In 2011 Russian Astrologist Pavel Globa Predicted War In 2014 After The Sochi Olympics

A Russian astrologer released a terrible prediction back in 2011 when he said: “In 2014 there will be war.”
Pavel Globa astrologer

Russian astrologist Pavel Globa predicted World War 3 to start after Sochi Winter Games

Russian astrologer Pavel Globa predicted during a conference of astrologers, shamans and parapsychologists in Moscow on March 25, 2011, that the Third World War will start in 2014. Now it remains to see whether his revealing will come true or not, but considering that the ongoing civil and military unrest in Ukraine’s Crimea involve Russia, EU, Britain and USA, it appears there is a possibility for a global-scale conflict.

Pavel Globa, who has a reputation in his branch, announced that the World War III will take place in 2014 and provided also an estimated time of its kick-off, namely during the Winter Olympics in Sochi, or immediately after the end of the Games.

At that time, he came up with an interesting theory/forecast for the near and distant future: “Many attack me now claiming that I was promising Russia a quiet year. What kind of quiet year is it if earthquakes rattle Japan. But Japan is not Russia. There will be wars in the world this year, but everything will be fine in our country, except for the summer. The summer is going to be tough: there will be three eclipses in a row in June-July. This year, there will be six eclipses in total. We had such a catastrophic year as this one 20 years ago, when the Soviet Union collapsed,” said Globa.

Globa informed the attendees of the gathering also about the moment assigned for the beginning of WW3. “The frightening war is said to begin in March of 2014 or during the Olympic Games in Sochi. It is also possible that the war may begin five days after the Games end”. However, he did not specify in which country exactly the war would spark.

Regarding the fact that the Russian troops began to intensify their occupation moves in Sevastopol around February 28, just 5 days after Sochi’s Olympics, it comes out that somebody was quite damned accurate with his forecast!!!

Russian journalists added that Globa had foreseen, among other things, the fall of the USSR, the Chernobyl disaster and the WTC terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, in the U.S.

Astrologer’s revelation seemed initially to be unlikely, but it came closer to reality after the outbreak of tensions in Crimea where Russian troops invaded Ukraine’s soil and airspace on Friday, Feb. 28, 2014.
Pavel Globa

Pavel Globa is seen as a reputable expert in astrology. He anticipated that WW III sparks during or shortly after Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

Alois Irlmaier indicated that World War III will allegedly break out in the Middle East, but its spark is rumored to emerge in the Balkans after a senior official gets killed by knife.

“It will be in the name of peace. WW3 begins suddenly in the Middle East and giant naval forces clash in the Mediterranean – the situation is extremely tense. But the stake is in the Balkans. There is where the war sparks.

Apocalyptic tone continues, the German seer talking about an “army marching through Belgrade and reaching Italy”.

“I see strange machinery advancing like lightning in the north of the Danube over West Germany without any warning. People run in panic toward west. Many cars will block the roads, and people will get stranded during their runaway efforts, because of the abandoned vehicles. Tanks move along high-speed freeways and other fast highways. There will be a huge destruction and not much will be left from the big city of Frankfurt.

Rhine Valley will be devastated, mainly by air. Nothing will escape. I see three spear tips coming. That is the Russian force and is unstoppable, as it moves with the three peaks that pierce everything on their way. Day and night progress is made as the main objective is Germany,” reads the prophecy issued by Irlmaier.”

It is not clear, but Russia seems to be at the center of Alois Irlmaier predictions.

“A death stretch is created straight from the Black Sea to the North Sea, as large as half of Bavaria. Grass does not grow in this area and people are all dead. Russia breaks relations with all its friends”, claimed Irlmaier.”

Grigori Rasputin

The one man who may have prevented the 1917 Russian revolution.

Dark Forces

KGB’s archives revealed some secret documents in which Grigori Rasputin known also as the Mad Monk, announced that the world will end on August 23, 2013.

In classified notes, religious mystic Gregory Rasputin claimed the Doomsday would come in 2013
“11 pages of a top secret file containing documents written and signed by Rasputin, nicknamed by many the “Devil Monk”, came out to light from the KGB archives. American political scientist David W. Norvalk deciphered some of them and found that Rasputin predicted major events in Russian and humanity history. “In the remarkable document, Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin predicted the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 and the assassination of Tsar Nicholas and his family. He anticipated the emergence and dominance of Hitler, first moon landing and the collapse of the USSR “, says the researcher. “Soviet leaders kept these papers secret because Rasputin not only predicted the appearance of communism, but announced also its end,” said Norvalk.

World would end on 23 August 2013 when a fire shall devour all living things, then, the planet would face a graving silence “, the American researcher translated. “It’s hard to believe that these events will occur, but worrying is the fact that most things predicted by Rasputin came true so far”, David W. Norvalk noted. (Note: Timeline is definitely off)

World would end on 23 August 2013 when a fire shall devour all living things, then, the planet would face a graving silence “, the American researcher translated. “It’s hard to believe that these events will occur, but worrying is the fact that most things predicted by Rasputin came true so far”, David W. Norvalk noted.

Tsar Nicholas, his 4 children and family’s doctor were executed in Siberia by a group of Russian Hebrew and Hungarian POWs converted to communism. The killing order was given by Lenin. Tsar Nicholas’s Four Daughters Raped

“I feel that I leave this life before January 1. If I am killed by ordinary assassins, and especially by my brothers, e.g. Russian peasants, you, Tsar of Russia should not fear anything for your children, they will reign for hundreds of years in Russia. But if I am murdered by boyars, nobles, and if they will shed my blood, their hands will remain stained with my blood, for 25 years and they can not wash out my blood off their hands. They will leave Russia. Brothers will kill brothers, and they will hate and kill each other and there will not be noble in the country for 25 years. Tsar of the land of Russia, if you hear the sound of the bell which tells you that Grigori has been killed, you must know this: if your relatives caused my death, then no one in your family, either children or relatives, will not remain alive for more than two years. They will be killed by the Russian people.”
Rasputin – fragment of letter

New revelations claim that before World War III breaks out, mankind would be rocked by assassination attempts on four presidents, and that would happen in 2012-2013.

Nostradamus predicts assassination attempts on several presidents

Nostradamus was born in Saint Remy de Provence, in southern France, on December 14, 1503. Known on his real name as Michel de Nostredame, he was a physician and pharmacist, but he reached fame after releasing his work “Les propheties” (the prophecies) which is believed to have predicted the greatest events of the world across the time. His work is made of quatrains, and many of them have been interpreted or translated in a wrong way.

Central to Nostradamus and his predictions are quatrains concerning the Hecatombe and the running of a comet in close proximity.  We have just seen the break up of Ison and now the culmination of the Sochi Olympics.


“From the list of prophecies that Cayce gave which proved successful, his prophecies of the future should be seriously considered. However, Cayce himself stated that the future is not fixed and that human free will makes virtually everything possible.

“Strifes will arise through the period. Watch for them near the Davis Strait between Greenland and Canada in the attempts there for the keeping of the life line to land open. Watch for them in Libya and in Egypt, in Ankara and in Syria, through the straits about those areas above Australia, in the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf.”

So what do we make of the various timelines for serious world conflict? One thing that does stand out for me as they seem to center around the years 2012 to 2014.

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Heaven And Hell Break Loose In The Kali Yuga

I don’t know how anyone could sum it up any better than this.

Lord Vishnu is one of three aspects of the Hindu Trinity who is responsible for maintaining the Universe.“For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, please know that the current pandemic of ignorance and arrogance is quite purposeful. It is induced — by the Universe itself — for the protection of the masses so that their ignorance has become bliss. The bliss that comes with not knowing the grim realities which abound everywhere one looks.“

The tenth and final incarnation of Lord Vishnu is Lord Kalki. Lord Kalki. His coming in the last century marks the end of the Kali Yuga and closing of the Iron Age. Hence, we see all types of end time prophecy abound. There is particular interest in Planet X, sometimes called the 10th Planet or Hercolubus. Such a planet-comet would be an apt representation of Lord Kalki since His mission, as represented by the Hindu scriptures is to bring about an end to the ignorance that prevails during the Kali Yuga. That’s exactly what He did.”

Herculobus The Greatest Mystery Of The Modern Era

Vanga The Russian Prophet

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A Serious Warning For World Events

Update: This one is fairly noteworthy

Editor’s Note:

The Cosmic Convergence Research Group always tries to focus on the positive. At the same time we strive to portray the worldwide state of affairs as accurately as possible. Therefore, we have saved this reality check from a well respected Vedic astrologer for last.


A 7.5 Earthquake Has Hit Mexico

Residents fled the high rise buildings of the capital when the walls began to creak and the buildings swayed. Had this been in Mexico City, the damage would be hard to estimate.

The ring of fire continues to heat up as we have seen a 5.0 in Yellowstone, hundreds of small tremors around Mount Hood, and tremors picking up in central Idaho. America has been extremely lucky when it comes to volcano and tectonic movement up to this point.

It was inland around Guerrero and there is no hint of a tsunami at this point.

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All Hell (And Heaven) Breaks Loose In 2014 (The Kali Yuga Where Ignorance Becomes Bliss)

It seems just when I really need it cosmic convergence comes through with another block buster. Whoever writes this, I tip my hat to them. The description of the Kali Yuga, an age where ignorance becomes bliss says a lot in very few words where everyone can understand it. Many may remember the old song by 5th Dimension, The Age Of Aquarius, “When Jupiter Aligns  With Mars” about the mind’s true liberation. We are getting there.

The eleventh sign of the Zodiac, is a man carrying in his right hand a pitcher of water. Jesus referred to the beginning of the Aquarian Age in these words: ‘And then the man who bears the pitcher will walk forth across an arc of heaven; the sign and signet of the Son of Man will stand forth in the eastern sky. The wise will then lift up their heads and know that the redemption of the earth is near.

“For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, please know that the current pandemic of ignorance and arrogance is quite purposeful. It is induced — by the Universe itself — for the protection of the masses so that their ignorance has become bliss. The bliss that comes with not knowing the grim realities which abound everywhere one looks.[1]“

How can you say the above statement does not nail it?


