Anger as German news show says migrant arrest over teen murder ‘TOO REGIONAL’ to cover


Rob Virtue and Anita Pallenberg — The Express Dec 5, 2016


Maria Ladenburger

The decision by the TV executives behind Tagesschau, broadcast on mainstream channel ARD, which is funded by licence fee payers, has created anger across the nation.

Maria, the daughter of a high-ranking European Union official, was raped and drowned in the attack, which took place when she was on her way back from a party in October.

The 19-year-old medical student volunteered part-time with a migrant charity but it is unknown whether she knew her attacker.

A march took place yesterday after news broke the Afghan migrant had been arrested over the killing in the city of Freiburg.

Despite widespread anger Tagesschau declined to include the story on its news programme claiming it was no different to other isolated murders.

This provoked one angry viewer to say: “Worth being reported in the Washington Post, but not for the Tagesschau because it’s only of regional importance?”

Another wrote on Twitter: “It is of national importance when Germans set a refugee camp on fire, but not when its residents do this…”

While another said: “Not of national importance? Maria Ladenburger was the daughter of a ‘bigwig’ of the EU.”

The furious reaction forced Tagesscahu editor-in-chief Dr Kai Gniffke to release a statement defending the programme’s decision.

He wrote: “Many people are currently intensely discussing the question whether the Tagesschau should have reported the arrest of the suspect in Freiburg. On social media and in some media outlets commentators are criticising our decision not to talk about the murder case.”

He added “every murder is terrible” but said “we rarely talk about specific crime cases…

“The Tagesschau reports on societal, national and international relevant events. A murder case is not part of this.”

Dr Gniffke added: “But since we evaluate the discussion value of one topic as being lower than the criterium of relevance for the Tagesschau, we decided against reporting the murder case during the show.”

As well as groundswell of outrage on social media, politicians have also reacted to the killing of the teenager, particularly aiming criticism at Chancellor Angela Merkel for her notorious open-door refugee policy.

Rainer Wendt, head of the German police force, said: “This and many other victims would not exist if our country had been prepared for the dangers that are always associated with massive immigration.

“And while relatives mourn and victims experience unspeakable suffering, the representatives of the ‘welcome culture’ are silent.

“Not a word of compassion, no self-doubt, only arrogant insistence on one’s own noble disposition. The cruel side of this policy is being passed on to the victims and to a police and judiciary, which has been damaged by cuts for years. And so the dangers for our country are constantly growing.”

CSU Interior Expert Stephan Mayer said: “It would be fundamentally wrong to put all migrants and refugees under general suspicion. But in future, we will have to deport Afghans much more consistent and quicker.

“That is why I very much welcome the fact that the Federal Government has concluded a return agreement with the Afghan government, and a flight with a group 50 Afghans is planned for this year. A total of 12,500 Afghan migrants are currently required to leave the country.”

Heinz Buschkowsky, ex-mayor of Berlin-Neukölln, added: “The too simple equation can in fact not be disputed: If the offender had not come to the country in 2015, his victim would probably still be alive.

“But would Germany be free of crime if not a single refugee had come here? Unlikely! What is clear is that the perpetrators come from brutal-patriarchy societies and behave towards women as if they were at their disposal.

“It will take generations to change this attitude and until people will arrive in our Central European world of values.”

Continues …



Five Afghan teenagers are arrested after a boy is gang-raped at knifepoint for more than an hour in a forest in Sweden

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Five Afghan teenagers are arrested after a boy is gang-raped at knifepoint for more than an hour in a forest in Sweden

Julian Robinson — Daily Mail Dec 6, 2016

Five Afghan teenagers have been arrested after a boy was gang-raped at knifepoint in a forest in Sweden, it has emerged.

The victim, who is under 15, was filmed during the attack, which happened in woodland in Uppsala, south east Sweden.

He was beaten and dragged out to the forest at knifepoint before being subjected to an ordeal lasting more than an hour, prosecutors say.

