Time To Take Down The Pyramids A Symbol Of Slavery


I have no doubt in my mind either that Russia was probably mixed up in all of this, I just can’t quite put my finger on it yet. You know it was, you just know it.

The American flag is also in danger at this point, however the indian holocaust is not mentioned in the top ten even.

Fighting terrorism

Of course we all know what went on at the coliseum in Rome. All of those Christians were fed to the lions. No way this edifice stands for much longer. Finishing off the lions who are already an endangered species might be a plan also.


Image  by wiki

The holy see of course soon realized all they had to do was rearrange the message a bit and lo and behold they had a program to control the masses and keep the empire together that was out of this world. It morphed into the Brotherhood of the bell.





Then there is that star of david flag. We know the ancient Hebrews finished off the Amorites (a “white” tribe in the area) by feeding 6 million of them into the ovens. It says so right there in the old testament. It was one of those forgotten holocausts. Might want to make the number 6 disappear also as it is always associated with bad news. We need to probably give this one a break however as it simply a lifted Vedic symbol of tantric sex going back 7 thousand years.

Germany is now set to allow Mein Kampf back on the bookshelves for sale. How quirky is that?



Of course we could go on and on with this comedy but we all see the how ridiculous it is and of course the PTB want ethnic confrontation at this point. We know what really happened!



In 1830, a fourth of the free Negro slave masters in South Carolina owned 10 or more slaves; eight owning 30 or more.


According to federal census reports, on June 1, 1860 there were nearly 4.5 million Negroes in the United States, with fewer than four million of them living in the southern slaveholding states.


Of the blacks residing in the South, 261,988 were not slaves. Of this number, 10,689 lived in New Orleans. Black Duke University professor John Hope Franklin recorded that in New Orleans over 3,000 free Negroes owned slaves, or 28 percent of the free Negroes in that city.


In 1860 there were at least six Negroes in Louisiana who owned 65 or more slaves. The largest number, 152 slaves, were owned by the widow C. Richards and her son P.C. Richards, who owned a large sugar cane plantation.


Another Negro slave magnate in Louisiana, with over 100 slaves, was Antoine Dubuclet, a sugar planter whose estate was valued at (in 1860 dollars) $264,000.


In Charleston, South Carolina in 1860, 125 free Negroes owned slaves; six of them owning 10 or more. Of the $1.5 million in taxable property owned by free Negroes in Charleston, more than $300,000 represented slave holdings. In North Carolina 69 free Negroes were slave owners.



Sometime around 23 hundred years ago we see in the Mahabharata Ydhishthira has a vision of the age to come: I see the coming of another age, where barbaric kings rule over a vicious, broken world, where puny, fearful men live tiny lives, white hair at sixteen, copulating with animals, their women perfect whores, making love with greedy mouths. The cows dry, trees stunted, no more flowers, no more purity, ambition, corruption, the age of Kali, the black time.”



The Kali Yuga Always Ends The Same Way
“For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, please know that the current pandemic of ignorance and arrogance is quite purposeful.  It is induced — by the Universe itself — for the protection of the masses so that their ignorance has become bliss.  The bliss that comes with not knowing the grim realities[2] which abound everywhere one looks. How else can so many face the rapidly devolving state of affairs manifesting worldwide?
Likewise, it is only for the ultimate benefit of the controllers that their arrogance has become so unfathomable and intractable.  Difficult though it may be to understand, they have an integral part to play in this cosmic drama.  Someone always has to play the bad guy, you know.  Perhaps the time has come to show our understanding, and maybe even some appreciation, to those crazies[3] who are running the insane asylum for putting on such a convincing show”

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Brotherhood Of The Bell!-The Key To Our Enslavement Is The Sexual Energy

This one was buried by google but we will dust it off once in awhile. This is a re-run for the most part. Remember that old movie starring Glenn Ford-BROTHERHOOD OF THE BELL?

THE “KEY” TO OUR ENSLAVEMENT IS THE SEXUAL ENERGY, by Bradley Loves (Underground Blood Orgies In The Catholic Church)


Hook'em PopeThis is an interesting piece, many of the conclusions I had already arrived at long ago. I don’t know much about Drumvalo but I am pretty sure the universe is a magnetic matrix.

The thoroughly agonizing feature of this article is the insane torture of children by the vatican and various other psychopaths. I am sure many of you are familiar with












See everything written here to learn about the church and blood sacrifice:

This particularly caught my eye as there was an old camp movie starring Glenn Ford called the brotherhood of the bell and it was about a secret society that controlled the world. More on the Bell concept.


Remember that old movie-Brotherhood Of The Bell?

“The BELL is not of symbol of liberty – but it is in truth a symbol of enslavement!

When a young boy child is naked on his hands and knees and about to get anally accosted by a Priest or Practitioner of Dark Magic – the view of his genitals from behind make the exact shape of a Bell!

Unable to provide a picture or a drawing of what is obvious — you have to use your understanding of anatomy to realize that this is completely true. With most of his penis hidden, and just the leading end visible and hanging below – it gives you the “ringer” of the bells! And thus the SYMBOL of a “BELL” to the occultists symbolize the genitals of a young male child before he is about to be ritualistically “had” by one of them.

Continuing with the anatomical construction of almost all of the “buildings” which we call CHURCHES  — and even early government buildings — they have both a “steeple” which represents the fully erect male phallus (just as does an Egyptian Obelisk) and just below the steeple (on a church) you have the “bell tower” or the “ball tower” where the BELLS (BALLS) are kept – which is the laughable wink, wink, nod, nod of the occultists as they giggle at our willingness to believe EVERYTHING THEY TELL US WITHOUT QUESTION!





Blank Space

If we have any intention of freeing ourselves from the enslavement in which we find ourselves, I believe that finding the courage to read this article is totally necessary! For me, it created an ah-ha! moment. Now, it all finally makes sense. Bradley, with the greatest of love has been leading us towards this information. Of course, since this is a free will planet, it is your choice to accept this information. I know it will be extremely difficult for many of you, so prepare yourselves, please. I will not be publishing anything else today, but will be here to field comments and discussion.

Remember, I have told you repeatedly to give yourselves time to adjust – when your reality is almost totally upset. I’m suggesting that this this could take a couple of weeks or more, and I think to a greater or lesser degree this will upset most of our realities. 

Much love to everyone!

This piece is about to “bust” the doors wide open on the Occult World and all that is hidden there. Far, far deeper and far more creepy than almost any one of us can fathom, it is the “worship” – the “feeding off of” – and the harnessing of the HUMAN SEXUAL ENERGY, that not only helps the MAGICIANS TO ENSLAVE US – but is the “power” or the “juice” that runs their batteries – so to speak. When I say batteries, what I mean is that it takes an awful lot of raw energy to create and to “maintain” a dark fictitious REALITY within the confines of the magnetic hologram.

In physical terms – “energy” is: CURRENCY – JUICE – OIL & GAS which is then tied back to CURRENCY, so that the two are almost inseparable! (see more on currency below *)

This piece is going to be long – in depth – and super “graphic” in both it’s detail and descriptions, so get ready for that! No more skipping around the topic, without taking a good, hard look at it! No more taking it easy on everyone who still wants to “lay in bed and not wake up” to what’s going on out there. Out come the pots and pans and the cymbals, (symbols) – and jumping up and down on the mattress until you have NO CHOICE but to get your butt out of the bed!


Everything I’m going to talk about goes back to the “grid” or the “lines” around the Earth! You need to keep that in mind! These lines, or “ley-lines” actually run in tandem! There are “earth-lines” which skirt the surface of the Earth, and then again are re-created at about 60 miles above the Earth – they are duplicates of the grid lines at the surface. (as above – so below).

They are mirror images of each other!

The layer or area of space about 60 miles high is known as the Ionosphere, but is also known by scientists to be the “collective human consciousness”, or “the collective mind”! This is the place where all of our minds connect as one! It is the “grid” which not only allows us to communicate telepathically and psychically, but also to know and remember who we are as a species. (Where does the Secret Technology HAARP focus it’s beam?) Have they not said they are using HAARP to “heat up” and to bend the Ionoshpere? Why are they doing THAT?

The Magicians have known for thousands of years that whatever they “do” to one of the grids – will have an immediate affect on the other grid as well, since both grids work in tandem and respond to one another.

As I have written previously, we “live” in a magnetic hologram, and it is these two grids working in tandem with one another that actually helps to “produce” the visual  experience of our daily lives, the visual (but necessarily REAL) experience of Earth’s prison-like Construct!

I was told personally that the Secret Military are deep into Occult MAGIC! I was also told that the Catholic Church is deep into Occult Magic. I was also told that the Freemasons (Illuminati/Cabal) are deep into Occult Magic!

Having been told this personally (over and over again) by people who are working in these separate fields – can anyone then “fault” me for thinking that “Occult Magic” must have something to do with what they are doing to us?

Call me crazy here, but am I just making too much of an unscientific LEAP for some of you out there? Is my logical brain just working too hard in the overdrive position and maybe spinning out of control to come up with THAT CONCLUSION?

