and manmade, which have been created for these emissions to escape through to the surface, the greater the volume of methane gas will be released into Earth’s atmosphere.  The bottom line here is that there is a safe threshold of concentration of methane beyond which capturing and other techniques might be considered.

Lightning stakes in the San Fernando Valley

Lightning stakes in the San Fernando Valley

Lightning Strikes and Wildfires

There are two events which can turn this natural gas leak in Aliso Canyon into California’s worst nightmare scenario.  The storms which are now coming off the Pacific Ocean due to an ever-intensifying phase of El Nino will have their fair share of electrical discharges.  Lightning, in particular, poses a very definite risk at the site of the gas leak.  Methane is by its very nature extremely flammable.  A direct hit at the wellhead could certainly produce a catastrophic explosion and subsequent fire.

The extent that the gas storage facility was involved in such an event would determine just how serious such an explosion might be.  Because the well piping is made of steel it would act as an excellent conductor for any electrical discharge from a thunderhead or lightning cloud.  Arc lightning is another source of stray voltage which can be generated from both natural and manmade sources.  In either case, the potential exists for an ignition of the leaking well.

Likewise, any brush fires, forest fires or other wildfires in the immediate area would also give reason for concern.  Stray sparks or burning vegetation which is blown into the immediate area could pose a potential problem.  There is an ongoing warning to all residents in the region about their use of electronics in the surrounding locale of Aliso Canyon; therefore, larger sources of electrical or kinetic energy would likely present a much greater risk.

Firefighters Battle 2 Blazes in San Fernando Valley

Firefighters Battle 2 Blazes in San Fernando Valley

Radioactive Component

The Aliso Canyon gas leak has a very definite radioactive component as do many gas leaks.  Just like the BP spill in the GOM which produced hydrocarbon effluent that had come from geological formations where radon gas, uranium and thorium was present, natural gas is often contiguous to the same radioactive rock formations.  In fact, the natural gas drilling process routinely produces wastewater that is extremely radioactive.  In New York State radioactive wastewater has been determined to be “as high as 267 times the limit safe for discharge into the environment and thousands of times the limit safe for people to drink”.[8]

Radon is formed as one intermediate step in the normal radioactive decay chains through which thorium and uranium slowly decay into lead. Thorium and uranium are the two most common radioactive elements on earth …

…radon is gaseous and easily inhaled. Thus, naturally-occurring radon is responsible for the majority of the public exposure to ionizing radiation. It is often the single largest contributor to an individual’s background radiation dose, and is the most variable from location to location.

Residues from the petroleum and natural gas industry often contain radium and its daughters. The sulfate scale from an oil well can be radium rich, while the water, oil, and gas from a well often contains radon.[9]

Clearly, this component of the SoCalGas leak is a complete unknown at this point in time.  Similar to the BP Gulf oil spill where both the U.S. Government and BP were consistently unrevealing about the radioactive impacts on the Gulf of Mexico, the public has been given no information about concerns with radioactivity.  Not only was seafood never tested for such contamination in the GOM, marine life was neglected as well.

In the San Fernando Valley the predicament is quite different because the radioactive component is likely to be airborne in the form of radon gas.  Radionuclides which are aerosolized within plume of natural gas can be a tremendous health hazard depending on the concentrations in the ambient air as well as the length of time of exposure.  However, it is primarily radon that must be avoided in the current situation.  Natural gas is now finding points of egress on the Earth’s surface throughout the general vicinity of San Fernando.

Because of the complete information blackout on this particular matter, anyone living within close distance to Aliso Canyon runs the risk of exposure to radon. The thousands of Porter Ranch households which have already been relocated have already been removed from harm’s way.  The health impacts associated with the rotten egg smell of the mercaptan is negligible compared to the radon that is often associated with natural gas wells.

Misguided Remediation Plans 

Regulators halt plans to capture and burn leaked methane in Southern California

SoCalGas together with state regulators have looked at a number of different plans to shut down this well.  What is rarely mentioned in this ongoing discussion with the public is that this very same well has had leak problems going back 24 years ago to 1992.  Because it has demonstrated that it is a problematic well (first drilled in 1952), extra precautionary measures ought to have been taken, and instead the opposite has occurred.