One of the attackers filmed parts of the assault, overnight on October 24 and 25, and posted the footage on social media, it is claimed.

The child, also from Afghanistan, went to police before five suspects were detained on child rape charges, it has been reported in Sweden.

All five have reportedly denied the accusations with one saying he was not present.

Two others say they do not remember what they were doing while the final pair made ‘some concessions’.

Court papers say the teenagers, aged 16 and 17, ‘inflicted beatings’ to the child’s head and body before ‘grabbing the defendant, covering his mouth and dragging or carrying him into a woodland area’.

At this point, the court papers say, each of the accused carried out serious sexual assaults on the child who was also bitten on the back and spat on.

All arrived in Sweden as unaccompanied minors seeking asylum and could be deported if convicted.

According to local media, the alleged perpetrators and the victim knew each other but the motive for the attack is not yet known.

Stefan Wallin, a defense lawyer representing one youth, said his client neither admits nor denies the charges.

“He has no recollection of the events because of alcohol intoxication,” Wallin told the AP.

Defense lawyers for the others didn’t immediately return requests for comment.

A trial is set to take place in Uppsala District Court.


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False Flag At Comet Ping Pong Pizza Restaurant Predicted By Alt Media

PIZZAGATE: Black Operation in D.C. to Foil Citizen Investigations Doesn’t Even Surprise


False Flag Alert! PizzaGate Threatens the Global Power Structure! Anything Goes in D.C. Until the Inauguration!

State of the Nation

SOTN, along with a number of other Alt Media platforms, have been writing about the false flag black operation that would be conducted at the Comet Ping Pong Pizza Restaurant in Washington, D.C. for many days now.

James Achilles Alefantis And His Comet Ping Pong Network

And it happened today.  This meticulously planned operation was staged specifically to tag all the citizen investigators of PIZZAGATE as fringe elements who could morph into domestic terrorists at any moment.  After all, they are investigating the greatest scandal of the millennium. (PIZZAGATE: The Greatest Scandal of the Third Millennium)

The NDAA Legalizes The Use Of Propaganda On The US Public

Of course, the alphabet soup intelligence agencies and secret services are fully equipped to stage a false flag anywhere, anytime in order to help this narrative along.  Only in this case the Al Media practically wrote the script for them in advance.  That’s how good we have gotten in calling them out BEFORE THEY EVEN PERPETRATE their false flag psyops.

SOS: Alt Media Under Serious Threat By PIZZAGATE False Flag!

PIZZAGATE has got TPTB scared

Actually, PIZZAGATE has got the entire global power structure VERY frightened.  They know that, were the U.S. Federal Government to be toppled by the greatest scandal in American history, the World Shadow Government will also collapse.[1]  For both of these ‘governments’ only operate within the Global Control Matrix under the rubric of multiple ongoing PIZZAGATEs in every major Western power.

The Black Swan Event They Didn’t Expect: PizzaGate

Hence, it was only a matter of time that a false flag would be executed in or around Comet Ping Pong Pizza in D.C.  This so-called family pizza shop is a haven for all sorts of activities related to the largest pedophilia ring in Washington, D.C.  In fact, the circumstantial evidence now available in the public domain is now overwhelming and proves that the Obama Administration has sanctioned such depraved conduct at highest levels of the US government.

PIZZAGATE: The Scandal That Will Take Down the Clintons, the Democratic Party and the U.S. Federal Government

As a matter of fact, there are now Wikileaks emails and Weinergate evidence which link former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden and Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta to some of the most sordid behavior ever demonstrated by government officials.  The reference links that follow clearly spell out exactly what Comet Pizza is really all about.  And there are many others within the Obama Administration who are directly connected to this heinous criminal conduct.

PIZZAGATE: A Complex and Convoluted Conspiracy at the Highest Echelons of the U.S. Federal Government is Exposed

False Flags Operations Are Now Legal

For those who are unaware, Obama signed NDAA legislation which permits the U.S. Government to carry out false flags attacks on American soil when the decision-makers determine that national security is under threat.  Because PIZZAGATE threatens to bring down the government — as in total collapse — because of its authenticity and seriousness, there are many in the highest echelons who feel compelled to order these false flags against the American people.

