Refugee Crisis is Sucking Europe Dry

32423123123In spite of the widespread xenophobia, political populism, and numerous instances of barbed wire fences being installed along the EU borders, the flow of refugees to Europe has been growing steadily.

As it’s been reported by the Bild with a special reference to an undisclosed report drafted by the European intelligence agencies, a total of 6.6 million refugees in the Mediterranean countries are awaiting the opportunity to carry on their journey to Europe. About 3.3 million refugees that are planning to reach Europe at some point the future are residing in Turkey, another 720,000 found temporary refuge in Jordan, another million can be traced in Egypt and Libya, 160,000 in Tunisia, and 430,000 in Algeria.

A total 55% of all migrants arriving by sea to the EU are natives of Nigeria, Bangladesh, Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire and the Gambia. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Spokesman, Babar Baloch more than 1,700 migrants suffered fatal injuries when they were trying to reach Europe by crossing the Mediterranean Sea.

While Baloch notes that rescuing lives remains a top priority of the EU, he’s convinced that there must be reliable alternatives to these dangerous sea routes for those people who have found themselves in dire need of international protection. According to Baloch, if a person wants to reunite with his family in Europe or gets resettled he must have a safe way to do it.


Ha Ha now for the real story

Don’t you get it? These morons/vatican shock troops are going to provide the same emphasis to replace populations the colonists provided by Columbus. If an I.Q. is too high you replace it with a lower one. It is all so simple.

Germanic Tribes Destroy Three Roman Legions And Change History-Vatican Still Seeks Revenge-Rome Never Forgets; The Vatican Never Forgives


Hail Arminius-70 Meter Bronze Statute Of The German Who Defeated Rome


German Chancellor Angela Merkel Praises “Visions For 2050” A Book Predicting The Extinction Of The German People: Germany With Natural Born Killers At The Helm



In Anti-Nazi Germany You Can Lose Your Job And Children For Posting Anti-Mass Immigration Views On Facebook-Thanks Zuckerberg



Molech Has Germany Next On The List: Annette Kahane Formerly Of The Stasi In Charge Of Keeping The Lid On Thousands Of Rapes By Illiterate Illegal Aliens Boated In By Merkel And Erdogan Employed By Merkel To Censor Social Media In Germany-NPD To Be Banned: Native Americans On The Ropes: Palestinians On The Ropes: Germans Next

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The US May Soon Face an Apocalyptic Seismic Event







Today, an ever increasing number of earthquakes in the United States may soon bring the country to ruin, as geologists, journalists and politicians say.

The University of Washington has already presented seismological charts showing a gigantic geological rift that stretches across the central states of the US from north to south, and marks the region of a possible split of the North America continent in two. As it has been reported by geologists, for the first time this anomaly was discovered in 1960’s, when scientists found a strange underground rupture along the Lake Superior that would run south. The discovery surprised American scientists back then since there were no mountains in that area. Following studies showed that this anomaly was stretching across the whole continent, resembling in its form and shape the giant cracks in the east of Africa.

It’s been reported that the tectonic plate beneath the southeastern regions of the United States is being fragmented by the layers of earth above it, which may be the cause of future earthquakes in the Washington area and other cities on the east coast, where basically no preconditions for the emergence of aftershocks, according to Live Science.

According to Berk Biryol from the University of North Carolina, in recent years the Washington area and the areas around other large cities in the east of the country faced a pretty intense seismic activity, which at first puzzled seismologists since the east of the country is residing on a stable continental crust that must prevent any earthquake from occurring.

In recent years, the relationship between fracturing and the mounting number of earthquakes has been brought to light by the US Geological Survey (USGS), that would note that the number of earthquakes in the US has increased drastically over the last six years. In fact, it expects an abrupt increase in the number of seismic events in some regions of the country where fracturing is being used including Oklahoma, California, Texas, Kansas, Colorado, Ohio, Alabama and New Mexico.

But the split in the United States is not being predicted by the USGS alone, since the recent seismic political events aggravated the growing discord within the US society in the wake of the US presidential campaign.

Western journalists are sounding the alarm – America’s youth is now fascinated with the concepts of socialism and communism. According to the poll conducted by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VOC), a half of all Americans under 35 years would love to be represented by a socialist president. Politicians who profess capitalist views do only receive the support of 42% of the younger American generation. This explains the spectacular rise of DNC’s Bernie Sanders which would most certainly become the next president, if Hillary didn’t use her wealth and connections to replace him as the sole Democratic candidate.

The German newspaper Tagesspiegel points out that this election campaign “undermines the belief that most Americans share the idea about living in a democratic and constitutional state.” The newspaper notes that there’s been a lot of speculations about the possible armed resistance to the “US corrupt government system” lately, no matter how unlikely the future post-election violence may look now.