Now it has been determined that the very last endeavor to shut off the well actually made this very precarious predicament much worse.  There have been 7 or 8 attempts to short-circuit this leaking well.  None of them have offered even a glimmer of hope, and some have significantly exacerbated the situation.  What follows are a few descriptions as reported by news media which have been following this disaster closely.

Efforts to plug Porter Ranch-area gas leak worsened blowout risk, regulators say — Southern California Gas Co… is trying to avoid a blowout, which state regulators said is now a significant concern after a seventh attempt to plug the well created more precarious conditions at the site. If a blowout occurs, highly flammable gas would vent directly up through the well… rather than dissipating as it does now… State officials said a blowout would increase the amount of leaked gas… That natural gas also creates the risk of a massive fire… The risk of fire already is so high that cellphones and watches are banned from the site… [The gas company’s attempts to stop the leak] expanded a crater around the wellhead, state and gas company officials said. The crater is now 25 feet deep, 80 feet long and 30 feet wide, those officials said…. (LA Times)[10]

The site and wellhead were made more unstable by the gas company’s attempts to stop the leak by pumping a slurry directly into the well… The wellhead sits exposed within the cavernous space, held in place with cables attached after it wobbled during the plugging attempt… During one of [the plugging] attempts Nov. 13, a hole in the ground opened 20 feet north of the well… Gas that had seeped through diffuse rock fissures on the western side of the narrow ridge began streaming instead from the new vent… the vent allowed a “serious amount of gas” to escape. (Scott McGurk, senior oil and gas field regulator assigned to daily watch at Aliso Canyon)[10]

This is where comparisons to the BP spill are again quote appropriate.  A very similar situation developed in the GOM whereby it became apparent that the Oil & Gas Industry was completely out of its depth, both figuratively and literally.  Not only were the technology and equipment, though they were state of the art at the time, wholly inadequate to accommodate such a deep and difficult well, the existing SOPs (standard operating procedures) were quite insufficient when dealing with such dire contingencies.

The following penetrating insight was made about the BP spill which is also quite apt, by analogy, for the SoCalGas leak: “Of course, with greater depths come much greater risks, as the technology and machinery have not been proportionately upgraded to accommodate the extraordinary demands and unforeseen contingencies of such a speculative and dangerous enterprise.”[11]


Current measures being taken to stop the leak

The primary means of stopping this gas leak for good is the drilling of a relief well.  The following diagram portrays this process with the set time table.  Curiously there has been very little news reporting regarding the actual progress or current status of this process.  However, SoCalGas together with LA County have set up a website which provides updates on the progress of the relief well.  Given the gravity of the situation on the ground, especially around Well SS 25, this remedial endeavor does appear to be the only way out.

Again, just like the BP spill, the extraordinary pressure of the uprising gas is so great that it has thwarted various attempts to stop the leak at the wellhead.  Hence, the only feasible way of shutting down the well, in light of the cratering around the wellhead and instability of the surrounding land, would appear to be the relief well illustrated below.  Even if this approach is not completely successful, it will provide the relief necessary so that other measures can be taken to mitigate the problem.

The crucial issue with even this strategy is that the drill bit that is approaching the target well must be lined up with perfect precision.  There is very little wiggle room in this process given the highly challenging process that is required to completely close off the well from the source of the gas.  SoCalGas has explained exactly what must be accomplished before success can be declared.

The relief well reached a measured depth of about 8,400 feet and is approximately 200 feet away from where it is intended to intercept the target well. Although close in terms of distance, the objective of this phase is to close that distance while precisely aligning the relief well with the target well so the drill bit is in the best position to drill through and create the entry point for the pumping attempts. This final phase requires precision and accuracy which takes time.
(Aliso Canyon Information


SoCalGas Drilling the relief well.

Previous Outlook

Since October 23rd of 2015 the outlook for this gas leak has been nothing but gloomy.  With each successive attempt to plug the leak the chances of success seemed to diminish. The following headlines are just a few of those which have captured that pessimism.  Each one relates a set of circumstances that depicts a predicament with assorted obstacles that are as formidable as they are unpredictable.  Only when the relief well is mentioned is there some hope that this thing will be fixed … permanently.

As the conclusion of this paper states, the relief well is last and only hope.  Even if the first stab at it does not hit the target; or worse, if a second one has to be drilled, there is an understanding that the leak can be stopped.  Just like the BP oil spill, however, it is the extraordinary damage to the general environment and to public health that is now of the greatest concern.  These headlines tell that story.

