Massive Quake Kills More Than 1,300 In Nepal… Worst In More Than 80 Years… Destruction In Capital… Thousands Injured… Hospitals Overwhelmed… Scores Killed In Neighboring Countries… More Than A Dozen Bodies Recovered After Avalanche Rips Down Everest… Strikes In Middle Of Climbing Season… ‘Base Camp Turned Into A Triage Center’… World Heritage Sites Destroyed… Relief Operation Faces Daunting Challenges





Update 4-26-2015-2500 people dead now.

Nepal was already a small poor country heavily dependent on tourism, this will be devastating. Homes and century old temples were destroyed in the 7.9 quake and aftershocks soon followed. Climbers were also killed and stranded on Mount Everest. A state of emergency has been declared.

There were fatalities also in India

There have also been fatalities in India, Bangladesh and Tibet.

Magnitude Mw 7.8
Region NEPAL
Date time 2015-04-25 06:11:26.3 UTC
Location 28.28 N ; 84.79 E
Depth 10 km
Distances 83 km NW of Kathmandu, Nepal / pop: 1,442,271 / local time: 11:56:26.3 2015-04-25
75 km NE of Bharatpur, Nepal / pop: 107,157 / local time: 11:56:26.3 2015-04-25

This is not a total surprise, I have posted many times about the tectonic plates in this area.


There are many factors that could come into play here. Many people do not seem to realize that Syria itself has a total of five volcanos. The Golan Heights itself is a volcano. It stands 1197 meters high and last erupted during the Holcene era. Al Safa stands 979 meters high and last erupted in 1850 AD. Jabal ad Druze stands 1803 meters high and last erupted during the holocene era. Sharat Kovakab stands 534 meters high and last erupted also during the holocene era. Shahba stands 845 meters high and last erupted in 2670 BC. A smaller unnamed volcano erupted in 1222 AD. Arabian_Plate They are now drilling for gas on the Golan Heights.

There is also a stratovolcano, strombolian type in the Southern Red Sea region of Eritrea and it erupted about a year ago to a small degree. It is massive.

There is more, much more. The entire area is composed of three tectonic plates much like the area around Japan where we saw the Fukushima tidal wave wreck a nuclear power plant and it is most likely only the beginning. The Arabian, African and Indian plates having been moving northward for a very long time where they collide with the Eurasian plate forming the Pyrenees. They cross into southern Europe, Iran, the Himalayas and Southeast Asia.











But hey lets face it, we are on a planet run by a bunch of crazy satanists, about the best we can do is hope for a pole shift.

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Taylor Swift And Sharon’s Brain

Blank Space

Miles Mathis hits the nail on the head once again. Here are a few excerpts. The link above is the original piece. He touches on almost every angle such as her numbers being very inflated on youtube, whereas others more important are down graded including blogs. One must read the original to appreciate the full scope of this however but I will leave a few poignant angles. Only disagreement I have with Mr. Mathis is I do think she has a certain satanic look in her eye.

“In case you don’t know, my title refers to a hit song by Taylor Swift. This paper will be an analysis of Swift, the song, and the general malaise-in-the-milieu it creates.

Like Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift has recently made a major genre switch. Cyrus segued from teen pop to adult pop, shedding clothing, all inhibitions, and all taste in the process. Swift has so far kept on (some of) her clothes, but in moving from new-country to adult pop, she—like Cyrus—has made all her Intelligence ties about ten times as obvious. She might as well be wearing a CIA sandwich board and ringing a bell.

If you don’t know what I mean, follow along with me as we out her. It is admitted at places like Wikipedia that Swift’s dad is a Merrill Lynch financial adviser, the descendant of three generations of bank presidents. Those are your first four red flags. Actually, Scott Swift is more than a financial adviser. He is senior vice president at Merrill Lynch, which is way up there. Swift’s mom was also in the financial sector, working as a mutual fund executive. While Taylor is from bankers on her dad’s side, on her mom’s side she is from oilmen. Her grandfather Robert Bruce Finlay was an oilman (I wonder—did they call him Robert the Bruce?). Several more red flags there.

While you’ve been getting down and out about the liars and the dirty cheats of the world you could have been getting down to this sick beat.

That is her answer to people like me, the “conspiracy theorists” and Truthers who have a problem with the liars and cheats running the world: we should dance our troubles away. Her Langley lyricists are trying their best to defuse and misdirect all the current anger, and this is one way they are trying to do it. They are hoping they can convince young girls to look sideways at their fuddy-duddy moms and dads, who are worried that the world is run by liars and cheats. These girls will say, “Mom, Dad, chill out, man! It’s just history. It’s just the world. You’re too small and isolated to do anything about that. Just come dance with pretty girl Taylor Swift!”

(This is my interject but I was astounded to see Mathis and I hold some similar views)

You may have squirmed under that short sermon, but if you did, you aren’t finished squirming, since I have another for you—although this one is likewise non-denominational and non-Christian.** It concerns the hater tag we saw above. Although the hater tag is now like the “terrorist” tag, and is completely misused, I actually embrace it. I don’t embrace dismissing any negative criticism as from “a hater,” but I do embrace hating things. Hate is a natural human emotion and it shouldn’t be discouraged or squelched. It should be fine-tuned and savored. If something is detestable, you should detest it. You should study your hatred for it and try to understand it fully. You should express it as clearly as you can and share it. Because if you can’t freely hate, you can’t freely love. By definition, they are two opposite ends of a continuum, and you can’t have one without the other. In fact, you hate because you love. If you don’t hate anything, you probably don’t really love anything, either. Normally, you hate those things that most threaten the things you love. I hate lies because I love truth. I hate ugliness because I love beauty. Because I love art, I hate those who have conspired to destroy it. Because I love nature, I hate those who have conspired to destroy it. Because I have loved (certain) women, I hate those who have conspired to make them crazy, unhappy, confused, or dissatisfied. I don’t have children, but those who do have children hate those who threaten the future happiness of their children (as they should). It is the hatred that guarantees action, since that is what emotion means. E-motion. A cause of movement or action. Those who want to curb your emotions, especially hatred, are just trying to keep you from any meaningful action. Those who teach that hatred should be avoided are hoping to shame you into permanent inaction.

Possibly you can now see why I do not call myself a Christian, though having some residue of what many would call a Christian morality. Christ did not recommend hatred, and neither do Christians (normally). Neither do Buddhists (normally). But I do. I recommend it highly. It is one of the fires that keeps life burning. It is the wind in a very important sail, and without it you will find yourself trapped in some still harbor, paddling in circles.

If you have read everything I have written, you may know I take yoga, and enjoy it. You may think I am in a false position in any yoga class, since yoga instructors tend to pepper their classes with “love everyone and everything” mantras. And while I do tend to ignore that part of the lesson, I don’t think that puts me in a false position. Why? Because those who have actually studied Eastern religions know that “love everything indiscriminately” is not really part of the instruction. In the Bhagavad Gita, for instance, Krishna’s advice to Arjuna is not to love everything indiscriminately, or even to accept everything indiscriminately. Arjuna is in battle, remember, and it is very difficult to be a soldier if you love everything indiscriminately. Very early on, Krishna says,

Do not yield to unmanliness, O son of Prithâ. It does not become you. Shake off this base faint- heartedness and arise, O scorcher of enemies!

Mark that. Enemies. Which presupposes a battle of opposites. As does the whole idea of dharma, which is rightness or right action. Rightness presupposes wrongness, just as love presupposes hate. You embrace that which is right or lovable, and you push away that which is wrong or detestable. In

this way, the philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita is not so far from the philosophy of the Vikings, as in the Eddas or the Nibelungenlied. There, you love your friends and hate your enemies, by definition.

I will be told that you can resist your enemies without hating them, but while that is easy to say, I have never seen any evidence it is true. Those who try to love their enemies never turn out to be very good at resisting them. For me, hate is just the natural emotion you allow yourself to have, since it is the very thing that fuels the resistance. If you really succeeded in loving your enemies, what reason would you have for resisting them? More to the point, what fire would you use to fuel that resistance? The anger is what causes the action, so to suppress the anger is to suppress the action. This is the way it works in real life, so although the arguments for and against can be very long and pretty, they are ultimately just words. People who don’t get angry at injustice also don’t tend to do anything about it, and the unjust know that. Which is why the unjust teach the just not to get angry. Without emotions, justice ultimately fails, as it has.”


And old one from Kenny’s Side (Show RIP Kenny) gone but not forgotten. I mirrored this one but can’t find it right now. It is obvious that Taylor does not drink much diet coke as she does not weight 300 pounds like many American teenage girls. Her pancreas seems to still be in tact.

swift coke








Aspartame and Sharon’s Brain

Will Work for Coke

“I definitely think about a million people when I’m getting dressed in the morning and that’s just part of my life now,” Taylor Swift says. “I think it’s my responsibility to know it and to be conscious of it. It would be really easy to say I do what I want. You raise your kids! But it’s not the truth of it. The truth of it is- every singer out there with songs on the radio is raising the next generation.”

Raising the next generation on poison aspartame. Taylor signs a big endorsement deal with Diet Coke and Donald Rumsfeld chuckles.
It used to be that the radio ‘stars’ hinted about illegal drugs. Now they are paid to push the legal ones. I liked the old days better. Taylor needs to educate herself and stop the poison pushing but hey, it’s all about the money. Country music can promote the war machine and corporate criminals but don’t tell even a wee bit of truth about anything that matters, you’ll get boycotted.

In other earth shattering news…Ariel Sharon’s brain is said to be showing significant activity after vegetating for the last seven years. Doctors are amazed because brain activity is rare in any Israeli politician, awake or in a coma. When asked about Sharon’s condition, Netanyahu foamed at the mouth and threw a copy of the Sunday Times at the reporter.

Sharon was Prime Minister of Israel during the September 11, 2001 joint Israeli/neocon attack on America. In an attempt to provoke more stimulation in Sharon’s brain, doctors are playing him a looped recording 24/7 of his alleged famous quote…
“We, the Jewish People, Control America, and The Americans Know it!”
Rumors are swirling that Coca Cola is in talks with the Pentagon to sponsor the new drone base in Africa. A Coke spokesman said “It’s a natural fit. We both are in the business of killing for profit.”

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The Hidden King: Camelot ruled from the Cave of Merlin (What Happened To John Kennedy)

Miles Mathis highlights some undeniable inconsistencies.
Oswald why the black sweater, it hides blood especially if there isn’t any. Have you ever seen prisoners transferred with a black sweater you were given a choice to wear, especially with his face looking beaten up?


Ever notice most of our leaders are war heroes? Bush one a pilot in WWII who bailed out, Kerry and the swift boats, McCain beat by the Vietcong as a prisoner, Joe Kennedy the pilot, John Kennedy swimming through shark infested waters, Jimmy Carter the Naval “nuclear engineer”, and well Ronnie Reagan the actor …. well he saved Bonzo right?



Oswald reacted before the sound of the shot and there is a microphone hanging from the rafters where the shooting took place. It was pre-miced. The shooting scene also shows powerful lights.

Ruby Big head















We already know that other Oswald photos were faked. For instance, the famous photo of Oswald with his gun, from LIFE magazine, was proved to be a fake by contemporary experts. The head is too big for the body.

Malcolm Thompson, a 30-year veteran of the forensics science laboratory in the British Police Force and specialist in fake photos, stated in a 1978 BBC documentary these photos were fakes. In the same documentary, the head of the Canadian Airforce Photographic department came to the same conclusion. I could tell that immediately, since his head is too big for his body.



I don’t remember John Kennedy having such a jutting jaw.

Jut Jaw


I will tell you a bit more about Oswald before we move on. One of Oswald’s government handlers is known: his name was George de Mohrenschildt. Of Russian heritage, his father had been a major- general in the Tsar’s army, before Lenin took over.

Oswald\s brother George lived in Venezuela for a time, working for Pantepec Oil, which was owned by the family of William F. Buckley. Of course Buckley is now known to have been CIA himself. De Mohrenschildt was also a personal friend of Clint Murchison, H. L. Hunt, George Bush, Sr., and Ted Dealey.

Because de Mohrenschildt was also a close personal friend of the Kennedys and Bouviers.
So what happened to John Kennedy? Did anybody check the compound afterwards? Kennedy had lots of enemies, did he go underground for his own protection? Remember there is no proof anybody was killed that day.

The question was asked, how many body doubles did Kennedy have? Connolly indicates the motorcade stopped a couple or three times. That is long enough for body double to climb in for the final leg. Connolly is also seen on the wrong side of the car several times. In some photos, Connolly’s head shrinks.

Publisher Phillip Graham supposedly killed himself months before the Asassination. He shared girls with Kennedy and was maybe blabbing about taking the presidency underground? When newspaper owners get shot, it tends to have a quieting effect on the rest of them and insures secrecy.

Mary Pinchot Meyer, one of the Kennedy mistresses, was once married to Cord Meyer, one of the highest ranking CIA agents. Was Kennedy still visiting her? Did she talk too much after a few drinks.

Then there is Bobby Kennedy, the death photos show he switched sides in the parting of his hair after death.

And then there is this:

“You might also want to remind yourself what kind of Presidents we have had since Nixon. Ford, the non-entity, ruled by his Rockefeller Vice President. Carter, the peanut farmer who came out of nowhere. Reagan, the actor. Bush, his sniveling VP and ex-CIA director. Clinton, the snake-oil salesman from Arkansas. Bush, Jr., the monkey in a suit. It was not a coincidence that all of them were mainly actors. As Sting said in a song, “They all look like game-show hosts to me.” This was not true before Nixon. Why was it true after Nixon?
It is because the Presidency had by then become only a front. Johnson and Nixon had taken the part semi-seriously. They had tried to slake their ambition in an old-fashioned way, despite knowing that everything had changed. But after Nixon was taken down, the Presidency was only an empty charade, and everyone knew that. It was an opportunity for sleeping, with Ford, for grinning and shucking with Carter, for posing on horses for Reagan. After Reagan, the position became standardized. It was just a series of photo ops and canned Teleprompter speeches aboard aircraft carriers and on ranches, such as any circus barker could have done. “




Need more? How about the fact that one of the little known losses of the World Trade Center demolitions is the loss of all the negatives of Kennedy’s own photographer, Jacques Lowe. The entire archive, over 40,000 frames, was “lost” at WTC5
They all seem to die on the eve before the election!




JFK, Jr., was supposedly cremated and buried at sea and he was not a sailor or had ever been in the Navy. There will be no autopsy here on either him or Osama Bin Laden. No wonder Ethel Kennedy drank. The bad photoshopping is enough drive her over the edge.
The tale leads on into Roosevelt and Truman.


And now for the best



“You will say, “Wait, are you telling me JFK, Jr., is still living in the Kennedy Compound in Hyannisport?” Yes, among other places. One of those places is on Chappaquiddick. For evidence of that, ask yourself why Presidents still vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. Every year, Obama goes on vacation there. Why would he do that? When there, he is probably the only black person on the entire island. It is not a common resort for black families. And he is not the only President to vacation or visit Martha’s Vineyard for no reason. Clinton is known to have “vacationed” there, although he had no ties to Massachusetts, Cape Cod, or the Island. In fact, every other President since Kennedy has either vacationed or visited Martha’s Vineyard while in office—usually on a yearly basis. What do you think they are all doing there?



Anyone who researches Martha’s Vineyard will uncover many red flags. Just as a teaser, did you know John Belushi bought a home there just before he “died”? It is still in the family, since it is now said to be in his brother’s name (although Jim doesn’t live there or spend any time there). Curious, as I think you will admit. Did you know Martha’s Vineyard is the largest island on the East Coast not connected to the mainland by a bridge or tunnel? Do you think they can’t afford one? You have to ride two ferries to get to Chappaquiddick, or copter in.




We are told Teddy was “hosting a party” on Chappaquiddick the night of his accident. At whose house? We aren’t told. But we are told that when leaving the party, Ted “requested the keys to his mother’s car from his chauffeur, Crimmins”. Which means his mother’s car was at the party. We aren’t told Rose was at the party, so why was her car there? If her car was there, we must assume the party was being given at another Kennedy compound on Chappaquiddick. Take time to let that sink in, please.



With that, I will finish. You may now understand my title. This was not one faction overthrowing another. This was revolution. This was the secret and successful undermining and overthrow of a semi-Republic by a fascist alliance of oligarchs.”


So if this seems to much of a stretch for you, try these.

Maybe it is best to remember the words of Jay Sebring:

“You will best benefit yourself by keeping an open mind and forgetting most of what you have learned in the past.”


Related posts








Buried at sea like John Kennedy Jr.


