US bioweapons lab with links to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation at core of Ebola epidemic


US bioweapons lab in Sierra Leone at the epicentre of Ebola outbreak

*US bioweapons lab with links to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation at core of Ebola epidemic

*CDC admits hospitals and vaccines cause Ebola

*Epidemic and pandemic plans allow for implementation of martial law

Local people in West Africa appear to know without having to read the CDC Ebola fact sheet that hospitals and medical staff are spreading Ebola. The Telegraph reports people wielding knives surrounded a Red Cross vehicle in Guinea.

The involvement of hospitals would also explain why Ebola has appeared in this part of Africa for the first time ever and in so many different locations at almost the same time.

Given that the CDC itself admits that hospitals are, in fact, the likely source of any Ebola outbreak, the question arises which specific hospital could be the origin of the current Ebola outbreak?

At the epicentre of the current Ebola epidemic is the Kenema Government Hospital in Sierra Leone, which houses a US a biosecurity level 2 bioweapons research lab with links to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Soros Foundation.

The partners and people leading the viral fever bioweapons lab inside Kenema Government Hospital read like a roll call of New World Order organizations.

“”The Consortium is a collaboration between Tulane, Scripps Research Institute, Broad Institute, Harvard University, University of California at San Diego, University of Texas Medical Branch, Autoimmune Technologies LLC, Corgenix Medical Corporation, Kenema Government Hospital (Sierra Leone), Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital (Nigeria) and various other partners in West Africa. …The Consortium intends to expand this program to include other important infectious agents such as Ebola, Marburg and other Arenaviruses that are of great concern to public health and bioterrorism,” states the bioweapons lab website.








MSM or no MSM….deadly diseases are on the rise…mostly due to lack of sanitation, weak immune systems, rapidly rising processed food intake, heavy drug dosages, more international travel in the last 2-3 decades, close proximity between animals and humans, pesticides in food, contamination of all kind and the highest human population on planet Earth since it was born (big bang or not).

I place most economic, social, criminal etc problems on extremely high and unsustainable population which is the basis of all troubles. From 1bn in early 20th century, we grew to 3bn in 1960′s and now are at 7.2bn….aiming for 10bn by 2045.

MERS is being spread across Middle East and has almost reached India. Has been found in Saudi, UAE, Iran, Egypt, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon etc.

It has been found in travelers in US, UK, France as well.

China had it’s own instance of the bubonic plague but the quarantine of an entire city has now been lifted:

Africa is having Ebola and over 600 may have died according to WHO today…

India is creating superbugs of its own unique kind that have no cure and could potentially be worse than Ebola and shall spread even faster.…

New Delhi has had the unique infamy of being the first city in the world to be used as a name of a virus. This is a mixture of viruses like E.coli and Klebsiella and can spread through air, moisture, contact or unclean hygiene and is INCURABLE. Basically, if you get it, you are DEAD. Knowing the hygiene and santitation conditions of India, tells you that it is a matter of time before NDM-1 will become a global epidemic. Dozens of cases have been found in UK, several in Canada, some in US and of course many across the Indian subcontinent.…

West Nile Virus is alive and active across USA:!d=

Just today a West Nile related death was reported in Arizona being first in 2014…

This is a clash between humans versus the animals/viruses.

Obviously, animals/viruses win every time because we all are busy fighting each other (for the sake of our ego, power and money) in addition to the animals/viruses, plus they have shorter life spans anyways and are much greater in numbers than all of us.

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Protests And Military Desertions Mount In Ukraine



Nalyvaychenko reported Poroshenko on mass desertion of the Ukrainian army

Public of Ukraine became the correspondence of the head of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko and the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

In particular, Nalyvaychenko reported that “in the period from 14 to 19 July 2014 notes catastrophic growth (3473 man, 47%) of the number of deserters from the Armed Forces and the National guard of Ukraine in comparison with similar indicators for the previous week (1847 people, 25%).

In addition, for this period has increased the number of missing people (1344 people, 47%; last week – 344 people, 10%)”.

These phenomena the head of the SBU explains “the increased activity of the enemy (army soldiers Novorossiya) in Donetsk and Lugansk regions and the increase in the number of us casualties units above the power structures”.

The conclusions Nalyvaychenko, disappointing: “This fact affects the combat readiness of the personnel and makes the continuation of ATU impossible. If the negative dynamics will remain at the same level, through 4-5 days 2/3 combat-ready units involved in ATU, will cease to exist”.

The head of the RCDS told about arrests Kolomoisky, Avakov and jarosz
25.07.2014 – 08:40
The head of the RCDS Alexander Bastrykin in St. Petersburg, speaking to his subordinates, for the first time acknowledged the possibility that Russian special services can behind the scenes to take out from Ukraine Minister Avakov, the Governor of Kolomoisky, leader of the “Right sector” Yarosha. In the future Russia will take all those TFR deems involved in the events in Ukraine, writes “”

The Board of Investigation Committee was held on July 24 in the Tavrichesky Palace of St. Petersburg. The head of Department Alexander Bastrykin shared plans for Ukraine. He clearly gave to understand: Avakov, Kolomoisky, Yarosha and others can export to Russia in secret and forcibly, without diplomatic bureaucracy.

“Management will be valid until such time as all Ukrainian military and nationalists who commit crimes against civilians will not be brought to criminal responsibility, – promised Bastrykin. – Fascists in the 41st year’t have thought it would end. And ended very sadly. History gives us the right to lead the investigation. Soon there will be new detention”.

Let’s remind, that for a special investigation of the Ukrainian events, the head of the TFR in March created a special Department. It includes dozens of investigators, which help departments in all regions, which receive citizens of Ukraine.

Translated from Ukrainian by Valentina Lisitsa / ENG subtitles by Marcel Sardo

Video: Mass Protests By Families of Men Drafted into the Ukrainian Army – w/ENG subtitles


Note: Video Report Published by Channel 112, Ukraine

Transcript of the Video

Location of Protests: Prykarpattia Region, West Ukraine

News Anchor: In the Ciscarpathian region (Prykarpattia, West Ukraine) mass protests took place. The main participants are the families of men summoned for military draft. People trust neither local authorities nor military leadership in Kiev. They have many questions to the authorities and they demand immediate answers. More in our video report, coming up next.

Narrator: Yuri Lukyanuk already did his military duty – about 20 years ago. Now he got summons onc again. But under his care are two small children. He has nobody to leave them with.

Yuri Lukyanuk: I take care of two small children. My daughter is in hospital on bed rest [for pregnancy complications], my wife, a migrant worker, is away. What am I to do?

Lubov Dibrova: Why would they take my husband? He is the only breadwinner in the family. And he is not in good health. If they take him to war – let them take me too. How can I live without him?

Narrator: People are afraid that if they let their men go to war they will never see them again. Dmytro has already participated in ATO, today he is protesting with others. He is on 10- day leave. He calls his comrades every day.

Dmytro: Now we are dealing with heavy weapons: tanks, mortar launchers, “Grad” rocket launchers … How can we go against them armed with machine guns? It is impossible. It is like a hell over there.

Narrator: Dmytro tells us how they waited for 3 weeks to get reinforcements. All in vain. The local commissary confirms: it is impossible to fight like this.

Igor Pavlyuk, Military Commissary of Ivano-Frankivsk oblast: One can’t fight against Grad rockets. Not with the weapons they are given. You know perfectly well that I complained about it. Though it is above my pay grade.