Thousands of Californians Are Fleeing an Enormous Methane Leak. Here Are 8 Things You Need to Know.

Catastrophic California Gas Leak Could Take More Than Three Months To Fix

Why One of the Biggest Disasters in US History Won’t Be Contained Any Time Soon

Uncontrollable California Gas Leak: This environmental disaster is serious!

California methane leak impact zone doubles in size

LA gas well has ‘destabilized’, large crater develops in area

Breaking: They may have “entirely lost control of entire field” involved in LA gas disaster”


The good news is that everything points to a final resolution of this natural gas leak in Aliso Canyon.  The current implementation plan is being carried out nonstop and with extreme care.  The specially trained contractors who are drilling the relief well are the best in the business.  The have the right skill set, the necessary experience as well as a deep and broad knowledge base to competently address this rapidly devolving situation.

The most critical issue is what might occur between now and when the well is successfully shut down for good.  There is nothing normal about Well SS 25.  It has posed challenges that very few in the industry have ever seen before.  It is also tapped into the largest natural gas storage facility west of the Mississippi while being sited right smack in the middle of highly populated north LA.  How did that happen?

Clearly, this gas leak occurred to teach the Oil & Gas Industry a HUGE lesson.  There are similar facilities and wells all over the country which could experience similar blowouts.  The industry has already admitted to many similar situations on a much smaller scale, of course.  Nevertheless, what the SoCalGas leak disaster has done is provide a major wakeup call.

Caveat: Given the current state of affairs throughout the industry because of the collapse of oil and gas prices around the globe, it is highly unlikely that the status quo will change.  The number of bankruptcies has accelerated during 2015 and will only increase in 2016. This has brought about an industrywide initiative to reduce costs, contain cost and cut costs wherever possible.  Safety procedures and risk management, equipment upgrades and engineering refinements are always the first to suffer in the midst of an economic depression.  Such an enormous downsizing of the Oil & Gas Industry will likely relegate exactly those quality control measures that are needed the most.

Then there is the under-the-radar matter of technospheric breakdown which is transpiring inexorably 24/7 throughout every sector of the industry.  In light of the immense degree of wear and tear on plant and equipment, the degree of technospheric breakdown will only be magnified by the year.  The oil and gas industry infrastructure is degrading by the day and can no longer be expected to perform as it did during its earlier days.  The bottom line perhaps is that there ought to be a lessening of dependence on the entire Hydrocarbon Fuel Paradigm.

If nothing else, this essay ought to inform the reader about the inherent dangers and extreme risks associated with standard oil and gas operations being conducted nationwide.  The very nature of extracting oil and/or gas, transporting it, storing it and retrieving it has many hazards.  Consequently, the more the USA depends on hydrocarbon energy to run its economy, the more that predicaments like the SoCalGas methane leak will occur.  Hence, it appears that a decision must be made, sooner or later, as to whether the Hydrocarbon Fuel Paradigm can be safely sustained for future generations.

GreenMedInfo Research Group
January 29, 2016

Author’s Note


[1] Aliso Canyon gas leak

[2] The Company Behind LA’s Methane Disaster Knew Its Well Was Leaking 24 Years Ago

[3] Poison Facts: Medium Chemicals: Methyl Mercaptan

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California Methane Gas Leak: ‘Equivalent of the BP oil spill on land’

Why Everyone Should Be Worried About The California Gas Leak Disaster

Aliso Canyon Methane Gas Leak: ‘This is the equivalent of the BP oil spill on land, in a populated community.’

Methane Gas Crisis: How California’s Porter Ranch Became a Ghost Town

Massive methane leak forces relocation of 2,500 California families

Related Reading

Study maps hundreds of methane gas leaks under streets in L.A. region


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Oil And Uranium Raining Down On Homes In Los Angeles

State of Emergency now underway for L.A. gas blowout — Oil begins raining down on homes — Official: “It’s on the brink of pandemonium” — Many worry plume will ignite, cause explosion — Concern over geysers, sinkholes being created — Company: Experts have “never seen anything like this”

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Germans Absolutely Boil Over At Town Mayor On Migrant Issue-Iranian Pushes German Woman To Death In Front Of Subway

How will it be this summer when the girls wear less clothing?

Mayor: That is easy just don provoke them and don’t walk in these areas.

Oh, in your own country?