Come inside come inside

So maybe they are not kidding when they refer to the “Kennedy Compound”. After all Adolf had his Argentinean Berghof which was designed to look like the Bavarian Berghof. The FBI has already stated the bones in the bunker were not those of the German thunderbolt.

The Bush family owns large swathes of Paraguay where most of the fresh water is located.

Once again it might serve us to remember Shakespeare.

And all the men and women merely players.
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts … Shakespeare“The world is but a stage and we are the players.”

“Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.” … The Buddha

Double, double toil and trouble
Fire burn, and caldron bubble

For a charm of powerful trouble, Like a hell-broth boil and bubble

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Germany to Seek Compensation Over Holocaust Reparations Fraud?








By Richard Edmondson

The Jewish newspaper, The Forward, has reported that in December of last year Matthias Hass, Germany’s Minister of Finance, sent a letter to the Jewish Claims Conference (CC), the private organization that administers and distributes the money paid by Germany as holocaust reparations.
In that letter, Hass reportedly stresses a “requirement” of Germany that the CC “compensate for the financial damage arising from the cases of fraud.” The word “fraud” here is not a reference to the holocaust itself (we are, after all, talking about the German government), but a financial scandal that came to light in 2009 when it was reported that the CC had paid out some $57 million in fraudulent claims to putative, would-be holocaust survivors.

The racket reportedly began as far back as 1993, and the fraudulent claims were processed and approved with the full knowledge of certain CC officials, a number of whom have since been convicted or have pled guilty.

But what isn’t clear is whether compensation has been made for the fraudulent compensation clams, if that’s not too mangled a way of putting it. Fifty-seven million dollars, of course, is a lot of money.

The full article can be accessed here. The Forward reports that the German Finance Ministry has not responded to inquiries on the matter (naturally!), but an official with the CC did confirm receipt of the letter.

At any rate, below is an article I wrote back in 2012 discussing the scandal as well as holocaust reparations in general and the history of the CC–how the organization got started as well as profiles of its leading officials and past statements attributed to them.

And directly beneath that is a related article I posted at the same time–on the question of whether Israel, under precisely the same legal framework imposed upon Germany following World War II, should now be obliged to pay reparations to the Palestinians.

Swindler’s List: A Brief Look at the Holocaust Reparations Racket

By Richard Edmondson

After the conclusion of World War II did the Germans pay reparations of some sort to the Jews?


A lot of people would probably assume that, yes, some sort of redress did occur, but that whatever it was, most likely was paid out in one, two, three, or perhaps four lump sum payments, and that the matter was over, settled, and done with, oh, say maybe five years after the war, or ten at most. Few people—or at any rate few who aren’t Jewish, or who don’t make a regular habit of reading the Jewish press—would guess that today, fully 67 years after the war, Germany continues to pay reparations to Jews, or that the benefits doled out keep going up every year, rather than down. But this is indeed the case.

In July of 2012 observances were held marking the 60th anniversary of the Luxembourg Agreement. The event took place in Washington D.C., with ceremonies held at the Israeli Embassy, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the Hart Senate Office Building. So what, you may ask, is the Luxembourg Agreement?

Forcing the Germans to Pay Up

Formally known as the Reparations Agreement between Israel and West Germany, Luxembourg is an agreement signed on September 10, 1952 following lengthy negotiations between an ad hoc committee of Jews representing various Jewish organizations, including the World Jewish Congress; officials from the new state of Israel; and representatives of the West German government, including the country’s then-chancellor Konrad Adenauer. The upshot of the accord was that West Germany was to make restitution, partly in the form of large payments to Israel, on behalf of Jews who had suffered during the Nazi era. The agreement is discussed at some length in an article by Mark Weber, who tells us the West Germans basically had little choice in the matter, and who also supplies us with a rather illuminating quote from Adenauer’s memoirs:

It was clear to me that, if the negotiations with the Jews failed, the negotiations at the London Debt Conference [which were going on at the same time] would also run aground, because Jewish banking circles would exert an influence upon the course of the London Debt Conference which should not be under-estimated. On the other hand it was self-evident that a failure of the London Debt Conference would bring about a failure of the negotiations with the Jews. If the German economy was to achieve a good credit standing and become strong again, the London Conference would have to be ended successfully. Only then would our economy develop in a way that would make the payments to Israel and the Jewish organizations possible. See 5.

More on the London Debt Conference can be found in a summary here, but basically it was an agreement on how German debts, mainly from the period between the two world wars, would be settled with a number of creditor nations, including the US, Britain, and France. Weber goes on to relate (emphases added):

Zionist leader Nahum Goldmann, President of the World Jewish Congress and chairman of the Claims Conference, warned of a worldwide campaign against Germany if the Bonn officials did not meet the Zionist demands: “The non-violent reaction of the whole world, supported by wide circles of non-Jews, who have deep sympathy with the martyrdom of the Jewish people during the Nazi period, would be irresistible and completely justified.” See 6. The London Jewish Observer was more blunt: “The whole material weight of world Jewry will be mobilized for an economic war against Germany, if Bonn’s offer of reparations remains unsatisfactory.” See 7.

Goldman and the other Jews who participated in the negotiations collectively came to be known as The Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, or simply the Claims Conference (CC). As a result of the agreement, the CC was installed, not only as the representative of world Jewry, but also essentially almost as an arbiter, procuring payments from West Germany on the basis of claims filed by individual Holocaust survivors. And here it should be strongly emphasized that German funds have gone out not just to the Jewish state, but also to Jewish individuals as well. According to one source, more than $60 billion has been paid out in the past 60 years to some 500,000 purported Holocaust survivors living in 87 different countries.

The claims process works like this: the money is handed over by Germany to the CC, which in turn will allocate it into different funds that it oversees, with each fund earmarked for a specific purpose. There is, for instance, an Article 2 Fund, which provides lifetime pensions for anyone held in a concentration camp, ghetto, or who worked on a forced labor battalion. Also eligible for an Article 2 pension would be those who were only “forced to go into hiding,” as Wikipedia puts it. And then we have a Hardship Fund, which provides one-time payments for those Jews who emigrated to the West from Soviet-bloc countries, and a Holocaust Victims Compensation Fund, providing one-time payments to emigrants from the former Soviet Union itself. The compensation amounts have increased over the years. Currently the Article 2 pensions are set at 300 euros a month, while payments from the Hardship Fund are 2,556 euros each, and the Holocaust Victims Compensation Fund 1,900 euros each.

In addition there is also a Central and Eastern European Fund, which, like Article 2, allocates monthly pensions, only these specifically are provided for Jewish survivors who, rather than emigrating to the West, remained in Eastern Europe or the former Soviet Union. These pensions are currently set at 260 euros per month, however, as of Jan. 1, 2013, they will increase to 300 euros a month, making them equal to the Article 2 pensions.

Different funds have different eligibility requirements. For instance, a person may qualify for the Hardship Fund if he/she underwent i) deprivation of liberty; ii) flight from the Nazi regime; iii) “restriction of liberty” as defined under BEG, a German restitution law passed in the 1950s; iv) restriction of movement such as having to observe a curfew, as well as compulsory registration with limitation of residence, or wearing the star of David; or if they v) resided in Leningrad at some time between September 1941 and January 1944, or fled from there during the same period. According to the Claims Conference website, the CC has approved 355,146 claimants and paid out $971 million under the Hardship Fund. Figures are also available for certain of the other funds: under the Article 2 fund, for instance, 85,608 applicants have been approved with a total payout of $3.3 billion; and for the Central and Eastern European Fund—24,307 applicants and $479 million . No figures seem to be available for the Holocaust Victim Compensation Fund, or for a new fund, known as the Orphans Fund, set up as of January 1 this year, The latter offers a one-time payment of 1,900 euros to those born 1928 or later who “were orphaned due to Nazi persecution” with both parents having been killed.

As mentioned above, the Israeli government has also been a recipient of huge piles of money (and goods) at the expense of German taxpayers (in fact, between largess from the taxpayers of Germany, as well as those in the U.S., the Zionist state is doing rather superbly for itself), and here again Weber provides some quotes that are quite instructive. One of these is from Goldman’s autobiography:

What the Luxembourg Agreement meant to Israel is for the historians of the young state to determine. That the goods Israel received from Germany were a decisive economic factor in its development is beyond doubt. I do not know what economic dangers might have threatened Israel at critical moments if it had not been for German supplies. Railways and telephones, dock installations and irrigation plants, whole areas of industry and agriculture, would not be where they are today without the reparations from Germany. And hundreds of thousands of Jewish victims of Nazism have received considerable sums under the law of restitution. See 11.

The second quote is also from Goldman, though taken from a 1976 interview with the French magazine Le Nouvel Observateur:

Without the German reparations, the State of Israel would not have the half of its present infrastructure: every train in Israel is German, the ships are German, as well as the electricity, a large part of the industry … without mentioning the individual pensions paid to the survivors … In certain years, the amount of money received by Israel from Germany exceeds the total amount of money collected from international Jewry-two or three times as much. See 12.

Goldman of course played a key role in negotiating the Luxembourg Agreement, so maybe he’s only overly-touting his own achievements. But at this point Weber also supplies us with a quote from Jewish historian Walter Laqueur:

The ships laden with German capital goods began to call at Haifa regularly and unfailingly, becoming an important — ultimately a decisive — factor in the building up of the country. Today [1965] the Israeli fleet is almost entirely “made in Germany,” as are its modern railway equipment, the big steel foundry near Acre, and many other enterprises. During the 50’s and early 60’s about one-third of investment goods imported into Israel came from Germany … In addition to all this, many individual Israelis received restitution privately. See 13.

Weber then adds his own comment:

It is difficult to exaggerate the impact of the program: the five power plants built and installed by West Germany between 1953 and 1956 quadrupled Israel’s electric-power-generating capacity. West Germans laid 280 kilometers of giant pipelines (2.25 and 2.5 meters in diameter) for the irrigation of the Negev (which certainly helped to “make the desert bloom”). The Zionist state acquired 65 German- built ships, including four passenger vessels. See 14.

Massive Fraud and Exorbitant Salaries

Over the years the CC has been touched by controversies and scandals, but perhaps nothing like what erupted in late 2009, when it was discovered that colossal amounts of money had been paid out in fraudulent claims made by alleged “survivors” of German war crimes. One Jewish news service referred to it as “massive fraud,” an episode that potentially could “sully the whole Jewish effort to recoup compensation for Jewish suffering at the hands of the Nazis.”

In a story posted in July, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported that so far about $4.3 million has been recovered from the fraud, and that an additional $3.3 million is scheduled to be returned in installment payments. Well that’s nice. But out of a total of how much? In other words, how much has been bilked altogether? No one seems to know for sure, but it is at least $57 million, and perhaps higher. Even the directors of the CC don’t seem to know.

“Never in the six-decade history of the organization had theft of this scale ever been discovered,” reported the JTA (emphasis added).

What is certain is that the operation involved CC employees and that the money looted came out of the Article 2 and Hardship Funds. Apparently a group of “corrupt Russian-speaking employees of the Claims Conference” (as the JTA refers to them) hired “recruiters” to go around the Russian-speaking community in New York and sign up all comers for Holocaust reparations payments. Whether the applicants were even old enough to have been survivors mattered little as long as they were close enough to pass. Forged or altered documents such as birth certificates, passports, and other identifying materials, were submitted, along with the fraudulent applications, while employee accomplices within the CC gave quick approval to the claims. Some of these employees received as much as $1000 per applicant—while the recruiters of course got a cut too.

So far 31 people have been arrested in the case, and the first sentence was handed down a year ago—to one of the recruiters, Polina Anoshina, who enlisted 30 people for the scheme. Her efforts resulted in the pay out of about $105,000 in fraudulent claims, of which she herself netted approximately $9,000. Her lawyer called her “a very small part of a very large wheel.”

Also interesting to note is that estimates of the total amount stolen have gone steadily upward with the passage of time. In December of 2009, roughly a month after the irregularities were discovered, the figure was put at $5 million. By February of 2010 this had risen to $7 million, and in November of 2010 to $42 million. Today, as I said, the number stands at $57 million, although officials acknowledge it could rise even higher. All of this, keep in mind, has been paid for by the German taxpayers.

But as I say, this isn’t the only controversy the CC has found itself in. The issue of survivor claims was also examined in the 2000 book, The Holocaust Industry, by Norman Finkelstein, who discusses how the number of Holocaust survivors has been exaggerated, and who also takes to task the World Jewish Congress for its legal campaign to extort reparations payments from Swiss banks.

And then came the 2006 revelations about exorbitant salaries and lavish expense accounts enjoyed by CC employees, including its then-President Israel Singer. It was a discovery that came at a time when the CC was under heavy fire for giving large sums of money to Jewish organizations while providing only minimal assistance to presumably genuine Holocaust survivors.

IRS reports show that there are 100 employees of the Claims Conference who enjoy salaries of close to 6.9 million dollars. Add to this the lavish spending of money which could otherwise be used to save Holocaust survivors from becoming destitute: The heads of the Claims Conference enjoy many benefits, including first class travel around the world, deluxe hotel accommodation and dining at fancy restaurants.

The above is found in a December 2006 story posted at the Israeli website Ynet, entitled “Where Did the Shoah Money Go?”. The story informs us the CC’s management expenses were reaching “tens of millions of dollars each year” while at the same time individual survivors such as “N”—quoted in the story—were in desperate need of additional funds. “I live in an Amidar apartment, spend thousands of shekels on medication and I have nothing to eat,” said “N.” “I telephoned organizations who are supposed to help Holocaust victims and the Claims Conference and asked for some help from, but they waved me off.”

The story found that the CC was distributing some $90 million a year, but that a substantial amount of this was going to Jewish organizations rather than individuals in need. “In reality, not enough money actually reaches the survivors.” The Israeli Hasidic group Gur Hasidim and the Jewish Agency are identified as receiving CC funding, along with “an American ambulance organization” and “certain hospitals in Israel,” but apparently these were only a small number of the total.

At the time the scandal broke, Israel Singer, in addition to heading the CC, was also serving as secretary general of the World Jewish Congress. In January of that year Eliot Spitzer, then New York State Attorney General, issued a damning report on how money was being handled by the WJC, including apparent financial irregularities “amounting to millions of dollars,” according to Ynet. These included the “circular transfers” of some $1.2 million from the accounts of the WJC in New York to a bank account in Geneva, then on to an account in England, and finally ending up in an account held by a private company called Solar.

Spitzer revealed the use of money by Singer for personal purposes. In his report, he describes, for example, how Singer managed to accumulate more than 450,000 points on his credit cards. Singer held several credit cards, including the exclusive black card of American Express, “Centurion”, which is restricted to only the rich and famous. This magnificent card gives its holder unlimited credit and the cost of holding such a card is thousands of dollars a year. In total, according to Spitzer’s assessment, Singer withdrew in cash approximately USD 671,000 to disburse on overseas trips (see WJC response below).

For example, in 2003, he submitted to the WJC, expense accounts amounting to USD 431,129 and in 2004, in the amount of USD 261,294. A breakdown of Singer’s movements show that he flew to almost the entire world, sometimes together with his wife. For example, for two tickets to Germany, he paid (at the expense of the WJC, of course) USD 24,000. On the same day in September 2003, he paid an additional USD 1,000 for another flight. Six days later, his flight to Europe cost USD 12,000 and a week later, he paid EL AL USD 8,500. This was all paid by the WJC.

The total of all Singer’s flights in 2003 was approximately USD 232,000 and the cost of his hotel accommodation amounted to approximately USD 173,000. In 2004, he really cut back and the cost of his flights and accommodation came to approximately USD 200,000.

Singer lives in New York, but this did not inhibit him from staying at deluxe hotels in the Big Apple, on which he spent in 2003 approximately USD 60,000 of WJC funds. In that year, he also stayed in deluxe hotels in Paris, Berlin, Rome, Vienna, Geneva, Rio de Janeiro, Budapest, London – as well as in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. In addition, he withdrew more than USD 134,000 in cash from the WJC account in New York and claimed before the Attorney General that he used the money for travel purposes.

Apparently Singer’s travel expenses were paid for by the WJC rather than the CC, at least if we go by the statement of CC spokesperson Renana Levin:

“According to the procedures of the Claims Conference, the role of the President of the Claims Conference is to deal with foreign policy and he does not deal with internal financial affairs of the organization,” Levin said. “I want to stress that the Claims Conference did not finance any of the travels made by Israel Singer on its behalf.”

Levin was also asked why the CC was paying out so much money to Jewish organizations rather than individual survivors:

“The Claims Conference allocates budgets for organizations and institutions who provide social services to Jews persecuted by the Nazis. The organization also allocates funds to organizations and institutions which work in education, documentation and research of the Holocaust.