Global Tansformation Accelerates: Multiple Astrological Triggers Pulled During April

Not since this New Millennium began has there been a convergence of so many astrological alignments and geopolitical circumstances which will compel massive global changes. With the numerous and extraordinary astrological events taking place in April, the oft-predicted destiny of HUGE Earth changes can no longer be denied. It is now a matter of when , not if. The simple physics that undergird the political, economic and social spheres of life now dictate that real planetary transformation is on the way.

Surely the spate of earthquakes and volcanoes has reflected the renewed will of Mother Earth to start rocking’ and rollin’. There has never been such a concentration of major earthquakes as we have already seen this year. The Ring of Fire in particular has awakened from its slumber. And there is every indication, according numerous volcanologists and seismologists around the world, that such seismic and volcanic activity will only intensify.

As the current Solar Maximum continues to unfold, such earth movements are all but guaranteed. Unfortunately, few within the scientific establishment have acknowledged the true correlations between solar activity and cataclysmic earth movements. Perhaps 2014 will remove all remaining doubt as the anticipated earth cataclysms begin in earnest. Simply put, Mother Earth will be heard, and not just paid lip service as is so often done on the annual April 22nd EARTH DAY.

Regardless of what the immediate future holds in store for the world, April 2014 is set to release a variety of astrological triggers having far-reaching ramifications and great consequences. Even an armchair astrologer can plainly see the celestial setup which will generate corresponding events everywhere across the planet, not just throughout the entire Middle East, the Ukraine, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Thailand, Myanmar, the Central African Republic, Sudan, Libya, Chad, etc., which we see on the evening news.

Of course, the Global Economic and Financial Control Matrix is especially vulnerable to the predicted calamities throughout that and other interconnected realms. This is where the raw financial and economics physics graphically illustrate fast approaching breaking points. The blatant suppression of the price of gold is a stark example of where the market controllers can no longer maintain the false illusion of order. All the forces of the marketplace — both real and artificially fabricated — are now working at cross purposes with such intensity that “the man behind the curtain” will be exposed once and for all.


2014: Chinese Year Of The Wood Horse Forges World Destiny

The Chinese Year of the Green Wood Horse began on January 31st of 2014. Imagine a wild horse blazing across the landscape with the wind at its back. Now, picture the many “horses” that were let loose across the planet in 2013, as well as during the previous decade since 9/11. Each hemisphere and region, every continent and nation throughout the world has experienced it’s own version of a buckin’ bronco on steroids — breaking out of the rodeo pit — since the Crash of ’08. Now we see just where this “Wood Horse” will run to is a year that guarantees the most profound and fundamental changes of the modern era.

The FOUR HORSEMEN Herald the Death Knell of Predatory Capitalism

It is now April and the most intense and consequential astrology of the year will occur during the second half of this month. It is not just the various alignments, squares, eclipses, transits and retrogrades involving the most volatile planets and significant luminaries; it’s the overlapping of these celestial events within an extraordinarily tight time frame and at this critical junction point which truly matters. It’s as though the Universe chose April month to show us that astrology REALLY works. If you’ve balked at its awesome power of prediction, prognostication and prophecy in the past, you won’t anymore.

Here’s just a glimpse of what April has in store for every resident of Planet Earth. Take a close look now, as you may not have the time to later while the “War of the Titans” starts to cranks up into a heavenly crescendo. It’s already begun to break out into the open, but most are too preoccupied with life and distracted by the MSM to take notice of the expanding battleground all around them. However, for the first time in the modern era there are a good number of earthly inhabitants who are aware of the true status of things. Each one of them is challenged to holding space and biding time for the rest of humanity, most of whom very much need this crucial support at this defining moment of human history.


Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 6.30.51 AM

APRIL: The Month of ARIES*

*“Under the sidereal zodiac, the sun currently transits Aries from 15 April to 15 May.
Under the tropical zodiac, the Sun transits this constellation between March 21 and April 20 each year.” (Source: Wikipedia – Aries astrology)

Exactly what alignments and transits occur during April?

April 20th thru April 23rd: Four Days of Supreme Intensity!


4/15. Full Lunar Eclipse aka a ‘Blood Moon’  “Blood Moon”  (4 consecutive Blood Moons throughout 2014 and 2015)
4/20. Easter Sunday (Roman Catholic & Eastern Orthodox)
4/20. Uranus squares Jupiter
4/20. Pluto opposes Jupiter
4/20. T-square peaks: Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto
4/21. Uranus-Pluto square/  (#5 of 7)
4/21. Grand Trine peaks: Venus-Jupiter-Saturn
4/22. Jupiter squares Mars
4/22. GRAND CROSS PEAKS: MARS-JUPITER-URANUS-PLUTO (2014′s most powerful astrological event!)
4/23. Uranus opposes Mars
4/23. Pluto square Mars
4/23. T-square peaks: Mars-Uranus-Pluto
4/29. Solar Eclipse (Annular)

Although the preceding list of major astrological events commences on April 15, some of their effects have already been felt quite intensely since December of 2013. In fact an accurate understanding of these heavenly happenings clearly illustrates what many of us have been experiencing in our lives, especially the buildup of tension both within and without. Who among us has not witnessed the extremely “interesting times” that have been manifesting across the planet 24/7?!

Notice how the four days of “Supreme Intensity” are bookended by a full lunar eclipse and annular solar eclipse. There’s actually a lot of other things to notice, but the arcana of planetary astrology analysis is far beyond the scope of this essay. However, even the uninitiated ought to be able to glean from all the “peaks”, “squares” and “opposes” that something quite serious is taking place in the skies above us. And since we all know that “As in Heaven, so on Earth”, and “As above, so below”, there must be something really big that’s getting ready to pop on this little clod of rotating earth.

Here’s how one well respected astrologer put it:

Source: by Ralfee Finn

It’s very important to note that such monumental changes can only occur when there is sufficient momentum of the collective consciousness moving in the right direction. A critical mass of souls, whose expanded awareness has coalesced around these epochal changes, is what will make them happen. Therefore, even though we expect big things to happen on the outside, it is always on the inside where the real work is getting done. Sometimes we know it, sometimes we don’t. It all depends on our unique areas of need. As long as we avail ourselves to the upcoming transformational process — which will surely come — in earnest and with resolve, all heaven can, and will, break loose.


Cardinal Grand Cross Sets The Stage For The Greatest Show On Earth

Can it be a coincidence that this cardinal Grand Cross peaks on Earth Day, April 22nd?
Clearly, Mother Earth is sending a message to her many residents that the times are now a changin’ whether you’re ready or not. In the geopolitical theatre of life this has become quite evident by the recent tensions centered in the Ukraine. This nation has become the new focal point of profound conflict between East and West. This is where the War of the Titans will be played out for the foreseeable future.

Unlike past conflicts of this nature, it will unfold on a geopolitical chessboard of truly epic and unparalleled proportions. Neither East nor West can afford the wholesale destruction which always accompanies full scale war. Nor can they effectively manage the economic disruptions, political chaos, and societal mayhem which will surely result. The world is a lot more complex and interconnected than it was during the first two world wars. This ongoing world war has been taking place in the boardrooms, between the central banks and throughout the major national economies around the globe.

Germany’s complete domination of the European Union is just one example of how this silent war has evolved with only very few knowing it was taking place. The slow-motion dissolution of the U$ petrodollar is another example of the diminished stature of the American superpower occurring under the radar. The quiet formation of the BRICS economic union is a particularly significant development of how the East intends to disarm the West. Clearly the inexorable collapse of the US dollar in tandem with the ongoing meltdown of the PIIGS nations signal a ‘new world order’ the likes of which will surely humble all concerned.

Cardinal Points of the Grand Cross Tell the Future Story of Humankind

It is the cardinal points on the wheel of astrology which serve as the gateway for so much change which has occurred over millennia. The past century has displayed a meteoric pace of societal transformation unmatched over the past 6000 years. This dramatically accelerated pace is reflected in the final two creation cycles of the Mayan Long Count Calendar, which is said to end in the years surrounding 2012. Because of the exponential increase in technological advancement, the rate of change will continue to speed up ad infinitum, unless the breaks are put on by outside cosmic forces.

Astrological portents such as a cardinal Grand Cross may augur a break in the action. It might also indicate a shift from the rapidity and intensity of daily events which have come to overwhelm our lifestyle. Some might look at it as a momentary crucifixion in this plane of existence in which the veil of Maya is torn, thus providing a respite from so many needless cares and concerns. In this way, space is created for yogic detachment and dispassion to prevail as we face life’s adversities.

Ultimately, each one of us is compelled to closely study the ways in which we are able to work with this cosmic gift of 2014. To fully cooperate with the palpable and benevolent energies, which suffuse the current reprieve and period of awakening, is the very least we can do. When the shower of grace which is about to be unleashed from the heavens falls upon us, bask in the sacred light and divine love . Consciously bath in the sublime elixir and release any dross that prevents the highest from being seen and experienced. In this way each of us can participate in the upcoming Greatest Show on Earth so that all heaven can finally break loose.

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 7.37.54 AM


How can a single cardinal Grand Cross following Easter Sunday both trigger and accelerate so many momentous changes around the world?

Astrology is very complex, subtle and powerful science and art. When properly applied to this earth plane of existence, it will accurately reveal the destiny of individuals and nations alike with uncanny precision. The larger the context, the easier it is to use this infallible discipline to predict and presage. Because there is so much evidence stacking up across the planet in favor of an unprecedented release of historic tensions, it’s now quite easy to see where all this is going.

In the lexicon of astrology there is a well-known term — C O M B U S T I O N. This concept is often applied to situations where a relationship is about to combust. It can also relate to a job that is ending as in getting fired or quitting in disgust. When something is combusting, the circumstances are conspiring in such a way so as to guarantee its termination and/or destruction, and often in a rather dramatic way. Perhaps the irrepressible and inimitable Andy Rooney chose to make his passage this month of Aries in order to secure a box office heavenly seat for the screening of the upcoming Greatest Show on Earth… because a LOT is about to combust!


GSOE Globe

Everyone is involved in The Greatest Show On Earth either as spectator or actor; it just depends on where you live.