Narrator: That’s why people question the authorities.

Irina Seredyuk: We want explanation from the authorities, we want guarantees, we want to know why is it that only Western region men are sent to fight in the East. Why the bulk of “Cargo-200″ [casualties] arrives to Lviv.

We want to know why Easterners, who should know their territory well, are escaping to the West, hiding here in Mochary, hiding in Bukovel, [BUT members - of Block of Yulia Tymoshenko] hiding in Ivano-Frankivsk, camping in their tents, swearing at locals.

Narrator: Protests in Ciscarpathia are in their third day. People are blocking enlistment headquarters, highways, chasing out medical commission experts. They warn – if Kiev doesn’t hear them they will go to Kiev.

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Russian Pavel Globa Predicted War In 2014 (375 Hits So Far On This One Today-A Repost)

Things are very complicated at present in regards to the global situation. There are reports the Ukraine government has collapsed after fist fights in parliament and talk of a draft. Russia has recalled members of the Duma back who were on vacation for consultations.




It is pretty much the stock in trade these days for information spinners to insist that Russia is on the same page with NWO types and it is all a play. It is very difficult to ascertain what is going on behind the scenes. One would certainly think however that Putin would not have jailed various oligarchs and sent others fleeing while he once again took control of strategic resources such as oil, gas, timber, gold, diamonds etc. if this were the case. Without such moves the banking syndicates of kosher nostra would be in control of all Russian resources at this point. Russian oligarchs were told they could keep what had been stolen as long as they shut their mouths and stayed out of politics. That is not too say they are not seriously intertwined however.

While the U.K. continues to sell large arms to Russia and agree to accepting trade in the Yuan, they seem to expect Europe to undergo the brunt of sanctions against Russia. Their gas pipeline also comes through the Baltics. Quite a deal for them if you can pull it off. Germany and France do not seem so keen on such arraingments however.

UK Conservative party’s George Osborne and Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaksa who met on Nat Rothschild yacht.

The British elite are in bed with the elite from Putin’s Russia.

For example, David Cameron’s Conservative party has received huge donations from wealthy Russians, including Lubov Chernukhin, the wife of Vladimir Putin’s former deputy finance minister.

Lord Mandelson is a director of the giant Russian conglomerate Sistema, controlled by billionaire Vladimir Yevtushenkov, a Putin confidant.

Charles Hendry, Conservative government energy minister from 2010-2012, has links to the Russian energy giant Rosneft.

Sir Michael Peat, Private Secretary to Prince Charles from 2002 to 2011, is director of Evraz, the Russian steelmaker.

Prince Michael of Kent ‘makes an awful lot of money in Russia’….”

The genocide in Palestine has now become so pervasive we are seeing small amounts of Jews come out in an effort to demonstrate that not all of them to a man are in favor of genocide. These must be the so called good Jews we have been hearing so much about over the years but simply could not identify them. Too little too late if you ask me. No word on what they think of Yats.

“On 12th July 2014, a group called Jews Against Genocide (JAG) held a memorial service for Palestinian children killed by Israel.

Jews Against Genocide (JAG) is a movement of Jews from around the world, including Israelis, who are protesting against Israel’s intent to commit genocide against the non-Jewish indigenous people of Palestine.

JAG calls for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel, until it complies with the three basic demands of:

1. Ending its occupation and colonization of all Arab lands and dismantling the Wall

2. Recognizing the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality; and

3. Respecting, protecting and promoting the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties as stipulated in UN resolution 194.”

Jewish activists light children’s dolls on fire at Yad Vashem. - Mondoweiss

The Victims of Gaza: A List of 627 Palestinians Killed 


So global war, yes very possible.



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Thin Ice (Cosmic Convergence)


by Will Thomas

Now hear this. Our ancient space colony is the only home we have. It’s floundering on the shoals of denial, greed and immutable feedback processes. There are no lifeboats. If exploitive corporate interests, their political lackeys and mesmerized “consumers” keep focusing on the frivolous while trashing this singular blue oasis like there’s no tomorrow… there won’t be.


“Odd as it sounds, the overriding sensation I got looking at the Earth was, my God that little thing is so fragile out there.” -Mike Collins, Apollo 11 astronaut

Earth has been to the brink before. We know that five Great Extinctions brought all life-before-humans repeatedly to the edge of eternal sayonara. Ice core records show that at least three of those global wipeouts were caused by runaway Greenhouse events triggered by global vulcanism, undersea landslips and resulting mega-methane releases that trapped sunlight and spiked temperatures more than 10F in just 10 years, melting glaciers and raising prehistoric sea levels some 50-feet. [see Shipwreck sidebar]

Today, with most humans still living near a seacoast, a three-foot sea level rise would be catastrophic. A 10 degree temperature rise will drown coastlines worldwide and make countries like the UK steamily uninhabitable for hundreds of thousands of years. Or much longer. [Science Mar 15/03; NOAA; Climate Dynamics, 14, 73-81 1988]


Welcome to the Sixth Great Extinction. It’s happening much faster than its predecessors. And we’re doing it to ourselves as our collective emissions are releasing more than 150-times the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by all those ancient extinction-triggering volcanoes. [Science Mar 15/03; NOAA; Climate Dynamics, 14, 73-81 1988]

Meanwhile, most North Americans appear too frightened, too clueless, too addicted to brain-frying wireless gadgets and wasteful energy habits to drop their anxious denial and move to avert the worst of the many converging catastrophes we are condemning our grandchildren.


Such insanity is understandable to a point. Caught up in conditioning that begins at birth and is daily reinforced by unconscionable media censorship, bogus alarms over distant phantoms, and exhortations to consume, those most complicit in this planetary shipwreck are offered few options by corporations whose remorseless bottom-line computations are condemning the offspring of so many species to a living hell of acid seas, embedded weather extremes, brain-wiping microwaves and solar-irradiated skies.

Make no mistake. Nearly 32 gigatons of heat-trapping CO2 pumped into Earth’s closed, recirculating atmosphere every year, plus the oceanic and Arctic heat amplifications now kicking in, ensure dramatic climate shifts that will haunt as yet unborn generations.

But it’s a drastically stepped up geoengineering program that is shoving climate change into climate chaos. The replacement of 11-foot thick Arctic sea ice with expanding slush, rain showers “flashing” into snow at temperatures well above freezing, deepening droughts in regions that should be seeing increased rain, failed monsoons, a dying world ocean, a fractured jetstream and rapidly rising levels of methane and ultraviolet radiation are impervious to denial.  

The forces we’ve inadvertently or deliberately set in motion require not belief but immediate acknowledgement. With so much at stake, so much going doing down, and so many of us culpable, there are no more excuses. The point is not winning debates over ever-changing numbers. It’s about getting the lessons we’ve allowed and arranged for ourselves before it’s too late for most life on this lonely oasis.

This fast-looming scenario applies to the innocent offspring of all creatures, great and small. [Storms Of My Grandchildren by James Hansen]

But hey. Why should we worry when corporate mass-media mesmerizers encourage our fixation on quick fixes that invariably make even the biggest problems much, much worse?

Sunlight-trapping carbon and nitrogen oxide emissions melting ice sheets, displacing the jetstream,  drowning polar bears, freaking out the weather? Just follow the late Dr. Edward Teller’s urging and spray ice-nucleating and sunlight-reflecting chemicals behind high-flying jet tankers. It’s called atmospheric geoengineering. And it tops a long list of species-limiting hubris.