“Over the years, money was allocated to “Bet Yaacov” and the seminar of Hasidut Gur to train educators to teach the Holocaust to Haredi communities.

“The allocation to the ‘March of the Living’ amutah is defined by the Conference as an Israeli allocation, because all the participants, who come from all over the world, visit Israel at the end of the trip. In addition, the Conference funds scholarships of youth with limited means to participate in the March.”

So German reparations money is being allocated to “teach the Holocaust” to Haredi Jews? Do Haredi Jews need to learn something additional about the Holocaust that isn’t already taught in public schools? Perhaps. The March of the Living, according to Wikipedia, is “an annual educational program which brings students from around the world to Poland, where they explore the remnants of the Holocaust.” The two week event, which includes a march from Auschwitz to Birkenau, ostensibly benefits the students by “strengthening their sense of Jewish identity.” The Wikipedia article adds:

After spending a week in Poland visiting other sites of Nazi Germany’s persecution and former sites of Jewish life and culture, many of the participants in the March also travel on to Israel where they observe Yom Hazikaron (Israel’s Remembrance Day) and celebrate Yom Haatzmaut (Israel’s Independence Day).

CC grants to the March of the Living began in 1998, and by 2007 had totaled more than $7.4 million, while the “education program’s” annual budget stood at $4.2 million in 2005. One would perhaps not be too surprised, then, that, like the CC and WJC, the MOL has found itself under scrutiny for financial improprieties as well.

In April of 2007, the Jewish Week reported that the MOL paid $709,000 to Curtis Hoxter, a Manhattan public relations consultant, for work that neither he nor the MOL were able to adequately explain.

March of the Living employed Hoxter from 2003 through 2005 at the urging of Israeli Finance Minister Avraham Hirchson, who founded the organization. Hirchson is currently on leave from his cabinet post due to a police investigation into allegations that he embezzled millions of dollars in funds from a union confederation and a health care fund.

The story identified Hoxter as “a close and longtime associate of Claims Conference President Israel Singer,” and thus maybe not surprisingly the MOL was also found to have been getting funding from the WJC—specifically $657,000 between 2001 and 2003. Furthermore, the outlays were not reported on the WJC’s tax forms, the report stated.

The CC seems at this point to have gone into damage control mode, announcing it would conduct an “in-depth audit” of the MOL, but significantly the audit was to cover only those “procedures of March of the Living that are currently in place,” meaning the year 2007. Specifically excluded from the focus were to be any improprieties that may have taken place from 2003-2005, the period Hoxter was employed. But then, apparently responding to criticism, the CC reversed course and announced that it would examine the earlier years in question after all—however, by 2009 the audit still had not been completed.

Singer Takes a Bow

Singer served as secretary general of the WJC from 1986-2001, but stepped down from this position following allegations of financial irregularities, even though, as Ynet notes, there were no criminal findings. And while he resigned his position as top executive officer, he did not leave the WJC altogether. Far from it. Instead he became the chairman of the organization’s Governing Board “after it was made clear that he would not deal with financial affairs.” So why was Singer allowed to remain in a leadership position, even though he had been suspected of financial mismanagement? The answer seems to be that he got results.

A 2003 article entitled “Restitution: The Second Round,” is quite telling on this count. The article is posted at the website of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and includes lengthy excerpts of an interview with Singer. The words “The Second Round” refer to efforts by international Jewish organizations, beginning in the early 1990s, to extract additional restitution monies on behalf of purported Holocaust survivors. The feeling seems to have been that while the Luxembourg Agreement was nice, more penance was needed, and it shouldn’t be just Germany alone; other countries should be forced to pay up as well. These additional countries included Norway, Sweden, Austria, and Switzerland; also the Soviet Union had just collapsed, and so the former East bloc countries were targeted too. Throughout the interview, Singer goes skipping from country to country, describing his mostly successful efforts at pressuring governments, as well as private banks, into coughing up reparations payments.

On Norway:

“In that year we chose Norway as our first target among the occupied countries. When we started complaining about the Norwegian government’s behavior, Michael Melchior, the country’s chief rabbi, told us more about what had happened during the rule of the Quisling government and after the war.

“We could also have fixed the Netherlands as our first target. We wanted, however, to start with a nation where we were reasonably sure we would win. We thus chose Norway not for moral or justice reasons, but strategic ones. It was a guilty country with a small number of Jews.

“As far as money was concerned, the problem there was easily manageable. Norway is rich and has abundant oil reserves. Whatever payment the Norwegians were to make to the Jewish community or to individuals would not affect their well-being. Paying out some money to Holocaust survivors would not mean individual Norwegians would have to make sacrifices. On the other hand, the result would be limited as it would not really change the lives of the Jews who received the funds….

“Everyone was aware that among Ukrainians and Lithuanians there were many anti-Semites. Norway however had maintained its gentle image, despite severe discrimination against its surviving Jews after the Holocaust.”

The East bloc:

“When I became secretary-general in 1985, I visited Hungary and then other eastern European countries, including Russia. The WJC had initiated negotiations with these countries in order to let the Jews there freely emigrate. In the process we also met government-appointed Jewish leaders who opposed these efforts. The old Jews I saw in the synagogues – some of them literally starving – were afraid to talk to us. During the Holocaust these people had either been in concentration camps, slave labor camps, or in hiding. They did not receive any restitution from Germany. Many of them have since died.

“In the mid-eighties I spoke to the East German Prime Minister Erich Honecker. I asked him to accept joint responsibility for what Germany had done to the Jews in the Holocaust. At first he refused. Thereafter, he began negotiating with us, eyeing a kind of most favored nation status with the U.S. similar to the one already enjoyed by Romania. He offered an initial hundred million dollar payment…

“After the fall of communism, the eastern European countries wanted to be acceptable to the West. They dealt with many problems except one: their obligation to restitute the property stolen from millions of Jews. The financial side of our claims was important, yet secondary to the historical one. There were so many scandals attached to the restitution process in these countries that would cause much publicity.

“In 1992 the WJC and the Jewish Agency – together with seven other Jewish organizations – created the World Jewish Restitution Organization (WJRO). Its aim was to negotiate on Jewish war claims with eastern European countries; they were not part of the Claims Conference’s mandate which was specifically limited to Germany and Austria. Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin wrote the WJRO a letter naming it Israel’s representative in these negotiations.”

Of course for all of these endeavors to be successful, the idea of Jewish victimization had to be reinforced and heavily promoted. Singer claimed new historical research showed that “27,600 trainloads of Jewish property” were stolen by the Germans. “No one was reimbursed for these thefts, but the principle of theft was established,” he insisted.

On Austria:

“Among Israeli Prime Ministers, Binyamin Netanyahu was probably the best partner we had. Earlier, in the 1980s, when he was Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, he had participated in the unmasking of the war past of former UN Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim [who was at that time president of Austria]. Since Ehud Barak also supported us, we have had almost continuous backing from Israeli prime ministers…

“Things started moving in many countries. To our surprise, in 1997 the British Government called a conference in London on looted gold. Foreign Minister Robin Cook, who was extremely anti-Israel, initiated this conference because he considered it part of ‘a foreign policy with a moral face.’ His behavior followed a classic pattern: one is anti-Israel and then tries to compensate for that by being good for Diaspora Jews. French President Jacques Chirac’s attitude is another typical example of such behavior.

“After so many years, news was emerging on Jewish properties in Poland and restitution issues re-surfaced in Germany. From my personal viewpoint, the CEF agreement with the Germans is the most significant moral victory. This body, the Central European Foundation of Repair to European Jews, now makes life pensions available to 92,000 East European Jews. The Austrians suddenly were willing to make new payments because it was bad publicity for them when we made agreements with the Germans at the same time stressing how horribly the Austrians behaved.


“Over the years, an enormous momentum built up. The Swedes, for instance, were trying to make various settlements with us and ultimately took the initiative for the January 2000 Stockholm Conference on Holocaust Education. We had now finally reached critical mass. The restitution process became uncontrollable and rather chaotic. Several countries tried to make private deals by approaching various Jewish organizations and making donations to them.

But Singer’s biggest triumph may have been in Switzerland, where he managed to squeeze some $1. 25 billion out of certain of the nation’s banks:

“The historical research which accompanied the restitution process informed the world of many injustices about which even Jewish leaders knew very little. They had been studied somewhat in the past, but had since been forgotten. This led to the U.S. investigations of the stolen gold the Germans sent to neutral countries in 1997. Simultaneously we became aware of the issue of heirless property in Eastern Europe. We also familiarized ourselves with the subject of the dormant Swiss bank accounts as well as the insurance policies which had not been paid. The revelations in one country impacted on another and vice versa.”…

“Some people had been well aware – long before the WJC – of the dormant Swiss accounts and the banks’ resistance to help heirs reclaim money due to them. Paul Erdman – an author who had many other grievances against the Swiss banks – wrote a novel called The Swiss Account. It was only around 1994 that we discovered that there was much official documentation available on the heirless and other accounts.

“Allen Dulles had been the American consul during the War in the Swiss capital Bern, where he spied on money transfers from Germany to Switzerland. Later, in his autobiography he mentioned a project initiated in 1944, called ‘Safehaven.’ It was part of economic warfare against the Axis and aimed at blocking the transfer of German assets to neutral countries.

“When Dulles became the head of the CIA in 1953, he attempted to blot out all information about this project. When we started investigating we learned about Safehaven’s existence from the autobiography he wrote many years later. We could access a multitude of documents concerning it under the Freedom of Information Act.”

A visit today to the official Swiss Banks Settlement website, shows that claims filed are subdivided into certain classes. For instance, persons could qualify for payments under the “Refugee Class” if they “were denied entry into or expelled from Switzerland, or admitted into Switzerland but abused or mistreated.” There is also a “Slave Labor Class I” that applies to “those claimants who performed slave labor for German and other companies which may have transacted their profits through Swiss entities.” The website also informs us that the claimants were not limited to Jews, but also included Roma, Jehovah’s Witness, homosexual, or disabled claimants.

This targeting of Swiss banks is also discussed by Norman Finkelstein in his book The Holocaust Industry. In an article here, Finkelstein calls the case against Switzerland “dubious at best,” yet as he relates, a number of US political leaders threw their weight behind the effort to force the Swiss to pay up:

The Swiss stood accused of directly and indirectly profiting from the Nazi persecution of Jews. Acting at Israel’s behest, the World Jewish Restitution Organization mobilized officials at the federal, state and local levels in the United States to press Switzerland for Holocaust compensation. A senior official in the Clinton administration, Stuart Eizenstat, conscripted twelve federal agencies for this initiative. A major international conference was convened in London. The House and Senate banking committees held multiple hearings. Class action lawsuits against Switzerland were filed in American courts. State and local legislatures across the United States implemented economic boycotts.

If the Holocaust reparations game has become in essence a racket, the U.S. very much plays the role of enforcer. And this cuts across both Democrats and Republicans. In the article at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, Singer talks about how Bill Clinton and then-New York Senator Alfonse D’Amato were recruited to the cause:

“Thereafter, things started changing mainly because we managed to get two major players involved. On the same day, we went to the Republican Senator of New York, Alfonse D’Amato and President Clinton. Their relationship was extremely unpleasant because as chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, D’Amato was investigating Clinton on the Whitewater affair.

“Both sought re-election, yet had severe problems: the President was under investigation and D’Amato was not showing visible success. Clinton – despite his extreme dislike of D’Amato – was willing to collaborate with him on the restitution issue. D’Amato who has a huge Jewish constituency, said that the Jewish case was a just one and there weren’t many Swiss voters in the United States anyhow.”

Singer doubts whether the Bush administration would have been similarly forthcoming, as it is so strongly supportive of Israel. “You always see that administrations will back you on relatively marginal issues if they cannot do so on central ones. The reverse is also true because once they are supportive on critically important matters, they don’t have to bother much about other ones. The one exception was the struggle for Soviet Jewry where all administrations have been supportive of the Jews, even if they were lukewarm on Israel.”

Singer took an old woman to see D’Amato. She told him her father had an account in Switzerland and she was turned away when she had gone to inquire about it in 1946. They had wanted her father’s death certificate from Auschwitz. D’Amato then related the story on television.

“We first approached Clinton through Hillary. When she heard we were working with D’Amato, she said, ‘It’s like Haman and Mordechai working together.’ She knew her Bible better than the Jews and she could have thus been seen as Queen Esther. The President said, ‘You have my full presidential support.’”

As Finkelstein noted (see above), class action lawsuits were filed in U.S. courts. The question of course is would the Swiss be afforded a fair judgment in the American judicial system? The words “dubious at best” would again seem to apply if we examine Singer’s comments on the matter:

“In 1996 we convinced Alan Hevesi, the Jewish comptroller of New York City, to collaborate with us. His office manages many billion dollars of investments. In that year we organized a meeting of 800 state financial officers and comptrollers from government bodies under his chairmanship. Together they managed a total of thirty trillion dollars of funds. They indicated that if the Swiss banks did not solve the dormant accounts issue, they would no longer do business with them. The Swiss thought that these threats could lead to a major worldwide boycott.

“Hevesi was inclined to discuss a boycott on behalf of the 800 financial officers against the Swiss banks. He wrote a letter to Judge Edward Korman, who was dealing with the class actions against them in New York, informing him of what was going on. I kept stressing we did not want a boycott.

“In April 1996 the chairmen of the three major Swiss banks who felt threatened each wrote me a letter agreeing to the principle of global settlements. In 1997 Judge Korman began holding sessions in camera, on the restitution issues, which finally led to a global settlement. Strangely enough, all actors in the hearing were Jewish: the judge, the bank representatives and the lawyers.“

From presidents and senators, all the way down to city comptrollers, the pressure was applied. Like the Germans at the Luxembourg negotiations more than 40 years previously, the Swiss now had little chance of avoiding the financial hit coming their way. Finkelstein sheds additional light on the coercion tactics:

The chairman of the House Banking Committee, James Leach, maintained that states must be held accountable for injustices even if committed a half-century ago: ‘History does not have a statute of limitations.’ Eizenstat deemed Swiss compensation to Jewry ‘an important litmus test of this generation’s willingness to face the past and rectify the wrongs of the past.’ Although they couldn’t be ‘held responsible for what took place years ago,’ Senator Alfonse D’Amato of the Senate Banking Committee acknowledged that the Swiss still had a ‘duty of accountability and of attempting to do what is right at this point in time.’ Publicly endorsing the Jewish demand for compensation, President Clinton likewise reflected that ‘we must confront and, as best we can, right the terrible injustice of the past.’ ‘It should be made clear,’ bipartisan Congressional leaders wrote in a letter to the Secretary of State, that the ‘response on this restitution matter will be seen as a test of respect for basic human rights and the rule of law.’ And in address to the Swiss Parliament, Secretary of State Albright explained that economic benefits Switzerland accrued from the plundering of Jews ‘were passed along to subsequent generations and that is why the world now looks to the people of Switzerland, not to assume responsibility for actions taken by their forbears, but to be generous in doing what can be done at this point to right past wrongs.’

But as stated above, it wasn’t only Switzerland in the crosshairs. US officials began flagellating the countries of Eastern Europe as well. Again from Finkelstein:

In negotiations with Eastern Europe, Jewish organizations and Israel have demanded the full restitution of or monetary compensation for the pre-war communal and private assets of the Jewish community.[4] Consider Poland. The pre-war Jewish population of Poland stood at 3.5 million; the current population is several thousand. Yet, the World Jewish Restitution Organization demands title over the 6,000 pre-war communal Jewish properties, including those currently being used as hospitals and schools. It is also laying claim to hundreds of thousands of parcels of Polish land valued in the many tens of billions of dollars. Once again the entire US political and legal establishment has been mobilized to achieve these ends. Indeed, New York City Council members unanimously supported a resolution calling on Poland ‘to pass comprehensive legislation providing for the complete restitution of Holocaust assets’, while 57 members of Congress (led by Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York) dispatched a letter to the Polish parliament demanding ‘comprehensive legislation that would return 100% of all property and assets seized during the Holocaust’.

Testifying before the Senate Banking Committee, Stuart Eizenstat deplored the lax pace of evictions in Eastern Europe: ‘A variety of problems have arisen in the return of properties. For example, in some countries, when persons or communities have attempted to reclaim properties, they have been asked, sometimes required … to allow current tenants to remain for a lengthy period of time at rent-controlled rates.’ The delinquency of Belarus particularly exercised Eizenstat. Belarus is ‘very, very far’ behind in handing over pre-war Jewish properties, he told the House International Relations Committee. The average monthly income of a Belarussian is $100.

