Fanning the flames of division

Fanning the flames of division


Traces covered: NATO Auditor found dead in Belgium


Yves Chandelon, Chief Auditor of the NATO, was found dead in the city of Andenne in the Belgian Ardennes. As it is reported, the official most probably committed a suicide. However, his family strenuously rejects this version.

The body was detected 140km away off his work and 100km away off the city of Lens, where he lived.

Russian Millionaire & Founder of RT Discovered Dead In Washington DC Hotel Room


Molech Has Germany Next On The List: Annette Kahane Formerly Of The Stasi In Charge Of Keeping The Lid On Thousands Of Rapes By Illiterate Illegal Aliens Boated In By Merkel And Erdogan Employed By Merkel To Censor Social Media In Germany-NPD To Be Banned: Native Americans On The Ropes: Palestinians On The Ropes: Germans Next



Kahane, the Jewess former Stasi agent, employed by the Merkel government to censor social media in Germany.

No it is not Barbara Streisand, it is Annette Kahane. If you don’t remember Meir Kahane, let me bring you up to “Snuff”

They are not just after the Palestinians this time, Germans are next.


Father of Teresa Heinz Kerry Allegedly Worked With Mengele On The German Ebola Virus?




Journalists find Nostradamus prophecy about Putin


A Real Journalist Warns us WWIII with Russia, China is Already Underway

Australian journalist John Pilger is one of the few establishment journalists who uses the platform to uncover and promulgate truth, often railing against mainstream media and their role in brainwashing and propagandizing the world on behalf of the war-mongers among us. Earlier in 2016 he spoke at a conference in Sydney, shedding light on the critical subject of nuclear weapons and the build up to World War III, which he rightfully points out as already being underway, as both Russia and China are strategically encircled by the U.S. military.


Prof. Olga Cox at Orange Coast College fears President Trump will stop WHITE GENOCIDE

Trump Wall Diversity


Meteorite hits and Impacts Iran. This causes excessive heat to hit near World record highs for anywhere on earth. Iranian city hits suffocating heat index of 165 degrees on Friday. This follows up a heat index that soared to 159 degrees the day before. Is this the beginning of the Solar Flares that scientist have been warning us about?

Published on Aug 1, 2015

NEWS FROM IRAN. Multiple locations report damage. Also, Iran city hits suffocating heat index of 165 degrees, near world record. This 165 reading, recorded at 4:30 p.m. local time Friday, comes one day after the heat index soared to 159 degrees (70 Celsius) in the same location.

Bandar Mahshahr sits adjacent to the Persian Gulf in southwest Iran where water temperatures are in the 90s. Such high temperatures lead to some of the most oppressive humidity levels in the world when winds blow off the warm water.

Russia and Nicaragua were struck by meteorites last year.

A previously unknown asteroid belt has been located in deep space and is now hurtling towards our part of the solar system.

It means a ‘global killer’ could collide with Earth as soon as 2020, wiping out life as we know it and changing the climate for millennia.

The terrifying predictions came as NASA revealed disturbing new data showing 400 impacts are expected between 2017 and 2113, based on new observational data of objects seen in space over the past 60 days.


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[This from Educators and Students Against White Genocide]

rof. Olga Cox at Orange Coast College fears President Trump will stop WHITE GENOCIDE

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  • Trump Wall Diversity


    Meteorite hits and Impacts Iran. This causes excessive heat to hit near World record highs for anywhere on earth. Iranian city hits suffocating heat index of 165 degrees on Friday. This follows up a heat index that soared to 159 degrees the day before. Is this the beginning of the Solar Flares that scientist have been warning us about?

    Published on Aug 1, 2015

    NEWS FROM IRAN. Multiple locations report damage. Also, Iran city hits suffocating heat index of 165 degrees, near world record. This 165 reading, recorded at 4:30 p.m. local time Friday, comes one day after the heat index soared to 159 degrees (70 Celsius) in the same location.

    Bandar Mahshahr sits adjacent to the Persian Gulf in southwest Iran where water temperatures are in the 90s. Such high temperatures lead to some of the most oppressive humidity levels in the world when winds blow off the warm water.

    Russia and Nicaragua were struck by meteorites last year.

    A previously unknown asteroid belt has been located in deep space and is now hurtling towards our part of the solar system.

    It means a ‘global killer’ could collide with Earth as soon as 2020, wiping out life as we know it and changing the climate for millennia.

    The terrifying predictions came as NASA revealed disturbing new data showing 400 impacts are expected between 2017 and 2113, based on new observational data of objects seen in space over the past 60 days.


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    [This from Educators and Students Against White Genocide]

    This email has been sent to a number of student organizations at Orange Coast College, where a controversy has erupted around Prof. Olga Cox, who called President-Elect Trump a “White supremacist” and his election an “act of terrorism.”:

    Prof. Olga Cox fears President Trump will stop WHITE GENOCIDE

    Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for EVERYBODY?

    ALL White countries and ONLY White countries are being flooded with third world non-Whites, and Whites are forced by law to integrate with them so as to “assimilate,” i.e. intermarry and be blended out of existence.

    Massive immigration and forced assimilation is called genocide when it’s done in Tibet.

    When it’s done in White countries it’s called “diversity.”

    Diversity is a code word for White Genocide.


    No school, no organization, no town, no country is allowed to be White.

    “Diversity” means chasing down Whites.


    Your professors teach that Whites are immoral and contemptible if they don’t support White Genocide.

    They never tell White students, “White self-hatred is SICK!!!


    They say they’re anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.


    We believe President Trump understands:

    “Diversity” means chasing down the last White person.

    Always vote for the

    Stop White Genocide



    Educators and Students Against White Genocide

    Don’t be eternal sophomores who worship mommy professor!


    White GeNOcide fliers/emails for sophomores who worship mommy professor

    You can’t kill ambassadors

    You can't kill ambassadors. 59474.jpeg

    The brutal killing of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov in Ankara was committed the day when Russian President Putin was going to attend “Woe from Wit” at Moscow’s Maly Theater – the spectacle based on the great play by Alexander Griboyedov. Griboyedov was a writer, musician and diplomat of the highest rank, who was killed in Persia. It happened on January 30, 1829, when Islamic fanatics attacked the Russian Embassy in Tehran, where ambassador Griboyedov was hiding several Armenians, saving them from slaughter.

    The frightened Shah of Persia, in order to avoid violent response from the Russian Empire, sent his grandson, along with fabulously expensive gifts, to Saint-Petersburg. The renowned “Shah” diamond that used to adorn the throne of Great Moguls, and still appears to be one of the most important relics of the Diamond Fund of Russia, turned out to be a sufficient redemptive argument for the tsar. When accepting the gifts along with apologies from the shah, tsar Nicholas I told the grandson of the Persian shah that the unfortunate incident in Tehran would sink into oblivion. That was a tsarist way to turn a blind eye on the blood of Griboyedov, 37 other Russian diplomats and Cossacks that guarded the embassy. As a result, the attack on the Russian embassy in Teheran led to no consequences for Persia.




    World’s oldest pyramid found in Crimea

    Monday, September 03, 2012 – Tblisi—A Ukrainian scientist discovered the oldest pyramid in the world in Crimea. As the ICTV channel reported, the finding was revealed by accident, when during his test alternative methods of finding water Ukrainian scientist Vitalii Goh discovered underground unknown object, which proved to be a giant pyramid of 45 meters in height and a length of about 72 meters. Goh said that the pyramid was built during the time of the dinosaurs, Crimea news agency or QHA reported.“Crimean pyramid” has a truncated top, like a Mayan pyramid, but its appearance is more like an Egyptian. It is hollow inside, and a mummy of unknown creature is buried under the foundation. “Under the foundation is a small body in the form of a mummy long 1.3-1.4 meters with a crown on his head.”“There is a resonance chamber of so-called Sphinx. The pyramids were built in the era of the dinosaurs,” says the scientist in an interview with ICTV.—AFP

    <p>There are of course underwater pyramids off <a href=””>Cuba</a&gt;, the <a href=””>Azores</a&gt;, the Sahara desert, <a href=””>Bosnia, </a>and Tikal. There are ancient man made tunnels in Romania with sphinx.</p>
    <p>In the summer of 2003, in an unexplored area of the Bucegi mountains, an epochal discovery was found that would completely change the destiny of mankind.</p>
    <p>Since the declassification of the new ground-penetrating radar 2 years ago, the most staggering data has emerged of complex and labyrinthine underground systems in various parts of the world. At places like Guatemala in the South Americas, tunnels have been mapped under the Mayan pyramid complex at Tikal, which extend a full 800 kilometres to the opposite side of the country. It was using this very technology that the most remarkable discovery was made.</p>
    <p><a href=””><img class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-11598″ src=”; alt=”Buscegi” width=”300″ height=”258″ /></a></p>
    <p>This tunnel is ancient and obviously made by some kind of plasma drill.</p>
    <h2 class=”entry-title”><a href=”; rel=”bookmark”>Now We Know What Happened To The Mayans-Tunnels Under Tikal Pyramid Extend 800 Kilometers To The Other Side Of The Country-Secrets Of The Bucegi Mountains</a></h2>
    <p>China’s White Pyramid is bigger than Giza and have mummies with blonde and red hair as well as six fingers. They are said to be around 7 to 8 feet tall.</p>
    <p><a href=””>Azores</a></p&gt;
    <p><br /></p>
    <p><img src=”; alt=”” /></p>
    <p>Satellite images reveal intriguing and mysterious structures in the Sahara desert. The constructions are either damaged pyramids or antediluvian remains.</p>
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    George H.W. Bush

    <h3><i>Washington Investigative Reporter Wayne Madsen on the Trail of the Bushes and their Murderous Accomplices    </i></h3>
    <p>What are the odds?<br />
    What are the odds that a number of people who had either opposed the Bush 41 and 43 administrations or knew too much about the Bush family’s shady past all suffered mysterious deaths, mostly suicides? Of course, lists of suspicious deaths have been produced before as a way to tie past presidents to the untimely demises of their enemies.</p>
    <p>Right-wingers created a somewhat dubious list to suggest that President Bill Clinton had some of his political enemies murdered. However, given the sordid past of George H. W. (“Poppy”) Bush, the number of baffling deaths of people who threatened to expose corruption by him and his sons (including George W. Bush) is remarkable and appears to be more than coincidental.</p>
    <p><img class=”irc_mi alignleft” src=”; alt=”” width=”129″ height=”200″ /></p>
    <p>Some of the suspicious deaths involved individuals who appeared in front page headlines: Senator Paul Wellstone, ex-CIA Director William Colby and Enron’s Cliff Baxter. Others remain largely unknown to the general public. Pre-George W. Bush Mysterious Deaths involving “Poppy” Bush Chilean arms dealer Carlos Cardoen allegedly engaged in weapons smuggling.</p>
    <p>According to a 1995 deposition by Howard Teicher, a Reagan National Security Council official, Cardoen worked with the CIA during the 1980s to illegally ship military hardware, including deadly cluster bombs, to Saddam Hussein¹s regime in Iraq, while it waged a bloody war with Iran.</p>
    <p>Between 1990 and 1991, three journalists investigating various aspects of arms and high-tech trafficking believed to involve George H. W. Bush were found dead under suspicious circumstances. They were: Freelance writer Danny Casolaro, found in a bathtub in a Martinsburg, West Virginia hotel, died from seven slashes on each wrist.</p>
    <p>Anson Ng, a Financial Times stringer, was discovered shot to death in the bathtub of his apartment in Guatemala City. Jonathan Moyle, a British aviation journalist, was found hanging in the closet of his hotel room in Santiago, Chile.</p>
    <p>Casolaro, who had traveled to Martinsburg in August 1991 to meet a source, was working on a book that charged George H. W. Bush was part of a global criminal enterprise Casolaro called the “Octopus.”</p>

    <p>The freelancer’s notes and briefcase were apparently stolen from his hotel room before Casolaro supposedly committed suicide. Moyle had uncovered details of Cardoen¹s role in the Poppy Bush deal to illegally ship weapons to Iraq.</p>
    <p>Ng was looking into secretive Bush “Octopus”related operations that used California’s Cabazon Indian Reservation as cover. High-level CIA Suspicious Deaths On April 28, 1996, former CIA Director William Colby went missing at his Rock Point home on Cobb Island in Charles County, Maryland.</p>
    <p>After Colby’s canoe was found adrift, his body was later discovered on the shoreline of the bay. Colby, a veteran of CIA missions in Southeast Asia and elsewhere, was said to have lost his footing and drowned.</p>
    <p>At that time, Colby was cooperating with John DeCamp, a Republican State Senator in Nebraska and a former CIA Phoenix Program colleague from Vietnam days, in investigating a national pedophile ring said to involve George H. W. Bush, which was reported in a series of articles in 1989 in the Sun Myung Moon-owned Washington Times.</p>
    <p>In the mid-1970s, then-President Gerald Ford had appointed the tightlipped Poppy Bush to replace Colby as the Director of Central Intelligence, after Colby gave too much information to the Church Committee, which was probing the CIA and various covert actions, such as the JFK assassination.</p>
    <p>In 1982, Moon was convicted of tax evasion and sentenced to 13 months in federal prison. He served his prison term in the mid-1980s. When Moon’s Washington Times began investigating pedophiles in the Bush White House in 1989, the Bush camp became frantic.</p>
    <p>Soon, the Washington Times dropped its investigation of Bush and the former president has been a frequent paid speaker at various Moon functions.</p>
    <p>Colby¹s suspicious death was not the first, nor would it be the last, involving a high-level U.S. intelligence official. On Sep. 26, 1978, retired CIA Deputy Director for Strategic Research John A. Paisley’s sailboat was found moored off Solomon’s Island, Maryland.</p>
    <p>Paisley’s body was found in the nearby Patuxent River, his submerged corpse tied to diving weights. Although Paisley was shot through the head, police bizarrely ruled it a suicide. Paisley was involved with the electronic intercept programs of both the CIA and the National Security Agency (NSA).</p>
    <p>He may have had important information on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy (which Bush has been connected to; see <a href=””>here</a&gt😉 that he was about to impart to the House Select Committee on Assassinations, a follow up to the Church Committee.</p>

    ”Mac” Wallace was LBJ’s personal hit man and murdered as many as a dozen persons for Lyndon.

    <p>Former CIA officer Victor Marchetti told the Baltimore Sun that he believed Paisley was about to “blow the whistle” on the JFK assassination John Millis, the late Executive Director of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), allegedly committed suicide on June 4, 2000.</p>
    <p>He died a day after forcing the CIA to release a controversial report dealing with cocaine trafficking. Police in Fairfax, Virginia still refuse to reveal the contents of a suicide note allegedly written by Millis.</p>
    <p>Millis’ knowledge of CIA drug dealing posed a threat to the presidential campaign of George W. Bush, since many of the alleged activities occurred during W’s father’s Contra support operations in Latin America during the 1980s.</p>

    George HW Bush with his drug-running partner, Manuel Noriega

    <p>The Contra-coke link was widely reported in newspapers. Suspicious Deaths Skyrocket Under George W. Bush On July 17, 2001, a maid discovered the body of James (“JH”) Hatfield in a Day¹s Inn motel room in Springdale, Arkansas.</p>
    <p>Police later said Hatfield was wanted for credit card fraud and that he committed suicide from an overdose of prescription drugs. Hatfield was no ordinary suicide victim.</p>
    <p>He had written a blockbuster, New York Times bestselling book called Fortunate Son about George W. Bush’s criminal past, including his AWOL status in the Texas Air National Guard and his alleged arrest for cocaine possession in 1972 in Houston.</p>
    <p>However, it was not Bush¹s past but Hatfield’s that became an issue. Hatfield¹s criminal rap sheet — which included embezzlement and taking out a contract on his former boss — overshadowed the troubling allegations about Bush.</p>
    <p>After the media hits on Hatfield, his publisher, St. Martin’s Press, recalled 70,000 copies of Fortunate Son although the publishers, editors and attorneys had carefully fact checked the book.<br />
    <img class=”irc_mi” src=”; alt=”” width=”400″ height=”300″ /></p>

     On January 25, 2002, the body of former Enron Vice Chairman Cliff Baxter was found near his suburban Houston home. The police in Sugar Land, Texas ruled Baxter¹s death a suicide from a gunshot wound. Baxter left a suicide note.
    Baxter, who was in a position to finger George W. Bush’s close friend, Enron Chairman Kenneth (“Kenny Boy”) Lay, in the Enron Ponzi scheme that helped fund Bush’s 2000 election campaign, was due to provide testimony to the U.S. Congress and a federal grand jury investigating the Enron collapse.
    All of a sudden, the government was absent its star witness. Baxter had abruptly left Enron in May 2001.