Remember June 2013? American geoengineers were jubilant. Their atmospheric aerosol assault was working! Temporarily aided by a grotesquely distorted northern climate, their all-out aerial efforts to thicken cloud cover and lower temperatures over the Arctic Oceans saw rapidly diminishing ice cover  rebound 40,000 square kilometres in just two days!

Arctic experts were baffled by this inexplicable turnaround in a region warming three-times faster than the lower 48. The most knowledgable party-poopers pointed out that this over-hyped ice sheet “recovery” was in reality a vast expanse of slush so thin the next anomalous Arctic cyclone would dash it all to…


And too bad about California. The entire state and much of the American West has been turned into a Climate Sacrifice Zone as the weather-forming jetstream – already displaced by extreme Arctic warming – is further fragmented by massive aerosol spraying that began in earnest when Dr. Teller joined  international scientists in declaring a planetary climate emergency back in 1998.

Back in the USA, summertime temperatures in March… rain “flashing” into snow at 40F… weather systems moving east to west against the normal flow are the signatures of the geoengineers.

They and the governments they serve are running scared. Even as the American public is kept distracted by televised inanities and a missile-rattling White House, the most pressing national security threat is a chaotic climate on the verge of a runaway meltdown.


The epicentre of rapid climate shift is Alaska, Siberia and the high Arctic. The Inuit of the Far North have a dozens of names to describe snow. But not one for the mosquitoes and robins arriving in their backyards. For “methane” they use English.


Even as an unprecedented Asian coastal heat dome sent temperatures and humidity to lethal levels, killing thousands of people in China, Siberia topped 90 degrees in an Arctic heatwave that sparked vast tundra fires. In yet another compounding feedback effect, the resulting soot fallout turned even bigger tracts of cold reflective snow into a blackened sunlight-concentrating furnace.

As Greenland’s massive ice sheet flirts with 80 degree temperatures, vast expanses of rapidly thawing permafrost (heating more than 3½ degrees over the past five years), and more than 2 million square kilometres of methane clathrates on the Arctic Ocean seafloor are currently leaking significant amounts of methane into the atmosphere. In July 2013, atmospheric methane jumped to the highest concentrations in 400,000 years.

Iceberg twice Manhattan's size breaks off Greenland glacier

Say what you want about climate change – and many uninformed people do – methane is a cultural and conversational show-stopper. Over the first decade of its release into the atmosphere, CH4 is at least 100-times more potent than CO2. Over the next century, methane will continue to trap 20-times more heat than carbon dioxide.

Our self-inflicted demise is not just about numbers. It’s about getting the lessons we’ve arranged for ourselves. It’s about drowning polar bears and a Siberian lake near the Northeast Science Station Chersky, where so much methane is being released the water looks like it’s boiling.


In July 2013, Arctic Ocean ice cover nearly vanished after – oops! – artificially-enhanced cloud cover gave way to clear sunny skies and yet another Arctic cyclone scattered the geoengineers’ slush like a melting snowcone tossed into a blender.

Climate simulations run by the National Center for Atmospheric Research and the National Snow and Ice Data Center show “the rate of climate warming over northern Alaska, Canada, and Russia could more than triple during periods of rapid sea ice loss.”

So much for quick fixes.


Ignoring the deniers, temperatures are relentlessly rising as records continue to be fall. With more than 3,840 temperature records shattered in the USA aloneduring single week in July, 2012 was by far the hottest year on record, featuring “an off-the-charts rate of increase,” according to the U.S. National Climate Assessment. In March that year, winter turned to summer overnight, with temperatures spiking into the 80′s leading to the worst drought in 50 years – “a prime example of the effect of the warming Arctic interfering with the jet streams,”writes Robert Hunziker. Given the rapidity of the Arctic meltdown, he adds, top-level scientists “fear the onset of unstoppable global warming.”

U.S. scientist Jennifer Francis, Ken Caldeira and others have shown that the retreat of Arctic sea ice is drastically raising Arctic temperatures as sunlight-reflecting ice gives way to dark, sunlight-absorbing waters. As Earth Science graduate Jacob Sewall explains, “The sea ice acts like a lid over the ocean surface during the winter, blocking the transfer of heat from the ocean to the atmosphere… Where the sea ice is reduced, heat transfer from the ocean warms the atmosphere.”

The resulting ascending columns of warm air are forming stationary high pressure zones that stall weather patterns, diminish cloud cover and invite further solar heating. Our orbiting scanners show  these northern high pressure regions fragmenting the high-high-speed, altitude river of air called the jet stream, shoving it northwards 270 miles over the past 22 years and weakening the polar temperature gradient enough to produce distant “embedded” weather extremes.

Continued loss of Arctic sea ice is dramatically changing global weather and precipitation patterns including more frequent intense droughts over the USA as wet winter storm systems are deflected north over Canada. Ditto droughts over other mid-latitudes regions where most of the world’s food is grown. Disappearing snowpack and unseasonal recurving hurricanes like Sandy will also result from this shift in the jet stream, Francis forecasts.

In just one example, a NASA Goddard computer model shows the end of the Kansas wheat harvest as that state becomes 4 degrees warmer in winter without Arctic ice creating the cold air masses the jet stream used to slide south into the United States. (Sea ice loss is not considered in the latest and already obsolete IPCC climate assessment, which also ignores methane releases.)

The official 1,000 page 2013 U.S. Climate Assessment warns that food shortages are likely in a USA already feeling the effects of climate change. With the entire planet “on the verge of runaway climate change,” it’s not surprising that a group of eminent scientists calling themselves the Arctic Methane Emergency Group is urging a massive geoengineering effort to slow the Arctic meltdown.

Even in an era of deep ocean oil drilling, worldwide fracking and the never-ending Fukushima nightmare, this is a spectacularly Bad Idea.


Our research indicates that trying to artificially cool off the planet could have perilous side effects,” warns Simone Tilmes at the National Climate and Atmospheric Research Center in Boulder, Colorado. The prestigiousGeophysical Research Letters cautions that constant injections of sunlight scatterers (by high-flying aircraft) could have “major adverse effects, including drought.”

“Drought” as in bye-bye Phoenix, LA and other thirsty desert cities. “Drought” as in the unsolicited end of Asian and African monsoons. Professor Alan Robock insists that tampering with Earth’s interlocking atmospheric processes could create famines and droughts, threatening the lives of nearly one in every three persons onboard this space colony. “Imagine if we triggered a drought and famine while trying to cool the planet,” Robock remonstrates.

Having worked on the Global Dimming dilemma with its discoverer, Professor Robock speaks with authority when he declares that atmospheric geoengineering “could create disasters, damaging the ozone layer and potentially altering the stratosphere by eliminating weather patterns such as the annual Asian monsoon rain season, which two-billion people rely upon to water their crops and feed the population.”


Did someone say “ozone”?


If US tanker planes (and possibly commercial aircraft) continue injecting sunlight-reflecting aerosols into the upper atmosphere,the ozone layer could be “destroyed” warns atmospheric scientist Ken Caldeira. He should know. Caldeira did the original “sun shield” computer modelling for the late Dr. Edward Teller in the late 1990s, hoping to prove the Father of the H-Bomb wrong.