To force submission from recalcitrant governments, those seeking Jewish restitution wield the bludgeon of US sanctions. Eizenstat urged Congress to ‘elevate’ Holocaust compensation, put it ‘high on the list’ of requirements for those East European countries that are seeking entry into the OECD, the World Trade Organization, the European Union, NATO and the Council of Europe: ‘They will listen if you speak … They will get the hint.’ Israel Singer, of the World Jewish Restitution Organization, called on Congress to ‘continue looking at the shopping list’ in order to ‘check’ that every country pays up. ‘It is extremely important that the countries involved in the issue understand,’ Congressman Benjamin Gilman of the House International Relations Committee said, ‘that their response … is one of several standards by which the United States assesses its bilateral relationship.’ Avraham Hirschson, chairman of Israel’s Knesset Committee on restitution and Israel’s representative on the World Jewish Restitution Organization, paid tribute to Congressional cooperation. Recalling his ‘fights’ with the Romanian prime minister, Hirschson testified: ‘But I ask one remark, in the middle of the fighting, and it changed that atmosphere. I told him, you know, in two days I am going to be in a hearing here in Congress. What do you want me to tell them in the hearing? The whole atmosphere was changed.’

And of course, if all the additional countries named above could be squeezed for money, there was no reason Germany shouldn’t have to pay out even more. Was there? Certainly not in the view of the Jewish organizations involved. Thus the newly-reunified Germany, too, became a target of “the second round” of the Holocaust racket. Again from Singer:

“One of his (East German Prime Minister Erich Honecker) successors, Lothar de Maiziere, bridged the transition from Honecker’s offer to the claim against unified Germany. This gave us the opportunity to present our claim to German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, saying that one cannot take over East Germany’s assets without inheriting its part of the responsibility toward the Jews. He then recognized the principle of our claim.

“Many Jewish leaders considered these efforts worthless as they saw no chance of success. Today all the Claims Conference’s funds come from these endeavors. The new pensions for Soviet and eastern European Jews and those who emigrated to Israel from these countries are paid from monies obtained from claims against Germany after unification.”

Singer also discussed with his interviewer the secrets of his success over the years in pushing his cause. A lot of it seems to have to do with being as abrasive as possible and playing the “anti-Semite” card:

“There is often criticism about the aggressive methods we’ve used. A small organization confronting powerful unyielding governments cannot be soft if it wants to achieve anything. If I had listened to all the good Jewish advisors who said we shouldn’t scream, the survivors would not have received anything. Fighting for the truth cannot be done in a nuanced way.

“I approached German Prime Minister Helmut Kohl as head of a state which had stolen money from the Jews. He told me my behavior was unpleasant. I answered that I had no reason to be nice. As he viewed Germany as a superpower, he kept telling me, after we had reached an agreement, that we had defeated his country. It is only because we succeeded that he respects the Jews and me. Many leading European politicians made outright nasty remarks. [French President Jacques] Chirac, for instance, told me that Jews are the cause of anti-Semitism in France and everywhere else.

“It became clear when dealing with the Swiss bankers, that they were anti-Semites. A senior banker in one of our early meetings asked me, ‘What do you mean when you talk about the wealth of the Jews? I saw pictures of the Jews of Europe in Roman Vishniac’s book, A Vanished World. They had rags on their feet.’

“I told him the Jews in Vienna – where my parents had lived – were university professors, founders of psychology, fathers of modern rationalism, the initiators of human rights and the bankers who had given the Swiss bankers’ grandfathers jobs. I made it clear to him that his remarks were abusive and anti-Semitic. Then Avraham Burg related this story to the newspapers.

“A Swiss Jewish banker told me that his non-Jewish colleagues had always been anti-Semites and even though he sat on their side of the table, they considered him to be one of their Jewish counterparts.”

Singer also has his eyes set on works of art that allegedly once belonged to Jews, and he looks forward “to the day when I can walk into an auction house and say, ‘This picture is stolen; it belongs to the Jewish people. You can’t sell it.’ I want to be arrested and taken away handcuffed and attract media attention. I have done many things in my life, but not this yet,” he confided.

Singer Fired

Had Singer confined his “reparations” harvest to art dealers, Swiss bankers, and anxiety-ridden government leaders, he might eventually have ridden off into the sunset in a blaze of glory, hailed as a genuine, true-blue Jewish hero. But there are some who didn’t seem to feel he was worthy of hero status, and one of these was Edgar Bronfman, president of the WJC, who in March of 2007 fired Singer as the organization’s chairman.

Bronfman said he discovered Singer “had helped himself to cash from the WJC office, my cash.” The activity, he said, had been going on for “a very long time,” and he went on to add, “The final blow came when we discovered that he was playing games with his hotel bills in Jerusalem.”

Singer responded that Bronfman would “regret having stained my good name.”

Commenting on his longtime friendship with Singer, Bronfman said he went through “many weeks of crying to find out that I was so badly used by a man I used to love.”

Keep in mind this took place in March of 2007—a bit over a year after Spitzer’s report on WJC financial irregularities had been issued. As in 2001, no criminal charges were filed. However, in June of 2007 Singer voluntarily ended his presidency at the CC as well.

‘I always knew I wanted to do Jewish’

If the misuse of funds at the WJC went on for “a very long time,” the same could be said of the fraud at the CC that came to light in 2009. That scheme went undetected for years. The fraudulent claims upon the Article 2 Fund alone are believed to have dated back to at least 1993. Credited with discovering the scam is Greg Schneider, who became head of the CC in July of 2009 and who continues to serve in that role today.

“I was petrified somebody would find this out before we could make it clear that we were on top of it. I insisted we go to the authorities immediately,” he said.

And in fact, the article at the JTA paints Schneider as something of a knight in shining armor who managed to avert total disaster—first by spotting the fraud; then by contacting CC Chairman Julius Berman initially, and then the FBI; and thereafter by cooperating fully with the investigation.

Over the next couple of days, Berman, Schneider and senior leaders at the Claims Conference tried to figure out a game plan. If word was to leak that the organization had allowed millions of dollars to be fraudulently obtained from Germany in the name of Holocaust survivors, it could jeopardize the Claims Conference’s entire operations, its relationship with the Germans and the distribution of hundreds of millions per year to Holocaust survivors around the world.

Uriel Heilman, the JTA writer, goes on to relate how the Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s office praised the CC for its “extraordinary continued cooperation.” Heilman additionally noted that “perhaps most important, the Germans seem to trust Schneider.”

A different view of Schneider is expressed by Finkelstein:

The biggest crooks are not those who embezzled money from the Crooks’ Conference but those who run it, in particular the filthy Greg Schneider.

While Schneider, as mentioned above, became head of the CC in 2009, his employment with the organization actually began in 1995 after he obtained a master’s degree in public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School. Heilman even discusses Schneider’s early life on a farm in Connecticut, as well as a trip to Israel at the age of 15.

“After a few days in Israel, I felt more at home and more connected than I did in 15 years on the farm,” Schneider told Heilman. “I didn’t fit in with that farm life. I always knew I wanted to do Jewish.”

‘As impossible to anticipate as the attacks of 9/11’

You might think that with a $57 million scandal on the books, the CC might have seen some resignations at the top. But no, that has not happened. Both Schneider and Berman remain on the job, and both have varying justifications for why this is so. For Schneider it seems largely a matter of regarding himself as, well, indispensable.

Schneider, who was COO of the Claims Conference when the fraud was happening before he became the organization’s chief executive, said the notion that he should be the one to resign is misplaced and counterproductive. Schneider, whose formal title is executive vice president, says he’s indispensable and that nobody is more committed or better suited to rooting out the fraud.

“There’s too much at stake here,” Schneider told JTA. “It would be detrimental to the organization. It would be detrimental to survivors. The results are more important than the symbolism of a resignation.”

But for Berman it appears a case of ataraxia has set in. Berman didn’t do anything wrong, he maintains—so why on earth should he quit?

“I feel no fault at all,” he said. “Whether I’m a lay chairman or a CEO, it’s the kind of process that I had nothing whatsoever to do with instituting.”

Calling the controls that the Claims Conference had in place to prevent fraud “reasonably adequate,” Berman said the deception was as impossible to anticipate as the attacks of 9/11. “Until it happens once,” he added. “Then you’re on notice that something you never foresaw can happen.”

Though perhaps it was unintended, Berman’s analogy to 9/11 gives rise to a measure of levity. But let’s not forget that other “indispensable” higher-ups—either in or out of the loop—were also on hand as the fraud was occurring. One was Gideon Taylor, who comes from a family of powerful Jews—whose grandfather was Samuel Fisher, a British lord and former president of the Board of Directors of British Jews.

Schneider’s predecessor, Gideon Taylor, under whose 10-year tenure the fraud ran undetected, declined to be interviewed on the subject.

“The day I left I made a decision: I’m not going to speak publicly about the Claims Conference because I’ve moved on,” Taylor told the JTA. “It is what it is.”

Yes, Taylor has moved on, but not that terribly far, and the grass in his new location also seems pretty green:

Taylor is now COO of programs at the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, which distributes hundreds of millions of dollars in Jewish aid annually around the world — approximately $110 million of which comes from the Claims Conference. The money, designated for aid programs to Jews in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, constitutes slightly less than one-third of the JDC’s total annual budget.

Just after announcing his intentions to leave the CC, Taylor shared some thoughts on life, loot, and Israel with the Jewish Chronicle, commenting, “Of all the times to have been at the Claims Conference, this was probably the busiest, with the big agreements on slave labour, the discussions with Swiss banks and negotiations with insurance companies.” The date on the article is April 2, 2009—less than three months after Israel’s murderous assault upon Gaza in Operation Cast Lead. Taylor went on to say: “We are living in turbulent times for the Jewish world and Israel. There are the economic challenges, the security and political challenges and the atmosphere.”

One former CC higher-up who is facing charges in the affair is Semen Domnitser. According to the JTA, Domnitser oversaw the Hardship and Article 2 Funds. Through his lawyers he has maintained his innocence.


As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, the 60th anniversary of the Luxembourg Agreement was marked in July of 2012 with observances held in Washington. Interesting to note is that those observances followed close on the heels of yet another victory for the Holocaust reparations racket—again at the expense of German taxpayers. On Monday, July 9, the first day of the observances, it was announced that negotiations between German officials and the CC had resulted in an agreement to extend reparations payments to an additional 80,000 purported survivors living in the former Soviet Union. The agreement will result in a payout of about $300 million.

“It has never been about the money,” claimed Berman, who was on hand for the festivities at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington. “It has always been about the recognition, the validation, the acknowledgement. Today for the first time in 60 years, we can say that every Holocaust victim alive today is entitled to some form or recognition. We are all painfully aware that we are entering the twilight years for survivors. All we can do is hope to make their final years ones of dignity and promise to carry the lessons of the Shoah forward.”

Various German officials were also present, and some of their remarks are striking:

Ludger Schlief, head of the finance policy division of the Federal Chancellery of Germany, said that restitution for Shoah survivors will not be a victim of the current European currency crisis. Payments to Shoah victims is “an especially high priority of the government of Angela Merkel during her terms in office,” Schlief said. Though Germany is facing “enormous challenges” in the current European economic situation, “This and other crises will not deter Germany from its historic responsibility,” he said.

And Dr. Peter Ammon, Ambassador of Germany to the United States, stressed that the nation understands its burden of history and will continue to fulfill its historic and moral responsibility to those who suffered under the Third Reich. “Germany has accepted its historical responsibility and will do so for generations to come,” said Ammon.

Will all of this end when the last Holocaust survivor dies? Or will the penance and restitution go on for “generations to come,” as Ammon puts it? Perhaps the case of Croatia offers us an indicator. In an address before the Israeli Knesset on February 15 of this year, Croatian President Ivo Josipović issued a groveling apology for his country’s role in the events of the Nazi era.

“We need to look into our hearts, and to come to terms with the darkest stain in our history. Here I am, standing before the parliament of the Jewish state, and more importantly, in front of people born in Croatia, and with no ambiguity, I apologize and I ask for forgiveness from all the Holocaust survivors and all the victims,” Josipović said.

Josopović went on to say he felt convinced that amendments to his country’s “compensation law” would be passed soon, and that these would include payments to “Holocaust survivors, private individuals, their inheritors or local communities.” But apparently this was not enough to placate Eizenstat . Croatia incidentally wants to join the European Union, and Eizenstat is calling upon EU leaders to exercise “leverage” against Croatia vis-a-vis its application for admission. “Now is the time for the European Union to exact the maximum amount of leverage,” said Eizenstat. “Once they’re in, the leverage is lost.”

So what does Eizenstat want exactly? Well according to Haaretz, he desires Croatia to “commence with a restitution program and the formation of an independent commission of international scholars to examine the country’s wartime past.”

The matter is discussed in a recent article by former Israeli Roy Tov, who informs us that similar demands are being made upon Serbia—also seeking EU membership.

For a second I was so puzzled that I opened just to make sure that today was June 22, 2012. Yet, the interview I had just read in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz seemed taken from the 1950s. Yesterday, former Under Secretary of State Stuart E. Eizenstat—who served in the Clinton Administration—told the newspaper that the EU must encourage Coratia and Serbia to take responsibility for their roles in the Holocaust before granting them EU membership…

I apologize to the Honorable Mr. Eizenstat, but his strategy, succinctly summarized by him as “once they’re in, the leverage is lost,” is nothing but an extortion attempt. Extortion is a crime which occurs when money, property, or services are obtained from somebody through coercion. The extortionist refrain from doing harm is called protection, or “Vitamin P” in Israel. The difference between extortion and robbery is that extortion involves a written or verbal threat whereas robbery can occur without any verbal or written threat. Mr. Eizenstat, your implied threat to deny Croatioon membership in the EU was a crime.

Singer’s comments about how he would like to walk into an art auction one day and say—“This picture is stolen; it belongs to the Jewish people. You can’t sell it.”—should also be kept in mind. A visit to the CC’s website shows that the organization is pursuing a “worldwide intensified effort for the restitution of cultural and religious property looted from Jews” with a special emphasis of taking possession of works of art. This is spelled out very clearly:

Restitution efforts in this area have in the past yielded far fewer results than efforts to restitute other assets such as property and financial holdings. The reasons for this lack of progress include the ease of transporting art across international borders, the lack of public records documenting original ownership, the difficulty of tracing art transactions through the decades, and the lack of a central authority to arbitrate claims for artwork.

The Claims Conference and the WJRO have begun to work with relevant Jewish communities and governments around the world to bring increased attention to the restitution of looted movable cultural and religious property. The organizations are focusing on the systemic issues involved in art restitution with the intent of improving and creating processes to enable more owners and heirs to recover their property.

The return of plundered artworks and religious artifacts often has meaning beyond that of the restitution of other types of assets. These were personal possessions valued for their beauty and cultural significance, often handed down through several generations. In many cases, these artworks or artifacts are the last personal link heirs may have to families destroyed in the Holocaust. Many of these artworks have ended up in museums around the world, with no centralized method for families to locate them.

So who will pay for this? Will the museums in which the artworks presently reside be forced to bite the bullet? Or will Germany, the other countries, and the Swiss banks be obliged to bear the costs? Perhaps an arrangement could be worked out under which the banks, museums and national governments will each divvy up an equal amount? One thing is for sure. If the issue is pressed, somebody (regardless of what the actual historic facts may be) will end up paying…and paying…and we can probably safely assume it won’t be Jews.

Let us also return briefly to the comments of Ludger Schlief, the German finance minister quoted above. You’ll recall Schlief conceded that his country faces “enormous challenges” with regard to the EU’s current economic crisis, but that this “will not deter Germany from its historic responsibility.” Is the feeling, then, that no matter how tough times get for the rest of us, Jews who may have suffered at some point in the past must at all costs be provided for? This seems to be Schlief’s view as well as the CC’s. And in fact, a principle bearing strong resemblance to this is being applied now in one of the hardest hit European countries—Greece—where the CC is tripling its aid to purported survivors. The matter was discussed in a JTA article posted just two months ago:

Some 5,000 Jews are living in Greece, including more than 500 Holocaust survivors who have seen their living conditions and social services deteriorate rapidly as the country struggles with the fifth year of a harsh recession.

Government pensions have been slashed, income from property rentals have fallen significantly and there have been steep tax hikes and price rises. At the same time, state social services and medical assistance has been significantly reduced.

“Today’s economic crisis has made these survivors more vulnerable than ever at a time in their lives when they most need aid,” Gregory Schneider, executive vice president of the Claims Conference, wrote in a report on the new assistance.

“The Claims Conference is taking dramatic and immediate action to help ease their situation as much as possible and to prevent a crisis from becoming a catastrophe for this vulnerable population.”