    <p>In 2006,”suicide” claimed another official involved with Enron case.</p>
    <p>Former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Texas and member of President Bush’s Corporate Fraud Task Force Michael T. Shelby, 47, allegedly shot himself to death at his home in northwest Houston on July 18, according to Houston police.</p>
    <p>The police immediately ruled out foul play in the suicide death of Shelby, who served as chief U.S. prosecutor in Houston from 2001 to 2005. Afterward, he joined the law firm of Fulbright & Jaworski, where he worked on corporate fraud cases. Shelby was said to have had cancer at the time of his death.</p>
    <p>Shelby first worked for the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Houston in 1989, moved to Phoenix, and in 2001 returned to Houston to take the U.S. Attorney’s job.</p>
    <p>More interestingly, Shelby, as U.S. Attorney, recused himself from investigating those involved in the Enron scandal, including “Kenny Boy” Lay, Jeffrey Skilling, and Andrew Fastow. Former Enron Chairman Ken Lay allegedly died suddenly from a heart attack in early July 2006 in Aspen, Colorado.</p>
    <p>Death by Airplane Crash It was reported that it was the Federal Bureau of Investigation that placed a bomb on the private airplane that killed state of Nebraska chief investigator Gary Caradori and his 6-year old son “AJ” on July 11, 1990.</p>
    <p>Caradori was hired by the Nebraska unicameral legislature to investigate allegations that a number of Nebraska youth had been sexually abused and transported over state lines in a scandal centered upon the Franklin Credit Union, headed by rising GOP African-American star Lawrence King.</p>
    <p>A very knowledgeable source involved with what became known as the “Franklin Scandal” reported that Caradori flew to Chicago ostensibly to attend the All Star game on July 10 at Wrigley Field.</p>
    <p>In reality, the trip to the game was a cover for Caradori to meet with a source who handed him photographs that proved that Nebraskan children, some from the famed Boy’s Town orphanage, were being used for the sexual gratification of important political leaders in Washington, including Vice President and President George H W Bush.</p>
    <p>Caradori phoned his wife and another investigator shortly before the All-Star game and told them the same thing: “I got what I came after. I got ‘em by the balls. I’ve got pictures. I will take them to the game and bring them back to Nebraska.”</p>
    <p>When Caradori began to follow the money behind the Franklin scandal, he discovered two things: the Franklin Credit Union was being used by the Bush White House and CIA to launder money for the Iran-contra affair and King and his associates were given a free ride to sexually traffic in and molest children, including many procured from Boy’s Town.</p>

    Male prostitutes toured Bush 41 White House before federal agents were sent into the streets to collect and destroy copies of this Thursday, June 29, 1989 Washington Times headline story by Paul M. Rodriguez and George Archibald which led to multiple follow-up stories.

    <p>One of those implicated in the Franklin scandal was Housing and Urban Development Secretary Sam Pierce. At the 1984 Republican National Convention in Dallas, King held a $1 million reception for Pierce.</p>
    <p>However, King’s salary at the time was $14,000 a year and the actual cost of the reception was $300,000. The difference, $700,000, went into a slush fund that was laundered by the Franklin Credit Union for various “activities” sponsored by the CIA and White House.</p>
    <p>On July 11, Caradori took off in his private plane from Chicago en route to Nebraska. Witnesses on the ground said they saw a flash in the sky followed by an explosion. Initial news reports stated that Caradori’s aircraft exploded in flight and then crashed.</p>
    <p>However, subsequent news reports were altered and claimed the aircraft exploded upon impact with the ground.</p>
    <p>Caradori and his son were killed in the crash. The local Sheriff’s office reported that scattered in the wreckage were child pornographic photographs. The FBI arrived and began systematically removing the photographs, debris, and Caradori’s briefcase.</p>
    <p>Meanwhile, FBI agents in Lincoln, Nebraska entered Caradori’s office and seized his files. Another FBI agent showed up at the office of a Nebraska state official investigating the Franklin case and demanded he turn over his files. The state official told the FBI agent to “get the hell out.”</p>
    <p><img class=”irc_mi” src=”; alt=”” width=”200″ height=”142″ /><br />
    The Bush White House immediately began covering up the Franklin scandal and put pressure on the remaining Nebraska state investigators. The FBI used the Kansas City mob to intimidate high-level witnesses and investigators of the Franklin scandal. One of the lead Nebraska investigators revealed “the FBI killed Caradori . . . they put the bomb on his airplane.”</p>
    <p>Monsignor Robert Hupp, the Vicar-General of the Archdiocese of Omaha, a former Navy chaplain, and, in 1976, the first-ever clergy member of the U.S. delegation to the United Nations, had reported in the early 1970s to his bishop that there was sexual abuse at Boy’s Town that even involved a priest murdering a boy. Hupp was later named the head of Boy’s Town, ostensibly to keep him quiet.</p>

    <p>Hupp was in charge of Boy’s Town until the late 1980s, when the Franklin scandal first hit the front pages.</p>
    <p>Eventually, even after stepping down as the head of the orphanage, Hupp was forced to leave Boy’s Town altogether.</p>
    <p>In 2003, a longtime supporter of Boy’s Town allowed Hupp to move into his cabin in Mausten, Wisconsin after being forced to leave the facilities at Boy’s Town.</p>
    <p>A reporter for the Omaha World-Herald, a newspaper owned by Nebraska billionaire Warren Buffett and which always had a skeptical view of the Franklin scandal, volunteered to drive Hupp to Wisconsin. Upon arriving at the cabin, the reporter prepared dinner for Hupp.</p>
    <p>The retired monsignor who broke the Catholic Church’s vow of silence on its role in the Franklin scandal, died in his sleep that same night.</p>
    <p>On October 25, 2002, progressive Minnesota Democratic Senator Paul Wellstone, engaged in a tight re-election race with Republican Norm Coleman, died along with his wife, daughter, staff members and flight crew in a plane that crashed on approach to Eveleth airport in northern Minnesota.</p>
    <p>At the time of his death, the fiercely antiwar Wellstone was pulling ahead of Coleman in the polls. Wellstone’s Beechcraft King Air A100 crashed and exploded into flames.</p>
    <p>Initially, the National Transportation Safety Board reported that there was a “slight irregularity” in the Eveleth airport’s radio beacon. An investigation of the aircraft debris suggested that the plane’s two engines were running at the time of the crash.</p>
    <p>Columns appearing in the Duluth Tribune-Review and on the web site AlterNet suggested that Wellstone was murdered in a conspiracy involving the Bush White House.</p>
    <p>The Bushes and their political cronies never liked Wellstone. In 1991, the newly elected Senator Wellstone, attending a White House reception for new members of Congress, cautioned President George H. W. Bush against engaging Iraq in a costly war after the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.</p>
    <p>Bush was then overheard asking, ”Who is this chicken shit?” In the months prior to the second U.S. invasion of Iraq, “taking out” Wellstone was a top priority for Vice President Cheney and presidential adviser Karl Rove. Coleman went on to defeat Wellstone¹s replacement on the ticket, former Vice President Walter Mondale.</p>
    <p>Plane crashes involving those who posed a threat to the Bush family plagued a number of politicians. On April 5, 1991, Republican and former Texas Republican Senator John Tower, the chairman of the Tower Commission probing the Iran-Contra scandal, died in a plane crash, along with his daughter and 21 other passengers and crew aboard Atlantic Southeast Airlines Flight 2311 on approach to Brunswick, Georgia.</p>
    <p>The day before, Republican Pennsylvania Senator John Heinz III, a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that had oversight on the IranContra scandal, died when a helicopter collided with his aircraft over a Philadelphia suburb.</p>
    <p><a href=””><img src=”; alt=”” width=”166″ height=”211″ border=”0″ /></a></p>
    <p>Heinz’s widow Teresa Heinz later married Massachusetts Democratic Senator and 2004 presidential candidate John Kerry. Poppy Bush is widely believed to have been implicated in the Iran-Contra affair: after Congress banned funding for the Contras, who were fighting a secret war against Nicaragua¹s leftist Sandinista government, White House operatives illegally sold arms to Iran and then used the proceeds to finance the Contras.</p>
    <p>On July 16, 1991, the Piper Saratoga aircraft piloted by John F. Kennedy, Jr. crashed seven miles off of Martha’s Vineyard. Kennedy, his wife and sister-in-law were killed. The NTSB blamed haze and pilot disorientation for the crash, even though Kennedy’s flight instructors maintained that JFK, Jr. was a careful and conscientious pilot.</p>
    <li><a href=””><b>Division 4 team names Clintons, Bush 41, 43 in JFK Jr. assassination</b><br />
    <p>Some expected Kennedy to run for the U.S. Senate from New York, with a possible view to a future presidential bid. Given Bush Sr.’s alleged ties to the JFK assassination, the Bush clan would feel threatened by a rising star in the Kennedy camp.</p>
    <p>Kennedy was also reportedly going to overhaul his George magazine and devote more of its content to hard hitting investigative reporting sleuthing that may have reopened the conspiracy that assassinated his father in Dallas in 1963.</p>
    <p>In fact, this writer had tentative plans to meet with JFK, Jr. to discuss the possibility of writing for his revamped and more aggressive magazine. A friend of Kennedy, who was interviewed by the FBI after his death, reported that FBI agents originally treated their probe of the crash of the airplane as a “murder investigation.”</p>
    <p>Swan Dives out of Buildings</p>
    <p>On November 7, 2003, State Department Bureau of Intelligence and Research Near East and South Asian division (INR/NESA) Iraqi analyst John J. Kokal, 58, was found dead outside the State Department building. Washington police reported the case as a suicide, resulting from Kokal¹s jumping from the building’s roof.</p>
    <p>Kokal’s INR/NESA bureau was at the forefront of confronting claims that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction. A colleague of Kokal’s told this reporter that the Iraq analyst was despondent over “problems” with his security clearance.</p>
    <p>Washington police never ruled out homicide as the cause of his death. On November 25, 2003, former National Security Council official Dr. Gus W. Weiss, an outspoken critic of the Iraq War, was found dead outside a service entrance to Washington’s Watergate East residential building, where he lived.</p>
    <p>Police ruled that Weiss had killed himself by jumping from the roof of the Watergate building. Weiss was a former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy under President Carter and served on the Signals Intelligence Committee of Carter’s Intelligence Board. Weiss also served as an adviser to the CIA and as a member of the Defense Science Board.</p>
    <p>In September 2005, another State Department suicide was covered up by the department. Although the name of the deceased employee was never released, State Department sources revealed that it was a female who worked in the Press and Public Diplomacy Branch of the State Department’s Near East and South Asia Bureau.</p>
    <p>More Strange Deaths<br />
    In the months prior to and after the 2001 bio-terror anthrax attacks on the U.S. Congress, media, and U.S. Postal Service, there were a number of suspicious deaths of medical researchers, the most notable being that of Harvard virologist Dr. Don Wiley.</p>
    <p>Wiley’s suspicious death in Memphis was ruled a suicide by the Shelby County Medical Examiner and the FBI. However, an investigation by this writer concluded that the Harvard scientist had not died from jumping into the Mississippi River from the I-40 Bridge connecting Memphis to Arkansas, but was murdered.</p>
    <p>The homicide on November 15, 2001 was likely the result of Wiley asking too many questions about the source of the anthrax attacks.</p>
    <p>On October 20 at 8 pm, the body of United Nations seismographic monitoring expert Timothy Hampton was found at the bottom of a stairwell at the UN’s Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) offices in the E-Building of the Vienna International Center in Vienna, Austria.</p>
    <p>Hampton worked in the CTBTO’s International Data Center Division, which collects seismographic data on tremors from 255 monitoring stations around the world.<br />
    UN authorities and Austrian police quickly concluded that Hampton committed suicide.</p>

    <p>However, Hampton’s widow, an inspector for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and his sister in Britain believed that Hampton, who analyzed hundreds of underground seismometers around the world for signs of nuclear tests, believe the British engineer was murdered.</p>
    <p>They based their claims on a second autopsy requested by the family that revealed signs of a struggle and strangulation. The Austrian Times reported that there were signs that Hampton had been strangled and his body carried up the stairs from the 6th floor to the 17th floor and then was tossed down the stairwell.</p>
    <p>Richard Benyon, Hampton family’s Conservative Party Member of Parliament for Newbury in the UK, was quoted by the Austrian Times as saying Hampton’s colleagues were fearful of their own lives, with many refusing to work at night and morale at CTBTO becoming extremely low.<br />
    Austrian police had even attempted to burn the clothes that Hampton was wearing at the time of his death, before the investigation of his death had been fully completed.</p>
    <p>A little less than a year before Hampton’s death, an American working for the UN in Vienna died under similar circumstances, with his body being found at the bottom of a stairwell.</p>
    <p>That death remained “under investigation over a year later with no further information on the identity or job of the American being revealed. There were reports that the American also worked for CTBTO.</p>
    <p>In February 2008, the body of a 44-year old Austrian UN employee, Maria DiBiase, was found after she fell from the 19th floor of the 39-story UN Secretariat Building on the East River in New York. DiBiase, said to be a friendly and talkative person, jumped after showing up for work on Sunday morning, February 17, which was a day-off for most UN employees.</p>
    <p>Police immediately ruled DiBiase’s death a probable suicide. Although DiBiase was reportedly a UN employee, another report stated she was attached to the Austrian Consulate in New York.</p>
    <p>Austria is significant in the UN’s nuclear counter-proliferation work since Vienna is the headquarters of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which was, at the time of DiBiase’s death, at loggerheads with the Bush administration over Iran’s nuclear program.</p>
    <p>DiBiase’s suspicious death was the first since 2003, when a UN security guard, Michael Holton, a 16-year veteran American UN security force member, was found with a gunshot wound to the head in a third floor lounge in the Secretariat building. The New York Police Department and FBI later concluded Holton was depressed and that he committed suicide.</p>
    <p>However, the first reports from the UN were that Holton, 41, a husband and father of two, was a well-respected officer with no prior psychological problems.</p>
    <p>There were no witnesses to the shooting, no suicide note, no reported gun shots heard, and no witnesses. When discovered, Holton was seated on a chair and the alleged suicide gun was found on an adjacent chair.</p>
    <p>On May 26, 2006, Italian police discovered the badly decomposed body of Canadian diplomat Lewis B. Miskell in a Naples sewer. Miskell, 49, had been stabbed in the abdomen.</p>
    <p>Intelligence sources report that Miskell, who assigned to the Canadian embassy in Vienna, Austria, was the attaché responsible for liaison to UN specialized agencies in Vienna.</p>
    <p>The most important UN agency in the Austrian capital is the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the nexus for nuclear talks with Iran and a significant activity surrounding the activities of the defunct Brewster Jennings Associates, the covert weapons counter-proliferation front company illegally revealed by the Bush White House.</p>
    <p>The clampdown on information about Miskell by the pro-Bush Stephen Harper government in Canada indicates that Miskell may have had an intelligence function and was operating under ‘official cover’ at the Canadian embassy in Vienna.<br />
    On July 30, 2005, it was reported that former Citigroup board member Arthur Zankel fell from the window of his 9th floor Manhattan apartment.</p>
    <p>Zankel retired from Citigroup’s board in 2004 and was said by his longtime friend and colleague, Citigroup Chairman Sanford Weill, to have been suffering from depression.</p>
    <p>Hours later, Wim Duisenberg, the retired head of the European Central Bank, was found dead in his swimming pool at his villa in Faucon, in southeastern France. Duisenberg retired in 2003.</p>
    <p>At around 9:00 p.m. on September 29, 2003, Fairfax County, Virginia police responded to what might only be described as a freak accident. But on closer examination, the police discovered they were dealing with the mysterious death of an employee of the 47-year-old brother of President George W. Bush, venture capitalist Marvin Bush.</p>
    <p>Sixty-two-year-old Bertha Champagne, described as a long time “baby sitter” for Marvin and Margaret Bush’s two children, son Walker and daughter Marshall, respectively 13 and 17 years old, was found crushed to death by her own vehicle in a driveway in front of the Bush family home at 6202 Fort Hunt Road in the Alexandria section of Fairfax County.</p>
    <p>The police report revealed that Ms. Champagne had gone to her car to retrieve a videotape of her and President Bush in order to show it to Marvin. The vehicle, a 2000 Oldsmobile Bravada, supposedly went into gear by itself and pinned Champagne against an outer structure on the property that served as a Secret Service checkpoint when Marvin’s father was president.</p>
    <p>There are only two persons listed on the police report: Bertha Champagne, the victim, and Marvin Bush, listed as “other” in a box for “arrested, suspect, or other.” The body of Maryland publisher Philip Merrill was discovered June 19, 2006, in the Chesapeake Bay near Poplar Island, with a gunshot wound to the head and weighed down with an anchor.</p>
    <p>The death of Merrill was eerily similar to the Chesapeake Bay “suicide” of the CIA’s John Paisley in 1978 and Merrill¹s body was found just north of where Paisley’s body had been discovered.</p>
    <p>Merrill’s body was discovered some 11 miles from where his boat had been found a week before. Investigators concluded that Merrill committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a shotgun.</p>
    <p>Investigators ruled Merrill’s death a suicide even before an autopsy was performed. Merrill, a close friend of Vice President Dick Cheney and financial backer of a number of neo-conservative organizations, was the head of the U.S. Export/Import Bank.</p>
    <p>The bank made a number of dubious loans to the U.S.-run Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) in Iraq and a successor agency known as the Trade Bank of Iraq. In November 2003, $500 million in credit was extended to the Trade Bank of Iraq by the Export-Import Bank.</p>
    <p>Much of the money was supposed to facilitate U.S. “exports” to Iraq, but was actually used to pay major U.S. contractors operating in the occupied country.</p>
    <p>A 2005 audit report by the Office of the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction concluded: “the CPA did not establish or implement sufficient managerial, financial and contractual controls to ensure that funds were used in a transparent manner.” The report stated that $8.8 billion allocated to the CPA was unaccounted for.</p>
    <p>California attorney and journalist Paul Sanford is the attorney who argued before the U.S. Supreme Court why “Under God” should be excised from the Pledge of Allegiance but who is best remembered for asking White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan in 2005 why the leaking of CIA agent Valerie Plame Wilson’s name by the White House should not be considered an act of treason. Sanford died suddenly at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Seaside, California on Christmas Eve.<br />
    According to police, Sanford, who was married with two children, “probably” jumped between 9 and 12 floors above the hotel’s atrium to his death in what was called a “suicide.”</p>
    <p>According to the Monterey County Herald, Sanford was not registered as a guest of the hotel but his car was parked next to the building. He and his associates often met at the Chili’s restaurant next to the hotel because it was close to the KRXA studios where he co-hosted a Saturday radio show. Sanford’s friends expressed disbelief that he would put his family through such a trauma.</p>
    <p>Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Gary Webb wrote a damning expose about the Bush family’s involvement in trafficking drugs under the umbrella of CIA covert operations in his book, Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion.</p>
    <p>On December 10, 2004 Webb was found dead in his home. He had recently complained about government surveillance. Webb was found dead with two gunshot wounds in his face. Despite this, Sacramento County, California coroner ruled Webb’s unusual death a “suicide.”</p>