Yeah lets all keep one meter distance, so easy

Oh, boy!

Go home boy

You can’t even walk in your own city any more?

Who the hell elected you?

Oh boy you have got some nerve

What kind of may or is this, he should step down

They (the migrants) come here and we’re not allowed to walk here anymore!

You don’t even have excuses left!

I have already thought… calm down, please stay calm

I have already thought about moving to another part of town, sit down please

My grand children are supposed to go to school here

This is the way it is

Mayor: Well, it’s technically not necessary for the girls to walk there. There are alternative routes for going to school.

It doesn’t fucking matter if there are alternative routes

We can’t let out children go over Bernsbach (other, much longer route)

This is our evening here please calm down

Calm down am speaking Chinese?

Yes, this is Germany!

Mayor: Do you think this doesn’t exist among Germans (the sexual harassment)

That has nothing to do with this! Germans go to prison for this!

The Perverts .. But they (the migrants) don’t go to prison)

Mayor Good, Next question please

Horrible, random murder: Iranian migrant pushes 20-year old German woman in front of subway train

Thousands of German Patriots chant in Munich in Response to Migrant Rape mob: “Merkel Must Go!”


Migrant defecates and urinates in subway train.

Migrants destroy own shelter

“Visions for 2050”: Angela Merkel praises book predicting physical extinction of the German people

Following brutal murder of Swedish girl by migrant Nationalists clear Stockholm train station

Migrant sneak attack in Hungary

Trump: Germans Are Going To Riot-Overthrow Merkel!


Vigilante Patrols take to German streets after migrant attacks

Polish man on the street: Under a free Poland the leaders of the EU will go to jail and pay for what they have done.


Women attacked

And then there is Korwin Mikke a polish politician who talks of shooting immigrants and raises the nazi salute in the EU parliament as well as calling for elimination of social benefits which draw migrants to Europe. Makes one wonder if we are looking the problem solution didactic. Give away all social benefits, embrace the EU police state and we solve the immigrant problem for you


Merkel Shouted Down As A Traitor In Germany



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The Practical Power of the Shaman



Blockbuster Breaking News: Wallace Black Elk Shows Up Unannounced At The Home Of Barry’s kaumatua In Christchurch To Receive The Six Red Stones And The Fire Stone (Pounamu)

Spirit of Shamanism Brings Harmony and Magic into Everyday Life

Shamanism is a very practical spirituality. A modern-day shaman could live next door to you and the only clues you might have are that they get along well with people and animals and have a green thumb with plants. Also, shamans have a knack for putting people at ease and for saying and doing the right thing at the right time. In his book, Urban Shaman, Serge Kahili King defines a shaman as “a healer of relationships, between mind and body, between people, between people and circumstances, between humans and Nature and between matter and spirit.”

If you have a taste of divine ecstasy, shamanism can teach you how to ground it, how to bring it into your everyday life through using your natural gifts and talents. Shamanism can support you in translating that experience, that creative energy, into physical form so it can benefit yourself and everyone around you.

The essence of shamanism is not an esoteric, mysterious, ritualistic tradition that can only be practiced by native peoples in a tribal environment. This ancient spiritual perspective on life is a down-to-earth, pragmatic, realistic way of living that anyone can use anywhere, anytime, including in our modern world.

Currently across the planet, the sacred knowledge of the shaman or wizard is being translated into everyday street language in order to create more healthy, harmonious and enriching lives for people.

The spirit of shamanism is more of an open, flexible attitude and approach to living than a rigid set of rules, formulas and techniques. Applying the basic principles of shamanism opens people to new possibilities and options for dealing with modern daily challenges.

From Alaska to the Andes, from Tibet to Tanzania, shamanism is a worldwide phenomenon. Virtually every religion has its roots in shamanism, although shamanism is not a religion. It’s a perspective—a way of seeing all things as sacred. Shamanism does not preclude any religion. It simply says that anyone can have a direct experience of the divine without an intermediary. By honoring the sacred essence of everyone and everything, one’s whole life can truly become a spiritual adventure.




The Practical Power of the Shaman


Kundalini Yoga – What Is The Mystery?

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Japan Swindler’s List-Chiune “Sempo” Sugihara’s List (Let’s Take A Look Between The Lines Of The Japanese-Nazi Alliance)

Editor’s note: It is highly likely that Sempo helped funnel them to Manchuria to help with the the rape of Nanking where Jewish Betar legions joined in with the Japanese.