Despite the 1987 international ban on ozone destroying CFCs, continuing deterioration of the ozone layer by jet engine exhausts, weekly space launches and above all, megatons of geoengineering chemicals is resulting in sharply increasing amounts of solar radiation threatening all life on Earth.

UK Cancer researchers report that skin cancers have more than doubled since the early 80′s, while worldwide some three million people are being blinded every year from UV-induced cataracts annually. High and rising UV levels may also suppress immunity, raising the risk from infectious diseases and limiting vaccine effectiveness.

Extremely high UV concentrations recently measured in northern California also explain sun-scorched forests and widespread stunting of crops. Even whales are getting severely sunburnt, and fish are developing skin cancers from increasing solar radiation.

Just as Caldeira cautioned, the aluminum oxide, barium salts and other geoengineering chemicals currently in heavy use are providing a surface on which long-lived chlorine emissions circulating in the frigid stratosphere can initiate chemical reactions that destroy Earth’s protective ozone.

This ozone destruction is most pronounced over polar regions. While not yet acknowledging ongoing Solar Radiation Management efforts over the past 15 years, the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado warns that constant injections of geoengineering aerosols over decades will destroy up to three-quarters of the ozone layer above the Arctic. The current massive ozone hole over the Antarctic is not closing at all.

And that’s not all.


Ongoing geoengineering attempts to permit perpetual petroleum pollution and profits by scattering 1% of incoming sunlight is encouraging government reluctance to curb greenhouse emissions. As British coal industry flack Richard Courtney blogs, “AGW [Anthropomorphic Global Warming] is not a problem and cannot become one.  However, I do think the possibility of the geo-engineering should be supported… The politicians need a viable reason if they are to back-off from this commitment to the constraints [of Greenhouse Gasses] without losing face. The geo-engineering option provides the needed viable reason to do nothing about AGW now.”

Courtney’s coal-fired denial of daily headlines also fails to explain the increased acidification of the ocean that covers most of this planet.The resulting rapidly multiplying and expanding oceanic “dead zones” could remain devoid of food- and oxygen-producing sea life “for thousands of years.”

Onboard a spinning blue space colony surrounded by the cold irradiated vacuum of deep space, ensuring natural oxygen production and the scrubbing of excess CO2 by forests and tiny phytoplankton ought to top every government priority. Even as Earth’s remaining forests and mangroves continue to be felled and paved over, a thermal barrier is forming on the surface of the warming ocean, preventing mixing with cooler, nutrient-rich layers below. Plankton already hard hit by increasing levels of solar radiation are starving.The phytoplankton population has fallen about 40% since 1950.And it continues to nosedive as ocean temperatures rise and ocean acidification intensifies.


“??I’ve been trying to think of a biological change that’s bigger than this and I can’t think of one,” worries marine biologist Boris Worm of Canada’s Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. “Phytoplankton are a critical part of our planetary life support system. They produce half of the oxygen we breathe, draw down surface CO2 and ultimately support all of our fisheries.”

“It’s very disturbing to think about the potential implications of a century-long decline of the base of the food chain,” echoes lead study author Daniel Boyce, a marine ecologist. With ocean acidification now occurring 10-times faster than it did during the last nearly all-inclusive extinction event 55 million years ago, we are facing a crescendo of extinctions as Earth’s intricately interdependent lives come apart. As go Earth’s interlocking ecologies, so go we.

Increasingly frantic efforts by a handful of unelected and unannounced geoengineers make it imperative for the rest of us to get our ship together. A major study examining “Sensitivity of Ocean Acidification to Geoengineered Climate Stabilization” concludes that deep and rapid cuts in CO2 by more than 50% are “the most effective strategy” to avoid global disaster.


So why are blaring daily headlines focused on Syria and a President’s latest hit list? In June 2009, dozens of Academies of Science from around the globe issued a joint statement warning that the destruction of the oceanic food-chain from ocean acidification “is irreversible on timescales of at least tens of thousands of years.”

Two years later, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton answered their dire warning by breathlessly announcing that the melting Arctic sea ice “will result in moreshipping, fishing and tourism, and the possibility to develop newly accessible oil and gas reserves.”


This astonishingly ignorant White House official with enough skeletons in her closet to host a horror show neglected to add that soon there won’t be any fish. And Arctic tourists will court cataracts and melanomas. But just think of all that profitable gas and oil waiting to be drilled, spilled, shipped, burned and pumped into the atmos-fear!

In 1212, a record 31 billion tons of carbon dioxide poured into the atmosphere from burning fossil fools. Once released, carbon stays in the atmosphere and continues to have a warming effect for at least 100 years.


By now it’s impossible to separate the effects of human-induced global warming from more deliberate atmospheric machinations. Was the unexpected June 2013 cloud cover over the Arctic Ocean the result of a warming atmosphere and melting ocean icecap displacing the jetstream? Desperate “lay downs” of cloud-forming and ice nucleating chemicals by high-flying jet tankers? Or both?


The answer can’t be known because there is no longer any divide between unintended and deliberate climate modification. Chaos Theory teaches that as turbulent critical thresholds are crossed and self-reinforcing cascading effects are unleashed, geoengineering is creating a dangerous new synergy with global warming that is unpredictably amplifying the increasingly drastic oscillations of warming alone.

If the current Sixth Great Species Interruptus isn’t dire enough, deliberate daily atmospheric tampering without worldwide consensus and debate is accelerating jet stream displacement, ocean acidification, ozone depletion, White House and Sussex Drive stupidity and species extinctions.

Since we’re all in this together, from bees to boreal forests, that last mentioned item means us.


What goes up is coming down. As social justice advocate and longtime “chemtrail” commentator Eamonn O’Brien recently commented to me, “Aerosol particles heat the air above their sunlight reflecting artificial layer 50 to 100 meters thick and cool the shaded air below. This cold air sinks as warm air naturally rises from the surface of the Earth. The resulting siphoning effect – or up-and-down convection currents – are spun clockwise north of the equator by the rotation of the Earth known as the Coriolis effect. If done in front of a storm front (usually advancing from West to East over North America), the spinning convection currents can result in tornados.

“Over the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean,” Eamonn added, “the additional moisture from evaporating seawater results in a 1-5 kilometre-wide aerosol layer. The syphon-dropping shaded cold air from the upper atmosphere displaces the jetstream.”


In a country addicted to profiteering from the perpetual slaughter of distant strangers, it is immediately essential to regain control of a runaway military-corporate-entertainment complex. As Joseph Nevins points out, “The U.S. military is the world’s single biggest consumer of fossil fuels, and the single entity most responsible for destabilizing the Earth’s climate.” [Scorched Earth by William Thomas]

And Nevins wasn’t even talking about more than 60 years of geoengineering efforts – from Operation Popeye seeding torrential rains over the Ho Chi-Minh Trail to Project Stormfury’s ongoing hurricane-control efforts today by U.S. Military Inc. Lesser players include more than 150 weather modification programs taking place in 37 countries. In China, vast state resources have been committed to some 560,000 weather manipulations since 2002.


But even Beijing’s localized attempts at weather control pale beside persistent continent-spanning attempts at geoengineering the climate. Have 15 years of sun-dimming aerosol spraying masked the true extent of “atmospheric forcing” from our heat-trapping emissions? As the dramatic one-degree surge in air temperatures following the three-day grounding of contrail-forming airliners after 9/11 demonstrated, the answer is unquestionably, yes.