    Committed suicide .. L.A. Times had never acknowledged that Webb was substantially correct in his reporting about the Nicaraguan contras’ role in smuggling cocaine into the United States in the 1980s.

    <p>Keith Ryan, a 37-year old Bureau of Immigration and Customs (ICE) agent attached to the US embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, was likely shot in the back of the head by an assassin, not from a self-inflicted gunshot wound as proffered by the US embassy.</p>
    <p>Ryan’s body was found in his home in the upscale neighborhood F-7/3. Ryan was to fly back to the United States on January 28, 2008, completing his one-year assignment, mere hours from the time of his death. Ryan’s body was found by a colleague who arrived to drive him to Islamabad airport. A 9 mm pistol was found nearby.</p>
    <p>Ryan was the father of 8-year old triplets and lived with his wife in Silver Spring, Maryland, according to the Boston Herald. Although the Pakistan Institute of Medical Science in Islamabad wanted to do a full autopsy on Ryan, the US embassy prevented it, ordering his body removed to Germany.<br />
    Pakistani pathologist sources at the institute said Ryan was hit in the upper part of the rear of his neck, without evidence of gunpowder traces in the wound, and indicated that he was shot from a distance of more than four feet. Pakistani media sources also reported that a bullet was lodged in Ryan’s skull and had not exited as reported by other sources.</p>
    <p>There were conflicting reports on whether a suicide note was discovered at the scene of the death.<br />
    US State Department sources reported they were skeptical about the US embassy’s explanation and its comments that Ryan had merely “passed away” and that no foul play was involved.</p>
    <p>The first statement that Ryan committed suicide came from the Pakistani Interior Ministry, the same agency that was implicated in the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.</p>
    <p>Ryan was an employee of the Homeland Security Department who started out as a Border Patrol agent and switched to the Immigration and Naturalization Service. INS was then folded into Homeland Security and changed its name to ICE. Ryan’s designation was “senior special agent.”</p>
    <p>Suicides by gun, jumps from windows and buildings, slashed wrists in hotel bathtubs, hangings, as well as deaths from suspicious plane crashes, are certainly the stuff of spy novels. However, the Bush family has historically been recognized as being ruthless towards its enemies.</p>
    <p>This article has not even scratched the surface of the possible victims of the Bush Crime Family: pages can be devoted to the bathtub wrist slashing “suicide” in 2004 of Florida Department of Transportation chief investigator Ray Lemme, who was probing major state contract fraud involving Governor Jeb Bush and his associates;</p>
    <p>the hanging “suicide” on March 22, 2000 of artist <a href=””>Mark Lombardi</a>, who had sketched out art exhibit-quality pencil displays of the international criminal links of the Bush family, including their close links to the Bin Laden family;</p>
    <p>and the 1989 “suicide” in a Boston hotel room of former ABC newsman and Republican lobbyist Craig Spence, a major player in a child prostitution scandal that rocked the Bush 41 White House and the state of Nebraska.</p>

    <p>The drawings of Lombardi point out some interesting relationships between the Bush family, the Bin Ladens, BCCI entities, and Dubai. Lombardi died from a reported hanging suicide in 2000 but his “Global Networks” drawings, illustrating the relationships between Texas financial networks and Middle East businessmen and government figures, garnered the interest of the FBI and Homeland Security Department after the 9/11 attack.</p>
    <p>One of Lombardi’s drawings, titled “George W. Bush, Harken Energy and Jackson Stephens, c. 1979-90, 5th Version, © 1999,” shows a link between UBME Bank Dubai and Bush Harken Energy investor Sheik Abdullah Taha Bakhsh; Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), SA (Luxembourg); Harken and BCCI investor Gaith Pharaon; the late Sheik Salim Bin Laden (the older brother of Osama Bin Laden who died in a 1988 plane crash in Texas); Main Bank Houston; James Bath, George W. Bush, and George H. W. Bush.</p>
    <p>Jessica Mixon, a “highly trusted” county official in Nassau County, north of Jacksonville, admitted to Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) officers in April 2005 that she stole $200,000 while she was financial manager for the Nassau County Court clerk’s office. Mixon told the FDLE she lost all the money on gambling trips.</p>
    <p>However, FDLE officers only came up with evidence that Mixon took one gambling trip to Las Vegas. However, after more than $1 million was found missing.</p>
    <p>A week after Mixon confessed to FDLE officers, she allegedly shot herself in her chest in a Florida motel room. Mixon was in charge of depositing money from traffic fines and court fees into a special bank account but her friends wondered what happened to the rest of the money.</p>
    <p>On April 3, 1996, Commerce Secretary Ron Brown and 34 other people on a trade mission to the Balkans died when their modified U.S. Air Force Boeing 737 crashed into a mountainside in Croatia, killing all aboard. Although a raging snowstorm was at first cited as the cause of the crash, aircrew error and a faulty cockpit panel were ultimately blamed.</p>
    <p>Clinton opponents immediately suggested that Brown was murdered in some plot ordered by the White House. However, one of those killed in the crash was Paul Cushman, Vice President for International Banking of Riggs Bank in Washington, D.C. Riggs had been intertwined with the Bush family in a number of dubious deals, including slush funds for dictators from Chile to oil-rich Equatorial Guinea.</p>
    <p>In the years after Cushman’s death, U.S. and foreign authorities began criminal proceedings against a number of individuals who either ran Riggs’ international banking operations or had international accounts with Riggs.</p>
    <p>They included Equatorial Guinea’s dictator’s Riggs account manager and the daughter of Chile’s late dictator General Augusto Pinochet. George W. Bush’s uncle, Jonathan Bush, served as a top Riggs official, before the bank was acquired by PNC Bank of Pittsburgh.<br />
    On October 16, 2000, just three weeks prior to Election Day, Missouri Democratic Governor Mel Carnahan and his former chief of staff died when their twin-engine Cessna, piloted by Carnahan’s son Randy, crashed 35 miles south of St. Louis.</p>
    <p>Carnahan was challenging Missouri’s ultra-conservative Republican Senator John Ashcroft for his Senate seat. Carnahan’s name remained on the ballot and even in death he defeated Ashcroft in the election. George W. Bush named Ashcroft his Attorney General while Carnahan’s wife, Jean, filled her husband’s Senate seat.</p>
    <p>In 2007,the Air Force’s second-ranking procurement official, Charles Riechers, was found dead of a reported “suicide” at his home in South Riding, near Dulles International Airport.</p>
    <p>Although Riechers’s body was reportedly found at 8 pm on Sunday, October 14, his death was not reported to the media until Tuesday morning, October 16 — a common occurrence with high-profile “suicides” during Bush administrations.</p>
    <p>Riechers, a retired Air Force officer who specialized in converting commercial aircraft to military use, had become embroiled in a controversy earlier this month after the Washington Post reported that while awaiting confirmation by the Senate for his Air Force post, he was being paid by Commonwealth Research Institute, a Johnstown, Pennsylvania firm, while doing actual work Assistant Air Force Secretary for Acquisition.</p>
    <p>Riechers, who left a wife and son, was reported to have died in an “unattended” suicide. The suicide occurred in Loudoun County and was first reported by the Loudoun County Sheriff.</p>
    <p>However, the autopsy on Riechers, for which details were not released, was performed by the Fairfax County Medical Examiner. The Air Force also declined to comment on details of Riechers’s death.</p>
    <p>The Fairfax County Medical Examiner was responsible for conducting autopsies on a number of politically-connected deaths and is well-known for its obfuscation on details of autopsies.</p>
    <p>Previous cases involving the Fairfax County Medical Examiner include President Clinton’s deputy counsel Vince Foster, presidential brother Marvin Bush’s domestic assistant Bertha Champagne, Porter Goss’s House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Executive Director John Millis, and Drug Enforcement Administration undercover agent Tommy Burkett.</p>
    <p>Burkett, a student at Marymount College in Arlington, was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head in his parents’ home over the Thanksgiving weekend in 1991.</p>
    <p>Police determined that Burkett committed suicide. However, witnesses believed that Burkett was murdered due to what appeared to his father to have been a severe beating.</p>
    <p>It was later reported that Burkett was an informant for the Drug Enforcement Administration and was reported on significant deals being conducted on the Marymount campus.</p>
    <p>In December 2003, Jonathan Luna, the Assistant U.S. Attorney for Maryland, a husband and father of two, departed Baltimore in his vehicle, strangely leaving his cell phone on his desk at his office, and drove a circuitous route through Delaware, New Jersey, and then Pennsylvania before he was found in a creek near the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Denver, Pennsylvania, stabbed to death 36 times, supposedly with his own pen knife.</p>
    <p>Federal authorities leaned toward a suicide but local investigators treated the death as a homicide. In 2004, Luna’s boss, U.S. Attorney Thomas DiBiagio, claimed he was being pressured to stop his investigation of Republican Governor Bob Ehrlich’s staff for links to gambling (particularly the gambling interests of jailed Maryland/DC GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff), prostitution, and other corruption and filed a threat report with the FBI.</p>
    <p>The Washington Post and Washington Times then falsely reported that Luna was fearful that DiBiagio was going to fire him, which led to Luna’s ‘suicide.’ It is a charge DiBiagio strongly denied.</p>
    <p>DiBiagio told the New York Times that the pressure from Ehrlich’s office and the Justice Department served ‘to intimidate my office and shut down the investigations.’ Maryland Democratic Senator Ben Cardin asked for an investigation of DiBiagio’s firing.</p>
    <p>The investigation of Ehrlich’s office’s role in the prostitution investigation was linked to police misconduct in Baltimore surrounding the use by former Baltimore Police Commissioner Ed Norris of Deborah Jeane Palfrey’s Pamela Martin & Associates escort service, which ensnared a number of top Republicans, including Louisiana Senator David Vitter and Assistant Secretary of State Randall Tobias.</p>
    <p>The Baltimore prostitution connection may also be linked to the use of escorts by then-New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.</p>

    Rudy Giuliani


    Luna’s mysterious death has not an isolated incident among federal prosecutors during the George W. Bush presidency.