During the 1930s Japanese officers developed a plan to create a layer of trustworthy middlemen between them and the locals by importing Jews in a scheme called the Fugu Plan. The role of Jews as middlemen between alien ruling elites and the people is an ancient and recurring theme of Jewish history.

The Japanese managed to attract thousands of Jews, especially from National Socialist Germany from 1938 onwards. The Japanese army officer and diplomat Kiichiro Higuchi was instrumental in issuing passes to Jewish refugees. Higuchi would later play a role in the ill-fated Japanese invasion of the Aleutian islands during World War II, the only Japanese occupation of American soil.


The actions Chiune “Sempo” Sugihara took to save 6,000 Jews fleeing Poland in 1939 have been largely forgotten by history, but now a new feature film recognizes the heroism of the man often called the “Japanese Schindler”.

The film, “Persona Non Grata”, makes its US premiere at the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival Sunday.

Shot largely in Poland, the multilingual film has already topped the box office in Japan, but it’s the first time American audiences get to see it.

Sugihara acted solely out of moral duty with nothing to gain but an impoverished life.

Known as “Sempo,” a name he thought might be easier to pronounce for Europeans, he took a position at a Japanese consulate in Lithuania in 1939.

When thousands of refugees fleeing Poland and without money showed up at the consulate looking for visas to escape the Nazis, Sugihara defied orders from Tokyo and wrote as many visas as he could over the next 29 days.

When the consulate was closed and he was sent away from Lithuania, he continued to write visas all the way to the train station.

It is estimated that 40,000 descendants of the Jews who received Sugihara’s visas are alive today after traveling to the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Israel.

After the war, Sugihara was imprisoned in a Soviet prison camp and declared “persona non grata.” He was returned to Japan in 1947, where he led a modest life until his death, with few people knowing of his wartime deeds.

It wasn’t until 30 years later that he received recognition for his good deeds when one of the survivors he helped tracked him down. Until that moment, Sugihara had not known if any of the visas he issued had helped anyone to escape the Nazis.

He traveled to Israel where he was the only Japanese person to be awarded the title Righteous Among the Nations by Israel’s Holocaust Memorial.

Sugihara was literally a creation of the 20th century, born on January 1, 1900. He died a year after his trip to Israel in 1986.

Along with a statue in Jerusalem, Sugihara is also immortalized in Los Angeles with a statue and stone reading: “He who saves one life, saves the entire world.”

Persona Non Grata director Cellin Gluck told Vice that Sugihara‘s story moved him because he “seemingly did everything out of his own volition and without any recompense, except that to his conscience”.

Unlike German businessman Oscar Schindler, whose motivation was originally driven by profit, or Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg, who was ordered to Hungary to save Jews, Sugihara had nothing to gain by saving lives.

It ultimately cost him his career.

Yeah sure

The Migration Of The Khazar Into Japan And The Lost City Of MU


If you can , I suggest you watch these videos below first. I suggest children less than 18 and women keep clear of these videos.


They disagreed with me that Japanese ate more than 20000 Indian INA soldiers , during the process of digging 620 kilometers of tunnels through hard pumice rock, macabre –to survive.

They disagreed that there were 2200 Korean  and Chinese prostitutes inside these tunnels , as “comfort women” or forced prostitution.

They pointed out in the Hollywood movie Bridge on the river Kwai, the Japanese displayed lot of honour.

This post if for these non-believers, and the uninitiated.

This is the reason why only the Japanese PM Hideki Tojo alone was hung on 23rd Dec 1948.

Japan’s Doomsday Cult With Over A Million Followers Including Abe The Son Of A War Criminal-Legend Of The 8 Samarai-It Is Movie Time

Dr Ishii Shiro Of Japan Introduces Kuru (Mad Cow) To Manchuria And Then The Fore Tribe Of New Guinea

Some monks don’t like the direction Japan is headed into. The movie concerns the “doomsday cult” of which Shinzo Abe is very fond of.




Alexander Child Of Fire (Updated)




Top psychiatrist and best-selling author Hans-Joachim Maaz says Angela Merkel’s refusal to reverse her “completely irrational” policy on accepting migrants is evidence that the German Chancellor is undergoing a “mental breakdown”


Merkel will run to South America like her father did in 1945


New Outpouring Of Hitler Was Not A Rothschild Messages As Word Gets Around

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The shills are fighting back. This one found on Rense.