Welcome to April of 2014 – the month of the already combustible and martian Aries. Can the stage be set any more perfectly as Aries hosts a cardinal Grand Cross on April 22.     The Cross is a symbol worth taking a much closer look at. In Christology, the Cross has multiple meaning both extremely profound and elegantly spiritual. One of those reflects the person of Christ having been crucified in the space-time continuum so that impure ego of humanity could be transmuted to pure ego of divinity. The actual crucifixion was actually one of annihilation of the small ego, not the body, so that the divine personage could gloriously emerge.

“The cross is one of the most ancient human symbols, and has been used by many religions, most  notably Christiany. It may be seen as a division of the world into four elements. (Chevalier, 1997) or Cardinal Points, or alternately as the union of the concepts of Divinity, the vertical line, and the World, the horizontal line (Koch, 1955).”
(Source: Wikipedia – Cross)

In this particular context, the vertical line of the Cross reflects divinity; the horizontal line reflects the world. Each and every human being is ultimately challenged to submit him or herself to the very same spiritual crucifixion within the space-time continuum known as Planet Earth. This transmutation is one of spirit first; then, the transfiguration of the body will naturally follow. Through the disciplined utilization of the rarefied coiled energy that lies at the base of the spine of every human being, each person is equipped to embark on the same spiritual journey as the Christ, the Buddha, the Prophet Muhammad, Lao-Tze, Confucius, Moses, Krishna, Rama, etc.

Which brings us to the extremely powerful and unprecedented cardinal Grand Cross occurring in the month of Aries right after the symbolic crucifixion of Good Friday and resurrection of the spirit on Easter Sunday. All of Christendom has been conditioned by dogmatic churchianity to receive specific messages over centuries of mind control programming. However, the much greater divine blueprint would have it another way. Christians worldwide have also been imprinted by impressive archetypal memes, and encoded through cultural memory with the universal truths, which are soon to be revealed and activated. So, too, have the practitioners of all the world’s major religions. The Judeo-Christian-Islamic monotheistic faiths are but one mosaic created by the very same threads, regardless that many might be reluctant to admit it.

The Southern Cross = Crux Constellation = Sign of Spring & Rebirth

There is another astronomical phenomenon that appears brightly in the Spring season, especially throughout the Southern Hemisphere. The Crux Constellation, also know as the Southern Cross, is vividly seen the closer one moves to the equator from the Northern Hemisphere. It is only visible beginning in April and can be seen until June each year south of the equator.

This constellation appears in the form of a cross and is constituted by four bright stars, each of which have great significance for those initiated in occult astrology. There is another very conspicuous but less bright fifth star on the cross which is located on the lower right side of the constellation. Some have suggested the analogy to the piercing of the heart chakra of the body of Christ as it was lanced by the Spear of Destiny, also known as the Holy Spear of Longinus.

The symbol of the cross as it appears as the Crux Constellation has given rise to may other profound meanings. Pointing in the four cardinal directions, each represents the four elements of 4th Density. The matrix of 4th density is constructed around the components of space – length, width, height and mass, as well as the notion of time making up the space-time continuum. When the individual soul completes the spiritual journey, he or she has been forever emancipated from this space-time continuum in that they literally live in eternity. Having merged with the Godhead, they live as divinity incarnate and are no longer bound by the concept of time.



Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 12.12.22 PM


The Southern Cross as seen from the equatorial latitudes and Southern Hemisphere

As East meets West in 2014, only a level playing field will be acceptable.

It is now common knowledge that it is the Judeo-Christian-Islamic dominated ethos which currently rules the mundane realm. Both the Judeo-Christian US and EU (and NATO) hold great military and economic sway over the world. The oil-rich Islamic nations have controlled the planet’s energy supply for many decades. Together they have formed an uneasy alliance which is now fracturing beyond repair. The BRICS nations represent those strong countries of the East which are pulling that alliance apart, regardless of the relentless intimidation and threats of retaliation by the US, NATO and the EU.

Here we see the stealthy and shadowless China, proud and spiritually powerful India, liberated (from European influence) South Africa, and emancipated (from NSA) Brazil forming an unprecedented “coalition of the courageous” with indomitable Russia. Of course, in Russia we also see a nation where East literally meets West, serving as both a bridge and battleground by which Western hegemony will finally be obliterated. It is only the Russian bear which has been given sufficient strength to stand up to both the transparent and hidden forces propping up Western Civilization. Not only does their arsenal of nuclear weapons confers this power upon them, they also possess a LOT of oil and gas reserves. More importantly, know how to play chess very well — geopolitical chess, that is, unlike very few minds do from the Anglo-American side.

Because they have re-embraced their true Christian roots and genuine practice, Russia has been deputized to lead the planetary revolution that has already begun. Not only do they understand the Anglo-American mindset, they have mastered the art of war without even firing a shot. The Russian steppe has forged the minds of this great people over millennia into philosophers first, actors second. When they do decide to act, it is based on the reality perceived through their uniquely Western outlook, as well as the detachment and dispassion which has been cultivated from their exposure to Eastern spirituality.

At the end of the day, Obama — the mindless talking head, empty suit and pawn of the ruling Western elites — will be wrestling with a Zen master with the body of a bear who practices yoga while performing judo on a geopolitical chessboard. Yes, it’s not going to be a pretty picture for Obama and Company. And the Ukraine is where the final match is most likely to be played out. Needless to say, it is highly advisable that everyone liquidate their stocks and bonds ahead of the 2nd Great Crash of the Millennium which has apparently just begun.

Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 9.04.03 AM

Given the various gauntlets that have already been thrown down and numerous ultimatums issued by the Anglo-American juggernaut and its proxies, it is now clear April 2014 is the Kali Yuga’s version of the battle of Kurukshetra. For those who do not know, that battle between the Pandavas and the Kauravas during the transition from the Copper Age to the current Iron Age left an entire civilization destroyed and desolate as a sign of what would occur routinely throughout the Kali Yuga.

Changes? What changes? And just who are the Four Horsemen?

First off, most do not know that the world has been in the throes of a deep economic depression since the real estate market collapse of 2007 and stock market crash of 2008. Can you believe the governments, in tandem with the mainstream media (MSM), have been able to keep the true state of affairs out of the headlines? Of course there those few economists who are not beholden to any particular political party or corporate sponsor or partisan think tank who do speak the truth every now and then. As follows:

“Why the FOUR HORSEMEN and just who, or what, are they? The FourHorsemen of the Apocalypse quite aptly resembles the forces that have already been “let loose upon the land”. The consequences, and aftermath, of what will be left in their wake are listed below, and the challenges and adversities that will accompany each of them will last through this entire decade baring deus ex machina.





The hooves of these FOUR HORSEMEN will be felt in every corner of the globe, as each of them knows no boundaries and has been empowered to act with complete impunity. They know neither rich nor poor, neither strong nor weak, neither clever nor dull. The HORSEMEN will spare nothing, and no one, in their zeal to completely level a multi-millennia old system that has brought so much pain and suffering, wreck and ruin, trial and tribulation, to the masses of the world. Every continent, nation, state and province, city and county, village and town will be profoundly affected and fundamentally altered … forever.”


Martian Energy Of April/Aries Is Often Used By Illuminati Planners, NWO Plotters and CIA Perpetraitors

It stands to reason that those who sit at the peak of the pinnacle of the World Shadow Government would use the ‘Aryan’ energies of April/Aries to execute their plans to control and dominate the entire earth plane. Simply put, it’s what they were born to do. The Aryan race, after all, is hardwired to conquer and control wherever they go. That’s why, compared to the other four major races (Black, Yellow, Red, and Brown), they are responsible for most of the discovering and colonizing, conquering and controlling.

True to form, as the world evolved into a much more complex place, so has their war-mongering through false flag operations and other provocative and furtive implementation plans. All of their false pretexts are conjured up as a prelude to wars and conflicts designed to steal the land and resources of others. Toward that end, many of their plots and intrigues, schemes and stratagems are scheduled during the time of the year in which they will experience the greatest likelihood of success.

Welcome to the month of April!

But … the beginning of Spring and burgeoning of life everywhere north of the equator is a time of rebirth and new growth, warmth and sunlight replacing the long cold Winter. Why do TPTB use this special time of the year to start and wage wars around the globe? For them, war is their creation. They are at their best when sowing seeds of conflict so that they can create order out of the ensuing chaos. Hasn’t this been their MO for millennia?

“ORDO AB CHAO” = Order out of Chaos

Their most ‘creative’ phase of the calendar year has traditionally been between the Vernal Equinox (March 21) and the end of April. Their version of Spring fever somehow affects them in such a way that they intensify all their efforts to bring about a meticulously planned New World Order. In the midst of their yearly delirious fever they attempt to impose a tyrannical order out of the carnage and mayhem which is produced by their manufactured wars and conflicts, engineered riots and revolutions, and fabricated protests and skirmishes.

US-Directed Regime Change In The Ukrained Guaranteed To Provoke Russian Fury

“Were the staged sniper attacks in Kiev another CIA false flag operation?”

Here’s a short list of significant events and their dates which have occurred in April over the past many decades. Pay particularly close attention to those events which occurred between April 15th and 25th. Each of these events was carefully planned and scheduled during the month of April by the Illuminati overlords who gain astrological advantage by the chaos and confusion, strife and conflict that always ensues. Therefore, a useful contemplation would be to consider what changes occurred in the wakes of these various trigger events. “Problem — Reaction — Solution“, also known as the Hegelian Dialectic, is an appropriate lens through which to view the relevant history.

Just how BIG will April 2014 be in the grand sweep of history?

The way astrology ought to be understood is through the many gross and subtle forces and influences which deeply effect Planet Earth and particularly every human being. Just one of the ways in which these effects are felt is through agency of the planets, stars and major luminaries. Particularly through the seeding of planetary, stellar, cometary and asteroidal energies throughout the earth plane of existence, does humanity fall under the spell of the gods and goddesses. For example, even though Comet ISON has come and gone, it’s presence is still very much with us in the form of the cosmic dust (aka comet dust) which was formed upon its breaking up near perihelion.