    <p>Palfrey reputedly committed suicide by hanging herself on May 1, 2008 at her ailing mother’s home in Tarpon Springs, Florida.<br />
    Palfrey’s mother Blanche Palfrey said in an interview that her daughter was writing a book at the time of her death.</p>
    <p>The book was certain to have been a tell-all about the high-level clients of her Pamela Martin & Associates escort agency, which, during its thirteen years in operations, catered to Washington’s, Baltimore’s, and Annapolis’s top Republican political elite. Vice President Dick Cheney was reportedly among the clients of Pamela Martin while he served as CEO of Halliburton in the 1990s.</p>
    <p>One US intelligence source said Palfrey’s hanging bore the attributes of USsupported Latin American death squad assassinations common in the 1980s and early 1990s.<br />
    Another U.S. intelligence source adamantly said, “there is no way this woman [Palfrey] took her own life.”<br />
    Palfrey had her own doubts about the alleged suicide of one of her escorts a year earlier.</p>
    <p>In January 2007, after being exposed by the media as running an escort, Brandy Britton, a PhD and former Associate Professor at the University of Maryland Baltimore Campus, was found hanging in her home in Ellicott City, Maryland, a suburb of Baltimore.</p>
    <p>Britton’s home had been foreclosed after she was charged with running a prostitution service using the name “Alexis” and has since been identified from Palfrey’s phone lists as one of the Pamela Martin & Associates escorts. Palfrey used the name “Julia.”</p>
    <p>On September 9, 2003, the former U.S. Attorney for Eastern Texas, Michael Bradford, who served for seven years until April 2001, was found dead near his car in a wooded area in Hardin County, Texas. Bradford was 51 and was appointed U.S.</p>
    <p>Attorney on the advice of Texas’ longtime congressman Jack Brooks, a longtime and no-nonsense investigator of administration scandals, Republican and Democrat.</p>
    <p>As U.S. Attorney, Bradford successfully sued several large oil companies to recover $400 million in royalty payments due the federal government. Bradford suffered a gunshot wound to his head and police found a shotgun near his body. Police ruled the death a suicide.</p>
    <p>Bradford’s replacement, Wes Rivers, served as U.S. Attorney for East Texas for seven months until being downgraded to Assistant U.S. Attorney in Tyler, Texas. Rivers prosecuted several drug cartel leaders. In July 2007, Rivers tied suddenly of a brain aneurysm while vacationing with his family on the Bolivar Peninsula, near Galveston. Rivers was 56.</p>
    <p>During the evening of October 11, 2001, Tom Wales, 49, the Assistant U.S. Attorney for Washington State, was shot through a window in his basement. The assailant fired the shots from Wales’s back yard. Wales later died in the hospital.</p>
    <p>The FBI investigation, code named “SEPROM” [Seattle Prosecutor Murder], remained unsolved. John McKay, the US Attorney for Western Washington, who pressured both the Justice Department and FBI to more vigorously investigate Wales’s murder, was, like Maryland U.S. Attorney Tom DiBiagio, fired by U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales for asking too many questions and not being seen as “loyal Bushies.”</p>
    <p>In 2004, two female federal prosecutors in Texas who were prosecuting cases involving Medicare fraud by Novation LLC and other medical care providers were found dead from suspicious causes.</p>
    <p>Federal prosecutor in Fort Worth, Thelma Colbert, was found dead in her swimming pool on July 20, 2004, while Assistant U.S. Attorney Shannon Ross was found dead in her home on September 13, 2004.</p>
    <p>The Tarrant County medical examiner ruled Colbert’s death an “accident.” The Dallas County medical examiner determined Ross’ death was from “natural causes.”</p>
    <p>William H. Lash III was the second high-ranking former African-American official and Harvard alum in the George W. Bush administration to die under suspicious circumstances in 2006.</p>
    <p>On July 13, 2006, Fairfax, Virginia police responded to a domestic incident at the McLean, Virginia residence of Lash, who served as Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Market Access and Compliance. He served in the position from 2001 to 2005 and was responsible for a special task force that assisted companies in securing contracts in U.S.-occupied Iraq.</p>
    <p>Lash, who was 45 and a New Jersey native, was a high-powered Washington attorney who served as counsel to the U.S. International Trade Commission during the Reagan administration.</p>
    <p>Before and after leaving the Bush administration, he taught law at George Mason University. According to The Washington Post, police were called a little before 10 p.m. by Lash’s wife, Sharon Zackula.</p>
    <p>She claimed she and Lash had a dispute and she ran from their home. The story claims that sometime between “shortly before 10 p.m.” and 9:55 p.m., police obtained a warrant for the arrest of Lash for domestic assault. Police arrived at 9:55 p.m. at Lash’s front door. The police then knocked on the door for ten minutes before they heard two gunshot wounds from inside the home.</p>
    <p>Police then used bullhorns to ask Lash to phone them. Police also instructed neighbors to turn off all their lights and go to their basements. That decision prevented any witnesses from noticing anyone fleeing the scene of the shooting.</p>
    <p>At 1:00 a.m., Friday morning, police sent a robot unit into the home. It was not until 3:50 a.m., almost six hours after the shooting was heard, that police discovered the bodies of Lash and his 12-year old autistic son dead in a first floor bedroom from gunshot wounds to the upper body. Police claimed that Lash shot his son and then himself.</p>
    <p>Neighbors and colleagues expressed shock at the news, all saying that Lash showed no signs of tension or depression and that was very devoted to his son.</p>
    <p>Lash was also an adviser to the corporate public relations firm Brunswick Group, LLC, a U.K.-based firm that once employed Clinton State Department spokesman Jamie Rubin as a director of its political affairs unit. Brunswick had been known by a number of names, including Lincoln Research Ltd. Its holding company was based in the Channel Islands.</p>
    <p>Brunswick represented the Royal Bank of Scotland and paid 5,000 pounds to the Labor Party in return for its clients to receive tickets to dine with top Labor politicians. On July 12, 2006, Neil Coulbeck, a Royal Bank of Scotland officer and a witness in the Enron case, allegedly committed suicide in an East London park.</p>
    <p>On September 7, 2005, Eric Miller, a prominent African-American attorney who had served as Assistant Chief of Litigation for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), was found partially burned and beaten to death in his automobile parked in a seedy neighborhood in Washington.<br />
    On January 6, 2006, recently-retired New York Times Washington editor David Rosenbaum, who extensively covered the Iran-contra scandal, was beaten to death near his northwest Washington, DC home.</p>
    <p>There were some uncomfortable aspects to this case. One is that it took 22 minutes for an ambulance to reach the crime scene in a quiet and crime-free part of northwest Washington.</p>
    <p>Emergency services gave their response a “Bravo” rating, meaning they considered Rosenbaum’s injuries to be less than “Charlie” or “Delta,” serious and life-threatening, respectively. Police concluded that Rosenbaum was beaten to death as the result of a robbery.</p>
    <p>In 2011, someone with ties to the Virginia Republican Party died suspiciously from a fall from the “W” Hotel in Washington, DC. The “W” has no relation to George “W” Bush.</p>
    <p>The only consistent story about the death of the woman who supposedly jumped to her death from the rooftop bar at the W Hotel, just a block from the White House, was that there was no consistent story.</p>
    <p>A Washington Metropolitan Police homicide source said that police closed the W Hotel’s 10th floor POV Lounge after 47-year old Stephanie Huebner of Alexandria, Virginia allegedly walked from a table where she was sitting alone and climbed over the railing of the building and plunged to her death.</p>
    <p>Some witnesses claim Huebner temporarily grabbed a ledge below the 9th floor before letting go and hitting 15th Street across from the U.S. Treasury Department.</p>
    <p>The incident occurred at around 11:00 pm.<br />
    Washington police and homicide detectives questioned all the patrons in the rooftop lounge before allowing anyone to depart. “The bar was in lockdown,” according to one source who was present in the bar when Huebner fell to her death.</p>
    <p>A witness said Huebner was blond and of slight build. The witness discovered Huebner in a pool of blood after her fall from the rooftop of the hotel. She was pronounced dead at the scene by DC emergency personnel. The witness who saw Huebner on the street said one person rushed out of the hotel saying Huebner had been “pushed.”</p>
    <p>W Hotel staff were instructed by their management not to discuss the details of the reported suicide. The Washington Post chose not to report on the identity of the woman who fell, claiming it was not their general policy to report the names of suicide victims.</p>
    <p>However, WJLA-TV, the ABC affiliate, did announce the woman’s name during its June 30 broadcast. Although WJLA reported that Huebner had been drinking at the bar, eyewitnesses said she had very little, if anything, to drink. Huebner was not a guest at the hotel. WJLA interviewed one guest who said he witnessed Huebner’s fall, however, the guest chose to remain anonymous.</p>
    <p>Police were aided by uniformed Secret Service officers. Law enforcement temporarily closed 15th Street between F Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. A Secret Service source reported that the death of Huebner was “strange” and that constituted the prevailing view inside the agency.<br />
    Another witness to the alleged suicide claimed to have been familiar with Huebner and said she was a military veteran.</p>
    <p>When asked the service, the witness replied, “I believe Air Force.” Huebner’s on-line biography claimed that she was “unemployed,” however, she donated money to Republican political candidates. Her mother, Carolyn Huebner, was a well-known figure in the Commonwealth Republican Party.</p>
    <p>On December 9, 2011, former Georgia U.S. Representative Cynthia McKinney was stunned by the alleged suicide of Georgia State Senator Robert Brown. McKinney issued the following statement: “It was with shock and disbelief that I received a phone call yesterday evening around 6:18 informing me that State Senator Robert Brown had been found dead in his home.</p>
    <p>Later, I learned that the coroner reported that he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. I am still stunned and dazed and confused. I don’t understand this at all. State Senator Brown and I were working on a project to infuse Georgia politics with a much-needed added dimension: that is, independent voting.”</p>
    <p>Suspicious Military Deaths<br />
    When the body of Air Force Captain John Frueh was found near his rental car near Badger Peak in northeast Skamania County, Washington on September 8, 2007, questions began to be asked. Frueh was assigned to “Operations Weather” for the Air Force Special Operations Command at Hurlburt Field in Florida.</p>
    <p>Hurlburt is the headquarters for the Air Force’s Special Forces activities. Frueh was a veteran of Special Forces combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. He had flown to Portland, Oregon to attend his best friend’s September 2 wedding.</p>
    <p>Frueh was to have returned to Florida on September 4.<br />
    No cause of death was given by the authorities. Frueh had flown to Portland on August 25 to attend his friend’s wedding. According to The Oregonian, Frueh had last spoken to his family in Florida on August 30 after renting a car at Portland International Airport. Frueh was 33, married, and a father of two young children.</p>
    <p>Why would Frueh have driven a long distance from Portland to Washington? Frueh was last seen on August 29 going for a walk in Nob Hill, in northwest Portland. He was carrying in his backpack a camcorder, Global Positioning System (GPS), camera, and cell phone.</p>
    <p>According to the Portland Police, the last call from Frueh’s cell phone was at 12:29 pm on August 29 from the intersection of I-205 and S.E. Mill Plain Road in Vancouver, Washington, ironically, close to a Search and Rescue facility.</p>
    <p>There is also the question as to how Frueh traveled to a stop off of the interstate highway in Vancouver, Washington on August 29 if he did not rent his car at Portland International until the next day, August 30, the same day his family in Florida last heard from him by phone.</p>
    <p>Considering Frueh’s last cell phone call was on August 29 from Vancouver, why did he presumably use a pay phone to call his family in Florida?</p>
    <p>Frueh’s last reported phone call at Portland airport came on the same day, August 30, that five or six nuclear weapons aboard a B-52 supposedly went “missing” during a flight from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana.</p>
    <p>Frueh’s position in the headquarters of the U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command “weather operations” would have given him access to a highly classified information.<br />
    Suicide in this case appears highly unlikely. Frueh had recently been selected for Major. He was attending his best friend’s wedding and he had a wife and two children.</p>
    <p>Police in Washington State immediately ruled out foul play in Frueh’s death. A report was floated that he suffered from some unspecified “medical condition.”<br />
    Cover-up was the rule of the day in the investigation of the April 22, 2004 death in Afghanistan of April 22, 2004 death in Afghanistan of NFL starturned-US Army Ranger Pat Tillman.</p>
    <p>At an August 1, 2007 hearing of the House Government Oversight and Government Committee, the ranking Republican member, Representative Tom Davis (R-Virginia) used the dreaded “conspiracy” word to describe the Pentagon’s handling of the Tillman case.</p>
    <p>Davis said, “There are no good answers to the necessarily tough questions raised about how the facts of this friendly-fire incident were handled, by whom and when.</p>
    <p>Testimony from our previous hearing, and the results of six separate Army investigations, all show the tragic truth can only fall somewhere between screw-up and coverup, between rampant incompetence and elaborate conspiracy.</p>
    <p>And once you’re descending that continuum, it almost doesn’t matter whether the failure to follow Army regulations about updated casualty reports and prompt family notification was inadvertent, negligent or intentional.”</p>
    <p>On the evening of April 22, 2004, Tillman’s team member, Private First Class Bryan O’Neal, reported that he suspected fratricide in Tillman’s death. That statement appears in the Army 15-6 report required for all hostile combat deaths.</p>
    <p>However, someone, whose identity is yet unknown, re-wrote O’Neal’s statement to reflect that “Corporal Tillman was killed by the enemy.” Tillman was reportedly in contact with a number of noted anti-war individuals in the United States and was reporting to them that the war in Afghanistan was based on fraudulent causes.</p>
    <p>Tillman indicated he would join their anti-war campaign after his Army discharge. Powerful forces in the Bush administration had every motive to ensure that Tillman would never hit the anti-war circuit in the United States.</p>
    <p>Colonel Ted Westhusing, a professor at West Point and himself a West Point graduate, as well as the Army’s top expert on military ethics, was found dead June 5, 2005 from a purported self-inflicted gunshot wound in his trailer near Baghdad Airport.</p>
    <p>At the time of his death, Westhusing was investigating a private military contractor, U.S. Investigations Services (USIS) of Virginia, for fraud and human rights abuses. USIS is financially linked to the Carlyle Group.</p>
    <p>Westhusing’s family and friends rejected the Army’s determination that Westhusing took his own life. The Army based its decision on a “suicide” note said to be written in Westhusing’s handwriting.</p>
    <p>The Carlyle Group employed Bush Sr. for a number of years as a senior adviser. Other Carlyle advisers included Bush’s former Secretary of State James Baker and former British Prime Minister John Major.</p>
    <p>On September 10, 2001, Bush Sr. was attending a Carlyle business meeting at Washington D.C.’s Ritz-Carlton hotel along with Shafig Bin Laden, a brother of Osama Bin Laden.</p>
    <p>After spending the night of September 10 at the White House, Bush Sr. flew out of Washington on a private jet before the first hijacked plane struck the World Trade Center. In 1990, Carlyle placed failed businessman George W. Bush on the board of one of its subsidiaries, Caterair, an airline catering company.</p>
    <p>On April 15, 1985, Barbara Evans-Smith, the 64-year old wife of retired U.S. Army Colonel William Evans-“Bull” Smith, was found strangled by a pair of pantyhose in their home in the village of Lincoln, south of Leesburg in Loudoun County.</p>
    <p>Leesburg was also the location of the March 22, 2009, brutal assault on retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel and former CIA officer William Bennett and his wife. Bennett was bludgeoned to death in the assault and his wife, Cynthia, was left in critical condition.</p>
    <p>Colonel Evans-Smith, who prepared country studies for the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) and, after his retirement, was the director of foreign area studies at American University, was charged with the second degree murder of his wife. He was convicted by a Virginia court in August 1985 and was sentenced to five years in state prison in Staunton.</p>
    <p>The Virginia Court of Appeals later overturned Evans-Smith’s conviction on the grounds that the evidence used by the state was based on hearsay and was prejudicial and circumstantial.</p>
    <p>Hair samples collected at the crime scene and from a pubic combing of the deceased’s body were discovered not to belong to either the victim or Colonel Evans-Smith.</p>
    <p>A second trial began on April 17, 1989, and Evans-Smith was, once again found guilty of second-degree murder and was sentenced to twenty years in prison. In 1994, the retired colonel was eventually cleared of murdering his wife by a federal appeals court and freed after spending five years in prison.</p>
    <p>The federal Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the evidence used against Evans-Smith did not prove guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.</p>
    <p>It was thenVirginia Attorney General James Gilmore, the future Governor, who sought to put Evans-Smith away for the rest of his life and it was Gilmore who had egg on his face when the federal appellate court tossed out the conviction of Evans-Smith.</p>
    <p>A dark-colored van seen in proximity to Evans-Smith house the morning of the murder of his wife was never considered important to the Loudoun County Sheriff investigators.</p>
    <p>The following is quoted from the Fourth Circuit Appellate Court’s decision vacating Evans-Smith’s conviction:<br />
    “A witness for the defense testified that she had seen a green van with Louisiana plates speeding through the area. The van had cut her off, and had acted strangely enough that she reported it to the police.</p>
    <p>Patricia Packard, who lived opposite the entrance to Evans-Smith’s driveway, testified that she remembered hearing and seeing a dark-colored vehicle hurriedly departing the Evans-Smith driveway the morning of the murder between 9:00 and 11:00 a.m.” Evans-Smith had arrived at work at American University between 8:30 and 8:35 a.m. that morning.</p>
    <p>Many in Evans-Smith community believed the murderer or murderers of Mrs. Evans-Smith were associated with the suspicious van with Louisiana tags, just as many in Loudoun County later believe the murder of retired Army Colonel William Bennett was connected to a suspicious white van with Florida tags seen in the area before and at the time of the assault on the Bennetts.</p>
    <p>It was known that William Bennett was involved in sensitive classified work for the CIA that may have included intelligence on Israel’s illegal transfer of sensitive U.S. military technology to China and Russia.</p>
    <p>In the case of Evans-Smith, his role in writing country studies for the U.S. Special Operations forces during the 1970s and 1980s included a host of potential snake pits that could have earned him a set up by political enemies.</p>
    <p>It was the time of Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and William Casey, the countries of Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iran, Libya, and Pakistan were in the headlines, the Afghan CIA-funded Mujaheddin war and Iran-contra were well underway, and northern Virginia crawled with the likes of Oliver North and John Poindexter.</p>
    <p>In July 2008, General Tom Tinsley, commander of the 3rd Wing at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Alaska, died from a gunshot wound to his chest. The incident remained under Air Force investigation with no plausible conclusion ever issued.</p>
    <p>Although Tinsley was well-liked by officers and enlisted personnel who worked with him, as well as by the people of Anchorage, a “whispering campaign” directed against Tinsley’s mental wellness was floated by Pentagon officials.</p>
    <p>Questions were in abundance after the 2007 reported “suicide” death of the U.S. defense attaché in Nicosia, Cyprus, Lt. Col. Thomas Mooney.<br />
    After gone missing for two days, Mooney’s body was found in the Troodos Mountains, southwest of Nicosia.</p>
    <p>Mooney, who was 45 and had a wife and children, was last seen on June 28, 2007. US ambassador to Cyprus Ronald Schlicher confirmed that Mooney died.<br />
    A U.S. government statement was issued that quickly ruled Mooney’s death a suicide, even before a full investigation by U.S. and Cypriot authorities was completed:<br />
    “The injury was compatible with self-infliction. There was no evidence of foul play whatsoever.”</p>
    <p>The statement said that Mooney had a neck wound that was caused by a “large instrument.” Mooney’s body was in a state of decomposition when it was discovered. A blade was reportedly found near Mooney’s body. Mooney’s car was found nearby with the doors locked.</p>
    <p>Although the U.S. authorities immediately decided that Mooney committed suicide, Cypriot police avoided the conclusion that Mooney’s death was from suicide.</p>
    <p>There were also conflicting stories about where Mooney was going when he disappeared. One report had him going to the gym and another said he was heading to the airport, presumably the international airport in Larnaca, south of Nicosia.</p>
    <p>On September 4, 2006, Army Lt. Col. Marshall Gutierrez, the chief logistics officer at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, who was investigating over-payments for goods and services and other fraud, supposedly committed suicide in his base quarters after ingesting prescription sleeping pills and anti-freeze. In December 2006, Army Major Gloria Davis, a contracting officer at Camp Arifjan, allegedly committed suicide in Kuwait after she admitted to receiving $225,000 in bribes from Lee Dynamics, an Army logistics contractor.</p>
    <p>Iran-contra and 9/11 “Tidying Up” Operations<br />
    Between late Thursday, January 31, and Saturday, January 2, 2013, Saturday being the same day the badly beaten body of professional New York photographer Sarai Sierra being found along the ancient wall of Istanbul, Turkey, former CIA and commercial airline pilot Philip Marshall, age 54, allegedly took a Glock 9 mm handgun and shot his 17-year old son Alex and 14year old daughter Macaila in their heads. Marshall’s two children were shot while they slept on a couch in Marshall’s Murphys, California home. Marshall then allegedly turned the gun on himself.</p>
    <p>Marshall was a former airline pilot for Eastern and United and was a contract pilot for the CIA and Drug Enforcement Agency during the Iran-Contra episode of the 1980s. Marshall was also the author of two books about 9/11, which suggested that the Bush administration, along with Saudi Arabia, not any terrorist group, were responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Marshall also wrote an earlier book, a novel titled Lakefront Airport, which was a recollection of his experiences in the Iran-contra episode.</p>
    <p>Marshall’s neighbors discounted the Calaveras County Sheriff’s quick determination that the shooting deaths of the Marshalls, along with that of Marshall’s wife’s dog, were a murder-suicide. Marshall’s children and the dog were staying at his home because his estranged wife was on a trip to Istanbul. It is noteworthy that Marshall’s wife Sean was in Istanbul the same time that Sierra was murdered. However, no connection was ever determined between the two American women.<br />
    Istanbul police reported that Sierra’s Samsung Galaxy phone and iPad were missing although her gold earrings, necklace and bracelet were still on her body.</p>
    <p>Other reports said Sierra’s i-Phone was also missing. Sierra had been beaten so bad her face was said to be unrecognizable.<br />
    Marshall also knew CIA contract pilot, government informant, and drug smuggler Barry Seal, gunned down in his car execution style in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 1986. Seal was preparing to provide evidence to federal investigators of Vice President George H W Bush’s involvement in CIA cocaine smuggling and the Iran-contra scandal.</p>