(*) Currency is “electrical” – and the control of the “currency” is how our entire reality is being hi-jacked – enslaved – maintained – controlled! It is the path by which the Dark Magicians (Central Bankers) OCCULTLY & MAGICALLY (magnetically) control all of us! But “CURRENCY” is not only money! It is base energy! It is base CONSCIOUSNESS!

Currency is simply the descriptive word they use as (a symbol) to telegraph to us what they are doing to us – which they are cosmically compelled to do BY COSMIC LAW!

As above-so below (as below-so above) What ever they do here on the ground level – will be duplicated exactly 60 miles high, in the tandem grid which is the common mind of humanity, or the psychic grid – which we are all –  each and every one of us – connected to.

So, it is with this KNOWLEDGE, that I started to read about, study about, and try to understand all about “Occult Magic”. What I found out was that this was the very foundation of what they are doing to us, and HOW they are using VERY OLD, ANCIENT ESOTERIC TECHNOLOGY – BLACK MAGIC to literally “create” a low consciousness and bastard-ized version of reality all around us that is not only far removed from what we used to have, but it is actually helping to keep us all enslaved in such a way that we may NEVER GET FREE!

You are going to have to keep your mind open for this information to be able to connect all of the dots! You are also going to have to be ready to LEARN that everything you’ve ever been taught or told was a LIE – (usually by those you trusted the most) – in order to train you to be complicit in your own enslavement.

SEX is NOT what you think it is! A more proper description of that “idea” is:

SSEK-SSSSSSSSS, or sssek-sssssssssss! And when you say that word, think of a evil lizard with a slithering tongue flapping up and down as he (the lizard) speaks the word of our enslavement.

Sssek-sssssssss is the base “energy” that they (the reptilian hybrids) are using – creating – harvesting – and feeding off of, each and every day of our lives in THEIR REALITY to assist them in maintaining their strangle hold on our ability to escape this “magically” (magnetically) created prison, which we call OUR REALITY.

THE CATHOLIC CHURCH was not the start of it all, but has been the “modern purveyor” of the worship of “sex” into our material (illusionary) world. This of course has been HIDDEN in every way possible from the masses. This is why those who are into the Occult (that which is hidden) have both a PUBLIC MASS(ES)- and then a HIDDEN MASS(ES).

That which is Public – is publicly available to the masses. That which is hidden – is hidden from the masses.

In the public mass – it is all allegory – symbolism and wink – wink -nod – nod. No one in the public is supposed to know what’s really happening – they are just spoon fed a “story”, which they are told they “must” believe.

So in the Catholic Public Mass, you participate in “celebrating” a ritualistic blood sacrifice each and every weekend (so that the public can then be weakened) and their energy of focus (consciousness ) can be easily siphoned off and redirected by those who are the practitioners of the Catholic Mass down into the Earth grid (the ley lines), which then transport that consciousness energy to the VATICAN. Every major Catholic Church – Government Building or University sits on top of Major Intersecting Points along the “ley-lines” or the Earth grid. I was shown a “map” of this.

The words – take this, my “body” and eat of it – take this my “blood”, and drink of it- are so totally creepy to the max, that anyone who is still sane must be having second thoughts when they first hear it!

Oh – but the “cover story” that they hand out to you is that the participant is eating and drinking the body and blood of CHRIST – which makes it okay??? The Christ is actually “the christos” which means “oil”, and what part of the planet are we sacrificing every day? THE OIL.

I told you this was NOT going to be easy! Don’t get all upset because I am finally “DECODING” for you what they have been required to show to you – at least symbolically – by the Cosmic Intelligence.

The RULES say they must tell you (in some form) of what they intend to do here – lest they be cast down by Prime Creator himself – for not showing you what they are attempting to do.

But it goes far, far deeper, and in order to walk through all of this you are going to need a very strong stomach indeed, because the LIE IS SO BIG – that it will be difficult to assimilate at first.

The hidden Mass, where the ACTUAL mass happens, is usually held in sub-sub basements under major churches or major cathedrals, and this is where there is a true and real BLOOD SACRIFICE! It is the occult version of what they are doing above ground! (as above-so below – as below-so above).

In that “hidden mass” – which is the true and real reason for the allegorical blood sacrifice that the mass(es) are participating in above ground – they actually do lay out young, helpless, and naked little children on a large stone alter – both boys and girls – usually between the age of 2 years to 6 years old, and then first sexually rape them to produce within that child the thoughts, the ideas, and the strong emotions of “sex” (sssek -sssssssss) – just before those unfortunate kids are ritualistically sacrificed!

At this time, the participants of this “hidden” MASS, are allowed (or perhaps even required) once again, to “eat of the body” and “drink of the blood”! However this is not imaginary body and blood – it is all TOO REAL.

THIS body and blood they are consuming, are the body and blood of innocent young children who PRODUCE huge quantities of the needed dark psychic energy, which is then channeled directly into the EARTH GRID (as below) and the into 60 mile high grid (as above) – which helps our controllers in their ability to maintain the illusionary prison reality that we all find ourselves in. You could call this prison reality either “THE MATRIX” or simply what it truly is: A MAGNETIC HOLOGRAM.

See everything written here to learn about the church and blood sacrifice:


So, the tandem grid – the Earth grid and the grid 60 miles above the Earth are both receiving duplicates (positive/negative) of this psychic energy and information which then goes into the mass consciousness of all of humanity, which filters down into our subconscious mind as TRAUMA – and remember how I wrote in this article —


— that the spilt in a persons mind (subconscious mind) creates “alters” – and that “alters” are created though the process of TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL! (Please watch the video in this article again.)

It was the NAZI’s who studied this in the 1930s and 1940s, but then as a result of the CIA’s “Project Paper Clip”- those very same NAZI’s were brought back to the USA – (Especially Dr. Death himself – Joseph Mengele) and were allowed to continue doing their research into trauma based Mind Control using mostly young children.

Now under the control of the CIA, the NAZI’s worked both in the USA and in Canada – (McGill University in Canada is one of the foremost and leading Universities which were sponsoring research on young children in this regard), They have continued the study of both MIND CONTROL and CONSCIOUSNESS CONTROL, in order to learn more more effective ways in which they could change or control both the lower Earth grid and the higher Ionosphere grid! Thus, they were and are working on “scientific ways” that they could more permanently affect our individual and collective MINDS using not only dark occult or BLACK MAGIC methods, but also using new advanced “technologies” which are and were constantly being developed and then immediately studied to see how these technologies could be integrated into the MIND CONTROL of all of humanity!

See and read this article: http://www.metatech.org/wp/spiritual-warfare/network-stolen-consciousness/

However, before it was the NAZI’s it was the Catholic Church (in the form of the Inquisition) that studied Trauma Based Mind Control in their research into consciousness and how it affected their control of the masses.

(It was written in the diary of Joseph Bonaparte “Napoleon’s Brother” that when his army reached SPAIN – the home of the Catholic Inquisition – that when the dungeons were finally emptied of over 50,000 prisoners of the Catholic Church – EVERY MANNER OF DEVICES CONCEIVABLE TO THE IMAGINATION WERE FOUND IN THEM WITH WHICH TO TORTURE THE HUMAN BODY! It was the Priests that were DOING THIS! Not only that – they kept meticulous records of each torture and who it was given to – to observe the result! Over 300 wagon loads of bound books were taken from Spain back to Paris! When the Pope’s army once again marched on France to defeat Napoleon, it was said that the one and only thing that MUST BE RETRIEVED at all costs – were the torture records stolen from Spain!

Only 30 wagon loads were ever recovered!)

No matter WHAT you’ve been told, or taught, or shown to be the so called truth, it’s ALL BEEN A LIE! ALL OF IT! In order to mislead, beguile, and throw you off the track!

This stuff is old! It is very old and has been going on for a very long time.

— You must unlearn what you have learned —

Because everything that you have learned is a lie! In the mental prison we live in (where everything is wink, wink, and nod, nod) by those BLACK MAGIC Occultists who rule over us — everything has a double or triple meaning! No matter what meaning they tell you – it’s a lie – and the real meaning is still hidden. These days the television is their TOOL OF DECEPTION — and you can bet that NO ONE THING you are ever told is the truth! Whatever happens in this world — there is the real meaning — and the meaning they tell us, the masses, over the television!

This one is going to be especially hard to digest and here I must apologize in advance. It is truly graphic — and even perverse! However if I did not tell you this – how would you know the real truth? Remember who is running this world!

The BELL is not of symbol of liberty – but it is in truth a symbol of enslavement!

When a young boy child is naked on his hands and knees and about to get anally accosted by a Priest or Practitioner of Dark Magic – the view of his genitals from behind make the exact shape of a Bell!

Unable to provide a picture or a drawing of what is obvious — you have to use your understanding of anatomy to realize that this is completely true. With most of his penis hidden, and just the leading end visible and hanging below – it gives you the “ringer” of the bells! And thus the SYMBOL of a “BELL” to the occultists symbolize the genitals of a young male child before he is about to be ritualistically “had” by one of them.