The next important understanding is that these energies, after being seeded, can germinate and sprout at any time. Whereas April 22nd (Earth Day) may turn out to be the next 4th of July, it may also prove to be just another day. Nonetheless, because of what is transpiring in the heavens on that day, it WILL eventually have awesome impact on the world and its people. There can be no doubt that April 2014 will set the stage for an astonishing unfoldment of events, changes and other eventualities affecting all of mankind.

With the exception of the obvious dramas that are outworking in real time in places like the Ukraine, even the best astrologers among us would be hard pressed to predict the what, when and where. Even if nothing of great import does happen this April, it could end up being a May Day that we all witness as what many might construe as divine intervention. At the same time, being cognizant of the notion that the anticipated May Day celebration may very well occur in 2015, 2017, or 2023, not 2014.

This demonstrates how astrology is very similar to the mysterious ways of karma and destiny. You know the seeds of samskara are there ready to sprout at any time, you just don’t know the time and the place. For very good reason, by the way, as most of us would never show up if we knew what we were walking into. Remember, 99% of what really matters in life is just showing up.


Lord Vishnu is one of three aspects of the Hindu Trinity who is responsible for maintaining the Universe.

Lord Vishnu is one of the three primary deities of the Hindu Trinity who is known as the One who maintains the Universe.

The Most Important Prophecy Of Our Time

Honestly, the way this little game really works in the world of men can be summed up as follows: The stars, planets and major luminaries do exert prodigious influences on the affairs of humankind. Destiny, as they say, can always be found in the stars (and planets), but only by those who can properly read them. In Vedic astrology each planet is known to be a planetary embodiment of the great God, Lord Vishnu. In fact every planet in our Solar System is understood to be a personification of the various major incarnations of Lord Vishnu. For example, Lord Krishna correlates with the Moon, Lord Rama with the Sun, and Lord Buddha with Mercury. What follows is the entire list of the 10 major incarnations of Lord Vishnu and his planetary counterparts.


Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 4.08.32 PM


Lord Kalki: His Appearance Signifies the end of the Kali Yuga

The tenth and final incarnation of Lord Vishnu is Lord Kalki.    Lord Kalki. His coming in the last century marks the end of the Kali Yuga and closing of the Iron Age. Hence, we see all types of end time prophecy abound. There is particular interest in Planet X, sometimes called the 10th Planet or Hercolubus. Such a planet-comet would be an apt representation of Lord Kalki since His mission, as represented by the Hindu scriptures is to bring about an end to the ignorance that prevails during the Kali Yuga. That’s exactly what He did.

Lord Kalki: His Appearance Signifies the End of the Kali Yuga

What all of these recent developments really says about the true status of the planetary civilization is that we are now a minute to midnight. No, we are closer to midnight than that, perhaps only seconds away from the ending of the expansive 6000 year era known as the Age of Quarrel. Fortunately or unfortunately, most do not even have a clue, since Maya always intensifies toward the end of every Kali Yuga. It has to be this way. Otherwise, very few would ever get out of bed in the morning to face the brutal realities. And so it is during the upcoming grand finale of the current age.



Perhaps Lord Kalki was the long-prophesied “Rider of the White Horse”.


For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, please know that the current pandemic of ignorance and arrogance is quite purposeful. It is induced — by the Universe itself — for the protection of the masses so that their ignorance has become bliss. The bliss that comes with not knowing the grim realities which abound everywhere one looks.[1]

Likewise, it is only for the ultimate benefit of the controllers that their arrogance has become so unfathomable and intractable. Difficult though it may be to understand, they have an integral part to play in this cosmic drama. Someone always has to play the bad guy, you know. Perhaps the time has come to show our understanding, and maybe even some appreciation, to those crazies who are running the insane asylum for putting on such a convincing show.[2]

With that acknowledged, many can now get on with the much more important business of getting their own very personal affairs in order. By affairs it is understood to be that which ought to be in good order before our physical death. For it is said that life is really just a preparation for death. The better (with abiding awareness) our death is on the most spiritual level, the greater the likelihood that we will enjoy wherever we’re going next.

In fact in the Eastern spiritual traditions, death is not only a doorway to a much freer and unencumbered existence, it also can present an opportunity to become liberated from the cycle of birth and death. Our state of being, especially the purity of our mind and heart, will be instrumental in determining the next loka or plane of existence on which we find ourselves.

Therefore, it is really a great time to take good care of all that truly matters. Protection of our mind and continual clearing of our psychic space has never been so critical. Not only will regular detoxification of both spirit and matter guarantee our fitness to engage what is soon to come upon us, it will also potentially free us from the transmigration of souls that every individual ultimately seeks. When one makes That the final and fullest desire, the next incarnation will conform itself to that noble and sublime wish.

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
Submitted: April 13, 2014

Author’s Note:

The title – All Hell (And Heaven) Breaks Loose In 2014 — was rather obliquely discussed in this essay. It is as loaded with innuendo and possibilities, as it is pregnant with anticipation and eventualities. The “Hell” part is quite obvious; the “Heaven” not so easy to perceive or experience. Herein lies the challenge which emerges at the end of every Kali Yuga. Each person faces the outworking of their own karma and destiny. Nations have, in fact, been created to ensure that the collective destinies are experienced in the right place and at the right time.

While we are quite unable to determine what happens to us, we can completely control how we face our destiny. We can adopt any attitude to our liking. Likewise, we can assume whatever posture we want to toward our destiny. When we approach our karma with faith, courage and resolve, we enjoy our own slice of paradise. When we confront the karma with fear, lack of faith and fickleness, we experience a very distressful mental and/or emotional predicament. After all, both heaven and hell have often been referred to as states of mind and being, while we live in the human body.

On the macrocosmic level, the course of human evolution will surely dictate the future of the mankind, as well as the fate of our planetary civilization. Of course, the state of the collective consciousness is always reflected by the macro-trajectories that are forever manifesting with the evolution of society as a whole. Thankfully, it only requires a critical mass of enlightened souls to shift those trajectories when they are in dire need of correction —> AS THEY ARE RIGHT NOW ! ! !

Finally, the future is never carved in stone as some scriptural prophecy would have us believe. It is actually very fluid and dynamic, conforming to the hopes and wishes, prayers and desires of the world’s populations. Were they to enthusiastically coalesce around world peace, brotherhood and prosperity for all, things would change for the better … in a heartbeat. Therefore, each of us is encouraged to hold intentions that serve the best possible outcomes for all. In this way “All Heaven Just Might Break Loose In 2014“.

Best Advice:

There are many religious groups and yoga communities across the planet which have intentionally committed themselves to their spiritual practices during this month of April. They possess the right knowledge that such challenging astrological periods are an excellent time to perform intensified sadhana (spiritual disciplines). They therefore have redoubled their efforts of prayer, chanting, meditation, mantra repetition, selfless service, contemplation and hatha yoga during this amazingly transformative month.

April 15, 2014 Lunar Eclipse: Why To Avoid Looking At It

At the same time they fully understand that it is not a good time to be staring at full lunar eclipses. There will be four Blood Moons in a row over the next many months and the occlusion of the lunar energy is considered an inauspicious celestial event. So why not work with it, instead of feeding it, by incessantly repeating your given mantra or special prayers. Both solar and lunar eclipses provide great opportunities to advance on the spiritual path. The upcoming astrological roller coaster stretch offers serious prospects of heightened self awareness as well as liberating self-empowerment.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses: Don’t Watch Them!




[1] Can you imagine what the American “masses” would do if tomorrow the headlines finally portrayed some real facts about US history? Surely the country would be plunged into such an uproar that the ensuing anarchy might not be too unlike the French Revolution.
Consider what would happen in New York City or Washington DC if both the NYT and WashPo carried the following headlines:

9/11 The Ultimate Inside Job And False Flag Operation

9/11 Commission Report: The Most Ridiculous Conspiracy Theory Of All Time

What would occur in Dallas and DC were these articles to appear above the fold with pictures?

JFK Assassination: Classic CIA Execution Plan

Warren Commission Report The Most Absurd Investigation In US History

Lastly, could the nation even withstand such politically incorrect and inconvenient truth as categorically represented by the following exposés?

Obama Birth Certificate Confirmed Forgery According To Top Experts

Criminal Investigation To Be Announced By Cold Case Posse

[2] As for the Illuminati controllers who currently function as the “Masters of their Universe“, these two essays illuminate the workings of their mindset. Otherwise, their actions and intentions remain beyond comprehension.

Why does the World Shadow Government destroy its own home (planet)

The Biggest Coverup In US History

Required Reading:

Awesome Earth Changes Coming Around The Corner

The ORACLES of Arda

Recommended Reading:

Positive Lightning Strikes Intensify As Cosmicd Rays Increase

How is the SUN triggering many earth changes?

BIOSPHERE Devastation As Geoengineering Accelerates Global Climate Change

© 2014 Cosmic Convergence: 2012 and Beyond

Permission is granted to post this essay as long as it is linked back to the following url:
Global Transformation Accelerates: Multiple Astrological Triggers Pulled In April 2014




Older Posts that are mine

Mother Shipton When The Dragon’s Tail Goes Sweeping By-Kalki

Dublinsmicks Breaking News

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Huge Riots Break Out In Rome As Lame Stream News Focus On Bundy Cows


I did not include the many photos, see original article. We are also seeing riots in Turkey, Spain, Bosnia and other places the corporate media does not seem very interested in at the moment. Look for more fluff stories. I predict the Bundy affair will end amicably as he wears triangle underwear. (Mormon)

Riots In Rome

Anti riots policemen clash with protesters as thousands of people demonstrate against Italian government and austerity measures on April, 2014 in Rome. (AFP Photo / Filippo Monteforte)


Italian protesters take on police during mass march against austerity budget (PHOTOS) 39

Cash-for-Castles: Italy sells off historic sites to plug budget holes 7

EU economic crisis causing massive rise in poverty – Red Cross 13

Police have used tear gas against protesters as hundreds marched through central Rome demanding better housing policies. The rally turned violent when demonstrators started throwing eggs, smoke bombs and bottles at law enforcers.