The article also informs us that an allocation of “nearly $120,000” will be given to the Jewish Museum of Greece—for yet another Holocaust education program.

As for Schneider’s thoughts on the $57 million that went missing, he feels far too much attention has been paid to this and not enough to his organizations accomplishments—and he believes those accomplishments are considerable.

“This is the last moment of the last generation of survivors. We have to give them the dignity they deserve. We only have a few years left when we can still make a difference,” he says.

Does he feel that at some point the CC and other Jewish organizations may have overplayed their hands and gotten a little too greedy? Apparently not.

“The Germans say, when will it ever end? Hasn’t it been enough already?” Schneider said, then added: “The suffering hasn’t ended. The nightmares haven’t ended. How can you possibly say enough? It won’t be enough until the very last survivor, and even then it won’t be enough.”


What About Nakba Reparations for the Palestinians?

By Richard Edmondson

Perhaps one of the greatest ironies of history is that since approval of the Luxembourg Agreement 60 years ago, Jews have been collecting reparations payments for offenses that in some cases are identical to those which they themselves have inflicted upon the Palestinians in the same period.

For instance: Jews who became “refugees and stateless persons” in the Nazi era may qualify for assistance under the Hardship Fund which is administered by the Claims Conference. Additionally those Jews who also “suffered considerable damage to health as a result of Nazi persecution” would equally qualify for reparations under the same fund.

How many Palestinians, particularly those in Gaza, have been denied access to needed medical care or life-saving drugs and suffered ill-health effects as a result? How many, due to the Israeli blockade, have been prevented from leaving Gaza to get treatment at hospitals in Egypt or Israel?

The Hardship Fund also offers assistance to those Jews who fled “from areas of the Soviet Union that were generally up to 100 kilometers from the most easterly advance of the German army (Wehrmacht) but were not later occupied by the Nazis.” If the same principle applied to Nakba reparations, would not Palestinians who fled into neighboring countries such as Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan also be eligible for reparations?

Jews who endured “deprivation of liberty,” as well as “curfew” and “restriction of movement” can also get help from the Hardship Fund. Palestinians in the West Bank have suffered conditions that meet the same identical criteria. Why are they not eligible for reparations?

For those Jews able to meet the eligibility requirements, the Harship Fund provides a one-time payment of 2,556 euros.

But the Article 2 Fund provides much more even than that—a lifetime pension of 300 euros a month. According to the CC website, the Article 2 Fund “is limited to Jewish Holocaust survivors” (apparently Roma, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and non-Jewish homosexuals or disabled do not qualify, whereas these groups are included in the Swiss Banks settlement) that meet certain eligibility requirements. These include those who:

* Were “imprisoned for at least 18 months” in a “ghetto” as defined by the German government

* Were “in hiding for at least 18 months” under “inhumane conditions, without access to the outside world” either in “German Nazi-occupied territory” or in “Nazi satellite states”

* Lived “illegally under false identity or with false papers for at least 18 months” again in a Nazi-occupied territory or satellite state

Interesting to note is that the 18-month requirements in the three conditions above were reduced—to 12 months—as of January 1 this year.

In addition, Article 2 pensions are available to those who “were incarcerated for at least six months” in different categories of facilities, including a “concentration camp as defined in accordance with the German Federal Indemnification Law,” or BEG, as well as various other types of camps or forced labor battalions that are defined under different criteria and located in various geographic regions.

But it doesn’t stop there. The German government, in 2007, established yet another reparations program, entitled the “German Government Ghetto Fund”, or BADV. Under this program a one-time payment of 2,000 euros is given to purported survivors who carried out work “without force” in a ghetto. According to the CC website, the fund was created to “acknowledge ghetto survivors who had otherwise been rejected for German Social Security payments”—(known as the “Ghetto Pension” and created under a separate German law)—“and it came as a response to intense international pressure spearheaded by the Claims Conference.”

Have no doubt about the latter point. Initially, the German Government Ghetto Fund and the Ghetto Pension were set up to be mutually exclusive. People could apply for and receive one or the other, but not both. However, this stipulation has since been done away with. Now those who were confined to a ghetto may receive a pension and a one-time payment!

And then we come to the matter of stolen property. Restitution for stolen or confiscated property has been an ongoing issue since even before the war ended, and efforts to recoup losses have met with varying degrees of success depending on country. According to one source:

At most, 15 percent of Jewish assets confiscated from 1934 to 1945 were returned after the war to their owners, their heirs, and Jewish organizations representing heirless claimants. Within Western Europe, the percentage restored for each country roughly ranged from 10 to 60 percent. In Eastern Europe, restitution was negligible. This meant the value of unrestored assets by the mid-1990s amounted to $120-$180 billion at 2005 prices.

The process was helped along by restitution laws passed by the allied occupation powers from 1947 to 1950. Then in 1957, West Germany passed the BRÜG law to provide “compensation for moveable property stolen by the Nazis, which the claimant could identify but could no longer locate.” This included household goods, bank accounts, jewelry, and securities. Over the years the BRÜG was gradually expanded, with a major change coming in 1994 when the law was expanded to include property stolen in the former East Germany.

By 1954, the value of recovered property amounted to roughly 1 billion DM, or $150 million at late-1930s value. But by 1997, payments under the BRÜG reportedly stood at about 4 billion DM, paid out to roughly 750,000 claimants. The figure amounts to about $400 million in 1930s values.

Then came “the second round” starting in the 1990s. In 1992, the World Jewish Restitution Organization was formed with the purpose of putting the squeeze on the former Soviet bloc countries of Eastern Europe. The US Congress started holding hearings in the matter and “state banking and insurance regulators (mainly in New York and California) threatened to halt bank mergers involving European banks and not allow insurance companies to do business in their state unless restitution was adequately addressed.” A number of “aggressive class action suits” were filed as well. As this report puts it:

Because of the greater awareness of the issue, European governments and companies were forced to take action. Numerous independent historical commissions were established that documented the means by which the assets were stolen, the complicity of governments, businesses, and individuals in facilitating the looting of Jewish property, and the problems with postwar restitution efforts. This led to apologies by the leaders of several countries.

When it came to returning or paying for stolen assets, however, the negotiations with European countries and businesses were long and arduous. From the mid-1990s to 2006, only some $3.4 billion was pledged to restore unpaid assets directly to survivors or their heirs or as humanitarian funds to account for the many potential claimants who after fifty years lacked proof and/or knowledge of the stolen assets.[11] Most humanitarian funds were designated to support needy survivors, with some money going to help reestablish European Jewish communities. In addition to these pledges, about half a billion dollars was paid via a few high-profile individual art and real estate legal cases, bringing the total to nearly $4 billion.

Another milestone came in 2009 when the Conference on Holocaust Era Assets was held in Prague, attended by 46 nations. Forty-three of them ended up signing a set of guidelines that included: a) recognition of “the legitimate Jewish owners of property seized by the Nazis and their collaborators”; b) the establishment of “transparent and accessible claims processes”; c) allowing full and free access to national archives by claimants; d) the awarding of “full title or fair compensation” for those successful in pressing their claims; and finally, e) “consider allocating the proceeds from unclaimed and heirless property to benefit Holocaust survivors in need.”

One question of course is how much Palestinian property has been stolen in the last 64 years. Would it amount to “27,600 trainloads”? Or perhaps even more? Consider the following video of Israeli soldiers looting sewing machines from a girls orphanage in Hebron:

More on the looted orphanage can be found here.

It is of course outside the scope of this article to document every crime committed by Israel against the Palestinians in the last 64 years, but these crimes include looted property, land confiscation, house demolition, indefinite detention, murder and torture. Instead of trying to milk every last penny they can get out of the Germans, why don’t Jews begin addressing this issue?

Jewish author Norman Finkelstein has suggested that German reparations to the Jews could—and should— serve as a legal precedent to Israeli reparations to the Palestinians.

Apart from the moral link joining Jewish claims against Europe, on the one hand, and Palestinian claims against Israel, on the other, a direct material link potentially joins the respective demands. When Israel first entered into negotiations with Germany for reparations after the war, the Israeli historian Ilan Pappe reports, Foreign Minister Moshe Sharett proposed transferring a part to Palestinian refugees, ‘in order to rectify what has been called the small injustice (the Palestinian tragedy), caused by the more terrible one (the Holocaust)’.[5] Nothing ever came of the proposal.

Of course since Sharett made his proposal, 60 years have elapsed—60 years in which the crimes have mounted up. Finkelstein continues:

A respected Israeli academic, Clinton Bailey, recently suggested using part of the funds from the Holocaust settlements with Switzerland and Germany for the ‘compensation of Palestinian Arab refugees’.[6] Given that almost all survivors of the Nazi holocaust have already passed away, this would seem to be a sensible proposal.

The issue of reparations has also been addressed in the Jerusalem Sabeel Document, drawn up in 2006 by the Palestinian Christian movement Sabeel. Listed in the document are a total of seven “Principles” the organization feels are necessary in order to achieve peace. The first of the seven reads as follows:

Israel must admit that it has committed an injustice against the Palestinian people and must accept responsibility for that. This means that reparation must be paid to all Palestinians who have suffered as a result of the conflict since 1948 whether they are Palestinian citizens of Israel, Palestinians living on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, or Palestinians living in the Diaspora. The road to healing and reconciliation passes through repentance, forgiveness and redress.

I would suggest the time has come for Jews, or at any rate those who claim to hold “Jewish values” (whatever those are), to raise their voices and call for reparations to the Palestinians. There are 64 years’ worth of wrongs to be undone (the Nazi era in Germany lasted a mere 12 years), 64 years of crimes to be redressed, and even though the dead cannot be brought back to life, compensation can indeed be paid to the living. Equality is the universal ambition of humanism. Are you Jewish? And if so, can you not find it in your heart to issue a call for reparations for the Palestinians? If the answer to that is no, then you are guilty of the sin of believing that Jewish suffering supersedes all others.

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s “No on SB277″ Speech-Warns Against Mandatory Vaccines

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s “No on SB277″ Speech 36







[Image Credit: Wikipedia]
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
(April 8, 2015)

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s “No on SB277″ Speech

In this address given on the California Capitol steps in Sacramento Robert Kennedy Jr. provides an inspired and detailed analysis of the extent to which the powerful pharmaceutical cartel has effectively captured the nation’s scientific, regulatory, and law-making processes. Combined with the corporate news media’s dependence on drug advertising, this has put big pharma in a position where it is running roughshod over informed choice and dictating vaccine policies that have little-if-any basis in scientific research yet will greatly contribute to that industry’s already gargantuan profits.


Kennedy offers an example of scientist and pediatrician Paul Offit, the developer of the rotavirus vaccine, whose personal stake in that vaccine’s development and adoption is emblematic of the monied practices tending to corrupt vaccine science in America today. “In 1999 he sat on the [CDC] committee that added the rotavirus vaccine to the schedule.” Kennedy notes,

At the time he was working on his own rotavirus vaccine. Opening that gateway, by adding that vaccine to the schedule, made his patent extremely valuable. Six years later he sold that patent for $182 million and pocketed about $40 million for himself. So, that kind of financial entanglement by the people to who are deciding what vaccines to add to the schedule makes it difficult, I think, for all of us to think that the only thing they’re thinking of is our children’s health. The Inspector General’s report said that 97% of the people who sit on those panels have the same kinds of financial entanglements and conflicts of interest as Paul Offit.

He concluded his remarks by emphasizing that legislation such as California’s SB277 takes away the last barrier between the pharmaceutical companies’ bottom line mentality and children’s health–parental discretion itself.

All of the barriers that are meant to protect our children–the government, the lawyers, the regulatory agencies, and the press, the checks and balances in our democratic system that are supposed to stand between corporate power and our little children–have been removed, and there’s only one barrier left, and that’s the parents, and we need to keep that in the equation.

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Lunch With Adolf Hitler

This one is too good not to mirror. You can read the whole thing here. There are of course official documents out now showing our boy was not in the bunker. There are many on the net who go on and on about how Adolf saved Europe with the barter system, built some roads, introduced the volkswagon and put a chicken in every pot. Not only are they proud of our boy, they want another one.


I meet Adolf Hitler in a restaurant in Bariloche, in Argentina.

Adolf orders spicy melon soup, fondue tomatoes, gazpacho, forest mushrooms and creamy chocolate with hazelnuts and truffle.

As we wait for the food to arrive, Adolf recalls a time during World War I when he was eating his dinner in a trench.

He says: “Suddenly a mysterious voice seemed to be saying to me, ‘Get up and go over there.’ I moved twenty yards. There was a sudden explosion in the part of the trench I had just left. I was saved by some kind of supernatural force.”

Our soup arrives and Adolf lifts his spoon with a shaky hand.



August Kubizek

I remind Adolf that when he was aged 17, and with a friend called August Kubizek, he heard a mysterious voice telling him that he would be the saviour of Germany.

Kubizek said it was as if Adolf was possessed by a demon.

“Well,” says Adolf, “Dietrich Eckardt, of the Thule Society, taught me how to communicate with mysterious forces.”

I say to Adolf that, according to one of his followers, he used to “wake at night with convulsive shrieks and shout for help.” It is as if he has encountered a demon.

“Yes,” says Adolf, “I hear voices. But I have been given powers.”



I ask Adolf about his father, Alois Schickelgruber, the illegitimate son of a female servant, Maria Anna Schickelgruber.

Maria Anna became pregnant while living as a servant in a Jewish household.

Hitler’s nephew, William Patrick Hitler, and Adolf’s lawyer, Hans Frank, claimed that the father of Alois was a wealthy Jew.

Adolf says: “A Jewish man did pay my grandmother money, because he was tricked into believing he was the father of Alois. Alois gained the help of important people and became a government official.”

Alois chose a Jew as Adolf’s godfather.

According to Hitler’s friend Reinhold Hanisch Hitler boasted of having rich Jewish relatives.

Our fondue tomatoes arrive and Hitler tucks in.


Alois enjoyed alcohol and reportedly had sex with his pre-teen cousin, Klara Poelzl, and with a teenage waitress, Franziska Matzelsberger.

Alois’s first wife Anna died under mysterious circumstances.

Alois then married the heavily pregnant Franziska Matzelsberger.

Alois then got his young cousin Klara Poelzl pregnant.

Franziska then died in mysterious circumstances.

Alois Jr. was the son born to Alois by Franziska.

I ask Adolf what happened to Alois Jr.

“He was placed in a concentration camp where he died,” says Adolf.


Klara Poelzl

After the death of Franziska, Alois married Klara Poelzl, his cousin and adopted daughter.

Klara was the mother of Adolf Hitler.

I ask Adolf about his mother.

“She used to call my father ‘Uncle'”, says Adolf.

“Alois used to beat Klara,” says Adolf. “And he would sometimes beat me until I lost consciousness.

“And he beat my sisters Paula and young Klara. Both Paula and young Klara became mentally retarded.”

And siblings Ida, Otto and Edmund died in mysterious circumstances.

Adolf’s mother Klara dressed Adolf to look like a little girl, perhaps to please Alois.

Adolf frequently slept with Klara.

The waiter brings the gazpacho to the table.


Adolf Centre

Adolf like to read about America and became a fan of the policy in the USA of killing off the American Indians in ‘reservations’.

Both at home and at school Adolf became known for his fits of rage.

Adolf behaved in a sadistic manner towards his teachers and his fellow pupils.

At the age of 15, Adolf was expelled from school.

After the death of Alois, Klara and her family moved to Linz, the third largest city in Austria.

Before long, Klara too was dead.

“I wept for Klara,” says Hitler.


August Kuzibek

Adolf was friends with August Kubizek and they developed a “romantic” and “intimate” relationship.

They both moved to Vienna.

They slept together.

Adolf sometimes spoke to Kubizek of his admiration for the Jewish people, and yet Adolf joined the Anti-Semitic League.

Adolf explains: “I had Jewish friends in Vienna, but at times I was antisemitic. I was being conspired against by hidden forces. Kubizek on the other hand managed to graduate from the Conservatoire.”

Adolf was rejected by the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts.

Adolf ended his love affair with Kubizek.

I remind Adolf that he once fancied a young girl called Stefanie.

“I used to watch her from a distance,” explains Adolf, “but that was all.”

According to Kubizek, Adolf fantasized about kidnaping and killing Stefanie.


According to Kubizek, Hitler’s homosexuality “had long been one of his problems.”

Adolf met Reinhold Hanisch and they went together to live in a hotel, the Mannerheim, which catered exclusively to gay men and their gay lovers.

I asked Adolf what happened to Hanisch.

“They say I had him murdered,” says Adolf, “But he died of a heart attack while in detention in 1937.”