Yes he was mensch Mike “King”


Hitler Was A Rothschild And So Was His Daughter Angela


In fact Hitler had 6 body doubles

Hitler Had At Least 4 Body Doubles-Mengele Known To Inject Dye To Change Eye Color!-Magda Zeitfeld’s Father Murdered After Performing Plastic Surgery On Hitler

Download the illustrated PDF now

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Nostradamus Predicts The Rise Of An Islamic Empire And The Infernal Gods Of Hannibal-Never More Horror Nor Worse Of Days


For those familiar with Nostradamus and who have an interest in piecing together the meanings of his Quatrains, Michael D. Fortner touches on some of the highlights concerning the invasion of Europe by the heirs of Hannibal and the fleeing of the pope from Rome.

Updated: January 30th, 2016

There exists other predictions regarding Petrus Romanus.



A new volcanic geyser springs forth at the Rome airport!

The quatrains have always been difficult to interpret before the event actually transpires such as the rise of Hitler, which Nostradamus referred to as Hisler, the one who knew no laws.

Some of these quatrains are unmistakably linked to events we see transpiring around us today in real time in my own personal opinion. Some of the interpretations by Mr. Fortner appear to be unmistakable, others I view as possibly a stretch. I will leave it to you to decide.

Nostradamus Predictions About the Rise of An Islamic Empire

by Michael D. Fortner

The Rhodians will demand relief,
Through the neglect of its heirs abandoned.
The Arab empire will reveal its course,
The cause set right again by Hesperia. (C4: Q39)

Here is a modern translation:

The people of Rhodes will demand help.
Forsaken by neglect of their heirs.
The Arab Empire will slack its course,
Its cause revived again by Spain.

Rhodes was invaded by the Ottomans in 1522 and finally obtained relief 1912 when it was freed by the Italians and was eventually returned to Greece. Notice that this passage predicts the decline of the Ottoman Empire, and that it will be revived. It will not be revived by the West but because of the West, which refers to it reviving to conquer the Western nations.

Nostradamus also predicted that a Muslim in the Middle East will rise to invade Europe and bring terror to all humanity, which means he will be a global terrorist and he may be the leader of the coming Islamic empire:

One who the infernal gods of Hannibal
Will cause to be reborn, terror of mankind
Never more horror nor worse of days
In the past than will come to the Romans through Babel. (C2 Q30)

Hannibal was what we would call the arch enemy of the Romans, he devoted his life to fighting them. This passage indicates that those who live in the same region where he lived will rise to attack Italy again. Hannibal lived in what is today Tunisia, a Muslim nation between Libya and Algeria. Therefore, it refers to the rebirth of the Islamic Empire. The words “never more horror” indicates that this will take place during World War III and may indicate nuclear war. The words “nor worse days” probably refers to the Great Tribulation. Notice also that the people spoken of will bring terror, the very word we use to describe these people today; “terrorists.” Babel is located in present-day Iraq, a Muslim nation, and its mention here indicates that Iraq will be aligned with those in North Africa that invade Italy and other European nations.

Hannibal defeated Rome so thoroughly that in one battle over 50,000 Roman soldiers were killed, not one survived. But Hannibal did not sack and burn the city of Rome as he could have done allowing Rome to eventually rebuild its army and defeat Hannibal. Rome then attacked Hannibal’s home city, Carthage, which was a great and prosperous city; those that survived the attack were sold into slavery, only ruins remained of Carthage. Does Nostradamus also intend the meaning that after the Muslim empire attacks Europe, Europe will totally destroy them?

Out of the country of Greater Arabia
Shall be born a strong master of Mohammedan law.
He shall vex Spain and conquer Grenada.
And by sea shall come to the Italian nation. (C5:Q55)

This passage indicates that someone from the Middle East, near or in Saudi Arabia, will lead an army to conquer Spain and other nations in Europe. Osama bin Laden is not in Saudi Arabia but is from Saudi Arabia.
One prophecy may refer to Saturn being close to Earth for seven days:

The great star will burn for seven days,
The cloud will cause two suns to appear:
The big mastiff will howl all night
When the great pontiff will change country. (2:41)

Editor’s note: I am going to interject here and add there are many references to two suns in the sky.