Are the faceless sky painters of those lingering and spreading chemical plumes painting us into an inextricable corner? What happens if their geoengineering efforts are suddenly halted?


Cleaning up any sun-shielding air pollution is bound to send temperatures higher, warns Dr. Peter Cox at the Hadley Centre Met Office in England. “CO2 will be going up and particles will be dropping off and that means we’ll get an accelerated warming,” he told the BBC. “We’ll get a double whammy, we’ll get, we’ll get reducing cooling and increased heating at the same time.”

Temperatures could rise twice as fast as underestimating computer models are constantly failing to predict.

Instead of demanding immediate cessation of Canada’s outrageous tar sands emissions, University of Calgary’s David Keith urges the introduction of geoengineering experiments on a global scale “sooner rather than later.”  Does this mean we should step up those geoengineering efforts instead of curtailing our carbon emissions?

Absolutely not, declares Dr. Cox. “If you fiddle with the balance of the planet, the radiative balance of the planet, you affect all sorts of circulation patterns like monsoons, which would have horrible effects on people. So it would be extremely difficult, in fact impossible, to cancel out the greenhouse effect just by carrying on pumping out particles, even if it wasn’t for the fact that particles are damaging for human health.”


It’s not over until the last polar bear sings. And right now, those exhausted big bears are drowning – along with their Inuit counterparts – for lack of stopover ice flows.

Step one in our addiction recovery is to admit that our ship is cracking up. Only then will we take the actions necessary to keep Earth afloat in the inhospitable vastness of space, where no similar “Goldilocks” planets have been discovered within 21 lightyears.

“The levels of denial are so complicated,” Naomi Klein observes. “We are all in denial. All of us. People are holding back a tremendous amount of anxiety. You don’t let yourself care about something that you have no idea how to fix. Because it’s just too terrifying. And it would derail your whole life.

That’s why there has to be a narrative, a plan, for how we integrate so much of what we’re already doing into a common project. Because so long as people feel like nothing that they know now applies, then they will work really hard to keep this information at bay.”

Forget airy talk of “adaptation” to what’s coming, advises author and climate change activist Bill McKibben. “Now what we are coming to realize is that the most important adaptation we can do is to stop putting carbon in the atmosphere. If we don’t, we are going to produce temperature rises so high that there is no adapting to them.”

He’s half-right. But what’s glaringly lacking is the equally urgent message by the founder of 350 Org to “Stop Geoengineering Now!” (Why not join 350 Organd enlighten its founder now?)

Until Bill McKibben, embarrassingly ill-informed scientists like David Suzuki, and organizations like Greenpeace, Hands Off Mother Earth, the IPCC and other carbon curtailment activists publicly acknowledge what’s happening in the skies over their heads, they will continue their forlorn charge under a broken banner of half-truths while facing the back of the horse…

Given the duration and extent of the ongoing U.S. atmospheric aerosol program, it is impossible to begin to understand “climate change” without taking into account at least 15 years of active “Solar Radiation Management” by U.S. Air Force “Weather Force Specialists” and successive White House administrations. Until the “big names” in the climate change debate address ongoing geoengineering, any attempts to discuss “global warming”,  “Arctic sea ice extent,” “California heat waves” or “climate change” without including the extreme variables introduced by daily geoengineering tanker flights are grossly misleading and dangerously invalid.

(Anyone requiring hard evidence – including acknowledgement of tankers spraying reflective particles by a senior FAA official – should see my book,Chemtrails Confirmed, available for download by donation here. I am an award-winning journalist of 45 years experience who broke this story for Environment News Service in late 1988.)

Ditto Chris Hedges, who also ignores geoengineering to focus solely on the fossil fools. “The problem, at this point, is not going to be dealt with by small steps. It is going to be dealt with by getting off fossil fuel in the next 10 or 20 years or not at all,” Hedges writes. “Our only salvation is the rapid dismantling of the fossil fuel industry.”

This award-winning, war-weary journalist urges that “we build popular resistance movements and carry out sustained acts of civil disobedience.”

“We’ve got to win quickly if we’re going to win,” McKibben emphasizes after being arrested with Hedges while protesting the Keystone tar sands pipeline. “We’ve already passed the point where we’re going to stop global warming. It has already warmed a degree and there is another degree in the pipeline from carbon already emitted. The heat gets held in the ocean for a while, but it’s already there. We’ve already guaranteed ourselves a miserable century. The question is whether it’s going to be an impossible one.” [Truthdig May 31/11]

The even bigger question is whether the geoengineers will be stopped in time.

In the daily choices we make in what we buy, barter, recycle, discard or forego – in the allegiances we forge with your community and grass roots groups willing to put their bodies on the line to protect future generations of all interlinked species by stopping corporate depredations and the geoengineers  – the only person who can answer that question… is you.


Other tales of shock and awe in our very near future


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The Nazi Fan Club Seems Strangely Subdued When It Comes To The Ukraine-Bandera Alliance With Judaism



Angela Hitler

Many I am sure some are familiar with love affair with Hitler exhibited by the Spingola, Carolyn Yeager, Kaminski et al types on the supposedly alternative web, who go on with the jews all day everyday routine. In fact they think we need another Hitler. They say Hitler was being a great guy and all who put a chicken in every pot, built the autobahn and gave everyone a volkswagon. Iceland got rid of their bankers without opening a three front war. They put them in jail.

“If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers.”
— Thomas Pynchon, Gravity’s Rainbow

Notorious satanist Aleister Crowley was fond of Der Fuhrer and called him his magic child. And of course some maintain Barbara Bush is Crowley’s daughter. Hitler was Time Magazine’s Man Of The Year.

Merk and Daddy



Porky signaling to his boys he is all in!

Yats and the boys currently running the Ukraine and his supporting cast are Jewish. The Bandera nazis there say they have no problem with Jews. In fact that is the way it has always been. The cheap history doled out to the world for decades like hot dogs at a carnival is pretty thin. In fact the world’s largest Jewish cultural center is located in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. The holocaust menorah center is seven stories high on 538,000 feet and Igor Kolomoyskyy is a privat banking partner. You know the guy funding Privy Sector.

Odessa where Russians were actually gassed, burned, shot, stabbed and choked, some of them pregnant, happens to be one third Jewish. None of these nazis bothered any of them. That is because there has always been an alliance between nazis, the Jews and the catholic church. It goes all of the way back to Disraeli, the first British prime minister of Jewish extraction. He promoted an idea of an alliance between Khazar jews and the aryans to rule the world.

That plan was carried forward by both Hitler and Stalin who played chess together at the Tavistock Institute where they were both trained. Hitler was a Rothschild from a Jewish family and his sister Angela actually left the Jewish kitchen in Vienna and lived in his home as a housekeeper. Hitler did a wonderful job establishing the state of Israel. Many Jews ended up there whether they wished to go or not. You see many of Hitler’s top henchman were Jewish. Today the children of Goebbel own significant stock in BMW.

Time to remove those lightning bolt tattoos.

There is a serious disinformation  attempt to distort exactly who financed Hitler. And yes it takes considerable cash to open 3 front wars. He was financed by Jewish and American bankers as well as wealthy industrialists like Henry Ford who was also a 32 degree mason. It seems none of their holdings were bombed during the war and neither was I.G. Farben and IBM, who provided the system to categorize people for the work camps. The reich did not end after the war, it was transferred to the Netherlands. The goals are still carried forward by the U.N.