Continuing with the anatomical construction of almost all of the “buildings” which we call CHURCHES  — and even early government buildings — they have both a “steeple” which represents the fully erect male phallus (just as does an Egyptian Obelisk) and just below the steeple (on a church) you have the “bell tower” or the “ball tower” where the BELLS (BALLS) are kept – which is the laughable wink, wink, nod, nod of the occultists as they giggle at our willingness to believe EVERYTHING THEY TELL US WITHOUT QUESTION!


In the old days – human beings were called to “worship” each and every Sunday, by the “ringing of the bells” (the ringing of the balls) which was our “signal” (symbol) to immediately come running to the Church to worship along with the satanic “controllers” of the BELLS (the balls) – where our SEX energy (consciousness energy) would then be “harvested” from us – by the focusing of our mental intentions and our prayers directed toward the “ALTER” – the above ground symbol of ritual for the masses – where the allegorical blood sacrifice – the eating of the body – and the drinking of the blood — took place. This “MASS” consciousness energy now collected – and thus harvested ritualistically – (and very freely given up, by the way, by all of the participants involved) – would then be re-directed and sent magically (magnetically) into both the Earth Grid (the ley-lines) and into the Ionospheric Grid (the psychic consciousness grid) in order to help BLACK MAGICIANS stabilize and to POWER UP (with OUR OWN Juice/electricity/currency) – the illusionary reality of the MATRIX or the magnetic hologram that is both entrapping and enslaving us all.

[In the days of Babylon – The “dark magicians” worshipped their pagan god “Baal” or “ba-al” or “ba-el” where “EL” literally means “pagan god”. Thus you have the words “EL- der” or “El – dar” which represents those who are the chosen ones of the pagan god – BA-AL! (Babylonian).

In all government offices, you have the “el-ect” or those who are “el-ected” and thus who are in service to the pagan god “ba-al” or “ba-el” Those who are the “el-ect” are chosen by the process of an “el-ection” which is the way that all who are in service to the pagan god “ba-el” are chosen for their positions of AUTHORITY!

Or, “election” is the process where by those who are the enforcers of the edicts of “ba-el” are placed into positions of their authority!

All those who are “el-ected” by means of an “el-ection” are then placed in charge of the COLLECTION of the “juice”, or the collection of the “el-lectricity” – or the collection of the “currency” which belongs to the pagan god “ba-el” and is truly necessary to have or COLLECT – in order for those who are the “el-lites” (elites) to maintain the illusion of our 3-D holographic MATRIX and keep us totally enslaved and imprisoned to it.

Please watch this video:

and this one:

SO THIS is why BELLS are made in the shape of little boys testicles, (as seen from behind, when they are on their hands and knees) and why in slang terms kids seem literally compelled to call them their “balls”. In ritual sacrifice, the Satanic Priest or Practitioner who anally rapes a boy is literally “ringing the boys bells” or “ringing his balls” from a very graphic and visual and quite perverse standpoint when he practices forced anal inter-course with the boy.

Remember also this is ANCIENT, ANCIENT stuff! It goes all the way back to BABYLON! Long before the “Bell” was invented!

Using the Babylonian terms – You could say that his “ba-els” are being rung, or his “ba-als” are being rung. AND AGAIN FORGIVE ME – THIS IS ALL VERY SATANIC AND PERVERSE! But tell me, how are you going to know this stuff if someone, somewhere does not point it out to you, so that you can finally see the wink, wink and the nod, nod of the hidden symbolic meanings we are faced with in our world everyday, and FAIL TO SEE?

Don’t you wonder why – and this is very important to know – ALL MEN (and women) WHO ARE PLACED INTO POSITIONS OF AUTHORITY – are either required to participate in, or are at least be intimately exposed to CHILD SEX?

This includes: Popes, Cardinals-Bishops/Clergy, Government leaders/ including Presidents, and Prime Ministers as well as leading members of Congress – High Ranking Military Officers – High Ranking Judges which includes those sitting on National and Inter-national Courts, as well as many District Attorneys – High Ranking Officials within Police and Law Enforcement Organizations – CEO’s of large multi-national corporations – and Leading Scholars with Major Universities – and owners and operators within News Organizations – and finally agents within all levels of the CIA/FBI/DHS and in England MI-5 and MI-6 – and in Israel the Mossad, and in Russia – KGB/FSB – while in China who knows what they are called.

BUT THEY ALL DO PARTICIPATE IN THIS! IT IS REQUIRED! How do you think that “we” are ever going to uncover all of this if we refuse to look at it straight on?


Now are you starting to get it? As the boy said to the “Terminator” in the movie – “ARE WE LEARNING ANYTHING YET?”

I can only show you the truth here – I can not make you understand or believe it – digging out the truth of this is YOUR JOB!










Eyewitnesses Testify: Pope Francis Raped and Killed Children; Sealed Vatican Documents Expose Their Satanic Rituals







Svali Iluminati Defector




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PROTOCOLS of the Learned Elders of Zion


PROTOCOLS of the Learned Elders of Zion

by Miles Mathis

This paper is by request. One of my regular readers asked me my opinion of the Protocols, and I thought it was time I had one. Up until today, I didn’t. I can see why my readers would wish for an opinion on this, and assume I had one, especially considering my recent paper on Karl Marx—which sort of plays right into the theme of the Protocols. But although I have long known of the Protocols, I have never really studied them. I think today was the first time I read them all the way through. Some will think this makes me a naif, but I just think it allows me to look at them with a fresh eye. Either way, as usual I will come down on a third side. I think I will be able to say some things about them that aren’t usually said, which is the only excuse for adding to the literature on any subject.


For a grin, I will tell you exactly what my reader said when requesting this paper. He said,


If there’s one person on the planet I trust to do an honest review of that, it’d be you. Figured I’d mention it. Keep up the awesome work in the service of truth.


So here goes. The usual argument concerning the Protocols seems to be concerning their authenticity. The promoted mainstream opinion is that they are a hoax and a forgery. Others find them genuine. Although I will choose a side here, I don’t think that is the most important question. Even “forged” documents can be interesting, provided that they contain some amount of truth. We will see how much truth the documents contain, and where that truth leads us.


Read the full synopsis



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Bulgarian Pyschic Vanga-The Black One Will Be The Last One



Does Obama work for the FSB?

June 27, 2015

@Dima Piterski. Live Journal

Translated by Kristina Rus

The black one will be the last one?

The controversy surrounding the Confederate flag has crossed all reasonable boundaries. Apple, due to mass refusal to use the Civil war symbols of the South, is blocking the images of the flag on the App Store. It’s hard to blame the company, rather we are talking about mass hysteria in the American society.

There are many symbols which cause negative associations with citizens of certain countries. Moreover, there are attributes, which the majority of people consider the embodiment of evil. Example – the flag of Germany during the Third Reich. However, nobody has thought to completely banish these symbols. They may be prohibited by law, but if they are part of a historical reconstruction, for example in games or film, they are used freely. Otherwise, we will just forget our history.

But the Confederate flag, which was just a banner of one of the armies of the South during the events of the 60-ies of the XIX century, suddenly became a taboo in the worst sense of the word. Two weeks ago in the town of Charleston a man named Dylan Ruth broke into a church and killed 9 people. He admitted that he was motivated by racial hatred. Since February the American published calls for the massacre of black compatriots in social networks.

Then the retailers decided to block the sale of the flag – Amazon, Wal-Mart, eBay, Sears… It was somehow possible to justify, just as the ban of the symbols of the South, represented at public institutions of some American states.

But today’s news only makes you shake your head. Apple, fearing for its reputation, decided to remove the Confederate flag from the iTunes App Store. Since then, several game developers on historical subjects reported that their content has been blocked and is no longer distributed through the Apple online platform.

Yesterday Obama supported the decision of the authorities of several states to remove the Confederate flag from state buildings. It is not clear why this is done. The flag did not offend blacks for a century and a half, and now suddenly it is insulting? And the war between the North and the Southern separatists was not for the freedom of blacks, but for the territorial integrity of the United States. The liberation of the blacks, whom the northerners feared, despised and hated even more than the southerners (this is well shown even in the classic ladies novel “Gone With the Wind”) was needed solely to undermine the economy of the South and for the industrial North to receive the disenfranchised and low-paid workforce.

It is clear that the decision to ban the Confederate flag will not calm down the radically-minded blacks, because they hate whites not for the flag, but for skin color. But it will really enrage the residents of the Southern states – at least the northerners used to try not to humiliate the southerners. And now they are trampling on their flag, and even with a black President!

But this is not enough. Yesterday the U.S. Supreme court ruled that every American state must register gay marriages. And the authorities of the 15 states, where this mockery of morality was banned, now do not have the right to reject the official registration. And among the states which used to be against it, is the backbone of the Confederacy – Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Virginia, Missouri, Louisiana, – and Texas. Now the authorities of those states are put in a desperate situation – either to refuse and violate Federal law, or to follow the law, but mock the will of their own citizens and violate the God’s commandments.

Question – what for? Almost on the same day the Southern symbols are trampled and their traditional moral principles insulted. For what? Just stupidity? Or is Obama deliberately fomenting a civil war?