There is Hercolubus with many links

The Pope will flee when the armies of Islam and/or Russia invade Europe, which is the big mastiff. A “mastiff” is a great evil. Saturn will probably be seen for seven days as it travels through the solar system.

The great mountain, seven stadia round,
after peace, war, famine, flooding.
It will spread far, drowning great countries,
even antiquities and their might foundations. (C:1 Q:69)

Some translations of this passage suggest an asteroid impact, but this one could easily be the mountain of the second trumpet that will slide into the ocean. It could be saying that peace, war, famine, & flooding follows this event, rather than the mountain slide happening after those events.

The year of the great seventh number accomplished,
It will appear at the time of the games of slaughter:
Not far from the great millennial age,
When the buried will go out from their tombs. (C10:Q74)

The great seventh number could to the 7th trumpet which will bring the resurrection, which is clearly described here. Notice that he uses the same word that Rev. 10 uses, “the mystery of God will be accomplished” (10:7). What will appear is not even hinted at, perhaps the sign of the cross in the sky. The “great millennial age” could be the start of the Kingdom Age or perhaps merely the start of this millennium; since all this will take place only 40 years from the turn of the millennium.

After great trouble for humanity, a greater one is prepared
The Great Mover renews the ages:
Rain, blood, milk, famine, steel and plague,
In the heavens fire seen, a long spark running. (C2:Q49)

After having read this book we can easily see this referring to the time when God will bring in the Kingdom Age. The “great trouble” is the Great Tribulation and the even greater event is the global destruction by fire from heaven. The long spark running could be the tail of a comet or another reference to Saturn that will appear to send out sparks and various colors.

Sun twentieth of Taurus the earth will tremble very mightily,
It will ruin the great theater filled:
To darken and trouble air, sky and land,
Then the infidel will call upon God and saints. (C9:Q83)

This quatrain seems to say that a great earthquake will destroy a stadium filled with people, darkness will come with poison air, and many sinners will repent. Sounds like something I have read somewhere before?!

Nostradamus prophesied about a city that will be hit by a tsunami and it likely refers to New York City:

Garden of the world near the new city,
In the path of the hollow mountains:
It will be seized and plunged into the Tub,
Forced to drink waters poisoned by sulfur. (C10: Q49) (Leoni, p. 49)

New Jersey is the Garden State, just across the bay from New York City. The “path of hollow mountains” refers to long straight roads lined on each side with sky scrapers. Therefore, New York City will be hit by huge tsunamis of poisoned water. A normal tsunami is not poisoned, but one caused by an asteroid ocean impact will be poisoned.


“While Nostradamus was visiting the chateau of Lord de Florinville, he had conversations with his host about prophecy. Florinville decided to put the prophet to a test. At the time, they had stopped during their stroll and stood before a corral enclosing two suckling pigs — one black and one white. The host asked Nostradamus which pig would be served for dinner that night. “We will eat the black pig, but a wolf will eat the white,” was the reply.

Florinville secretly ordered his cook to prepare the white pig for dinner that night. The cook followed the orders but left the door to the kitchen open while running out on another errand. When he returned, he found the chateau’s pet wolf eating the already dressed white pig. Worried about the results of his error, the cook quietly prepared the black pig for the night’s meal.

At the dinner table, Lord de Florinville smiled broadly at Nostradamus and announced, “We are not eating the black pig as you predicted. And no wolf will touch our dinner here.”

Nostradamus was so sure that this was the black pig that his host summoned the cook to prove him wrong. Of course, Florinville was stunned when the cook delivered the bad news.”

Other earth shaking events are rising to the surface during these times and are being presented to the inhabitants of planet earth by some of the most capable analysts the internet has to offer.


All Hell (And Heaven) Breaks Loose In 2014 (The Kali Yuga Where Ignorance Becomes Bliss)

For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, please know that the current pandemic of ignorance and arrogance is quite purposeful. It is induced — by the Universe itself — for the protection of the masses so that their ignorance has become bliss. The bliss that comes with not knowing the grim realities which abound everywhere one looks.

What in the world is going on? It’s as though the world is going crazy! Kalki is exposing a 6000 year old crime spree!