Lets have a look at Henry and his offspring

Stavros Niarchos-Aristotle’s brother-in-law and Ari’s business competition. Stavros’ parents came from Sparta, Greece. His relatives were rich. Stavros went into shipping and after W.W. II broke out, left Greece to avoid having to fight for Greece. He was a close friend of Colgate, Roosevelt and Bernard Baruch, who he would invite to his house on Long Island. He rented his Long island house from Harry Hopkins who was the man who told Pres. F.D. Roosevelt what to do. Even though he was a millionaire, he had a difficult time avoiding have to serve. Eventually, he managed to get himself situated as a naval officer in intelligence for Greece in Alexandria, Egypt. Information sent into the ’69-70 Who’s Who reference book about his war time exploits are fictitious. Niarchos and Aristotle were friends from 1934 onward, but also at times enemies trying to outdo each other. Both frequently went to St. Moritz, Swit., a ski resort. Stavros also frequents an old Medici family Palace/estate near Turin where the Duke of Edinburgh and Baron Elie de Rothschild like to go and shoot birds. The estate has many and it isn’t unusual for them to kill a thousand a day. Stavros is an important leader of the Bilderbergs and a billionaire. He married Henry Ford II’s daughter who was 38 years younger than he was, and divorced her shortly afterwards. He worked closely with David Rockefeller.

(That is Henry Ford the 32 degree mason who wrote all of those books praising El Fuhrer and rounding up of the Jews to be sent to Palestine where well …. you know the rest of the story!)

Dutch Royals Bernhard and Juliana giving the nazi salute

Another point you may have noticed is this idea the Catholic church is just an innocent body with small pedophile problem. They are about as innocent as Vlad Dracula, who by the way was related to the Windsors. No in fact it is a pedophile organization and many of the Jesuits are Jewish. Pope Benedict was a member of the Hitler youth group and the current one is accused of trafficking children in Argentina who were orphaned by the genocidal regime there. The Bandera Galicians in western Ukraine are mostly catholic where as the eastern Russian area is mostly Russian Orthodox. It you don’t think this is part of the ongoing conflict here, I have a bridge to sell you. Poland has been the recipient of large numbers of Khazar immigrants for centuries dating back to clashes with Alexander the Great to Ghenghis Khan who steered them toward Japan.

Now days in Japan the emporer is the highest authority of the Shinto religion and most of the shrines such as Yasukuni, Usa jingo, Yoshino Mikumari Shrine, Akama Shrine, Isaniwa Jinja, Umi Hachiman-gu, Fujisakai and Hachiman-gu are all Shinto. The Yakusini Shrine in Tokyo is a shrine honoring Japanese war dead and never fails to arouse the Chinese when a Japanese official visits.

Okama means wolf and is the title of some shinto deities. Amaterasu of the sun cult is a deity and the emporer feels himself to be the direct descendant of the sun. The Wolf appears to be a dominant sign under imperial societies and it was a theme among the nazis of Germany who allied with Japan in World war II.

The Japanese managed to attract thousands of Jews, especially from National Socialist Germany from 1938 onwards. The Japanese army officer and diplomat Kiichiro Higuchi was instrumental in issuing passes to Jewish refugees. Higuchi would later play a role in the ill-fated Japanese invasion of the Aleutian islands during World War II, the only Japanese occupation of American soil.

So let me go on record here and say the idea that Israelis went against their comrades in arms the royal family of Japan and were responsible for Fukushima is probably the most hilarious disinfo I have heard in a long long time. You see Japan is is accorded even more of a victim role than Israel. Only a guess but they are probably higher on the pyramid.

You may have read in some highschool or college text book that Alexander was a homosexual warlord who simply loved killing for killing’s sake. Did you know that his mentor was Aristotle and his religion was rooted in the Vedic Tantrayana? In fact after liberating Babylon from Darius, he moved onto to Egypt where he announced the Egyptian Gods Amun etc, were his Gods.

He was way ahead of Rothschild man Francis Burton in fact according to “The Generalship of Alexander The Great” he was conceived in a tantric ceremony.


In fact the vatican is almost demanding that Americans take the orphans from south America and place them into their homes. These children are being sent north now days on a train network. Many are catholic but this has nothing to do with compassion, this is about fomenting social conflict and economic malaise in the United States for the order.

There is a grand alliance here and it consists of the City of London, Vatican, Masons, U.N., Israel, royal families, including the imperial family of Japan which displays the star of David on their monuments. Shinto Buddhism is an eastern version of Judaism also as it contains a sacrifice pole, ark of covenant and temples built to Solomon’s specifications. The mainline Buddhists in Japan lost wars long ago. It also involves the Mormons who in fact wear triangle underwear and have a penchant for bringing the Japanese to Utah and marrying them. It helps to spread the clan. (You might want to recall Nazis and Jews from Germany who joined with Japan in the invasion of China and overthrew  the last emperor) (Some Japanese only industrial cities are springing up in Germany now)

So in effect anyone peddling you what a great guy Hitler was or how innocent Rome is innocent in all of this is having a real problem with the big picture or they are severely compromised in some manner.

I don’t believe I have ever seen former republican hack Paul Craig Roberts write a piece without throwing in how Washington is taking over the world and dragging our poor European allies along with them. He doesn’t seem to realize Washington owes 18 trillion dollars, much of it to the city of London where American social security numbers actually originate. Washington is not giving them orders they are taking orders.
Did you know all 44 U.S. presidents have carried European royal bloodlines into office? 34 have been genetic descendants from just one person, Charlemagne, the brutal eighth century King of the Franks. 19 of them directly descended from King Edward III of England. In fact, the presidential candidate with the most royal genes has won every single American election.

The strange tale of Bridget Hitler

So now in Eastern Ukraine we see reports of bombing schools, residential areas, hospitals, water works etc. One witness says a three year old baby was cut open and crucified and it’s mother drug around town behind a tank because her husband joined the resistance. We have seen bandera nazis parade around Kieve, shooting the police, running the president out of the country all wrapped in swastikas, chains and molotov cocktails. If these are your idols, then you have a serious problem.

Many young Ukrainian conscripts have stated they were told they would go to jail if they did not fight in the army. Strelkov of the DPR tells them, if you came to kill your own countryman to escape jail, then you are not human.

Perhaps the antidote for the current insanity is for all of us to be humans. I stand by former posts here and maybe Baba Vanga was right.

There is a long list of movers and shakers associated with Georgetown University a Jesuit College and if not Georgetown other Roman Jesuit institutes. This are only a few, but you get the idea.