And what about his Russian policy? In order to maximally prevent Putin from reviving the country and strengthening our power, it would have been enough for the Americans to just be friends with us. Praise, present the politicians with various awards, invite to all sorts of useless gatherings like G8, and not throw us out of there. But Obama made a terrific gift for Putin – started to behave aggressively. American advisers, who know well that the cold war was won by flattery and bribery, should have been horrified and explained to the black guy that he is doing an invaluable, incredible service to his geopolitical opponent, helping Russia mobilize. Of the 89 percent of Putin’s approval rating a good 20 percent (with all due respect to the President) was clocked by the US leadership with their demonstratively aggressive actions. Why?

I will not be surprised if in a secret award article, submitted by the FSB for the signature of the Russian President, among other heroes, there is a modest major Obama. It’s a joke, of course. But it can be assumed that a humble Kenyan simply hates the U.S. state and is deliberately working for its destruction. Well, the better for us – we had Yakovlev, Shevardnadze and Gorbachev, they have Obama and some people standing behind him. Nature loves balance.

Vanga’s prophecy: “The black one will be the last one”_________________________________________________________________



“Black President election will destroy USA”


Baba Vanga prophesied: 44th US president would be black and bring crises

Baba Vanga prophesied even that the 44th US president would be black and he would be “the last one.” She went on, saying that at the time of his stepping into office, there would be a spectacular economic crisis. Everyone will put their hopes in him to end it, but the opposite will happen; he will bring the country down and conflicts between north and south states will escalate. Many articles were written about that:

“Vanga predicted a black man to become the 44th U.S. President (after George Bush), and this President will be the last one because America will freeze up or go down in the economics. It probably can divide into the North and South states,” DobryachOk writes.

“Vanga’s prediction sounds like this: when a black President is elected problems come to the U.S.,” an anonymous author says.

Vanga mentioned the possibility for the situation to escalate to a third world war in which the nuclear bomb would be used again. Yet, she predicts also a bright responsibilities for the future, “After 2000 there will be no flood, instead we will see peace and prosperity”, Vanga said. But humanity must recognize and accept the guidance of this Messianic personality.


Black President election will destroy USA”






(“Everything will melt away like ice yet the glory of Vladimir , the glory of Russia are the only things that will remain. Russia will not only survive, it will dominate the world. (1979)”)

Legendary Bulgarian prophetess Vanga predicted most horrible catastrophes


Her most shocking prediction was made in 1980. The blind old woman said: “At the turn of the century, in August of 1999 or 2000, Kursk will be covered with water, and the whole world will be weeping over it.”

The prediction did not make any sense back then. Twenty years on, it made a horrifying sense. A Russian nuclear submarine perished in an accident in August of 2000. The sub was named after the city of Kursk , which by no means could have been covered with water.

Does the gift of foreseeing really exist?

Gone with a tornado

Vanga (Vangelia) Pandeva was born on January 31, 1911 . She died on August 11, 1996 . She lived in the city of Petrich , Bulgaria . She was buried in a churchyard of the Saint Petca Bulgarian Church in the Rupite region.

Vanga lost her sight when she was 12. She was swept away by a mighty tornado. Later she was found alive, covered with dirt and stones, with sand in her eyes. She became blind as a result.

Vanga started making predictions when she was 16. She helped her father find a sheep stolen from the flock. She provided a detailed description of a yard where the animal was being hidden by the thieves. Her powers of foreseeing took shape after she turned 30.

Many a statesman visited Vanga. Adolf Hitler called on her one day. He left her house looking rather upset.

The predictions 
“Horror, horror! The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. The wolves will be howling in a bush, and innocent blood will be gushing.” (1989)

“Numerous catastrophes and disasters will shake the world. The mentality of the people will change. They will be divided by their faith…” (date unknown)

Happened as predicted. Bad times have arrived. Something is happening to the mentality of the people. Out time is rife with catastrophes and disasters e.g. last year’s tsunami, which clamed thousands of lives. We might as well cite numerous terrorist attacks and ethnic riots

“We are witnessing the events of paramount significance. Two big leaders shook hands.

(manifest reference to Gorbachev and Reagan). But we have to wait for a long time before the Eighth One will come forth and sign a final peace agreement on Earth.” (January 1988)

The predictions are beginning to come true with regard to the Eighth One at the very least.

By the way, during the Yeltsin presidency, Vanga already hinted at the next Russian president though she never called him by the name. “It will be a totally new figure. Zyuganov and Lebed are ruled out.” The Eighth One has already arrived: Russia joined the Group of Seven. Now it is the G-8. Making peace all over the word should be the next step.

“Everything will melt away like ice yet the glory of Vladimir , the glory of Russia are the only things that will remain. Russia will not only survive, it will dominate the world. (1979)

Still has to come true. At the same time, Russia did survive. The prediction was made in Soviet times when just a few people were using the term “ Russia .” It remains to be seen which Vladimir Vanga referred to. There are three real candidates: The Prince Vladimir, Vladimir Lenin, and our current president a.k.a. the Eighth One.

“The trains will start flying in 2018. They will be powered by the Sun. Earth will take a rest since they will stop extracting oil.” (1960)

The prediction is about to come true. Scientists intend to extract helium-3 from the lunar soil. The plans regarding helium production on the Moon were made public a few days ago. Helium-3 is both a product of the solar activity and a fuel for nuclear reactors. Nuclear reactors will produce electricity to power “flying trains.”

A piece of advice from Vanga

“Never take on the fools. They are not so dangerous as they seem, do not try to change them. Morons can do you more harm. The can do something that will cause quite a stir among all the people.”


Vanga: Russia will be world’s only superpower


On January 31st, legendary Bulgarian mystic and clairvoyant Vanga would celebrate her 100th anniversary. Vanga became world-known for her incredibly precise prophesies which she made in many fields, including politics.

Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova’s interest in politics was not incidental. She was born on the territory of modern Macedonia – the land which was an apple of discord for years between Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria and Serbia. Her native land experienced two World Wars in which the Bulgarians and the Serbs were struggling in different camps.

Vanga settled in Bulgaria’s Petrich during the 1930s, where she predicted the beginning of WWII. Her fame spread very quickly throughout Bulgaria, and one day she was visited by King Boris III. Vanga warned the king against Bulgaria’s participation in the war. Bulgarian politicians did not listen: the country joined Hitler and then found itself among the defeated. It was only the post-war patronage of the USSR that rescued Bulgaria from the territorial dismemberment.

The Bulgarian politicians, who visited Vanga, spread the news about the prophetess to their counterparts from other countries. As a result, Vanga became known in the whole world. The list of events, which she predicted so precisely, is really impressive.

King Boris III visited her again in 1942 and 1943. The blind woman (she was in her thirties back then) told the king that he would die on August 28, 1943. In February of 1943 she told the king that she could see a red flag above his palace. Her predictions came true. King Boris III died on August 28, and the red flag was raised above Sofia in the autumn of 1944. Bulgaria became a socialist country.

In socialist Bulgaria, where Vanga spent most of her life, people treated clairvoyants and mystics mostly negatively. Communists believed that Vanga was spreading superstitions, distracting people from the building of socialism. In the autumn of 1952, the prophetess found herself in big trouble when she said that Josef Stalin would go into the nether world. Vanga was jailed as a result of that prediction, albeit not for long.

The prophesy came true – the Soviet generalissimo died indeed. Stalin’s death did not save the prophetess from political persecution, though. The fact that Vanga was a native of Macedonia (Yugoslavia) was haunting the minds of Bulgarian special services. Bulgaria was having very tense relations with Josip Broz Tito’s Yugoslavia, which gave Bulgarian secret service a reason to believe that the prophetess was an agent of the western neighbor.

During the 1970s, Bulgarian special services continued to collect compromising materials against Vanga. They searched her home once and found 90,000 levs, which was a huge amount of money for a socialist country. Vanga was not jailed, but she was described in reports as an underdeveloped and impudent woman.

There were high-ranking officials in the country, who defended Vanga. Many in Bulgaria still remember the story when an official lost his briefcase with important documents. The police and the special services could not find the case, so they had to ask Vanga’s help. The case was found, and the prophetess was awarded with a letter of gratitude.

In general, one may say that the authorities of socialist Bulgaria treated Vanga differently. On the one hand, the communist ideology made the authorities struggle against the “witch.” On the other hand, the local elite realized that they could make profit on Vanga. Special services took her visitors under control and began to collect 10 levs from Bulgarian and $50 – from foreign visitors. Economists calculated that Vanga brought 9 million levs to the Bulgarian treasury.

In 1967, Vanga was employed for a non-existent position as a “state official.” Her life took such a turn owing to the efforts taken by the daughter of then Bulgarian leader Todor Zhivkov, Lyudmila Zhivkova. Lyudmila was interested in esoteric teachings and visited the prophetess many times. Lyudmila enjoyed great popularity in the country. She developed a very warm friendship with Vanga herself.

In the beginning of 1979 Vanga said that Lyudmila Zhivkova would die in a car accident. Special services tried to prevent the tragedy, but it did not help. Zhivkova survived the car accident, but then died two years later.