And what about Josef Neumann, a wealthy Jewish homosexual who used to come to the Mannerheim to find young men for sex?

“We were very good friends, for a short time,” says Adolf.

Adolf then went to live with Josef Greiner, who was a fan of the Mannerheim.


Adolf’s war record reportedly describes him as a “pederast”.

Adolf later appointed to positions of power child abusers such as Ernst Roehm and Julius Streicher.

I ask Adolf about the Hitler Youth.

“I used to spend a very great deal of time with the boys of the Hitler Youth,” explains Adolf. “I believe that intimate touching of young boys leads to the transfer of certain energies or rays.”

Hitler is reported to have had sexual relationships with Rudolf “Fraulein Anna” Hess and with Wolfgang “Bubi” Foerster.


Hitler with his nieces Angelika ‘Geli’ Raubal and Elfriede ‘Friedi’ Raubal

I ask Adolf about Geli, the daughter of his half-sister, Angela.

“Geli came to live with me,” responds Adolf. “I was very sad when she died.”

The Nazi Party’s Otto Strasser said that Adolf forced his niece Geli to urinate and defecate on him.

Geli died in mysterious circumstances in Adolf’s apartment.


Adolf moved to Munich in 1913 and by 1921 had become the leader of the German Nazi Party.

When he addressed the masses, Hitler appealed to the secretly gay side of German men.

American psychoanalyst Walter Langer reported: “In regarding his audience as fundamentally feminine in character, his appeal is directed at a repressed part of their personalities.

“In many of the German men there seems to be a strong feminine-masochistic tendency that is usually covered over by more virile characteristics but which finds partial gratification in submissive behavior, discipline, sacrifice, and so forth.”

I asked Adolf about the secret of his success in addressing rallies.

“I understood the feminine character of the masses. These Germans are like women. They want clearness, decision, power, and action. Like a woman, the masses fluctuate between extremes…”

Hitler’s personal body guard was composed entirely of gay men.


I asked Adolf if he could tell me who, in the early days, was the typical Nazi.

“Julius Streicher,” said Hitler.

Streicher reportedly like to beat and rape boys. He reportedly wrote stories about the ritual murder of children.

It is time to finish off the creamy chocolate with hazelnuts and truffle.



aangirfan is one of the few sites who are not busy busy trying to cover up the real history of Adolf and his connection to Rome.’s-pope.html

The links were broken but ….. luckily

Eugenio Pacelli, Hitler’s pope

Behind every lie there is a modicum of truth, and in the case of the holocaust hoax it is this: After Stalingrad, the British government realized that Russia would win the war and they needed a base in the Mediterranean. Though desperately short of workers for his munitions’ factories, Hitler told the Khazars that they would be deported to British style concentration camps if they didn’t emigrate to Palestine.

Marshal Stalin told the Secretary of State that Hitler was alive and well:

Shortly after his arrival, on July 17, Stalin came to call on the President. We had to remember to call him Generalissimo rather than Marshal Stalin, for he had been accorded the new title in recognition of the Red Army’s great successes. It was the first time the President and Stalin had met. After a very pleasant conversation, the President quite informally asked Stalin, Molotov, and Pavlov, the capable Soviet interpreter, to stay and have lunch with him. They accepted. The conversation was general in nature and cordial in spirit. The President was favorably impressed by Stalin, as I had been at Yalta. In speaking of our visit to Berlin, I asked the Generalissimo his views of how Hitler had died. To my surprise, he said he believed that Hitler was alive and that it was possible he was then either in Spain or Argentina. Some ten days later I asked him if he had changed his views and he said he had not. (Byrnes, Speaking Frankly, p. 68).

Unlike Pius XII, who is on the fast track for canonization, no one has suggested yet that Hitler might also be a candidate for “sainthood.”

Hitler may be dead . . . but his legacy lives on . . . in the Khazar State of “Israel” and NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization).

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Breaking Free From The Hare Krishna Movement And Other Slave Cults Such As Mormonism-Jim Jones-David Koresh-Jehovah’s Witnesses-Catholicism Etc.


Some former cult members refer to Srila as Snuffy Swami

You know I have been meaning to get around to this for sometime. I have over many years witnessed people pushing the ISKON cult activated by Srila Pradhupada. Let me throw this right out on the table, anybody can put on a silk robe and paint a blue streak on their forehead but that doesn’t mean they know any more than you are I.

I have read many swamis from India who point out that Pradhupada is a disgrace to indian traditions, and they poignantly mention that ISKON  was chartered by Scientology which is a part of the masonic order. All of those roads lead to Rome. I can’t locate any of them at present but I will keep trying I assure you.

I do know this, The Road House – Operated by Australian Red Cross, in partnership with Hare Krishna and the Masonic Association of Canberra, the Road House provides free meals to anyone experiencing homelessness. Meals are served at the Griffin Centre. We all know about the Red Cross right? Most indians consider the iskon masonic lodges very dangerous to their culture. The second Masonic Temple at 1716 W. Lunt Avenue in May, 1992, was sold to the Hare Krishna outfit.

Just as I suspected, various search engines indicate new ISKON temples tend to be old masonic temples. Many of the road shows are in masonic temples also. There are many of these however most os the search engine links carry on about the amazing vision of Srila! Guy Beck the musician was from a long time mason family and suddenly found the truth of Srila. John Lennon supposedly dedicated a song to him, we all know about John.







This is Srila Prabhupada bringing the sprit in the masonic temple in Mexico City. There is not much doubt that ISKON is one of the blocks in Rothschild’s pyramid.

The Rothschilds have worked to destroy Indian culture for centuries. Captain Ajit does a pretty good job of pointing some of this out. I admire a man who mixes information with flat out good humor as he refers to the former Indian Prime Minister as the Italian waitress.


To understand ISKON  there is no better place to start that by taking in what some of the former participants had to say. The following quotes are from:

“We were all in the cult for a long time. If you cannot see that ISKCON is a dangerous cult, then they have you right where they want you. We were all at one time right where you are now. Its unfortunate, but true. Hopefully one day you will see that you have been fooled and bamboozled, like so many others. And hopefully the shock won’t be too overwhelming. Its easy to label us as immature devotees, but that is not true, The opposite is true. We were very much involved for long periods of time, brainwashed just like you are. The only difference is we broke free. we hope you do too some day.
You (Arjun) asks, who are we? We are former members. I was a part of the nonsense for twenty years. That’s 7 years more than you have been alive. That’s who I am and I call them lunatics, dangerous lunatics.

Prabhupada said:
It is a fact that a woman (11 yr old child) likes a man who is very expert at rape … she takes his action to be mercy. I like this position, dictatorship. Personally I like this
That is best, to keep them under control as slaves. I don’t know how the Prabhupadanaagas are going to “Rid Iskcon of such low-class scum and give Iskcon back to Srila Prabhupada.” Prabhupada’s inhumane teachings are a facility for low-class scumbags and criminal activity. The fish rots from the head.

ayatirtha Swami (James Immel) was expelled from ISKCON in 1982 and murdered by a former follower in 1987.

Hansadutta Swami (Hans Kary) was convicted of illegal weapons possession in 1974 and 1980, and expelled from ISKCON in 1983.

Bhagavan Swami (William Ehrlichman) left his lavishly luxurious guru lifestyle abruptly in 1986, along with $20,000.

Bhavananda Swami (Charles Bacis) was expelled from ISKCON in 1989 for years of child molestation.

Ramesvara Swami (Robert Grant) left ISKCON in 1987 after a sexual relationship with an under aged girl came to light.

Kirtanananda Swami (Keith Ham) was expelled from ISKCON in 1987 for moral and theological deviations. He spent 8 years out of a 20 year sentence in jail for racketeering, mail fraud, and conspiracy to murder.

These are just some of the high profile cases of ISKCON’s past. More recent cases involved the sexual deviancy of gurus Prthu das (Peter Brinkmann) and Satsvarupa das Goswami (Steven Guarrino) in 2004, and Param Gati Swami (Pedro Ferraz) in 2009 — although none of these were deemed serious enough to warrant expelling.

ISKCON’s guru doctrine essentially states the same: surrender unto a guru is absolutely required for reaching God because the guru is the via-medium between God and the soul. However, throughout Indian history the role of guru has traditionally been one of regional spiritual guide, befitting the geographical and historical context. Bhaktivedanta Swami’s overemphasis on unquestioned obedience to the guru and his absolute position as a divine intermediary is unprecedented.

The various factions of the Gaudiya Math all have their roots in Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati’s version of Gaudiya vaishnavism and therefore follow literalist and guru ideologies similar to those of ISKCON.
The first female GBC member was appointed in 1996, the second only in 2009.

In most ISKCON temples worldwide women are still relegated to the back of the temple room and allowed to lecture and lead ceremonies less than a quarter as often as men are.

I was under the impression that rape, abuse, slavery and blackmail are all part of Prabhupada’s glorious teachings. Didn’t he teach that Women (yes 11 year olds are women according to Prabhupada) enjoyed being raped, slavery was a good thing, and his preferred governance was dictatorship? Why be surprised that such things are happening, or that they are being covered up.

ISKON priest booked for sodomy

A teenaged boy was sodomized near Gorai bridge at Borivali West by an unknown man on Wednesday. The Charkop police detained one person in the case late on Thursday.
Prabhupāda: Yes, that is law always. Rape means without consent, sex. Otherwise there is no rape. There was a rape case in Calcutta, and the lawyer was very intelligent. He some way or other made the woman admit, “Yes, I felt happiness.” So he was released. “Here is consent.” And that’s a fact. Because after all, sex, rape or no rape, they will feel some pleasure. So the lawyer by hook and crook made the woman agree, “Yes, I felt some pleasure.” “Now, there is consent.” So he was released. After all, it is an itching sensation. So either by force or by willingly, if there is itching, everyone feels relieved itching it. That’s a psychology. It is not that the woman do not like rape. They like sometimes. They willingly. That is the psychology. Outwardly they show some displeasure, but inwardly they do not. This is the psychology.
Prabhupada said:
It is a fact that a woman (11 yr old child) likes a man who is very expert at rape … she takes his action to be mercy. I like this position, dictatorship. Personally I like this
That is best, to keep them under control as slaves.

Sounds like the good old roman church doesn’t it?

This comment is just pedo talk. As for the comment being from Roupa Manjari, people have told me that Roupa Manjari’s husband (NNV) writes under his wife’s name. He is an elderly man with a wife old enough to be his daughter. Had she found her mate NNV at 6 years old he would have been in his fifties. There is no philosophy more alluring or conducive to pedophilia than propagated by the iskcon institution.

“There is a misconception that the Krishna conscious movement represents the Hindu religion. Sometimes Indians both inside and outside of India think that we are preaching the Hindu religion, but actually we are not …..[…]…. The Krishna consciousness movement has nothing to do with the Hindu religion or any system of religion … One should clearly understand the Krishna consciousness movement is not preaching the so-called Hindu religion.” (Science of Self Realization). Now we find that Bernstein and the elders of iskzion have taken confusion a step further by touting the cult as an Hindu organization.

5) ISKCON officially claims around 3000 full-time members worldwide with an additional 200,000 ‘congregational’ members and approximately 300,000 sympathizers within the Hindu community.

Everyday folk, like you and me, abandon family, friends, love, work and education, to mumble mantras and surrender our existence to megalomaniacs with nothing more than a cult bestowed PhD in artificial intelligence, and a Caesar Complex.

Truthfully said, this is nonsense. This Dama Gosha was sued by a family because he married their underage daughter back in the “good ole days” of ISKCON. I wonder if Lord Chaitanya extended his mercy to Damagosha when he married that child bride, or was it when he was sued by the family? Or was it when …

Prabhupada apparently also deeply embraced the myth of the “Aryan” super-race and linked the ancient peoples of India to Europe and the U.S. During a talk in Australia one year prior to his death, Prabhupada declared that “the Aryans spread [to] Europe also, and the Americans, they also spread from Europe. So the intelligent class of human being, they belong to the Aryans, [the] Aryan family. Just like [Adolph] Hitler claimed that he belonged to the Aryan family.”

Well why not, Hitler was a catholic part of the order and Pacelli was his pope. In fact Pacelli was Hitler’s mentor before he became pope.

Moscow will be tearing down the Hare Krishna Temple.

Jul 30, 2013 — MOSCOW, RUSSIA (RUSSIA & INDIA REPORT) — The temporary site where Russian devotees of the Hare Krishna Movement or ISKCON pray is likely to be demolished,, a site run by Russian ISKCON followers said. The movement has faced several bureaucratic hurdles in its quest to have a permanent structure to conduct its religious activities. When the ISKCON temple situated near the Begovaya metro station (in the centre of Moscow) was demolished in 2004, the Moscow government allotted land for construction of a new temple at the Leningradsky Prospekt (north of Moscow). This land was subsequently taken away.

I suspect and this is my own personal opinion, ISKON is a part of the quest to discredit Hinduism and part of a larger effort to form one world wide religion. None of them seem to be going to well.

Point : Counterpoint • 33
Chapter 1: One Anglican Bishop’s Dream • 35
Chapter 2: The Rise of the United Religions Initiative • 39

The Interfaith Movement and the URI — “Unity in Diversity” in Practice • 109
New Religious Movements and the URI • 115
Sects and Cults • 115
The Unification Church • 115
The Strange Religion of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon • 116
The Unificationists’ Work with the URI • 124
Scientologists and the “New Cult Awareness Network” • 126
ISKCON—The “Hare Krishna” movement • 126
Wicca and the Goddess Movement • 127
The Benign Public Face of Wicca • 128
Transgressive Religion: From Polyamory to “Root-Based Sorcery” • 129
Theosophy and the New Age Movement • 131
The Lucis Trust: Followers of Alice A. Bailey • 132
Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson • 132
Robert Muller • 133
Barbara Marx Hubbard • 134
Neale Donald Walsch • 135

the united religions initiative, globalism, and the quest for a one-world religion


I of course have my own ideas when it comes to the search for truth. Religion is defined as the search for truth, and there is only one truth. It exists in the eye of the beholder.

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The Killing Spree Rolls On As The Khazar Mafia Continues The Janus Principle-Australian Parents Denied Benefits When Vaccinations Refused

Australians who refuse to vaccinate their children will no longer receive child care subsidies and family tax benefits, Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced on Sunday.

The widely anticipated government crackdown comes as Australia sees an increase in the number of so-called vaccine objectors

Ebola vaccine in Sierra Leone makes doctor deathly sick. How can you cure ebola when you give people ebola?

This one is easy.



These soulless sociopathic monsters cannot maintain power without complete abject secrecy of their incredibly evil, inhuman acts against nature and mankind or without their massive private Fiat Counterfeiting machine disguised as a Bank.

And with the advent of the Worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg press, the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia and its Chieftains, Kingpins, Cutouts and Assets as well as its foreign based espionage inside America, as well as its efforts to create endemic corruption and death at every level in America, are being exposed more and more every day.

People are becoming aware there is a problem however slowly but bear in mind hundreds watched a passed out woman being raped at Panama Beach the other day and did absolutely nothing about it. It is not only Yemen that is being raped. You don’t dare question the push for eternal wars whether in Canada or the Ukraine. But Angela Merkel is still big on war however as a new German submarine is headed for Israel with German tax payers picking up half the tab. Yep that is the same Germany whose farmers losing hundreds of billions of dollars due to sanctions. The same Germany where a mechanic begins work after certification for about $150 dollars a month. Germans still can’t figure out where their government disappeared to.



It is going to be a slow process as many think the 4 year drought and water rationing ongoing in California is the result of global cooling. News flash, when ice melts it takes up more volume and results in rising seas.


At least they prosecute the a catholic brother in Australia once in awhile as the Queensland Child Safety Director is facing 10 charges of child-sex.


Yes there are monsters among us.

They have been working on the script for a long time also. They honestly believe all they have to do is get that conservative back in there.

Michigan woman who was kicked out of a nursing program for daring to question her instructors is taking legal action.

Nichole Rolfe filed a lawsuit against Baker College on April 6 in Genesee Circuit Court. She claims two instructors at the school’s Owosso campus told students to threaten and panic patients into getting vaccinations, and that she was dismissed from the school for questioning that instruction.

But there’s more to this story.

Rolfe’s problems with the school began when she was placed on a behavior contract with the school over a disagreement with another student over homosexuality, reports mlive:

Rolfe was placed on a June 10, 2013, behavior contract with the school due to an interaction with another student regarding a conversation about homosexuality.

Rolfe claimed that she told the student that it wasn’t the place of potential nurses to judge others and that she disagreed with the other student’s view that homosexuality is a learned behavior.

The student complained to the nursing program’s directors, claiming that she felt harassed by Rolfe for her stance on homosexuality, according to the lawsuit.