The latest poll conducted by USA Today and Suffolk University shows that only 40% of potential voters strongly believe in the peaceful transfer of power after the US presidential elections. With six in ten viewing the candidates unfavorably, Clinton and Trump are the two most unpopular presidential candidates inABC/Postpolls dating to the 1984 election. This ABC News/Washington Post poll was conducted by landline and cellular telephone in English and Spanish, among a random national sample of 1,165 likely voters.

The level of antipathy towards the two main presidential candidates in terms of party affiliation has also been at staggering level, with 97% of Trump supporters despising Hillary Clinton and 95% of Hillary’s loathing the Republican presidential candidate.

It’s no wonder that there’s been a rapidly increasing number of petitions on the separation of various states, which refer to the Declaration of Independence, where the Founding Fathers explicitly stated that “any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it” To date, the petitions on the separation from the US have been filled by a total of 40 states. Texas that is viewed as the last bastion of conservatism has already gathered more than 100 thousand signatures under its petition for obtaining the status of an independent state. Behind it are Louisiana, Florida, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee.

Therefore, aside from the major geological rift that may soon hit the US, there’s a deep social and political rift to be observed, which may, in case of loss of all confidence in the existing political system result in a major outbreak of violence.

Earth has already witnessed the existence of two supercontinent – Rodinia and Pangaea. First, the former continent formed about 800 million years ago, until the latter one appeared some 600 million years later. Scientists expect that in the future a new supercontinent will be formed that has it own name already – Amasia. This continent will be formed out of the modern North America and Asia, notes the Nature.

Who knows, maybe before Amasia even emerges we will witness a new state or even two that would replace the US?

Grete Mautner is an indepenent researcher and journalist from Germany, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.


Grete has obviously been reading Edgar Cayce

Large Earthquake of 6-7 Near Pelee Volcano On Martinique-Cayce Predicts This Eruption In Conjunction With Vesuvius Begins Rapid Earth Change


Buffalohair 2012: The Earth Change Arpeggio….. That Everyone Missed-Nobody Rides For Free


Edgar Cayce And The Earth Changes Far And Away The Most Popular Subject On This Site


Shawnee Chief Tecumseh Predicted The New Madrid Earthquake And Harrison Would Die In Office As Well As Many Other American Presidents Elected In A Zero Year


Big Earthquake Alert Extended | S0 News June.23.2017

All Hell (And Heaven) Breaks Loose In 2014 (The Kali Yuga Where Ignorance Becomes Bliss)

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Intel Agent Reveals How NATO Planned to Tear Russia Apart

According to secret documents obtained by a Russian intelligence service, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, NATO planned to split Russia into several smaller parts, a former secret agent told Russia’s Rossiya 1 broadcaster.

After the collapse of the USSR, NATO planned to divide Russia into small parts diminishing the state to the size of the medieval Moscow principality, a veteran of the Russian “illegal” intelligence service said during the Vesti v Subbotu (“News on Saturday”) program of Russia’s Rossiya 1 broadcaster.

The program was dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the Directorate S (“illegal” intelligence service) of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation (SVR).

The interview was conducted by Vesti v Subbotu anchor Sergei Brilev. The voice, face and name of the former agent were changed due to security reasons.

“Pavel Andreyevich [the agent’s alias] says that the NATO documents obtained by him signaled that the dissolution of the USSR was only the first stage,” Brilev noted.

“And then [NATO planned] to create the Russian North-Volga Republic and then the Middle Volga Republic, and reduce the Russian state to the level and size of the Moscow principality,” the intelligence veteran specified.

“We have these documents, they are now in the archive of our [Russian intelligence] service,” the former agent stressed.

The idea of the partition of Russia is not new.

In his book The Grand Chessboard published six years after the collapse of the USSR, a former US national security adviser and geostrategist, Zbigniew Brzezinski, insisted that “a more decentralized Russia would be less susceptible to imperial mobilization.”

“A loosely confederated Russia — composed of a European Russia, a Siberian Republic, and a Far Eastern Republic — would find it easier to cultivate closer economic regulations with Europe, with the new states of Central Asia, and with [East Asia], which would thereby accelerate Russia’s own development,” the geostrategist claimed.

“Each of the three confederated entities would also be more able to tap local creative potential, stifled for centuries by Moscow’s heavy bureaucratic hand,” he added.

Interestingly enough, before Brzezinski, the idea to sever Russia along the Ural Mountains thus dividing it into “European” and “Asian” (Siberia and the Far East) parts, was mulled over by Nazi Germany and its allies.