The Georgetown Connection

Bill Clinton (No explanation needed)
Pat Buchanon (popular “conservative” doncha know)
George Tenet, former CIA director
General David Petraus
Robert Gates (Former CIA director, Ph.D. in Russian and Soviet history from Georgetown University)
Robert “Bobby” Baer (born July 1, 1952), is an author and former case officer at the Central Intelligence Agency.
King Abdullah II of Jordan (Georgetown Honors His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan
His Majesty will receive an honorary degree) Hosts ISIS trainees in Jordan)
William McDonough, Former President federal reserve (Georgetown)
Atonin Scalia (Supreme Court) Georgetown) Father from Sicily.
Other non Georgetown but Jesuit trained luminaries

Joe Stalin (QUOTE:
Stalin was trained by Jesuits while in the Tiflis Orthodox Seminary in Georgia—openly admitted by “Koba” himself to journalist and Masonic Jew Emil Ludwig (Cohen).
The CIA put Castro in power and has kept him in that power since 1960. The British SIS put Stalin in power and with the CIA, kept him there until he was poisoned for resisting the Order. He arrested his Jesuit advisor Alexander Poskrebyshev in late 1952.
Fidel Castro (Jesuit Colegio Belen in Havana)
Bill O’Reilly (Jesuit House At Harvard)
Joseph Goebbels (Roman catholic Jesuit trained) Jewish wife named Magda. Himmler most of the old guards were catholics.)
Gordon Liddy (Georgetown)

William Casey (Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.)
Timothy Leary (Holy Cross, oldest Roman Catholic liberal arts college) (The pioneer of LSD)
John and Teresa Kerry ( hosted a dinner for Fr. Leahy and me and for a small group of alumni in Washington a few years ago at his home in Georgetown. It was a relatively small group, maybe 20 or 25 people, but it was very, very cordial and warm event. John spoke about Boston College and Teresa spoke about her and her family’s association with the Jesuits over the years)

In fact Ignatius of Loyola who founded the Jesuits was Jewish


Jesuit superior resigns, Pope may resign

Welcome to the nuthouse

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Diana Magnay Of CNN Reassigned After Tweeting Israelis Scum Who Were Watching Gaza Bombing And Threatening To Destroy CNN Car If A Wrong Word Were Said


ReaperApparently Diana Magnay tweeted that Israelis were scum after observing them cheering the murder of Palestinians and threatening to destroy the car of the CNN crew if a “wrong word” were said. Of course nobody really knows what a wrong word would be in the world of ziobonics.

She removed her tweet but not after it was relayed a couple of hundred times. She has now reportedly been transferred to Moscow by the cowardly mouth breathers at CNN where only subservience to the chosen ones is acceptable.

You would think people would be noticing dancing Israelis at some point, it is becoming SOP.










A Palestinian rock thrower whose arms were cut off before the murder

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Crimea-China and Alternative Trade Routes

5559The fact that China needs not only to diversify routes and sources of energy, but it is also not a secret they need to diversify alternative routes for finished products. What is the problem here? There are long-established and equipped sea routes connecting the coast of China through the Malakssky Strait, the Indian Ocean, the Strait of Suez, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Strait of Gibraltar and finally on to Europe, one of China’s main trading partners. This is exactly how trading with China occurs, for example, Germany, through the port of Hamburg. The latter is one of the largest ports in the world and second in Europe by cargo.

As for the route from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea, it passes through the Bosporus and Dardanelles straits and closes at the largest cargo port, Odessa, Ukraine, Hence, here quite a trivial question arises: why President Yanukovych need to fly in December of last year to Beijing in order to negotiate with the Chinese on the construction (the latter acted as an investor) of a deep sea port in the Crimea, which at the time was still a part of Ukraine?

On December 5 of last year Ukraine’s previous government signed in Beijing a memorandum between the companies, Kievgidroinvest and BICIM (PRC). Then on December 18, President Yanukovych wanted to go to Moscow, but the visit was interrupted due to the growing unrest in Kiev at the “Maidan,” which had at that time had no orange color, but rather was a distinct brown with a Russophobe smell to it.

Then the rather infamous events occurred, namely a coup, the illegal seizure of power in Kiev by the fascist thugs and incitement to civil war in the east. And while the terrorists were raging in Kiev terrorists jumping incessantly to prove their racial purity, the Crimean republic quietly separated from Ukraine, declared its independence and was reunited with Russia.

Thus, the question of building a deep-water port in Crimea by China has been for a while up in air due to change of ownership and problems at the newly opened, since 1945, “Eastern Front”.

Nevertheless, this does not remove the one question: why would China want to trade through the Crimea, if the same thing can be done via the port of Odessa? An explanation from Ukrainian media, (questionable source of information) at the time it was believed that Chinese merchant ships would unload in Crimea Chinese goods and would then be loaded with Ukrainian grain. And what prevented Ukraine from doing the very same, for example in Odessa, was never explained. Then, as it turned out, they perceived that Ukraine was an ancient part of the Great Silk Road and decided today to restore their “historical significance”. There is a drop of truth in that, but in times of Mongol khanates and its control of the Silk Road, Ukraine did not exist, but Crimea really was one of the marine terminals of the Silk Road. The northern route of the Silk Road went from Central Asia (Samarkand, etc.), skirting the Caspian Sea, passing through Malii Sarai heading in the direction of the Crimea. Here goods on the coast were accepted by Genoese merchants (from which they amassed huge fortunes by trade with the Hordes) and transported it to the European markets.

On June 19 of this year, Kommersant FM informed the public that a Chinese company, China Communications Construction Company, will build a bridge between Kerch on the Crimean peninsula and Taman in the Krasnodar region. An investor is willing to carry out calculations in rubles and make long-term commitments.

This issue was discussed during the recent visit of Vladimir Putin in Shanghai, this time it was mentioned by the head of Avtodor, Sergei Kelbakh. According to him, Chinese engineers have already visited Kerch, and on June 18, CCC-Company submitted a proposal of the Russian delegation headed by the Minister of Transport, Maxim Sokolov. The Chinese investor proposed two options for the project, a combined road/railway bridge or a tunnel.

It is expected that the Crimean side will be built a 17 km railway and about a 10 km road; next to Taman a 40 km long road and rail system will be built. According to the correspondent of Kommersant FM, Yana Lubnina, a bridge across the Kerch Strait proved to be one of the key themes discussed in Shanghai. Obviously, it will connect the future deep-sea port in the Crimea through Krasnodar with the Trans-Siberian railway. Next there are two options: branch to China through Kazakhstan (member of the Customs Union) and a route along the Mongolian border up ending in Vladivostok.

In Shanghai, as we know, a number of decisions relating to increasing the capacity along rail and road routes of China-Russia. Russian Railways and China Railway Corporation have agreed to develop infrastructure on rail and road traffic. The companies plan to develop the appropriate infrastructure at border crossings and the approaches to them to increase the capacity of railways, as well as increasing the volume of international traffic between countries and in transit through their territories.

From the 18th of June to the 20th, Sochi hosted the International Forum “Strategic Partnership1520”. The forum program was formed around the thesis of the need for market development based on a balance of interests between countries forming the perimeter of the East-West corridor and the three main pillars of the railway industry: transportation, infrastructure and rolling stock.

The agenda of the plenary discussion included the problems of the development of international transport corridors of the EU-1520- Asia-Pacific Region. The railway project developments that were discussed included Vienna – Bratislava – Kosice – Kiev – Moscow – Komsomolsk-on-Amur – Nysh – Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk – Cape Crillon – Wakkanai (Japan); Rotterdam – Moscow – Kazan – Novosibirsk – Krasnoyarsk – Irkutsk – Khabarovsk – Vladivostok – Busan (Republic of Korea).

So, the main problem for today’s industrial leader of humanity, i.e. China, as was already mentioned, is to diversify energy supply routes as well as trade routes for the delivery of finished products. Alas, the policy of the United States, controlling the main maritime trade routes and straits, is now increasingly anti-Chinese and less adequate.