    <p>Vice President Bush’s personal phone number was reportedly found in the trunk of Seal’s car. Seals murderer or murderers were never brought to justice. Pulitzer Prize-winning author Gary Webb documented the CIA drug smuggling activities in his book Dark Alliance. Webb, it should be recalled, was found dead in his Sacramento home in 2004 from two gunshot wounds to the head. The county coroner ruled the death a suicide.</p>
    <p>Former Florida Senator and Governor Bob Graham’s novel, Keys to the Kingdom, is about a retired senator from Florida named John Billington who takes meticulous notes and tells a State Department intelligence officer about a Saudi connection to terrorism. The fictional Billington, like Graham, was the chairman of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee.</p>
    <p>In the novel, before he can provide any further details to the intelligence officer, Billington is run over by a black pickup truck, killing him. The Billington in the novel is obviously Graham. Graham has pointed to a significant Saudi government connection to terrorism, including the 9/11 attack. Phil Marshall agreed with Graham’s contention concerning Saudi links to terrorist attacks in the United States.</p>
    <p>Dallas-based Affiliated Computer Systems (ACS) was responsible for maintaining the Department of Education’s federal direct student aid program, caused the leak of personal data, including Social Security Numbers, dates of birth, and financial information on 21,000 federal student loan recipients.</p>
    <p>ACS, it will be recalled, was the firm that managed the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) Student Processing Center in London, Kentucky. On March 11, 2002, six months after Mohammed Atta and Marwan al Shehhi allegedly flew planes into the World Trade Center, their Venice, Florida flight school, Huffman Aviation, received INS visa approval forms from ACS granting Atta and al Shehhi their student visas for their stay in the United States.</p>
    <p>ACS also purchased scandal-plagued IMS from Lockheed Martin on August 24, 2001. IMS had run the WorkNet “welfare-to-work” program for Pinellas County, Florida. Janet Gifford-Meyers, a lawyer in the Pinellas County Economic Development office and Rick Dodge, the Economic Development chief for Pinellas County, blew the whistle on contract fraud involving IMS. The firm hired people to harass Gifford-Meyers and Dodge.</p>
    <p>One harasser threatened Gifford-Meyers with the loss of her unborn baby. In April 2001, GiffordMeyers was said to have committed suicide from an overdose of barbiturates. After ACS bought IMS from Lockheed, Dodge was fired by the Pinellas County Administrator in August 2002. Gary Webb reported to this writer before his death that he was investigating ACS.</p>
    <p>The DC Medical Examiner and Obfuscation<br />
    On February 12, 2011, The Washington Post — the paper that puts the final official lid on stories in the nation’s capital — reported on the District of Columbia Medical Examiner’s conclusions on the fiery automobile death of former Rep. Rosa DeLauro chief of staff Ashley Turton. Turton died betwen 4:30 and 5:00 am on January 10 after she started her BMW. The DC Medical concluded Turton died from burns and inhalation of “products of combustion” with “acute alcohol intoxication.”</p>
    <p>A friend of Ashley Turton reported that the former congressional staffer who became chief lobbyist for North Carolina-based Progress Energy was on her way to the airport, possibly with a stop at her office, to fly to Charlotte where a buy-out of her company by Duke Power was to be announced later in the day. To believe the DC Medical Examiner (DCME), Turton was in a heavily drunken state as she was heading to the airport for an early morning flight to attend a conference with her present and future employer. And, curiously, the DCME issued its findings before the DC Fire Department concluded its own investigation.<br />
    It is not the first time the DCME issued a dubious autopsy report on a politically-linked suspicious death.</p>
    <p>In March 1995, the DCME concluded that a 36 year-old Little Rock, Arkansas woman named Margaret Davis King had committed suicide when she threw herself into the Lion Exhibit at the Washington National Zoo around 5:00 am after entering through the secure employee’s entrance, scaling a tall fence, diving nine feet into a moat and swimming to the lion’s lair, and then somehow enraging a male lion to the point that he swatted her head and then ate her hands and most of her arms. King had left no suicide note.</p>
    <p>King was in Washington to file a lawsuit against President Bill Clinton who she claimed had abducted “their daughter.” King had been ruled mentally unstable in Arkansas and was known to the Secret Service. King was carrying a small tape recorder when she “committed suicide.” The DCME and Washington Metropolitan Police said they could not immediately identify King until two days after her death, even though she was carrying an Arkansas photo identification bus pass.</p>
    <p>In July 1997, Mary Mahoney, a former White House intern who worked with Monica Lewinsky, was murdered execution-style, along with two colleagues, at a Starbuck’s at 1810 Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown in Washington. There were reports that Mahoney was to go public with information about what she knew about sexual harassment at the Clinton White House.</p>
    <p>Mahoney was shot in the head with five bullet from an automatic weapon. Her two colleagues, Emory Evans and Aaron Goodrich, were taken to another room at the coffee shop and executed separately, each shot one time in the head with a revolver. No money was taken from the Starbuck’s, ruling out robbery as a motive.</p>
    <p>Two separate types of bullets and two guns were used in the killings, a clear indication that more than one killer was involved. The murders occurred on a Sunday evening after the shop closed at 8 pm. There was ample cash in the drawers after a busy Independence Day weekend. Police also examined a security video tape from the upscale Four Seasons Hotel, which was several blocks away from the Starbuck’s on Pennsylvania Avenue. The DCME never looked at the murders as a professional hit but as a random robbery.</p>
    <p>On November 26, 1996, the day after Thanksgiving, when most federal employees take the day off, Commerce Department executive secretary Barbara Wise’s bruised and partially naked body was found locked in her office at the Herbert Hoover Building, across 15th Street from the White House Ellipse. Wise handled the personal correspondence for Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown and Commerce Department official John Huang.</p>
    <p>On the morning of the day Wise died, President Clinton, at Camp David for the Thanksgiving weekend, returned to the White House on an unscheduled trip to retrieve a poetry book he said he needed for his Inaugural Address, not scheduled for another two months. DCME conclusion on Wise’s death: unknown.</p>
    <p>Post-mortem<br />
    The list of those who died under suspicious, politically-connected circumstances is practically never ending as are the questions they raise. For example, Paul Wilcher, a friend of longtime White House correspondent Sarah McClendon, died in his Capitol Hill apartment after he picked up on some of Danny Casolaro’s research. Clinton’s White House counsel during the impeachment hearings, Charles Ruff, died suddenly at his home of a heart attack at the age of 61.</p>
    <p>The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence’s (HPSCI) ranking member Representative Julian Dixon (DCalifornia) dropped dead only weeks after being briefed by John Millis, who later allegedly committed suicide in Virginia, on the CIA-Bush drug connection.</p>
    <p>What was Representative Gary Condit, also of HPSCI, briefed on exactly by Millis? What did Condit tell his friend Chandra Levy, an intern for the Federal Bureau of Prisons who disappeared in Rock Creek Park in Washington but whose remains were discovered a year later after an initial painstaking search of the area in the park where she was last known to be. Or what did he ask her to find out for him through her Bureau contacts?</p>
    <p>What did congressional staffer Lori Klausutis discover before her body was discovered in January 2001 in the Florida office of GOP Congressman-turned-MSNBC show host Joe Scarborough?</p>
    <p>Although it may never be positively determined how many deaths of Bush enemies were merely suicides, accidents or resulted from foul play, one thing seems very certain. As long as the Bush family maintained its political grip at the federal level, particularly within the CIA, and at the state level, mysterious deaths were bound to occur.<br />
    One seasoned Washington intelligence expert said the possibility of official or semi-official “death squads” carrying out assassinations of Bush and other administration critics could not be ruled out.</p>

    <p>And if I may add my own addendum to this otherwise excellent post</p>
    <p>A conspiracy theorist is someone who questions the statements of known liars. You don’t need a conspiracy when most everyone is educated to believe the same thing and consider themselves knowledgeable.</p>
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    • Mercury;
    • Selenium;
    • Bioaccumulation;
    • Large rivers;
    • Food web



    Mercury (Hg) and selenium (Se) biomagnify in aquatic food webs and are toxic to fish and wildlife. The authors measured Hg and Se in organic matter, invertebrates, and fishes in the Colorado River food web at sites spanning 387 river km downstream of Glen Canyon Dam (AZ, USA). Concentrations were relatively high among sites compared with other large rivers (mean wet wt for 6 fishes was 0.17–1.59 μg g–1 Hg and 1.35–2.65 μg g–1 Se), but consistent longitudinal patterns in Hg or Se concentrations relative to the dam were lacking. Mercury increased (slope = 0.147) with δ15N, a metric of trophic position, indicating biomagnification similar to that observed in other freshwater systems. Organisms regularly exceeded exposure risk thresholds for wildlife and humans (6–100% and 56–100% of samples for Hg and Se, respectfully, among risk thresholds). In the Colorado River, Grand Canyon, Hg and Se concentrations pose exposure risks for fish, wildlife, and humans, and the findings of the present study add to a growing body of evidence showing that remote ecosystems are vulnerable to long-range transport and subsequent bioaccumulation of contaminants. Management of exposure risks in Grand Canyon will remain a challenge, as sources and transport mechanisms of Hg and Se extend far beyond park boundaries. Environ Toxicol Chem 2015;9999:1–10. © 2015 SETAC

    The fish of the Grand Canyon are unfit for human consumption. Scientists can’t figure out why. You don’t have to be a scientist or Sherlock Holmes to figure this one.



    John Holdren, Obama’s Science Czar, says: Forced abortions and mass sterilization needed to save the planet


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    <h2>1500-2000 year old bible found in Ankara, Turkey.</h2>
    <p>Sons of the Pyre</p>
    <p><em><img class="aligncenter wp-image-37" src= alt="1500 year old bible" width="492" height="301" /></em></p>
    <p><strong><em>Much to the dismay of the Vatican</em></strong>, an approx. 1500-2000 year old bible was found in Turkey, in the Ethnography Museum of Ankara.  Discovered and kept secret in the year 2000, the book contains the Gospel of Barnabas – a disciple of Christ – which shows that Jesus was not crucified, nor was he the son of God, but a Prophet.  The book also calls Apostle Paul “The Impostor”.  The book also claims that Jesus ascended to heaven alive, and that Judas Iscariot was crucified in his place.</p>
    <p>A report by <a href="">The National Turk</a> says that the Bible was seized from a gang of smugglers in a Mediterranean-area operation. The report states the gang was charged with smuggling antiquities, illegal excavations, and the possession of explosives.  The books itself is valued as high as 40 Million Turkish Liras (approx. 28 mil. Dollars).  Man, where is the Thieves Guild, when you need them?</p>
    <p>According to reports, experts and religious authorities in Tehram insist that the book is original.  The book itself is written with gold lettering, onto loosely-tied leather in Aramaic, the language of Jesus Christ.  The text maintains a vision similar to Islam, contradicting the New Testament’s teachings of Christianity.   Jesus also foresees the coming of the Prophet Muhammad, who would found Islam 700 years later.</p>
    <p>It is believed that, during the <a href="">Council of Nicea</a>, the Catholic Church hand-picked the gospels that form the Bible as we know it today; omitting the Gospel of Barnabas (among many others) in favor of the four canonical gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  Many biblical texts have begun to surface over time, including those of the Dead Sea and Gnostic Gospels; but this book especially, seems to worry the Vatican.</p>
    <p><strong><em>The Catholic Church wants in</em></strong></p>
    <p>What does this mean to Christian-derived religions and their followers?  Quite a tight spot.  The Vatican has asked Turkish authorities to let them examine the contents of the book within the Church.  Now that the book has been found, will they come to accept the it and its evidence?  Will they deny it altogether?  Call it a “Muslim lie”, as did the “Truth” Magazine, in 2000?  To many, this book is a beacon of hope, that believers soon realize that the object of their adoration is arbitrary; and that all text, especially religious text, is subject to interpretation.</p>
    <p>What does this mean to atheists/agnostics/secular thinkers?  Not much… Is the text real?  Fake?  Does it matter?  Not really… But hopefully, this news inspires the religious to ask questions, instead of pointing fingers or believing anything blindly.  Please, don’t go poking fun or tossing around the “I told you so!”s.  The biggest danger of faith is when people believe what they want to believe, defending against any and all evidence; especially when that evidence revolutionizes their foundation from the ground up.  And the biggest culprit to that danger is the ego trap: rejecting/criticizing others, for being unlike you.  For centuries, the “defense” of blind faith has driven nations to war, violence, discrimination, slavery and to become the society of automatons that we are today; and for just as long, it has been justified with lies.  If you know better, act like it.</p>
    <p>___<br />
    <a href=""></a></p&gt;
    <p>In other news</p>
    <h2 class="entry-title"><span style="color:#800000;"><a style="color:#800000;" href="; rel="bookmark">The Tug Of War Over The Swastika: What Is It?-GAMMADION IS TETRAGRAMMATON-THE NAME OF GOD</a></span></h2>
    <p><br /></p>
    <p><br /></p>
    <h2 class="entry-title"><span style="color:#800080;"><a style="color:#800080;" href="; rel="bookmark">The Battle Is Raging Which Will Decide The Vicar Of Christ On Earth-The Orthodox Patriarchate of Moscow In Opposition To The Vatican Prelate Of Rome</a></span></h2>
    <p><br /></p>
    <p><br /></p>
    <p><br /></p>
    <h2 class="entry-title"><span style="color:#ff0000;"><a style="color:#ff0000;" href="; rel="bookmark">Vatican Very Close To Ancient Goal Of German Destruction As Families Flee Merkel Dictatorship Seeking Asylum In Russia</a></span></h2>
    <p><br /></p>
    <p><br /></p>
    <p><br /></p>
    <h2 class="entry-title"><span style="color:#0000ff;"><a style="color:#0000ff;" href="; rel="bookmark">Religion Means Pathway To Truth, Some Pathways Are A Long Winding Road</a></span></h2>
    <p><br /></p>
    <p><br /></p>
    <h2 class="entry-title"><span style="color:#008000;"><a style="color:#008000;" href="; rel="bookmark">Raising Kundalini</a></span></h2>
    <p><br /></p>
    <p><br /></p>
    <h2><span style="color:#ff6600;"><a style="color:#ff6600;" href="">The King James bible engineered by British Elites,  John Dee and Francis Bacon</a></span></h2>
    <p><br /></p>
    <p><br /></p>
    <h2><span style="color:#666699;"><a style="color:#666699;" href="">Who wrote the bible anyway</a></span></h2>

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    Capriccio For A Sausage Fest By Chef Alefantis – PizzaGate

    By Yoichi Shimatsu
    Exclusive to Rense

    Now for a breather before resuming our Kulturkamp against high-society pedophilia next week, let’s enjoy a divertissement of dissonant riffs and loose ends, a capriccio inspired by Pizzagate, which is not to be confused with carpaccio from the blade of celebrity chef Marina Abramovic. Listen closely to the “curiouser” notes in this random medley from suppressed reddit discussion threads. Mute the flugelhorns and bassoons, maestro, to focus our rapt attention on the Pan pipes of Orchestra Meinlust Boyes (OMB) led by guest conductor Jared Oestermiller and featuring alto tenor Jaime Les-Enfantes.