In 1987, when Todor Zhivkov was still ruling the country, Vanga predicted major changes for the nation to come. She said that Bulgaria would soon have another leader, a prominent scientist, who would not be a proponent of Lenin’s doctrine. In 1992, Bulgarian philosopher Zhelyu Zhelev came to power in the country. The socialist regime in Bulgaria collapsed, and the country continued its development following EU and NATO standards.

Vanga was predicting major political events happening in the whole world. She predicted the incursion of Soviet troops in Czechoslovakia, the assassinations of US President John F. Kennedy, Indian prime ministers Indira and Rajiv Gandhi, the collapse of Anastasio Somoza’s dictatorship in Nicaragua and many other historic events.

Nowadays, many Russians wonder if Vanga’s prophecy about Russia is going to come true some day or not. In 1979, during her meeting with writer Valentin Sidorov, Vanga said: “All will thaw, as if ice, only one remain untouched – Vladimir’s glory, glory of Russia. Too much it is brought in a victim. Nobody can stop Russia. All will be removed by her from the way and not only will be kept, but also becomes the lord of the world.”

Before her death in 1996, Vanga predicted glorious future for Russia again. According to the Bulgarian clairvoyant, Russia will be the world’s only superpower. Specialists calculated that 68 percent of her prophecies had come true. We only can wait and see if her other prophecies become real or not.

Vadim Trukhachev




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Putin: The Last Man Standing


Small Logo By: J.V Capone

Putin: The Last Man Standing

Interview of Joaquin Flores, CSS, by Maurice Herman (Morris108)

(video below – 15 minutes)

In this interview, Mr. Flores explains why Vladimir Putin was the most appropriate individual to perform the functions required by the Russian state, through the KGB.  He delves into psychological profiling, the pertinent biographical background on Putin which helps to substantiate this, and several of the tasks he was assigned.  The following is an adapted transcript.

Putin is probably one of the most key element players in the last  30-40 years of history.

putin1Who he is, his background, where he comes from, why he’s in the position that he’s in, why he was chosen for that position, what his aims are … you know a lot of people were technically qualified to do what Putin is doing, but they’re not psychologically qualified.

And there’s a lot of interesting things about Putin’s history which are qualifiable, and they are actually looked at by his recruiters and the position he’s in today go back to his activities as a small child.

bc208fc85f03What happened with with Putin is that he was a non-conformist early on, and he was sort of cynical about things like education and institutions.  I think we live in … my personal belief, is that we live in times that for good people who are intelligent it’s very difficult because they see a world that’s full of lies and corruption and they can see that people who are opportunistic get ahead.  And so they withdraw from activities like education, public life, school and these kinds of pursuits.

What happened with Putin is that he, like many good people who are also strong and intelligent, is that he saw that there was a lot of hypocrisy in the system and that other school children who were willing to just placate the teacher’s demands or to sit in front of the classroom got ahead, and so it wasn’t until he was thirteen years old almost that he joined the Young Pioneers.  And he did this as a conscious decision.

NKVD bagde PandisIn part he was inspired by his father who was also an intelligence officer (NKVD) and was active in WWII.  In fact his grandfather was a cook, a chef, who prepared meals for Lenin and also for Lenin’s wife Nadija Krupspaya and also prepared some meals for Stalin.  So he comes from a line of  trusted people.  And when you prepare food for people you are also like an intelligence asset, because you can’t be suspected as someone who could be involved in a poisoning.  His father a very crucial intelligence officer in the WWII period.

Putin as a child was always into Soviet cinema that focused on NKVD (as Cheka) agents, there was a whole genre of films that were like western films, they were on trains and Cheka 5 firstinvolved horses and whatnot, except it was Soviet intelligence officers against these corrupt bandits.  So he made a conscious decision as basically a teenager to join the Young Pioneers and pursue this field, and he studied … he didn’t go through the military which is unusual for intelligence officers, and that may have been his greatest asset, and instead he went an alternate route where he studied International Relations and got a degree in Law from Moscow State University.  Then he went to the Red Banner Institute of Intelligence and International Relations, it’s also called the Yuri Andropov Institute.  Now its just called the Moscow School of International Relations.  This is a known institute for those of us in the field of International Relations.  It’s a highly esteemed institution, probably the best in the world, and at the time The Best.                                                             So he was vetted early on.

KGBsiteOne of the things to understand is that he in particular studied counter-intelligence which is key in understanding why he’s the critical player.  As you and the audience understand, counter-intelligence is not just finding spies, but its actually countering the work of other agents who are embedded or whose work involves embedding themselves to destroy institutions from within.  And so now we move forward into nearly the modern period, where in between 1985 and 1990 he was stationed in East Germany, in particular in Dresden, and his job there was to coordinate the work of Stasi operatives, which was like the East German version of the KGB, to coordinate the work of Stasi operatives and KGB. And through this he made a lot of contacts.


Now one has to understand that for a long time, probably since the 60’s, within KGB war rooms, where they basically sit down and they form separate study groups, like a think tank, and they run through all of the different possible scenarios of how the enemy is going to try to take down the Soviet state.  They basically ruled out intercontinental ballistic nuclear warfare, they pretty much ruled that out because of MAD.  But they basically believed that the main way that the Soviet Union was going to be taken down was from within, through agents infiltrating and a course of events.  And this is not something that’s talked about a lot in the media.  They tend to focus on the Soviet adventure in Afghanistan or Imperial reach or over-extension, but in fact the Soviets recognized early on that the primary weakness was the situation that involved precisely what happened.  And because of that they already had counter measures and game plans and game scenarios figured out.  They had them mapped out, like in chess, you have them mapped out 10, 15, 20 moves in advance.

counter-revolutionSo in essence what basically happened you had the state apparatus which was compromised.  At the core of every state is this intelligence organization, and in this case its the KGB, and then what the CIA basically succeeded in doing was compromising key elements of the KGB.  But because this was one scenario that had already been planned ahead, the KGB had already had a system of vetting their double and triple agents, so they had an inner core of the KGB so basically after the period between ’89 to ’93 they went through a very rigorous process of hermetically sealing off a state within the state.  So there was sort of a Soviet era KGB which was existing.  And this is sort of like the spy left out in the cold scenario.

So you need certain types of people, a certain type of rigor, a psychological type which can exist for a long time while there’s tons of misinformation, disinformation, and propaganda, and people turning on you left and right and you can persevere with the mission.  And this is the hermetically sealed inner core of the KGB.

What ultimately happened is you had the Gorbachev-Yeltsin scenario just as the Soviets had predicted was one very likely possible scenario.

And the thing is he (Putin) is a person with his own clear sense of person-hood.  This has been written about, there was a book written  ‘Confessions of an Economic Hit Man’, by John Perkins, and he wrote that there are certain types of personalities, a psychological profile, there are certain personality types of world leaders who cannot be corrupted. They what are called incorruptible.  They are incorruptible men.  They are people of purpose, they might have a profound spiritual component, or they might just have a profound sense of justice or purpose.  And they cannot be bought off, and they are not afraid of death so they cannot be threatened with death.  So if you cannot buy someone off and you cannot scare them, I’m not saying that he’s a person who can’t be criticized.  I personally have a problem with Monday morning quarterbacking or back-seat driving.  I think that being in situations demands certain things which are not meant for most people to understand, quite frankly.

But nevertheless they had this hermetically sealed KGB, and they created the illusion that they were all compromised agents, because the whole state was falling apart and the oligarchs were coming in and many of the oligarchs came from within the KGB and the military.  And many of them immediately received Israeli dual citizenship.  What happened was there was a whole process, its still going on right now, but I think main work has already been done, that’s my assessment.

But they basically had to … one of the things that Putin had to do to gain trust of the disloyal oligarchs or the agents who turned, was that he had to be involved in some of these little scams and there was a transaction of precious metals and what not, a hundred million euros here and there, unaccounted for, and Putin had to be involved in these, in these mafia like crimes, to gain the trust of these mafia like oligarchs.  Many of them were American and Israeli citizens and agents as well.

putin youthHe had to play the role of double agent, but once you’re in a double agent role, I won’t digress here, but once you’re in a double agent role actually it becomes a little bit easier because things that make you look like a triple agent you can justify, you can excuse under the role of being a double agent because you’re going back and forth.  So things that make you look like you’re actually … you’re already known as someone who works on both sides so you can always explain things has having to keep up appearances.

The work is very difficult and stressful but once you’ve established that you’re a double agent the work becomes a little easier insofar as gaining trust, knowing who you’re working with.

Russia is his principle.  In response to suggestions that Putin is supported by Jewish oligarchs or Israeli oligarch, or he’s a false opposition figure.  The problem with convincing lies is that there are significant elements of truth to them.

In order for him to play his role, the reason that he was the perfect match for this position, is that he was able to make alliances with some of these oligarchs.  Now many of these, since, have fled the country, there are a couple that he had taken out, there was a couple that he put in prison, some are living in Switzerland, some are living in England.  Those are the obvious betrayers of the Russian state.  With others its still, its like fishing and you there’s a give and take with the pole, and he’s trying to reel in different people but he’s one of the last of the Mohicans.   Putin’s one of the last of the Mohicans.

