Crimes Of The British Empire And Their Royal Khazar Family



Coast Guard Headed To Oil Platform Fire In The Gulf Of Mexico

10 Evil Crimes Of The British Empire

Of Course they are only scratching the surface here.




Of course we can begin with the British colonization of North America which saw roughly 50 million native Americans disappear. Britain’s favorite son and banker Rothschild still prints U.S. money, the fed is not federal and America is still ruled under the London Corporation which issues checks to US alphabet agencies through the U.N.

And many of us know that Hitler played chess with Stalin near the Tavistock institute. Stalin was a Jesuit priest and Hitler was a Rothschild.

Ten percent of the Boer population died in British open air camps and that includes 22000 children.

In Aden 1960’s in the Yemini riots, torture centers were opened, prisoners stripped naked and put in refrigerated cells, cigarettes put out on their skin, genitals crushed and some made to sit naked on a pole until the weight forced it up the anus.

Of course in Cypress children had hot pepper rubbed into their eyes and were lashed with whips embedded with iron chards.

Iraq’s first ten years under the British saw destroyed crops, poison wells and dead live stock and that was before the Americans came back to help them killing another 2 million.

The partition of India resulted in 30 million displaced as muslims and Hindus did not want to be caught on the wrong side of the border. The Bengali famine alone killed 5 and a half million indians as Rothschild blew up the food chain and flooded farm land.

The British starved a million people to death in Ireland during the famine.. Many more left for America.

The British rounded up 1.5 million in Kenya and put them in concentration camps where men were raped with knives, women had their breasts mutilated, eyes gashed out, and some burned alive. Most were women and children who were “aiding the terrorists”.

And of course we know that British troops among others have been sent to the Ukraine to help the nazis fight terrorism.

The British installed Saudi Wahabbi regime is learning very well however and picking up some of the slack, bombing Yemenis again with western equipment of course.

No China is small potatoes, give them some slack they were regrouping after 20 million slaughtered by Japan and the Jewish Betar legions who were bringing the new world order to Asia.

Today soldiers still sign up to save the queen from the terrorists. The average British subject likes to pretend that Washington is all behind this. Possibly to salve their own peace of mind.

There has never been a democracy on planet earth. Every nation has always been ruled by combinations of special interest groups who serve themselves. Socrates would tell you about Greek democracy if he could speak from the grave. Britain and America are still under the one party system know by some as the Vatican, City Of London, Hollywood axis.

Then there was King Long Shanks of England who mentioned that Scotland was a nice place the only thing wrong is there are too many Scots there, which he intended to do something about, breed them out of existence. English goon soldiers had what was known as first rite, to breed with Scottish women on their wedding nights ahead of the groom. We are talking about unspeakable evil here. Mao was small time compared to the empire. In fact part of Mao’s harsh crackdowns had a lot to do with saving China from the British. It was prostate had just lost a war with 20,000 million killed by the Japanese, British and Jewish Betar legions. They had no money and no economy. Some go as far to postulate that Mao joined the masons to find out what was going on. He later outlawed Judaism, the only official religion ever banned in China at the time. Of course they are cracking down now on the intelligence operatives of Falun Gong.



Joe George



Of course it is a much longer story than this for those who are interested.

Lawrence of Arabia Part IV/

The Constitution Gave Legal Control Of The U.S. To The London Crown Temple

The Atlantean Conspiracy

The Real Hells Angels

Andrew Jackson’s VP Aaron Burr Shoots Rothschild’s Son In Law Alexander Hamilton

The Greatest Story Never Told-HellStorm

EU Jesuit Herman Von Rompay Says Nation States Are Dead-Got To Have Us Some New World Order

Irish Orphans Used As Drug Guinea Pigs

Italian Fascist Pope Francis

The Roman Empire Still Alive And Well

Ziobonics Can You Speak It

The Gay Fidel Castro

The Ghost of Otto Von Bolschwing

The real killing maybe yet to come

BP Dumped Millions Of Gallons Of Corexit In The Gulf Of  Mexico During British Petroleum Oil Spill-The Gulf Of Mexico Is Now A Polluted Cesspoo

Canada A Part Of The Northern Wing Of The Empire Wants To Dump Radioactive Waste 1.2 KMs From Lake Huron-Why Not The Gulf Of Mexico And The Pacific Ocean Is Already Poisoned



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Drilling To Resume Around BP Horizon Well At Macondo

We are once again looking at the suicidal notion of drilling within 3 miles of the BP Macondo well site. I am almost at a loss for words. Now we have a company with almost no means to provide relief if something goes wrong and the odds are fairly high something will go wrong.

Double-whammy: Cracking the rock strata while poisoning the water table.

A more telling illustration for what big oil is up to:

The parasitic oil industry destroying the earth like giant mosquitoes, sucking out its life blood while injecting an infected fluid in its place. Yes, the “invasion” is on and has been for a long time.