    Stop the clapping! Excuse us for this brief interruption before our program begins. As your MC, I’ve just sent an usher to complain about the loud thumping from the next-door hall. It seems there’s polka party running past their scheduled rental time. Ah, yes, it’s the Illuminatus Club celebrating the third anniversary of a secret affair between Joe Scarborough and Jesuit-Jewish-American Princess Mika Brzezinski, the co-hosts of the NBC morning show.

    For the sake of those in the audience who don’t know her, pardon my frankness while we await an apology, Mika is the granddaughter of Edvard Benes, head of prewar Czechoslovakia’s Rothschild-controlled Jewish government and postwar “Liquidator” of ethnic Germans. Mika’s father is none other than Zbigniew Brzezinski, the original sponsor of the Afghan jihadists and their boy dancers. Mr. Zbig is descended from one of those Polish noble families intermarried with cultist Jacob Frank’s well-oiled young maidens from Odessa. Mika’s employer NBC is owned by Brian L. Roberts who in Yiddish is a mensch. The usher returns with a note so let me read it. This is an outrage! The Order of Jesuit Illuminati demands that we cancel any and all “fake” melodies of Russian origin, including Oestermiller’s interpretation of “Swan Lake”. Our answer to the next-door party’s demand for artistic censorship is “Let them eat bacon-wrapped kielbasa”. Maestro, start up the band!

    Eine Recliner Nachtmusik

    The child prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart himself could not have equaled the rhapsodic thrills delivered over a two-night gig at the White House by the chamber quartet of James Alefantis, Christopher Moukarbel, Chris Crocker aka Cunningham, and Chelsea Swanger at a two-night performance, September 26-27, 2012.

    The star of the two overnights was Chris Crocker, who had morphed from his persona as an underage transvestite into a close-cropped gay porn actor. His notorious defense of Britney Spears, titled “Leave Britney Alone!” in which he “flashed crotch”, got the most hits of any online video in 2007, making him an instant celebrity.

    Crocker has since admitted to Huffington Post about “sending people nude photos when I was 14” and that “I have always been comfortable doing everything on camera, so I figured why not porn as well?” Is it pedophilia if a boy voluntarily pimps himself out prior to the age of consent? It depends on the age of the sex partner and the type of sexual activity that ensued. The non-penetration rule was defined by Bill Clinton’s defense in the Monica Lewinsky case: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Since Clinton was never defrocked and sentenced for receiving extramarital oral sex, the U.S. courts have not challenged his legal opinion that sex is not sex so long as traditional intercourse does not transpire. Anything else goes, under the Clinton notion of jurisprudence. Young Crocker’s online exhibitionism would still constitute child porn, possibly subjecting his parents or guardian to a considerable penalty and possible imprisonment.

    The Tennessee-born gay porn idol recallls meeting the boyfriend of documentary filmmaker Mourkarbel, who then featured Crocker, under the pseudonym Cunningham, in “Me at the Zoo”, which premiered at the Sundance Festival in January 2012. At the time of the White House overnighter, the pornographer was preparing rushes for an HBO series called “Sex Now” planned for release the following year, which featured online voyeurism and sexual services (dirty talk, stripping and masturbation by part-time sex workers called “cam girls” and cam couples). The series of three episodes released by HBO in summer 2015 were renamed “Sex On”, as in online.

    The fourth person with Alefantis was Chelsea Swanger, a freelance photographer who posts photos of female athletes and published at the Harrisburg Magazine in the town where Hersheys is located. Whether she engages in pornographic work is undisclosed.

    These aspiring young talents and Boy Scout leader Alefantis were shepherded supposedly for a West Wing tour by White House staffer Monica Lee, but the duration of their stay indicates an overnighter followed by a second sleep-over. The visitor departure log indicated 2359 hours (a minute before midnight), which is not about the bewitching hour when little Cinderellas turn back into ragamuffins or Uber rides revert to pumpkins. It means an overnight stay or at least slipping out in the wee hours into the darkness of Pennsylvania Avenue.

    Did the Alefantis crew, which included a photographer and notorious trannie/gay porn star, shoot video inside the White House for a porno video? If so, let’s hope they mopped up the body-fluid stains from Dolly Madison’s carpet. Or were these young talents there to enlighten the President and select members of his team with video clips on the latest trends in online pornography? However discomforting the scenario of a pedophile coven might be for American moms and dads who had sincerely believed in change and hope for the better, Alefantis made a swell impression in the president’s gleaming eyes.

    On that first day, September 26, the President gave speeches at Kent State and Bowling Green University, and then rushed back to the White House, arriving at 8:30 p.m., ahead of the arrival of Alefantis’s pajama boys. On the following day, Obama flew to Virginia Beach for a campaign speech to the Farm Bureau, and then got back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue at 2:30 p.m. for a cat nap before a second night’s pillow fight. If I’m allowed to make an editorial comment, the President should keep his gay porn viewing to a remote safe house instead of sullying the heritage of the White House. British invaders set fire to it in revenge yet the White House survived, but the national symbol cannot stand for long when termites are gnawing within.

    There are three other Alefantis visits on the White House visitor register, which have caused some confusion in reddit discussions:

    – December 16, 2010 6 p.m. to 11:59 p.m. Alefantis arrived at the invitation of POTUS with 497 other guests to attend an evening ceremony to appoint singer Jon Bon Jovi to the new White House Advisory Council on Community Solutions. The 1980s glam rocker from New Jersey was adored by fans for his androgynous pretty JonBenet face and tail wiggling that appealed to married women and young boys. Meanwhile the president and his guests ignored the military veterans in the cold outside protesting against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan without offering them even a cup of hot coffee, quite deplorable as far as hospitality goes.

    – December 11, 2012 2 p.m to 9 p.m. Jimmy Comet was invited with 757 other guests to First Lady Michelle Obama’s Toys for Tots collection. Alefantis, who collected toys from customers at Comet Pizza and his Buck’s restaurant, was scheduled to arrive at 2 p.m. indicating that he may have attended an unlisted meeting before the evening reception. Undoubtedly, the regulars at Comet Pizza had closets full of toys for young boys and girls with enough to spare for orphans and poor youths in the ghetto, an investment in the future if there ever was. Merry XXXmas, kids. Want to sit on Santa’s lap?

    – April 9, 2014 6:45 pm to 11:59, is an odd meeting, the nature of which has mystified Pizzagate online researchers.

    Arias from “The Mandarin’s Son”

    On April 9, 2014, from 6:45 pm to 11:59 (past midnight), Jared Oestermiller with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) met with 19 gay activists, including James Alefantis aka Jimmy Comet.

    The guest list included real estate agents, a official in the trucking industry, journalists, attorneys, lobbyists and one pizzeria owner. If one excludes personal partners in attendance, there were 17 key players presence. Besides being gay, what was the common denominator among this motley crew?

    To understand the role of the magnificent seventeen, one must peruse the organizational chart of the U.S. intelligence community, which is subdivided into a pyramid topped by an upside-down pyramid, joined in the middle by a small square, like a dumbell (a bad analogy for national intelligence even though it fits, as in the DNI James Clapper’s spurious claim of “fake news” being perpetrated by Russian agents).

    Inside the lower pyramid are the 16-plus-one intelligence-gathering agencies, CIA, NSA, ONI, ATF, and so on. A super-secret 17th intel group is not shown on the official list. These agencies report to the office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), led by James Clapper, positioned in the small square between the tips of the two triangles.

    The filtered intel findings and analyses from DNI then are moved upward into the inverted presidential triangle, through four layers of review before a neatly bound report lands on the desk in the Oval Office. These filters are the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), which reviews the financial data and sifts through economic intelligence; the Intelligence Oversight Board (IOB), which double-checks and assesses the quality of analysis and sources; then the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB), where academic experts and veteran intel officials summarize position papers and proposals into executive briefs; and then on to the National Security Council (NSC), which sets policy and action plans for presidential approval.

    With all the career spooks caged inside the bottom triangle, which is watched over by DNI Clapper, the OMB inside the presidential triangle is free of intelligence oversight and ethics standards. Its autonomy from scrutiny means that the clandestine spy team under Oestermiller reports only to President Obama. Not bound by conventional rules, this secret corps of gay operatives can transport children across borders through networks of safehouses and arrange child-rape parties, sometimes with ritual murders, for the very same reason that the Caesars held orgies, which is to politically blackmail of senators and tycoons. Moral degradation is the glue that binds together a despotic regime.

    The Watergate plumbers were rank amateurs when compared with Obama’s gay praetorian guard. Why is the Oestermiller meeting conspicuously on the White House record? Answer: To justify the generous budgetary line item for the gathered participants as discretionary spending by the Office of the President. Oestermiller’s previous job was at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) with a project on HIV-AIDS prevention. The CDC connection provides official cover for funding the president’s gay Stasi spy operation, funded with automatic approval from the OMB, the federal accounting office. The sneaky black budget explains how James Alefantis gets his nearly unlimited funds for restaurant investments, sponsorship of non-profit groups, avant-garde art events, travel to Berlin and Hawaii, and ownership of a string of properties in Washington DC and Virginia.

    Excuse us for this heavy orchestration since Part 8 of Pizzagate is supposed to be light entertainment. Policy wonks with perverse sexual habits can sure ruin an intermission, so let’s indulge in a pause for refreshment. You ask whether Stolichnaya vodka is served at our mezzanine bar because good ole boys at CIA drink whiskey and rye? Nyet! The Moscow mule is a perfect cocktail for the Clinton crowd clinking glasses with Russian tycoons. So raise a glass of U-1 (UraniumOne) vodka: Pa-ye kha-lee! (“Let’s get started”).

    Now, about the arias from the Mandarin’s Son, to comprehend these palace intrigues, one needs to recall the competing centers of imperial authority under the Chinese emperors. The Forbidden City was divided by the rivalry between the Mandarins of the civil bureaucracy and the Eunuchs of the royal harem. Since a despotic ruler cannot trust an independent bureaucracy that will outlive his reign, he will instead rely on a corps of tame, obedient castrati to staff his personal spy service and pen his edicts.

    Obama’s gay Stasi constitute an independent hub of presidential power outside the intelligence nexus, insidiously collect ing sensitive personal information and compromising photos or video on senators, congressmen, bureaucrats, intel chiefs, governors, bankers, corporate executives, media moguls, celebrities and anybody who might threaten the president’s absolutist power. With its network of informers and pimps, and entrapment schemes, Obama’s inner circle can blackmail nearly anybody who counts, as demonstrated by the ruling class unanimity on the big lie of “fake news”.

    The realtors with this secretive network provide safe houses, like the one Seth Rich stopped at for a last round with the contacts who had met him at a gay bar, before he headed home and met his death on a dark street. The murderous homosexual agents are part of the same crisis-management team deployed against Pizzagate. There is nothing novel about using gays for the state’s dirty work since the cross-dressing queer FBI director J. Edgar Hoover perfected these onerous methods of espionage and blackmail.

    The existence of a clandestine gay spy network raises questions of whether the earlier Alefantis-Crocker-Mourkarbel visits to the White House were arranged to show President Obama samples of compromising online videos of his opponents for their blackmail potential. James Alefantis appears to be “first among equals” in the gay Stasi, probably assigned to vetting those in attendance at Oestermiller’s parlay. Does that explain why Alefantis, as the secret deputy of the gay Stasi, was rated by GQ magazine as the 50th most powerful individual in Washington DC.?

    There is a precedent for a gay spy service known as the Sturmabteilung or storm troopers, the SA, who are also known as the Brown Shirts. Take note of “brown” in the handkerchief code. Jimmy Comet is the Ernst Rohm in our time. Beware of the Night of the Long Knives coming your way, Jimbo. Watch your back, bro’, cause you happen to know too much.

    The others at the Oestermiller-Alefantis meeting, listed at VOAT, are:
    Roberta P. Elias from World Wildlife Fund (WWF), which links to the British Royals
    Alyssa A. Wilmoth, actor with the Capital Talent Agency (think: hiring of crisis actors for false flag ops)
    Jeffrey B Hiott, American Public Transportation Association (moving contraband, human trafficking)
    Llewellyn Hinkes-Jones, writer for the Atlantic, Toronto Star, Washington City Paper
    Thomas R. Keegan, either a congressional staffer or journalist/actor
    Robb A. Murray, apparently a realtor
    Christoper D. Masters, roommate of Roger Cornell
    Christopher B. Wood, Discovery Channel marketer in 2010 hostage crisis
    Carlos Guitierrez, co-worker of Christopher B Wood
    Daniel, R. Zak, reporter with Washington Post
    Kenneth M. Wilkinson II, property appraiser
    Roger A. Cornell, realtor
    Jonathon W. Gartshore, lobbyist for World Wildlife Fund, another Brit agent
    Fychan E Jones
    John A. Coplen II, DC real estate agent
    Joseph. M Kapp, business analyst
    Patrick J. Tangney, settlement attorney
    Thomas Mitchell III, arbitrator

    Now that secret circle of Obama’s “eunuchs” is out, thanks to the sleuths of Pizzagate, it becomes clearer as to why all the lackeys jumped on the “fake news” bandwagon. The party’s over, boys. Now for our next selection, polyphony from Telemann’s opera buffa “Pimpinone”.

    Pinging Doktor Pong

    The Obama-Alefantis connection has deeper roots, as shown by the availability of a ham-and-pineapple pizza in East Berlin. Our passage to Hawaii starts below the Berlin Wall, or what’s left of it, into the Death Strip on the edge of uber-hip Green Party stronghold Prenzlauerberg. This section of the infamous wall was preserved as a stretch of open space to memorialize East Germans who attempted escape but were gunned by the GDR border guards.

    Post-Cold War, the Death Strip is a graffiti-sprayed playground for teens, with its Sunday afternoon Bearpit amateur karaoke show in the amphitheater and outdoor basketball courts (take note, Barry, and be sure to tuck a hankie in your back pocket). Adjoining the Turkish ghetto of Kreutzberg, the Death Strip is a gay-cruising zone for those hankering after Arab, Kurdish, Kosovar, Bosnian or Albanian hot meat on a stick, a spicy kofta kebab slathered with tahini sauce.