Syria Will Fall To Rescue Mankind: Russia Releases More Vanga Prophecies

Vanga: Syria will fall to rescue mankind. Vanga predicted Syria will fall


Vanga predictions for 2016: ISIS conquers Europe-turns continent into wasteland


Bulgarian Psychic Vanga Predicts Nothing Will Be left But The Glory Of Vladimir, No Word If This Was Lenin Or Putin, Russia To Be The World’s Only Superpower


Bulgarian Pyschic Vanga-The Black One Will Be The Last One


(“Everything will melt away like ice yet the glory of Vladimir , the glory of Russia are the only things that will remain. Russia will not only survive, it will dominate the world. (1979)”)



Alois Irlmaier And World War III


China in Syria? Ready to Join Russia in ISIS fight



Source below

Is China Ready To Join Russia In Syria In The Fight With ISIS

Take fight to ETIM before threat grows

“China should also recruit more Uyghurs into its security forces and intelligence services. At the same time, China should consider expanding its counter-terrorism efforts beyond its borders.”



German lawyers file lawsuit against Merkel in constitutional court


Hitler Was A Rothschild And So Was His Daughter Angela


Merkel Shouted Down As A Traitor In Germany


Gun is understood in France still

Give money or I will rape you


Migrant Mob Drags Defenseless German Woman Into Subway


Russians Teach Migrants a Lesson in Germany-After Rape Of 13 Year Old Russian German Girl -120 Cars Of Russian Germans Arrive At Immigrant Hostel And Beat Them With Ball Bats As Migrants Fire Guns To No Avail


The 6 News Channels Owned By Zion Refuse To Show Migrant Chaos-Throwing Rocks-Screaming Allahu Akbar And Fuck You-Angola Is The First Country To Ban Islam And Tear Down The Mosques


Merkel will run to South America like her father did in 1945



Looks like Germany if finally fed up with this goofy looking lunatic


This killer of the goyim is a man!


Peter the Great used to say: “Never trust a Turk!”

Kirill Voronkov


The DONMEH part 2: House of Saud Connections (Thirteenth Monkey) Zionist Control Over Saudi Arabia


Those Pesky Donmeh Of The Mideast


Lawrence Of Arabia The Gay Sex Maniac

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Top psychiatrist and best-selling author Hans-Joachim Maaz says Angela Merkel’s refusal to reverse her “completely irrational” policy on accepting migrants is evidence that the German Chancellor is undergoing a “mental breakdown”

Top Psychiatrist: Angela Merkel is Having a Mental Breakdown
Editor’s note: I am not a top German shrink but I think I could have made that diagnosis. Quite frankly this demon is crazy. Her big mistake was acting so gleeful concerning the genocide of Germans. When the vatican brings one of her children back as German fuhrer they should bear this in mind. Old dad managed to have 30 million Germans killed and Angie is there to finish the job by breeding them out of existence. Of course she can’t reverse course not, the iluminati don’t furnish brake pads.


Photo courtesy of



Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Top psychiatrist and best-selling author Hans-Joachim Maaz says Angela Merkel’s refusal to reverse her “completely irrational” policy on accepting migrants is evidence that the German Chancellor is undergoing a “mental breakdown”.
Maaz, who was noted for his work studying the psychological impact of government repression on the population of the former East Germany, told Huffington Post Germany that Merkel’s “emotional” decision to open the country’s borders to a flood of refugees was an expression of her own rampant narcissism.According to Maaz, Merkel being dubbed the “most powerful woman in the world” has left her incapable of handling criticism and prone to hubris, with the psychiatrist adding that the German leader has, “lost all touch with reality.”

Facing intense criticism from the German population and from within her own party, Merkel is at risk of an “imminent” mental breakdown and now represents a “danger” to Germany, according to Maaz.

“A psychological or psychosomatic collapse is imminent,” warns Maaz, adding that Merkel’s own nervous body language in which she clutches her jewelry is also a sign of “insecurity”.

Despite Merkel’s open border policy culminating in the mass molestation of women by migrants in the city of Cologne on New Year’s Eve, the Chancellor has refused to listen to critics who have demanded she significantly scale back Germany’s acceptance of “refugees” from the Middle East and North Africa.
In the aftermath of the Paris massacre, Merkel doubled down on her policy, insisting that Germans must show “tolerance” towards migrants.

In October, top security experts warned Merkel that the middle class in Germany is becoming increasingly “radicalized” in response to the migrant influx and that domestic unrest may occur as a result.

The warning was “circulated among high-ranking security officials in the federal government,” according to the report.

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