Demonstrators also attacked an armored vehicle and attempted to break police barricade, as police pushed back activists on their way to the regional affairs ministry.

There have been conflicting reports in the media on the number of injured. According to local media, over ten protesters and three policemen were wounded. A tourist was hospitalized after being poisoned with tear gas. La Stampa daily reported earlier that six people, including four police officers, were wounded and taken to hospital and a dozen received medical help on the site. Several protesters were detained.

Police blocked several streets and closed shops in the area where clashes erupted.


The rally on Thursday was organized by activists from the movement ‘For Housing’ who are demanding that local authorities stop evictions in Rome and use more public funds to help people without homes or those who cannot pay their rent.

The demonstration coincided with the meeting of representatives from the government, regional authorities and City Hall, who gathered to discuss an emergency plan to tackle the lack of affordable housing.

Mayor of Rome, Ignazio Marino, should be “banging his fists” on the table demanding more housing for the poor, one of protesters said, as cited by AP.

The mayor “has to ask with determination for an end to the evictions of those who can’t pay (their rent),” added Paolo Di Vetta from the “Living in the Crisis” Association.

Migrants and refugees also joined the protest in Rome, which is a continuation of the October 19 anti-austerity rally. The previous march in the capital also ended with violent clashes between demonstrators and police.

Similar protests against evictions have taken place in many cities across Italy.

Since Italy is a free market economy, it is very difficult to reduce housing prices.

“[Authorities] can try to lower prices when the buildings are public – there’s still a stock of public buildings in the capital. But otherwise, they are private. They can try to reduce taxes on the housing…hoping that owners will lower the rent, which is rather improbable,” political analyst Alessandro Politi told RT.

The population’s anger comes as a result of the long-term recession in Italy, which has borrowed more than it can afford. The country, previously the eighth largest economy in the world, has now been bumped to ninth place.

However, Politi believes that asking EU partners for a bailout is not the way forward – even though the situation is worsening.

“A bailout would compromise the credibility of the Italian debt,” he said, adding that this is precisely what Prime Minister Enrico Letta and the European Central Bank are trying to avoid. “It would also be a signal, a run-in for speculators who are putting under assault the euro since at least two years. What is generally called the ‘crisis of the euro’ is in reality a coordinated private financial assault.”


And as anyone reading around here for long knows, I have not given up on the Nostradamus prophecies. Unfortunately I usually get them wrong when trying to decipher them.

According to Nostradamus, the Pope will flee Rome in the month of December

If you have been following the Nostradamus Lost Books you know he predicted the Pope would step down and go into exile. Nostradamus created images of the Pope fighting the bear with a sword. The bear is typically the symbol of Communism/Russia.

Hmmmmm, Not sure what that is about but keep it in mind. Remember that the Vatican as a sovereign nation was set up by Mussolini so I’d suggest the Vatican is deeply entrenched in Fascism so perhaps he was prophesying a behind the scenes battle between would-be world powers for the upcoming New World Order. You can watch the History Channel documentary on the Lost Books here.

Adding to the intrigue are the presence of comets which Nostradamus predicted in association with the new Pope and the demise of Benedict.

Pope Flees The Vatican

Volcanic Geyser At Rome Airport

The Glory Of The Olive

Who Is Running The Show

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“10 Reasons Why 76% of Americans Ignore Climate Disasters”

church_dBefore delving into the article linked I will clarify it by saying I categorically deny global warming as a product of CO2 emissions. They are a tiny issue in the overall global warming scenario. It is just something the U.N. is happy to use as a control mechanism and Algore was most likely a brilliant part of the misdirection. Many Americans who realize what a buffoon he was are more than happy to go back to sleep and consider climate change a ruse. It is much more serious than this if you will bare with me. The people of the world had much rather discuss the the many terrifying aspects of the political situation, than take a look at what will change our world in ways we cannot imagine. We are definitely going to undergo change you can believe in! I can watch the comments on sites like zero hedge, and I fear for the human race. They are full of how to make money, arrogance and quips to make themselves sound worldly. You cannot have an economy without nature. Nature produces all, including gold. It is very difficult to subdue nature and bring her under the whims of man as we see all around us today as ring of fire continues to become unstable. Bankers even have their own book called the bible which encourages mankind to subdue nature. It is not the real bible however. The original words of Jesus have been so simplified, a five year old who has been to sunday school a couple of times could explain how they are saved and several billion people are not. All you have to do is believe and throw out reason. I am afraid the karmic travel of the soul through eternity is not that simple.

There are many events taking place right now throughout the world that cannot be casually written off, such as volcanic eruptions at unprecedented pace, the heating of the ring of fire and the possible awakening of the Yellowstone super volcano.

“This marks the 37th consecutive year (since 1976) that the yearly global temperature was above average. Currently, the warmest year on record is 2010, which was 0.66°C (1.19°F) above average. Including 2013, 9 of the 10 warmest years in the 134-year period of record have occurred in the 21st century. Only one year during the 20th century—1998—was warmer than 2013. The sea has risen 14 inches since the 1930s at Norfolk and it is geometrically increasing due to ice breaking off and melting at the poles.”

For those of us who keep up with this, it is discouraging to see a vast cadre with well worn quips every time there is winter snow storm somewhere in the United States or elsewhere during the WINTER. Mankind’s fate is justified and there have been many warnings.

This is indeed a worthwhile quote taken from the article. It basically indicates get rich and forget about everything else. Although that is true to an extent many people would just like to have a job rather than live under a bridge.

“End of world is a disaster, but till then we’ll have fun, get rich: Don’t care? Tune out? Welcome to the human race. Basic psychology. Behavioral economics. Common sense. We’re like that lovably CEO of a Wall Street bank in one of my favorite Robert Mankoff New Yorker cartoons. He’s at the podium warning shareholders: “While the end-of-the-world scenario will be rife with unimaginable horrors, we believe that the pre-end period will be filled with unprecedented opportunities for profit.” Money in-or-out of our pockets today tops “saving the world.” That can wait. Gallup knows. Here are my 10 “big issues” distracting the American mind from the long-term problems, like climate change, global warming, the environment:”

Why 76% of Americans ignore global warming

The Black Swan Event

Not withstanding all of our many problems, there are other possibilities









I am pretty sure it has all happened before

Ever heard of a guy named Noah? The Nefilim didn’t but mention someone named Utnapishtim

Breaking News

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The Ubina Volcano In Peru Begins Evacuation Of Dozens Of People-The Area Is Home To 40 More Vocanoes


(That is Volcanos :) The Ubina volcano in Peru that has been silent for 4 decades has resulted in the evacuation of dozens of Querapi villagers. Other towns may have to follow suit and gas masks are being issued. In the broader Moquegua area plus Arequipa and Tacna, there are about 40 volcanoes, most dormant.

Recently it seems volcanic activity has increased notably. We have witnessed Buffalo leaving the Yellowstone area after a 5.0 earthquake. The largest icecap in Iceland is disappearing at the rate of 5 cubic kilometers per year. As it disappears it also relieves the pressure on the magma underneath as is the case in areas of the northern climate. Iceland alone has several volcanoes. These changes can bend the earth’s crust and result in numerous new probabilities.

The middle depths of the ocean temperatures have risen faster in the last 15 years than they did in the last 10,000 years and there is no doubt large amounts of species are being lost.

Hydrolic mega volcanos under the ocean play a large part in what we are witnessing. It has nothing do with man made C02. The volcanos erupting above ground are seen and recognized, the ones in the ocean are not discussed for the most part.

Substantial numbers of newly discovered underwater volcanos never known about are erupting presently and have been discovered by vehicles. Methane gas is escaping at unprecedented levels and it is the genie you cannot put back in the bottle. It causes further warming and atmospheric anomalies. These eruptions can release large amounts of particles into the sky which in turn lead to short term cooling effects. It is why you will always see some “expert” ridicule climate change every time a severe storm strikes during the winter in various places. Summers are becoming warmer and winters colder in many places. However we are still experiencing an average of a much warmer earth over the years.

Comets are pretty much laughed off but the tailings can slow down the rotation of the earth and lead to more volcanic eruption. That is because they are magnetically charged. It is not exactly an exact science and things don’t stay the same from day to day like some would wish.

These changes are not confined to distant areas of the planet such as Peru either and people are beginning to notice some unusual events. As of this posting earthquakes are continuing off the coast of Chile today 4-3-2014 with a reported 27 quakes with another large one reported to be 7.6 in magnitude.

Breaking News


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Gold Chloride

Come to the center of the earth, and there you shall find the Philosopher’s Stone – Basilius Valentinus (Fifteenth Century Alchemist)



This is a very long article so I did not post all of it, only the portion mentioning gold chloride. There is an indentation problem on this post I cannot seem to overcome.


This, too, was the concept behind the Cayce readings, that in an orderly Nature was the counterbalance for every disorder.


“Syphilis and gonorrhea, for instance, were the scourge of mankind, until the accidental stumbling onto a moldy fungus revealed the wonders of penicillin. Penicillin was as startling as some of Cayce’s cures, but it had the backing of the medical establishment, while only a few hardy pioneers in medicine and osteopathy followed Cayce during his lifetime. However, regularly, since his death, there have been reports confirming treatments he advocated years before for specific complaints.”
Back fifty years ago Cayce prescribed gold chloride for a multitude of ills. Asked once what gold chloride would cure, if anything, he characteristically replied:



“Chloride of gold—any condition wherein there is any form of the condition bordering on rheumatics, or of rejuvenating any organ of the system delinquent in action.”
A report on the rejuvenating powers of gold, confirming all and more that Cayce held out for it, appeared in the Washington Star, September 5, 1965.