A good example of what could happen


Part II


Former oil field geologist Jack Reed always pointed out what he felt was an as yet unknown tectonic plate in the Louisiana Bayou. Interestingly it seems to encompass the Bayou Corne area where problems are now being experienced with sink holes and salt domes related to gas production.

Another interesting facet is his diagram in the above pic also emphasizes it is where the tail end of the New Madrid fault is shown. Of course he was a believer that the Gulf of Mexico is not dormant but geologically active with smaller faults and a very large methane gas pocket under the Gulf of Mexico which might explain all of the bubbles. One poster on asked the question has the large methane bubble found an opening under the plate and now bubbling up in the Assumption Parish, Bayou Corne area?

With evacuations now taking place in this area and now news that Hurricane Isaac will track to the sink hole area and strike on the anniversary of Katrina, is someone trying to point something out to us? It is a good question and this scenario almost seems uncanny.

This area and it’s relation to the New Madrid fault is one of the key facets related to Edgar Cayce known as the sleeping prophet. He predicted an earthquake along the New Madrid that would see the Great Lakes empty down the Mississippi into the Gulf of Mexico. With all of the gas pipelines crossing the Madrid, the explosion some feel will be reflected on the moon.

Enter Jack Reed

Jack Reed is a retired Texaco geologist-geophysist who doesn’t accept the widely held opinions regarding the New Madrid fault lines or a “passive gulf”.

No wonder he’s one of a very few voices. Today’s science is made to fit the corporate and political need, not the other way around.

According to him, the Gulf was and is tectonically active — and it is the likely origin for not only the New Madrid seismic activity, but also for the Middleton Place-Summerville seismic zone near Charleston, S.C. (Aug.2010)
“For all the years I have worked the Gulf of Mexico Basin I have been forced to accept the ‘passive’ Gulf formation theory, which holds that the only movement in the basin is updip sedimentary loading that moved the salt southward,” Reed said. “But there is little evidence to support this theory, and it doesn’t fit what is observed geologically or geophysically.”
“This entire zone through the United States is suffering some type of tectonic activity that I believe is tied to the deeply buried tectonics in the Gulf of Mexico” Source
And they want to keep drilling there? Yes.


Underwater volcanos in the Caribbean Seas

2004 Gulf of Mexico oil spill could leak another 100 years – report

An oil leak that occurred when an offshore platform toppled during Hurricane Ivan in 2004 has continued to spill oil into the Gulf of Mexico – and could keep leaking for another 100 years, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press.

The documents show that a century-long leak could occur if nothing is done to address the problem.

The platform owners, Taylor Energy Company, tried to work with Department of the Interior “to resolve financial obligations for the leak” worth hundreds of millions of dollars, which were set aside to pay for leak-related work.

Read more
Shell Oil wins approval to drill in Arctic

However, the company has tried to cover up the extent of the damage to the ecology of the Gulf, and the government has been unwilling to renegotiate the costs to the Taylor. Instead, it ordered them to do more work on the matter.

“There is still more that can be done by Taylor to control and contain the oil that is discharged,” said an Interior Department fact sheet obtained by AP.

It is suspected, by officials, that the leak is coming from at least one of 25 wells that were buried under mounds of sediment from an underwater mudslide that was triggered by waves during Hurricane Ivan. The company ordered new wells drilled in order to plug nine of the wells that were suspected could leak oil, but company officials cited experts to argue that the best course of action is do no further drilling because of risks.

In reviewing more than 2,300 Coast Guard pollution reports from 2008 onwards, the AP found that since September 1, 2014, the leaks have been getting greater. When they approached the Coast Guard about the uptick, reporters were provided with new estimates showing leaks 20 times greater than what the company claimed.

Read more
A drop in the ocean: Recovery projects worth $134 million proposed for BP oil spill

Taylor claimed the site was leaking 4 gallons per day, but revised Coast Guard estimates show “shines as large as 1.5 miles wide and 14 miles long.” They also show daily oily discharges ranging from 42 gallons to as high as 2,300 gallons, with a daily average of 84 gallons.

AP said the company is now down to one full-time employee after its founder died, and it sold all its offshore leases and oil and gas interests in 2008.

A spokesman for the company declined to comment to AP on Friday.

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Stopping the Great Lakes Radioactive Dump


Canada wants to dump nuclear waste 1.2 kilometers from Lake Huron. Of course the Ojibway tribe, 8 U.S. states, 154 cities and a myriad of organizations are vehemently opposed. 40 million people derive their drinking water from the Great Lakes. It appears that Canada has gone a special kind of crazy under Harper.

One has to wonder if this is connected to the Agenda 21 depopulation program.

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Lawrence Of Arabia Part IV

THIS POST IS A CONTINUATION OF THREE PREVIOUS POSTS –The Captain’s posts are very long. Here are a few small clips.