In December 1941, half a year after Nazi Germany invaded the USSR, the Empire of Japan offered Adolf Hitler and Italian dictator Benito Mussolini to divide Eurasia into two spheres of interest along the 70th meridian east longitude. As observers noted, Hitler didn’t plan to seize much of Soviet territory east of the Ural Mountains.

More than a decade before the Axis powers of Germany, Italy and Japan considered the partitioning of Russia, the territory of the former Russian Empire was subjected to Allied intervention — a multinational military expedition launched during the Russian Civil War of 1918 by major European powers which backed the anti-Bolshevik White Guard.

The United States, Canada, Japan and China took part in the intervention campaign along with European powers occupying Russia’s northwestern regions, Crimea, Bessarabia, Siberia and the Far East. However, their efforts were thwarted by divided objectives, a lack of domestic support, war-weariness largely caused by World War I and the military successes of the Red Army.

As history shows, each time Russia faced severe domestic and geopolitical challenges it ran the risk of falling prey to the global power game.


Master of the Game: ‘Putin Turned Out to be a More Skilled Strategist Than Brzezinski Ever Was’



Awesome Revelations from “The Putin Interviews”


Putin will eventually be known as
Vladimir the Great

80 Years Ago Edgar Cayce Predicted Putin’s Role in Stopping WW3 - Edgar Cayce Russia Universe



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Unspun News


Unspun News 170627

“The SOTN staff has carefully reviewed “The Putin Interviews” (…) His authenticity burns so brightly that no one can dispute even a single word of his own experience as Russia’s head of state over the past 17 years. Clearly, he says what he means and means what he says. And he is addicted to telling the truth.” Do not miss the six dot-points below the main story….

“New Star Wars? US House Pushes for New Pentagon ‘Space Corps’”…r-New-Pentagon-Space-Corps-20170624-0030.html

“Finland’s universal basic income program is already reducing stress for recipients”…am-is-already-reducing-stress-for-recipients/

“The actions the Pentagon has recently been taking in Syria resulted in the extreme risk of a direct armed engagement between American troops illegally deployed in Syria and the forces of Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad.”

“A TINY stretch of Arctic water has become a hotbed of military activity amid fears it could become the next flashpoint in a global conflict between the US and Russia.”…y/news-story/25108f508fd511205cac25f6d6371e70

“According to secret documents obtained by a Russian intelligence service, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, NATO planned to split Russia into several smaller parts, a former secret agent told Russia’s Rossiya 1 broadcaster.”

“U.S. Imprisons More of Population than Any Country in World as Dutch Close More Penitentiaries Due to Low Crime Rates”…close-penitentiaries-due-low-crime-rates.html

“Is the universe conscious? Some of the world’s most renowned scientists are questioning whether the cosmos has an inner life similar to our own.”

“US warship stayed on deadly collision course despite warnings, cargo ship’s captain says”. Old rule of thumb – if you have a collision and get hit on your starboard side – you were in the wrong. “If to starboard, red appear, it is your duty to keep clear”.…lision-course-despite-warnings-report/8653696

“This conversation was provided to Seymour Hersh. It is between a security adviser and an active US American soldier on duty on a key operational base about the events in Khan Sheikhoun. … “We got a fuckin‘ problem“ ”

“We are rapidly entering the age of no privacy, where everyone is open to surveillance at all times; where there are no secrets from government.” Ain’t THAT the truth……_the_surveillance_state_shifts_into_high_gear


Cambodia – “Forty-seven people were killed by lightning in the first six months of the year, down from 60 in the same period last year, according to a report (…) The report, published yesterday, said 48 people were also injured while 50 cattle were killed by lightning since January.”

“Arizona is so hot right now planes can’t take off and plastic and paint are melting”. Chaotic, random, violent ……

US – “How quickly the main stream media would like you to forget the record snow pack across both the Sierra Nevada and Rocky Mountains for winter 2016/2017 as the IPCC said snow pack would go to zero due to global warming.”

“Russia – Snow and ice cover Tatarstan and Murmansk“. In Summer …..

NZ – “Bitterly cold start as overnight temperatures plunge below freezing … It’s been a bone-chilling start to the week for some, with temperatures dipping to negative 7 degrees Celsius.”…-overnight-temperatures-plunge-below-freezing

Argentina – “Some areas running out of firewood and bottled gas … Intense cold increases demand, and half of Río Negro province is covered with snow.”