“FALSE FLAGS” are LEGAL PROPAGANDA PRODUCED by the Department of Defense

Everything so far about this evening’s incident at Comet smells of a false flag.  From reading the following report published by The Washington Post, the gunman’s actions and law enforcement followup actions have all the hallmarks of a classic psyop.  Obviously false flags like this are practically always handled in the very same way, whereby the controllers of the operation are far from the scene of the crime but carefully orchestrate the whole op.

WashPo: D.C. Police arrest suspect with an assault rifle at Comet Ping Pong restaurant



Of course, we will all hear from the MSM how the Alt Right created a hospitable environment for this [fake] shooting to happen.  And that if legislation is not passed soon, more fully armed crazies will make a visit to Comet Ping Pong. This is how they plan to gut the Second, and the First, Amendments before Obama leaves office.

PIZZAGATE Will Be Used To Take Down The Alt Media…Unless We Are Vigilant

Surely, this fraudulent black op will be used by Obama himself to push his transparently false narrative about Alt Right ‘fake news’, even though it is the Mainstream Media (MSM) that has produced massive volumes of real fake news over several decades.

Mainstream Media Goes Global In Attempting To Kill PIZZAGATE Story

It even appears that Obama himself is setting up shop in D.C. in order to commandeer a national, if not global, effort to shut down alternative news media.  He knows that the Alt Media poses the biggest threat to his hollow and degenerate legacy.  And that it is only a matter of time that he is fully exposed as the Manchurian Candidate that he truly is—a president installed by foreign powers to destroy the American Republic.


The sheer number and intensity of false flags since Obama has been in office is getting quite ridiculous … to the point where citizen journalists are predicting them well in advance.  And, yet, that does not even deter TPTB from pulling them off in broad daylight.

Even until the final days of this Administration does the utterly corrupt leadership continue to terrorize the citizenry.  Government is actually tasked with safeguarding the citizenry, not assailing it through false flag attacks every other week or month.

Perhaps this obviously fake false flag operation will be the final one that triggers an awakening within the populace.  Sooner or later the people must become aware and take back their power from these criminally insane psychopaths.

Just as the ruling elites are hellbent on terminating free speech on the Internet, the Alt Media must be even more determined to expose their multi-decade crime spree against the children.  PIZZAGATE has been blown wide open for very good reasons; and citizen journalists, invesitgators and researchers are seizing the day like never before.

YouTuber Barry Soetoro Predicted Comet False Flag Along With SOTN

Let’s go get ’em!

State of the Nation
December 4, 2016




PIZZAGATE: The Whole Wicked Conspiracy Is Exposed

Huge Breakthrough in D.C. Pedophilia Ring

Recommended reading

The Mainstream Media Wages All-Out War On The Alternative Media


False Flag At Comet Ping Pong Pizza Restaurant Predicted By Alt Media

Well, now it turns out that Edgar Maddison Welch is literally an actor.

Here is a screenshot of his IMDB page (which has been archived here, just in case it disappears or is magically edited):

Washington Post Just Blew The Lid On #PizzaGate Big League


Well, now it turns out that Edgar Maddison Welch is literally an actor.



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Mainstream Media Goes Global In Attempting To Kill PIZZAGATE Story


The Millennium Report

No one has ever seen anything like it in the history of Mainstream Media (MSM) fabrications.

Three of the largest MSM news outlets in the world have come out strongly and run stories on the Comet Pizza Restaurant in Washington, D.C. that many investigative journalists believe is connected to the largest and most powerful pedophilia ring on the planet.

There can be only one reason why The New York Times, The Washington Post, and now the BBC, have used their mammoth media platforms to support a pizza parlor owner whose extremely salacious and suspicious  behavior puts him in the league of ….? ? ?