Rothschild stooge Herbert Louis Samuel, ( 1870 – 1963) was THE FIRST Jew to serve as a Cabinet minister and to become the leader of a major British political party


Below: Emir Faisal ( son of Hussein , who was name a CHOOT by Rothschild ) at Lydda Station, Palestine, with Sir Herbert Samuel, inspecting Indian soldiers.

King Faisal ( son of Hussein , Sharif Of Mecca ) died on 8 September 1933, at the age of 48. The official cause of death was a heart attack while he was staying in Bern, Switzerland, for his general medical checkup suggested by Rotshchild’s agents . He was poisoned using Arsenic. Dead men tell NO tales.

King Faisal’s private nurse officially reported in writing signs of arsenic poison before his death. DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES. This was the man who brought down the Ottoman Empire for Rotshchild. Many of his companions noticed that day that he was suffering from pain in the abdomen (sign of poisoning) and not chest (a typical sign of heart attack). His body was quickly embalmed before performing a proper autopsy to find the exact result of death, a normal procedure in such situations

Below: Lawrence of Arabia behind Faisel ( son of Hussein ). Rothschild has always instigated both sides and supported both sides in a war in a DISHONORABLE UNGRATEFUL MANNER.. and reaped the benefits of war – making a CHOOT out of both sides .


Poor Rothschild is worth trillions yet his name is not in the FORBES Fortune 500.

If so where is all his gold which he stole from Tipu Sultan ( Kerala temple gold ?)

However PSSSSTTT Rothschild owns hundreds of palaces and castles all over the world.

Wanna see a few ? Just for kicks






By 1988, there were an estimated 100 to 200 heroin refineries in the province’s Khyber district alone. Pakistan Army trucks arriving with CIA arms from Karachi often returned loaded with heroin – protected from police search by ISI papers.



King of Jordan Hussein bin Talal ruled from 1952 to his death in 1999 ( 46 years ). He was a stooge of Rothschild and he was the second Arab head of state to recognize Israel.

King Talal’s son, Crown Prince Hussein, was proclaimed King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on 11 August 1952, succeeding at the young age of 16. His father was declared MAD by Jewish doctors.

King Hussein married a British Jewess Toni Gardiner. He was a great friend of Jews and a womanizer when he went to Europe. Zionists provided him with honeypots.

Jewess Toni Gardiner’s son Abdullah II ibn al-Hussein is now the king of Jordan —he looks like a Jew rather than an Arab.

King Abdullah II ibn al-Hussein is a member of the committee of 300 whose members include Rothschild, Rockefeller, Oppenheimer, Goldsmid, Mocatta, Montefiore, Sassoon, Warburg, Samuel, Kadoorie, Franklin, Worms, Stern and Cohen families.

His wife is Queen Rania who has 3,480,000 followers on Twitter- as she is attractive and born to a very wealthy crypto Jew Tulkarm Palestinian doctor in Kuwait.

King Hussein should have passed on the kingdom to his brother Crown Prince Hassan bin Al-Talal—but Jew Rothschild arm twisted him to pass the kingdom to his Jewish son, Abdullah II ibn al-Hussein, who is ruling Jordan right now.

Prince Hassan made the mistake of marrying a woman Sarvath Ikramullah, with Bengali parents ( whose ancestors had Hindu DNA ) –Sorry Jewish DNA is what is required –NOT Hindu or Muslim. Sarvath’s paternal uncle, Mohammad Hidayatullah, was Vice-President of India.

Same way the British royalty is now Jewish as both Princess Diana and her son William’s wife Kate are Jewish.


King Hussein’s mother Zein al-Sharaf Talal was the grand daughter of Turkish Donmeh Jew Shakir Pasha.

Rothschild had arm twisted King Hussein to give a tearful speech at the Funeral of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin .

Jewess Toni Gardiner was thrust on to King Hussein by Zionists when she was working as Secretarial Assistant on the sets of the famous film “Lawrence of Arabia” during its shooting in Jordon.



Pakhtuns are in no way a united people. They have many sub clans and are constantly feuding with each other. Nothing except the danger of a common enemy can unite them.

Quietly attend the wedding of a Yusufzai . Check out their tradition of lifting the groom and the bride on the marriage bed by the male friends of the groom and by family several times in a repetitive up and down motion. This is a custom similar to the wedding custom of some Ashkenazi and Hassidic Jews.






Parveen babi who came on TIME cover is a crypto Jew Muslim Pashtun.  See how well Rothschild sniffs out Jews.

Genghis Khan was a Hindu
in ancient days china, russia, mongolia, kora, japan , — all were hindu.

genghis khan never invaded india — he is from KARNA lineage .

KHAN was originally KARN

genghis khan screwed only muslims, jews and christians.

Mongols, call Garuda Khan Garuda or Khangarid . Before and after each round of Mongolian wrestling, wrestlers perform the Garuda ritual, a stylised imitation of the Khangarid and an eagle.

Thailand uses Garuda as the national symbol.