“Doctors here,” it began, “are fashioning the fanciest bandages ever—out of gold leaf. ‘Nobody knows why,’ one said, ‘but damn it, it works. It seems to relieve pain and stop the oozing from severe burns and skin ulcers and sores. Best of all, it apparently speeds the wounds’ healing.’ Patients, who might ordinarily heal only after weeks in a hospital, the doctors reported, make such rapid progress that they were sometimes able to continue with their jobs while the gold did its repair work.”
The experiments were the work of Drs. John P. Gallagher and Charles F. Geschickter, working together—and their report was originally carried in the Journal of the American Medical Association.Gold was also used effectively in treating patients at the Hebrew Home for the Aged in Washington. As the press reported:

“Thin sheets of gold have given spectacular results when applied to big, open wounds and sores. Dr. Naomi M. Kanof, a dermatologist, applied the gold to long-standing, deep and open skin ulcers resulting from injuries, diabetic and varicose conditions, and from the deterioration known by the mild name of bedsores.”

“In private practice here,” the report continued, “the gold leaf has been used even on gangrenous ulcers and, in at least one case, on an open wound from X-rays used in treating another condition.”





Cayce had recommended “three almonds a day” as a guard against cancer. No reason was advanced, as nobody asked the sleeping seer why almonds were beneficial. But it was well-known that a substance, laetrile, was contained in almonds, and also in apricots and lima beans. Recently, a book was put out by a Glenn D. Kittler, titled Laetrile, Control for Cancer. A Mrs. Alice Howell of Ojai, California, sent a copy to the Cayce Foundation, together with the report that a friend, dying of cancer, used laetrile, and her cancer was brought under control.



Cayce’s observations on health, generally, intrigued the Geologist The mystic pointed out, surprisingly, that “overal-kalinity is much more harmful than a little tendency for acidity.” In December 1962, the National Health Federation Bulletin carried a report on research into this area by Dr. George A. Wilson.



“Dr. Wilson has found, over a series of tests on hundreds of patients over a fourteen-year period, that most sick persons are too alkaline, not too acid, as has been more generally thought. More so is this true, he says, of the chronically sick persons, who are all, with very few exceptions, highly alkaline.”





Long before endocrinologists were astonishing their colleagues with experiments demonstrating the importance of the ductless glands, primarily the pituitary, Cayce had noted in his readings, “We find that which connects the pineal, the pituitary, may be truly called the silver cord, which is the creative essence in physical, mental, and spiritual life; for the destruction wholly of either will make for the disintegration of the soul from its house of clay.”



Years later, the Medical Center Memo, of the Stanford University Medical Center News Bureau, reported the honoring of experimental anatomist, Dr. Philip E. Smith, for his pioneer research into the unique function of the pituitary. His findings were considered so important that he was elected to the National Academy of Sciences, made a Chevalier of the French Legion of Honor, and became the first American to win the Sir Henry Dale Medal for supreme medical achievement. And yet he only discovered what had been proclaimed years before by the untutored Cayce.


The medical organ reported:
“Dr. Smith demonstrated conclusively that the gonads, the thyroid and adrenal glands cannot develop or function without the pituitary gland, which is located at the base of the brain. Once the pituitary was removed [from test animals] the three glands wasted away. By injecting the pituitary into these animals, he found that these glands could be restored to their normal functions.”


Nobody upgraded the pituitary more than Cayce.
“The pituitary is the door,” he said, “through which physically all of the reflex actions penetrate through the various forces of the nervous system. It is that to and through which the mental activities come that produce the influences in the imaginative system as well as the racial predominating influences, or the blood force itself. It gives judgment and understanding, tolerance, and relationships to the determining factors of one’s life.”



At one time, erroneously, some thought that because of the peculiar way he behaved as a child that Edgar Cayce might well be epileptic. This would have explained his once climbing trees and wallowing in mud as a boy. But this phase passed quickly, without the characteristic convulsive seizures of epilepsy. Yet Cayce had a strong abiding interest in the disorder, and read helpfully for people suffering from it. He pointed out epilepsy was universal in nature, could affect almost anybody, regardless of race or social background. He stressed that its cure lay in balanced treatment, expanding the activities of the individual, not restricting them. He recommended exercise in the open—walking, swimming, calisthenics, games, and sportsd.



One doctor, poring over the Cayce files on epilepsy, was profoundly impressed by the Cayce appraisal of the epileptic problem. After his own research at the Cayce Foundation, he found a report on the malady by an eminent physician which corresponded with Cayce’s own observations. “Most persons suffering from convulsive disorder, with proper care, can live essentially normal lives,” the authority had observed.





“The attitude toward those suffering from convulsions has changed greatly. We now recommend little or no curtailment of activities because of a diagnosis of epilepsy.”
When vitamins first became a fad, Cayce warned they could not take the place of vitamins in food, nor would they be helpful except for specific deficiencies.

Continued use, even where they were at first efficacious, would minimize their effect:
“Do not take the concentrated form of vitamins, but obtain these from foods. The circulation carries within the corpuscles such elements or vitamins as may be needed for assimilation in each organ.”

He stressed:
“All such properties as vitamins that add to the system are more efficacious if they are given for periods, left off for periods, and then begun again. For if the system comes to rely upon such influences wholly, it ceases to produce the vitamins, even though the food values are kept normally balanced. It is much better for these vitamins to be produced in the body from the normal development than supplied mechanically, for nature is much better still than science.”
Again, Cayce was way ahead of his time.

Newsweek, in 1960, the Geologist found, carried a warning by the American Medical Association to vitamin-pill addicts: Don’t munch too many. There is a widespread belief, said the Journal of the AMA, that to keep healthy people must consume multivitamin pills.

“On the contrary, only in a deficiency state or in an anticipated deficiency state are vitamin supplements necessary.” An overdose of vitamins, added the Journal, can cause loss of appetite, irritability, skin eruptions, liver enlargement.

In his own experience, the Geologist could recall a pesky itching consequent to a large dosage of high potency B-complex. His doctor only wagged his head wisely.
“It could never happen,” he said, “not in a million years.”
Cayce was a great believer in laboratory research, and foretold many of its strides. Discussing the blood as a barometer of the whole body, he asserted,



“The day may yet arrive when one may take a drop of blood and diagnose the condition of any physical body.”
He was not far off. In February 1960 newspapers carried reports of a new, revealing laboratory analysis of a single drop of blood, or tiny patch of tissue.
“Drs. R. L. Hunter and C. L. Markest,” the Washington Daily News reported, “with financial support from the American Cancer Society, hope by observing and analyzing the enzymes to trace the changes which take place in the process of growth from the embryonic stage to old age.”


In this way, observers reported, it was hoped to study the chemical changes that accompany various diseases and, “make possible the diagnosis of some diseases, perhaps cancer among them, before clinical symptoms have appeared.”


Cayce was still at bat.

“I tell you in very truth, Man is the Son of the Earthly Mother, and from her did the Son of Man receive his whole body, even as the body of the newborn babe is born of the womb of his mother. I tell you truly, you are one with the Earthly Mother; she is in you, and you in her. Of her were you born, in her do you live, and to her shall you return again. Keep, therefore, her laws, for none can live long, neither be happy, but he who honors his Earthly Mother and does her laws. For your breath is her breath; your blood her blood; your bone her bone; your flesh her flesh; your bowels her bowels; your eyes and your ears are her eyes and her ears.

Both gold and platinum have been used in studies since the 70s in in treating cancers. Medical centers in Maryland have used it. Nano gold around a cancer site can kill it, so gold is not known as the king of minerals for nothing. It also effects the pineal gland by strengthening it and conducting electromagnetic energy and silver/copper is known for this as well. Gold does not kill every known virus and bacteria however as does silver. The process is the same for monotomic gold which also is very expensive. Platinum is in this same category and even more expensive. Copper has some of these same qualities and for the moment is not as expensive but the price is sky rocketing and China is buying up many of the mines world wide.


Of course most of us are not going to be able to be helped by such expensive procedures but those with money can. They still however in some cases insist on using it in conjunction with chemotherapy.


Of course mining gold from the ground I agree, does tinker with the harmonic balance of the earth. People wearing gold jewelry however and silver for that matter do collect particle through the skin and it is beneficial to them. It is the same drinking from a silver cup, you absorb some silver particle. Standing around admiring how beautiful your silver and gold objects are however is virtually useless in my opinion.


In Switzerland they are now using silver in bandages to heal people with severe burns. They heal much faster when exposed to silver. There again this is going to be somewhat expensive and most likely you and I will not be able to afford it if needed. Gold and silver is much too valuable to be used on us commoners.


I have my own solution, a bronze cup with a silver slab on the bottom that contains some small gold nugget. (red wine is very good at leaching out the minerals!) There is very little I drink that does not come into contact with silver or gold first and as we know bronze also contains copper and zinc. The mug was stolen off ebay some years ago for $20.00 and I view it as priceless. It was made in China also.


We use gold, copper and silver to transfer electricity in computers, should we do the same for our brains? My theory is it doesn’t matter how many minerals are standing around to admire, how much of them are inside us? What does the monetary value really matter? Are talking about the very essence of the philosopher’s stone here?


There is a reason why both India and China have used these minerals to drink from since time immemorial almost. The monks in the Potala use bronze frying pans which probably have a little gold and silver thrown in the melting process. They don’t do it just for show or monetary value. These minerals collect in the brain and the pineal gland. They transfer energy similarly to their use in computers. The brain is in effect an organic computer and both it and the pineal gland are instruments known to monks as a vehicle leading toward cosmic consciousness or enlightenment. It is one of the many reasons we seldom encounter anyone in the west whom could be described as enlightened. Most have never seen the inside of a temple. Faith and hope will only take one so far without the knowledge needed to utilize the abundant elements that surround us.


Another important point involves copper. In an earlier blog I had produced a series by a researcher indicating that copper deficiency will not allow the building of healthy blood cells. All people once had AB blood but now many have been reduced to O blood types simply through a depletion of copper in the diet. This is turn shortens the life span of the human being. Those with O type blood do not live as long as the AB type. Survival of the fittest now are those who are not copper deficient. Many of the chemicals in food and now GMO corn, round up, aspartame, MSG, aluminum (used to stabilize salt) etc etc, deplete these minerals in the human body. The contaminants used in modern day vaccines are well known. Quite diabolical wouldn’t you say?


I had some correspondence with Mr. Boutillier and he was concerned about perception that some might feel he subscribed to my philosophical views when I reprinted the entire article. I don’t subscribe to all his religious views either but found his research pivotal. It serves to highlight how splitting hairs can obscure the whole. At any rate this is his website and views on the matter.