Later in 2013, Rolfe asked questions (as students should) about the way her instructors were teaching students how to coerce parents into receiving vaccines for their children, even if the parents did not want them.

To her surprise, Rolfe was dismissed from the school without warning and was not allowed to appeal the decision.

She shared her story anonymously on the VacTruth Facebook page in October 2013 (and received an outpouring of support from readers).

Here’s what she said:

“I am reaching out for assistance. This week I was dismissed from nursing school and I was almost finished. The reason for my dismissal according to the DON, and Dean was harassment of faculty. Apparently discussing vaccines and their unethical approach to teaching us was considered harassment. I only posed questions how the way they were teaching us and how it went against the ANA standards set forth for all nurses.

Two weeks ago, 2 different instructors were promoting manipulation and misleading information as a way to coerce parents that deny vaccines into compliance.

The first scenario was: Some hospitals require expecting moms and dads to be vaccinated with TDaP before walking into the labor and delivery floor. If significant other is not vaccinated, we the students would be administrating these vaccines. I asked for the rationale behind this. The instructor said this and I quote ” What if you were a new mother and an unvaccinated person came onto the floor carrying pertussis and your newborn contracted it and died” My response was ” This is a worse case scenario, but vaccinating on the floor doesn’t provide antibodies to pertussis for 6 weeks to 6 months and sometimes not even at all.” I asked how they could promote this when they were giving these families a false sense of security. The instructor ended the conversation and said we would be discussing this more in the coming weeks.

The end of our first pediatric clinical, during post conference, the peds instructor brought up that there will be children that are not UTD on their vaccines, we are to get them UTD before discharge. I asked how they expected us to 1. administer vaccines to sick kids when that is contraindicated. Sick kids aren’t supposed to be vaccinated until they are no longer sick. 2. If the parent declines, which most that are not UTD have made that decision for their children, how would you like us to proceed? Her response was that we are to try and educate them on the benefits and get them to comply. Well, this goes against everything that we are taught about ethics, their right to refuse, not to coerce, family-centered care and not pushing our own personal propaganda. This is against ANA standards. It is the job of the nurse to offer, educate and ultimately respect the decision of the patient/parent.

That brings me to the last scenario. Our OB instructor, who is a past public health nurse, doing a vaccine speech in peds class. She said and I quote ” When a parent refuses, I go in there real sweet and tell them that we have new and important information regarding vaccines. It isn’t really new, it has been arounf for 20 years but the do not know this” I raised my hand and asked if this was ethical to mislead parents into thinking there is new info when there really isn’t.

2 weeks later I am dismissed from the program based on harassment of staff during class discussions. I am sick over this. This is my future. With a dismissal I may never be able to apply to any school of nursing. I am being an advocate, like we are taught to be. The DON said at the end of this meeting ” We don’t feel comfortable allowing you to complete your education here, take the NCLEX and be responsible for vulnerable patients” WOW! Each one of my clinical instructors have given me rave evaluations regarding my advocacy skills, going above and beyond etc. My grades are all A’s. I am not 100% against vaccines. I am a mother of 4, and I delay vax and deny some. That is my choice as their mother. If someone questioned my parenting regarding my decision to deny and delay, I would be furious. I just don’t know where to go at the moment. I feel as if my dreams have been crushed because of power hungry women. I challenged their ethics and that is not allowed.”

Rolfe’s complaint lists two instructors: Connie Smith and Alysia Osoff. Osoff is the pediatrics instructor Rolfe says told the students to try to coerce the parents of sick children whose vaccinations are not “up to date” to administer them even while the child is still ill (which is a contraindication). Rolfe also alleges that Osoff told nursing students to tell “patients and their partners that failure to have immunization/vaccination for pertussis could result in the patient to have to pay for their entire stay at the hospital, that the state would deny payment coverage, and that those on Medicare (traditionally underprivileged members of the community) would be personally liable to pay for all damages suffered by those in the hospital.”

More from the complaint:

In other words, Osoff was instructing students to wrongfully threaten and panic patients into receiving an immunization to override a patient’s informed consent.

Obtaining uninformed or false consent for a medical procedure under false pretenses is assault and battery under both criminal and civil law.

Obtaining uninformed or false consent for a medical procedure under false pretenses is a violation of the American Nursing Association Code of Ethics for nurses.

Obtaining uninformed or false consent for a medical procedure under false pretenses is contrary to the practice of family center care and gaining and securing the trust of patients.

In other words, the instruction by Osoff was wrong legally, morally, and ethically.

Based on the reading and literature required in the course, Plaintiff NICHOLE ROLFE knew this instruction to be immoral and illegal, and moreover ineffective.

The lawsuit is seeking more than $25,000 in damages and is asking the school to remove the dismissal from Rolfe’s school record. Rolfe said she is unable to enroll at any other nursing schools due to the black mark on her Baker transcript.

I don’t know about you, but Nichole Rolfe sounds exactly like the kind of medical practitioner I would WANT to see as a patient and have provide care for my children. Shouldn’t all medical professionals be critical thinkers who are willing to consider the pros and cons of any treatment or medication, regardless of what mainstream doctrine proclaims as truth? And shouldn’t they all be ethical and honest, and willing to address and respect patient concerns?

Sadly, stories like hers are not that unusual these days. If we dare to question “authority” or hold a dissenting opinion, we are ridiculed, shunned, blacklisted, and shamed.

And those who dare to question the safety and necessity of mass vaccination and advocate for freedom of choice (or, at the very least, informed consent) are among the most scorned and ostracized.

As Melissa Melton pointed out in her article Right to Vaccinate Vs. Medical Tyranny: What Happened to Freedom of Choice?:

Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels once said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Medical education programs just can’t have students with dissenting opinions coming around and questioning the dogma they are pushing, especially about vaccinations. After all, mass vaccination is quite profitable for doctors, pharmaceutical companies, and the government.

As the French writer and philosopher Voltaire said, “It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong.”

Speak up, and the authorities will do their best to silence you.

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We Never Escape The Jaws Of Karma: Purveyors of New Age Exceptionalism Oblivious to the Realities on the Ground



Purveyors of New Age Exceptionalism
Oblivious to the Realities on the Ground

Who convinced the New Age Movement that the present tract of humanity is somehow exceptional compared to previous races of humanity which have taken up residence on Planet Earth?
Cosmic Convergence Research Group

Surely you have heard by now from so many New Age evolutionary leaders and lightworkers that the current human race is so splendid, so special, so wonderful that they will miraculously escape from the jaws of karma. The current planetary civilization, so the story goes, is populated with so many exceptional and extraordinary souls that entire national destinies will be magically shifted from the obvious trajectories that they are now plotting to new and glorious ones filled with bliss and happiness, joy and euphoria.

Exactly what is it that makes this 7-billion plus group of time traveling souls so remarkable, so different?

So different, that is, that they will somehow be the fortunate recipients of great karmic reprieves as no civilization which has come before has ever experienced.

First, let’s objectively compare the current race of humanity with what we know about previous ones. The esoteric historical record clearly indicates that Atlantis and Lemuria were both far more evolved than the post-modern homo sapien of the 21st century. The intellectual, scientific and technological advancement of Atlantis was literally lightyears ahead of where humankind is today. Likewise, their state of spiritual development was much more refined and in resonance with ONENESS or supreme Consciousness.

And, yet, with all of this divine largesse operating in their favor, they (Atlantis) fell prey to profound hubris and arrogance. The story goes that when the priestly class quite negatively influenced the scientific establishment, as well as the elites who controlled the technology, to do their bidding, things very quickly “went to hell in a hand basket”, figuratively and literally! That is basically what caused Atlantis to sink in a day and a night approximately 12,000 years ago.

Artist rendition of the last days of Atlantis

The gross abuse of powerful technologies for very wrong reasons can create quite the mess. Both Halloween and All Souls Day are byproducts of that earth-shattering cataclysm as are the Bermuda Triangle, the Pharaonic Dynasties of Ancient Egypt, and the United States of America (aka the New Atlantis). There are many other vestiges of that once great multi-island nation of Atlantis which have found their way into our modern civilization … such as virtually every scientific and technological advancement of the past two hundred years!

What’s the point?

Truly, the current stage of evolution of mankind — both mundane and spiritual — is far from the level of the Atlantean and the Lemurian civilizations. And, yet, their civilizations met with fates which were quite unfortunate and final, uncompromising and baneful. It is said that on the day that Atlantis sank perhaps as many as 350 millions souls perished worldwide, so destructive was that terrible calamity.

The point here is that modern society has shown itself to be much more “LOST” than those of previous ages and yugas, ancient societies and cultures. Because we lack any realistic frame of reference, we as a people are incapable of seeing this truth. Our collective perspective has been shaped by millennia of brainwashing and programming, which has profoundly inculcated and inbred an extraordinary degree of shared ignorance and communal arrogance.

In other words we — the current planetary civilization — have been somehow convinced that we are the best and the brightest, the latest and the greatest, the most superior human race ever to have inhabited Planet Earth.

Because the internet age has brought us information and data which was heretofore inaccessible, we now somehow feel that we have arrived, or that we are about to arrive. Not only have we not arrived, we seem to be moving fast and furiously in the wrong direction … much as Atlantis did during their end times. The quite significant difference is that many Atlantean spirits had experienced (i) a very high level of spiritual attainment, (ii) the acquisition of sublime and sacred wisdom and (iii) a high degree of knowledge and proficiency in the occult sciences and mystical arts.

Were a real live Atlantean to walk the Earth today he or she would be likely be horrified at the sight. For they would become grimly aware of the present earthly predicament as follows:

Overpopulated and crowded, concrete, steel and asphalt urban jungles dotting the globe,
acidified oceans and chemtrailed skies, razed rainforests and removed mountaintops,
polluted lakes and rivers, poisoned ponds and streams, hazy and smog-filled mega-cities,
overwhelmingly contaminated superfund sites that have been neglected for decades,
massive oil spills and catastrophic nuclear mishaps, many of which go unreported,
irreparable environmental destruction and ecological imbalance everywhere,
perpetual war for geopolitical advantage and constant international conflict,
wars over land and water, oil and gas, sacred sites and valuable real estate,
religious and race wars, national and cultural wars, clashes of civilizations and societies,
strife between the genders and animosities among sexual orientations,
long-simmering family feuds, tribal vendettas, and cultural hostilities,
spreading gang violence, drug trafficking and urban ghetto ethos,
lifelong poverty and destitution, homelessness and joblessness,
new diseases and illnesses, recurring influenzas and infections,
childhood Obesity and Diabetes, Autism and Aspergers, ADD and ADHD,
adulthood Heart disease and Stroke, Cancer and Chronic degenerative disease,
never-ending pestilence and plagues, pandemics and epidemics,
destruction of the nuclear family and pervasive lack of community,
sexual abuse and child abuse, spousal abuse and elderly abuse,
widespread drug abuse and misuse — pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and recreational,
explosion of anti-social behaviors due to alcohol, marijuana and other drug addictions,
preponderance of internet pornography addiction — “most viewed websites on the net”, obsessive smart phone usage, compulsive online gaming and rampant TV addiction,
pervasive despair and depression, hopelessness and powerlessness, acts of desperation,
ever-increasing rates of suicide among the youth and elderly, especially assisted suicide,
premeditated acts of genocide and homicide, mass murders and serial murders,
soaring number of cases of police brutality and indiscriminate taser usage,
reckless killings by police officers and use of unnecessary force without consequence,
murders of policeman and increasing acts of disrespect toward law enforcement,
economic instability and financial insecurity, monetary collapse and fiscal breakdown,
unending political paralysis and worsening governmental corruption,
accelerating moral decay and mushrooming of sexual depravity,
shocking examples of cultural decadence and societal degradation now ubiquitous,
spiritual degeneration due to increasing atheism and agnosticism, doubt and disbelief,
prevalence of fear and anxiety, worry and concern, apprehension and uncertainty.


Add to this mix a global Mainstream Media that aggressively disseminates so much that is as inherently coarse, crude and crass as it is obscene, offensive and obnoxious.

Yes, this quite abbreviated list goes on and on and on, but hopefully everyone gets the picture. Perhaps this picture portrays the EXCEPTIONAL degree of ignorance and shortsightedness which has crept into society throughout every sphere of life. Such a lengthy and ‘impressive’ list is no doubt exceptional in so many extremely unfortunate ways; however, it certainly does not justify the oft-repeated claim by so many New Age leaders that the current planetary civilization is so special and favored.

Unless, of course, they’re really referring to the special needs and deficits that humanity is now plagued by. That there are now vast swaths of the world that suffer from every kind of deprivation and indignity, affliction and adversity is without question. The dire need for immediate intervention and remediation within so many nations and states, cities and communities is evident everywhere. Where armed conflict or full scale war has broken out, those desperate needs facing millions of refugees is as obvious as it is urgent.

Yes, we certainly have evolved into an exceptional planetary civilization. Looking at the true global plight as a macrocosm, an extraterrestrial from their unique outsider vantage point might wonder how the heck we ever ended up in such a wild and crazy stewpot. The worldwide problems facing humanity have never been so daunting, the obstacles never so formidable as the challenges are so numerous and so great. That nations would spend hundreds of billions on war in the midst of so much poverty and starvation is a human tragedy of truly epic proportions. Yet it goes effectively unaddressed year after year, decade after decade.

California is the perfect microcosm representing all that has gone wrong in the world

Surely, the great state of California is a perfect example of how government has completely let down the citizenry in that state. It took an unending historic drought to finally wake up the governor and his Democratic legislature to do something about it. Years have gone by with nary a peep about how to substantively address such a serious statewide predicament. Likewise, the practically worthless U.S. Federal Government has done even less even though this unparalleled water supply emergency is occurring in the 8th largest economy in the world. And, an agricultural output that is relied upon by people across the planet.

California is the same state which is promoting a totally liberal approach toward immigration and amnesty when they can’t even balance their budget. Their instate students are protesting about tuition hikes and crushing student loan debt, yet the legislators in Sacramento want to give free tuition and scholarships to illegal aliens who have broken the law. They even want to allow unlawful immigrants to attend law school and practice law?!

The gang violence, gun running and drug trafficking in southern California only gets worse by the year and they want to practically open the border wide open. As the Feds scream terrorist at any patriot American who calls out Washington for its ultrafascist conduct, the Obama Administration permits a porous border to go virtually unsecured. ISIS, ISIL and IS militants may be entering the nation every minute of the day yet Homeland Security only empowers the illegal aliens. Hundreds of thousands of them have been labeled as criminals; still, the immigration policies further relax so as to favor their release into the general U.S. population.

Again, what was it — exactly — that makes us so very special?

Once again, why do so many thought leaders insist that the current generations are so special and so deserving of so much cosmic clemency? Given the previous incomplete list of truly overwhelming societal problems and social ills, environmental disasters and ecological catastrophes, economic depressions and financial calamities — all of which are manmade — why should the Highest Power mercilessly save us from the fruits of our actions? What are we doing today — individually or collectively — that would merit such a dramatic suspension of divine law and dispensation?

Forgive us if we offend, but —>

What, pray tell, is so exceptional and special about our 21st century post-modern planetary civilization, except that we seem to be in a race to the bottom … as in crossing the finish line in record time to Hades (aka Hell)?

Why do so many good people, smart people, aware people, spiritual people buy into this notion that we can continue down all of these roads (again, see the abridged list above) without consequence. And, yet, at the very same time that they claim that we — the present human race — are so remarkable, we will somehow be collectively and individually spared our just desserts.

Now do you see? There is surely something very wrong with this deeply flawed vision and understanding. And yet very few among us really get it. VERY FEW!

This brings us to the critical point of this societal commentary. While very few would ever admit or acknowledge the possibility, or even entertain the notion, the vast majority of the people residing on Planet Earth are suffering from the same ailment. This worldwide illness reflects a raging epidemic which has seen a alarming uptick over the past 100 years. Particularly with the proliferation of the Mainstream Media (MSM) throughout all nations and societies, has this mass psychological disease become a pervasive and seemingly permanent phenomenon.

Just what is it that so mentally incapacitates and emotionally disables, intellectually debilitates and spiritually stunts so many people? Simply put, they are hopelessly addicted to deception.

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
April 4, 2015


Editor’s note

The Kali Yuga always ends this way!!!!!!!!


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Update On Dr. Chiappalone (September 15th Is Drawing Near)


I must say there are times when I know certain sequences are not quit right with Dr. Chiappalone, nevertheless most of his world view I have found from my travels is most likely quite on target. That is only my opinion however and I must say the Dr. can be quite intriguing at times. We are headed for some sort of shakeup from universe, this I am pretty sure of. Certain corrections from universe can always be expected whether or not we expect them or consider them necessary. They are most certainly necessary at this point.