Mongol Genghis Karn ( Khan ) of Hindu lineage screwed the Jews in Afghanistan.


Between 1206 and his death in 1227, the Mongol leader Genghis Karn ( Khan ) conquered more than 12 million square miles of territory—more than any individual in history. Along the way, he cut a ruthless path through Asia and Europe that left untold millions dead. He did NOT kill any Hindus, nor did he attempt to invade India..


Roll the presses, the next Jewess president of Pakistan is now being groomed.



From other posts of my own

In other views, Alexander the great tries to surround the khazars (rumors of human sacrifice), Genghis Khan forms military wall to move khazars into Japan

Genghis Khan was a Hindu and never invaded India


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US Intelligence Officer: “Every Single Terrorist Attack In US Was A False Flag Attack” We’ve Become A Lunatic Asylum

You can tell this one did not graduate from the Georgetown school of foreign policy like Petraus and Clinton.



Apart from documents that have outlined supposed terrorist threats, like Al-Qaeda, and their connection to US intelligence agencies, like the CIA, there are a number of whistleblowers that have come out adding more fuel to the fire. Because not many are even aware of these documents, letting people know about a truth that can be hard for people to accept, let alone ponder the possibility is very important. It’s just one aspect of the veil that’s been blinding the masses for quite some time now.

The latest whistleblower is David Steele, a 20-year Marine Corps intelligence officer, and the second-highest-ranking civilian in the U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence. He is a former CIA clandestine services case officer, and this is what he had to say:

“Most terrorists are false flag terrorists, or are created by our own security services. In the United States, every single terrorist incident we have had has been a false flag, or has been an informant pushed on by the FBI. In fact, we now have citizens taking out restraining orders against FBI informants that are trying to incite terrorism. We’ve become a lunatic asylum.”

What Is A “False Flag Attack?”
A great example of a false flag attack is 9/11, something that many people believe to be a creation of US intelligence agencies, or some entity above the government (one that controls what Eisenhower called “the military industrial complex”). The idea is that these so called terrorist attacks are created by this group, in order to justify the infiltration of other countries, and to justify a heightened state of “national security.” As a result, in the eyes of the citizenry, war and mass murder are justified, when the intentions behind these actions are something the citizenry has no idea about. This is why we see a false sense of patriotism programmed into many people, especially in the United States. Men and women join this massive military machine with good hearts, thinking that they are serving their country and fighting terrorism, when they are doing the complete opposite. They are only participating in a fabricated war based on lies and misinformation.

“The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al-Qaeda, and any informed intelligence officer knows this. But, there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an intensified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive TV watchers to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the United States.” – Former British Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook

Today, we might be seeing the same thing with ISIS. Although there are no verified documents like there are when it comes to Al-Qaeda, given what that information shows us, combined with Wikileaks documents and statements from insiders, we could be looking at the same thing.

Not long ago, FBI whistleblower stated that:

“The US is reviving terror scare with ISIS to promote the terror war industry.”

You can read more about that story here

Again, 9/11 is a great example and you can find out more information about that here





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Anti-government rally is underway in Kiev-Ukrainian official media are silent


on: May 16, 2015
A rally calling to resignation of Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko is being held in Kiev. About 6 000 of its participants carry Ukrainian flags and chant “Order or down with you!”, “Down with the crazy authorities!”

Ukrainian actor and journalist Yuriy Kot posted pictures of the manifestation on his Facebook page.

Ukrainian official media prefer to ignore the rally of protest.



EU policy is backtracking so fast on Ukraine it is enough to give one whiplash.

Yatsenyuk acknowledges perpetrating genocide in the Donbass

1. Frédéric Saillot for Eurasie Express (In English): Mr. Yatsenyuk, when will you stop the genocide in Donbass?

Yatsenyuk: When Putin pulls back, implements the Minsk deals, and stops the violation of international law. And when Russia will be brought to justice.

Yatsenyuk says nothing “off script” — he was just not ready for a press that is no longer covering up for the deeds of Kiev.

I think it was only a couple of days ago that Porky had reiterated plans to retake Crimea, now say after warning by Lurch of course, Minsk is the only way out.

Mean while Merkel sells more warships to Israel with Germany tax payers picking up part of the tab due to their guilt complex. Merkel and crew maybe figuring get the sale through now in case an actual German ever comes to power in Germany.

Thousands across Europe rally against EU policies (VIDEOS)

Thousands of activists took to the streets of Germany and Spain on Saturday to protest the EU’s policies as the union prepares for parliamentary elections at the end of May.

In Germany, the EU’s powerhouse, people participated in a day of anti-Brussels protests in Hamburg and the capital Berlin.

A rally in Berlin broke out into clashes between protesters and police. Around 1,000 people marched through the city’s center to voice their anger against EU policies as part of the so-called ‘Blockupy’ movement. Participants also called for equal rights for refugees, including freedom of movement and residency. Police arrested at least four protesters during the rally.