For thousands of years the ancients have known the value of minerals such as copper, silver and gold. The American Indians wear various silver and copper ornaments. Yes they could make penicillin by simply allowing a fruit to rot and eating the mold. Our heralded western scientists did not discover this. However when this was not practical they could boil a silver bracelet and drink the water to kill infections. A type of walking medicine cabinet if you will. Remember also silver is some 15 percent copper.


Other religions such as Judaism promote silver and bronze cups such as the Kiddush cup and teapots and other things. It is a practice that goes back thousands of years in India and China. It is a concept adopted by the British as they are known tea drinkers. We are not simply drinking the tea but consuming the minerals leached into the tea. Only in modern times has the west been reduced to teflon and aluminum, poisons to the system. Even the west until presently used iron frying pans. Iron deficiency in the distant past was almost unknown but now quite prevalent. The early settlers placed silver coins in the water barrels to kill bacteria while traveling in wagon trains.

The royal families of Europe are well known to eat from silver utensils. One article I read indicated that the prince of wales had enough silver in his body to be diagnosed as heavy metal poisoning. Yet he has no ill effects. What do they know that you don’t? Of course the answer is, this is not something the hoi poi should concern themselves with. You see the real goal is to reduce the world population by some 90% and by all accounts they are doing a bang up job.

So not only is the average person not consuming enough mineral content, they are consuming chemicals which deplete mineral content. I watched a person leave a mini market this morning with two cans of Red Bull. It is banned in Europe as it damages the liver almost instantly but sold in America. The spraying of round up in Argentina has led to many forms of illness as it contains glysophate, a substance that inhibits mineral uptake in plants as well as the human body. It would seem advisable find ways of utilizing the proper mineral content for our bodies.

Come to the center of the earth, and there you shall find the Philosopher’s Stone – Basilius Valentinus (Fifteenth Century Alchemist)

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EMSC And Helmholtz Zentrum Report A 5.0 Earthquake At Yellowstone Hours Ago-USGS Reports 3.3



F-E Region: Yellowstone Region, Wyoming

Update 8.2 earthquake reported off Chile coast with 6 foot tsunami

Time: 2014-03-30 12:34:43.9 UTC
Magnitude: 5.0
Epicenter: 110.47°W 44.85°N
Depth: 10 km
Status: A – automatic

Magnitude mb 4.8
Date time 2014-03-30 12:34:42.0 UTC
Location 44.77 N ; 110.66 W
Depth 5 km

Tom Lupsho believes they are being downgraded

Yellowstone Recording Helium-4-Known To Appear Before Large Eruptions and some are insisting the ground is rising at Yellowstone. All in all not very good news.

The West coast has been somewhat active lately:

California Earthquake Swarm Damages 100 Homes And Businesses-Cuts Water And Leaves Los Angeles With Significant Damage

There was also reported a 4.4 in Oklahoma and an unusual 3.2 in Germany, a country which is in process of dismantling nuclear power plants.

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California Earthquake Swarm Damages 100 Homes And Businesses-Cuts Water And Leaves Los Angeles With Significant Damage


Before It’s News

Dozens of aftershocks have been reported

5.1 earthquake: Significant damage reported in some areas A series of temblors, punctuated by a magnitude 5.1 earthquake Friday night near La Habra, did more than just rattle nerves a few miles away in Fullerton, where residents had to deal with no water service, property damage and, in some cases, finding other accommodations.*352/traderjoescrop.jpg Throughout the city, crews were working to repair broken water mains, leaking gas lines and other damage. At least seven 8-inch water mains were broken, leaving an estimated 100 homes and businesses without water Saturday morning, officials said. PHOTOS: 5.1 earthquake rattles L.A., Orange County,0,3318303.story#ixzz2xQ7MBt6g

The quake, centered near La Habra, caused furniture to tumble, pictures to fall off walls and glass to break. Merchandise fell off store shelves, and there were reports of plate glass windows shattered. Residents across Orange and Los Angeles counties and the Inland Empire reported swinging chandeliers, fireplaces dislodging from walls and lots of rattled nerves. The shake caused a rock slide in Carbon Canyon, causing a car to overturn, according to the Brea Police Department. Fullerton police received reports of water main breaks and windows shattering, but primarily had residents calling about burglar alarms being set off by the quake. Third-grade teacher Barbara Castillo and her 7-year-old son had just calmed their nerves after an earlier 3.6 temblor and sat down in their La Habra home when their dogs started barking and the second, larger quake struck, causing cabinet doors to swing open, objects to fall off shelves and lights to flicker.“It just would not stop, it was like an eternity,” said Castillo, an 18-year La Habra resident.

At Disneyland in Anaheim, all rides were halted as a precaution but no damage or injuries were reported — other than ceiling tiles falling in the police station, Sgt. Daron Wyatt said. The first of a swarm of earthquakes hit the border of La Habra and Brea shortly after 8 p.m. with the 3.6 temblor. About an hour later, at 9:09 p.m., the 5.1 shock hit, followed by at least two more aftershocks in the magnitude-3 range in the next half hour. At least 20 aftershocks had been recorded by late Friday. U.S. Geological Survey seismologist Lucy Jones said the 5.1 quake has a 5% chance of being a foreshock of a larger temblor. “There could be even a larger earthquake in the next few hours or the next few days,” Jones said during a media briefing at Caltech. Experts said that based on preliminary data, the series of earthquakes appeared to have occurred on the Puente Hills thrust fault, which stretches from the San Gabriel Valley to downtown Los Angeles.

The fault also caused the 1987 Whittier Narrows earthquake. Friday night’s 5.1 quake was relatively shallow, which “means the shaking is very concentrated in a small area,” said Caltech seismologist Egill Hauksson. Hauksson said the quake sequence was unusual in that the 5.1 quake was preceded by the weaker foreshock. Scientists are particularly concerned about the Puente Hills thrust fault because it goes directly underneath downtown Los Angeles. “This is the fault that could eat L.A.,” seismologist Sue Hough told The Times in 2003.

On Friday, though, police and fire departments in Los Angeles reported no damage. “Tonight’s earthquake is the second in two weeks, and reminds us to be prepared,” Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said in a statement. Although the shaking was felt throughout the region, it didn’t rattle the professionalism at Walt Disney Concert Hall. Microphones above the stage swung back and forth and the hall shook, but the orchestra continued playing. “The L.A. Philharmonic should get combat pay,” said audience member Michael Healy of Studio City. source – LA Times In Brea, several people suffered minor injuries during a rock slide that overturned their car. Fullerton reported seven water main breaks. Carbon Canyon Road was closed.

Faults and magma pockets are all interrelated and before the Los Angeles earthquake there was a 3.5 at Yellowstone Supervolcano, over a hundred small quakes at Mount Hood and a dormant volcano in the middle of southern California.

As you read this, know that massive forces tens of miles beneath your feet are building towards what could be another catastrophic series of volcanic eruptions if present trends in the monitoring data remain. The consequence of a complacent attitude towards living within the destructive reach of an active volcano such as Mount Rainier outside of Seattle, Washington may soon come to haunt the millions of Americans living within a day’s drive of the Ring of Fire. Up until now, the excuse has been that we simply cannot predict when these events will happen. Yet, the technology to accurately predict such events days, months and even years in advance exists today even as we wait in the dark for another mysterious act of God. And why? The answer lies more with how science is funded than anything else.

Things seem to be heating up

Cayce also predicted the Salton Sea will fill with water. It is no longer a prediction it is happening now as I type this. The Central valley of California has been sinking at the rate of one foot per year and the Salton Sea is filling up.

Cayce predicts it to fill with water and it is filling with water.

“Tropical storms that impact the southwestern United States from the eastern Pacific typically bring a threat of heavy rain and flooding,” according to meteorologist Christopher Dolce. “Although Kathleen did produce a wind gust up to 76 mph in Yuma, Ariz., its flooding rains were devastating for portions of Southern California.”

After Kathleen increased the level of the Salton Sea, the Imperial Valley had above average rainfall for the next seven years. The rainfall, along with increased agricultural runoff and increased flows from Mexico, caused flooding of the shoreline resorts. Photographer and founder of Abandoned U.S.A., Kris Arnold, traveled to the Salton Sea to take pictures of the worn-down pieces of what used to remain

Mountain Sinking South Of Lake Powell Dam, Storage Basin Of The Colorado River, 2nd Largest Man Made Lake In The World
Posted on March 4, 2013 by Dublinsmick
There is a mountain sinking in Page Arizona, 120 feet of road has collapsed. Page is just south of the lake Powell Dam a huge lake which would put 12 to 15 feet of water across the imperial valley and Yuma Arizona which lies near the San Andreas fault line. I used to tell those boys in Yuma to find a way out of there. When a mountain is sinking in front of a lake this wide it is never good. This was a controversial project to begin with and gave rise to the environmental movement.

Cayce said basically a new Pacific coast will stretch along the base of the Rocky mountains. Interestingly Edgar Cayce known as the sleeping prophet predicted the imperial valley will fill with water. Nobody paid much attention to that. Lake Powell can do just that! Lake Powell is the upper storage basin of the Colorado River and has 2000 miles of shore line. The Glen Canyon recreational area encompasses over 1 million acres. Lake Powell is the second largest “man made” lake in the world and reaches 186 miles across the Red Rock Desert.