    In year 2000, James Alefantis and partner Oliver Miller discovered Prenzlauerberg, where Miller opened Dr. Pong, a ping pong bar. San Francisco architect Miller had arrived to Berlin earlier, in 1993, when he noticed that ping pong is the only low-cost sport for plebeian youths in every sad town from Muncheberg to Kosovska and Bucak, Turkey. Playing ping pong is an easy way to strike up a conversation with penniless and hungry young kids eager to please an older male who takes them under his wing. In the sexually segregated Muslim realm, sex between an older man and a young boy is taken casually as a misdemeanor that goes unnoticed as opposed to the felony of adultery by a woman, which is punished by the death penalty. The bored boys from nearby Kreuzberg are easy pickings drawn to the bait of ping pong and beer.

    Just up the street from the Mauerpark market, the ping pong tables at Dr. Pong provided the model for Comet Ping Pong Pizza in Washington D.C. The Berlin pedo-center is described in a reddit post: “Dr. Pong is a rugged little dingy bar in the heart of Prenzlauerberg, reminiscent of a teenage clubhouse with its minimal decor.” Note “teenage”. Its limited beverage menu is mostly non-alcoholic for entry-level rough-trade Muslim boys circling around the game tables for the next volley in the group game of “Around the World”, a dress rehearsal for a daisy chain.

    While the Doctor doesn’t do beer deliveries to embassy residences, there’s probably a lot of demand from diplomats for take-out meat sticks, judging from the great reviews on Trip Adviser’s English-language list of the top 10 bars in Berlin. The Top Ten list fails to include the plusher interior of the fetishist KitKat Club. Another telling indicator is that 666 bar-hopping tours stop at Dr. Pong, indicating a connection to the Satanic rites similar to those in DC. What’s intriguing about Dr. Pong is that its male-on-male games may have provided the concept for torture of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Graibh prison.

    During the last years of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) or East Germany, Prenzlauerberg was the favored residential district for gays, hippies and avant-garde artists, a tradition that continued after national reunification in October 1990. Prenzlauerberg is also the location of Rykestrasse Synagogue, the largest Jewish center in Berlin, which was restored at great expense after reunification while Berlin was being restored to its former glory as a Jewish capital with coprophilia clubs and fetish bars to degrade the goyem.

    Oliver Miller’s arrival in 1993 coincided with the massive expansion of human trafficking of children for the European pedophile sex trade out of the war-torn Balkans in the wake of the Clinton-Blair NATO interventions to break apart Yugoslavia. Berlin was a transit point for children transshipped between Belgrade and the UK by the Kosovar mafia and Western military contractors including DynCorp. London is the wholesale global market for child sex slaves through fraudulent NGOs that act as adoption agencies.

    Sadly for Alefantis and Miller, the pair arrived a few years too late to join SchwuP, the Movement for Gay, Pederast and Transsexual Rights, which until 1987 was a wing of the Green Party, itself a product of the sexual liberation and drug experimentation theories of the CIA-allied Frankfurt School. Even after being busted for possession of methamphetamines, SchwuP leader Volker Berg survives as a parliamentarian in the Bundestag as the crusty old chief of the German-Israeli Parliamentary Friendship Group. Go chew on that, vice cops and DEA agents.

    In 1986, Volker’s “Schwuppies” distributed this Green Party flyer to parliamentarians: “He is a boy, roughly 10 years old, with a pretty face, full lips, a straight nose and shoulder-length hair. The wings of an angel protrude from his narrow back, and a penis is drawn with thin lines on the front of his body.” In any country other than defeatist Germany beholden to the Israeli pedophiles, this sort of drivel is called illegal pornographic trash and justification for SWAT shoot-to-kill raids.

    The politically ambitious Greens eventually had to repudiate their support for sex with kindergarteners by their founders including Danny “the Red” Cohen-Bendit, the CIA-promoted leader of the 1968 student riots in Paris. The pedophile campaign was carried forward until 2008 by Volker Berg’s partner Jacques Teyssier, a former member of the French intelligence service, who was on board of the Lesben und Schwulenverband in Deutschland (LSVD), the lesbian and gay association in Germany. The German gay movement is obviously a brainwashed arm of the CIA.

    The darker side of the pedophilic underground has since been carried on by a provocative novelist with the pen name Klaus Wanninger, the Anonymous of the Karlsruhe-based Schwaben-sumpf (the Schwabian Swamp). Sadistic and Satanic imagery was developed in parallel by this deviant strain, which obviously has had a huge influence on the artists and customers at Comet Ping Pong Pizza.

    In early 2012, Alefantis and Miller teamed up to start a restaurant called Nalu or “wave” in Hawaiian. The partnership in the Berlin restaurant inspired Alefantis to sponsor a “sausage festival” at his Buck’s Fishing and Camping restaurant in Washington DC to honor a visit by Oliver Miller. There is no indication that Nalu or Dr. Pong has ever celebrated Octoberfest in Berlin by adding traditional bockwurst mit sauerkraut und senf (mustard) to their menus.

    Hotdog Stand in Hawaii

    A reference to sausages did appear in an email that Obama’s chief climate-change negotiator Todd Stern sent to John Podesta.
    Date: 2015-09-03 18:17
    Subject: man, I miss you
    The next three months are going to be rougher internally than in Beijing. Between 7th and 1600, no fun. Hope you’re doing ok. I’m dreaming about your hotdog stand in Hawaii. . .

    The term 7th refers to the 7th floor of the State Department, with 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue being the address of the White House. After convincing the government China to support UN COP21, Stern was stressed-out by the preparations and diplomatic push for the make-or-break 2015 Paris climate-change conference. That much is clear, but the strange communication about a hotdog stand in Hawaii has been a matter of conjecture among reddit and Voat sleuths. One post suggested it referred to a fast-food joint on Molokai island, owned by a man with the surname of Podesta, but the suspicion was in error since one of the two given names does not match that of Hillary’s campaign manager.

    A more reliable lead emerged when online researchers tracked down the business history of the Arab-owned Besta pizzeria, located two doors down from Comet Ping Pong in DC. That search disclosed local ownership of a Besta Pizza by the Filipino-American Batin family in Koloa, Kauia in the State of Hawaii, under a franchise based in Las Vegas. The since-bankrupted pizzeria on Kauai island is the probable place that James Alefantis learned the art of wood-fired pizza-making, specializing of course in ham-and-pineapple and seafood toppings. After the closure of the Las Vegas office, the franchise operator FCD Property LLC reappeared on the East Coast in Baltimore and, under Arab ownership, near Comet Ping Pong.

    Kauai, the “Garden Island” renowned for its tropical ecology, is a favored destination for ultra-wealthy global jet-setters, who are too snooty to set foot in tourist-packed Waikiki, the likes of whom include Pierce Brosnan, Ben Stiller and Michael Crichton. Barack Obama has frequently vacationed there, most recently on for a ceremony in September 2016 to declare the world’s largest marine reserve stretching from Kauai to the Midway islands.

    What besides plumeria blossoms and papaya trees brought Barry O’Bomber Soetaro and James Achilles Alefantis to this haven for the rich and famous? One of the major attractions of Hawaiian resorts is, of course, prostitution and, given slack law enforcement, the “beach boy” trade for tourists, female or male. Did Alefantis moonlight as a male escort, and then work his way up the job ladder as a procurer of teenagers for wealthy gay visitors? Kauai was the probable starting point for businessman Alefantis’s daily special combo of pizza and underage sex workers.

    Along with teen boys, another attraction prior to the legalization of cannabis dispensaries was the illegal marijuana and methamphetamine trade, boosted by the state’s Maui Wowie image, always a plus factor for laidback Kauai gay pride fests. With this context in mind, a second look at the Stern-Podesta email indicates that the White House climate-change official had probably stopped over in Hawaii on the way from Washington DC to Beijing. There, on Koloa Landing, Poipu beach, is the “hotdog stand”, a codeword for underage male prostitutes. (Intimacy with adult beach boys is legal whenever payment for a sex session is included in the surfing lesson, and so the hotdog code is intended for beach boys under 18 years of age.)

    The use of past tense indicates Stern had earlier been introduced to the Kauai boy-sex scene by John Podesta, a frequent visitor to Hawaii in the entourage going to President Obama’s home state and possibly earlier. Todd D. Stern was a member of Vice President Al Gore’s delegation to the 1997 Kyoto Summit on Climate Change. The main sponsors of that event in Japan were the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), the utility that would gain notoriety for its cover-ups of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, and Toyota Motor Exports, which was planning a future of electric cars recharged by nuclear power plants, thus the anti-coal strategy. Al Gore is a nuclear proponent whose political base is in the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), a leading nuclear investment zone. High-percentile THC joints on a Kauai beach probably accounts for the lunacy of signing aboard the Kyoto Protocol of the Elders of TEPCO.

    The blowback from nuclear collusion onto the Hawaiian Islands happened within days of the Fukushima meltdowns of mid-March 2011, with huge spikes in radioactivity levels wafting across the Pacific, which soon led to mutations of vegetation across the islands. The information on the biological effects of nuclear contamination was totally suppressed by Obama’s Department of Energy. The federal cover-up prevented public-health responses to combat the steady rise in the local rates of heart-failure and cancer, which rose after a long period of decline prior to 2011, and were therefore likely due to radioactivity exposure. Since Fukushima, Hawaii is no longer a green paradise and is instead a death trap for residents and visitors who loiter near the nuclear-contaminated seawater along the beach. By failing to warn and protect the Hawaiian population from radioactivity, Barry Obama has doomed his reputed birthplace, which he does not treat as a genuine motherland.

    There’s only one question left to answer, how do you want your hotdog? Mustard, relish, kraut or relish, or simply undressed?

    Trivia from the Magic Flute

    Our program concludes with alto tenor Jaime Les-Enfantes presenting a sample of melodies from Mozart’s menagerie of wild beasts and Frankist warlocks.

    – Greek connection: The Alefantis family are descendants of Greek immigrants. John and Tony Podesta’s mother Mary Kokoris is Greek. Alex Tsipras, prime minister of Greece, is of course the fellow Greek who aided and abetted Bill Clinton and George Soros in organizing the European migrant crisis of 2015 that sent thousands of unaccompanied refugee children to human trafficking networks in the Balkans and Western Europe. Everything’s connected.

    – Georgetown link: John Podesta received his law degree from the law school of Georgetown University to become the great protector of the national pedophile network. James Alefantis graduated with honors from elite Georgetown Day School before migrating to Indiana and Hawaii, then on to pedo Berlin and back to DC.

    – Tony Podesta’s ex-wife Heather Miller has not publicly disclosed her origins, but a search of the historical record shows her hometown to be Nicolaus, California, population 211 in the 2010 census, an agrarian village located on the outskirts of Yuba City and on the bank of the Feather River, near Sutter’s Mill, a site famous for the ‘49er gold rush. She’s a small-town yokel who struck it rich as a corporate lobbyist and art collector. What’s she got that the rest of us don’t?

    With that, our program of light entertainment has drawn to an ed. Next week we resume our grand symphony series with the big guns of Wagner horsn and timpani kettles. We hope you’ll join us for another evening of classical delights. Miss Cunningham, Christine, if you’d be so nice as to escort these gentlemen to their car. Charming girl, isn’t he?

    Yoichi Shimatsu is a Hong Kong-based investigative journalist and former lecturer of news reporting and media studies at three universities.

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    ‘Refugee’ named Mohamed sexually assaults disabled U.S. woman- media silent

    A refugee newly arrived from Somalia has been tried and convicted for attempting to sexually assault a special-needs woman while she was sitting outside of a home for the disabled in Aberdeen, South Dakota.

    body { display: inline-block; width: 160px; height: 375px;} // = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});”);document.close();})();” width=”160″ align=”top” height=”365″ frameborder=”0″>

    Liban Mohamed, 39, was in the United States for only about a week when he tried to force himself on a 31-year-old woman with severe disabilities. He is not a U.S. citizen, but whether he will be deported in the wake of his conviction remains unclear.

    The trial for Mohamed was held just a few days before Christmas and not a word of the conviction has made it into the local media, residents of Aberdeen told WND on Tuesday.

    Mohamed speaks no English and required two interpreters at trial, according to the state’s attorney who prosecuted the case.

    “I do know he lived in Aberdeen,” prosecutor Christopher White told WND. “The day that it happened, he was staying at the White House Inn hotel in Aberdeen. What came out at trial, in his defense attorney’s opening statement, was that he arrived in Aberdeen that day and had only been in the United States for approximately a week, and he had come to work at the beef plant in Aberdeen. But I don’t know if he had already started working or was about to start work there.”

    Mohamed mentioned to law enforcement that he had been hired on at the Demkota Ranch beef plant, White said.

    WND called the executive editor of Aberdeen’s daily newspaper, the American News, and asked why nothing has been reported on the crime committed by Mohamed. He said he had no knowledge of Mohamed’s arrest, trial or conviction.

    “I’m not seeing it in our system, and I really don’t recall it,” said editor J.J. Perry when asked about the case Tuesday by WND. “I’ll have to talk to our court reporter. It might be we just missed it on the docket.”

    The newspaper’s court reporter, Elisa Sand, did not attend the trial, WND was told by officials who were present on Dec. 20.

    Nor has the case received any coverage from local TV stations in South Dakota or neighboring Minnesota.

    Dozens of Sex Attacks Registered in Berlin Despite ‘Tough’ Security Measures

    Read more:

    The enhancement of security measures in Germany on New Year’s Eve didn’t prove sufficient as 23 complaints about sexual assaults have already been filed by women in the police office in Berlin.

    The Christmas Market (Weihnachtsmarkt) of Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany © East News/ Polaris Images Over 50% of German Women Feel Less Safe After Cologne Sex Attacks, Poll Shows Late December, representatives of the German police stated that increased security measures were taken on New Year’s Eve in Berlin and other German cities to ensure people’s safety. About 1,700 police officers should have ensured security during the New Year celebrations in the German capital. However, it didn’t help much in terms of preventing cases of sexual assaults committed by migrants against women. According to recent information, the suspects have been identified as migrants, Der Tagesspiegel reported on Tuesday.

    Read more:

    Nurse lured to park by ‘fake cries for help’ then sexually abused by five ‘African’ men

    POLICE are today hunting five men of “African appearance” who lured a nurse into a park with fake cries for help then beat her unconscious and sexually abused her.

    Asylum seekers scam German aid program for millions by applying with ‘up to 12’ fake IDs

    US Citizen arrested in shooting of consular official in Mexico

    Amarillo, TX being destroyed by refugee overload

    “Small ghettos” of competing ethnic groups have developed!

    We have been writing about Amarillo, Texas (a ‘pocket of resistance’) for a couple of years (see our complete archive by clicking here).  Like so many meatpacking towns in America, federal refugee resettlement contractors*** got a foot hold there years ago (mostly working as ‘head hunters’ for the meatpacking industry) and have continued to pour third-worlders into Amarillo despite pleas by elected officials to STOP! (See our post just yesterday, here, about BIG MEAT).