Blockupy protesters also pelted Berlin’s Haus der Deutschen Wirtschaft (House of the German Economy) with eggs filled with colored paint on Saturday, protesting against the European Union’s “crisis management” policies, capitalism, and social injustice.

The German city of Hamburg also had its own Blockupy rally. The march turned violent when anti-EU protesters started throwing projectiles at police. Authorities responded by firing water cannons. Several people were injured in the clashes.

The protesters intentionally chose to march through Hamburg’s famous HafenCity and towards Elbe Philharmonic Hall, as they believe the affluent areas convey the city’s “most visible symbol ostentatious elite culture, corruption and waste in Hamburg.”

The rallies are part of a larger Blockupy campaign movement which is focused against the European Central Bank (ECB) and will last from May 15-24.

Spain, one of the worst hit countries by the economic recession, was also hit with a day of protests. On Saturday, people demonstrated on the streets of Madrid to mark the anniversary of the movement against the government’s repressive economic policies, RT’s Matt Trezza reported from the Spanish capital.

About 1,000 people rallied at Puerta del Sol square, protesting austerity measures and new laws restricting a woman’s right to abortion and the right to protest.

The demonstration was organized by Spain’s grassroots movement ‘Los Indignados’ (The Indignant Ones), otherwise known as the 15M Movement, which originated in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol on May 15, 2011 in response to surging youth unemployment, political corruption, and austerity measures.

Activists held banners saying “Help poor people, not the markets.”

A protester holds a banner featuring German chancellor Angela Merkel reading 'resistance against her Europe' during a Blockupy movement protest on May 17, 2014 in Berlin. The demonstration is directed against the government's refugee policy.    AFP PHOTO / DPA/ MAJA HITIJ /GERMANY OUT

A protester holds a banner featuring German chancellor Angela Merkel reading ‘resistance against her Europe’ during a Blockupy movement protest on May 17, 2014 in Berlin. The demonstration is directed against the government’s refugee policy. AFP PHOTO / DPA/ MAJA HITIJ /GERMANY OUT

“We have so many unemployed people now. On top of that, people are living on the streets, under bridges. And this is on the hands of those who implemented such policies. We want to see an end to the violation of our rights, such as the right to life, the right to housing, and the right to have rights,” activist Gloria Vazquez told RT.



“Only in Ukraine can the symbol of victory over fascism be a decoration that looks like a gunshot wound on your chest.” 





Porky is looking all sly


John “Lurch” Kerry awarded an honorary degree in international relations at Sochi


Quit looking like somebody farted Porky, we will get you out of the Ukraine before the mobs close in!





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The Israel Project Is Bigger Than Most Think (David Iriving)

Zionist Jews financed Hitler to hasten Israel project: David Irving

Makes perfect sense when you think about it. Who other than a Hitler-type bogeyman could motivate Jews — ensconced in their riches and lavish lifestyles in Europe — to make their way to Palestine? In his book Churchill’s War David Irving quotes from a letter that former German Chancellor Heinrich Brüning wrote to Winston Churchill in which he states, “from October 1928 the two largest regular contributors to the Nazi Party were the general managers of two of the largest Berlin banks, both of Jewish faith, and one of them the leader of Zionism in Germany.”



My own personal view.


The last Pope John Paul the Second was a racial Jew, his mother was a Polish Jewess by the name of Katz, making him by the law of the Jewish race a full blooded Jew.

The first cardinal of acknowledged Jewish descent, Anacletus II, was elected as pope in 1130 by a majority of the College of Cardinals

“Halley’s Bible Handbook has a commentary which is most informative. Innocent III [a Jew] (1198-1216 A.D.), was the most powerful of all the Popes, claimed to be the “Vicar of Christ,” “Vicar of God” and “Supreme Sovereign over the Church and the World. Kings of Germany, France, England and practically all of the monarchies of Europe obeyed his will. He was even able to bring the Byzantine Empire under his control. Never in all of history has any one single man exerted more power. He ordered two crusades, decreed Transubstantiation, confirmed Auricular Confession.

Immorality was rampant in the Papacy and the Church. John XXIII [a Jew (1410-1415)], called by some the most depraved criminal who ever sat on the Papal Throne, guilty of almost every crime

Pope Gregory VII [a Jew] decided it was no murder to kill excommunicated persons.

Malleus Maleficarum by the Dominican friars Heinrich KRAMER[JEW] and James SPRENGER[JEW].”- Sir l.Gardner “Realm Of The Ring Lords”

Malleus Maleficarum by the Dominican friars Heinrich KRAMER[JEW] and James SPRENGER[JEW].”- Sir l.Gardner “Realm Of The Ring Lords”

King Dagobert of the Merovingians by the Vatican. His crown was then usurped by the Vatican and given to Pepin the Fat of Herstal

Charlemagnes Jewish mother Bertha Bigfoot launched crusades into the Saxon homeland.