Cosmic Convergence Accelerates Epochal Planetary Transformation ~ Update

What happens when an unparalleled Solar Maximium occurs while Pluto is cruising through Capricorn, seismic activity and vulcanism (both undersea and on land) have already seen a dramatic uptick, technospheric breakdown has greatly accelerated, entire species have vacated the planet as whole ecosystems are irreparably destroyed, global climate change appears as global warming, cooling, drought or deluge, and the worldwide financial system is on the verge of collapse, as in a total and complete, irreversible monetary meltdown? Believe it or not, these actual occurrences and various eventualities are the very least of our problems. Here’s why:

There are certain ‘progressive’ developments and converging circumstances which will dictate the course of our future as a global civilization and human race – the fifth (and sixth) root race(s)[1] to have inhabited planet Earth since it has revolved around the sun. That which will serve to “accelerate epochal planetary transformation” considerably more than any other major precipitating cause can be summed up as follows:

“When scientific knowledge and applied technology reach a critical level of advancement, without being informed by spiritual truths and guided by moral authority, the current civilization will relinquish its right to continue as it is.”
~ Cosmic Convergence Research Group

Sometime around 23 hundred years ago we see in the Mahabharata Ydhishthira has a vision of the age to come: I see the coming of another age, where barbaric kings rule over a vicious, broken world, where puny, fearful men live tiny lives, white hair at sixteen, copulating with animals, their women perfect whores, making love with greedy mouths. The cows dry, trees stunted, no more flowers, no more purity, ambition, corruption, the age of Kali, the black time.”



Caltrans workers and Brea police officers inspect a BMW that was overturned in a rock slide in Carbon Canyon after a magnitude 5.1 earthquake. (Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times / March 29, 2014)

Most people assume that if LA were to be devastated by an earthquake it would be the long awaited ‘big one’ caused by a slip on the San Andreas Fault. but experts now believe that The Puente Hills Thrust Fault rupturing could cause far more damage than the San Andreas. There are two reasons for this. Firstly most cracks local to LA are vertical whereas the Puente Hills Fault is horizontal. Secondly, the area it runs under is far more built up and highly populated than the Newport-Inglewood and Hollywood faults that are usually associated with quakes in the area.

From the LA Times:
Experts say a major, magnitude 7.5 earthquake on the fault could do more damage to the heart of Los Angeles than the dreaded Big One on the San Andreas fault, which is on the outskirts of metropolitan Southern California.

Puente Hills Fault

Breaking News

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Catastrophic Environmental Events And The Sense Of Urgency (Tar Sands Oil In Lake Michigan And That Is Only The Beginning)

Polluted riverApologies, as of right now I am having trouble leaving a live link many times. I do not know if this is temporary or a permanent situation.

There is a lot of news and opinion on the internet these days about how to rouse the American people and others around the world to somehow take notice of their situation and demand solutions to some of the immense problems we all face. You cannot arouse a people who have been poisoned I am afraid. It is much to late when that point arrives. I have noticed that countries like France as well as Brazil are now set to ban the poisonous GMO corn introduced by Monsanto. Americans seem willing to continue consuming this monstrosity. Below I have enumerated on just a few problems, mankind faces as a whole. Some of this seems to have given rise to a certain stirring among nations and a drive for independence.

Some of us have noticed that BP after poisoning the Gulf of Mexico and a large amount of America’s seafood has been given the right operate once again. The consequences of which have now resulted in a tar sands oil spill in the Great Lakes. The Lake Michigan Whiting refinery has spilled oil into the Lake due to a “glitch”. Just how many more glitches are we supposed to survive? The beach near Chicago is now said to have a contaminated area of some 2700 feet. Officials say there are no reports of damage to wild life or ill effects. (We are always so lucky aren’t we?) More tar sand oil is being shipped down from Canada, a country that so far is reporting less cancer frequency than the United States.

This is not the first time in Lake Michigan either.

Horror stories abound which have been craftily covered over by the six corporations which own the media. The leak into the Kalamazoo River sometime back was given little play and it certainly also was related to tar sand oil. the Kalamazoo River flows into Lake Michigan. It makes little sense to further pollute such a large body of water with talk of future water shortages emerging, unless, …. unless the people around these areas are going to be considered expendable. Perhaps it is all related to Agenda 21.

For anyone who thought the Gulf oil spill was over and done with, I have bad news. Submerged oil mats are now floating up to the beaches near Pensacola, Florida. This oil is still seeping from cracks in the thin mantle of the Gulf and has not been sealed as we were lead to believe. Some suggest however much of it could have dissolved by natural bacteria without the use of deadly corexit which simply made it disappear under the surface. This chemical is not allowed to be used in Europe, but is fine for the United States. In fact you do not even want to discuss anything of substance with sports fans, they will classify almost anything as a conspiracy due to their limited vision. You will find them much more worried over who is recruited to fill a spot on their favorite sports team than the survival of the planet itself. This is the time we find ourselves in. It is sometimes referred to as thus:

Sometime around 23 hundred years ago we see in the Mahabharata Ydhishthira has a vision of the age to come: I see the coming of another age, where barbaric kings rule over a vicious, broken world, where puny, fearful men live tiny lives, white hair at sixteen, copulating with animals, their women perfect whores, making love with greedy mouths. The cows dry, trees stunted, no more flowers, no more purity, ambition, corruption, the age of Kali, the black time.”

VANTAGE — A massive crack in a major Columbia River dam poses enough of a risk of dam failure that Grant County authorities have activated an emergency-response plan. But utility managers are lowering water levels a total of 20 feet because they fear the structure otherwise could endanger inspectors trying to get a better handle on how seriously the dam is damaged.

The 65 foot crack in the dam is a serious problems as down below this area lies the Hanford Nuclear project which is very large and some are indicating it also is on the verge of collapse.

Emergency plan activated after ‘massive’ crack found in dam near nuclear site — Official: ‘Serious problem’; Failure risk ‘sufficiently high’ — NOAA: “Potential for rapid increase in flows” — Gov’t: Flooding could release radioactive waste from Hanford (VIDEO)

TV: More workers rushed to hospital at U.S. nuclear site — 17 sickened in past week — Former Employee: “It’s pretty scary… to have this many in 8 days is really abnormal” — Company: We’re trying to understand what’s happening.

Wednesday occurred in yet another location at the Hanford site [...] Sources tell the reporter 17 people were working on the video inspection when three were suddenly sickened by the release of vapors.

This area is home to Mount St. Helens a volcano which erupted some years ago. There is a saying among the Bear tribe that when sister speaks, (Mount St. Helens) Big Brother soon answers. That would be Mount Rainier one of the largest strato-volcanos in the world. This area is home to many volcanos, such as Mount Baker, Mount Hood and others. Good night and good luck. It seems weekly now we hear of increased activity around the Yellowstone super volcano. If this one goes the situations listed here will be seen as minor as the United States would be looking at catastrophic consequences. Talk of getting control of the money and foreign policy would become moot issues. The same might be said of the New Madrid fault, which by the way is said to go about every 200 years and is way over due. There was also a recent 4.4 earthquake under Los Angeles. Something slightly larger would simply mean a tragedy of epic proportions we could only speculate about.


Map of Washington highlighting Grant County

“A Slow Genocide of the People”: Uranium Mining Leaves Toxic Nuclear Legacy on Indigenous Land”

The iconic Grand Canyon is the site of a battle over toxic uranium mining. Last year, a company called Energy Fuels Resources was given federal approval to reopen a mine six miles from the Grand Canyon’s popular South Rim entrance. A coalition of Native and environmental groups have protested the decision, saying uranium mining could strain scarce water sources and pose serious health effects. Diné (Navajo) tribal lands are littered with abandoned uranium mines. From 1944 to 1986, 3.9 million tons of uranium ore were chiseled and blasted from the mountains and plains of the region. More than 1,000 mines have closed, but the mining companies never properly disposed of their radioactive waste piles, leading to a spike in cancer rates and other health ailments. Broadcasting from Flagstaff, Arizona, we speak with Taylor McKinnon, director of energy with Grand Canyon Trust, and Klee Benally, a Diné (Navajo) activist and musician. “It’s really a slow genocide of the people, not just indigenous people of this region, but it’s estimated that there are over 10 million people who are residing within 50 miles of abandoned uranium mines,” Benally says. Benally also describes the struggle to preserve the San Francisco Peaks, an area considered sacred by 13 Native tribes, where the Snowbowl ski resort is using treated sewage water to make snow.

South Central US Poisoned by New Mexico Nuke Garbage Dump

Enough to Kill 35,5000 People Released so Far

Black Smoke from Plutonium Fire at Nuke Garbage Dump Source Current Argus

The Carlsbad Bomb making garbage dump is on fire. The burning radioactive metal does not go away, it turns to dense black radioactive smoke. The black smoke is very obvious in the daytime and it streamed from several ventilator shafts during a fire at the dump two weeks ago.

We are seeing various stirrings around the world where various segments are seeking realignment. Most of us know about the Crimea. Venice however has recently voted to break away from Italy. A small island known as Spruce Island is seeking a return to Russia under legal request as it was given to the Russian orthodox church many years ago and contains a monastery and about 250 people. It is said to be 47 kilometers wide. Some reports indicate that 18000 signatures have been collected in Alaska to join the Russian customs union also. There are also stirrings that parts of Moldova are seeking the same as well as the Eastern sections of the Ukraine. There is lots of uncertainty out there. A reported 16,000 Ukrainian soldiers out of 18,000 have now switched over to the Russian side as well as the Crimean Dolphins who are trained to patrol the Black Sea for underwater attacks. :)

Mayor Aysen Nikolayev and other officials from Russia’s Far Eastern Federal District have petitioned President Vladimir Putin, the heads of both chambers of the Russian Parliament, and the Russian Foreign Minister requesting the return of Spruce Island to the church.

Researchers from Yakutsk went to the Alaskan capital Juneau to study the archive belonging to the Russian bibliographer Mikhail Vinokurov who emigrated to the USA in 1917 after the Bolshevik revolution. They discovered a certificate issued by Russian government commissioner Captain Second Rank Aleksey Peshchurov, detailing the transfer of Russian territories in Alaska to the United States. According to this document, Spruce Island has been granted to the Russian Orthodox Church ‘for eternity’.

President Obama recently gave a briefing in Europe, but nobody clapped.

The pope meets with Obama and from most pictures we see both are smiling like a mule eating briars and two executives working for the same company. They are to discuss immigration among other things but that is a mute issue in America as nobody can now be deported under new guidelines. The program seems to be replace existing Americans for others more suitable to the global shakers. I assume this will include native americans also. No word on whether or not Obama bowed to show obeisance or slid in on his chest baseball style.

Russell Means wasn’t kidding with the parting words, welcome to the reservation!

Breaking News

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