    ***Update*** See more about Cargill, the meat giant, here.

    The US to Swap Indigenous Peoples of the Americas to Australia in Exchange for Middle East Muslims? Not a Joke! It’s in Reuters

    Merkel Shouted Down As A Traitor In Germany

    Molech Has Germany Next On The List: Annette Kahane Formerly Of The Stasi In Charge Of Keeping The Lid On Thousands Of Rapes By Illiterate Illegal Aliens Boated In By Merkel And Erdogan Employed By Merkel To Censor Social Media In Germany-NPD To Be Banned: Native Americans On The Ropes: Palestinians On The Ropes: Germans Next

    1005 Attacks In Germany Against Jewish Genetic Engineering Centers (Molech Continues To Work The Human Genome) Sarkozy Announces Out breeding As Government Policy

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel Praises “Visions For 2050” A Book Predicting The Extinction Of The German People: Germany With Natural Born Killers At The Helm

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    The US to Swap Indigenous Peoples of the Americas to Australia in Exchange for Middle East Muslims? Not a Joke! It’s in Reuters

    The US promised Australia that they would take a bunch of Middle Eastern refugees-migrants that are trying to enter Australia if Australia would take Central American refugee-migrants! This was in Reuters news. It is found under World News videos and neither under humor, nor under humour.
    Festival in Nebaj, Guatemala CC-0, Released to the Public Domain via Wikipedia
    Festival in Nebaj, Guatemala, photo released to public domain via wikipedia

    The US may transship Central Americans – largely indigenous to the Americas- to Australia, as was done with many indigenous British and Irish. British and Irish were transshipped to the Caribbean, the US and Canada before Australia. Australia has its own indigenous people. [Update: The refugees are apparently located in Costa Rica and not Mexico. This raises the question of why Mexico is not taking them? Are they Mexicans instead of Central Americans? What about Nicaragua and many South American countries which have low population densities? Why aren’t they taking them? Why are they made refugees in their own lands? How is it acceptable that people be chased from their homes by gangs and/or mining companies? Are the gangs working for mining companies? How is it the responsability of the US? Is it the responsibility of Australia due to the importance of mining in their economy? Is the real agenda to remove indigenous people from the lands so that they can’t claim indigenous rights against mining companies ? In this article from September, the Australian PM says it’s not a people swap but the description given by Reuters Australia this week makes it sound like one:,000-per-year/7863712 We need to think in the context of MesoAmerica, meaning that the refugees may be indigenous Mexicans or Central Americans. ]

    Could it be that ethnic cleansing is going on in Syria? Is shipping Syrians out of Syria part of a process of ethnic cleansing? And, some of the other countries?

    How does the US treat its own indigenous peoples? Most now know of the Standing Rock Sioux, but how many know the Oglala Sioux of Pine Ridge to the south? “Life on the Pine Ridge Native American reservation Where life expectancy is the second-lowest in the western hemisphere and 80 percent of people are unemployed.“, 2 Nov, 2016: Even in this article no mention is made of the poisoning of the Pine Ridge water supply by uranium mining in the past, present (Cameco), and proposed for the future (Powertech-Azarga’s Dewey Burdock). Cleanup has been requested and uranium mining opposed for more than a decade by Oglala Lakota Sioux, mostly to no avail.

    The US homeless camps offering a lesson in democracy” 4 November 2016: “There are about 564,700 homeless people in the US Meanwhile the US is spending $ 6 to 7 BILLION PER YEAR in humanitarian aid abroad, according to President Obama, and close to $2 BILLION PER YEAR to import foreign radioactive waste to dump and bury in the US, while pretending that it is for non-proliferation.

    This is from Reuters:
    President Trump threatens Australia refugee deal
    Posted:Tue, 15 Nov 2016 04:31:00 -0500
    Australia thought it was onto a good thing when it signed a deal with Washington to swap refugees – many of them Muslim – in exchange for taking in asylum seekers from Central America. But as Reuters’ Jane Wardell reports, that was before they were blindsided by a Donald Trump election win which now threatens the entire agreement Now, why wouldn’t Australia want Muslim refugees from warzones? Why is taking indigenous Central Americans (who are Christians) preferable to them? There actually could be drug dealers and gang leaders amongst those Central Americans fleeing before violence and land grabs by extractive industries (mining, oil), as there may be Islamic terrorists among the Muslim refugees.

    Australia PM: No refugees will be sent to US this year
    Turnbull said 1,200 refugees from Nauru will not be resettled in the US before president-elect Trump takes office. Nauru is where they are located in refugee camps, not where they came from. People should be vigilant just in case.

    What’s the rationale here? Is it because Australian and Canadian mining companies are displacing Central Americans and the US is involved in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan? Let’s see, a whole lot of other countries were in Iraq, including the UK and Australia and many more countries: And, is Russia taking refugees since they are in Syria too? Almost none. Former colonial master France?

    19 MAY 2016 Chinese most welcoming to refugees, Russians least New 27-nation index by Amnesty International ranks how welcoming people are to those fleeing war and persecution. Note that China has a huge population and doesn’t “need” more people. Russia has the largest land area in the world and if a country were to “need” more people, then Russia would be it. The truth, of course, is that the world is overpopulated and the very existence of people, even at the most basic level, is destructive due to area needed to farm food, etc., etc.

    How can sending Central Americans, who so largely descend from the Indigenous peoples of the Americas, to Australia be justified? How many are fleeing due to the extractive industries which have robbed them of their land, and not just from gang violence? Or land grabs by agribusiness to feed the exploding world population? Central Americans are indigenous to the Americans and mostly Christians. Experts believe that the North American Mound Builders and the Central American Indians are kin. A Cherokee tradition says that Latin American and Cherokee have common origins. How many in refugee camps are indigenous Mexicans that Mexico is trying to get rid of in order to grab their lands?

    Exporting indigenous peoples to another continent looks really like genocide.

    This looks remarkably like the Highland Clearances in Scotland, as well as other clearances, where indigenous people of northern Europe were transshipped to the Americas and Australia-New Zealand to make room for sheep and mining companies. Britain and Ireland still won’t take their children back! Rather they too frequently stick up their noses at “Americans” as though “America” fell from the sky. The same is true for many of the countries who have exported their children to the Americas. During the Great Famine of the mid 1800s the British government made the landlords responsible for feeding the tenants. Landlords were sometimes unwilling and sometimes unable to feed the tenants, so the tenants were forced to go to America. Probably some of the landlords were forced out too. The Choctaw Indians, recently displaced from Mississippi to Oklahoma by the US government sent money to help the Irish: Could it be that the Choctaw thought that if they gave to the Irish that maybe the Irish could stay in Ireland?

    Why should either indigenous peoples of America be transshipped to Australia or Syrians transshipped to the Americas? What did Dorothy say? “There’s no place like home…

    On October 21st of 2016 US Judge Norgle observed:
    It is well‐documented that refugees to the United States are not representative of that war‐torn area of the world. Perhaps 10 percent of the population of Syria is Christian, and yet less than one‐half of one percent of Syrian refugees admitted to the United States this year are Christian.1 Recognizing the crisis in Syria, the President in 2015 set a goal of resettling 10,000 refugees in the United States. And in August the government reached this laudable goal. And yet, of the nearly 11,000 refugees admitted by mid‐September, only 56 were Christian. To date, there has not been a good explanation for this perplexing discrepancy.

    So why does the US not take Christians, who along with women who don’t want to veil are most endangered by Islamic extremists?

    Blinkered President Obama seems to think that if he takes more and more Muslims that it will somehow protect the US from attacks by Islamic extremists, whereas this just hasn’t worked out. Western governments choose to ignore tell-tale signs of extremism such as veiling of women – at least when the men don’t also veil. One can be devout and not veil. Those women not wanting to veil are the people who need to be brought in as refugees to the west. Apparently there’s nothing in the Koran that says that one should veil (there is in the New Testament of the Bible, though: head-coverings in church for married women). Someone just commented on an online newspaper that those Muslims going to the US are agreeing to convert to Christianity. This is patently false. But, when it comes to (Islamist) ideology, truth doesn’t matter. Anything that you give to the Red Cross gets called the Red Crescent in Muslim lands, so that neither Christians nor Jews get ideological credit for their charity. While Jesus says don’t get caught doing good, in this context it could be life-saving.

    President Obama: “And if we were to turn refugees away simply because of their background or religion, or, for example, because they are Muslim, then we would be reinforcing terrorist propaganda that nations like my own are somehow opposed to Islam, which is an ugly lie that must be rejected in all of our countries by upholding the values of pluralism and diversity

    Last year the United States provided more than $6 billion in humanitarian assistance worldwide. We anticipate providing more than $7 billion in humanitarian assistance to international organizations and non-governmental organizations by the end of the current fiscal year.” (President Obama, Sept. 2016)

    And, yet, the US never gets credit for this any more than it gets credit for carrying most of the weight of NATO. Only a few countries – Poland, Estonia, the UK and Greece spend the recommended 2% of GDP. The US spends a greater percentage. Wealthy Luxembourg could better afford it and yet they give less than 1/2 of a percent of their GDP.

    Not only are Americans hated, but how many are homeless and unemployed? How many expated out? How many of the “sandwich” generation where Americans must live with and support both adult children and the elderly, and probably by now grand-children and great-grand-children because even those in their 50s, average age to become a grand-parent, have been left out of the system? Some even older have been left out of the economy. This is due not only to corporate offshoring but due to decades of unfair immigration policy. Many US cities have long been war-zones and the US government wishes to add to the problems by bringing in desperate youth gangs from East Africa, North Africa, and the Middle East? It’s not working out well in Europe. It doesn’t seem to be working out in the US either: Britain and the US need to let all of the potential terrorists who want to go abroad to go abroad and just not come back, as many have observed.

    Ignoring the governor, New Jersey refugee contractors vow to place them as fast as Obama admits them!

    It was the Italian mafia that dumped radioactive waste on east Africa (Somalia): The region was colonized by the Italians and British, and then fell into Russia’s (USSR) orbit of influence, but despite the facts, it’s all Americans fault! Oct. 3 to 4 1993 – one day war, if you blinked you missed it:–United_States_relations It may well be the mafia who are funneling east Africans into Italy and thus Europe. Germany was in east Africa too:

    On October 21st of 2016 US Judge Norgle observed (longer excerpt):
    I write separately for a second, critical reason, which is my concern about the apparent lack of Syrian Christians as a part of immigrants from that country. It is possible that our case bears a direct link to this enigma.

    It is well‐documented that refugees to the United States are not representative of that war‐torn area of the world. Per‐ haps 10 percent of the population of Syria is Christian, and yet less than one‐half of one percent of Syrian refugees admit‐ ted to the United States this year are Christian.1 Recognizing the crisis in Syria, the President in 2015 set a goal of resettling 10,000 refugees in the United States. And in August the gov‐ ernment reached this laudable goal. And yet, of the nearly 11,000 refugees admitted by mid‐September, only 56 were Christian. To date, there has not been a good explanation for this perplexing discrepancy.

    This is not to suggest that any refugee group is more or less welcome: quite the contrary. The good people of this country routinely welcome immigrants from all over the world. But in a democracy, good data is critical to public debate about national immigration policy. When we demand high evidentiary burdens for states seeking to keep their citizens safe, and then prevent the states from obtaining that evidence, we create a Catch‐22“”No. 16‐1840 HEARTLAND ALLIANCE NATIONAL IMMIGRANT JUSTICE CENTER, Plaintiff‐Appellant, v. U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY, Defendant‐Appellee. / Appeal from the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division. No. 12 C 9692 — Charles R. Norgle, Judge. / ARGUED SEPTEMBER 28, 2016 — DECIDED OCTOBER 21, 2016


    President Obama:
    And if we were to turn refugees away simply because of their background or religion, or, for example, because they are Muslim, then we would be reinforcing terrorist propaganda that nations like my own are somehow opposed to Islam, which is an ugly lie that must be rejected in all of our countries by upholding the values of pluralism and diversity…

    First and foremost, we must recognize that refugees are a symptom of larger failures — be it war, ethnic tensions, or persecution.  If we truly want to address the crisis, wars like the savagery in Syria must be brought to an end — and it will be brought to an end through political settlement and diplomacy, and not simply by bombing

    As Americans, we’re determined to do our part.  The United Nations [United States] is the largest single donor of humanitarian aid around the world, including to refugees and to the people of Syria.  We resettle more refugees than any other nation.  As President, I’ve increased the number of refugees we are resettling to 85,000 this year, which includes 10,000 Syrian refugees — a goal we’ve exceeded even as we’ve upheld our rigorous screening. And I called for this summit because we all have to do more.

    I want to thank our co-hosts, Secretary General Ban, and Jordan.  Obviously, Jordan is carrying an enormous burden as a consequence of the conflict, and we are grateful for His Majesty and the work that they’ve done.  Mexico, which is absorbing a great number of refugees from Central America.  Sweden, which has made enormous humanitarian contributions in addition to taking on refugees.  Germany and Canada — two countries that have gone above and beyond in providing support for refugees.  And I want to personally thank Chancellor Merkel and Prime Minister Trudeau, and the people of both those countries — because the politics sometimes can be hard, but it’s the right thing to do.  And Ethiopia, which as was noted in the video, bears an enormous burden…

    Since 1975 the United States has resettled more than 3.2 million refugees representing more than 70 nationalities. We increased the number of refugees resettled annually in the United States from 70,000 in 2015 to 85,000 this year, and, as recently announced, have established an admissions target of 110,000 in fiscal year (FY) 2017.” [THIS IS REFUGEES ONLY. IT IS NOT IMMIGRANTS. IT IS NOT WORKER VISAS. SEE: ]

    The United States has also increased alternative pathways of admission, providing special immigrant visas to more than 11,000 people at risk from Iraq and Afghanistan in FY16, an increase of more than 4,000 from FY 2015. Last year the United States provided more than $6 billion in humanitarian assistance worldwide. We anticipate providing more than $7 billion in humanitarian assistance to international organizations and non-governmental organizations by the end of the current fiscal year. In direct support of the Summit’s goals, the United States recently made a contribution of nearly $37 million for UNHCR’s work with countries hosting refugees to increase the number of refugee children receiving a quality education. The United States is also proud to have provided $20 million in support for the Education Cannot Wait Platform, the world’s first fund for education in emergencies and protracted crises, championing access to education in the most complex and dangerous environments“.
    [Emphasis our own throughout.]

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    ‘Almost 100% effective- no side effects’: Russian Ebola vaccine presented to WHO

    ‘Almost 100% effective, no side effects’: Russian Ebola vaccine presented to WHO
    A Russian vaccine against the Ebola virus has been presented to the World Health Organization (WHO) by Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova. Tests of the drug showed high resistance to the virus five months after vaccination, she said.

    Russia’s Combi vaccine, which was granted a patent last week, was unveiled at the Palais des Nations at the UN office in Geneva, Switzerland.

    The volunteers vaccinated with the Russian drug have passed the first and second phase of research and “we can say that after four-and-a-half to five months… they still retained a high titer of antibodies against the… Ebola virus,” Skvortsova told RT.

    “In laboratory conditions, this serum allows to completely neutralize Ebola, with almost 100 percent efficacy. The vaccine is absolutely safe, and has almost no side, as well as offering an unmatched immunity-boosting effect,” said the official.

    Skvortsova noted the Russian vaccine against Ebola may be used in Guinea as early as March or April, with plans to produce up to 10,000 dosages of the drug every month. She has also scheduled to meet WHO Director General Margaret Chan on Tuesday.

    The minister noted that competing Western vaccines were still in the testing phase, and offered access to information and collaborative research with labs developing their own Ebola preventatives.

    Russian scientists required “a rather small time frame” of 15 months to develop two-vector vaccines against Ebola, which use a chemically weakened virus to transport pieces of the pathogen in order to stimulate an immune response, Sergey Kraevoy, deputy health minister, explained to TASS in January.

    “The first vaccine includes an RNA and DNA-containing virus, triggering immunization in accordance with the so-called booster mechanism when one vector enhances the effect of the other, which leads to a significant stimulation of humoral and cellular immunity,” he explained.

    The second vaccine is designed for people with immunodeficiency and consists of a single vector of the DNA-containing virus with built-in Ebola genetic material.

    The drug “has a greater effect on the cellular link, increasing activity of cellular immunity more than 30 times,” Kraevoy said.

    Vladimir Putin was first to announce the development of the Russian vaccines, with the president stressing that its effectiveness “is higher than that of those remedies that have been used in the world up to now.”

    The most recent Ebola outbreak began in Guinea in December 2013, before quickly spreading to Liberia and Sierra Leone and ultimately claiming 11,000 lives.

    The World Health Organization declared the end of Ebola transmission in November 2015, beginning a 90-day period of enhanced surveillance.

    READ MORE: Russia registers most effective drug for Ebola – Putin

    However, both UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the WHO have warned that despite all known chains of the transmission of the virus being blocked in West Africa, new outbreaks are likely to occur in 2016.

    Bulgarian Psychic Vanga Predicts Nothing Will Be left But The Glory Of Vladimir, No Word If This Was Lenin Or Putin, Russia To Be The World’s Only Superpower

    Voices From Joseph And The Greek Monastery-The Vatican Will Cease To Exist-Jewish Masons Will Force Turkey Into War With Greece And Russia Will Destroy Turkey

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