There are people who put principle before everything, and they are not successful.  There are people who are just completely, purely opportunistic or pragmatic to the point of opportunism and they are successful at enriching themselves but they normally leave a wasted society behind them. But there are people who understand the middle path, between staying true to the ideal (and being pragmatic).

Just like in Sun Tzu’s Art of War, the tactics of the opponent are not what defines him.  You must use all of the tactics at your disposal.  What defines the opponent is that he is in opposition to you fundamentally, and if you are trying to take the path of the righteous you cannot practice so-called purity of arms.  You have to use all of the tactics that work of the opponent.  So its not the opponent’s tactics that define him as evil. It’s his goals.

So what (Sun Tzu) he’s saying is that the Ends Justify the Means.  And this the thought, this is Putin’s mind.

Explaining the pioneering club, the Young Pioneers was connected to the International Youth Comsomol, this was just the Communist Youth.  Anyone who had aspirations to be like a bureaucrat or a middle manager, something boring like that, had to be a Young Pioneer.  You know, kids joined as early as 5 or 6, instead Putin was taking Judo classes.  He was kind of a rebel, because he saw he was living in a society that had a lot of hypocrisy and contradictions.  This actually made him the type of agent that works.

One of the failings in American intelligence is that they are recruiting primarily the goody two-shoes and the yes-men.  And this creates, in social psychology and in public administration this creates a paradox called the Abilene paradox or Group Think Paradox, which is basically that if you recruit people based upon the fact that they are pliable and that they are people who go along with the program, then you are basically blocking the possibility of making intelligent decision making.

And so one of the main failings in American intelligence is that they are hiring people primarily from military background who are conformists, but what makes the best intelligence officer is someone who’s had a background of non-conformity and who has a strong sense of their personal identity.  Those are people who can’t be bought off.  That’s the type of psychological profile that Putin fits.

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RUSSIA AND THE JEWS: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Exposes The Christian Holocaust

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 10.33.09 AM


TMR Editor’s Note
In light of the West’s ongoing and undeclared war on Russia, the following piece of history, as chronicled by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, is as important as it gets.  This book — The JEWS in the SOVIET UNION — has been effectively banned throughout much of the world and has been aggressively censored in all the English-speaking and European nations.

How such an authoritative historical account of the Jewish relationship with the Soviet Union would come to be banned will be quickly understood after reading this post. There is perhaps no more vital and accurate record of the true history of Russia’s relationship with Eurasian Jewry than The Jews in the Soviet Union. “Together with part one, Russian Jewish History: 1795-1916, they comprise Solzhenitsyn’s massive—and suppressed—200 Years Together.

The entire post that follows comes directly from THE BARNES REVIEW and full credit goes to them for providing this invaluable review of Alexandr Solzhenitsyn’s The Jews in the Soviet Union by German historian Udo Walendy.

RUSSIA & THE JEWS: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Exposes The Christian Holocaust 

by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Part 2 of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s
banned book series 200 Years Together—
a review by German historian Udo Walendy

The Communist October Revolution in Russia

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 10.25.19 AM
Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 10.26.07 AM
Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 10.27.09 AM

Please click on the link below for  the first-time ever English review of Alexandr Solzhenitsyn’s banned book The Jews in the Soviet Union.

RUSSIA & THE JEWS by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 10.48.36 AM

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Running Cause I Can’t Fly


Benito Mussolini defined Fascism as the “merger of government and corporatism.” We’ve witnessed the financial rape of this country by the banksters and their co-conspirators in the government, who have failed to prosecute a single case against any of the Too Big To Fail swine, despite outright theft of trillions of dollars. We’ve all seen, and many have experienced, job loss from offshoring companies to third world countries for cheap labor and tax avoidance. We know of the totally pervasive spying/surveillance on Americans by the NSA and every other alphabet agency, recording and searching literally every single electronic communication in the country, and the world. We know Congress is worthless in protecting our interests, just well dressed cheap-money whores only interested in “campaign contributions” and getting themselves re-elected to the Big Club in DC. Look around… what’s it look like to you? What about the 2,770 armored personnel carriers purchased by Homeland Security, which also bought 2 billion rounds of ammunition? Or the troop and materiel movements all over the country? Do you doubt for one second who will be on the receiving end of all that firepower? Or the 800 FEMA camps all over the country? Who do you suppose will populate those? Martians? So, they finally got what they wanted, absolute power unrestrained by law, and the total, “legal”, destruction of your rights and liberty. “Freedom and Democracy”, those worthy fables so beloved by the American masses, are dead, and have been for a very long time. Now it’s “legal.” And before your eyes glaze over and you recite, mantra like, “Oh, that could never happen here…” read the whole “Martial Law” post. Guess what? It HAS already happened here… – CP

“Martial Law by Executive Order”
by Jim Garrison

“President Obama’s National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order of March 16, 2013 does to the country as a whole what the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act did to the Constitution in particular- completely eviscerates any due process or judicial oversight for any action by the Government deemed in the interest of “national security.” Like the NDAA, the new Executive Order puts the government completely above the law, which, in a democracy, is never supposed to happen. The United States is essentially now under martial law without the exigencies of a national emergency.” Read the entire post here:

My initial reaction was despair, then anger and disgust similar
to Hunter S. Thompson’s feelings…

“We have become a Nazi monster in the eyes of the whole world, a nation of bullies and bastards who would rather kill than live peacefully. We are not just Whores for power and oil, but killer whores with hate and fear in our hearts. We are human scum, and that is how history will judge us. No redeeming social value. Just whores. Get out of our way, or we’ll kill you. Who does vote for these dishonest shitheads? Who among us can be happy and proud of having all this innocent blood on our hands? Who are these swine? These flag-sucking half-wits who get fleeced and fooled by stupid little rich kids like George Bush? They are the same ones who wanted to have Muhammad Ali locked up for refusing to kill gooks. They speak for all that is cruel and stupid and vicious in the American character. They are the racists and hate mongers among us; they are the Ku Klux Klan. I piss down the throats of these Nazis. And I am too old to worry about whether they like it or not. F**k them.”
– Hunter S. Thompson

We have no one to blame but ourselves, too stupid, too ignorant and lazy, too spoiled and pampered and entertained to care. You’d better start caring now. The great Chris Floyd best summarizes how we should react…
“No Ways Tired in A Sea of Lies” (Adapted)
by Chris Floyd

“I think we are living in a world of lies: lies that don’t even know they are lies, because they are the children and grandchildren of lies. One of the hardest things to accept is that the reality of our world is buried under so many layers of official deception and well-cultivated public ignorance about our history and our political system. Even if you break through somehow, momentarily, and hold up a fragment of the truth, most people have no context for dealing with it. It’s like a bolt from the blue, they can’t process the information. And so the sea of lies closes over us again, and again, and again. And yet the reality of our economic and political future appears on the horizon, denial be damned, an irresistible tsunami of destruction, changing all our lives forever.

These are the facts, and they can’t be altered. But how to respond to this catastrophe? Shall we weep, moan, rend our garments, cover ourselves with sackcloth and ashes? Shall we sit upon the ground and tell sad stories of the death of republics? Shall we cower in the shadows and sing glamorous dirges for the Lost Cause, for vanished glories and broken dreams?

Or shall we come out fighting, unbowed, heads high, laughing fools to scorn, rejecting at every turn the moral authority of murderers and thieves to rule our lives, determine our reality, act in our name? Let’s dispense with lamentation- give not a single moment to that emotional indulgence- and get right back to work, more determined than ever to bear down harder, dig deeper and excavate the radioactive nuggets of truth still glowing beneath the slag-heap of ruin.

Let’s fight, let’s reject, let’s resist- without violence, the weapon of the stupid, the hormonal secretion of evolutionary backsliders in thrall to the chemical soup in their heads, dull primitives dressing up their ape-lust for power with scraps of religion, philosophy and cant. Let’s fight these pathetic, malfunctioning wretches who lay their hands on our world and rape it like beasts in a mindless rut. Fight them with the truths we find, exposing their crimes and deadly hypocrisies to the people they’ve suckered, perverted and betrayed.

This is not an insurmountable task, no matter how impervious the Machine- that monstrous conglomeration of judicial bagmen, Congressional rubber stamps, hard-right media moguls, dopehead radio ranters, sex-crazed theocrats, neo-conservatives, neo-Confederates, war profiteers, think-tank bleaters, Wall Street sharks, oilmen, Moonies, gun nuts and woman-haters – might appear at the moment.

I don’t know what else we can do, except to keep on telling as much of the truth as we can find, to anyone who will listen: reclaiming reality, fragment by fragment, one person at a time. It’s an endless task- maybe a hopeless task- but the alternative is a surrender to the worst elements in our society- and in ourselves. It’s worth the fight. Let’s take it on. In the words of the old spiritual, let us be in no ways tired. The road back to sanity starts now.”