Why would the biggest MSM giants in the land risk their reputations in support of an outrageously gay pizza joint owner (see his many photos and pics) whose Instagram account has the following posted on it?

PIZZAGATE Photo and Comment Triggers Outrage

There is something VERY wrong indeed with this picture (both the preceding one and the BIG one).  And that something has to do with PIZZAGATE, a global child murder, child sacrifice, child trafficking, and child sexual abuse crime syndicate that has been operating in plain sight for decades throughout Washington, D.C.

PIZZAGATE: The Greatest Scandal of the Third Millennium

Because this crime spree involves some of the most powerful people within the Beltway, as well as other centers of great political influence around the globe, it’s now clear the MSM will do everything in their power to kill the PIZZAGATE story.

Here are just 3 examples of their attempts to do just that.

The New York Times Falsely Labels PIZZAGATE As ‘Fake News’

The Washington Post Falsely Labels PIZZAGATE As ‘Fake News’

The BBC Falsely Labels PIZZAGATE As ‘Fake News’

You know the elites are getting extremely nervous when they run stories like these on their three largest news platforms, particularly when such reports draw huge attention to the underlying pedophilia rings.  Hence, these preceding stories must be seen as a last-ditch effort to kill the Alt Media PIZZAGATE narrative.  Especially in the minds of those who are still addicted to the MSM fake news, as in real fake news, are the media giants trying to implant a false narrative.

Jimmy Alefantis (right) with Democrat politico and former lover David Brock

Jimmy Alefantis (right) with Democrat politico and former lover David Brock

Jimmycomet becomes an MSM hero overnight!

It was always quite inconceivable in the first place that Comet Ping Pong Pizza Restaurant owner Jimmy Alefantis (aka “jimmycomet”) would be written up as the 49th most powerful man in the nation’s capital.  Oh, really!  In a city overflowing with the world’s most powerful politicians and and power-players, power-brokers and power-mongers, how does a pizza parlor owner ranks so high?!?!

Why is a pizza joint owner named James Alefantis listed as the 49th most powerful man in Washington DC?

Then there is the phonetic meaning of Alefantis’ name in French.  It can be no coincidence that his name means “I love children”.  His middle name is Achilles, which is even more telling in that it reflects that his “love of children” as his Achilles’ heel.

PIZZAGATE: The Owner’s (Of Comet Ping Pong Pizza) Full Name Means “I Love Children” In French

Now we come to the really crazy stuff that appears(ed) in the public domain regarding Comet Ping Pong Pizza and Jimmy Alefantis.  It seems that the blatantly gay Alefantis really loves to strut his stuff, and especially his sexual peccadilloes.  He did this especially by posting away on Instagram and his business blog highly offensive photos and pics that reflect his personal preferences and taste in ‘artwork’.  As follows:

James Achilles Alefantis And His Comet Ping Pong Network

PIZZAGATE: It’s Much Worse Than You Will Ever Know

Huge Breakthrough in D.C. Pedophilia Ring


From Alefantis’ Instagram account

Now that the reader (actually viewer) has been sufficiently shocked by such scurrilous content, the real $64,000 question here is: Why have the loudest organs in the MSM gone out of their way to support such an unsavory character?

There can be only one answer to this question.  And it has to do with what he really represents to the D.C. power structure.  That something is big…very very BIG!  Especially the WashPo Editorial Board pens a piece that essentially exposes themselves as a zealous pervert protector.  Let’s face it: You really can’t make this stuff up!

Are TPTB getting ready to do something BIG?

There is definitely another angle on this explosive PIZZAGATE story that very nicely aligns with the siege and attack on the Waco Compound of David Koresh.  Once PIZZAGATE broke, they, and everyone else knows, that there is no putting this genie back in the bottle.  In fact it only continues to get bigger by the day.  Therefore it does appear that TPTB will execute a false flag op that kills the PIZZAGATE golden goose that has laid so many eggs of truth about how the world is really run.  The following video offers an excellent portrayal of what they might try to pull off Waco-style.