“World’s Oldest Fossil Is Almost As Old As The Earth – Life Was Present On Earth Much Longer Than Previously Thought”…present-earth-much-longer-previously-thought/

“Tesla’s Tower (Wardenclyffe Tower): 40 Foot (12m) High Prototype Finally Raised!” … “Tesla’s dream of wireless transfer of energy over long distances can become a reality!”
No wonder Big Copper hated him ….…er-12-meters-height-prototype-finally-raised/

FASCINATING – 13 min video – “Phi Five Pentagon Crop Circle Decoded, Early June 2017
Crop circle created by Star Technology, ET message to activate earth grids/ transmit vibrational information”. Regardless of your thoughts on the conclusions, there is NO way that this is ‘coincidental’!!

New formation:- “Thorn Hill, Nr East Kennett, Wiltshire. Reported 26th June.” (Note the perfect lines – and the center-line imperfection?)

“80 Years Ago Edgar Cayce Predicted Putin’s Role in Stopping WW3”…-cayce-predicted-putins-role-in-stopping-ww3/

“Physicists have figured out where the Sun’s plasma jets come from” … “It’s exciting because it explains why the solar atmosphere is millions of degrees hotter than the surface, …”…ed-out-where-the-sun-s-plasma-jets-come-from/

“Australian cubesats lost in space found again with help from Dutch telescope, ham radio operators”…n-space-found-with-international-help/8651514

Meteors galore ……

“For the past two+ years, and the students of Earth to Sky Calculus have been monitoring cosmic rays in the atmosphere above California using high-altitude space weather balloons. After more than 100 flights, they find that dose rates have increased over the Golden State by 13% since March 2015.”

“Planetary magnetospheres are electrical phenomena.” Duh …..

June/July EMR Aware Newsletter. A REALLY must read!

“New Zealand won the America’s Cup on Monday local time, almost white-washing the US holders with a revolutionary boat and a new superstar sailor to avenge a humbling defeat four years ago.”…americas-cup-with-win-over-oracle-usa/8654286

“When a ship is under way (sailing / steaming) the last thing the Captain does every night is write his Night Orders for the watch-keepers. The last sentence he writes is always – ‘Call me if in doubt.’ Maybe it is time our world leaders accepted this sort of responsibility….”


There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’. I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend – ALL the time!

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Russia boasts it can WIPE OUT entire US Navy with ‘electronic bomb’ as war fears grow

A news report from the country shows soldiers carrying out simulations on how to render President Trump’s ships worthless by jamming their signals.


The purpose of this blog is to try as best as possible to cover important global events which could have serious repercussions worldwide, and skip over who just farted in the Philippines, Indonesia, Tulsa Oklahoma etc etc. I have noticed quite a bit of fap lately to cover over real issues. A pet peeve is Paul Craig Washington Roberts and his boring incessant pablum about “Washington” taking over the world. Well who controls Washington ?



Russia has already reportedly sent ships to shadow a US fleet sent to threaten Kim Jong-Un’s secretive North Korea.

But it has emerged the US fleet is 3,500 miles off course.

The video issues a chilling message to Vladimir Putin’s enemies: “You don’t need to have expensive weapons to win, powerful radio-electronic jamming is enough.”

In the clip, an SU-24 bomber plane deploys its electronic jamming equipment called Kihbiny to wipe out a US destroyer’s systems, making it a sitting duck.



Russia boasts it can WIPE OUT entire US Navy with “electronic bomb” as war fears grow

Read these posts and read them well!

80 Years Ago Edgar Cayce Predicted Putin’s Role in Stopping WW3


Awesome Revelations from “The Putin Interviews”


Putin will eventually be known as
Vladimir the Great


Bear in mind that American warships headed to North Korea suddenly turned back!


Who Is Vladimir Putin


Pentagon’s bio laboratories-0/on bio laboratories surround Russia, What for


The Pentagon has spent more than a billion dollars to create hundreds of bio laboratories around the world, including the countries of the former USSR. There are 400 of them already. They are located in Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Ukraine and other countries.

As a result, the Pentagon has obtained a possibility to fully control and show influence on the biological and phytosanitary situation in the region. The Americans currently build bio laboratories in Azerbaijan; three laboratories opened in Armenia last year.

The Americans have one answer to all questions on the subject: they are doing all this supposedly for noble purposes, namely to improve the safety of storage of existing collections of especially dangerous pathogens that were preserved in the countries of the former USSR. Facts suggest otherwise, though. For example, a genetically modified avian influenza virus was developed at the medical center in the Netherlands with the financial assistance from the US National Institutes of Health. The virus can be transmitted from human to human. As a result, the EU was forced to allocate millions to struggle against the virus.


80 Years Ago Edgar Cayce Predicted Putin’s Role in Stopping WW3 - Edgar Cayce Russia Universe


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