Brotherhood Of The Bell!-The Key To Our Enslavement Is The Sexual Energy






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The Police State Rears Its Ugly Head In Palm Beach County-Florida-Mother Arrested and Jailed for Failure to Circumcise 4-Year Old Son



The Police State Rears Its Ugly Head In Palm Beach County, Florida

Mother Arrested and Jailed for Failure to Circumcise 4-Year Old Son


SOTN Editor’s Note:
If ever there was a cruel and unjustifiable violation of personal sovereignty, it is the ongoing medical practice of circumcision.  Also known as male genital mutilation, this routine surgical removal of a newborn male’s foreskin is perhaps as traumatic as childbirth itself.

Why is a significant and purposeful body part being cut off of the male genital organ … right after a distressing and painful birth process?


More importantly, why is a primitive and unconscionable pseudo-religious injunction being executed by the medical establishment nationwide, as well as by Jewish rabbis who are not licensed by the state medical boards to perform such a dangerous operation. 

Certainly those rabbis have not been trained in surgery by attending four years of medical school followed six years of clinical instruction by qualified surgeons.  Nor have they met the mandatory requirement to obtain licensure by passing the nationally mandated United States Medical Licensing Examination.

Not only is male genital mutilation a criminal assault against a defenseless infant, it is an uncivilized and savage practice which ought to be prohibited by law — universally. Especially that circumcision is virtually always implemented without the child’s informed consent makes this betrayal all the more outrageous and totally unacceptable.

Who ever empowered the untrained Jewish rabbis to chop off the foreskin of newborns in the first place?  To do so represents a profound violation of natural law as well as a serious offense against divine order.  Religious authorities, in particular, ought to be aware of that indisputable fact.

Physicians who perform this abominable procedure are committing a clearcut violation of the Hippocratic Oath.  Not only are they doing great harm, doctors are perpetrating a bodily crime that is irreversible … against the most powerless among us.

When a protective mother is jailed for trying to prevent such an unwarranted aggression against her 4-year old son, the state has crossed the line — BIG time!

State of the Nation

Mother Arrested And Jailed For Failure To Circumcise 4-Year Old Son

Released after ‘circumcision dispute’

Robert Harrington
Natural Society

A Florida mother was recently arrested, jailed, and released after spending more than a week behind bars during an ongoing dispute over circumcising her son.

“Heather Hironimus, 31, posted bond and was released Saturday night, authorities said.

Hironimus had been taken into custody May 14 after she went missing for several months with her 4-year-old son, allegedly to avoid a court order to circumcise him, according to court records. She was taken to jail on charges including interference with custody, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office.” [1]

Let’s face it, the medical headlines can’t get any more scary than this one about the jailed Florida mom. When a county judge imprisons a mother,who is only looking to protect her son from male genital mutilation, something is very wrong. The mother, having no recourse, was forced to obey the court if she was to be released form the county jail.


It looks like the medical mafia had a lot to do with this frightening judicial decision process. How else do hospitals all over America get away with performing male genital mutilation, also known as circumcision, on virtually every newborn male. This blind compliance with an antiquated and barbaric ‘biblical’ mandate simply makes no sense, not that it ever did.

For those who are unaware of how profoundly circumcision mutilates the male genital organ, the following excerpt clearly delineates the damage that is done.

Related: New Bill Requires Mandatory Vaccines for All Children

Circumcision Removes More than Just Skin

When an infant’s penis is circumcised, this is what is forever lost:• 50 to 80% of the total penile skin system, radically immobilizing the remaining shaft skin. If unfolded and spread out flat, the average adult foreskin measures 15 to 20 square inches, about the size of a postcard.

  • Most of the erogenous nerve tissue on the penis. The foreskin contains between 10,000 and 20,000 specialized erotogenic nerve endings of various types, which can discern slight motion, subtle changes in temperature, and fine gradations in texture. The amputation of this highly-innervated tissue reduces the sensitivity of the penis to that of ordinary skin.
  • The densely innervated Ridged Bands, a specialized, extremely erogenous section of the prepuce located at the juncture of the outer foreskin and inner mucosal tissue.
  • Approximately half of the smooth muscle sheath called the Dartos fascia.
  • Thousands of coiled, fine-touch receptor cells, including Meissner’s Corpuscles.
  • An estimated 240 feet of microscopic nerves, including branches of the dorsal nerve.
  • Several feet of blood vessels, including the frenular artery and portions of the dorsal artery, the loss of which interrupts normal blood flow to the shaft and glans of the penis, severely damaging its natural function.
  • Lymphatic vessels, the loss of which interrupts the lymph flow within the body’s immune system.
  • The entire immunological defense system of the soft mucosa which produces antibacterial and antiviral proteins such as lysozyme, the same as found in mother’s milk, and plasma cells which secrete immunoglobulin antibodies.
  • Ectopic sebaceous glands, which lubricate, moisturize, and regulate a healthy pH balance, thereby maintaining the erotogenic sensitivity of the glans.
  • The apocrine glands, which produce pheromones, nature’s powerful, silent, invisible sexual signals/stimulants.
  • Specialized epithelial Langerhans cells, an immune system component.
  • Estrogen receptors – the purpose and value of which are not yet fully understood.
  • The connective synechiae, which fuses the foreskin to the glans while the penis develops during infancy. It is destroyed when the foreskin is torn from the glans during the circumcision operation.
  • The frenulum, the sensitive ‘V’-shaped tethering structure at the base of the glans on the underside of the penis, is also usually amputated, severed, or destroyed.
  • The protective covering of the glans, which is actually an internal organ. The foreskin shields the glans from abrasion, drying, and callusing, and protects the glans from dirt and other contaminants.
  • Loss of sexual sensitivity in the glans. The glans of an intact penis is normally a soft, moist, delicate organ, similar in texture to the smooth skin lining the inside of the lips of your mouth. When the foreskin is amputated it no longer provides protection to the glans against abrasion, or even exposure to the air. This causes the glans to dry out – imagine what would happen to your eyeballs if your eyelids were removed. It also causes the skin on the glans to thicken and harden as a protection against abrasion. This ‘callousing’ effect – known as keratinization – causes any remaining nerves on the glans to become buried under many layers of skin cells, severly reducing the sensitivity of the glans to external stimulation – such as a soft touch. The sensitivity continues to decrease over time, until eventually all sensitivity is lost.
  • 10% to 20% of the penis’s circumference, because its double-layered wrapping of loose foreskin is now missing, making the circumcised penis thinner.
  • As much as one inch of the erect penis’s length due to scarring, and shrinkage from loss of the mobile, richly-vascularized foreskin.
  • The gliding action of the penis within its foreskin. The foreskin’s abundance (15-20 sq.in.) of specialized, self-lubricating skin gives the natural penis its anatomically unique ability to smoothly slide back and forth within itself, thereby permitting non-abrasive intercourse, without drying out the vagina.
  • The deep pink to red to dark purple natural coloration of the glans.
  • There is considerable evidence that a circumcised penis loses its capacity for subtle electromagnetic communication that occurs only during contact between mucous membranes, an interaction which contributes to the sense of the healing power of sexual ecstasy. In other words, circumcision forever diminishes the intensity of both the male and female orgasm and its physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits.
  • Many babies die as a result of circumcision, a fact the circumcision industry obscures and conceals.” [2]

Should anyone still be unconvinced of the potential physical injury and emotional harm that circumcision inflicts, I would suggest that they witness a live circumcision of a newborn male. Undoubtedly, they will never want to watch another one and would certainly never submit their child to such a cruel and unnecessary surgical procedure.

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 6.31.00 PM


The actions taken toward this defenseless mother constitute substantive legal grounds for both criminal and civil actions. Everyone involved with this grotesque injustice ought to be held responsible for endangering the welfare of a powerless 4-year old boy. As far as some are concerned, the official government conduct may even rise to the level criminality and ought to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Circumcision represents a serious assault against the personal sovereignty of every male baby in this nation. If permitted to continue unabated, the entire male population will have been subjected to a babyhood brutality that no civil society ought to ever acquiesce to.


[1] ABC News

[2] The Health Coach



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The Pus Filled Alternative News



It is time we spoke frankly, the so called alternative news these days reminds me of a Koba quote, ‘Koba’ was what Stalin the jesuit priest is famous for, in order to control the opposition, you must become the opposition.’


When Time does a bait and switch, they pretty much know who they are talking about.

Is it a prerequisite that we must receive news from jews who claim they don’t like jews or zionism very much? To me it is proof positive that higher ranking jews in the order of the jesuits are ready to throw the untermenschen under the bus or at least force them to move to Palestine or the Dnieper.

It is not that some of these sites do no have valid information for struggling Americans to negotiate, I sometimes link to them myself. However it must be said that what they fail to mention is more telling than what they present.

That seems to be the case with Mike Rivero, Rense, Yitzak Shamir, Giliad Atzmon, Henry Makow, Gordon Duff and a host of others. I mean we have an all world jewish coterie in the Ukraine backed up by what is presented anyway as Banderista nazis supporting Porky, Yulia, Kolomoises and Ratsenyuk.  What is wrong with this picture? Actually it is the same thing that shaped up under our Little Corporal that nobody wants to talk about. Most of the blogs mentioned here seem to slap each other on the back and seem interconnected. One of the better blogs out there, aangirfan, none of them link it.