“The Jesuits (Society of Jesus) are the spies and the assassination squad of the Catholic Church. People who believe this institution to be “religious” or “spiritual” are sadly deluded.

In General Ludendorfs book “Das Geheimnis Der Jesuitenmacht Und Ihr Ende” he agreed that the Jesuits are controlled by Jews.

Ignatius of Loyola’s secretary, Polanco, was of Jewish descent and was the only person present at Loyola’s deathbed.

“The Merovingian dynasty were the masterminds behind the Renaissance:

New York Cardinal John O’Connor’s Sister Says He Was Jewish
EU Jesuit Herman von Rompuy says nation states are dead (Non Chosen News)
More Emerging Information On Hitler And His Relationship To Rothschild Banks, Tavistock And The Ever So Innocent Catholic

Alright lets break it down a bit and put on our thinking caps. When we discover that Loyola the founder of the Jesuits was Jewish, John Paul was Jewish, Anacletus was Jewish, Innocente was Jewish and ordered two crusades as well as establishing the spy system called confession, John XXIII was Jewish and called the most depraved who ever sat on the throne, Pope Gregory also Jewish declaring it not murder to kill the excommunicated, Malleus Maleficarum by the Dominican friars Heinrich KRAMER [JEW] and James SPRENGER [JEW].”- Sir l.Gardner “Realm Of The Ring Lords”, (Sauron still has the ring)

King Dagobert of the Merovingians brought the Rennaissance and was replaced by the vatican. His crown was then usurped by the Vatican and given to Pepin the Fat of Herstal. Bertha bigfoot the Jewess sired Charlemagne also and he launched two crusades.

In General Ludendorfs book “Das Geheimnis Der Jesuitenmacht Und Ihr Ende” he agreed that the Jesuits are controlled by Jews.

Ignatius of Loyola’s secretary, Polanco, was of Jewish descent and was the only person present at Loyola’s deathbed.
“The Jesuits (Society of Jesus) are the spies and the assassination squad of the Catholic Church. People who believe this institution to be “religious” or “spiritual” are sadly deluded.

More recently Benedict was a member of the nazi youth corps and Francis is accused of child trafficking in Venezuela. Rothschild is still the banker for both the Vatican and City of London. In short those of the not so alternative, alternative news are feeding you a gigantic song and dance when they tell you Hitler built some roads, put a chicken in every pot, was not a Rothschild and burned in the bunker. Both Hitler and Stalin were British agents and trained at Tavistock. Hitler claimed to be a catholic but contains the magic blood Y-DNA E1B1B which is passed down from the mother. He was a Rothschild.


My views on the subject

and others

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86 Year Old German Woman Defies German Holocaust Denial Laws On German TV: Rise Up My Comrades To Horse-To Horse

Taken from this blog who has been on fire lately

“If we want a future that is humane and sustainable, then we can’t get there with lies.”

Ursula Haverbeck has faced the wrath of the German legal system on occasions past for expressing her “revisionist” beliefs about what did or didn’t take place in the country’s concentration camps–and she may be about to face it again. Recently she did a TV interview in which she openly challenged Germany’s holocaust denial law. From the video description: “In 2015, Ursula Haverbeck made history in a defiant interview in which she threw down the gauntlet to the biggest taboo of our times. Revisionism . . . on German TV! A seismic event.”

In this 49-minute interview Haverbeck covers a number of topics, including the history of the war and how it has since been written and interpreted, as well as the passage and enforcement of the present German law. Haverbeck is 86 years old and could be facing a stiff jail sentence. Regardless of what you may think of her views, her courage is undeniable.


She is going out obviously in a blaze of glory. Should Germans not heed her message, this is their future. Will these criminals actually jail an 86 year old woman?


Menachem had a dental problem even a jewish dentist could not fix. ______________________________________________________________



My own views on the subject

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Battlefield: Black Sea

Eric Draitser


While the war in Ukraine has raged on for more than a year, the growing conflict between the US-NATO and Russia has taken on new dimensions. From economic warfare waged by the West in the form of sanctions, to the diplomatic rows over the commemoration of Victory Day in Moscow, more and more it seems that relations between East and West are fraying beyond repair. Though it may seem that this conflict is escalating into simply an extension of what was once known as the Cold War, the potential exists for a hot war of global dimensions.

Lost amid the cacophony of saber-rattling and chest-thumping in Washington and Brussels is the quietly emerging, and infinitely dangerous, military deployment in the Black Sea. Once seen as a no-go zone for the US and NATO, the Black Sea, with its expansive Russian shores, has recently become the site of a slew of provocative military moves by the US, and equally significant counter-moves by Russia. Adding fuel to this potential fire is the participation of Chinese naval assets in this quietly brewing cocktail of global conflict.

The presence of US military assets all throughout the Black Sea region is undoubtedly provocative as it is pushing perilously close to Russia’s borders. The potential for escalation – premeditated or otherwise – puts the entire region, and indeed the entire world, at risk of catastrophe.