VIDEO:Pizzagate Is The Waco Seize — Same Script, Hoax Goal Is Censorship of ‘Fake News’

This type of agenda may well explain why they are staggering articles throughout the MSM in order to prepare the American people for something very BIG.   Without some sort of conditioning and pretext TPTB simply cannot justify shutting down the Internet.  That may sound like hyperbole, but that is exactly what they want to do to the Alt  Media side.  At the very least the media controllers are desperate to take away access to all the social network utilities.  Once a PIZZAGATE article gets on Facebook or Twitter, YouTube or Instagram, they viralize quite quickly,  Of course, that must be stopped before too many stumble on such an inconvenient truth.

Clearly the elites who are either into PIZZAGATE, controlled by PIZZAGATE, or are the controllers of the PIZZAGATE psyop have a very strong vested interest to shut down the whole global citizen’s investigation.  They will try to do that some way, somehow in the not-too-distant future.  Otherwise, the entire Global Control Matrix will be put at great risk.  So many national governments worldwide are controlled by their respective PIZZAGATES, that the ruling elites feel that they have no choice but to terminate all such free speech.

PIZZAGATE: The Scandal That Will Take Down the Clintons, the Democratic Party and the U.S. Federal Government

James Alefantis appears 5 times in the white house visitor records on [verified on 11/7/2016]

James Alefantis appears 5 times in the white house visitor records on [verified on 11/7/2016]

What else is going on here?

It ought to be obvious to everyone by now that PIZZAGATE has provided TPTB with a false pretext to eliminate the now pervasive and increasing  power of the Alt Media.  After all, it was only by the pervasive influence of the Alt Media that Donald Trump even got elected. Now that’s as powerful as it gets.  Hence, the elites are feeling very threatened, as they should be.

There is perhaps no other chink in their armor that will allow the global structure to be taken down like PIZZAGATE … because of what it’s really all about.  For it is the children who have been terribly abused and exploited, sacrificed and dissected, tortured and murdered.  Such egregious criminal conduct can only be responded to with capital punishment.  The crimes are simply too many and too heinous not to be dealt with swiftly and severely.

PIZZAGATE is much more serious than previous Pedogates

Now we know why the MSM is so determined to label everything that comes out of Alt Media as “fake news”.  They really have no choice in spite of the fact that all the MSM does is lie and prevaricate about everything, all the time.  The elites have always been quite predictable of accusing their challengers of committing the very same crimes that they themselves have committed since time immemorial.

PIZZAGATE will be their undoing

The elites have failed to realize that, from this point forward, they really can do nothing right where it concerns the rapidly developing PIZZAGATE investigation.  Time clearly is on our side; as it is working against TPTB every day that goes by.  Only with the passage of time will more witnesses begin to step forward who have been the victims of those who have implemented the PIZZAGATE program over the past few decades.  This is the way that Washington, D.C. has been locked down over the past century, and why nobody ever seems to leave the reservation.

Well, with the World Wide Web casting its net (aka Internet) around the planet, there are infinite opportunities for the victimized to step forward and plead their case in the forum of public interchange.  There are now so many excellent venues available and high volume channels functioning that every witness can pick and choose.  This is why PIZZAGATE will eventually take down the ruling cabal.  They will be prosecuted in the domain of public opinion, completely outside of the completely corrupt court system that has always protected them.

The other quite unfortunate component of the worldwide PIZZAGATE investigation –for TPTB, that is — is that they are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t.  You know how when a horrible crime is committed everyone wants to get as far away from it as possible.  In this case the key political criminals on the world stage — Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, John and Tony Podesta, James Comey and Loretta Lynch et al. can’t get away from PIZZAGATE.  It sticks to them all like flies on a cow patty.

PIZZAGATE: A Complex and Convoluted Conspiracy at the Highest Echelons of the U.S. Federal Government is Exposed

In light of the foregoing predicament, if TPTB use the MSM to blow it all up (citizen’s investigation, it will all just come right back to them.  If they try to completely ignore it, it will eventually overwhelm them, first as a whisper campaign, then as a full-blown Alt Media screamfest.  No matter what they do or don’t do, they’re toast.  After all, some of the 50 states still administer electrocution by way of the electric chair.