Mike Rivero is insists there is no climate change and no sea level rise. Islands are being abandoned due to rising seas and climate change. Miami is having waves in the streets due to the ever enlarging king tides. Does this guy own a condo in Miami? Who are you going with, Rivero or the Inuit?


Are the beaches disappearing or are they not. It is all pretty simple. It is either happening or it is not.









Rense is probably the best of the bunch but many important stories are buried under an avalanche of extraneous nothing. Isn’t it time to talk more about who is printing the money and the Black’s law book of exactly who owns America. You know that is the one the courts actually go by. You are not a party to the constitution and have no rights. There are some legalese buried in the constitution which show without a doubt that the masons who constructed it gave control to the City of London and the Vatican.


Americans are mercenaries for the hegemon, (the man behind the curtain) it is just that simple regardless whether or not Paul Craig “Washington” Roberts wants to blame everything on Washington. Perhaps it would be great if the Clintons and Bush family began interbreeding. It would save us the cost of all these expensive elections.

Henry Makow at times presents some decent information but is more concerned with drilling the goyim with the fact the numbers were real in the holocaust. Sure Henry!

Gordon Duff, who claims to have been “former CIA contractor” says 40% of what he says is a lie and he does it to “stay alive”. Sure Gordon. His wife used to work on VT. She is nurse who pushes vaccines. Many of my posts were deleted and I was informed I was part of the problem due to my confused beliefs. What about all the autistic children? They dismissed the one writer over there worth listening too. Jim Fetzer. Then there is Jimmah Dean, who says he doesn’t like links as they conflict with the flow of the post! Say what? Apparently we are all not brothers trying to inject some truth in a tsunami of lies. You go with the party line or you are gone!

Unfortunately we see more with Lasha Darkmoon, who doesn’t like links either. She claims to be a Polish catholic, LOL standing up for the goyim and defending her “white inheritance.” I was told to keep all of my links on my own blog after several comments about John Kaminsky, Carolyn Yeager and Spingola, (selling those books) who just can’t get enough of Hitler and his war for Blut Und Boden, “Blood and Soil.” She actually went all to pieces on her blog when I mentioned that the corporal who built all those roads, put a chicken in every pot and just might have been a Rothschild. They are all writing books about Hitler and it is not nice to question the status quo. In fact Kaminsky calls me psychotic. I made the mistake of accepting his emails at one time and lost several I.Q. points. He urges followers to “do something about the jews”. It is almost like he is trying to urge followers to drive their car through a bank window. He apparently has visions of Poland recapturing part of the Ukraine and returning to glory. I suggest he get his passport in order and join the Banderistas who are short on manpower. He of course doesn’t believe there is a God either. This is a telltale tip off of nazi ideology.

Then we have the Dog Poet, (More Smoke Than Mirrors) who tells me people are tired of my trash. He pushes the line that the catholic church is a benevolent organization with a few pedophile priests. I at one time linked him until he informed me that many of my links meant nothing. Yeah sure Les. The love shown for the Hare Krishna on that site is well, what can you say. It is a masonic organization and we should hear from some of the followers who indicate they have heard followers say such things as “we have to knock off early, have a Bar Mitzvah to attend.” I can’t shake the impression that some of the voices he hears may be satellite to skull. In fact I have to wonder at times if he has a high tech office in the vatican. At any rate I have noticed most of the old timers on his site have vanished and there is a new crew aboard, all glowing and ready to defend their guru.

Then there is the insignificant, obscure and forgettable Beulahman, a closet fascist who plays into the familiar stereotype of southerners in general who while making glowing comments on my blog flits around the internet leaving disparaging contents about it. I have probably left a few out here, I will come back and update it later.

And then there is Beforeitsnews. The only way to get banned there is present them with facts. I was banned for one year! LOL With all of the insane rambling there, facts are not needed.

I am not selling any books or records, I do not want or need your donations for this free wordpress blog

Blogs I would recommend and not all listed here, you can find them on the sidebar. Some of the better ones at the moment have taken a break from blogging.





Cosmic Convergence






http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/ Only due to Rixon Stewart who I link to from time to time) See Link
















firedoglake.com/…/climatedenial-plain-and-simple-feds-approve-shells- arctic-drilling-plan/
May 11, 2015 “Not only does it put the Arctic’s pristine landscapes at a huge risk for oil spills and industrial development but it’s utterly incompatible with …
Dec 23, 2013 A study by Drexel University has identified the major sources of funding for climate change denial. Some of the names are all too familiar such …
firedoglake.com/…/report-tobacco-style-climatedenial-greenpeaces-dealing- in-doubt/
Sep 10, 2013 REPORT: Tobacco-style Climate Denial – Greenpeace’s “Dealing in … new version of its “NIPCC” or “climate change reconsidered” report next …
firedoglake.com/…/is-charles-koch-funding-climate-science-denial-in-florida- state-university-economics/
Apr 9, 2014 Mr. Barron is being celebrated for his expertise in climate science as he cycles into his new position at Penn State (which also gets money from …
firedoglake.com/…/the-secrets-of-climatedenial-funding-blanche-lincoln-top -recipient/
Mar 30, 2010 Guess which Democrat in the Senate is the only one to receive money from the biggest funder of anti-climate regulations? Yupe its our favorite …
Sep 27, 2009 Get ready: looks like the Right is gearing up for its next fight – trying to debunk the “myth” of climate change. They already have their figurehead: …
firedoglake.com/…/president-obamas-climate-science-denial-and-his-insane- marijuana-policy-spark-refinery-fire/
Aug 10, 2012 President Obama’s Climate-Science Denial and His Insane Marijuana Policy Spark Refinery Fire — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”).
Apr 30, 2011 … reject the indisputable, scientific consensus that human activity is altering the climate. Why are conservatives, despite the mounting evidence, …
firedoglake.com/…/fdl-book-salon-welcomes-james-hoggan-climate-cover- up-the-crusade-to-deny-global-warming/
Dec 6, 2009 I was reminded of this old joke when reading Jim Hoggan’s book “Climate Cover- Up: The Crusade to Deny Global Warming” on the campaign …
firedoglake.com/…/leading-climate-change-skeptic-bjorn-lomborg-taking- koch-money/
Jun 26, 2014 Leading Climate Change Skeptic Bjorn Lomborg Taking Koch Money … pushed millions into organisations promoting climate science denial …


Now taking another look at our Austrian Thunderbolt, Adolf the Shepard Wolf who had such a historical impact in shaping history for the last 75 years including managing to have Germany bombed into the stone age, at least 130 million people murdered, Germany partitioned, Dresden fried, establishing the state of Israel with Billions in German taxpayer money heading south as well as submarines. Let’s see who is getting it right.
















Rabbi Marvin Antelman

David Irving

Pope Eugenio Pacelli’s Fuhrer






The Tavistock Agenda




Exposing the Realities…











Hitler loved that famous pyramid sign that Merkel is famous for. As one guy on the forum says, “I have a creepy feeling this is all true.”



Jeff Rense even gets on board with the spymaster! http://rense.com/general69/agent.htm

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Most everyone is familiar with crop circles. Here someone has taken the time to attempt to analyze them. If this is close, then we have a scenario that actually corresponds with operation Jade Helm 15 and also the post below this one.

The calculations presented above indicate that Hercolubus could indeed be visible on November the 7th, 2015. December 6th 2015 projected to affect the magnetic field of the earth. Are these dates correct? I haven’t the slightest idea but it is interesting to see someone attempt to explain to us just what some 10,000 crop circles maybe trying to tell us.

SEPTEMBER, 2015: The ‘BIGGEST’ Month Of The Millennium

Let us be clear, Russia must know about this and it could be one reason for their amazing constraint at this point in history.






The Kali Yuga Where Ignorance Becomes Bliss

Lord Vishnu is one of three aspects of the Hindu Trinity who is responsible for maintaining the Universe.“For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, please know that the current pandemic of ignorance and arrogance is quite purposeful. It is induced — by the Universe itself — for the protection of the masses so that their ignorance has become bliss. The bliss that comes with not knowing the grim realities which abound everywhere one looks.“

The tenth and final incarnation of Lord Vishnu is Lord Kalki. His coming in the last century marks the end of the Kali Yuga and closing of the Iron Age. Hence, we see all types of end time prophecy abound. There is particular interest in Planet X, sometimes called the 10th Planet or Hercolubus. Such a planet-comet would be an apt representation of Lord Kalki since His mission, as represented by the Hindu scriptures is to bring about an end to the ignorance that prevails during the Kali Yuga. That’s exactly what He did.”




Sometime around 23 hundred years ago we see in the Mahabharata Ydhishthira has a vision of the age to come: I see the coming of another age, where barbaric kings rule over a vicious, broken world, where puny, fearful men live tiny lives, white hair at sixteen, copulating with animals, their women perfect whores, making love with greedy mouths. The cows dry, trees stunted, no more flowers, no more purity, ambition, corruption, the age of Kali, the black time.”

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