This article will focus on the US-NATO military developments in and around the Black Sea. While by no means a comprehensive listing of all of Washington’s moves in the region, it is an attempt to provide a glimpse into a little discussed theater of deployment for the West – one that is regarded as a very serious threat by Moscow.

Washington Swimming in the Black Sea

There is no doubt that US strategy vis-à-vis Russia places tremendous strategic importance on maintaining and expanding a robust military presence in and around the Black Sea. Recent moves by the US-NATO military forces make this fact all the more apparent. Having deployed a significant amount of forces to littoral countries, as well as initiating a series of critical military exercises and drills, Washington is demonstrating unequivocally its commitment to escalating the conflict with Russia.

Nearly a year ago, in June 2014, former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel laid bare US intentions. In the wake of President Obama’s public announcement of $1 billion to expand the US military presence in Eastern Europe, Hagel stated that the billion dollar commitment was for a “stronger presence of US ships in the Black Sea,” and that “[The US] will sustain that tempo going forward.” Put in slightly more understandable terminology, the US committed a significant monetary investment to the permanent expansion of its military presence in and around the Black Sea.

The permanence of this new commitment is what is striking because, unlike much of the bluff and bluster from Washington over Ukraine and related issues, this represents a military deployment with real tactical value. It is not mere rhetoric, it is military escalation. And, in the year since the announcement was made, this process has evolved in earnest.

The US Army is currently, or will soon be, leading a series of critical military exercises in the Black Sea. One notable one is known as Noble Partner. This series of exercises is being conducted with the de facto NATO member Georgia which has effectively become a forward arm of NATO military forces. As the official page of the US Army noted:

Noble Partner will support Georgia’s contribution of a light infantry company to NATO Response Force, or NRF… The exercise will focus on unified land operations … Exercise Noble Partner provides an opportunity for the U.S. military to continue its training relationship with the Georgian Armed Forces as the sponsor of Georgia’s participation in the NRF. The NRF provides a rapid military response force to deploy quickly, wherever needed…. Exercise Noble Partner will include approximately 600 U.S. and Georgian Service members incorporating a full range of equipment… Georgian forces will operate alongside U.S. forces with their BMP-2 Infantry Combat Vehicle. The exercise will consist of both a field training exercise and a live-fire exercise.

However, as part of the US military training, a significant amount of military hardware is being shuttled across the Black Sea in an unprecedented move by the US which has never so brazenly treated this body of water as its own backyard. As the US Army page wrote:

Fourteen Bradley Infantry Fighting vehicles and several wheeled-support vehicles, roughly 748 metric tons of steel and rubber, cut across the Black Sea…bound for the port in Batumi, Georgia, May 2. This is the first time that the U.S. Army has deployed a mechanized company worth of equipment across the Black Sea. The equipment will support the 2nd Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division Soldiers, participating in Exercise Noble Partner.

Taken in combination with Hagel’s comments a year ago, it is clear that the US is committed to escalating its military presence in the Black Sea. Of course, it is self-evident that such a strategic development must be seen as an attempt to both outgun and intimidate Russia in its traditional sphere of influence.

Additionally, and concurrent to these military exercises, is the planned Trident Joust 2015, which according to US Navy Admiral Mark Ferguson, will “test the capability of the NRF [NATO Response Force] command and control element to work at full operational capacity in a deployed location…TRIDENT JOUST 15…will reinforce the NATO Readiness Action Plan from the Wales Summit and project assurance measures to all NATO allies.” Trident Joust should be understood as an attempt to prepare NATO’s military architecture for possible rapid deployment in the Black Sea region, ostensibly as a defense against so-called Russian aggression while in reality seeking to expand NATO military capability against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine and increased tensions with Moscow.

At no time during the Cold War did the US engage in such openly hostile and belligerent actions designed more to provoke than to defend. It seems the policy now is to both prepare for war and work to ensure that it comes to fruition. As if to make it even more transparent what Washignton’s intentions are with Trident Joust, Admiral Ferguson was quoted as saying “I appreciate the efforts of Romania as we work on other measures to transform the Alliance, such as the formation of the Multinational Division Southeast and the NATO Force Integration Unit.”

There are other important military moves that the US-NATO have made in the Black Sea in recent months, all designed to send a stern warning to Russia. NATO’s Standing NATO Maritime Group Two (SNMG2) recently completed its training exercises “designed to improve interoperability and enhance rapid integration of Alliance maritime assets… The force trained on anti-air, anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare procedures during separate exercises with the Turkish, Bulgarian and Romanian navies.” As part of SNMG2, NATO deployed significant military assets to the Romanian port of Constanta, not coincidentally a short distance across the Black Sea from Crimea and Russia’s fleet at Sevastopol. Participating in the SNMG2 was the USS Vicksburg with its Mark 41 Vertical Launching System, Harpoon anti-ship missiles, and arsenal of guns. In addition were Canadian, Italian, and Turkish warships, all carrying significant firepower of their own.