What states still use the electric chair?



Now the reader understands why PIZZAGATE is so HUGE!   It possesses all the elements for a neatly controlled demolition of the Mainstream Media by Alt Media, of the U.S. Federal Government by the American People, and of the World Shadow Government by the Global Village. Yes, PIZZAGATE is so radioactive for the globalists who rule the planet that it will eventually consume them to the point of extinction.  The planetary civilization has had enough of their criminally insane leadership and depraved control mechanisms.

The Millennium Report
December 3, 2016

Editor’s Note

It’s very important to be aware that James Alefantis’ Comet Ping Pong Pizza is frequently advertised as a FAMILY pizza restaurant.  What follows is just one poster from Sasha Lord, the individual who books the music for Comet. She usually put “All Ages” on these promotional pieces.  See for yourself the artwork that is presented to children at:
Comet Ping Pong’s Sasha Lord Presents…? ? ?

Sasha Lord, Music Booker At Comet Ping Pong

Sasha Lord, Music Booker At Comet Ping Pong



VeteransToday Brands Pizzagate Fake News In Their Rapidly Escalating March Toward Irrelevance



PIZZAGATE: The Whole Wicked Conspiracy Is Exposed


Miley Cyrus’s father (left) used to rape her live at Bohemian Grove as one of the leading attractions. It is no wonder the poor girl appears about half nuts.


PIZZAGATE: The Scandal That Will Take Down the Clintons’ the Democratic Party and the U.S. Federal Government

More On Pizzagate And Washington’s Sick Pyschopaths

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Google Graphic Proves How The MSM ‘Fake News’ Strategy Was Implemented To Short-Circuit PIZZAGATE Scandal

Perfectly Timed
MSM ‘Fake News’ Narrative
Was Cooked Up
As A “Necessity”
By The Ruling Elites

SOTN Investigation Unit


SOTN Investigation Unit

The Google graphic posted above is worth a million words…that would constitute a scathing indictment of the Mainstream Media (MSM).

For those who are not good at reading graphs, may we spell it out for you?

The top RED line shows that the ‘Fake News’ meme was quite purposefully disseminated throughout the World Wide Web just 2 or 3 days before the PIZZAGATE scandal broke wide open.  In other words the new meme was deliberately planted in stories everywhere.  Even Obama went to Europe to talk about the “spread of fake news online” when he was in Germany in mid November.

In other words, the ruling elites, who are literally up to their eyeballs in pizza [GATE], ordered the MSM magnates to blitz the worldwide media with the ‘Fake News’ narrative just days before PIZZAGATE exploded on the scene.  That’s how really afraid the Deep State is of PIZZAGATE going supernova.

They knew that they had no choice but to go totally ballistic on the Alt Media, as we were getting way too close to the most radioactive truth.  After all, just how desperate must the MSM be to call everything that is not mainstream pap and piffle fake news.  Talk about reckless, and hubris, and D E S P E R A T E!

This occurred right after Weinergate went prime time, as it was that scandal that provided the grist (read leaked emails) for the global citizen’s investigation that is now going on full bore.  Thank you, Anthony Weiner!

Back to the Golden Google Graphic above.  Truly, they don’t come any better (read incriminating) than this.  Many thanks to our super-sleuth for even thinking of conducting such a brilliant statistical exercise .

It’s high time for the PIZZAGATE citizen investigators and journalists to perform more of this outside-the-box research.

State of the Nation
December 5, 2016



VeteransToday Brands Pizzagate Fake News In Their Rapidly Escalating March Toward Irrelevance





REDDIT bans #PizzaGate! to the rescue



PIZZAGATE: The Scandal That Will Take Down the Clintons’ the Democratic Party and the U.S. Federal Government



Piz Zag Ate

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