I don’t know about space ships and other things but I was told at a very young age by various Mahatmas that all life on earth would perish via asteroid hits, shifting of the poles and various radiation poisonings. They did say the earth would survive unlike Dr. Chiappalone asserts that it would not. They said however not even a germ would survive what is coming to our planet. These were very psychic individuals. They could tell you what you had for lunch.

His prediction of September 15th 2015 draws nearer: Meteor hits Earth just N-E of the Bermuda triangle.

One cannot help but smile however at the good Doctor’s explanation of how it will be in his personal realm.

“With the information I am revealing now, the brain-dead and very EVIL morons, who dared call me an Insane Lunatic (and worse) from the very first moment I delivered my Message of Finality to the World in 1985, now have a clear view of their Path to their Hell and their waiting Transmutation Chambers.

This group includes all the doctors, psychiatrists, lawyers, Members of Medical Boards, the Media, Governments, Religionists, New Agers, etc., etc., who made it their personal role to not only defame me, but also to go out of their way in an attempt to destroy me, and any who supported me, and to disadvantage me financially, socially, mentally, emotionally and intellectually. They have done all they could to block free circulation of my Message and Knowledge. They have most assuredly FAILED! They, of course, have done much worse to me in my previous incarnations on this local level.

But, they have failed and I have won.

The Plan to eradicate them in this Galaxy, as in all other Galaxies, and all the Physical Manifestation, has been all but fought and won.

They are just simply Cannon Fodder now.

They are the dust on Hell’s floor.”


I will be having a discussion on Radio with Jeff Rense on February 2 at 8 p.m. Pacific Time

Which will be 2 p.m. Queensland Summertime.


If you are timid and do not wish to know of Life terminating events, proceed no further.

I will be discussing evidence that has been in existence for a long, long time concerning the termination of this Planet

Even though I gave you proof in the past of Terminating Mechanisms and Timing from many of these sources I list below, no longer will anyone who is interested in this topic have to rely on these:

Prophecy whatever the source,

The forged or genuine Scriptures of Old,

The Revelations of St. John the Divine,

Rants by Tele-evangelistic Morons,

Predictions by Mayans, Aztecs, Sumerians, Annunaki, etc.,

Calenders of the Jewish Religious Holidays,

Books written about the prognostications of Nostradamus, St Malachi, Mother Shipton, Edgar Cayce, and so on.

They will NOT have to rely on information given by metaphysical scholars like myself.

I have covered many of these points in previous articles, and they may be of interest to you.

However, now all of us are able to examine Physical Evidence for ourselves.

There is no need to have Faith in Superior Forces for the moment, just to understand what is going on in our immediate physical lives.

There is no need to have had contact with Superior, or more advanced, Aliens who prognosticated about our future, the demise of Earth, the spiritual separation of Viables from non-Viables, and so on.

There is no need to rely on Angelic Visitations or Instructions given in a Near-Death Experience, or an Out-of-Body Experiences.

We can forget Meditational Communications, intuitive dreams and implanted prophetic thoughts for the moment.

We can forget the Tea leaves, the Ouija Boards, the Tarot Cards, the Psychics and the pseudo-psychic con-artists that abound in this evil, nauseating world.

Astrology no longer counts. To my mind it almost never did.

The only Numerology you need now is the ability to calculate the speed, direction of travel, and distance of certain Celestial Objects from Earth, and to calculate the timing of impact, and the number of people that may be affected by the Objects’ impacts with Earth.

The videos I give below make it easy.

People whose profession is in Astrophysics, Astrology and Meteor-tracking do all the work for us.


You do not have to recall that I was INVITED to visit a Spacecraft, in April 1985, on which the End of the World was discussed by Superior Beings from another Dimension with me.

Do you recall my message that I gave 30 years ago stating that the Earth was going to be cleared of all living things in preparation for its total destruction?

Well, now you don’t have to know any of that detail because what is presented as solid, prosaic proof by experts in Physical Sciences, not by Metaphysicians or Aliens, is all you need to know.

You don’t even have to know that I travelled to far away and exotic places on Earth for over 20 years, seeking UFO contactees who were given the same message I had.

This is what each said:

“The World is to end according to Aliens that recently visited us.

The ‘bad’ (meaning evil) people are finished.

The Good people are to be taken elsewhere to continue their existence.”

On one of my trips to Mexico, the late Joyce Murphy of Beyond Boundaries was astounded when I repeatedly elicited these remarks from contactees she had previously known but who had never divulged this knowledge.

You don’t need to know any of these things.

Boy, aren’t you lucky to be spared all that study of How, When, Why, by Whom the destruction is being executed, etc., regarding the Endtime, now that the information of Earth’s end is handed to us on a platter by SCIENTISTS!!

These same scientists probably have never heard of Gnosticisms, or the Ancient Wisdom or the Eschatological Doctrine that discusses the Spiritual Consequences of existence in this Physical Dimension.

Most people, for any number of reasons, probably never gave much thought to a Battle between Good and Evil or about the Existence of a Superior Being who is surely slightly less or , we hope, a lot less, insane than the Lunatic who built this outrageously evil and exploitative Asylum we call the ever-suffering Earth.

Aren’t we lucky?

Simply by waiting, all the information we need to know about ‘What is Going On’ has simply fallen into our laps.

No need to read boring Religious Texts, Hypocritical Ones or Apocryphal ones, the Nag Hammadi Library, Dead Sea Scrolls, books about other books, or go to long, perhaps at times boring, lectures given by Metaphysicians, like myself, who insist on talking about Good and Bad people and the separation thereof.

Finally, anyone that can read and watch a video or listen to a discussion on TV will be able to examine the evidence of what is to happen.

You won’t need University Degrees to understand the evidence.

You don’t need a telescope.

All you need to do is watch what is presented and then ask yourself these questions:

“Is this possible?”

Is this probable?

Is it a certainty?

Where do I stand in the face of this news?

If we all die physically, what next?

Can I find answers?”

The answer to the last question is “YES”!

Follow your nose……..

The Spiritual Reality, which has been shamefully neglected by Science, will now be seen to be the only Reality that was ever worth considering.

Physicality has been a deadly mistake, a spiritual CANCER to be eradicated at all costs.

Of course, what is to happen does not rely at all upon what people believe or don’t believe.

What is to be, will be!


Here is the general schedule for the END. It may vary a little.

Sept 2015: Meteor hits Earth just N-E of the Bermuda triangle.

1/3-1/2 of world’s population perishes within days.

From then on ­ Massive volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.; many more killed.

Early 2016 – Dust from Planet X starts suffocating aerobes on the planet.

August 2016: –

Around this date due to gravitational effects as explained on the video below, Pole Shift occurs with drowning of remainder on Earth within hours .

Late October 2016 ­

A more massive meteor hits the near sterile Earth and breaks it into smithereens ­ this shall be witnessed by survivors on the Rescue crafts. The elite in their underground bases are physically no more

The occurrence or otherwise of Nuclear War is no longer important;

Fukushima radioactivity, although a disaster that in tself would in due course wipe out all life on the planet is no longer relevant;

Deadly GMO foodstuffs, land and lives destroying HAARP technology, dementing Vaccines, Ubiquitous Chemtrails, and so on, are all of no importance any more. Time has finished.


Of the (Evil) Alien – Humanity Relationship

Some of you may know that preparations are afoot to formally and openly introduce Evil Aliens to Humanity most probably via the Vatican and its Papacy and organizations such as NASA which are all evil instruments of this Evil Empire. It has been NASA which has done the most to obfuscate the picture of planetary termination by any means at its disposal including, some have said, murder of its employees and those who would thwart their nefarious plans.

These plans of Disclosure will come to naught as will the plans of the Evil Aliens to introduce a hybrid species, implement Agenda 21 and reduce the population of Earth to perhaps less than 500 million serfs, and to take total, and open, control of the planet and enslave us all.

All short and long-term plans that Evil Aliens have for Earth and Humanity will come to zero as they themselves will be captured and liquidated.

Some of you may know that Evil Aliens have not only experimented with the physical aspects of Humanity and the physical manifestations of “Life” on this Planet but also run the planet to suit themselves. However, there has always been a number of groups of these Evil Aliens vying for control, and this partly accounts for the massive friction between sectors of Humanity and the inter-alien and inter-dimensional wars that have been discussed in various aspects of the (mainly alternate) Media.

It is a fact that the War between Good and Evil extends to battles between Good and Evil Aliens and the result is a foregone conclusion. The Good Ones (our spiritual rescuers) win, of course. Otherwise the Viables would not be going anywhere.

There is much more to discuss and reveal about this topic and I may do so in the near future.

If these details of Aliens and their Plans, and their Wars, are beyond your comprehension, it matters not. Simply meditate on the Message of Physical Finality for now.

With the information I am revealing now, the brain-dead and very EVIL morons, who dared call me an Insane Lunatic (and worse) from the very first moment I delivered my Message of Finality to the World in 1985, now have a clear view of their Path to their Hell and their waiting Transmutation Chambers.

This group includes all the doctors, psychiatrists, lawyers, Members of Medical Boards, the Media, Governments, Religionists, New Agers, etc., etc., who made it their personal role to not only defame me, but also to go out of their way in an attempt to destroy me, and any who supported me, and to disadvantage me financially, socially, mentally, emotionally and intellectually. They have done all they could to block free circulation of my Message and Knowledge. They have most assuredly FAILED! They, of course, have done much worse to me in my previous incarnations on this local level.

But, they have failed and I have won.

The Plan to eradicate them in this Galaxy, as in all other Galaxies, and all the Physical Manifestation, has been all but fought and won.

They are just simply Cannon Fodder now.

They are the dust on Hell’s floor.



Here is a lengthy list of videos to help you understand what is happening.

1 An asteroid or meteor will hit the earth on September 24, 2015 – you have been warned!!!


3 What is Coming Sept 2015 ?

4 Here is one to hit the NORTH Atlantic Ocean


5 URGENT!!! An asteroid will hit the earth on September 24, 2015!!!

6 Unbelievable Impact of Asteroid | In Earth(2015) – Full Documentary–_V0

7 URGENT!!! An asteroid will hit the earth on September 24, 2015!!!

8 Shills get into the act:

9 Aliens Tell Man Asteroid to Hit Near Puerto Rico?! (US Army Corroborates)

10 ALERT! PROOF The Biggest EVENT in History is About to Happen!!!

11 NASA: The End Of Mankind “Leaked Document” 2013

12 Planet X and the Pole shift:

This is the most detailed and important video. Listen carefully. Many astronomers were assassinated to keep these revelations away from the general public. But now, the Truth is out.

Please note that while the commentator in this next video ends on a positive note, saying he will ‘see you on the backside”, I say emphatically that there will be no chance of a physical reprieve for anyone.

We will be all gone, gone, gone.

Depending on which group he belongs to, he may see you in the Viable or non-Viable camp.

These videos are just a small sample.

There are many more videos on YouTube.

As time goes by, more specific ones will be added, I am sure, which will contain more up-to-the-minute information.

I had mentioned the arrival of destructive meteors in my book “My experiences of aliens and other Realities”. So to those who read that book these events will be no surprise.

The Earth has been struck many, many times by meteors that have caused great damage.

But I assure you, there will be no more such events for, in all likelihood, if the above data is accurate, there will be no more Earth after 2016.

Let’s make an assumption at this point.

Assuming someone believed what was revealed in the videos, except number 8, apart from perhaps suffering a Panic Attack, what else is on the menu to ask about, if that someone had never thought of the Endtime?

Well, I think the first thought that will spring into one’s head will be more of an exclamatory questioning of the fate of him/herself and his/her loved ones.

And it is here that a massive headache may begin.

Is this Termination of Humanity merely another phase of a senseless existence?

We know that there have been many near extinction events of Life on Earth in the past.

There is proof of them. But the Earth continued on and Life, in a myriad of forms, returned.

Whether Superior Aliens re-seeded the ‘Colony’, as they would see it, is really irrelevant to our discussion.

If this Planet is to be destroyed, will we be elsewhere thereafter or do we totally perish?

We know from the astrophysicists that many Planets, Suns, Solar Systems and whole Galaxies are routinely destroyed. We have evidence via the powerful telescopes above Earth’s atmosphere.

Perhaps it is simply our turn to be eradicated.

But, is that the end of us all, of our loved ones?

What more do I need to know to answer these questions?

Again one needs to ask: “Is there survival after physical death?”

Is Reincarnation real?

Do we Reincarnate elsewhere?

Is there a Supreme Consciousness that judges who will continue and who will not?

Is there really an incorruptible Divine Justice that exists somewhere after this Termination event, a Justice System unlike the one on this Earth, on which Justice, so-called, is the jaundiced prerogative of the rich, the bellicose, the psychopathically powerful and the profane?

Could there be Evil after all?

And could this extermination really be, as Gnostics contend, a definitive Solution to the Problem of Evil?

Looking around the planet, with so much brutality, animosity and Madness to be seen and recorded throughout the known Eons of Time, who but a fool would not admit that Evil exists?

The most self-righteous Nations have done the most horribly evil things as is now being revealed for all of us to see.

Yes, Evil definitely exists.

So this physical termination of which there can be no doubt, if the data of SCIENTISTS is to be believed, may very well be, not an accident, but the purposeful Ending of an Evil Essence in this Planet.

And what if the Gnostics are correct, saying that all Physicality is the creation of Evil?

If that is so, then it all must go.

It must all be destroyed like a life-threatening cancer would have to be.

Yes, there is data for the destruction of our Sun and the sister planets of this Solar System.

There is, as I said, evidence of destruction of Galaxies.

Empirically then, after examining these episodes of destructiveness, we may well say that this Galaxy could quite well be on the list for extermination.

I have written that approximately 94% of the Physical Universe has been eradicated.

Recently, scientists claimed they cannot find about 95% of the Universe. It seems to have just disappeared.

Can we put these two statements together and say that I am indeed correct in my assessment?

I stated what I stated before the scientists admitted that they can’t find 95% of the Universe.

How did I know?

Is there a Source of Knowledge feeding beings like myself down here?

If there is not, how could I have possibly known the things I wrote about?

If there is, what else is there to know, now that belief in Termination of the Planet has been facilitated by tangible, plausible, matter-of-fact, scientific evidence?

Some of us, depending on our physical location on this orb may have less than 8 months to find out the answers to the Mysteries of Life.

From where, and when, do we begin the journey to valid answers?

Will any of us continue after this termination event?

Who will continue?

What makes some able to continue?

Why do others not continue?

Where will we continue?

Who will say who is Viable and who is not?

Some of us have dismissed such thoughts throughout our lives, in the mistaken belief we would never need answers to them.

But, here we are, facing physical extermination.

We now need answers.

The Anxiety and Fear will not be enough.

To escape the conundrum, what could be the point of self-emulation?

That is not going to solve any problems.

That will not give any answers.

All it may do is shift the Reality from this physical level to some other level we may not fully know about or understand at present.

There must be some other levels.

Even the smart Quantum Physicists talk about multiple dimensions and existences beyond this Physical level.

So I guess on some paradigm other levels exist.

Finally, what are we to make of talk from the so-called captured robotic alien entities (reportedly from the future) and from Sirius B, the Galactic Federation and Pleiadian transmissions telling us some humans and humanoids will elevate in vibration while others will live underground, meaning the Earth will live on? I’ll answer with a question. How often have these supposed ‘alien’ morons been correct? Zero times is the answer. They are not privy to my information, and obviously they can’t play human videos to learn the bleeding obvious truth of our status quo!


So, as I see it, 2 groups of humans will emerge:

The Viable and the Non-Viable.

Viables will be rescued by “Plasma Crafts”, either before or after their physical death.

Non-Viables will all die physically and proceed to Transmutation vats.


Want to know more?

Start here:

Quote from Alexandra of Forbidden Knowledge:

“This lecture is too true for me to broadcast.

It’s a doggone shame.

If ever there was a truth that most people couldn’t handle. This would be it.

With so much mystification and BS blinding us at all times, it’s a miracle that an incarnate human was able to articulate this message.”

Copyright: January 31, 2015

Dr J Chiappalone

Editor’s note, from my own limited perspective rescue will be in the spiritual form. I doubt crafts will transport the genetically modified.

On the other hand if you cannot live without the earth you can certainly reincarnate her once agin. This is of course when the …….. thousands of tons of radioactive material have slowed down. You see plutonium is very detrimental to human life. They don’t tell you that at the football games.

On the other hand sports fans if there is a cosmic interference planned, why not have Kerry voice it?  Nobody takes him seriously anyway.

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