Aside from these specific sets of naval exercises, the US has had major assets in and around the Black Sea to participate in a series of one-off maneuvers and a variety of drills in the past year, even before Secretary Hagel’s public announcement in June 2014. These include the recently decommissioned USS Taylor which spent much of 2014 in the Black Sea. Perhaps not so coincidentally, this US frigate is now slated for sale to Taiwan in a move that is likely to be met with disapproval in Beijing. Additionally, the USS Donald Cook, a missile destroyer, conducted exercises with the USS Taylor and Romanian Navy. Also, the USS Truxton and USS Vella Gulf both logged significant time in the Black Sea in 2014, undoubtedly motivating Russia to move quickly to ramp up its naval and military capabilities.

It is interesting to note that Russia’s moves in Crimea in 2014 came within a matter of days of the entrance into the Black Sea of these US naval assets. Anyone who doubts that Moscow’s decision to support Crimea’s vote for reunification with the Russian Federation was motivated by something other than military and strategic pragmatism would do well to examine this timeline of events.

All of this makes plain that the US and its NATO arsenal are gearing up for a “pivot” – to borrow the grossly overused terminology of the Obama administration and the Pentagon – that will see their forces focused on the Black Sea, just as they have shifted attention to the Baltic Sea even more so in recent months. It does not take exceptional powers of deduction to see what the US intends: continued escalation, force preparedness, and intimidation against Moscow. However, it is equally apparent that such provocative moves raise the risk of a misstep, an accident or misunderstanding that could touch off a major military conflict. Considering the players involved, such a blunder could spark World War 3.

A forthcoming article will focus on the countermoves that Russia is employing to confront US-NATO aggression near Russia’s borders. The article will focus specifically on the fast-developing military relationship between Russia and China.

Eric Draitser is an independent geopolitical analyst based in New York City, he is the founder of and OP-ed columnist for RT, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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The Sumerian King List still puzzles historians after more than a century of research


Sumerian king list


Out of the many incredible artefacts that have been recovered from sites in Iraq where flourishing Sumerian cities once stood, few have been more intriguing that the Sumerian King List, an ancient manuscript originally recorded in the Sumerian language, listing kings of Sumer (ancient southern Iraq) from Sumerian and neighbouring dynasties, their supposed reign lengths, and the locations of “official” kingship. What makes this artefact so unique is the fact that the list blends apparently mythical pre-dynastic rulers with historical rulers who are known to have existed.

The first fragment of this rare and unique text, a 4,000-year-old cuneiform tablet, was found in the early 1900s by German-American scholar Hermann Hilprecht at the site of ancient Nippur and published in 1906.  Since Hilprecht’s discovery, at least 18 other exemplars of the king’s list have been found, most of them dating from the second half of the Isin dynasty (c. 2017-1794 BCE.).  No two of these documents are identical. However, there is enough common material in all versions of the list to make it clear that they are derived from a single, “ideal” account of Sumerian history.

Sumerian king listAmong all the examples of the Sumerian King List, the Weld-Blundell prism in the Ashmolean Museum cuneiform collection in Oxford represents the most extensive version as well as the most complete copy of the King List. The 8-inch-high prism contains four sides with two columns on each side. It is believed that it originally had a wooden spindle going through its centre so that it could be rotated and read on all four sides. It lists rulers from the antediluvian (“before the flood”) dynasties to the fourteenth ruler of the Isin dynasty (ca. 1763–1753 BC).

The list is of immense value because it reflects very old traditions while at the same time providing an important chronological framework relating to the different periods of kingship in Sumeria, and even demonstrates remarkable parallels to accounts in Genesis.

The ancient civilisation of Sumer

Sumer (sometimes called Sumeria), is the site of the earliest known civilization, located in the southernmost part of Mesopotamia between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers, in the area that later became Babylonia and is now southern Iraq from around Baghdad to the Persian Gulf.

By the 3rd millennium BC, Sumer was the site of at least twelve separate city states: KishErechUr,SipparAkshak, Larak, NippurAdabUmmaLagashBad-tibira, and Larsa. Each of these states comprised a walled city and its surrounding villages and land, and each worshiped its own deity, whose temple was the central structure of the city. Political power originally belonged to the citizens, but, as rivalry between the various city-states increased, each adopted the institution of kingship.

The Sumerian King List, records that eight kings reigned before a great flood. After the Flood, various city-states and their dynasties of kings temporarily gained power over the others.

Sumer’s mythical past

The Sumerian King List begins with the very origin of kingship, which is seen as a divine institution: “the kingship had descended from heaven”.  The rulers in the earliest dynasties are represented as reigning fantastically long periods:

After the kingship descended from heaven, the kingship was in Eridug. In Eridug, Alulim became king; he ruled for 28800 years. Alaljar ruled for 36000 years. 2 kings; they ruled for 64800 years.

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