Diversification of energy supplies to China in many ways is close to a resolution, as evidenced by the number of agreements in the field of oil and gas that were concluded during Putin’s visit to Shanghai. As for diversification of trade routes, there are two options in consideration today, the Northern Sea Route and road and rail routes based on the capabilities of the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Under these conditions, namely the construction of a deep-water port in the Crimea, the Trans-Siberian project is included as part of the development.

Constantine Penzev is a writer and historian and a columnist for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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A Road Is Melting In Yellowstone National Park With Some Sites Closing

I have had a bad feeling about Yellowstone for sometime with reports coming out of helium 4 gases being emitted which is conducive to volcanic activity before and eruption. There have also been reports of bison stampeding out of the area.


Firehole Lake Drive

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JMA: Neoguri Setting Up Extraordinary Situation In Japan: Puzzling Quake Under NYC Nuclear Plant










Update July 11, 2014

A 6.9 earthquake rattles Fukushima nuclear plant.


They lost cooling on #5 Spent Fuel Pool last week. Transferred cooling over from the core. After the storm, either one or both could mushroom up.

Either way, they’ll have to abandon the site fairly soon due to rising radiation levels/lack of breathing workers. Then all cooling will go bust and anything left will go off.

Wait till the other sites start to go. Once the radiation kills off a certain percentage of the general population, due to countrywide contamination, there won’t be anyone left to repair the cooling systems at all the other plants around the country.

When enough people die, Japan will be globally considered a nuclear wasteland. The healthy ones will flee, everyone else will get sick and die. No one will fly in to repair broken NPP cooling systems.

It’s just a matter of time now. A very short time, all things considered.


Astronaut Reid Weisman of the international space station say typhoon Neoguri is taking up their entire view. The Japanese Meteorological Agency indicates an extraordinary situation , where grave danger is approaching.

This storm can effect a 500 kilometer radius.

A category 5 earthquake occurred in New York flushed residents into the streets accompanied by a “loud boom.” There is no known earthquake fault line in this area. It was under a belt of crystalline rocks extending to the power plant in the Hudson Highlands/Indian River area.

Yellowstone update:


Storms kill 5 in New York and Maryland

At least 5 dead after 7.1 quake strikes Mexico/Guatemala area

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Climate Change Is One Of The Most ‘Heated’ Debates



This is one subject that can hardly be discussed without Algore’s name coming up. I believe if he said everyone will eventually die many would take the position that no people live forever.

There is a certain percentage that will deny anything if it affects their portfolio, perception of political reality or the programmed neuron pathways that were developed in grammar school. I am becoming convinced that if Algore stated crack and meth were not good for you, a certain amount of Americans and posters here woiuld immediately begin smoking it.

I think this statement explains a lot.

None of this is terribly surprising, though, seeing as how they’re funded by—can you guess? Can you?—the fossil fuel industry.


North Carolina’s outer banks beaten eaten away by rising seas and climate change. So much so the state has banned talking about it. Are we to deny our own two eyes and the voice of reason?

The Oklahoma dust bowl. Inhofe says climate change is not real, so the dust bowl may not be real either.

Are Polar bear births not decreasing?

Ny-Ålesund, Svalbard ( – The proportion of polar bear females around the Arctic islands of Svalbard who gave birth to cubs crashed to just 10% in 2014, according to a small scientific survey of the animals. It follows a series of warm years and poor sea ice.
The Barents Sea population of a few thousand polar bears is one of the biggest in the world. But global warming is rapidly reducing the extent of sea ice on which the bears hunt seals, their main food.

154 million acres of grazing land threatened by drought on the Snake River Plain. Is this not real?

70% of Australians believe climate change is real unfortunately they believe the government can do something about it.

Man made warming is only about 1% of the problem. The entire universe is heating up and that includes the core of the earth. You may see at times ice buildup up on the poles however the ocean is becoming warmer and eating away the ice pack from down below. That is why we have rising sea levels. And yes they are rising, Norfolk Virginia is close to collapse as high tides now cover the roads, same in south Florida.
In fact many scientists conclude the nuclear testing around the world has caused further cracks in the earth mantle allowing lava to move closer to the surface on land and under the oceans which is accelerating the heating of the planet.

The tides now wash across some streets of Miami and this is a real event.…

Tides are now washing over some roads in Norfolk, Virginia. Climate Change, Climate

Change, Video, Climate Change Norfolk Va, Global Sea Level,Norfolk, Norfolk Va, Norfolk Va Sea Level, Norfolk Virginia Climate Change, Norfolk Virginia Sea Level, Norfolk Virginia Sea Level Rise, Norfolk-Virginia, Sea Level Rise,Green News

Watch out for the zombies, most of them think nothing is happening

Coastal erosion in Siberia is not happening?

It came from beneath the sea!

The results are based on 4.5 million measurements made by a laser instrument mounted on NASA’s now defunct ICESat satellite between 2003 and 2008, which mapped the thickness of most floating ice shelves around Antarctica. The results:

Russia is not building up forces in the arctic because it is more difficult to reach, far from it, the ice is melting and they wish to be in a position to exploit the almost unlimited minerals of the area. The shipping lanes are also enlarging where passage is possible almost year round.

It would be much warmer now if not for the core of the earth heating up. The unprecedented level of volcanos going off lately emit debri into the atmosphere which acts as a cooling agent. That in effect could cause a mini ice age. It is more complicated than people realize. They claim Yellowstone could throw out enough to blacken the skies over a large part of America. But there are many super volcanos which could do the same. Laach See in Germany, the Plegian Fields in Italy, Popo in Mexico, Rainier etc.

Mass methane release appears to be picking up speed by the day in the Arctic as well as countless other locations around the globe.
Dane Wigington
The atmospheric methane graphic below, released yesterday, should be a stark wake up call for any that understand the ramifications.
Surely the spate of earthquakes and volcanoes has reflected the renewed will of Mother Earth to start rocking’ and rollin’. There has never been such a concentration of major earthquakes as we have already seen this year. The Ring of Fire in particular has awakened from its slumber. And there is every indication, according numerous volcanologists and seismologists around the world, that such seismic and volcanic activity will only intensify.
As the current Solar Maximum continues to unfold, such earth movements are all but guaranteed. Unfortunately, few within the scientific establishment have acknowledged the true correlations between solar activity and cataclysmic earth movements. Perhaps 2014 will remove all remaining doubt as the anticipated earth cataclysms begin in earnest. Simply put, Mother Earth will be heard, and not just paid lip service as is so often done on the annual April 22nd EARTH DAY.
Regardless of what the immediate future holds in store for the world, April 2014 is set to release a variety of astrological triggers having far-reaching ramifications and great consequences. Even an armchair astrologer can plainly see the celestial setup which will generate corresponding events everywhere across the planet, not just throughout the entire Middle East, the Ukraine, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Thailand, Myanmar, the Central African Republic, Sudan, Libya, Chad, etc., which we see on the evening news.
Of course, the Global Economic and Financial Control Matrix is especially vulnerable to the predicted calamities throughout that and other interconnected realms. This is where the raw financial and economics physics graphically illustrate fast approaching breaking points. The blatant suppression of the price of gold is a stark example of where the market controllers can no longer maintain the false illusion of order. All the forces of the marketplace — both real and artificially fabricated — are now working at cross purposes with such intensity that “the man behind the curtain” will be exposed once and for all.”

Mother of all typhoons streaks across warming Pacific




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